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Forced Exposure New Releases for 2/23/15

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New music is due from Carter Tutti, Anthony Naples, and Peter Gordon, while old music is due from Piero Umiliani, The Notwist, and Eleh.


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50 017LP

BAMBOUNOU: Centrum 2LP (50 017LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version. After leaving both critics and the dancefloor in awe with his 2012 debut album Orbiting (50 011CD/LP), Jéremy Guindo aka Bambounou returns to 50WEAPONS in full-length form with Centrum. While his debut album painted a futuristic, extraterrestrial picture, Guindo now tries to explore what the future would look like on Earth: "For Centrum, the concept is a little bit different, it's back on Earth, still in the future and it's not so bright. Have you seen Akira or read Dune or even Foundation? It's this kind of vibe for me," he says. Hold on -- outlining a dark future in a techno full-length... hasn't that already been done? Not in this manner. Guindo paints a picture of a future where everything is in order and no one can get out of the system. "Composer" is a perfect example, with its grooves evoking the image of a conveyor belt for production or transport. Guindo tinkers with (real Detroit) electro synths throughout the album, leading the listener into a trance state that he interrupts with the slamming percussion of tracks like "Each Other." While Orbiting reflected Guindo's experience growing up the 13th arrondissement of Paris (home to big building blocks and the Quartier Asiatique), Centrum somewhat diminishes the presence of his bass and footwork influences. Ambient and techno are what Guindo is leaning toward now. Centrum may not be a typical club record, stuffed with bangers from start to finish, though it does contain material for good DJs to sink their teeth into. Instead, while it's sure please fans of Orbiting, it also provides the kind of listening experience treasured by mature techno fans.



CYCLIST, THE: Flourish LP (ACCYCLPX1) 18.00
With his second release on All City Dublin -- this time as The Cyclist -- the Derry producer who also records as Buz Ludzha returns with a seven-track LP of pure pedal power, building on 2013's Bones in Motion foundations. A more accomplished sound than his previous LP, it will certainly reward repeated listening. From the tribal sounds of "Ripples Through Ice" to the proto-hardcore sound of "Tape Grunge Rave" through his signature tape-throb sound of "Daisy Spirals" before rounding it out with the uplifting vibes of "Flourish," it's lo-fi but not cheap, DIY but not primitive, dance-y but not club-y, 4-4 but not straight.



ORCHESTRE POLY-RYTHMO DE COTONOU: Volume Two -- Echos Hypnotiques 2LP (AALP 066LP) 25.00
2015 restock. Double vinyl version, in deluxe gatefold sleeve with a poster and printed inner sleeves which replicate all of the liner notes from the CD version booklet. Subtitled: From The Vaults Of Albarika Store 1969-1979. Four years in the making, Analog Africa finally presents the highly-anticipated second volume of music from Africa's funkiest band, the mythical Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. Volume One (The Vodoun Effect: Funk & Sato from Benin's Obscure Labels, 1973-1975), released by Analog Africa at the end of 2008, was a collection of amazing lo-fi recordings produced for various labels around Benin. Volume Two showcases superbly recorded tracks, courtesy of the EMI studios in Lagos, Nigeria, one of the best studios in the region. All tracks here were recorded for the mighty Albarika Store label and its enigmatic producer, Adissa Seidou. The idea for this compilation was born five years ago when Samy Ben Redjeb, Analog Africa's founder and compiler, first heard the addictive funk track "Malin Kpon O" (included here), which was originally released in 1975 on Albarika Store. That discovery triggered the compiler's curiosity and what followed was a long journey through the musical history of Benin and the history of its most important ambassador, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. The result: approximately 100 pictures, 120 master tapes, 20 hours of interviews and a few hundred Orchestre Poly-Rythmo vinyl records -- 500 songs in total -- some of which previously unreleased. Almost half of those tracks were recorded for Benin's number one label -- Albarika Store. During the period presented here -- 1969 to 1979 -- the mighty Orchestre was without any doubt one of Africa's most innovative groups. Capable of playing any style of music, the band moved from traditional Vodoun rhythms to funk, sato, Latin, sakpata, psychedelia and Afro-Beat seamlessly and quickly became the powerhouse of Benin's music scene. Some of the planet's most exciting rhythms are related to the complex Vodoun religion born in Benin. Those rhythms, supported by chants and dances, have been transmitted from generation to generation and are still being performed to this day, a few hundred years after they were created. The composers and arrangers of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo understood that they were surrounded by a gold mine of inspirational sounds which, if modernized and mixed in with whatever was in fashion at that particular moment, could have a strong impact on the urban population. Those astonishing combinations can be heard here, all mixed into a heavy hypnotic sound -- Les Echos Hypnotiques.


VA: Diablos del Ritmo - The Colombian Melting Pot 1975-1985 Part 1 2LP (AALP 072A-LP) 26.50
2015 restock. Gatefold double LP version, part 1. There are a number of theories as to how, in the mid-20th century, African music made its way to Colombia's vibrant port city of Barranquilla, today's mecca of Caribbean tropical music. Some maintain that a man named "Boquebaba" remains responsible. Others claim that seafaring traders and merchants imported the first sizeable amount of African vinyl. An absolute certainty is that in March 2007 Analog Africa-founder Samy Ben Redjeb arrived in Barranquilla, by some still considered the "Golden Gate of Colombia". After half a decade in which seven expeditions were made to Barranquilla, Analog Africa is honored to present Diablos del Ritmo, an anthology of -- and tribute to -- the immense sound of 1970s Colombia. Thousands of records were collected, boiling down to a colorfully-diverse selection of 32 tracks split between Afrobeat, Afrofunk and psychedelia-inspired rhythms on Part 1 and an array of danceable tropical rhythms on Part 2. Colombian music in general, especially the music from the Caribbean coast, is heavily influenced by the drums, percussion and chanting of African rhythms. Music from big players of the day -- from Nigeria, The Congo, The Ivory Coast and Cuba -- entered Barranquilla constantly. Afrobeat, terapia and lumbalú clashed effortlessly with the tropical sounds of puya, porro, gaita, cumbiamba, mapelé and chandé to create a rich amalgam of irresistible dance music while traditional styles were refined by an elite cadre of accordion players that included Alejandro Duran, Alfredo Gutierrez, Calixto Ochoa, Anibal Velasquez and Andres Landero. The heights Afro-Colombian music had reached by the early '80s was nothing short of exceptional. But, none of it could have been possible without two vital engines. One was the Picó sound systems -- roaming street clubs dedicated to mobilizing and spreading the rawest music of Africa, the Caribbean and the rest of the transatlantic black world. The second were forwarding-thinking producers. Discos Tropical, Felito Records and Machuca, amongst several other key players, governed and diversified the psychedelic and coastal music scene of Colombia. The deep cuts of Analog Africa's 12th compilation will instantly transport any listener to Colombia's thriving Caribbean coast to indulge in the succulent belly of tropical music's untold historic tales.


AU 1001LP

RUSSELL, ARTHUR: Calling Out of Context 2LP (AU 1001LP) 30.00
2015 repress. "The compilation that started the renaissance. In 2002 Audika Records entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the estate of Arthur Russell to compile and issue previously unreleased and out of print material from Arthur's vast archive. This first album Calling Out of Context, features 12 previously unreleased tracks of Buddhist Bubblegum Alt Disco Pop recorded during Arthur's prime years 1985-90."


BEC 5156034

PLAZA FRANCIA: Live Re-Experience LP+CD (BEC 5156034) 23.00
LP with CD included. In the previous episode: one Queen of Hearts (Catherine Ringer) and two Aces of Spades (Christoph Müller and Eduardo Makaroff) played a game of tango with shades of rock: Plaza Francia's A New Tango Song Book (BEC 5161785, 2014). It's been a triumph of leather bound with red velvet. These two worlds have gotten to know each other pretty well. It would have been easy to quickly put out a live album of the tour, and tempting to remix the studio album too. But to mix these two events into one, that's unheard of; it's an audacious venture to rework (and recompose) in a studio the songs recorded live. That's how seven pieces recorded in public on a multitrack were surgically dissected while retaining the live energy and handed over to expert remixers. Chico Sonido delivers two digital cumbia revamps of tracks from the original repertoire with aerial dub, and the Centavrvs collective, who practice a more poppy brand of electro but were raised on regional music and psychedelic Peruvian music from the '60s, remix two tracks as well, placing Ringer in a comfortable amber roots setting. The German duo Wolfsburg Pupkulies & Rebecca were also called to service and give the song "La Mision" a Berlin shade. There are also two remixes by Roy Dubb, a mystery remixer who is in fact no other than... Plaza Francia member Christoph Müller, who has been remixing tracks for years, either in his pre-Gotan Project phase or with the Argentine singer Melingo. Müller notably pumps a whole load of dancefloor power into the engine of the opening song from the original album (which closes this one), "La Mano Encima," and "Cada Vez," with electro-Latino treatments. To complete this Live Re-Experience, there are three new songs (new on record but well established on tour) included in un-remixed form: "Intro la Mano," which opens the live show; "Dame Luz," which entered the repertoire mid-tour (included both as an original recording and as a remix by Centavrvs); and "I've Seen That Face Before," an adaptation of Ástor Piazzolla's "Libertango" that Jean-Paul Goude had tailor-made for Grace Jones in 1981, which Catherine Ringer interprets with gusto. Rock, tango, dance: serve chilled, the dancefloor awaits. The address: Plaza Francia.



