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Forced Exposure New Releases for 2/9/2015

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New music is due from Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke, Zaimph, and Kamran Sadeghi, while old music is due from Muslimgauze, David Borden, Carl Craig, and the JB's.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

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DWINELL, M: Golden Ratio LP (AMIRW 036LP) 19.00
"Volume six in our Required Wreckers LP series, M Dwinell's Golden Ratio offers the only documentation of Dwinell's just intonation organ work, recorded between 2007-2008. Golden Ratio focuses exclusively on a natural tuning system generated from the harmonic series. By precise control of his instrument's tuning, Dwinell sets into motion a dynamic musical system of pressure, intensity, and calm. Golden Ratio incorporates both static pulsing drones and heavily arpeggiated passages, culminating in melodic lines that epitomize Dwinell's unique musical vocabulary as developed over the last twenty years. Golden Ratio pairs Dwinell's music with the artwork of Ricci Albenda. Albenda and Dwinell share an intense and concentrated interest in perception, especially in how sight and sound can both focus and alter one's awareness. The LP contains a 16-page booklet of Albenda's work that follows previous sound-and-art pairings in the R/W series."



GALLUZZI, ANDRE: Alcatraz 2x12" (ARAS 006EP) 27.50
André Galluzzi's Alcatraz glides with powerful wings through the various spheres of this planet called techno. Its captivating conceptual build features a colorful and multifaceted blend of driving grooves and hypnotic beat-combinations draped in distinctive analog warmth. Inspired by occult sounds and psychedelic vocals, the album leaps over stylistic boundaries, with the constant percussive pulse evoking Galluzzi's own heartbeat. "Mathilda" and "Alcatraz" raise the endorphin levels with their enchantingly detailed arrangements, "Bombetta" is a stunningly massive heavyweight of a tune, and "Hand Has Been On It" and "Ferry You" create mystic oases of time and space.



HAYDO, SIMON: The Bodies Obtained 12" (BALANS 016EP) 12.50
Lebanon-born, Stockholm-based techno DJ and producer Simon Haydo is an exceptional talent who has already made waves with releases on Studio Barnhus and his own label, DEM. Here, he delivers four trademark hypnotic little monsters; classic- and retro-sounding tracks that are nevertheless undeniably contemporary. It's Haydo's strong point to be able to create a lot of tension, suspense, and dynamics with only a few elements, very much like such old masters as Daniel Bell and Robert Hood.



BALENCY, ANDREA: Walls EP 10" (MOD 005EP) 15.50
"You've Never Been Alone," co-produced by Rob McAndrews aka Airhead and mixed by Stéphane "Alf" Briat (Air, Phoenix, Sébastien Tellier, Françoise Hardy, etc.), is an original continental answer to the UK-based scene of what The Guardian called "eerily spacious R&B-sung-by-cutely-breathy females." With its interrupted, intricately detailed, and effects-washed sound, "You've Never Been Alone" is an idiosyncratic yet fiercely melodic and groove-based pop hit. Andrea Balency uses a smorgasbord of sounds to explore relationships, restlessness, and dislocation. File this ethereal deep soul dubstep next to FKA Twigs, Little Dragon, The XX, and Sbtrkt, with some Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush reminiscences.



RCD: Kiefernholz EP 12" (BAUM 011EP) 12.50
Next up on Baum is a well-known artist, under his new pseudonym RCD, with his first release on the label. The four-track EP offers deepness and heavy stabs, and is a blend of dub techno, deep house, and old school Detroit strings.



KONPLOTT: Close Your Eyes 12" (BAO 050EP) 14.00
Italian techno duo Konplott follow up Fixed EP (BAO 045EP), their excellent 2014 debut on Be As One. "Close Your Eyes" is an uplifting cut of soul-infused techno, based on old school chords and dreamy vocals, which will appeal to the hardware-based house and techno lovers. "No Man's Land" is a smartly crafted, functional cut for club peak-time.



SHAKE, DAN: Out of Sight/Traders II 12" (ACRE 053EP) 12.50
Dan Shake is the first artist outside of Detroit to cut his teeth on Moodymann's Mahogani Music, winning international plaudits for his groove-laden 3AM Jazz Club EP (2014). The Tony Allen and Fela Kuti acolyte returns with two crunchy, Dilla-esque takes on soulful club music. "Out of Sight" is a carefully constructed dancefloor number packed with low-end theory and seductive vocal stabs. Low-slung fuzzy bass swinging perfectly between ghost-horns and driving drums. "Traders II," a collaboration with Canada-based Rennie Foster, features driving kicks smashing acid atoms against a sharp live horn section, bringing the ethereal jazz cat to the dance.



Twenty-minute EP featuring two re-recorded tracks taken from Nisennenmondai's acclaimed 2014 album N (PTYT 083CD). Since taking the material on their highly successful 2014 tour, the songs have mutated from krautrock to a more neo-techno feel. Nisennenmondai is the world's best-kept secret among noise rock enthusiasts.


BB 174LP

CLUSTER: Japan Live LP (BB 174LP) 25.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl. After Curiosum (BB 038CD/LP, 1981), the last Cluster album to be released on Sky, Roedelius and Moebius turned their attention to solo work. It was not until the early 1990s that Cluster returned to the electronic music stage with Apropos Cluster (BB 171CD/LP, 1990) and One Hour (BB 172CD/LP, 1994). The duo also took to the road for live shows in Germany and Europe, followed by tours across the USA and Japan. Some of these concerts were recorded in digital quality and offer compelling evidence of just how dramatically Cluster's music had evolved -- to what degree Moebius and Roedelius had found serenity as they matured. The tracks collected here are gleaned from live performances in Osaka and Tokyo. In technical terms, and all the more so musically, the recordings are on par with meticulously prepared studio productions. The material thus provides an ideal opportunity to compare Cluster music of the past and the present (1996). Cluster had, of course, gone digital. Few analog sources made the cut, with keyboard samplers now their instrument of choice. It stands to reason that what amounted to an extrinsic decision did nothing to alter the style of such sophisticated artistic personalities, instead merely widening the range of creative possibilities available to them. Cluster were indeed unfazed by the multiple sonic sources now in their grasp. They avoided wallowing in endless narcissism, concentrating instead on relatively few elements of sound and form. Particularly in a live context, this led to immensely serene and engaging music. Tracing the arc of suspense in these improvisations, the equanimity and nuance that Roedelius and Moebius bring to their music becomes apparent, inciting a positive sense of excitement in the conscientious listener. This release consists of tracks from Captain Trip Records' 1997 CD Japan 1996 Live reworked into a new version and presented on vinyl for the first time. Includes liner notes by Asmus Tietchens and new artwork.



FAKE, NATHAN: Glaive EP 12" (CAMBRIA 002EP) 12.50
"I've been listening to more music than usual lately, just trawling the internet for weird stuff. I usually shut myself off from most current things when I'm working on a record... I've always been totally turned off by the idea of owning expensive/high-end equipment... Glaive was started with a couple of kick drum sounds I'd made on the SH-09. I've always loved the idea of using quite 'crap' sounds and putting them in the context of a proper track." Nathan Fake continues to ignore convention with an EP that is singular and striking from just about any perspective.


CR 019LP

DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE!: La Alianza Profana LP (CR 019LP) 21.00
Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual tropical bass duo formed in mid 2010 in Lima, Peru, by Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, who had already worked together on other projects, including the Peruvian Colectivo Auxiliar. Dengue Dengue Dengue! caught on immediately, with the pair's impeccable visual show and striking masks accompanying remixes, mash-ups of the duo's own tracks with old cumbias, and cult cumbia themes modified to fit electronic versions. In early 2011 the duo began to publish their first productions to widespread acclaim on blogs around the globe. They soon shared stages with such performers as Mad Professor, Bomba Estéreo, Manu Chao, and Calle 13, and also had the honor of playing with legendary Peruvian cumbia groups such as Los Shapis and Los Destellos. Along with the Colectivo Auxiliar, they started producing the TOMA! parties, helping to consolidate the growing and vibrant tropical movement in Lima by inviting musicians and DJs to share sounds and experiences. In 2012, the duo performed at NOVA Contemporary Culture Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the Iberoamerican Design Biennal in Madrid, Spain, and released their debut album, La Alianza Profana, now available as an LP reissue.


C 023EP

DJ SPRINKLES & MARK FELL: Fresh Insights (EP 1) 12" (C 023EP) 14.50
DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell reprise the formula of their 2012 Complete Spiral EP to spellbinding effect on Fresh Insights. In a knowing nod to Larry Heard and countless other producers' deployment of that MLK speech, they ally a rousing Tony Benn speech with the head-high poise of classic, early '90s deep house on the 10-minute "Fresh." Bound to turn heads and move bodies, physically and emotionally, in any club. The instrumental track "Insights" is almost plain in comparison, yet is actually one of the most sick, incredibly produced pieces of deep, dub-wise house craft you're likely to hear.



DINI, SHAHROKH: Compost Black Label 123 12" (COMP 465EP) 12.00
Shahokh Dini dropped the highly acclaimed Shayan (COMP 449EP) 12" in 2014, and here is his next sure shot! After a long break from studio work, Michael Reinboth is back in top form with a remix of "Bechno" to open the EP. Liquid Phonk, who released Compost Black Label 98 (COMP 417EP) in 2013, and Missing You EP (FAROTRS 024EP) on Farside Records in 2014, close out the B-side with a remix of the same track.



ICASOL: Tahanah Habahah/Prinzenengel 12" (CTF 005EP) 12.50
The new CTF is here! With artwork shit and Balearic bromance sounds. "Prinzenengel" is alcoholic late '70s electro Schnulzensound from the dusty jukebox fed with Deutschmarks by trannies and queens in a Kreuzberg watering hole... the other, "Tahanah Habahah," is for your dancefloor happiness moments. Really ill. Available on 45 RPM vinyl with limited edition artwork poster print.



DJ BOOM (AKA HERBERT): Kinda Kickin' (Incl. Efdemin Remix) 12" (CURLE 006P-EP) 12.50
Curle Recordings presents Kinda Kickin' by DJ Boom, which is in fact a collaboration between Matthew Herbert and Charles Webster. The original vinyl goes for over 110 Euros on Discogs. On remix duties is someone very close to the label, Efdemin, and his version is absolutely superb. Black vinyl version.



MATRIXXMAN: Nubian Metropolis 12" (DKMNTL 022EP) 12.50
Matrixxman, a beat-maker based in San Francisco, joins the ranks of Dekmantel regulars like MFO and Juju & Jordash with the Nubian Metropolis EP, a four-track effort hewn from choking synth sounds, itchy bleeps, and meaty drum programming. "Cybernetic Implant" and "System Blackout" pit bulky percussion and robust low-end against brittle robot chatter, while "Sermons" and "Siamese Twins" add a touch of cosmic energy with breaths of airy pads.



ATOBE, SHINICHI: Butterfly Effect 2LP (DDS 010LP) 25.50
Shinichi Atobe has managed to stay off the grid since he made an appearance on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint back in 2001. He delivered the second-to-last 12" on the label and then disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a solitary record that's been selling for crazy money and a trail of speculation that has led some people to wonder whether the project was in fact the work of someone on the Basic Channel payroll. That killer Chain Reaction 12" has also been a longtime favorite of Demdike Stare, who have been trying to follow the trail and make contact with Atobe for some time, whoever he turned out to be. A lead from the Basic Channel office turned up an address in Japan and -- unbelievably -- an album full of archival and new material. Demdike painstakingly assembled and compiled the material for this debut album. And what a weird and brilliant album it is -- deploying a slow-churn opener that sounds like a syrupy Actress track, before working through a brilliantly sharp and tactile nine-minute piano house roller that sounds like DJ Sprinkles, then diving headlong into a heady, Vainqueur-inspired drone-world. It's a confounding album, full of odd little signatures that give the whole thing a timeless feeling completely detached from the zeitgeist, like a sound bubble from another era. This is only the second album release on Demdike Stare's DDS imprint, following the release of Nate Young's Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days) (DDS 007LP) in 2013. Who knows what they might turn up next? Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.


D 001EP

SOFT/KILLAWATT/THERMALBEAR, THE: Icaria/Aeolis Mons/Carpe Noctem 12" (D 001EP) 21.00
The Soft's "Icaria" focuses on the more hypnotic aspects of electronic and dance music, and draws influence from krautrock and minimalism as well as contemporary electronic artists like Walls, Jon Hopkins, and The Field. Killawatt's "Aeolis Mons" was inspired by "a load of random field recordings... I wanted to create something that built up and... then breaking back down and fading away... the entire process of an intense trip condensed down into a few minutes." Thermalbear's "Carpe Noctem" is a simple sequence of tones and frequencies presented with (relative) harmonic sense against a backdrop of solid bottom end.



VA: Desolat X-Sampler 2x12" (DESOLAT 035EP) 22.00
Desolat X-Sampler features artists who have graced Desolat before and artists making their label debut: Alexandar Ivkovic, Alli Borem, Yaya, and Santé all return, joined by newcomers Lorenzo Chiabotti, Pawn Shop People, Santos, Lewis Boardman, and Chuckie. Includes download code for the EP's tracks plus six bonus tracks: Stop File's pulsating "Panic," the peak-time power of Jon Rundell's "Freak Out" and Cuartero's "Silicone," Sable Sheep's nervy percussion on "Paranoidal," the tropical "Tripping" by Lollino, and the hedonism of Arado & Bimas on "My Art and My Soul." Includes a free download code, including seven additional tracks.



