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Forced Exposure New Releases for 3/16/2015

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New music is due from Jarboe & Helen Money, Camouflage (yes, that '80s synth pop band), and Consumer Electronics, while old music is due from Gary Wilson, Twink, Buzzsaw, and Bourbonese Qualk.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

and via mail:
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7S 013CD

VA: Four Seasons Lounge - Winter Edition 2CD (7S 013CD) 20.00
Four Seasons Lounge - Winter Edition. Music to relax your body and give your spirit some well-deserved calmness. Soothing ambient and chill out sounds help you to find your inner balance, touch base again, and win new power. Thirty-one tracks. Beautiful three-page digipak. Includes tracks by Sunsplorer, Jaques le Noir remixed by D-Chill, Sucram, Castlebed, Alberto Casallo & Miki Leris, D-Chill featuring Katy Blue, Crystal Noise, Krusty, Niestolik & Richter, Cedrik Zimmermann, Dennis Landman, Music Hazard Inc., Francis Milia, Sinatic, e-Love, Extranova, MonZoom, Electric Moonlight, Miki Leris, Flow River's, Florian Fai, Digital Project (including a track featuring Erin Panto), Bob Brazill, Kato, Magma, Funkaholics, Chill Quadro, Airwax, Sanctuary, and Perry Frank.


8MM 020LP

DYN: Dyn LP (8MM 020LP) 18.00
8MM Musik presents the self-titled debut LP by Berlin garage and psych-rock natives Dyn (pronounced "Dine"). The duo of multi-instrumentalists Tilman Kettner (drums, vocals) and Carl Heine (guitar, bass organ, vocals) teamed up with engineer and producer Fabien Lesiure (The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dirty Beaches) to record the nine-song album in a manner true to the band's lo-fi/high intensity dynamic. Kettner pounds out the beat while belting out his lyrics about love, lust, and misadventure; Heine kicks out the guitar and bass riffs (playing both at the same time) while also providing backing vocals. During their time gigging throughout the formerly divided German capital city, Dyn have developed a charismatic blend of experimental garage-rock. They previously performed under the moniker Delta Love, and have shared stages with Mission of Burma, The Raveonettes, and King Khan and the Shrines.



2015 repress on vinyl; 2013 release. This is the first time this release has been available on vinyl, remastered for this vinyl release. This 1997 album is seen as a classic Brian Jonestown Massacre release. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a psychedelic rock band originally from San Francisco, California, led by guitarist/singer Anton Newcombe. Since 1995 The Brian Jonestown Massacre has released numerous albums, first for Bomp! Records, the label which gave them their start, and later for TVT, Tee Pee, and now on Anton Newcombe's own A Recordings label. BJM has been essential in the development of the modern U.S. garage scene, and many L.A. and SF musicians got their start playing with Newcombe, including Peter Hayes of The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Originally Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic phase -- the name comes from Stones guitarist Brian Jones combined with a reference to cult leader Jim Jones, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK shoegazing genre of the 1990s, and incorporates influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.


2015 repress. Available on white vinyl. The + - EP features three brand-new and exclusive tracks recorded by Anton Newcombe in is his studio in August 2014 after the band's successful European tour. The digital download version contains a extra track. This album brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences & bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years.