FELIX K: Tragedy of the Commons 12" (BLACKEST 036EP) 18.00
Felix K's 17-minute "Tragedy of the Commons" is a labyrinthine, slow-burning dread epic, beatless but crushingly dynamic, its frail, minimal synth lines wandering lonely amid plate-shifting bass drones and a dense, disorienting assemblage of field recordings. The hulking "Silent Money" is perhaps Felix's most explicit nod to dub, a slow-motion soundsystem downer, armed with frequencies fit to disinter the dead. Ghosts awoken stick around for Onar Anxiety's thunderous sub-low techno remix of "Fundamentals," their howled chorus equal in force and fury to the cantering tribal drums. Cut by Matt Colton; presented in LP-style sleeve; includes download code. Edition of 500.



CHAPMAN, MICHAEL: The Polar Bear LP (PTYT 078LP) 29.00
LP version. The Polar Bear is the third album in Yorkshire-born composer, singer, guitarist, and maverick troubadour Michael Chapman's series of improvisational music. The first, 2011's



TUSQUES & DON CHERRY, FRANCOIS: La Maison Fille Du Soleil 7" (CACK 4505EP) 14.00
2015 repress. Cross-pollinating the want-lists of art/jazz/print and architecture enthusiasts, this seldom-sighted 45 single is regarded as the rarest "lost" recording by American jazz trumpeter Don Cherry collaborating with French piano improv genius François Tusques. A missing link in the pre-formative years of improvised jazz, this mythical private pressing unites two of the key exponents of both American and French free-jazz. This intimate recording was made to accompany a 1964 exhibition by pioneering Swiss/French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (aka Le Corbusier) held in Nantes. Housed in a two-fold wrap-around sleeve identical to the original article, this release also features a miscredited appearance by bass player Bernard "Beb" Guérin.


CH 115CD

BLOOM, KATH: Pass Through Here CD (CH 115CD) 15.50
Pass Through Here is the first album from Connecticut folk icon Kath Bloom since 2010's Thin Thin Line, which was released on Mark Kozelek's Caldo Verde Records. Since she began performing in the late 1970s, Bloom has become renowned for her '80s private press recordings with avant-garde guitarist Loren Connors, particularly her signature tune "Come Here," which was featured in Richard Linklater's film Before Sunrise (1995), and has come to be revered around the world for her devastatingly emotional songwriting. Devendra Banhart called her "one of the most beautiful singers ever," and Stephen M. Deusner, reviewing Thin Thin Line for Pitchfork, wrote, "she can snap a heart like a twig." Chapter Music brought Bloom's work to a renewed audience with the solo compilation Finally in 2005 and the studio album Terror (CH 061CD) in 2008, as well as reissues of four of her six albums with Connors as double CD sets (CH 063CD, CH 065CD). Then, in 2009, Chapter released the celebrated tribute album Loving Takes This Course, featuring covers of Bloom's work by the likes of Kozelek, Banhart, Bill Callahan, and Josephine Foster. For Pass Through Here, Bloom travelled far from her Connecticut home to record in California with a coterie of freewheeling west coast folk rock types, including engineer Jeff Hassay and fellow performer Levi Strom. It's a distinctive new sound for Bloom, uplifted by floating synthesizers and disembodied choruses, while retaining the direct simplicity and power for which she is loved. Bloom faces turbulence head-on in "Criminal Side," while "Let the Music Come" condenses her 60-something years of music-making into two incredibly affecting minutes. "Bubble Bath" is Bloom at her most idiosyncratic and touching, while "Shirt Off Song" is an anthem to the wayward men in her life. Recorded in just a few takes, her vocals are raw and honest, but the overall impression is as masterful as it is ramshackle. For Kath Bloom, music has never been about finesse, but always about feeling. Pass Through Here is emotional, uplifting, haunting, and heartwarming songwriting from a master of the craft.


CDR 12009EP

TWINS: Cold Gemini EP 12" (CDR 12009EP) 21.00
After his split LP release with fellow Florida idiot savants Os Ovni and featuring on the third in Clan Destine's Dark Acid series, Matt Weiner (Featureless Ghost, CGI Records, DKA Records) returns as TWINS (That Which Is Not Said) for a full 12" release. This is a four-tracker of raging dancefloor acid. Limited to 250 copies.

CDR 12010EP

LAPS: Ladies as Pimps EP 12" (CDR 12010EP) 22.00
Clan Destine release the debut EP by the mysterious and mystifying Glasgow-based dub-pop duo LAPS (Ladies as Pimps). Lady Two Collars (Golden Teacher) and Sue Zuki (Organs of Love) wow you with their exciting mix of vocals, acid, dub and hip-hop. Using out-there dub recording techniques and instrumentation fused with a tasty pop sensibility, they make an original and experimental blend of underground dance memes. Features guest collaborations with Golden Teacher, Sinead Young, and Duncan Young.



LARYTTA: Jura LP (CRDS 045LP) 23.00
LP version. Jura, the sophomore full-length from the Swiss duo Larytta, is a galvanizing synthesis of essential grooves and effervescent melodies. It took years to finish the record! Christian Pahud and Guy Meldem spent this time carefully calibrating their songwriting to achieve what could be called the golden mean, i.e. the perfect balance between radio-friendly sound and club functionality. The result is a collection of songs that are instantly accessible yet wholly unpredictable. They feel familiar because they were crafted by seasoned musicians who, over the years, have mastered the science of fundamental swing and melody. The album is full of clever and tasteful references: Africa, the Middle East, the dusty Western '70s, and the white lines '80s all shine through at different points of this sonic journey. The production is chunky, juicy, warm, and analog. The lyrics are witty and even sometimes downright funny. The song titles testify to this quality: "Osama Obama," "Love Love Banana," "Broken Leg Theory," "Les Bambous" -- come on! Without a doubt, Jura is a beautifully idiosyncratic world, complete and stand-alone.


CTI 12014LP

CARTER TUTTI: Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey 2LP (CTI 12014LP) 31.00
Double LP version, includes all five tracks from the limited CD Remix Chris & Cosey (CTI RSDUK01, 2014). Reinterpretations and re-workings of classic Chris & Cosey songs from the 1980s and 1990s. The idea for the album originated from the pair's much-requested live performances of Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey, taking place in an unprecedented series of shows in the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia, and North America from 2011 through 2014. These dates in turn instigated so many requests for recordings of the live set that they were inspired to re-record this collection of reworked classic versions in their own Norfolk studio. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.



KYRIAKIDES & ANDY MOOR, YANNIS: A Life Is a Billion Heartbeats LP (CREP 016LP) 25.50
A Life Is a Billion Heartbeats continues Yannis Kyriakides and Andy Moor's exploration and mining of the rich and mysterious terrain of Greek rebetika music from the early 20th century. Their first release of this project (simply titled Rebetika (2010)) was for the most part taken from a live recording at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, in 2006. In the years that they have been performing the set since, the songs and improvisations featured on this LP have grown and expanded in repertoire and range of expression, giving more space for rhythmic and hypnotic elements to come to the fore. The music ranges from more composed and arranged renditions of the old tunes to completely improvised pieces that try to capture a sense of the gesture and tonalities of the source music, albeit with a contemporary edge. The material derives again from the golden period of rebetika music, the late '20s and early '30s, including voices such as Rita Abatzi, Markos Vamvakaris, Giorgos Batis, and the great guitarist and singer Kostas Bezos. Mastered by Kyriakides. Limited to 500 copies.



VA: Four to the Floor 04 12" (DIYNAMIC 076EP) 14.00
Diynamic concludes the Four to the Floor series of four EPs with four tracks each, focused on the dancefloor and featuring many artists' first appearances on Diynamic. This fourth EP includes Malandra Jr.'s lush "Infinity," a journey to the end of the universe with lots of moody melodies and haunting chords; Handshake's excellent "Gravity," a slow romp through big, expansive bass notes, radiant chords, glassy melodies, and ghoulish voices; Zaki's "Heart Never Lies," a crisp and twitchy bit of house with studiously crafted, rich bass notes; and Martin Kremser's physical, bumpy "Curious," with emotional keys, lovely synths, and groaning bass.



A SAGITTARIUN: The Anomaly EP 12" (EDREAMS 011EP) 14.00
A Sagittariun continues to ride the night skies with some heavy doses of cosmically sprinkled techno and kinetic electronica. "Aruba (Overhead Mix)" is a seductive jam of Nuyorican (tech) soul, cloaked in warm synths with a breathy, human quality, and deft melodies to ensure a smooth takeoff for the passengers. "The Code Breaker" channels some enchanting techno moods and themes on a no-gimmicks, no-cheap-thrills, head-and-foot stomper, while "Triangulum" prefers a mechanical rhythm of robotic tech funk, syrupy melodies, and acidic motifs to deliver a dance in outer space.


EF 065EP

GONNO: The Muddler EP 12" (EF 065EP) 14.00
Gonno is brightest hope of the Japanese underground house and techno scene. He has released International Feel and Beats in Space, and his 2011 Acdise #2 EP (IFFM 001EP) won support from Laurent Garnier, James Holden, François Kevorkian, and Todd Terje. A-side "Stop" is killer melodic acid house sound. It's like Theo Parrish and DJ Pierre meets Tangerine Dream. B-side "Across the Sadness" is a euphoric Balearic tune.