SCHMUTZ: Peelers EP 12" (DIRT 085EP) 14.00
Belfast-based Schmutz debuted with the 2014 Slaned EP on Gert-Jan Bijl's 4 Lux, and contributed a stormer of a track to Dirt Crew Recordings' 2014 Deep Love 10 compilation (DIRT 007CD/081EP). Schmutz is all about deep, banging techno and house jams. Crowd reactions have been great at every road test for these tracks. They have an incredible power and, with their dark, hypnotizing sounds and grinding beats, they are perfect for the darker clubs and big sound systems.



RE-UP: Nelcorpo (Part One) 12" (DISS 024EP) 12.50
Re-UP present the first three tracks of Nelcorpo, a preview of the final eight tracks on Nelcorpo (Part Two) 2LP (DISS 025LP) and the full album CD, Nelcorpo (Mixed CD) (DISS 002CD). "The Mole" deploys crooked, rusted textures, using layers of rough and metallic found sounds to whisk the listener away into its dense, percussive headspace. "6AM" has an equally rich sound-world to get lost in, using a bed of forest textures to contrast the piercing lead synth. "Two in a Row" works with a locomotive urgency yet maintains a voluptuous appeal to the rhythm section of the track.


DJM7 101EP

KONDO, KOJI: Super Mario Bros. Original & Orchestral Version 7" (DJM7 101EP) 16.00
2nd pressing (300 copies), on black vinyl. "First time reissue of the worldwide famous video game theme released in Japan in 1986. Identical 7" reissue with original artwork, with folded poster sleeve and sticker."



SAN UL LIM: The Psychedelic Years, 1977-1979 LP (ASIAN 1001LP) 23.00
"The Sanullim (also spelt as Sanulrim) band is rightly considered to be one of the most influential figures on the South Korean rock scene. Composed of three brothers born into a well-off family, Kim Chang-wan, Kim Chang-hoon and Kim Chang-ik, the band's first name, when they were still university students, was A Mu-Lee (or Mui), but was to be changed to San Ul Lim ("Echo from the mountains") at the record company's request. Released in 1977, their debut album was a great commercial success selling over a million copies. Inspired by both the garage rock of the 1960s and the jittery punk music of the time, San Ul Lim delivered a sound that was still new in South Korea. It is a surprising sound indeed that contrasts with the apparently casual lyrics, as the censorship imposed by Park Chung-hee's regime forced the members of the band to compose songs that did not actually call for any relevant changes. The band released over ten albums, then parted ways after drummer Kim Chang-ik's sudden death in 2008. This collection gathers for the first time the band's best pieces from 1977 to 1979, thus covering the psychedelic period of the first five albums. This is a rare opportunity to listen to and enjoy the music of the fuzziest band in South-East Asia."



CANTU, D'MARC: Decay 12" (DRONE 003EP) 14.00
Machine funk with a top line like steel drums on acid and a hook like a punch in the face with a velvet glove. "Sonically I'm reminded of old home videos, a lower quality presentation of a memory. 'Decay' has that quality to it that reminds of a time gone but stills feels familiar and comforting... 'Rival' was the first experiment of my first alias, Rival. It was recorded with a Volca drum machine the first day I got it, no effects and no edits, as is the basis of the alias, unedited analog sessions. One take." --D'Marc Cantu


DNC 1203LP

DJ CLENT: Last Bus to Lake Park 2LP (DNC 1203LP) 22.00
Double LP version. DJ Clent, Chicago's low-end legend, after a few seminal releases on Dance Mania and the 2014 Hyper Feet EP on Planet Mu, returns with his first full-length album, Last Bus to Lake Park, on Duck n' Cover Records, the world's one and only 100% footwork vinyl label. The stakes are high and so is the sound: epic, acidy, deep, driving, ferocious, soulful. It's a classic Chicago record all the way, deeply rooted in the windy city's thriving legacy, showing why it was there where house music was born, and proving that in 2015 it still is the hottest place for challenging and forward-thinking electronic dance music. Sixty-five minutes of pure footwork mayhem, playing in the same league as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Traxman, and RP Boo, and a great listening album as well. DJ Clent is an original, and nobody can imitate his influential style, though hundreds of young producers have tried -- he's still the deepest. Features guest appearances from DJ Milton, RP Boo, DJ Puncho, and Majik Myke.



MOELLER, BRENDON: A Confederacy of Dunces EP 12" (ECHOCOL 030EP) 14.00
Words from the artist: "Much in line with the label aesthetic, I set out with these trax to explore the dubbier hypnotic side of techno music. My goal was to present 3 trax that could be played at different times of the evening because there's nothing like giving a DJ who has to carry a bag of vinyl around the world a record where each track can be played in one night! of course, the question remains, are you a DJ that wants to play 3 trax like this? if yes, buy this now."



L/F/D/M: M Is a Shape LP (ELP 008LP) 22.00
Ecstatic welcomes L/F/D/M to the fold with his debut record M Is a Shape. L/F/D/M is London-based producer Richard Smith. L/F/D/M first emerged in 2013, inaugurating the Optimo Trax series with the Purple Maps EP. In 2014, he teamed up with Factory Floor's Dominic Butler to release two EPs of hardware-driven atonal techno on Powell's Diagonal Records. M Is a Shape bristles with cloudy, industrial, stripped-down acid/techno, landing somewhere between Berghain, the warehouse sound of the late '90s and the caustic spirit of EBM. Richard Smith: "The title comes from a time when I was producing all these collages, abstracting a theme, trying to get it down to the perfect motif, the perfect shape that summed up exactly what I'm trying to get across and then just when I got there, I kinda stepped back and was like; oh it's just a fucking M! The same M that if I had looked at it a month before I would have perhaps only saw the letter and not the shape, that always interested me; the starting point at where you come to an image, one day something can just really catch you off-guard."


BEC 5161964

PARA ONE: Girlhood (The Original Soundtrack of "Bande de filles") LP+CD (BEC 5161964) 25.50
French producer Jean-Baptiste de Laubier aka Para One (TTC) has loyally composed all of the original soundtracks for French screenwriter and director Céline Sciamma's films. Para One now presents his soundtrack to Sciamma's acclaimed 2014 film Bande de filles (Girlhood), featuring an appearance by Frida Sundemo. Presented on LP with CD included.

BEC 5161992

BOSTON BUN: Just for Freaks I 12" (BEC 5161992) 14.00
Boston Bun is back with Just for Freaks, a series of three EPs dedicated to unrestrained underground clubbing. Just for Freaks I stays in the Chicago house revival that Boston Bun has established. The right balance between deep and ghetto music. A-side "Pleasure" is a track to play very late in the darkest clubs. It drives with unpitched voices and unleashed TR over a cut-up bass. B-side "Levitate" flirts with lovely strummed music, almost nostalgic, interrupted by a harmonious and bouncy bassline. The lyric "You wanna play house some more?" sounds like the anthem of a never-ending party. Includes download card.



TIGER & WOODS: Scoring Clubs Part 1 12" (TAIN 016EP) 14.00
It's no mystery anymore that Tiger & Woods are the best when it comes to fermenting old disco and boogie. The driven, discerning, and dedicated disc jockey or dancer will find once again what he or she needs: bionic boogie and kryptonite house. Sampled and cleared, sliced and spiced!



Behold is the second collaborative release from Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke following the 2011 LP Indeed. Ambarchi and O'Rourke seamlessly blend field recordings, electronics, guitar, drums, and other acoustic instruments into a subtle combination of krautrock, minimalism, and classic free flowing electronics. Side A takes the listener into the Fourth World adventures pioneered by Jon Hassell on Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics (GB 019CD/LP), while the flip seems like an unlikely pairing of krautrock aesthetics and the slow, building, repetitive structures of The Necks. This is sharp, focused contemporary music, with minimalist motifs meeting maximalist tendencies. Behold is another landmark recording made by two of the most enthusiastic experimental explorers active today. Oren Ambarchi: guitar, drums, etc.; Jim O'Rourke: synth, piano, etc. Recorded and mixed at Steamroom, Tokyo in 2012 and '13. Additional recording at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo on January 26, 2012, by Masahide Ando and at Chinatown, Melbourne by Joe Talia. Cut by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin in August 2013. Photography by Shunichiro Okada.


AMBARCHI, OREN: Quixotism LP (EMEGO 202LP) 20.00
Editions Mego presents the vinyl edition of Oren Ambarchi's Quixotism, a five-part piece recorded over two years with a multitude of collaborators in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the USA and released on CD in 2014 (EMEGO 202CD). Furthuring Ambarchi's interest in combining abstract sonic textures with rhythm and pulse (apparent in his drumming with Keiji Haino, the subtly driving ride cymbals of collaborator Joe Talia, and the motorik grooves of 2012's Sagittarian Domain (EMEGO 144CD/LP)), Quixotism's 47 minutes rest on Thomas Brinkmann's foundation of pulsing electronic percussion. Beginning as almost subliminal propulsion behind cavernous orchestral textures and John Tilbury's delicate piano interjections, the percussive elements (elaborated on by Ambarchi and Matt Chamberlain) slowly inch into the foreground of the piece before suddenly breaking out into a polyrhythmic shuffle around the halfway mark, joined by tabla master U-zhaan for the piece's final, beautiful passages. The pulse acts as a thread leading the listener though a heterogeneous variety of acoustic spaces, from the concert hall in which the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra were recorded to the intimacy of Crys Cole's contact mic textures. Ambarchi's guitar itself ranges over this wide variety of acoustic spaces, from airless, clipped tones to swirling, reverberated fog. Within the complex web Ambarchi spins over the piece's steadily pulsing foundation, elements approach and recede, appear and reappear in a non-linear fashion, even as the piece plots an overall course from the gray, almost Nono-esque reverberated space of its opening section to the crisp foreground presence of Jim O'Rourke's synth and Evyind Kang's strings in its final moments. Formally indebted to the side-long workouts of classic Cologne techno, the long-form works of composers such as Eliane Radigue, and the organic push and pull of improvised performance, Quixotism, in a kind of dream-logic, moves with nearly imperceptible transitions through its sonic diversity. Though it is shaped by its many contributors, the resulting sound world is unmistakably Ambarchi's own, and the summation of his career thus far. Played by Oren Ambarchi (guitars and percussion), Thomas Brinkmann (computable drums with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem), Matt Chamberlain (drums and electronics, Parts 3 & 4), Crys Cole (contact mics and brushes, Part 4), Eyvind Kang (bowed gender, Part 1 and violas, Part 5), Jim O'Rourke (synths, Parts 4 and 5), John Tilbury (piano, Parts 1 & 2), U-zhaan (tabla, Part 5), and Ilan Volkov & the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra (Parts 1 & 3). Recorded at Max Ernst Studios, Cologne; Harpa, Reykjavik; Cyclops Sound Studio, Los Angeles; Avast! Studios, Seattle, with co-production and engineering by Randall Dunn; Steamroom, Tokyo, with engineering by Jim O'Rourke; London; and Melbourne in 2012, '13, and '14. Mixed by Ambarchi and Joe Talia at Chinatown, Melbourne in December 2013 and March 2014. Mastered by Byron Scullin at Moose, Melbourne in March and April 2014. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin in June 2014.



VON TESLA: Farewell Is a Building 12" (ENK 016EP) 14.00
Von Tesla is a haunted loop hunter who makes eerie, multilayered electronic music. Grainy textures, drones, and obscured pulses are all rewritten into misty, oppressive landscapes or airless, shining snapshots of the cosmos. "Decay of Vacuum" opens with shimmering synths before slipping into the kind of warbled manipulations Von Tesla does best. "A/R Into the Future" shows off the producer's sludgy, heavyweight side, while "City Lights" could be some sparkling John Carpenter reinvention. "Farewell" leaves the listener stranded on a sparse and alien landscape, far away from anything else.



KAISER: Medusa 12" (ETB 020EP) 14.00
Kaiser is a Bari-based producer and DJ. His track "Conversation," included in Etruria Beat's 2013 compilation Bud Sampler (Part 1), has been frequently played by Richie Hawtin. Medusa showcases "Save the Chord," so titled because of some overlapping, intersecting dub chords that create a well-balanced groove, and "Medusa," a techno track with an aggressive and imposing rhythm, perfect for the most powerful dancefloors. Mattias Fridell supplies a dark, contaminated version of "Save the Chord," crossed with some Detroit sounds. DJ Emerson infects the same track with his typical sound, coming up with a powerful kick and an impetuous groove.


540 046LP

SURVIVE: SURVIVE LP (540 046LP) 15.00
"Finally, the homecoming has arrived for the 2012 debut LP from Austin-based electronic quartet S U R V I V E. With a new U.S. vinyl reissue bringing life back to this modern classic, the band's full spectrum of instrumental synthesizer composition is now available on LP domestically for the first time. After an extensive and rare catalog including 12", 10", and 7" EP's as well as several B-side tapes, the band's debut full-length remains their most ambitious and defining effort, marking the culmination of several years spent recording, honing, and crafting a remarkably intricate balance of songwriting and experimentation. S U R V I V E's dedicated and comprehensive approach to sonic arrangement is the result of the band's uncompromising standards of quality spread across hundreds of hours in the band's own Omniverse Studios integrating a vast collection of both antique and modern synthesizers. Every element has been meticulously designed and microscopically placed to fulfill its macroscopic purpose, ensuring that every audible wave has been exhaustively scrutinized, dissected, and modulated before being allowed to join the mix. This rigorous process of sound design and discretion is reflected on all levels of the album, resulting in a masterfully accomplished and thorough work. Originally released in May 2012 on Berlin-based Mannequin Records, S U R V I V E's highly anticipated premiere full-length keeps the middle path between reserved minimalism and gorgeously lucid melodic structures."