VANDROOGENBROECK, JOEL: Biomechanoid LP (ZORN 019LP) 25.50
2015 repress. Biomechanoid is the classic 1980 album by composer and flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. It's 1980, in Munich, Germany. Upstart production music label Coloursound Library releases their debut album. Capitalizing on the success of Ridley Scott's Alien film, the label dropped Biomechanoid, featuring cover art commissioned by H.R. Giger -- whose horrific Necronom IV lithograph served as the basis for the design of Alien -- and the music of the relatively unknown Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Comprised of bleak, cinematic synth soundscapes and percussion, the album served as an inaugural calling card for what would be a decade of dizzying solo releases by Vandroogenbroeck for Coloursound, running the gamut from Mesopotamian ethno-folk to synth sequencer funk to electro drum breaks to in-utero ambient delights. Though the Belgian-born Vandroogenbroeck, 74, may not be a household name, in an ideal world, he would be. As the founder, flautist, harpist, sitar player and keyboardist of the seminal acid-fried Swiss psych outfit Brainticket, he spearheaded the group's three main (and collectible) releases in the early '70s -- Cottonwood Hill, Celestial Ocean, and Psychonaut. Combining a love of exotic instruments coupled with mind-bending out-of-body excursions, the ever-changing collective developed something of a cult following throughout Europe and earned a reputation as one of the heavier psych outfits on the circuit -- which was something of a double-edged sword. While their experimental sound resonated with hippies everywhere, it didn't with the authorities, who associated the act with heavy drug consumption and subsequently began a ban of their music, especially the Psychonaut album, if for the title alone. After that bitter brush with censorship, the group quietly disbanded in 1972. After the dissolution of Brainticket, Vandroogenbroeck departed for the island of Bali with the intent of learning to build and play the gamelan -- an ensemble of primarily percussion instruments from Indonesia. It would become yet another weapon in his ever-growing arsenal of exotic instruments: he was already proficient on the sitar, harp, kalimba, assorted percussion oddities and all woodwinds by this point. Vandroogenbroeck became so enraptured with the frenetic sound of the gamelan that he subsequently left the tropics to start up a joged bumbung (a variation on a gamelan) band back in Switzerland. While playing small festivals and civic events with this group, Joel began to slowly gravitate towards the synth-heavy Kraut sounds of artists like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze at the same time. And once he began dabbling with oscillators, he never turned back. After inking a library deal around this time with the nascent Coloursound label, who gave him complete creative control, Vandroogenbroeck began turning out releases at a rapid rate, often three to five a year, and under a variety of aliases like V.D.B. Joel, J.V.D.B, and Eric Vann. Starting with the desolate synth drone of Biomechanoid, he continued to expand his sound palette while on Coloursound, moving from early arpeggiators on Computer Blossoms to percussive sound collage on Birth of Earth; and from Oberheim DMX drum breaks on Video Games & Data Movements to Apple II ambient programming on Digital Project. Biomechanoid stands after all these years as an album full of dark, strange, disturbing soundscapes, the obscure side of Brainticket, proving how Joel was still a creative artist. Matte finishing. Double-sided insert. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


KOMODO HAUNTS: Suijin LP (ZORN 036LP) 22.00
Komodo Haunts is the psychedelic drone solo project of Ollie Tutty (aka Mt. Tjhris), from Lincolnshire, UK. With his music he explores drone structure, sonic textures, meditative zones, and personal fictions. Making use of analog and digital technologies; tape jams playing on human familiarity, natural ambiances, faux-exotica, mythologies, "reality therapy." Taking inspiration from drone masters and new-age wanderers, the Suijin album is all about getting into "the zone" and could be the soundtrack to an unreleased Tarkovsky movie. Building up from a basis of minimalistic stylings in the vein of Terry Riley's Persian Surgery Dervishes and adding rich instrumental and vocal layers later. Notes on Suijin/notes on water: liquid forms; Suijin, the Shinto god of water -- water as a force -- the symbolic status of water -- people-water relationship. Instruments range from shifting tape loops to reverb-laden electric guitar and dark synths, human voice, wind, distorted bass, ceramic ocarina, acoustic strings, processed electronics, and oscillating waves. Artwork by Tutty. Glossy finishing. Limited to 250 copies.



AMBIQ: ambiq REMIXED: Ricardo Villalobos - Tobias. 12" (AMEL 706EP) 15.50
Ricardo Villalobos and Tobias Freund bring electroacoustic music into an alternative techno-environment with remixes of two tracks from ambiq's 2014 self-titled album (AM 703CD/LP). Max Loderbauer, Samuel Rohrer, and Claudio Puntin create floating states like those of Brian Eno or Moritz von Oswald, all paired with great groove sensibility, a superb human touch, and world-class mastery of their instruments. Villalobos's stripped-down, repetitive aesthetic reshapes "Tund" with constant bass, chimes, and other mystifying sounds captivating the ear. Freund creates a minimal and industrially brooding remix of "Toxic Underground" with eerie minimal twangs and a grating discord.