CAPRIATI, JOSEPH: Fabric 80 CD (FABRIC 159CD) 16.00
Already recognized as one of the principal profiles in techno, Joseph Capriati has established a reputation as a universally popular DJ and in-demand producer. The Neapolitan, now based in Barcelona, enjoys a passionate following at the biggest clubs and festivals throughout Europe, North, and South America. Inspired by a night passing between Fabric's Rooms 1 and 2, Fabric 80 is an immaculately-hewn journey through upfront techno and tech-house from some of the scene's biggest names. Includes tracks by Clap! Clap! (remixed by (Lurka Obeah), Aura Dub, Bastinov (remixed by Proudly People), Alex Mine, Adam Beyer, Phil Kieran, Recondite, Shlomi Aber, Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger, 2000 and One, Joel Mull, Gary Beck, Johannes Heil, Hinz & Ruhmhardt, Alan Fitzpatrick, Brian Sanhaji, Odd Parents (remixed by Maceo Plex), and Capriati himself. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin.


FTR 146-3LP

GENDRON, MYRIAM: Not So Deep as a Well (Colored Vinyl) LP (FTR 146-3LP) 16.50
Pink swirl colored-vinyl edition. Includes a download code and lyric sheet/insert. The debut LP by Montreal's Myriam Gendron is one of 2014's signature releases. Feeding Tube had previously been made aware of Myriam when she performed at the Michael Hurley cover tune showcase at the Casa del Popolo. That event, tied to l'Oie de Cravan's publication of The Words to the Songs of Michael Hurley, introduced Myriam as a wonderful if spectral guitarist and singer, whose signature sound was as light as it was intoxicating. Her next performance was an event including the American poet Charles Plymell, and she debuted a set of material based on the poems of Dorothy Parker. Everyone was blown away. Plymell and Gerard Malanga were effusive in their praise of her work, and when a tape fell into the hands of Richard Meltzer, he agreed that Myriam's approach to the material attained a singularity of loss that had not yet been approached. The set was a stun gun, set on its highest possible notch. It blew away anything similar, and achieved a wordy beauty that both buggered description and celebrated itself. Parker's poetry -- though little-known in comparison to her prose -- offers many possibilities of both beauty and humor. Myriam grabs every edge availed to her, and does so beautifully. This album glows with holism and is one of the most beautiful evocations of times past and present and future you will hear. Edition of 500.


DICKINSON, SOPHIE: Cucucanady LP (FTR 177LP) 18.50
"First LP from New England's favorite dream-harpist, Sophie Dickinson. Previously known for her work in the context of Boston's Whitehaus Family, Cucanandy represents a mind-blowing excursion into the mists of the heretofore unknown universe of acorn people, detourned Scottish balladry and backseat singalong dynamism. Sophie's is music that lives in a hollow tree, emerging like a salvia-soaked squirrel to jibber and skip around your room in a way that will drive you crazy with deviously antic moves. There's a delicious aroma that hovers over the session, smelling of grandmotherly pies baking in huge underground ovens, mixed with chipmunk fur washed in morning dew. There have been a lot of odd excursions into the wilds of New England before this, but there has never been one like this. Half kindergarten recreations of Wicker Man, half cannon rides into a spinning bucket of Scotch sausage, there is much here to make grown men (and women) swoon. Grab a spoon and do it" --Byron Coley, 2015. LP includes download code.


ROBERTSON, JOANNE: Black Moon Days LP (FTR 179LP) 18.50
"Black Moon Days is the second amazing solo LP by British polymath Joanne Robertson. It comes six years after her 2008 debut, The Lighter (Textile), which was one of that year's signal releases. In the meantime, she has continued painting (the activity for which she is best known), curating shows, writing, recording odd bits in trio with Tom Greenwood and David Cunningham, touring and recording with Dean Blunt, and doing whatever the hell else it is she does. The songs on Black Moon largely proceed from the avant-volk tradition Joanne first explored on The Lighter. One can hear shards of Sibylle Baier's deepest darkness in these acoustic moments. But there's also electric material that is rougher, and more indicative of the wandering approach Joanne takes to rockist songwriting -- open form, open chord squalls of quiet brutality leavened by sweet vocals and lulling cadences. Her poetry, painting and music all have the same binary quality -- they pour sugar directly onto raw wounds in a way that is healing and transformative. Alchemical, I guess. Not easy to shorthand, Joanne Roberston's Black Moon Days is one of the great albums of the new year. Give yourself a treat and check it out." --Byron Coley, 2015. Includes download code. Limited to 300 copies.


CRYSTALLINE ROSES: Cosmic Driftwood LP (FTR 181LP) 18.50
LP includes digital download and insert. Edition of 400. "Second Crystalline Roses LP by local Renaissance man, Tony Pasquarosa, is a goddamn monster of readymade acid folk transcendentalism. Since Feeding Tube released the One Man Cult LP back in 2010, Tony has done a wonderful solo guitar album for VDSQ, the insane space-sludge of World Domination (FTR 123LP), the raunch zonk of Gluebag, and various other projects far too numerous to name. On this album, Tony creates a classic late night smoker soundtrack. A brilliant journey into and beyond ego, the blend of guitar, voice, bells, bamboo flute and whatnot will be transportational for even the straightest listeners. Cosmic Driftwood represents some of the deepest acoustic-based psych we've had the pleasure of hearing in a long while. It makes a lot of Tony's contemporaries sound about as interesting as Smurph sing-alongs (no names), and is an instant classic. Get out your pipe and relax." --Byron Coley, 2015


BUGS & RATS: Bugs and Rats LP (FTR 183LP) 18.50
LP includes download code. Edition of 400. "Nine-song pus-rock explosion by this Quincy, MA, trio with guest vocals on a couple of tracks by Kassie Carlson (of Guerilla Toss). The sound has a mega-sludge hunch that will make you feel several sweet reefs to the wind, until you fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. The band's pace varies from machine-gun rattle to cough-syrup lunge (sometimes within a single song), so you'll want to make sure your neck is well-braced, too. In the days when dumbos stood around, hanging their heads, shaking them mopily to the beat, Bugs & Rats would have been in the liability chair for any number of lawsuits filed by the parents of weekend-punks from Harvard. Today, thankfully, their status is such that their shows draw more heavily on the underground-lifer contingent. The band's mix of feedback, roar, and thump is one of the hotter mixes currently available in the Eastern Mass area. Without much in the way of fancy-pants scene politics, Bugs & Rats have managed to persist through many waves of fashion-based idiocy with their balls and their bells intact. These gentlemen have gotten to the nut of raunch epistemology. Hope you can dig the lecture" --Byron Coley, 2015. For fans of (New England) Patriots, Guerilla Toss.


GUERILLA TOSS: Smack the Brick 12" (FTR 190EP) 18.50
Edition of 400. Includes download code. Plays at 45 RPM. "Slight line-up change in GT brings new faces to keyboards and bass, resulting in a rather plumper (and, dare I say, more soulful) bottom, without removing any of the pony-rending upper register dynamism we have all grown to love. This new width also adds a certain slinkiness to a few of the evil cheerleader routines that are part of Kassie Carlson's magic kit. The band spins out streams of thick repeato-riffery, while Kassie's vocals exhort everyone to explode. Word on the street is that GT's new label has big things in store for them. So Smack the Brick is either gonna be viewed as the end of one era or the beginning on another. Either way, GT continue to punch above their weight, swinging like a drunken street fighter in Boston's Combat Zone whose chest just happens to emit strange keyboard sounds from time to time. Peter Kalyniuk's great cover art tells the whole story -- your head is a temple. But it is also full of snakes." --Byron Coley, 2015



GORDON, PETER: Symphony 5 CD (FOOM 004CD) 14.50
Many of Peter Gordon's old friends and collaborators, such as the late Arthur Russell, have been extensively documented through reissues, books, and films, but Gordon himself remains a bit of an enigma. In 2007, his music received a high-profile push from James Murphy, who prominently featured Gordon and Love of Life Orchestra in his FabricLive.36 mix (FABRIC 072CD). In 2010, Murphy's label DFA released a revelatory collection of Gordon's music from the '70s and '80s, which included two little-heard tracks recorded with Russell, and shed light on Gordon's long career. Gordon performed his first symphony, Symphony in Four Movements, at The Kitchen in New York in 1976, with a band that included Russell, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and Rhys Chatham, and formalized his Love of Life Orchestra in April 1977, initially a 12-musician group. Gordon's exploration of disco, electronic, pop, and jazz elements blended with experimental music has since included collaborations with Factory Floor (OM 019EP), Archangel (FOOM 002CD/LP), and Tim Burgess, as well as a role as music producer on Robert Ashley's opera Vidas Perfectas. Gordon now presents Symphony 5, recorded in front of a live audience by Grammy-winning producer Jeff Jones "The Jedi Master" on June 5, 2013, in the acoustically marvelous Roulette concert hall in Brooklyn. The performance is tight but loose: there's plenty of room for the unexpected as Gordon the composer allows Gordon the conductor to make decisions on the fly. Throughout the work's five movements (one of which, "Juvenalia," is an homage to "Project Chick" by Lil Wayne's and Mannie Fresh's hip-hop super group Cash Money Millionaires), Gordon's instrumental writing keeps moving, leading the listener through careening textures of counterpoint and groove, to say nothing of pleasure and pain; beneath all its exuberance and dry humor flows a dark undercurrent. The performance includes long-time LoLO members Peter Zummo (trombone), Randy Gun (guitar), Ned Sublette (guitar), and Bill Ruyle (mallet percussion). Also featured in the ensemble are Cuban jazz luminaries Elio Villafranca (piano) and Yunior Terry (bass), renowned Latin jazz musician Robby Ameen (drums), New York veteran Paul Shapiro (saxophones), Katie Porter (clarinets), and second-generation LoLO member Max Gordon (trumpet). Peter Gordon conducted the performance while playing combo organ and synth. Symphony 5 is the first release in Foom's extensive series devoted to Gordon. The series will concentrate on new recordings, unearthed material from his personal archive, as well as a few select reissues from his discography.