FLASHBACK: Flashback #6 Winter 2014 MAG (FLASHBACK 006) 21.00
Issue #6 of Flashback, Winter 2014. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the world's leading pop music authorities. In this issue: Sam Gopal: The full story of the British underground enigma. Despite recording frustratingly little, this groundbreaking Malaysian tabla virtuoso had a powerful impact on London's late '60s underground rock scene. Richard Morton Jack tells his remarkable tale in full for the first time. Jukebox: Cathedral's Lee Dorrian on 12 tracks that have inspired him. Album By Album: The renowned producer and bassist Tony Reeves revisits several of his productions and performances. TeenSet: The story behind this pioneering 1960s American rock magazine. First Person: The reclusive singer-songwriter Bill Fay offers some rare insights into his unique music. Aardvark: At long last, the taxonomy of this elusive British progressive beast. The David: The remarkable tale of these precocious Californian teens. Margo Guryan: A detailed interview with the singer-songwriter behind 1968's wondrous Take a Picture album. James Williamson: An in-depth audience with the legendary Stooges guitarist. Jimmy Page: His fullest ever interview about The Yardbirds, unseen since early 1969. International Albums: Forty intriguing LPs from the furthest reaches of the rock world. Spinal Tap: A rare reprint of Polymer Records' 1984 Smell the Glove press kit. Crying to Be Heard: Dick Hamilton's sole album -- the most enjoyable Dylan imitation of the 1960s. Reviews: Thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs, and books, taking in household names (Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Small Faces), cult heroes (The Artwoods, Soft Machine, Marc Brierley), and ultra-obscurities (Min Bul, Tickawinda, Hot Knives), with exclusive Q&As about certain items under review.


FJ 002EP

CIMINIERA, ISE JR. & PHONK D, SASCHA: Footjob 002 12" (FJ 002EP) 14.00
The German record label Footjob presents its second release. Three tracks combining deep, classic, and modern house sounds. Footjob, launched by Phonk D in 2014, focuses on house music made for dancing feet.



FORGOTTEN FIGURES: Forgotten Figures 001 12" (FFIG 001EP) 14.50
Raw techno inspired by the cold and dark surroundings of Copenhagen.


GET 56021LP

2015 repress. "Few artists enjoy a legacy that involves a re-engineering of the very genre in which they work. Lee 'Scratch' Perry is such an artist. As a pioneer of dub reggae Perry viewed the mixing console as musical instrument in its own right. The influence of his revolutionary approach has been felt world-wide and into genres far beyond reggae. His 1976 effort, Super Ape, is considered a masterpiece of this or any genre. Working with The Upsetters at his Black Ark studio Perry created a sound with such a lasting appeal that The Rough Guide includes Super Ape as one of their 100 Essential Reggae releases. Comes with a 22" x 22" Super Ape poster."


JAMES, BOB: Take Me to the Mardi Gras 7" (GET 741EP) 11.00
"Bob James' breakbeat classic 'Take Me to the Mardi Gras' has long been a staple in many DJs' and producers' catalogs for decades. Though initially made famous as the back bone to Run DMC's 'Peter Piper,' the cut's lineage within hip-hop goes all the way back to the park jams of '70s. From its unmistakable drum roll to the signature bells, 'Take Me to the Mardi Gras' is undeniably one of the most famous and recognized breaks. Over the years producers such as Rick Rubin, Mantronix, Pete Rock, and RZA have all used 'Take Me to the Mardi Gras,' always showcasing the song's monster musicianship. Now available for the first time since its release, Get on Down brings 'Take Me to the Mardi Gras' back on 7" with the original (and rare) Italian version of song. Side A features the Italian version of 'Take Me to the Mardi Gras' with a tad bit more panning on the left so the drums will play louder. Side B features the Undercover Brother edit which takes the break of the song and edits it to masterful perfection. This is essential for any DJ or collector!"



ROACH MOTEL: Wild Luv 12" (GPM 276EP) 14.00
"I keep getting videos and messages sent to me of DJs like, 'playing your old Roach Motel mate in DC10' and 'I'm at P-Bar and the place is going mad to 'Wild Luv.'' It was our homage to that classic DJ Pierre-sound of the early '90s -- a sound that inspired a genre and was the soundtrack to THE greatest club in the world, New York's Sound Factory. 'Wild Luv' has lasted the test of time and we hope you will enjoy our 2014 remix and dubs." --Terry Farley; Includes remixes from DJ Pierre and George Morel.



LAST HARBOUR: Caul LP (GZH 059LP) 23.00
LP version. Based in the northern English city of Manchester, Last Harbour play music with a dark, gothic heart, yet their songs are always beautiful and transcendent. After working with producer Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Spacemen 3, Ghostpoet) on two previous albums, the band took time out after touring to build their own studio in 2013. They recorded Caul in that self-created space over a year between 2013 and '14 in a patient and detailed recording process that allowed time for experimentation and careful arrangement. Caul contains all of the band's trademark bruised laments and doom-filled rock, but there is also an added layer of raw, bleak experimentation that marries ideally and simultaneously with brighter, almost joyous moments. Most noticeably, "Guitar Neck" moves from a metronomic, semi-spoken verse to a richly orchestrated chorus with the FX-heavy vocal of K. Craig soaring above the pulsing instrumentation. There's another powerful moment in "Fracture/Fragment" when group vocals take center stage and the record immediately takes on a deeper and wider atmosphere, while elsewhere, "Before the Ritual" comes laced with vintage synths and organs. "The Deal" is a highlight, combining an insistent rhythm, menacing vocal, and obscured analog effects, and leading off a trilogy of tracks that form the album's second half, the negative image to the first half's positive; two sides of the same story. Closer "The Promise" is the band's most ambitious statement of their career so far. The epic 13-minute track is cinematic in scale, beginning with droning soundscapes and minimal notes that open out into a beautiful, melodic section with rhythm-led breakdowns and doo-wop backing vocals, before descending into a haunting, sparse, reverb-drenched coda. That song, and the album as a whole, make clear the progression on Caul from its predecessor Your Heart, It Carries the Sound. There is a new focus, a need to explore, a quest to push further into the void.



UNKNOWN ARTIST: I Feel Loved 12" (GKNSTR 005-15EP) 14.00
No info available. Music speaks for itself.



Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaïmph) and Samara Lubelski return with 110 Livingston. This is the second album from this weighty pairing of two of America's most audacious psychedelic drone proponents, following the stunning Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon, released in 2012 on Graham Lambkin's label Kye. Bassett's guitar processing squashes otherwise raging howls into densely packed tones of feedback wail, and blends with Lubelski's long violin voyages into the drone zone to form a combination that's wondrous to behold. One side-long trip and three shorter but nevertheless expansive explorations of black magic meditation. 140-gram vinyl presented in a matte sleeve and limited to 250 copies.



ASOK/BALDO: The Guide EP 12" (GRM 006EP) 12.50
The Guide EP is dedicated to BBC Radio 4's 1978 adaptation of Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Stu Robinson aka Asok has amassed a fine understanding of D&B, electro-funk, disco, house, and techno. He has released on Use of Weapons, M>O>S Recordings, Lobster Theremin, and Mule Musiq, and co-founded his own Scenery imprint. His tracks here, clearly marked by a dark influence, are fueled by analog feelings that come across with a crunchy, distorted, and saturated soul. Barcelona-based Baldo's drum clusters add a melancholic vibe to his variety of layers and samples, supplying seriously infectious rhythms.



WICKED LADY: Psychotic Overkill CD (GUESS 041CD) 17.00
2015 repress. Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in 1972, just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark (of Round The Edges fame). Another batch of excessive, over-the-top, doom-y psychedelic hard-rock including underground classics like "I'm A Freak" and the 21-minute epic "Ship Of Ghosts." Maximum sound quality, new artwork and liner notes by psychedelic guitar god, Martin Weaver, telling the real story behind Wicked Lady for the first time.


WE THE PEOPLE/AMERICAN ZOO: Visions of Time: Complete Recordings CD (GUESS 056CD) 17.00
Guerssen presents Visions of Time, the amazing story of We the People, a '60s teen band from LA (not to be confused with the Florida band of the same name) that created an amazing blend of garage, folk rock, and psychedelic sounds. Between 1967 and 1968, this group of four young kids recorded a few 45s for Reena Records, two of them released under the name American Zoo. Despite their young age, the band members were accomplished musicians and songwriters. They debuted in 1967 with Feelings of My Emptiness/For No One to See, two amazing pieces of moody garage with superb vocal harmonies and arrangements. Their second 45, Back Street Thoughts/Who Am I?, offered two pieces of introspective psychedelia with some over the top tape/echo effects courtesy of Dal Kacher, a session guitarist and sound engineer who had been part of early lineup of The Mothers of Invention. "Who Am I?" was included decades later in Diminishing Returns, a famous psych mix by DJ Shadow. In 1968, the group released their third 45, this time as American Zoo: Mr. Brotherhood/Magdalena featured two more examples of outstanding garage psychedelia. A second pressing of the 45 was released with a new mix of "Mr. Brotherhood," losing one minute but incorporating some wild electronic effects. In the 1980s, the song was included on such legendary compilations as High All the Time (PAPR 1002LP/PAPR 2106CD/PAPR 2113CD) and Psychedelic Unknowns. That same year, American Zoo released their last 45, Back Street Thoughts/What Am I?; the B-side is a reworking of "Who Am I?" with more psychedelic production by Kacher. Even more amazing than the story of these young musicians is the story of what happened to them later: guitar player Bill Bottrell has gone on to win Grammy Awards as a producer, working with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and George Harrison, among others. Drummer Jason "Jasun" Martz toured with Frank Zappa and recorded with Michael Jackson, and is now a well-known avant-garde artist and sculptor. Steve Zaillian, the first We the People drummer, won an Academy Award for his screenplay of Schindler's List (1993). This collection includes all the We the People/American Zoo 45 sides plus two previously unreleased tracks from 1967, taken from the only surviving copy of the band's 10" demo acetate. Carefully remastered sound. CD booklet features rare photos and detailed liner notes by Gray Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things).


AVALANCHE: Perseverance Kills Our Game CD (GUESS 057CD) 17.00
Guerssen presents a reissue of Perseverance Kills Our Game, an absolute masterpiece of European progressive psychedelic folk rock. Dutch band Avalanche formed in the early '70s and recorded Perseverance Kills Our Game, their only album, in 1979, and released it in a private edition of 500 copies, which were only distributed among friends and relatives. Despite being a home-made project (the album was recorded in just one day!), the result was stunning. Totally early '70s sounding electric folk rock with flute, piano, bass, drums, and killer fuzz guitar. Mostly instrumental with sparse vocals in English. It alternates delicate acoustic passages with devastating fuzz leads, sounding like Fairport Convention jamming with early Ash Ra Tempel. The album closes with an extended 11-minute track on which guitar player Daan Slaman starts playing leads like a madman, creating layers and layers of liquid acid-fuzz guitar. It has to be heard to be believed! This reissue was produced in cooperation with the original band members. CD booklet and LP insert feature rare photos and liner notes by Richard Allen. Carefully remastered from original vinyl (the masters were destroyed long ago) using state-of-the-art equipment.


WE THE PEOPLE/AMERICAN ZOO: Visions of Time: Complete Recordings LP (GUESS 143LP) 25.50
LP version with insert featuring rare photos and detailed liner notes by Gray Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things).


HMA 195388

CHEMIRANI, DJAMCHID: Improvisations au zarb CD (HMA 195388) 9.00
"To hear a great zarb player is to hear sounds of the great poetry of Iran -- the cavalcades of the legendary conquerors, the whispers of the lovers Leyla and Majnoun, the fervor of the mystics. This budget-priced reissue, released for the first time in 1976, features the legendary Djamchid Chemirani."

HMC 905273

TRIO CHEMIRANI: Dawâr CD (HMC 905273) 20.00
"Nearly 40 years ago, Djamchid Chemirani made his first recording for harmonia mundi (reissued this month). Since then, his career has blossomed, and he performs now with his sons Keyvan and Bijan at his side. Both separately and together, each has explored various universes of sound and honed their craft as musicians. But Trio Chemirani has constantly returned to the shared magnum opus: the elaboration of a universal rhythmic language. Dawâr fuses the spirituality, diverse cultural experiences and historical sensitivity of these three great artists."



SKIBA, MAX: Shanghouse EP 12" (INT 031EP) 14.00
"Music from a very good young Polish producer, warm chords, funky melodies, think 'bass and guitars by Chic meeting a string section by Beethoven, with a touch of Italo-disco and almost flamenco-like soul" --Daniel Wang. "He produces very nice Italo disco tracks, I'm a fan" --Röyksopp. And he does. "Shanghouse" is an instant hit, the kind of track you'll want to put on again after listening to it five times in a row. Includes a great remix by Victor Rosado and a diverse Prins Thomas edit of "Korsakot."



DOUBLE KNOTS: Double Vision EP 12" (IFEEL 036EP) 14.50
Double Knots (Toby Tobias Smith and Daniel Mode) present an EP that Smith says was "inspired by a birthday weekend away in beautiful Herne Bay with a lovely crowd of people." Imagine Tangerine Dream soundtracking Miami Vice through Todd Terje's ears. Music for the head and the feet; an experiment in melodic, deep, synth-based melodies and soundscapes, tinged with mid-tempo house and cosmic dust. The warm and smooth rhythm of "Remote Control Memory," the groove-based Toby Tobias remix of "Double Vision," and the luscious guitar licks and heady rhythms of "Vital Connection" make for a perfect debut from Double Knots.