JARBOE & HELEN MONEY: Jarboe & Helen Money CD (ABX 063CD) 15.50
Legend of underground music Jarboe joins forces with visionary cellist Helen Money (Alison Chesley) to create a heavy, beautiful record, with Chesley's cello looming massive and distorted over much of the proceedings, and moments of transcendent beauty from Jarboe's ethereal vocal and piano work soaring above the drones and reaching for the beyond. Jarboe is a famed vocalist, musician, and performer, who came to prominence as a vocalist and songwriter in Swans. In addition to her numerous solo albums, she has notably worked with Neurosis and Blixa Bargeld. Helen Money is the nom de guerre of cellist Alison Chesley. In addition to working with Mono, Anthrax, and Russian Circles, she has toured with Joe Lally and Shellac, among others, and released her third album Arriving Angels on respected metal label Profound Lore Records in 2013. Working together and separately on the compositions, Jarboe and Chesley have crafted a seamless whole, with moments of sparse beauty mirrored by howling squalls of intensity. This is a human, organic album; the voice of Jarboe and the many-textured strings of Chesley's cello combine with an earthy depth but reach for the stars. Mastered by Kris Force. Four-panel digipak CD.



MAGDA: Balance 027 2CD (BAL 014CD) 23.00
Magda's Balance 027 indulges both the cerebral, boundary-pushing side of her musical make-up and her more dancefloor-focused side, which is, of course, not without its kooks, quirks, and moments of oddity. "The most important thing is the narrative -- what you're trying to say and how," she says of the process of putting her selections together. "That's why I love the idea of a two-mix compilation because it allows for lots of experimentation and space." The first disc, titled Weird Mix, is a journey through the outer reaches of electronica, with experimental soundscapes like Dinos Chapman's "Alltid" side-by-side with more conventional slivers of tripped-out melody like NYMA & Carreno Is LB's stuttering "Solaria." Magda leads the listener from these more abstract pieces through the electro-jazz of Gregory Fleckner Quintet into wigged-out 4/4 selections, ushering in a warped dancefloor where percolating concoctions like Hauntologists' "Shakes" are the norm. "I definitely don't expect everyone to like it and I'm fine with that," Magda says. "I just want to open my eyes wider and keep searching for more." The weird factor spills over into the second disc, Club Mix, with the bruising textures of Minor Science's "The Beckoner" and squealing analog freakiness from The Mole & Hreno bringing the intensity from the outset. From there on it's far from a linear journey, but if there's a recurring theme across the second disc, it's the enduring sound of acid. Murat Tepeli's "P.S.A. (Play Stop Acid)" sets the ball rolling, Rework's rampant "In a Dance" and XDB's "Inywa" both taking the baton and pass it on. A smattering of exclusives includes Mathew Jonson & Jesse Siminski's jacking rework of Seth Troxler's "Evangelon" and the severely wonky undulations of Magda's own "Trailerfork." This compilation displays the sound of a true crate digger; a dedicated DJ who searches far and wide for inspiration and fascination. It truly embodies every element of her eclectic sound, and is sure to unearth many an unknown gem for even the most avid of electronic aficionados. Also includes tracks by Tomas More, Jahiliyya Fields, Tase, Farben Presents James Din A4, Odd Soul, Luc Ringeisen, Wishmountain, Cornerbred, Odei, #., Brett Johnson, CV30X, Nicholas Desamory (feat. Lucile Desamory), Kaitaro, Rotorik, Errorsmith, Shackleton, Andrew Pekler, Marc Houle, Alliv Sobol, Stefny Winter, Trus'me (remixed by Truncate), Samuli Kemppi, Etcher, T.B. Arthur, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Lester Fitzpatrick, Birdsmakingmachine, Sandman, Gabriel Ferreira, Tom Trago, Transllusion, and Obergman.



ABER, SHLOMI: Zipperwork/Clones in My Backroom 12" (BAO 051EP) 14.00
After his latest Be As One release O.D. / Helter Skelter , and following Yotam Avni and Konplott's endevours on the label, Shlomi Aber keeps Techno flowing from his imprint, releasing his new Zipperwork / Clones In My Backroom EP. Zipperwork is a relentless, fast paced Techno cut, heavy bass and chunky groove, with a smartly programmed groove. Flip the side, and with Clones In My Backroom you get a slice of straight acidic Techno funk, a big room anthem with a distinctive quirky line that goes the extra mile, set to be one of the major of tune of Spring 2015.