GORDON, PETER: Symphony 5 LP (FOOM 004LP) 25.00
LP version. Includes a download code for sound files and video extras.



GREED & MOORYC, DOUGLAS: Spark/Noisy EP 12" (FREUDE 069EP) 14.00
Techno and house stretched right over their boundaries. "Spark" opens as a swinging house ballad with steadily advancing rhythm and hypnotic vocals. "Noisy" flies with ease through the sliding synthi-waves of the noise galaxy where robots serve intelligent breakfast in a land after our time. Schlepp Geist's remix of "Spark" reveals the spiral and colored unending nature of the night. Tender yet certain, he takes the listener with vocals and pads directly to the light. The driving note plays Affkt gives "Noisy" the club flag. Beginning the programmed course in the night on the shimmering carpet of the Milky Way.



RAICA: Dose LP (FUR 098LP) 23.50
A former globetrotting DJ, Further Records founder Chloe Harris shelved that lifestyle and aesthetic for a more stable family life in the Seattle area and a more cerebral approach in the studio. With this collection of exploratory compositions, originally released as a limited cassette in 2012, she decided to experiment with an array of synthesizers, mainly the Waldorf Q. Working on the eight tracks here in her home setup, Harris would "layer as much as I could or sometimes there was no layering at all. I tried to let the machines talk. I was trying to find my own voice. It was sad and melancholy because I stopped DJing and decided to try something new in my career." This change had financial and creative risks, but Harris has transitioned boldly into this more adventurous musical mode. Each track on Dose is a distinctive foray into beatless sound design. There's too much happening here to describe this album as "ambient" or "chillout," yet it's not typically academic-sounding, either. Harris lets her intuition guide her and those finely calibrated instincts lead to gripping pieces that subtly evolve over their three- to six-minute durations. A thrilling sense of otherworldliness becomes the norm on Dose. "Water Dragn" achieves an aquatic grandeur with its teeming drones beneath elastic pulsations, throbbing with the subliminal ominousness of mid-'70s Tangerine Dream. "Tiwie" is the most up-tempo track here; marked by a wonky motif of what might be pitch-shifted seal utterances or some other sea-life's emissions, it generates a woozy pattern that nudges the listener into a delirious reverie. "Couchfire Dron" is a deeply poignant and morose atmospheric work that suggests an infinite expanse of paradoxically exhilarating gloom. Similarly, the dank, frigid auroras of "Skrt" are shot through with skittering rhythms not made by drums but rather what seem like rapid intakes of breath, their textures hitting the ear like frantically sweeping ice-scrapers on windshields. "Harchone" unspools a psychedelic mélange of tones and textures swirling in a chromium abyss, reminiscent of Nik Raicevic's mind-altering synthesizer abstractions recorded in the early '70s. When album-closer "Entrldam" blooms into earshot, its profound whorl of gray drones signifies a momentous conclusion to a work that proves Harris has reached a new peak. Further Records now presents a vinyl reissue of this opus, spurred on by the urging of Italian techno magus Donato Dozzy. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering.


GET 56011EP

2015 repress..."12-inch re-issue on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. B-Boy anthem from 1982 lights up any dancefloor?literally! First time ever on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! Fresh off Bambaataa's historic donation of his vinyl collection to the Cornell University Hip-Hop Collection and the Fall 2014 'Renegades of Rhythm' tour by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist celebrating his unparalleled contribution to hip-hop, Get On Down celebrates the song for which the Godfather of Hip-Hop is best known: 1982's Planet Rock, a Kraftwerk-meets-Bronx-B-Boy anthem. Renowned the world over as a never-fail floor-filler, this new 12-inch pressing of the single is pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl for the first time ever. Although Bambaataa may have gotten top-billing on the release, it was a team effort, with crucial contributions by a team including DJ Jazzy Jay, Afrika Islam, Arthur Baker, John Robie, a Roland TR-808 drum machine (aka Planet Patrol) and of course MCs Mr. Biggs, G.L.O.B.E. and Pow Wow. This edition is housed in a clear, custom-embossed Get On Down poly-bag to let the glow show through."



AVALANCHE: Perseverance Kills Our Game LP (GUESS 144LP) 25.50
LP version. Guerssen presents a reissue of Perseverance Kills Our Game, an absolute masterpiece of European progressive psychedelic folk rock. Dutch band Avalanche formed in the early '70s and recorded Perseverance Kills Our Game, their only album, in 1979, and released it in a private edition of 500 copies, which were only distributed among friends and relatives. Despite being a home-made project (the album was recorded in just one day!), the result was stunning. Totally early '70s sounding electric folk rock with flute, piano, bass, drums, and killer fuzz guitar. Mostly instrumental with sparse vocals in English. It alternates delicate acoustic passages with devastating fuzz leads, sounding like Fairport Convention jamming with early Ash Ra Tempel. The album closes with an extended 11-minute track on which guitar player Daan Slaman starts playing leads like a madman, creating layers and layers of liquid acid-fuzz guitar. It has to be heard to be believed! This reissue was produced in cooperation with the original band members. LP insert features rare photos and liner notes by Richard Allen. Carefully remastered from original vinyl (the masters were destroyed long ago) using state-of-the-art equipment.



TAZARTES, GHEDALIA: Check Point Charlie 2LP (HOL 054LP) 32.00
Born in Paris in 1947, Ghédalia Tazartés started singing when he was 12 years old, creating his own language. He began a professional career in dance, theater, and cinema while still giving some occasional concerts and publishing a few albums, each one of them an acclaimed masterpiece. Recorded in 1989 and originally released by Aaya in 1990, Check Point Charlie is the first work by Tazartés conceived for the compact disc format and its different time boundaries. The result is a 60-minute-long collection of layered field recordings combined into a polyphonic ceremony filled by his typical multi-tracked vocals, between a gibberish scream and the muezzin's call to prayer. A unique record that -- after almost 25 years -- is finally enjoyable with the depth of sound that only a vinyl release can give.


HC 035LP

FRANCIS THE GREAT: Ravissante Baby LP (HC 035LP) 23.50
Rare funk and avant-garde soul from a seven-year-old kid singer featuring the best musicians of France and the Cameroonian diaspora, recorded in Paris in 1977. The album contains two nicely dramatic tracks: "Ravissante Baby (Negro Phasing)" is a long, hypnotic, funky soukous track with a tremendous lead guitar and a long spoken-word and soulful kid vocal about the beauty of nature; "Look Up in the Sky (Negro Nature)" is a stretched funk groove with psych synth by Michel Morose, bubbling bassline by the great Victor Edimo, the famous Toto Guillaume on guitar, and a brilliant poetic lyric by Francis the Great, who at that time studied in Ménilmontant, Paris. Originally produced by his father, a great impresario of African artists in Paris during the '70s, and coordinated by his mother, this album is unique, fresh, and almost unclassifiable. It's universal funk! Hot Casa Records is proud to reissue this holy grail after years of research. Includes interview; officially licensed with Francis Mbarga himself, in Yaoundé, Cameroon.



SNOW GHOSTS: A Wrecking LP (HTH 034LP) 23.00
LP version. Snow Ghosts return with A Wrecking, the follow-up to their 2013 debut A Small Murmuration (HTH 006CD/LP). Influenced by the shadowy elements of British folklore and the heavier side of experimental noise, Snow Ghosts' bewitching and intoxicating sound combines a disparate array of references. Ross Tones (aka Throwing Snow) and Hannah Cartwright (aka Augustus Ghost) are now joined by multi-instrumentalist Oliver Knowles (EXES) to pool their individual inspirations, ideas, and styles. Focused more on melody and instrumentation than rhythm, A Wrecking ebbs and flows to mirror its vocal meanings; the guitars reflect the sea with panning and reverb effects while a haunting electric violin slips in and out of the record's consciousness. Mastered by Matt Colton, Music Producers' Guild 2013 Mastering Engineer of the Year, at Alchemy Mastering. Presented in bespoke PVC sleeve with spot varnish pattern. LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl.


18+: Dry 7" (HTH 036EP) 14.00
Dry is the second single from the devastating debut album by 18+, Trust (HTH 026CD/LP), which was lauded by everyone from Dazed to Mixmag to Dummy, who listed it as one of their top 5 albums of 2014. "Dry" is a trap homage dripping with innuendo and coded lyrics draped over a backdrop of gun cocks and pitch-shifted chants. On the flip, "Body" is a woozy call-and-response that unnervingly brings together sex and disorientation. Cut and mastered by Matt Colton, the 7" single is pressed to dinked vinyl and limited to 500 copies worldwide.