N.O.I.A.: Stranger in a Strange Land 12" (EXIT 009EP) 14.50
N.O.I.A. have been present on the electronic scene since late '70s. Now they're back with their 1983 original versions of "Stranger in a Strange Land," plus a new remix using the same vintage equipment and keeping the old school vibe! Also included is a new version from I-Robots, who celebrates Italo disco with his modern and powerful step.



VA: Attack Dub: Rare Dubs from Attack Records 1973-1977 CD (JRCD 056CD) 14.00
Prolific reggae producer Bunny "Striker" Lee created a number of different labels in the '60s and '70s to handle his ever-expanding output. The most important at the time when dub was king were Jackpot, Justice, and Attack. Lee recalls, "I had a lot of labels. Lee was my first label... just a plain little white label and then I came out with Lee's with an apostrophe on it... I still have labels sometimes that I don't remember until I see it! Sometimes you'd just make up a label on the spur of the moment." Here, Jamaican Recordings delves into the catalog of Attack, which Lee founded in 1969, to assemble a compilation of some of its finest dub cuts released between 1973 and 1977. Includes dubs and versions of tracks by Linval Thompson, Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell/Tommy McCook, Johnny Clarke/Tommy McCook, Barry Brown, Leroy Smart, Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis, and Horace Andy. The CD version also includes "Out of Order Dub" by Ken Boothe and "I Forgot to Say I Love You Version" by John Holt.


VA: Attack Dub: Rare Dubs from Attack Records LP (JRLP 056LP) 15.50
LP version. Prolific reggae producer Bunny "Striker" Lee created a number of different labels in the '60s and '70s to handle his ever-expanding output. The most important at the time when dub was king were Jackpot, Justice, and Attack. Lee recalls, "I had a lot of labels. Lee was my first label... just a plain little white label and then I came out with Lee's with an apostrophe on it... I still have labels sometimes that I don't remember until I see it! Sometimes you'd just make up a label on the spur of the moment." Here, Jamaican Recordings delves into the catalog of Attack, which Lee founded in 1969, to assemble a compilation of some of its finest dub cuts released between 1973 and 1977. Includes dubs and versions of tracks by Linval Thompson, Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell/Tommy McCook, Johnny Clarke/Tommy McCook, Barry Brown, Leroy Smart, Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis, and Horace Andy.


JBJ 1058EP

YOUNG JESSIE: Pretty Soon/Well Baby 7" (JBJ 1058EP) 11.00
Two great R&B sides from Young Jessie, both appearing on 45rpm for the very first time! Both "Pretty Soon" and "Well Baby" were originally recorded for the Bihari brothers' Modern Music in the mid '50s, and while the former did appear on an early '60s budget compilation album, "Well Baby" surfaced only recently on a CD retrospective. What isn't clear is why these great recordings were canned in the first place, but either way this welcome 45rpm pressing is surely a must-have for the R&B fiends.



BALAKE, AMADOU: Bar Konon Mousso Bar LP (KSRE 018LP) 18.00
2014 reissue. Kindred Spirits presents the first reissue of legendary Burkinabé vocalist and bandleader Amadou Balaké's album Bar Konon Mousso Bar, originally released in 1978 by the Ivorian label Sacodis. In 1978, four years after the first recorded single version of "Bar Konou Mousso," Balaké recorded that song once again, in a harder funk mode. Named "Super Bar Konon Mousso," it was an updated version of the song that had made him famous in his home country, and became the opening track on this album. The album version of this masterful ode to the penniless musicians and the ladies of African nights is faster than the more atmospheric original, fitting perfectly with the mood of the era. "Tondibama" is a traditional warba song with cheerful horn arrangements and some light backing vocals, and features effortless vocal acrobatics from Balaké. "Nabacouboury," another warba number that Balaké sang many times over throughout his long career, closes the A-side. B-side opener "Dounignamou" circles on and on, recalling a village dance, with the trumpet taking the lead vocal role by the song's end while the rhythm section cooks up a sturdy instrumental background. "Aminata, du Thé!" is one of the most powerful funk numbers to come from 1970s Africa. A true dynamite song with a hint of machismo, it leaves no doubt as to where Balaké's influences come from. Deep and hypnotic from the moment his moans and groans introduce the song, Balaké stands here at his most reminiscent of James Brown. It's all about sweat, power, and sincerity. Album closer "Balaké ya Mariama" displays Balaké's most romantic sides, as, with obvious Afro-Latin influences, he praises the grace of female hips. Balaké learned his Afro-Cubanisms all across West Africa, and it should come as no surprise that he later emerged as a world-class performer with Africando. Balaké stands as one of Africa's most mesmerizing voices, and Bar Konon Mousso Bar is a true highlight of his long career. This reissue features original artwork and remastered sound.



BLEACHING AGENT: Babolat EP 12" (KOMISCH 020EP) 12.50
"Colo" starts the release with a dense, stepping rhythm and the sound of someone gasping for breath as percussive ticks lend the arrangement some impetus before those unmistakably murky synths break in. American producer Shawn O'Sullivan, who has released on L.I.E.S. and Cititrax under a number of names, provides a remix of "Colo" that rolls to the sound of tough drums and puts the focus firmly on that eerie, wintry synth. On "Elastique," Bleaching Agent delves again into a murky world, inhabited by grungy beats and waves of noise, but remains rooted on the dancefloor thanks to the razor-sharp percussion.



SASCHIENNE: Golden Prints 12" (KOM 319EP) 14.00
Revered techno balladeers Saschienne present a gorgeous set of synth-driven, beat-bound soundscapes rich in atmosphere and suspense. Golden Prints smudges the volatile fault lines between anthemic electronics, cyber folk, and industrial drones. "Chambre Bleue" is a dusty, introspective vignette with an increasingly queasy mood balanced by Julienne Dessagne's self-assured narration and an unswerving bass line. "The Era of the Leopard" treks through barren lands with sunburnt guitar licks, throbbing bass, and resonant leads. "Don't Put Your Fingers in the Socket" is an exquisite arrangement of contorted feedback loops, foreboding synth sequences, and a relentlessly mechanical beat.



GROUPER: Ruins LP (KRANK 189LP) 14.00
2015 repress. LP version. "'Ruins was made in Aljezur, Portugal in 2011 on a residency set up by Galeria Ze dos Bois. I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother's house in 2004. I'm still surprised by what I wound up with. It was the first time I'd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with a portable 4-track, Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasn't recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The path wound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village. The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came (microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.' -- Liz Harris"



VA: DEU 2LP (LPS 009LP) 23.00
2014 release. In commemoration of the tenth anniversary that it celebrated in 2014, Barcelona-based Lapsus Records presents DEU, a double LP featuring 17 exclusive tracks by artists, some internationally renowned and some locally beloved, who have taken an active part in Lapsus during its first ten years of existence. Hypnagogic daydreams by the Scottish duo Dalhous, deconstructed house by Shape Worship, drum 'n' bass revival by Etch, and warm textures by Winter Flags share space with organic IDM by Kelpe and Ochre, digital sensuality by Japanese producer Ametsub, melodic techno by Vector Lovers, and the unmistakable sounds of the mythical duo Plaid (Warp Records). Local contributions offer an accurate reflection of Spain's present effervescent creativity, from R&B sounds by Dr.Res (feat. SendiKa) and Drömnu to sampledelic house by unstoppable Sau Poler and continuum hardcore by Clip! and Pyrénées, plus surgical experimentation by the astonishing audiovisual project Playmodes and extremely personal offerings from beGun and Sistema. Mastered by Pedro Pina at Laboratorios Substancia. Artwork by Josep Basora. Pressed on red vinyl.



MIND AGAINST: Strange Days 12" (LAD 019EP) 14.00
Once again Mind Against bring their signature sound to Life and Death as they explore territory that is somehow both familiar and fresh at the same time. Two tracks of emotional techno that traverse a dynamic sonic landscape, both "Strange Days" and "Polarstern" could captivate a small room or command a small army with ease. Bringing an understated counterpoint to the EP is Recondite's subtle yet rich take on "Strange Days," a soft and sexy trip that seems to take you on a journey outwards and inwards -- all while standing still in that place where words have no meaning.



BRUN, NICO: Deeper EP 12" (LOVEIT 001EP) 14.00
Stuttgart's Nico Brun shows his young heart's passion for house music with his debut Deeper EP. The title track rolls warm through the listener's mind and hypnotizes with a prayer to house. "Bobb" has a bassline that just makes the listener move -- no excuse. The best kind of four on the floor madness. Nick Beringer's dubby touch perfectly leads the night into the morning light. No matter where you are -- Chicago, Paris, or Stuttgart -- you will love it.



AROY DEE: Re-Sketched 12" (MOS 021EP) 12.50
Tight remix set from the M>O>S camp. Tracks by Aroy Dee remixed by R-A-G, D'Marc Cantu, Paul du Lac, and Cliff Lothar.



RED TEMPLE SPIRITS: Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon 2LP (MNQ 047LP) 27.50
Limited restock; RSD 2014 release. Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon is the debut studio album of American post-punk band Red Temple Spirits. It was released in 1988 on the Nate Starkman & Son label, a subsidiary of Fundamental. Rock critic Piero Scaruffi praised the album, calling it a "ponderous masterpiece" and writing, "The extravagant mysticism [...] had few or no precedents. It rehashed emotional debris left buried under the cosmic and ritualistic hymn of 'Interstellar Overdrive,' under the psychotic and metaphysical melodrama of 'The End,' under the apocalyptic frenzy of 'Sister Ray,' while scouring medieval fairy tales, Tibetan mantras, whirling sufi dances and gothic ballads for intimations of supernatural existence." L.A.'s Red Temple Spirits perform ritualistic, droning post-punk soundscapes augmented by tribal drumming, '60s psychedelia, and a (new age) spiritual sensibility courtesy of British emigré and frontman William Faircloth, fresh off of an EP with Ministry Of Love. The band also features guitarist Dallas Taylor and bassist Dino Paredes, a former member of Perry Farrell's pre-Jane's Addiction band Psi Com. Los Angeles-based Red Temple Spirits were prophets and shamen, ritualistic healers musically exploring an entirely new world. Pulsating psychedelic sonics meet mesmerizing mysticism, comprising intense spiritual, tribal, primitive imagery. Formed in early 1987, the band has released two albums via Nate & Starkman Son Records (distributed by Fundamental) and disbanded in 1993. Limited edition of 500 copies, no repress. RSD 2014 exclusive. Long-time no repress vinyl version. Strongly recommended for fans of The Cure, Savage Republic, Pink Floyd, and Christian Death.


RED TEMPLE SPIRITS: If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa, I Wouldn't Stay a Minute More... LP (MNQ 048LP) 23.50
Limited restock; RSD 2014 release. If Tomorrow I Were Leaving for Lhasa, I Wouldn't Stay a Minute More... is the second studio album by American post-punk band Red Temple Spirits. It was released in 1989 on the Nate Starkman & Son label, a subsidiary of Fundamental. Dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism, the album displayed a more direct approach and a turn toward Tibet for the music's spiritual inspiration. L.A.'s Red Temple Spirits perform ritualistic, droning post-punk soundscapes augmented by tribal drumming, '60s psychedelia, and a (new age) spiritual sensibility courtesy of British emigré and frontman William Faircloth, fresh off of an EP with Ministry Of Love. The band also features guitarist Dallas Taylor and bassist Dino Paredes, a former member of Perry Farrell's pre-Jane's Addiction band Psi Com. Los Angeles-based Red Temple Spirits were prophets and shamen, ritualistic healers musically exploring an entirely new world. Pulsating psychedelic sonics meet mesmerizing mysticism, comprising intense spiritual, tribal, and primitive imagery. Formed in early 1987, the band has released two albums via Nate & Starkman Son Records (distributed by Fundamental) and disbanded in 1993. Limited edition of 500 copies, no repress. RSD 2014 exclusive. Long-time no repress vinyl version. Strongly recommended for fans of The Cure, Savage Republic, Pink Floyd, and Christian Death.



MAGIC ISLAND: Wasted Dawn 12" (MAM 001EP) 15.50
Wasted Dawn developed under the influence of a close circle of Berlin-based artists and friends, including Touchy Mob and Montreal's Sean Nicholas Savage (Arbutus Records). "Baby Blu" epitomizes Magic Island's aesthetic: a crystalline sensuality, diffuse and subdued, fragile yet immensely strong. Pushed gently along by the imbricated earworms of an echoing Casio refrain and a twirling little piano figure, it is a love song whose directness is at once innocently flirtatious and maturely candid. Yet its complicating coda signals a melancholy embrace of contradiction and bittersweet impossibility that gives Wasted Dawn a unique depth. Includes download code.



BAILEY, MARCO: Wildfires EP (Incl. Nikola Gala Rmx) 12" (MBRLTD 005EP) 12.50
Marco Bailey returns to MBR Limited with his flaming Wildfires EP. Expect nothing less than powerful techno gems that roll left and right, up and down, like waves of flaming techno energy, conquering whole dancefloors while filling every clubber's soul with fire. Includes Nikola Gala's remix of "Wildfires."



DOUBTINGTHOMAS: Capharnaüm 12" (MLTD 078EP) 12.50
A tight kick leads the way on "Off the Grid," with the help of a pulsating bass and some lush pads in typical Doubtingthomas style. The "off" moment happens after when the free jazz element comes in and shuffles the groove. "Cognitive Dissonance" brings more ghost-in-the-box pads, with arpeggio synths, tight drum work, and a pitched down/warped down glacial female vocal to add the right amount of spookiness. Cristi Cons does what he does best in his 12-minute rework of "Cognitive Dissonance," keeping the pressure is at the tipping point with a huge groove and clever editing.