BB 192LP

CAMOUFLAGE: Greyscale LP+CD (BB 192LP) 25.50
180 gram LP version. Includes CD; first copies will come with limited edition tote bag! The year 2015: one retro wave follows the next. Synthpop is bigger than ever. All around the world, current productions reference the sound that emerged from pre-reunification Germany. So where are the originals -- the bands and artists of that time -- today? Many can be found doing the rounds at '80s parties held by local radio stations. Others are investing the royalties from their back catalogs in the cultivation of organic vegetables. Not so for Camouflage. That's right -- THE Camouflage -- the masters of sadness dressed up in electronic songs. Flashback: in the late 1980s, Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig, and Marcus Meyn were schoolboys with synthesizers and a keen ear for the musical zeitgeist. It was a world dominated by fears and apocalyptic scenarios, non-aggression pacts and embargoes. The Cold War was almost over; the Berlin Wall was still standing. It was in this landscape that Camouflage unleashed their music: driving, demanding, and so beautifully sad in its invitation to lose oneself in eternity while dancing. The band flitted directly from the small German town of Bietigheim-Bissingen all the way to the United States in 1987 with "The Great Commandment." Their music brilliantly combined the icy coolness of Kraftwerk, the pop of OMD, and the melancholy gloom of Depeche Mode. Their 1988 debut album Voices & Images went to number one on the Billboard Dance Charts in the U.S.A., and the 1989 follow-up, Methods of Silence, merged seamlessly with this momentum. With the single "Love Is a Shield," Camouflage created a gem of a hit that still graces dance floors and radio stations worldwide. A lot has happened on the planet since then, and the band has traveled a long path that was anything but straightforward. In the '90s they played with styles and producers and experimented. The record companies, meanwhile, placed their bets on other horses that could chase the trends faster. "That's show business," thought the band, while continuing, undeterred, to make records and tour the world from Russia to Mexico, steadily expanding their fan base all the while. The temptation to indulge in nostalgia has always remained very faint with this band, so it's no surprise that Camouflage now emerge with Greyscale, an album that is strikingly current and compelling, both musically and lyrically. Features an appearance from Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim). CD includes exclusive track "If..."



FIXMER, TERENCE: Depth Charged CD (CLR 014CD) 17.00
French producer and live performer Terence Fixmer continues to evolve as an artist while maintaining his influential stance in international techno culture. Following his 2010 album Comedy of Menace (EDLX 010CD), his continuous evolution has led him to produce his most introspective album yet. With this ten-piece composition, Fixmer is able to tell a story from start to finish, with powerful, deep, dark, pulsating tones that are essential to his musical approach. Depth Charged is a complete concept, as Fixmer's track arrangement takes the audience through various emotions illustrating how there is more to darkness than the dancefloor. Beginning with a slow but heavy bassline, "Ellipse" acts as a perfect introduction, setting the attitude for the album. "Fleeting Beauty" brings us fluttering chords amidst a serpentine drone, while the rolling bass of "Unforeseen" sends the listener into a trancelike state. "Purity" distracts the listener with its raw analog warmth filled with extraterrestrial energy. "Inside of Me," selected by Marcel Dettmann for his 2014 Fabric 77 mix (FABRIC 153CD), and "Outside of Me" are both very dark tracks, filled with atmospheric suspense and quaking rhythms. "Beyond" is a pure exemplar of Fixmer's signature style with an infectious progression sending anyone to the dancefloor as "Pallid Light" follows its footsteps filling a bit more radiance into a modern techno sound. "Thoughts" shows another emotion of the album with deeper, dub-like sonorities leading to the final track. Concluding the odyssey is "Elevation," the most melodic track on the album. Beautifully deep, undulating, and atmospheric, it is a breath of fresh air that brings the listener back to reality. Raf Simons chose this track to accompany the showcase of his works for Dior at the 2014 CFDA Awards. With its profound, mystifying tones that rise and fall, Depth Charged is the epitome of Fixmer's unique expression.



FAUNTLEROY: Everything (Len Faki Remix) 12" (COR 125EP) 14.00
Len Faki delivers an unbelievably hot remix for young Swedish techno activist Fauntleroy and his track "Everything," which was originally released on Fauntleroy's own label, Anemone. Faki gives the original track a massive Berlin-flavored techno polish. He emphasizes the arid but loud bassline and the manic synthline even more and delivers a sheer techno monster ready to burn the electronic dancefloors around the globe. A strong kick drum, distorted hi-hats, and hedonistic sound effects are the ingredients here and function perfectly around the long and merciless breaks. This remix is sure to be part of every good techno set.



AGUAYO, MATIAS: El Rudo del House: Round One 12" (ROUND 001EP) 14.00
"El Rudo del House" is an imaginary creature who speaks with a pitched-down voice and produces heavy house rhythms that are engineered to directly trigger the movement of different body parts. His music resonates with everyday rhythms: produced by big iron apparatuses that cross the sky, by voices that yell through speakers in giant halls, by machines of border security and control, the thinly clipped noise of internet spam on unpleasantly limited computer speakers... This is the first of four EPs of four tracks each plus locked grooves of field recordings from Matias Aguayo's adventures and life-sized El Rudo masks.