ELEH: Homage 3CD (IMPREC 376CD) 36.00
Important Records is proud to present Eleh's Homage series remastered and on CD for the first time. Certain frequency combinations that were impossible to cut on LP are effectively presented in this digital edition. Eleh, an artist who flourishes in restraint, uses a reduced sonic vocabulary to highlight delicate intricacies in a logical path toward harmonious satisfaction. The organization of hypnotic square waves, rippling sine waves and triangle/saw tooth waveforms is a discourse in the infinity, rather than the limits, of reduction. By employing a natural practice of balanced interpretation, Eleh enables an individual reaction free of the clutter of white noise.



WOLFF & MAARTEN MITTENDORFF, JASPER: Cosmic Language EP 12" (AERA 010EP) 14.50
Two originals by Indigo æra founders Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff. Since the label's start they have been on a mission for soul containing techno. This release, a little bit tougher than their previous releases, still perfectly maintains the Detroit-esque melodic elements. Cosmic Language EP is about the visualization of soundwaves into geometric forms... Opener "Ante 303" is a loose-limbed bit of techno with straight kicks, spacious percussion, and an always-essential baseline that sprays about freely. Heady but physical, seductively supple techno. "Trica" has more classically driven chords and has real sense of crescendo buried in the bass.



ANDUIN: Last Days of Montrose House 10" (IGR 006EP) 32.00
Infinite Greyscale is delighted to present Last Days of Montrose House by Anduin. Since 2008, Jonathan Lee has been releasing beguiling, dusky, cinematic music to great acclaim. He now presents a complex narrative and an immersive environment. Single-sided 10" on silver vinyl with silkscreened B-side. Includes numbered insert, photograph, and download code for remixes by Stephen Vitiello, Radere, Borne, Chester Hawkins, .thejass., Elian, and Tag Cloud, totaling 47 minutes. Handmade artwork by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck. Screenprint by Ulrich Schmidt-Novak. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker, Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Remixes mastered by Bryan Walthall, Sound of Music, Richmond.



BASTEDOS: Got Time 12" (JOLLY 021EP) 12.50
It's tempting to concentrate on Felix Dickinson's history -- his ten years DJing for the LifeForce parties in Japan or his DJing and touring achievements during the early formation of the UK House scene -- but to concentrate on these things is to miss the point. Dickinson continues to champion underground music via his myriad musical guises and aliases (including Foolish & Sly, L.H.A.S. Inc., Das Etwas, and Bastedos) on labels like DFA, Eskimo, Rush Hour, International Feel, and his own Cynic Music. It's Dickinson's absolute dedication to music, parties, and dancing that has allowed him to remain consistently relevant.


JT 001EP

PRIMAL: Boundaries EP 12" (JT 001EP) 14.00
Hunter/Game's label Just This is the expression of a social, metropolitan, and underground movement, dedicated framing this movement with a series of messages, images, and sensations drawn inside the audience. Label co-founder Primal (Brynjar Bjarnfoss) is an Icelandic electronic music producer and DJ based in Copenhagen. Previous work as Kúra featured Icelandic singer Fanney Ósk. Boundaries EP ventures into a previously unexplored, darker universe with hypnotizing, melancholic rhythms and heavy bass-lines. Includes remixes by Christian Löffler and Lulu Rouge.


KK 041LP

HAUSCHKA: The Prepared Piano LP (KK 041LP) 19.50
2015 repress, of this 2005 release. This 10th anniversary edition now includes a download code which features two previously-unreleased bonus tracks. Pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann releases his second album with Karaoke Kalk. The Prepared Piano is focused on just one piano, and a smattering of synthesizer, bass and drum, though it sounds as if there is an entire orchestra accompanying him. Tracing back his roots, and continuing a new tradition expressed by current composerArvo Pärt, Steffan Schleiermacher, Frangis Ali-Sade, Edison Denissow, and Philip Corner, Bertelmann rediscovers the masters of the prepared piano such as Bartok's contemporary Henry Cowell, John Cage, and Otto Schrager, with echoes of Satie and Ravel. Hauschka finds the possibilities in nontraditional technique, clamping wedges of leather, felt or rubber between the piano-strings, preparing hammers with aluminum paper or rough films, placing crown corks on the strings, or weaving in guitar strings. The result is small rhythmic sound-vignettes and quiet ballads which all have their roots in East Asian harmonies and minimalism.


KH 9036CD

BYRDS, THE: Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco November 2nd 1968 CD (KH 9036CD) 17.00
This remarkable set was taped for radio broadcast in 1968, very soon after The Byrds' new line-up of Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, and John York had coalesced. Despite the recent tumultuous departures of Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons, the band turns in a superb series of performances featuring a fascinating selection of songs (several of which they rarely played), with especially noteworthy guitar work from the great Clarence White. It's presented here with excellent sound, complete with background notes and rare photographs, making it a vital document for all connoisseurs of '60s rock.



VERMONT: The Other 12" (KOM 311EP) 14.00
A definitive label highlight and surprise best seller in Kompakt's 2014 line-up, Vermont's eponymous full-length (KOMP 114CD/KOM 293LP) has already spawned a marvelous, slightly psychedelic remix EP from Prins Thomas (KOM 307EP). This second remix EP features Irish shooting star Mano le Tough, who brings his warm and melodic yet immensely driving style to "Übersprung"; Vermont co-head Marcus Worgull with a wonderfully varied edit of the same track, opting for a decidedly bouncy approach that leaves no delay unturned; and Life and Death founder DJ Tennis, who reinforces the inherent epicness of "Majestät" with incentive rhythms and finely textured synths.


LCD 2001/2

RADIGUE, ELIANE: Songs of Milarepa 2CD (LCD 2001/2) 26.00
2015 restock. Double CD of all 5 of Radigue's songs in tribute to the Tibetan saint and poet from the eleventh century. Two of the tracks date from an 1983 LP (Radigue's first release), 2 are previously unreleased and the final 62-minute track was previously issued as a sole CD in 1987. The material is performed by Radigue (synthesizer & recording), Robert Ashley (English voice) & Lama Kunga Rinpoche (Tibetan voice). Radigue was born in France and has studied under Pierre Shaeffer and Pierre Henry; her musical has an extremely organic and mystical electronics vibe.

LCD 2061

PAYNE, MAGGI: Crystal CD (LCD 2061) 13.00
1991 release. "Payne's musical imagination is vivid: she is interested in the surreal, the inward, the micro, and the accumulation of physical and psychological tension. Periods of silence gently evolve into flowing drones of complex resonances. Oozing drones evolve into dense and powerful peaks of short duration. On one cut, multi-tracked voices shift in and out of phase, creating alternately shimmering and percussive patterns; on another, digital delay and 32 separate flute tracks create a rain forest where instruments call to each other like chrome birds. The compositions and sounds on this CD have incredible depth, a profound logic and, though not 'pretty,' an irresistible beauty."


MG 100LP

KADEBOSTANY: Pop Collection LP (MG 100LP) 22.00
Proud and glorious ambassadors of a new pop era, Kadebostany delivers its much-anticipated album Pop Collection, a compelling arrangement of pop anthems. Epic, catchy, and singular in equal measure, Pop Collection is sure to solidify the band's reputation for merging various musical styles and influences to the best effect. Lead by charismatic president and gifted producer Kadebostan, the Republic of Kadebostany's national band also notably features the enigmatic diva Amina, as well as some of the best musicians from this small but flourishing nation. Fresh from the success of its unavoidable debut single "Walking with a Ghost," Kadebostany is set to continue its world conquest. Pop Collection consists of the most popular tracks played on the Kadebostanian radio, an armada of hit singles from start to finish that confirms the band's fertile imagination and creativity, and its innate ability to produce hits. Features artwork exclusive to the LP edition and lyrics, available for the first time, printed on the jacket. Includes download code for full album plus two bonus tracks.



MODEL 500: Digital Solutions CD (METRO 002CD) 17.00
Digital Solutions is a culmination of a 35-year relationship with music production for the mastermind behind Model 500, techno pioneer Juan Atkins. Marking the 30th anniversary of Metroplex in a genre that has taken over on a global scale, Digital Solutions is only the second full length album ever to be released on the seminal cornerstone of dance music. Definitive Detroit is what the world has come to expect from Atkins, and this selection of tracks delivers just that. Exploring both electro and straight four on the floor, Digital Solutions gives a glimpse into what will be deemed a blueprint for the next 30 years. Model 500 and Metroplex welcome you to the future with Digital Solutions.



KRENG: Grimoire LP (MIA 016LP) 20.00
2015 repress. The less one knows about Belgian sound alchemist Pepijn Caudron (Kreng), the better. His debut release L'Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu (MIA 010LP) appeared seemingly out of nowhere on Miasmah in 2009, but other than that very little tangible information has surfaced. This 2011 sequel, the blackly monikered Grimoire, simply reinforces Caudron's shadowy legacy with a similarly dank concoction of cracked strings, creaking percussion, and half-heard dialogue. Thankfully, however, Caudron has refined his craft in every way, from the artfully restrained layering of samples to the deliriously magickal atmosphere he manages to conjure up. There is the sense even from the first few seconds of the record that one is transported out of time and reality, and as hoarse, alien breaths croak over oily bass drones, the poignant spoken words "You don't belong here" become an apt anchor for the entire album. It seems almost too easy to compare Grimoire to a film soundtrack at this point; sure, Caudron has listened to his fair share of chilling scores, but Grimoire is more than simply homage. A grimoire is a book of magic, the most important of which have held strangleholds on cultures both ancient and contemporary, more pervasive than most people probably care to realize. These books have slipped into folklore and legend, and like those faded pages of incantations there is something deeply mystical and indescribable about Kreng's music. Caudron's background in theater no doubt forms a strong foundation for his compositions, but there is so much about his work that only creeps into the light after countless hours of study. These songs are best suited to moonlight, strong spice-laced liquors, and the dark recesses of painfully dull existence. Pepijn Caudron has formed a grimy, surreal ode to not only the past, but also what the future might hold, and he lets no one off lightly. Presented in a full color silver and black sleeve. Includes download code.