KRENG: The Summoner LP (MIA 030LP) 20.00
LP version; presented in a laser-cut full color bronze and black sleeve with full color insert. Includes download code. The Summoner comes four years after the last Kreng album Grimoire (MIA 016CD/LP) and three years after the massive retrospective box set Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011. A lot has happened in the interim, and The Summoner can be seen as quite the departure from the aforementioned works. Pepijn Caudron's most personal album to date, The Summoner was created after a year in which Caudron lost several close friends, and takes its structure from the five stages of grief. A sixth stage, "The Summoning," helps bridge the gap to the finale, "Acceptance." Conjuring up the spirit of György Ligeti, the first half of the album is made entirely of Caudron's direction of a dozen string players, whose noisy clusters and crescendos move the listener from denial through anger, bargaining, and depression. In fact, The Summoner is the first Kreng album not constructed from hordes of samples. Music to really dig deep into. The disorienting twists and turns lead into the second half of the album, with haunting organs and smoke-filled chambers of "The Summoning" preceding an earth-shaking wall of guitars, drums, and bass courtesy of Belgian doom band Amenra. Leaving the listener in a state of shock, the album closes with the incredible and quietly heartfelt "Acceptance."



IRISFOG: Veins EP 12" (MMR 024EP) 12.50
Irisfog, the Leipzig-based duo of Lukas Rabe and Niklas Kraft (Talski), present four songs for the dark side of life, made with all kinds of synths, microphones, devices, and samples. The EP draws together influences ranging from noise to jazz, and features appearances from Hunter Longe, Lauren Huret, and Elsa Grégoire.



SCHNEIDER, ANJA: Jimmy 12" (MOBILEE 141EP) 12.50
When your debut set on Pete Tong's Essential Mix starts with Masters At Work remixing Saint Etienne and ends with Kraftwerk, the tunes in the middle better hold their own. That was the challenge Mobilee co-founder Anja Schneider met on her 2014 appearance on the BBC Radio 1 show, with a debut from Maya Jane Coles, a classic from Underground Resistance, and her own "Jimmy," with its memorable propelling conga loop and haunting organ climax. Mobilee now presents "Jimmy" in its complete form, with the moody acid house of "Love Tube Thinking" on the flip.



SILVERSHOWER: Damaged EP 12" (MONTAGE 001EP) 14.00
Ian Pooley initiates his techno label Montage by resurrecting his Silvershower alias. Best known for a pair of 12"s released on Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 in 1996 (with a further EP (PLUS 8116EP) released on the same label in 2011), Silvershower has long been Pooley's preferred alias for his tougher, darker records. Following a great Berghain gig as Silvershower in 2013, Pooley decided the next step was to create an outlet for more original productions under the name, the first of which is the Damaged EP: three tracks combining a tougher intensity with Pooley's usual adeptness for dancefloor grooves.



MASIN, GIGI: Talk to the Sea 2CD (MFM 002CD) 20.00
With an additional six tracks, the CD release of Talk to the Sea delves deeper into the archives of Gigi Masin; taking two tracks from the album Wind and presenting four previously-unreleased tracks. For their much-anticipated second release, Music From Memory takes you into the world of Italian musician Gigi Masin. Part of only a small and very much underground music scene in his hometown of Venice, Gigi Masin self-released two modestly pressed LPs, Wind (1986) and Wind Collector (1991), and appeared alongside Charles Hayward for the Sub Rosa compilation LP Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2 (1988). Having met with little commercial success in Italy at the time, Gigi Masin's solo albums remained for the most part totally unknown. His music has though in recent years, and seemingly by pure word of mouth, developed almost something of a cult following. Gigi Masin's uniquely intricate and at times deeply emotive compositions take the listener into a realm of contemplation, a spellbound mind-state where time and space appear to dissolve. His sparse and hypnotic often loop-based compositions seem to draw parallels with Detroit techno's earliest beginnings, all at once conjuring those same feelings of both melancholic longing and ecstatic joy. With access to Masin's large body of work, far greater than that of the handful of released recordings, Music From Memory's new compilation covers a period of over 30 years, from the early 1980s up until now. Talk to the Sea aims to shine a light on Gigi Masin's unique and heartfelt talent. This is electronic music from the soul.


BIBILONI, JOAN: El Sur CD (MFM 003CD) 18.00
Staying on the Mediterranean coast for their third release, Music From Memory this time shift their attention to the work of Mallorcan musician Joan Bibiloni. Primarily a guitarist, Bibiloni was creating music at an early age, releasing his first single at the tender age of 15. In his '20s he formed Spanish prog-rock outfits Zebra and Euterpe, where he would meet Pepe Milan, the two of them becoming the bluesy folk duo Milan & Bibiloni. Bibiloni himself would later go on to play with a number of luminary musicians such as Larry Coryell, Daevid Allen and John Cage, to name but a few. In 1982, Bibiloni set up his own label Blau in order to highlight the much-overlooked work of musicians not only on his home island of Mallorca but across the Balearic Islands. In doing so he created a platform not only for local talent but also for his own music to breathe a new life, much influenced by the landscape and life that surrounds the islands. While Bibiloni's first solo releases on his Blau imprint have stronger echoes of the contemporary jazz fusion of the time, it is on the album known as Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila where Bibiloni really began to experiment with new sounds and technologies; fusing tape loops, drum computers and synthesizers. Taking these more electronic-infused works as a departure point for the compilation and drawing on material from across his following five albums, El Sur sets out to highlight Joan Bibiloni's unique ambient fusion and sun-drenched Adriatic beach-boogie.


MM 117EP

PARALLEL 9: Dominus 12" (MM 117EP) 12.50
Music Man Records presents a repress of the highly sought-after classic Dominus by Steve Rachmad aka Parallel 9, originally released in 2005.



RO MARON: Collected #1 2LP/2CD (MPD 001LP) 28.50
Music Pour la Danse presents Collected #1, a definitive collection of classic Belgian club anthems produced by new beat legend Rembert de Smet and the first volume in the label's series dedicated to preserving valuable works by key dance producers from the past. New beat was a short-lived movement local to Belgium, and, along with Italo-disco, a forerunner of European techno. It was mainly influenced by new wave and industrial music, particularly Throbbing Gristle, The Neon Judgement, and Front 242. Its signature slowed-down tempo prefigured DJ Screw's slowed rap remixes and the later slow house craze, and it was a sensation at the time. New beat took the charts by storm without any radio play, and ruled the Belgian dancefloors during its short existence. Rembert de Smet had enjoyed some popular success with his group 2 Belgen, but became part of the new beat scene early, and rapidly produced a staggering collection of tracks in 1988 and '89. Whether working solo as Ro Maron and Agaric or in collaboration with artists like Ferre Baelen (TC Matic) and Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan), he produced records ceaselessly, week after week, knowing that the rich new beat era wouldn't last forever. Mostly released on now-defunct labels like Kaos Dance Records, Antler-Subway, Dance Opera, and MG Records, the best of it and beyond is compiled here, including classic new beat mainstays of Belgium's club Boccaccio, as well as earlier, more primitive works, lazier rhythms, ambient house tracks, and hardcore rave sounds. Includes tracks by Agaric, Edwards + Armani, Phantasia, Reject 707, Kaos 007, Miss Nude, Mr. White, S.M., Air of Gloom, Trance Trax, Le Mystère, Sleepwalker, Beat Beat Beat, Alpha Beta, Little Little, Believe It or Not, Zsa Zsa La Boum, Rhythm Kings, 2 Body's, and Agaric-Bhab. The double CD edition, included with the double LP edition, features 29 tracks of de Smet's landmark production. The double LP edition is presented in an inside-out silkscreened sleeve and plays at 45 RPM.



BROOM, MARK: Attitude 12" (NONSERIES 015EP) 12.50
Early support from Sigha, Kr!z, and Adam Beyer. A no-nonsense, high-end tool techno EP from East London veteran Mark Broom.


NA 5119LP

JB'S, THE: These Are the JB's LP (NA 5119LP) 30.00
2015 repress. "Never-before-heard James Brown and J.B.'s originals and covers of Jimi Hendrix, Kool & the Gang, the Meters. Contains a 12-page booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos. This album is the Rosetta Stone of funk's dominant idioms, yet its existence has barely been a rumor. In 1970 James Brown perfectly captured a definitive moment in modern music when he ordered Bootsy Collins into the studio to record the tracks that would be test pressed on King Records as These Are The J.B.'s. This album is the epitome of funk music, Brown's innovation that influenced everything that came after it, from Afro-beat to disco to hip-hop. And if there is any funk ensemble as influential as Brown's, in the post-"Cold Sweat" musical landscape, it's the Parliament/Funkadelic contingent. Those two streams, as Grammy Winning James Brown historian Alan Leeds details in this album's liner notes, converged for the first time here. This link between Brown's funk and all that followed features Bootsy and his young band running through twelve-minute instrumental take of Marva Whitney's 'It's My Thing,' replete with blues chord changes, alongside interpretations of the Meters, Kool and the Gang and none other than Jimi Hendrix. This is a young band's James Brown-turned-on-his-head style of funk that they nail in a one-minute vamp that pre-dates their obscure but important work as the Houseguests ensemble and embodies the essence of the psychedelic-flavored music that would propel them into the orbit of George Clinton and his mothership, where they poked cosmic holes in funk's polyrhythmic ozone layer in the mid-1970s. There are only two extant copies of the original King Records test press LP of These Are The J.B.'s. This, the first commercial issue of this album, was overseen by Now-Again's Egon alongside Leeds and Universal Music Group's James Brown expert Harry Weinger. It was mastered specifically for vinyl by Elysian Master's Dave Cooley from the original two-track stereo master that James Brown and his engineer Ron Lenhoff delivered to production forty-four years ago. It comes with a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Leeds and Egon and many unpublished photographs and ephemera."



LAWLER, STEVE: Inna State/Recuperate 12" (OBJA 001EP) 12.50
Objektivity presents the debut of its sub-label OBJ Analogue, dedicated to hardware-based music made without plug-ins. Objektivity head Dennis Ferrer: "The OBJ Analogue is a special project for me and is dear to my heart because I love analogue gear, vinyl, and hardware, so I keep that side of me happy." Steve Lawler delivers the rough Inna State/Recuperate, produced with Roland 808, 909, and 606 drum machines. Basslines made with a Moog Voyager and the piano on "Recuperate" comes from an E-mu Orchestra rack mount. Completely analog! Limited vinyl release.



TERJE, TODD: Preben Remixed (I:Cube/Prins Thomas) 10" (OLS 008EP) 12.50
It's remix time! Preben just had the time of his life. First he was invited by Frenchman I:Cube to go diamond hunting in his luxury yacht somewhere in the Adriatic Sea. A helicopter sounded, pirates entered the ship. No match for Preben though, he's got a pink belt in capoeira. Wham! He then "borrowed" the helicopter ("Zed's dead"-style) and flew out to Asker, Norway, where Prins Thomas offered him a big bowl of disco stew. How nice. Artwork by Bendik Kaltenborn, as ever. Mastered and cut by the talented Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.


OMEGA 333023LP

WOORDEN: Woorden LP (OMEGA 333023LP) 21.00
2015 restock. "Massively unlikely out-of-nowhere exact repro reissue of this insane underground LP, still the most amazing slice of OTT freak to come out of the Netherlands in the late 1960s: a project masterminded by four far-out poets -- Simon Vinkenoog, Bob Lens, Hans Wesseling and Nona -- Woorden's closest companion might be Walter Wegmuller and the Cosmic Courier's majestic Tarot set, with diversions into concrete tape work, solo harmonica jams, heavy psych, freak jazz, acid folk and total musical non that touch on aspects of Patrick Conrad, Allan Kaprow, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Popol Vuh and an unholy Chie Mukai/Masayoshi Urabe junk/reeds/drone ritual. Long one of the rarest and whispered about underground Euro masterpieces, Woorden sees the poets chant, flip, sing in heavy F/X reverb heavens and work oracular magic ala Starmaiden herself while the music (courtesy of heads who also played on Group 1850's legendary Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth) moves from radical free jazz through laminal voice constructs that confuse automating surrealism and screwed tape/sound works based around 'universal orgasms' and the kind of percussion/vocal freak that is somewhere upwind of Junko and Yoko Ono. The harmonica and drums jams come over like a Cromagnon Kaoru Abe w/almost Sergius Golowin levels of eye-lolling universal worship. Hard to think of an album that is so completely Nurse With Wound list than this amazing long-lost classic and this handy, though ultra limited, reissue saves you selling your car to get a hold of a copy. Profoundly out, massively damaged, classic 60s-utopian art/theatre/noise/psych from a buncha heads with an umbilical to another galaxy altogether." -- David Keenan; on purple vinyl with insert.



FOSTER, RENNIE: Floatilla 12" (ORN 034EP) 14.00
Clear marbled vinyl. Detroit-inspired dub techno from the deeper side of things.



VIRGINIA: My Fantasy EP 12" (OSTGUT 083EP) 14.00
"'My Fantasy' was originally created as part of the Loch & Hill EP sessions (OSTGUT 065EP). I never quite knew where to go with this track, but finding a new bassline finally put everything in motion. 'Fictional'... has a stretched synth line and some strings, those are the track's leitmotifs... The track's rhythmic elements have a nice drive, and funnily it seems much faster than it really is with its 122 BPM... 'Never Enough' features a very catchy, funky bass line and a continuously modulating, broad string arrangement." --Virginia, Berlin, December 2014



AGGBOROUGH: The Answer to Everything 12" (OTB 002EP) 14.50
Aggborough was the brain behind the legendary Vikings club nights in London and part of a celebrated DJ duo (which OTB won't mention). "The Answer to Everything": raw, industrial, compact, and dangerous. Bustling with energy, the groove is the answer to an epic vocal. "Mitzpe Ramon": this track is entirely made from field recordings made during Aggborough's stay in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. The track evokes the unbearable heat and the blinding sun crushing down on the local workers. The air vibrating and heavy with ozone. And then finally some rest. As the sun goes down the earth starts to breathe again.