SONAE: Far Away Is Right Around the Corner LP (MONIKA 082LP) 18.00
Monika Enterprise presents Far Away Is Right Around the Corner, the debut album by Cologne artist Sonae. Containing ten tracks written between 2012 and 2014, the record deals with reflections about friendship, growing up, and everyday life full of hope. Sonae's music is wide, flowery, and raw, from the very quiet ambient pieces to tiny club electronica moments, always embedded in an electronic soundscape. Sonae put out her first release in August 2012: the two-track EP Cologne on ambient and electronica label A Strangely Isolated Place. Her remix of "Saint" by Markus Guentner appeared in 2013, with two compilation appearances following later that year: "Entmutigt" on Sillage Intemporel's Elles and "Song of Hate and Anger" on Guentner's For Substrata, the latter appearance alongside such artists as Ismael Pinkler, Gustavo Lamas, and Rafael Anton Irisarri. 2013 was also the year of Sonae's live debut at the Perspectives Festival in Berlin, where she performed as part of an immense lineup alongside the likes of Ada, Electric Indigo, Mimicof, Islaja, and many more. In 2014 Sonae appeared at Art's Birthday Party at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, t.a.t. Cologne, and the Ambientmusikzimmer at Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf. In August of 2014 she released a remix for ambient artist 36 and in December the Shirley M. EP, a split release on comfortzone with Austrian musician Chra. In addition to her work as a musician, Sonae is an active member of female:pressure, an international network of female artists in electronic music, organizers of the female:pressure electronic concert series in Cologne and regular events in Berlin. Sonae's ambient creations inhabit a subtle space within the musical cosmos; one where the listener can go to experience a kind of sonic weightlessness -- just float off and let the sound waves wash over you.



SENYAWA/CHARLES COHEN: Charles Cohen/Robert Turman Versions 12" (REDOSE 003EP) 12.50
Charles Cohen uses his Buchla Music Easel to replay Indonesian hardcore band Senyawa's "Di Kala Sudah." While enjoying a few months in Germany, Cohen conducted a ritualistic tonal re-adaptation, flushing the song through layers of spaced-out, orchestrated grooves. Meanwhile, in the U.S., explorer of the deepest depths Robert Turman smashed Cohen's "Conundrums" into small bits and recrafted it in his own masterful manner. His beaten and edited version displays ability similar to Cohen's, melting down the metal in a sound and forging it into new and expanding shapes.



KUNIYUKI: newwave project #2 12" (MUSIQ 183EP) 14.00
Kuniyuki's presents an interpretation of his musical roots -- influences from SPK, Test Dept., DAF, and that kind of industrial body music. He formed an industrial band with his brother in the late '80s called DRP, which released an album on the Belgian label Body Records. newwave project #2 is a unique mixture of his deep and emotional house sound and industrial body music, and Musk's remix makes the release even more special.



SPEAKING MINDS: Who the Fuck Cares 12" (MAUTO 003EP) 12.00
Speaking Minds have remixed artists such as DJ Sneak, Flowers, and Sea Creatures, and played in some of the most important clubs and festivals in Italy and around Europe. "Who the Fuck Cares" is a deep meditation on arpeggios, melody, and minimal drums, never forgetting the impact on the dancefloor. Christian Prommer's remix takes the track into a more organic-tech vibe with a focus on sub-bass and drums. Both versions have received support from Mind Against, My Favorite Robot, Laurent Garnier, Rainer Trüby, DJ Yellow, Roland Appel, Clarian, HYENAH, Nunos Dos Santos, Ruede Hagelstein, Jon Charnis, Hunter/Game, Adratique, Animal Trainer...



FUCK YEAH!: Pritch EP 12" (MKR 043EP) 14.00
Fuck Yeah! aka Weiderrich Bruno Walz has punk in his heart and techno in his stomach. These two tracks attest to his love of music production: "Granatapfel" is a special rave-anthem; open air and fog machines have a place here. "Mount Julip" is a percussive safari stomper full of deep and hypnotic movement activity. Fuck Yeah! toils happily in his studio or live on stage, turning knobs and pushing buttons, and his music is best used when wilding out!


NB 004EP

New tune from Killa Mosquito, this time featuring the big, bad UK reggae star Solo Banton. This reggae, dubstep, jungle mash ganja anthem is sure to remain on your decks for months.



GLASS, PHILIP: Mad Rush CD (OMM 099CD) 20.00
"On this release, Lisa Moore interprets iconic piano works from the catalogue of Philip Glass including Mad Rush, Metamorphosis Nos. I-V, Etude No.2, the finale from Glass's opera Satyagraha, and Closing from the Glass classic Glassworks. Moore is one of the preeminent new music pianists of her time, having played with or for the foremost composers and ensembles of the past half-century. Her journey to the solo piano repertoire of Philip Glass is propitious as there's a growing interest in this most intimate part of a very public composer's body of work."



STEFFI: Treasure Seeking feat. Dexter & Virginia 12" (OSTGUT 085EP) 14.00
Following up 2014's acclaimed Power of Anonymity (OSTGUT 032CD/018LP), Steffi presents three versions of the uplifting, percussion-driven "Treasure Seeking," co-produced by Dexter and featuring seductive vocals from Virginia. Here, the trio goes back to the drawing board to create versions that reflect on Power of Anonymity's electro aesthetic. While the new "130 BPM Version" puts strong emphasis on filled club floors with twirling synth stabs and a continuous up-tempo rhythm, the "Diep Version" starts off with heavy claps and a pulsing bassline until a set of soothing strings starts altering the overall mood from a dark space toward the light.


OD 002EP

DE LOS MIEDOS: Edits Vol. 2 12" (OD 002EP) 15.50
Following Edits Vol. 1 (OD 001EP), this is the second volume of De Los Miedos edits, featuring two more tracks of the best '70s Turkish psychedelic music.



DINOSAUR JR.: Bug Live LP (OBR 012LP) 19.00
"Reissue of ultra-limited 2012 vinyl-only release featuring Dinosaur Jr performing their classic album Bug in its entirety at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, June 2011. This is a beautiful recording, mastered exclusively for vinyl and packaged in a beautiful silkscreened sleeve featuring a Marq Spusta (Farm, Several Shades of Why) rendition of the original Bug cover art. Limited to 1000 copies."


NOTWIST, THE: Shrink LP (OBR 013LP) 18.00
"Back in print for the first time in many years, it's The Notwist's classic Shrink LP! Originally released in 1998, Shrink was The Notwist's record that set the stage for their groundbreaking Neon Golden LP on Domino. Scanning 50,000+ copies in the U.S., Neon Golden was their first LP to receive wide exposure in America and was given a 9.2 by Pitchfork when it was released, but the true Notwist fans knew that Shrink was the record to own. To quote Pitchfork's review of Neon Golden, 'Shrink was a huge step into the world of electronic music and sounded almost completely unlike anything else made at the time. Mixing rock and pop with free jazz, old-timey folk, jagged minimalist beats and just about anything else you could toss in, I don't have any problems saying now that the record was ahead of its time. To top it off, the shame in it all is that very few took notice; Zero Hour went belly up (rendering 12 and Shrink virtually impossible to find in record shops these days).' With a new record on Sub Pop having scanned 6000+ copies to date, and original copies of Shrink now selling for $100+, we're very excited to be reissuing this incredible release on vinyl. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, now is the time to grab this classic LP!"



NACHO MARCO: Warm Trax Vol 1 12" (OVM 251EP) 14.00
Spain-based DJ and producer Nacho Marco is as comfortable making a peak-time acid track as he is making deep house tracks that recall the productions of Mr. Fingers, and delivers a modern twist on the timeless Chicago sound. "On Fire" is classic acid house at its finest. The track builds around a twisted acid line and snapping percussion, which eventually find their way into incredible lushness. A perfect peak-time track that should drive the crowd wild. For the B-side, Nacho Marco dives into his deep side. This is classic deep house in its purest form.



LAKE PEOPLE: Purposely Uncertain Field 2LP+CD (PERMVAC 136LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version. Includes CD. Leipzig-based Martin Enke, or Lake People, as the majority has come to know him, has definitely taken his time on his debut album Purposely Uncertain Field, given his early success and the quick development of his distinctive sound. Still, it wasn't until 2012's Point EP on Krakatau (KKT 006EP) that his music became enjoyable for a wider audience. Thanks to Dixon and Âme and numerous other DJs who included the tracks in their sets and mixes, the Point EP can be considered a game changer in Lake People's career. Without riding a big hype wave, Enke lived up to the increasing expectations with a bunch of EPs on which he refined his production skills. Following the popularity of his own music, Enke also became a sought-after remixer for such acts as Lusine on Ghostly International and Guy Gerber & Dixon on Gerber's label Rumors, founded in 2014. A loyal fan base of his meditative, somehow spiritual, yet powerful house sound has grown over the years and made Enke an in-demand producer and celebrated live act. After beginning his releases on Permanent Vacation with 2013's Uneasy Hiding Places EP (PERMVAC 117EP), which included the stand-out track "Brooklyn", and continuing with a contribution to 2014's If This Is House I Want My Money Back 3 (PERMVAC 120CD/EP), Enke has found in Permanent Vacation the perfect home for his debut album. With Purposely Uncertain Field, Lake People doesn't fall into the trap of repeating himself or recreating a successful formula. Instead he puts all his musical knowledge and his experience into the album's 11 tracks and expands his already rich sound universe. Above his straighter dancefloor aspects, Enke elaborates his approaches to include a certain mid '90s electronica vibe and ambient-like soundscapes with a very cinematic feel to them. Thus he brilliantly manages the difficult task of creating a transcendent and consistent album without losing any tension over the full length.



KORAY, ERKIN: Arap Saci 2LP (PHS 008LP) 33.00
2015 restock. Double LP version. Master of the fuzz saz, Turkey's answer to Eric Clapton brings his burly axe attacks to the snaky folk melodies of Anatolia. Long-proven to cause just the brain-rot you're looking for, here's a Koray collection of tracks taken from singles and LPs for your acid-drenched pleasure. The guitar slinger who was once stabbed for wearing his hair too long around the streets of Istanbul interweaves melodies as old as the ruins of Ephesus with the riffs of Black Sabbath and his own souped-up ba?lama. Find out why they call him Erkin Baba. Originally released in 1976. Includes a booklet containing extensive liner notes.


SELDA: Vurulduk Ey Halkim Unutma Bizi LP (PHS 017LP) 25.50
2015 restock; LP version. Housed in a gatefold sleeve; with liner notes insert. There were female Turkish folk singers before Selda Ba?can, but none whose hot-blooded voice carried such righteously angry words and none who also accompanied themselves on guitar. She began her career singing at her brothers' Beethoven nightclub in Ankara while she went to school for physics during the day. Her first album had help from the cream of the crazy Istanbul pop scene, and cuts from the same sessions were also released on this second one in 1976. While the direction is folky overall, there's fuzz, zooming synthesizers, and heavy flute to be found. When Selda performed the title-track in 1977 in a coastal town not far from Istanbul, her protest lyrics, though taken from an old poem, got her heckled by audience members who screamed that she should go back to Moscow. Find out why this brawny mama couldn't be stopped by a military government that put her on trial nine times, and could call herself the bitter voice of the Turkish people. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with liner notes.



HENNING, MARK: Pusher EP 12" (PFR 158EP) 14.00
Deadly deep and intense tech house from Anglo-German Berlin-based DJ Mark Henning. "Pusher" is a modern masterpiece: tough, crisp, and fine-tuned for deployment on Stonehenge-sized speaker stacks with the introduction of each element staggered for maximum effect. The kinetic shuffle of "Swingers" follows a similar trajectory, overwhelming the listener with its relentless energy. The hypnotic and hallucinatory "Triple 13" uses the simple yet spooky Hitchcockian device of a single repeated piano note alongside a trippy snatch of processed vocal, while "Satin" explores dreamier territory with a reverberating new age synth motif. Deceptively simple elements combine for a resounding emotional impact.



SAPURRA: Cheese No More EP 12" (PROTEZ 037EP) 15.50
Pro-Tez delivers proper moody, dubby, acid-vapored house jams from veteran Moscow DJ Sapunov under his Sapurra alias. Sincerely lush and intimately narrated Detroit house music with a timelessly modern deep touch. A personal tribute to cheese and a really well rounded EP. Vinyl only.



Tesla Tune is dedicated to the inventor Nikola Tesla. The piece emits sound that comes from an alternating current transformer, which is lead through a programmer (time-adjusted frequency equalizer and switch box) to channel the sound through eight different outputs -- pipes. These eight pipes of different lengths hang from a ceiling, producing what seem to be different sounds, but the frequency is always the same, 60 Hz. The lengths of the pipes affect the pitch. Finnbogi Pétursson, born in Reykjavík, Iceland, has been exhibiting since 1980 and is one of Iceland's most prominent light and sound artists. He is known for works that fuse sound, light, sculpture, architecture, and drawings. Sound -- a crucial element -- is typically incorporated into spare sculptural installations. Pétursson represented Iceland at the Venice Biennial in 2001 with his monumental sound installation Diabolus. His artworks are held in numerous private collections as well as at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, and the National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland. Permanent installations are at Landsvirkjun, Vatnsfellsvirkjun (an electric power plant), Reykjavík University, and the Reykjavík Energy Headquarters. Finnbogi lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.



GOOD GUY MIKESH: Year of the Horse 12" (RVN 008EP) 12.00
Opener "Power Plant" is no flimsy tree-hugger soup. Its massive energy thrusts and detailed, fizzy synths condense over a bassy hook, which is then mirrored in a glassy synth riff that sounds like an echo from the electronic Mount Olympus. "Havoc in the Stable" comes along more subtly, with a bunch of strings in its structure and catchy auto-sampling instead of big vocal arrangements. "Standing," a dusty, dry track, brings lush, gritty bass lines, droning synths, and swagger, hunting the hornet swarm through the analog synth. "Phoenix," an incomparably tender example of poise founded on a piano undercoat, escalates irresistibly.


RM 460LP

ENGLISH, LAWRENCE: Wilderness of Mirrors LP (RM 460LP) 23.00
2015 repress; LP version. Wilderness of Mirrors is the new album from Lawrence English. This album has been two years in the making and the first album created since the release of his 2011 ode to J.A. Baker's novel, The Peregrine. It is English's most tectonic auditory offering to date, an unrelenting passage of colliding waves of harmony and dynamic live instrumentation. The phrase, "wilderness of mirrors," draws its root from T.S. Eliot's elegant poem "Gerontion." During the Cold War, the phrase became associated with campaigns of miscommunication carried out by opposing state intelligence agencies. Within the context of the record, the phrase acted as a metaphor for a process of iteration that sat at the compositional core of the LP. Buried in each final piece, like an unheard whisper, is a singularity that was slowly reflected back upon itself in a flood of compositional feedback. Erasure through auditory burial. Wilderness of Mirrors also reflects English's interests in extreme dynamics and densities, something evidenced in his live performances of the past half decade. The album's overriding aesthetic of harmonic distortion reveals his ongoing explorations into the potentials of dense sonics. The album is moreover a reflection on the current exploitation of the ideals of the wilderness of mirrors, retuned and refocused from the politics of the state, to the politics of the modern multiplex. The amorphous and entangled nature of the modern world is one where thoughtless information prevails in an environment starved of applied wisdom. Wilderness of Mirrors is a stab at those living spectres (human and otherwise) that haunt our seemingly frail commitments to being humane. "We face constant, unsettled change," English notes, "It's not merely an issue of the changes taking place around us, but the speed at which these changes are occurring. We bear witness to the retraction of a great many social conditions and contracts that have previously assisted us in being more humane than the generations that precede us. We are seeing this ideal of betterment eroded here in Australia and abroad, too. This record is me yelling into what seems to be an ever-growing black abyss. I wonder if my voice will reflect off something?" Wilderness of Mirrors is reflection upon reflection, a pure white-out of absolute aurality. Some lesser-known facts about Lawrence English: he is a lightning strike survivor, he has swum in Antarctic waters (rescuing field recording equipment), he has photographed every bed he has slept in on tour since the early 2000s, he has stood at the site of an atomic blast (obviously not during the explosion), he maintains the Room40 label family, he was once described in concert as "Moses, parting waves," he is a strong advocate for the profundity of listening, and he lives with three humans, a dog and two fine black Australorps.



HINZ, STEPHAN: HubOne 12" (SNDST 007EP) 12.50
The first installment in Second State Audio's Hub series, which features a single artist teaming up with others from the Second State family. Stephan Hinz delivers three collaborations: "Tension," with Pan-Pot, is a heavy number; a slow, lurking journey through a dark forest at night. "Hak," with Philipp Ruhmhardt, is a stormer that feels like racing through a metropolis at warp speed; each chord stab a quick, bright flash of color as the shakers and hi-hats impersonate the rapid pulse of a speedometer. "Shimmer," with Clint Stewart, is a cosmic journey into the outer reaches of deep space.



UNKNOWN: Shimmy Sham Sham 008 12" (SHIMMY 008EP) 12.50
In 1916, the notorious bandit El Guapo and his gang of thugs are terrorizing the population of Santo Poco, Mexico. Three silent film stars, mistaken for real heroes by the suffering people of the pueblo, are called to the rescue and must find a way to live up to their reputation. This is the story of an epic battle between good and evil... And off they rode into the sunset in the heat of the night, let those sweaty numbers melt down any worries. No top hat and gator shoes required... just shake that ass!


SBR 5103CD

JONES, WIZZ: A Life On the Road 1964 - 2014 CD (SBR 5103CD) 17.00
Described as a "great guitar picker" by Keith Richards, Wizz Jones was an early influence on stars such as Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, and Jimmy Page, and is widely regarded as one of the finest acoustic guitarists Britain has ever produced. A Life On the Road 1964 - 2014 draws on all aspects of his long career, including collaborations with Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Ralph McTell, Martin Carthy, Clive Palmer, and numerous others. It showcases his skill both as a writer and interpreter of songs, but above all celebrates his mastery of the guitar. Includes 16-page color booklet with detailed notes and rare photos.