OP 015EP

SOLPARA: Swing EP 12" (OP 015EP) 14.00
Other People presents the debut solo release by New York artist Paul Sara, co-founder of the Booma Collective with Oren Ratowsky and Valentin Stip. "Descent" begins the EP with a one synth panning and undulating quietly left and right before the drop of a gentle, knowing beat. Next, "Swing" bursts open with a tremendous kick looming over tumultuous layers of bass frequency filigreed by glowing chords. The gruff, calloused percussion of "Vitamin C" precedes "Short Circuit," an awesome demonstration of polyrhythmic capacity. "Seahorses" ends the EP as it began, with a single synth swaying to and fro.



OM: Live LP (OBR 011LP) 19.00
"Inspired by those classic '70s bootlegs, Al Cisneros, who besides his work with Om has been laying down the low end with Sleep since day one, wanted to capture the raw live feel of Om's 2013 European tour on vinyl. Housed in a plain white sleeve with a paste-on wraparound cover, Live harkens back to the days when you rifled through the back bins of your local record store searching for the latest 'import' releases from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. We've kept that Trademark of Quality spirit with this release... limited to only 700 copies and pressed on Acapulco-gold-colored vinyl, this one is not to be missed!"



TUFF CITY KIDS (FEAT. SHAN): Kirk Juemmeth EP 12" (PERMVAC 135EP) 12.00
The original gunslingers Phillip Lauer and Gerd Janson team up with their buddy Shan (whose 2014 club hit Chord Memories (RBSHAN 001EP) is still ringing in audience's ears) for two rough but melodic power-house cuts. An alternate version of "Lambsgame" and the not-to-be-missed "Cole Rabies Beats," for all the creative DJs, complete the package. A Tuff City Kids delight.



KINK: Fantasia 12" (PETS 048EP) 14.00
Bulgarian live specialist and techno innovator KiNK is known for his releases on labels including Ovum and Macro, who released his 2014 full-length Under Destruction (MACROM 038CD/LP). "Fantasia" is a brooding and slow burning track with a synth line that goes from rubbery to acidic. Around it, patient percussion, deep, warm kicks, and breathy female vocals add a sense of sexual tension before KiNK's trademark colorful synth freakiness finally takes over. Truncate's remix is more urgent and techno-leaning, with paranoid, siren-like hooks, scurrying basslines, and lots of ravey warehouse intent. B-side features ten locked grooves.



ZAHIR, AHMAD: Volume 3: The King of 70s Afghan Pop 2LP (PHS 004LP) 33.00
2015 restock. The last installment in the rich Ahmad Zahir discography brings you a new, exciting selection of Afghani '70s psychedelic-flavored folk-pop by the voice of a once-modern Afghanistan. Organ, wah-wah guitar, tablas, Spaghetti Western trumpets, effects and the luxuriant voice of Ahmad make a great mix for anyone into exotic sounds. Ahmad was an open-minded person who wanted culture and freedom for his country. Most likely, it's the reason why he was killed. He'd be glad to know that Pharaway Sounds will be giving 1 euro per record sold to ASDAH, a Catalan organization working for the preservation of women's rights in Afghanistan.


PLE 65370LP

CRAIG, CARL: More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art 2LP (PLE 65370LP) 23.00
Double LP version. "revolutionary art is not determined by its avantgarde content; nor its formal or technical trickery, its interpretation of reality or its verisimilitude, but, rather, by how much it revolutionizes our thinking and imagination; overturning our preconceptions, bias and prejudice and inspiring us to change ourselves and the world" --Jeff Sawell's text on the cover of More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art. Carl Craig's 1997 album features such timeless highlights as "Televised Green Smoke," which, after a short introduction, floats in on a haze, working through the classic blueprint of dance music -- the gradual addition of layered, complementary elements -- until it reaches a soft peak. "Red Lights" works a slow-grind breakbeat, cycling through the Paperclip People oscillator with strings in the background and an atmosphere reminiscent of The Godfather. "Dreamland" and "Butterfly" are closer to traditional Detroit productions, sharp and focused but rather melancholy; the former is a reach-out to the Britain-Detroit axis (As One, The Black Dog, B12), while the latter evokes the classic late '80s productions of Craig's friend Derrick May (who co-produced a later track on the album, "Frustration"). The Maurizio dub "Dominas" is nocturnal and unhurried, even despite the insistent beat and a female vocal sample repeating the title one word after another -- it's included here, though it was left off the original vinyl release. Another classic, "At Les," balances a few gently cascading chords with a rhythm program that keeps pushing the track forward and faster. Planet E and Rush Hour now present a remastered reissue of this techno classic.



SAVOIR: Eternal 12" (PWRLD 006EP) 14.00
Sydney, Australia-based label Plastic World (GL, Tuff Sherm) presents Eternal, the debut 12" from Perth-based trio Savoir. Front-woman Mei Swan's evocative vocals are set to textured, groove-laden production from James Ireland and Andrew Sinclair, making for a heady potion of catalytic rhythm and arresting melody. "Malala," an earworm chant, rides on a deep afro-beat house groove and dense percussion, while coming off feather-light and agile. "Eternal" channels specters of hip-hop and lounge through a smoky after-hours slow dance, the wall-rattling kick drum offset against trembling exotic melody. Includes Adesse Versions's essential house remix and Harvey Sutherland's slow, deep forest remix.



PENTATONES: Karma Game Retouched by Steve Bug 12" (PFR 157EP) 14.00
Rising stars Pentatones, justly lauded for their distinctive blend of oblique pop, jazz-inflected electronica, and languorous torch songs, receive the full Steve Bug treatment. Distilling the original's haunting noir pop into a deep techno groove, Bug suspends tinkling chimes and tuned woodblocks around a gritty bass stab. Delhia de France's vocals create a heady blend that is deeply involving and instantly memorable. The instrumental gives harder-leaning DJs the chance to focus on the hypnotic riff and crisp percussion, topping off a rich and unforgettable package. The original version of "Karma Game" will appear on Pentatones' 2015 album Ouroboros.



MORA, SYLVIE: Summertime/Taboo 7" (POPC 134EP) 8.00
Two sublime sides from femme fatale Sylvie Mora. Both "Summertime" and "Taboo" are of course well established standards, but the treatment here of each is really unique. "Summertime" gets a truly expansive work-over, switching between soft- and slow-paced a cappella vocal sections that then erupt into explosive brass- and drum-led riffs. On the other side, "Taboo," perhaps the quintessential jazz exotica work of the early- to mid-century, sounds more seductive than ever before by virtue of Mora's sultry, slinky vocals, and once again the backing orchestra is fantastic.


PM 010EP

TRANI, MATTIA: Over the Future (The European Remixes) 12" (PM 010EP) 14.50
After Over the Future (The Detroit Remixes) (PM 009EP), Mattia Trani shows the force of European techno with Over the Future (The European Remixes). European techno gem with new remixes from Berlin-based Illario Alicante, Natch Records co-founder and Tresor resident Synthek, Mike Storm from the Netherlands, and Percyl from Paris. Also features a mysterious debut from Grienkho. Vinyl only. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.



FOX & NAOMI JEREMY, JAMES: Living Different 12" (QUINTESSE 042EP) 12.50
The debut EP from Bristol duo James Fox (Needwant, Futureboogie, Delayed Audio) and Naomi Jeremy (vocalist for fellow Bristolian house duo Outboxx). "Living Different" blends stripped-back drums, warm Rhodes chords, and deep analog bass, with Jeremy's smooth and soulful vocals providing the perfect accompaniment. The first half of the track develops with driven guitar notes and subtle dub horns before a bouncing Juno chord riff comes in after the breakdown to give renewed drive and energy. Borrowed Identity's epic remix toughens the drums up and adds a jacking 909 groove, bringing extra dancefloor punch while retaining the original's musicality.



POPULATION ONE: A Theory to Where Size of the Compact Dimension Goes to Zero 12" (REDUCTION 005EP) 12.50
The deeper depths keep getting hit... the reduction series evolves... prime minimalism from T. Dixon.


RB 110EP

BROWN, RUTH: Tears Keep Tumbling Down/If I Had Any Sense 7" (RB 110EP) 11.00
Two more sexy sides from the queen of R&B sass, Ruth Brown. Here, Ruth is in a more somber mood vocally on "The Tears Keep Tumbling Down," even if the swaying, stomping backing music is still apt to set feet in motion. On the flip-side, our girl laments her poor life choices on "If I Had Any Sense," another powerful mid-tempo R&B sure shot sounding great on this loud-pressed 45.



GNOD & WHITE HILLS: Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II 2LP (LAUNCH 037LP) 27.50
2015 repress; 2LP version. Rocket Recordings are pleased to announce the reissue of the now highly sought-after 2010 double LP Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II. This reissue comes packaged in different artwork from the original release. Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II is the first official collaboration between two of the most colossal cosmic manglers on the planet, that of astral rejecters Gnod (Manchester, UK) and space-rock juggernauts White Hills (New York). Hot on the heels of their Not Not Fun sold out release, as well as countless self-unleashed CD-Rs and various indie label alliances, Gnod have been stirring their galactic soup of flashbacked rituals with unpredictable, incendiary results, both on record and as a live experience. Having them join forces with White Hills for this record is akin to having the aural equivalent of those 3D magic eye stereograms -- looked at in one way, they just don't make sense, but seen through the repetition of the music, the result is out of this world. Since White Hills' last outing with Rocket Recordings on the Collisions split with The Heads in 2009, the band have successfully released their debut album for Thrill Jockey and now have notched up an impressive back catalog of releases. Their fiery brand of heavy space-rock has seen them burning up live appearances over the years as they continue on the path towards uncharted territories. To celebrate this thundering union, Rocket Recordings have embarked upon the release of a double vinyl LP expanding into four phases of pulsating mantras, awash with all the hypno-propulsion both bands' motor skills can pilot. It's brimming with surrendered NEU!-like patterns, like both bands driving through Dingerland with "L.A. Woman" blasting from the rushing air. We have 16-minute elegant Bel Air suites, whose ebbing and flowing mesmerizing grooves burst with swooping grandiose synths, like gentle waves hanging in time. Interjections of oscillating guitars and keyboards, designed to propel the captured listener into a trance-inducing sun roof of kosmische blur, rupture out through the expansive blue. The 8 tracks are embedded with four long 10-minute+ pieces and these anchor the whole experience firmly into an exciting haze of echoing psychedelia, electronic and experimental Krautrock trippo-nova. After which, all four corners of your mind's eye have been consecrated in a world of undulating symphonies.


HEY COLOSSUS: In Black and Gold LP (LAUNCH 077LP) 25.50
LP version. Emerging in a haze of demented riff science and booze-addled abandon, London-based tinnitus machine Hey Colossus have carved out a notable niche for themselves in the British underground's murkier quarters. They've dished out a formidable array of wax over the last decade, specializing in a primordial barrage of abject noise from overheated amp stacks. Yet for all the grit and gnarl of their output thus far, it's seemingly only been a warm-up for their latest opus, which sees their monstrous assault finely honed into an album as beguiling as it is bulldozing. In Black and Gold, their eighth album proper and first for Rocket Recordings, ushers in a new incarnation of Hey Colossus. Marrying malevolent attack to expansive celestial splendor, In Black and Gold follows a sonic trajectory that expands on Hey Colossus's trademark ornery overload. The songs herein may be leaner and more artful than the fearsome sound that made the band's name on albums like 2008's Project: Death and the monstrous 2013 opus Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo (MIE 018CD/LP), but Hey Colossus remains possessed of the Stoogian and Stygian wrath that fuels their noise rock transgression. With their maximalist tendencies augmented by a sharp focus on space and restraint, not to mention a refreshing stylistic diversity, the band delivers some strange aural alchemy. Here, they sound as comfortable tackling electronically-fried dub mantras like "Lagos Atom" as they do the Cluster-esque lullaby of opener "Hold On." Yet there's no shortage of primal rock action to be had on In Black and Gold; on "Sisters and Brothers" they summon up a swaggering, demented groove that sashays like a zombified Gun Club, while on the dramatic spaghetti-psych of the title-track a revelatory cinematic sprawl of sound recalls The Bad Seeds and The 13th Floor Elevators engaged in a psychic duel in the noonday sun. Hey Colossus have always made fine work on the vital and Spinal Tap-approved "fine line between clever and stupid." Yet with In Black and Gold, in a laudable leap of faith, they've stepped beyond, and the result is both vicious and visionary. These unpretentious underworld overlords have emerged from the shadows to create an avant-garage pièce de résistance, finding that the sunlight suits them better than they ever realized.


RB 013EP

RADIO SLAVE: Children of the E 12" (RB 013EP) 14.00
The one and only Radio Slave is back on RB. This time with retro futuristic breakbeat house and techno. "Children of the E" comes in two mixes for different moods and some locked grooves for double copy wizardry. Inspired by the London warehouses of yesterday, fueled by Evian bottles, and made in a foghorn frenzy. Or, as the man himself puts it: "Matt Edwards goes back to his roots with Children of the E: Just another white kid from Catford." Ultimately, we're all children of the E(arth)!


RH 104-12A

LARKIN, KENNY: Pod - The Vanguard EP 12" (RH 104-12A) 12.50
2014 repress. Four tracks of Kenny Larkin's Pod material, which was first released on the Belgian label Buzz in 1992. Rush Hour is proud to present, with Kenny Larkin and Art of Dance, the best of Larkin's catalogue on remastered 12"s. He's recorded many classic tracks on many different labels under many monikers; Rush Hour presents its selection of his best. Released as a series of six separate 12"s.

RH 104-12B

LARKIN, KENNY: Azimuth EP 12" (RH 104-12B) 12.50
2014 repress. A selection of Kenny Larkin tracks originally released on Azimuth for Warp records in 1994. Rush Hour is proud to present, with Kenny Larkin and Art of Dance, the best of Larkin's catalogue on remastered 12"s. He's recorded many classic tracks on many different labels under many monikers; Rush Hour presents its selection of his best. Released as a series of six separate 12"s.

RH 104-12C

LARKIN, KENNY: Metaphor EP 12" (RH 104-12C) 12.50
2014 repress. The best of Kenny Larkin's Metaphor material, originally released on R&S Records in 1995. Another slice of essential techno history on 12" for the first time. Rush Hour is proud to present, with Kenny Larkin and Art of Dance, the best of Larkin's catalogue on remastered 12"s. He's recorded many classic tracks on many different labels under many monikers; Rush Hour presents its selection of his best. Released as a series of six separate 12"s.



DEUTSCHE & MUSOE, MARK: R U Ready EP 12" (SENSO 009EP) 14.00
"Are you ready to rise up and take your life into your own hands?" So goes Nick Maurer's challenge on Mark Deutsche & Musoé's stunning transmission of pounding, deadly deep techno. "R U Ready" delivers a windpipe-rattling kick and a grainy, melodic riff that whips the listener higher and higher into oblivion. The textures are delicious, the rhythms understated yet complex. Alex Dolby's remix vibrates, ripples and quivers in an edgy, avant-garde manner. Meanwhile, Senso Sounds founder Oliver Huntemann's remix takes a big-room techno approach with textbook build up, breakdown, and a climactic pay-off, precision-tooled for the dancefloor.



VA: Silence V Extra 1 12" (SILENCE 020-1EP) 15.50
Ewan Pearson, Mickey Moonlight, Seahawks, Mugwump, and DC Salas, as well as Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap), Gadi Mizrahi, Nick Monaco aka Gemini Love -- all of them contribute to Silence Music's five-year anniversary by delivering new interpretations of five stone cold classics from the label's back catalog, released as two EPs -- this 12" and Silence V Extra 2 (SILENCE 020-2EP). Part one includes Pearson's remix of "Space Me Out (feat. Egle Sirvydyte)" by Downtown Party Network and Mugwump & DC Salas's rework of "Free" by Leon Somov & Jazzu.


VA: Silence V Extra 2 12" (SILENCE 020-2EP) 15.50
Part two includes Gemini Love's dub of "I'll Be Gone (feat. Jazzu)" by Mario & Vidis, Mickey Moonlight's remix of "Changed (feat. Ernesto)" by Mario & Vidis, and Seahawks' remix of "My Senses" by Kurak.


SIR 4027LP

RAMONES, THE: Live At German Television: The Musikladen Recordings LP/DVD (SIR 4027LP) 37.00
"On September 13th, 1978, the Ramones were guests in the TV studios of Radio Bremen. It was the first TV appearance of the band in Europe at all. For the successful TV series Musikladen they played 25 titles in about 50 minutes and left an ecstatic audience. Here is this unbelievable appearance, unabridged with all encores, for the first time on vinyl & DVD. For the band it must have been quite a shock when they entered the stage at the TV studio of Radio Bremen. Although the slightly ragged backdrop of Musikladen was okay to Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, and Marky Ramone, it was not so for the bulk of their audience. Director and editor Joerg Sonntag, former assistant of Mike Leckebusch, recalls in an interview (included as a bonus feature on the DVD) that the night before the concert he strolled around the bars and pubs of Bremen and gave away free tickets. The Ramones performed songs mostly taken from their first two albums, and ended up leaving the audience overwhelmed. For the American punk legends, this first European TV appearance was a hard-fought breakthrough in Europe."



BAGGALEY, KURT: Former Self EP 12" (SOHASO 005EP) 14.50
Staring through the mirror. Transmitting the former self. Kurt Baggaley uncovered an endless theme. The British producer has made the monumental effort of capturing and bending the sequence for everyone to hear and for the select few to understand. A 13-minute manifestation that seems to be able to go on forever. Taking the original arrangement and making it club-ready, The Drifter keeps the emotive payload intact while giving it the dancefloor treatment. "Far Between" is deep jam with a hidden arpeggio that will only be appreciated by those who take time to listen. Open up, let the frequencies in.



CAIR PARAVEL: Some Other Morning LP (SOMM 019LP) 25.50
Related to Paradise Square (Never Thought I'd See the Day, SOMM 020LP), Cair Paravel was the second project of singer/songwriter Pete Ryder, a key player on two of the most rare and sought-after private folk albums from the UK. This time, the band recorded at a real studio and the result was Some Other Morning, released in 1976 on the Koala label as a tiny edition of 250 copies. Hans Pokora rated this album at four stars, and it's easy to hear why: gorgeous, atmospheric folk with ethereal male-female vocals and magical atmosphere. Includes a superb cover of "Hill Climbing for Beginners," originally by Water Into Wine Band. This is the first ever reissue of this top rarity, and it features remastered sound, a reproduction of the original lyrics insert, and new liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).


PARADISE SQUARE: Never Thought I'd See the Day LP (SOMM 020LP) 25.50
Singer/songwriter Pete Ryder was a key player on two of the most rare and sought-after private folk albums from the UK: Paradise Square's Never Thought I'd See the Day and Cair Paravel's Some Other Morning (SOMM 019LP). Paradise Square was his first project, a group formed at Sheffield University's Christian Union in the early '70s. In 1974, the band released their only album as a private pressing of 100 copies, later rated at five stars by Hans Pokora. Fragile, homemade, lo-fi psychedelic folk with acoustic guitars, violin, delicate male-female vocals, Christian overtones, and hints of The Incredible String Band or Dando Shaft. This reissue features remastered sound, a reproduction of the original lyrics insert, and new liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).



MAHOGANY BRAIN: With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) (Clear Purple Vinyl) LP (FFL 005LTD-LP) 23.50
Clear purple vinyl. Limited edition of 300 copies. Souffle Continu Records presents the first official vinyl reissue of With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger), Mahogany Brain's 1971 debut album. This LP is the second in Souffle Continu's series of ten reissues from the catalog of the cult French label Futura Records, fully licensed by Futura founder Gérard Terronè. Mahogany Brain was led by street poet and underground filmmaker Michel Bulteau and Patrick Geoffrois, and shared a raw aesthetic with The Velvet Underground fully realized on this album's savage and unhinged songs, built upon distorted guitars and crude lyrics. Presented in a gatefold sleeve with obi strip and matte finish.


SEMOOL: Essais LP (FFL 006LP) 22.00
Souffle Continu Records presents the first official vinyl reissue of Essais, the sole album by Semool, originally released in 1971. This LP is the third in Souffle Continu's series of ten reissues from the catalog of the cult French label Futura Records, fully licensed by Futura founder Gérard Terronè. Semool was a trio of Philippe Martineau, Olivier Cauquil, and Rémy Dédé Dréano. They recorded Essais between 1969 and 1971; under the underground, it's a foggy lo-fi psychedelic alien with echoes of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath drowned in oceans of heavy delay and acid guitars. Presented in a 350g sleeve with obi strip and matte finish. Limited to 1000 copies: 700 on black vinyl.


SEMOOL: Essais (Clear Vinyl) LP (FFL 006LTD-LP) 23.50
Clear vinyl. Limited edition of 300 copies.


SP 036LP

BORDEN, DAVID: Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments LP (SP 036LP) 20.00
LP version. David Borden, born Christmas Day, 1938, in Boston, Massachusetts, is an American minimalist composer and electronic music pioneer. He was one of the first people to beta test Bob Moog's modular synthesizer systems. His Earthquack Records imprint inspired Mimi Johnson to found the legendary Lovely Music, Ltd. with Robert Ashley. He formed the first all-synthesizer ensemble, Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company, in 1969. If there were ever a missing link in American minimalism, Borden is it. Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments is his masterpiece, released in 1981 to little fanfare on the now-defunct Dutch label Red Records. As its reputation has grown, most listeners have had to settle for compressed YouTube clips and poor vinyl-to-digital transfers, with original copies increasingly rare and expensive. Now, 34 years after its original release, Spectrum Spools presents the first reissue of Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments, after recovering in Borden's private archives the only known safety master. Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments contains four pieces, each utilizing three players and six keyboard instruments. "Etsy Point, Summer 1978" begins with a mournful, ominous mood and slowly blossoms into an immense, humid labyrinth of colorful, buzzing textures and howling melodies. "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint" is a 12-part cycle for synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and voice, upon which Borden labored for over 11 years. Parts nine and six, included here, are miraculous achievements in prodigious playing technique, remarkable mosaic-like structure, and aural magnitude, operating in the relative terrain of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians and Terry Riley's Dervishes pieces. The "Counterpoint" pieces here are rigidly arranged with breakneck key changes and intricate time signature maneuvering. The resulting audio conjures kaleidoscopic patterns of beautiful melodies and compositional anatomy unparalleled in much of American minimalism. "Enfield in Winter" displays some of Borden's more ambient leanings, with slow, morphing drones and gentle pad sounds that erupt into shimmering patterns backed by a grandiose chord progression. Music for Amplified Keyboards represents a veritable zenith in Borden's corpus; a radiant achievement in sonic elegance, experimentation, and ambitious composition technique, and a work of the highest archival significance. Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments was remastered with love and transparency by Giuseppe Tillieci at EnissLab, Rome. These newly remastered works are superior to the original vinyl master, giving the world a chance to hear this remarkable work in the highest possible fidelity across multiple formats. Includes extensive liner notes and photos by Borden.



MUSLIMGAUZE: Minaret Speaker CD (ARCHIVE 029CD) 18.00
While the human voice has often been an element in Bryn Jones' work as Muslimgauze, rarely did he highlight it as much as in Minaret Speaker, the latest in the Muslimgauze Archive Series, and its concurrent release, Feel the Hiss (ARCHIVE 030CD). While elements of Minaret Speaker appeared on the 7" of the same name released by Staalplaat in 1996, much of the strongest material here is previously unheard. Jones' normal practice was to send in tapes to the label with only a title for each tape as a whole, then provide individual track titles before each release. Sadly, with his passing in 1999, there remain many projects with only album titles -- barring a séance, the tracks themselves will always remain untitled. The material on Minaret Speaker can be broken into two groups: the first, the ten tracks that make up the bulk of this release, make clear immediately why Jones picked that title for the album, with the ten-minute "Minaret Speaker Track 1" serving as a duo for his trademark digitally distorted percussion loops and what certainly sounds like a recording of a call to prayer, or adh?n. The voices on the tracks here are ones that may well have come out of an actual minaret speaker at some point. On these tracks, as the musical backing gets harsher and more distorted, the voices reach toward deliverance; the results, even on wordless interludes like the string-based "Bamboo Bound," can seem more approachable than other Muslimgauze works. The four "Rest Tracks" that make up the end of this release form a brief bonus EP of even-lower-fidelity-than-normal works in progress from Jones, with "Rest Track 1" immediately sounding like Jones putting his own work through some new contortions. At times this material gets and fuzzed- and dubbed-out as anything in the Muslimgauze discography, a perfect accompaniment to the mix of soaring and pulverizing music found on the rest of the album.


MUSLIMGAUZE: Feel the Hiss CD (ARCHIVE 030CD) 18.00
Some of the tracks on Feel the Hiss, a release Bryn Jones recorded live to cassette in early 1995 but never had the chance to remix and polish before he died, use the same kinds of devotional voices found on much of Minaret Speaker (ARCHIVE 029CD), but here other voices are present too. Conversational or angry, male or female, English or French or Arabic, almost inaudible or forcing their way to the front of the music, these "Zilver Tracks" (the name based on a note Jones wrote on the tape) engage more directly with the world Jones was so fascinated with and tried to represent over and over again in his work as Muslimgauze. If, like most listeners, you only speak one or two languages, the content on Feel the Hiss can be just as inscrutable as anything Jones has put out. But the music, luckily, is also just as wonderful; for a set of demos recorded live to tape, the Feel the Hiss material certainly comes across as fully-formed, if a bit more reflective and synthesizer-heavy than much of his oeuvre. The lengthy "Zilver Track 4," especially, seems at times like a tour around the embattled regions of the world Jones was so passionate about, complete with echoing percussion, voices in various languages, even train sounds. Not that this is Muslimgauze's answer to The KLF's Chill Out, by any stretch of the imagination; the dark, shimmering "Zilver Track 1" is as compellingly propulsive as any of his songs. It's possible that if Jones had gone back to this tape his changes would have brought it more in line with other Muslimgauze releases, but as it is Feel the Hiss is a chance to experience the more contemplative side of his work.