TR 303LP

MONOCHROME SET, THE: Spaces Everywhere LP+CD (TR 303LP) 25.50
LP version. Includes CD. "On one hand, the music is very melodic and cheerful. The lyrics, however, deal with death, decay, change... no wonder we are rather popular with the undead," says singer, guitarist, and songwriter Bid of Spaces Everywhere, The Monochrome Set's twelfth studio album. A very particular humor. And a unique sound: although this time banjos, Hammond organ, female backing vocals, and even flutes can be heard, experts and laymen alike will recognize: this is The Monochrome Set. Undistorted, nervous guitars, like the soundtrack to a French new wave film... but one starring Michael Caine, Louis de Funès, and Jean-Paul Belmondo and directed by Andy Warhol. Peculiarly timeless, it is a sound that cannot be categorized. Although rooted in the 1950s and '60s (the guitar sound, for example, is a hybrid of Duane Eddy's and Sterling Morrison's), it still feels oddly modern. Then there is Bid's voice, which this time is more reminiscent of the great American crooners than of Lou Reed. Bid wrote most of the songs in May and June of 2014, and the band recorded them in Brixton, London. Perhaps the band's popularity among the undead will diminish upon hearing the springtime air that can thus be detected in this music. While music historians and critics continue to grapple with the baffling reasons for this band's lack of mainstream success, the in-crowd has always known what they have in The Monochrome Set. Time and again, the story is repeated: Johnny Marr found a single by the band in Morrissey's record collection and decided it might not be a bad idea to start a band with the somewhat eccentric singer. The influence of The Monochrome Set on bands like Felt, Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, and The Strokes can hardly be ignored. In early '80s Germany, the band heavily influenced one band in particular, Die Zimmermänner. And like every band that has borrowed more or less from Bid, Lester Square, Andy Warren, and Steve Brummell, they happen to be pretty good. So it's fitting that Timo Blunck of Die Zimmermänner was the one to mix Spaces Everywhere in Hamburg. The Monochrome Set present an album that will become a modern classic like Eligible Bachelors and "Strange Boutique." And where is the best place to listen to the album? Bid: "In a deconsecrated church, without a mirror." There he goes again.



NAPLES, ANTHONY: Body Pill LP (TEXT 034LP) 19.50
When 2012 began, Anthony Naples didn't have a song to his name; by the year's end, he was being heralded as one of the city's rising talents. The genesis was "Mad Disrespect" -- a cut that dominated Brooklyn's underground electronic music scene even before its official release. Not only was it Naples's first single, but it was also the first track he'd recorded, period. On a whim, he sent the track to Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the founders of New York's respected Mister Saturday Night series, and it caught their attention. Naples ended up delivering the label's inaugural release: the 2012 Mad Disrespect EP. His music caught the ear of a number of people that summer, none more important than Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, who commissioned Naples to remix his single "128 Harps" -- Naples's first remix. Now, after releasing on labels including Rubadub, Opal Tapes, and The Trilogy Tapes and performing at Fabric in London and Berghain Panorama Bar in Berlin, Naples presents his debut full-length, Body Pill. Naples lifted the title from a mangled English translation in a Japanese vending machine, and says, "When I ran the title past Kieran... he said it just sounded like a lost rave classic, but I thought in the end it makes sense. The LP is a small dose of synthetic noises and rhythms... I wanted to make a streetwise record that was also solid and simple, like a brick or those weird fluorescent light tubes in the subway. They give off this weird hum that you hear only when you're alone in the station between trains late at night. I wanted to make a record that evoked that experience." Body Pill is a surprising album for Naples, his most understated and mature release to date. It opens with a wall of ambient noise on "Ris," only to be overtaken by a modest synth groove. Ambient noise washes over tracks like "Way Stone" and "Pale," but that's not to say there aren't echoes of Naples's work for Mister Saturday Night lurking throughout. "Abrazo" feels like the natural companion to Naples's earlier singles, with elegant strings mingling with a deconstructed house-inspired beat. "Used to Be" is arguably Naples's largest beat to date, with rolling hi-hats counterbalancing stabbing synths. Closer "Miles" abruptly morphs from a lo-fi house anthem into a minimal synth soundscape, a microcosm of the record as a whole.


WIRE 373

WIRE, THE: #373 March 2015 MAG (WIRE 373) 9.50
"On the cover: Carter Tutti (Throbbing Gristle's most enduring partnership tells David Keenan how it is retrofitting its earliest recordings for the post-industrial era); inside this issue: Invisible Jukebox: Sleaford Mods (The Nottingham duo work their way through The Wire's mystery record selection): Cecil McBee (The veteran jazz bassist outlines the freedom principles underpinning his work with Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and the Strata-East label); Steve Coleman (The New York saxophonist's complex compositions are getting their due, with multiple awards and an ambitious new album, writes Howard Mandel); Global Ear: Mexico City; Inner Sleeve: Alvin Curran on Edith Schloss's artwork."



CTRLS: Users 12" (TOKEN 050EP) 12.50
Formerly a drum and bass producer, Ctrls has fully embraced the old school, high-tempo aesthetic championed by Token; since debuting in 2012, Ctrls has crafted high-intensity style of minimal techno combining super-sized beats, basslines, and synths. Users delivers non-conformist beats designed to fuel the industrial club night: both "Externalizer" and "Incoming Data" draw inspiration from the same acidic synth-line that is made to fit the rock solid 4/4 beat of the former and the frenetic rhythms of the latter. "The Disparates" focuses on box-cutting percussion and a caustic vamp of synthetic stabs wrapped in a thin layer of industrial atmospheres.



TRANSLLUSION: Mind Over Positive and Negative Dimensional Matter 12" (TRESOR 271EP) 12.50
Tresor is proud to re-present Transllusion's Mind Over Positive and Negative Dimensional Matter, the 12" single which originally accompanied the album The Opening of the Cerebral Gate. Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub-label Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, both releases were conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms. This release thematically saw Stinson shift away from the grand narrative of the Drexciyan saga, instead exploring a sub-plot of esoteric concepts revolving around internal, mental and psychedelic tropes. Musically, it presents the electro genius at the height of his game.



TRANCES: Trances Remixed (Pilooski, Clarian, Von Party) 12" (TURBO 168EP) 12.50
Pablo Diaz-Reixa, best known for his psychedelic, tropical pop act El Guincho, posted five sample-based tribal tracks on in 2013, which drew the attention of John Talabot, who released two of them, "4" and "5," as a 12" on his label Hivern Discs in 2014. That 12" inspired this remix EP, which begins with the original "4," followed by Pilooski's sprawling, modular head-trip remix. Von Party brings the tempo of "4" down to a smooth 116 BPM, restraining some of the abrasive elements to make for a low-slung crowd-pleaser. Clarian flexes a progressive acid house builder out of "5."



CRYSTAL BANDITO: Feel So Free EP 12" (LVX 014EP) 12.50
Crystal Bandito, an unknowable entity with no narrative and no physiognomic features at all, debuted in 2014 on the Metaphysix III: Correspondence compilation with "EEEWalk." The same track appears on Crystal Bandito's debut Feel So Free EP, alongside three productions that label co-founder Jimmy Edgar included on his 2015 FabricLive 79 mix (FABRIC 158CD). The tunes jive well with Ultramajic's cybernetic take on psychedelia; metallic claps and rigid machine funk beats abound, often peppered with slick dehumanized vocals and doused in a digital sheen.


ADEN: Tanz EP 12" (LVX 015EP) 12.50
Semi-anonymous beatmaker Aden's tracks on Tanz (the German word for "dance") are hewn from bouncing drums, vocal yelps, glittering keys, and a few functional white-noise-infused breakdowns that pack a solid dose of energy and spirit. "Tanz 1 - Lieb" is a gentle intermission from the EP's intense vitality, with warm and soft pads that lay the foundation for blunted percussion. From rigid pumpers to soothing textures, the Tanz EP contains a range of moods to fuel human bodies on the virtual dancefloors of a digital future.


UY 090EP

LANDSKY & RESMANN: Lava 12" (UY 090EP) 12.50
In the early 2000s, Marco Resmann sent a demo to Martin Landsky and his label at the time, Intim Recordings. Landsky released the demo in 2002 as the Volkspark EP, a record that became the foundation for Resmann's career. Now Resmann and Landsky present their collaborative EP Lava, opening with "Lava 1," a pumping, deep technoid piece with seductive grooves only stripped-down house music can provide. "Lava 2" sports a dry, wild pitch and Chicago-related feel over twisting background noises. "Lava Dub" builds on a foundation of lush bass drums and rich, dreamy string arrangements accompanied by dubbed-out vocal snippets.



UMILIANI AS MOGGI, PIERO: Tra Scienza e Fantascienza LP (WRWTFWW 003LP) 25.00
First vinyl reissue of a highly-sought after electronic abstract future jazz release by Italian soundtrack and library music composer Piero Umiliani, originally released on Umiliani's label Omicron in 1980 under the pseudonym Moggi. Umiliani's releases are generally expensive and hard to find, and Tra Scienza e Fantascienza is no exception. Umiliani was a master, gifted with a never-ending passion for music, and an experimental innovator who manipulated synthesizers with ease, forging a sound that could be reductively termed avant-garde. Timeless atmospheres and alien hypnotic sonorities that are modern and charmingly retro; minimal and complex; arranged with precision. Umiliani was way ahead of his time; hear, for instance, "Happy Accompaniment": it sounds like a 2015 minimal house track.

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