MUSLIMGAUZE: Iranair Inflight Magazine CD (MUSLIM 021CD) 17.00
Originally released in 2003. This is a mostly beat-driven album with little background noise, ambient space, or reverb. There is also no big emphasis on Middle Eastern sounds, which (and you should be figuring this out by now) is a frequently occurring theme in Bryn Jones' politically-driven music. Occasionally, there is some melodic material, or a touch of the Middle East sprinkled in, but it's played down in favor of beats that could best be described as very raw and closer to early Autechre minimalism than something from the World Beat genre. Hiccupping along, distorted break beats sound like they were once made from real drums, but Mr. Jones has turned the gain up way too high and ripped the drums to shreds. Since then, they've been heavily tweaked, turned into glitches, bloops, and blips. A downbeat gets set, only for it to sound like someone hit pause on the CD player. Machine-like loops reminiscent of Krautrock repetitiveness suck me in, only to be shut off without warning. As the beat finally starts to seduce me and I realize I could happily listen to the same repetitive thing for the duration of the CD, the plug gets pulled and the beat is deprived of oxygen just as it finally proved it could "groove." Each title is a page in the Iranair inflight magazine. The title of track 3 comes from a passage of a Sunday Times article (October 4, 1998) about Bin Laden's men infiltrating the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Iranair Inflight Magazine was made towards the end of Bryn Jones' life and in addition to countless others (this man must have recorded about an album a week), has only recently been released for the first time. Record labels were simply not able to keep up with the prolific Jones while he was alive. CD digipack. Limited edition of 700 copies.


MUSLIMGAUZE: Occupied Territories 2CD (STCD 110CD) 25.50
1996 release. Manchester-based Muslimgauze is one of the most uncompromising artists the music biz has ever seen. His music is as extreme as the political motivation that goes with it. For more than 15 years, Muslimgauze produced rhythmic music that defies any description. Sometimes lush ambient dub textures, sometimes fierce ethno rhythms. The events in the Middle East was his main inspiration. Organizations such as Hezbollah can find Muslimgauze among their supporters. Many of today's musicians owe a great deal to the Muslimgauze sound. That's why Staalplaat invited a host of groups from today's techno, house and related scene to take the extreme work of Muslimgauze and give that work dancefloor abilities. The reactions were overwhelming and the music goes in many directions. Therefore, Staalplaat present (with pride!) a double CD. Disc One ("Occupied Beats") takes you onto the dancefloor with the dubby music of O Yuki Conjugate and their off-shoots Sons Of Silence and Clicka, Drome, Extremadura, the fucked-up jungle of Self-Transforming Elves and the straightforward, house-y remixes of Human Beings, Elke Dag (who have a connection with Exquisite Corpse) or LØSD. The second disc ("Occupied Frequencies") goes straight into weirdness, emphasizing the moody and atmospheric side of Muslimgauze, in remixes by Nonplace Urban Field, Zoviet*france and Quest. Also with the extremeness of People Like Us, Starfish Pool and the master himself, Occupied Territories is a remix tribute to one of the strongest voices in music.



DUBKASM (FEAT. LUCIANO & TURBULENCE): Jah Victory/Right There 12" (DUBK 025EP) 15.50
After causing shockwaves throughout the world of reggae and beyond, Dubkasm's seminal instrumental smash Victory (DUBK 023EP, 2013) has traveled from Bristol to Jamaica and back again. The exclusive dubplate of this incredible performance by Luciano, arguably the greatest roots reggae singer of the modern era, has been a fixture at soundsystem stalwart Aba Shanti's dances for some time, and is finally available on 12", backed with Turbulence's all new DJ militancy, his most unforgettable chorus since his breakout hit, "Notorious." Mastered on ½" tape at Stardelta Audio Mastering. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.



DNKL: Wolfhour EP 12" (SGR 029EP) 14.50
Swedish trio DNKL's debut song "Hunt" was hailed as a "bleary eyed, 4am triumph" by DIY Magazine and featured by The Guardian. Its follow-up "Battles" was met with similar praise: The FADER described it as the "best-of-both-worlds bridging M83's earlier synth work and later rock styling." Since then the band has performed at the Roskilde Festival, Way Out West, and Berlin Music Week. Sugarcane Recordings now presents DNKL's debut 12", Wolfhour EP. Featuring "Battles" and "Hunt" alongside two stunning new tracks and live favorites, "Wolfhour" and "Warm Dark Night," Wolfhour EP shows just how far the band has come.



HAIRY HANDS: Battlecat EP 12" (TAPCLB 069EP) 14.50
Hairy Hands presents Battlecat EP, a record based on an imaginary cat. From space. Created alongside a short comic book about Battlecat, inspired by the sci-fi drawings of EP sleeve artist Essy May and "my girlfriend's parents' vinyl collection... the original War of the Worlds record and... the RZA movie The Man With the Iron Fists which had some great martial arts cat-like men." Played with Kwake Bass (DOOM, Kate Tempest) and Andy Ramsay (Stereolab) on drums, Jack Wylie (Portico) on saxophone, and Mark Rainbow (Laurel Collective) on keys and synthesizers. Mastered by Brainfeeder beatmaker and Leaving Records founder MatthewDavid.



2015 repress. "It didn't take long for the first two runs to sell out, and both became collector's items, so act fast! Side A stabs you in the eye with seven of Ty Segall's heaviest jams, including a cover of The Avengers' 'Be a Caveman!' Side B sees UK veterans Black Time in fine form. Six unrelenting and distorted songs that are unmistakably Black Time."



TUFF SHERM: Burglar Loops EP 12" (TRILOGY 010EP) 19.00
Restocked. "Tuff Sherm's second outing on The Trilogy Tapes is a good deal freer than his earlier Pharmacy EP. Its four tracks unfurl like bizarre tendrils rather than charging to a climax. Burglar Loops is jumbled but cohesive, sounding informed as much by the dollar-bin sampling of leftfield hip-hop as by conventional techno and house." -- Resident Advisor.



MAESTRO: Thriller Killer (Matias Aguayo Remix) 12" (TSR 069EP) 12.50
Second single taken from the upcoming debut album No Entry. A true dancefloor anthem backed by a rare, deep, and hypnotic Matias Aguayo remix from Comeme fame.



MULLAERT, SEBASTIAN: Direct Experience 12" (TRAUM 184EP) 14.00
Sebastian Mullaert's spiritual work of Direct Experience features two very different versions from a techno soul, with Mullaert twisting and bending the theme in his delicate and hypnotic way. "Direct Experience" in its original version is an 11-minute voyage into Mullaert's art of shifting and moving frequencies gently from one place to the other without ever losing touch with the pulsating rhythms that carry it all. The music is indeed trippy and demands an appreciation for a hypnotic state. The dub version on the flipside is even looser; you can feel the music levitating a millimeter off the ground.



TRIPEO: Anipintiros Reworks Part I 12" (TRILPRMX 001EP) 14.50
Following Tripeo's acclaimed 2014 debut album Anipintiros (TRIP 001LP), the artist asked a few of his friends to reinterpret his release. Anipintiros Reworks Part I explores headier interpretations, beginning with James Ruskin's rework, which recalls memories of early UK rave culture and the early Warp catalog. Exium couldn't choose a favorite, so decided to mash "#5" and "#8" into a whirlwind of industrial funk and sound design. Closing Part I is Mike Parker, who unleashes his signature hypnotic drones onto the acidic monster that is "Anipintiros #7."


TRIPEO: Anipintiros Reworks Part II 12" (TRILPRMX 002EP) 14.50
Following Tripeo's acclaimed 2014 debut album Anipintiros (TRIP 001LP), the artist asked a few of his friends to reinterpret his release. Anipintiros Reworks Part II explores the harder mixes. Blawan goes full-throttle during his sonically destructive reconstruction of "Anipintiros #7." Not for the faint at heart. Ben Sims does what Ben Sims does best with his rework of "Anipintiros #5": over-driven grooves; acidic sequences kept together by the relentless tempo of a high-speed train. Closing the EP is the mysterious Cadans, whose skillful and highly detailed rework of "Anipintiros #1" shows him to be a master of his art.



DIETZ, ROBERT: Radio Raheem EP 12" (TBT 001EP) 14.00
Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Robert Dietz launches his and Hendrik Schneider's label Truth Be Told with his own Radio Raheem EP, initiating the label's mission to provide an alternative to the current electronic music world. Truth Be Told boasts music with character, always aiming for originality and creativity. Dietz not only focuses on exposing other artists; he continues to make new music of his own in his own way and here returns to his notably fresh house grooves. Dietz features Eddie Fowlkes and Markus Fix on this EP, taking a proud step into the heart of the label's A&R process.



KAE, RONNY: Swinging Drums 7" (TTSHAKE 120EP) 8.00
Wigged-out craziness from drummer Ronny Kae. "Swinging Drums" is the name of the track, but "Demented Drums" might be more apt as Ronny rolls the toms to a twanging one-string guitar riff and a suitably crazed voice interjects with dance instructions for the hepped-up teens at the sock hop -- simple enough commands such as "Go go go -- go everybody!" On the flip-side, a variation on the winning formula with "Swimming Drums." Not sure what swimming drums are, but the effect is just as great!



HETZEL, PASCAL: Divisions (incl. Tuff City Kids Remix) 12" (UYX 003EP) 12.50
Pascal Hetzel returns after rockin' floors with his 2014 debut EP Feel That Beat (UYX 002EP). "Divisions (Downstairs)" relies on a significant bass-drum punch and a simple but effective arrangement of dubbed out, subaquatic stabs. "Divisions (Upstairs)" is softened and more uplifting, balanced on the thin line between tech house and classic stab-heavy house. Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer) bow down to the intensity of early hardcore days with a jackhammer of a rework, a serious amalgamation of a reverb-heavy foundation, old school sawtooth signals, dark and slightly filtered signature stabs, and twisted breakbeat abuse.



BENJAMIN, VIDAL: Disco Sympathie 2LP (VER 028LP) 34.50
Double LP version. Versatile Records presents Disco Sympathie, a new compilation curated by Vidal Benjamin. Benjamin is an outstanding DJ and digger, considered by his peers to be one of the most brilliant in his field. On Disco Sympathie, he leads the listener on a rediscovery of the sound of the early 1980s in France. It's wacky, happy dance music, and at times it's even poetic. The listener is transported to a time when French producers were not afraid to tackle disco, American boogie, and British and German synth wave, to create something French, poppy, and, above all, fun! Artists include Raymonde et Les Moutards, Sonia, New Paradise, Club Privé, Stéphane edited by Reverend P, Ark, Marie Chaptal, Marc Chantereau, Laurie Destal, Patrice Mondon edited by Pilooski, Nicolas Skorsky, and Christophe Laurent. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive notes.


BEC 5156023

H-BURNS: Night Moves LP+CD (BEC 5156023) 26.50
LP version with CD included. He was known at first as a traditional singer-songwriter with simple arrangements of acoustic guitar and vocals, a French cousin to Will Oldham and Jason Molina. Then he became the leader of a rough and enraged band who recorded Off the Map (BEC 5161299/5161300, 2013), an electric storm of a record, with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. But the truth is we hadn't seen anything yet. H-Burns is back to prove once more that it's possible to stay true while endlessly reinventing oneself. Calmer, poppier, cleaner, more Californian, but still anxious and sorrowful, Night Moves was produced by the all too rare Rob Schnapf (who has previously worked with Beck, Elliott Smith, and Guided By Voices) with a group including A. A. Bondy (Verbena) and Troy von Balthazar (Chokebore). The result: 11 songs orchestrated around theme of nighttime in Los Angles. A restless and troubled night with the insidious threat of an earthquake lurking in the shadows. There are ghosts there too, those of Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, and Bruce Springsteen.



AARDVARCK: Thanxxx Joch/Hump 12" (RH VD20-EP) 12.50
Aardvarck aka Mike Kivits returns to the throbbing analog techno he so successfully explored on 2014's Plus Det 12" (SKUDGE PT010EP). With "Thanxxx Joch", he launches a rolling Detroit-influenced techno onslaught with the kind of sharp, in-your-face riffs that stir memories of sweaty early '90s warehouse parties in far-flung Belgian outposts. On "Hump," the sci-fi synthesizers, fizzing electronics, and bubbling melodies tempt one to gaze skywards, but the beats -- a combination of thunderous drum machine kicks, dusty snares, and African-influenced hand percussion -- keep things grounded. Why peek towards the heavens when you can get lost in the groove?



VINCENZO & ARAM: Optional Extras 12" (ROAD 030EP) 14.00
"Lookin'" is a dark, brooding beauty of a track that squidges forward toward a pumping crescendo. Classic Vincenzo sound, this time co-produced with Australian DJ Aram Chabdjian. The B-side kicks off with the vinyl-only treat of "Rack to My Boots," a sweaty, club-friendly banger based on an old classic that the dancefloor will instantly recognize. "I Got You" is typical lush, groovy Vincenzo-house, deep chords bouncing off chunky beats and gradually filtering up toward a sweet climax. Powerful tracks to move the dancefloor, but all with great soul and hidden depth.



ZAIMPH: Two Aspects Divided LP (YEW 005LP) 26.00
"Two Aspects Divided is the fifth release on Zaimph's own Yew label. Composed of two side-length pieces, Zaimph illuminates harshness through two massive movements. Side A, 'New Exclusive Digital Stonehenge,' is a ruptured circuit of distorted control patterns. A demolition of experience melts into liquid sound, always evading linearity, forging an allegorical bridge between an outer world of reality and the truth of a digital inner space. 'Living Fiction' on side B follows a remote dream of death skulls and industrial nihilism, its structure and processes constantly sabotaged by chaotic deviations and cold incantations."



SADEGHI, KAMRAN: The Right Way Is Left 12" (ZBZ 004EP) 14.00
Kamran Sadeghi's first 12" since his acclaimed 2014 LP Together We Breathe (ALLINN 022EP). Sadeghi's name and his sounds have been present in the ether for quite some time. As Son of Rose and with the Soundwalk Collective, Sadeghi has shared the stage with Patti Smith, worked with Morton Subotnick, and designed sounds for Jean-Luc Godard. Here he delivers two dancefloor-focused productions -- playful, hypnotic, poetic, and introspective.

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