VOX LOW: Something Is Wrong 12" (CORR 035EP) 14.00
Vox Low (Benoit Raymond and Jean Christophe Couderc) take their cues from krautrock, vintage psychedelia, minimal synth music, and new wave. Far from a conventional electronic/club music record, but aligned with Correspondant's cinematic, downtempo profile. The dread-laden "Something Is Wrong" features B-grade horror movie organs, a low-slung bassline, and droning guitar chords. Boot & Tax (Claudio Brioschi and Cristian Croce) supply the first remix, while Javi Redondo's rework seems to take influence from British post-punk revivalists. "It's 1940 in This Room" has a distinct late-'70s-American-cinema vibe, with a Nick Cave-esque drawl layered over spiky blues guitar and loose garage percussion.


CT 002EP

ALBERT, J.: Vertigo Contracto 12" (CT 002EP) 16.50
Brooklyn newcomer J. Albert preps his long-awaited solo debut for Australian label Cult Trip. His first offering: Vertigo Contracto, a cut-throat late night jam, showcasing an onslaught of violent stabs over intricate hi-hat work and a menacing kick.



BELTRAN, JOHN: John Beltran Presents Music for Machines, Part 2 LP (DSR D1-LP2) 18.00
Celebrated ambient artist John Beltran jointly releases not one but two vinyl compilations on Delsin Records in association with his own Dado label. The compilations, named Music for Machines Part 1 and Part 2, take the form of two vinyl LPs released apart, with both releases complied together onto one CD. Michigan-born producer Beltran, of course, has released countless legendary EPs and LPs on labels like Peacefrog, Carl Craig's Retroactive and Belgium's R&S. His music has been licensed to high-profile HBO TV series and a number of films, and pulls together elements of jazz, world music, organic soundscapes, and electronic textures into compelling listening experiences. Most recently, this came in the form of his Amazing Things (DSR 098CD/LP) album in 2013, while his career-spanning Ambient Selections (DSR 088CD/LP) from 2011 is still a vital listen. Part 2 of the compilation focuses on the likes of Natalie Beridze, Kirk Degiorgio and Vincent Volt, and is also riddled with sumptuous sonic delights, like Greg Chin's icy and alpine "Dashboard Angels" and Mick Chillage's beautifully suspended "Only in My Dreams." Volt keeps things beautifully beachy with his "Subway Arp" and A2B2C2's "Stereometry" is a suitably somber affair that closes the compilation down in style. Other artists include: Sons Of Melancholia, Winter Flags, and Gacha Bakradze.



DER DRITTE RAUM: Aydszieyalaidnem 2LP (DDR 012LP) 26.50
When it comes to electronic and techno music, there are few cities that have conserved and upheld the foundational roots laid by its pioneers more so than Berlin. One of central figures in this city's movement is the inimitable Der Dritte Raum, led by Andreas Krüger. Aydszieyalaidnem is Krüger's follow-up the 2013 release Morgenland (DDR 007CD), and it takes a step away from the melodic and harmonic forms of previous works, presenting a more club-oriented sound. Bathed and soaked in a warm Berlin studio setup, Aydszieyalaidnem draws on Krüger's formative influences of electronic club music, relying on hardware programming and sequencing to deliver rattling, sharp percussion that cuts through simple melody lines and low-slung grooves. From house to techno, from human- and machine-created rhythms to sweet voices and warped vocals, from blissful melodies to mind-twisting grooves, Aydszieyalaidnem is a work of deeply absorbing, multi-dimensional electronic fusion -- a typical Der Dritte Raum trademark soundscape.



CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Repetition Reinforcement 12" (DIAG 019EP) 16.50
The long-running alias of former Whitehouse agitator Philip Best, and now featuring vocals and music by Sarah Froelich and n0!se pioneer Russell Haswell, Consumer Electronics hold steadfast to an unflinching observation of, and reflection on, contemporary British culture, exemplified in the coarse noise techno rants of Estuary English (DPROM 108LP, 2014). On Repetition Reinforcement Best trades the explicit rage of Estuary English for hushed, under-the-skin implication. "Murder the Masters" cuts right to the bone, (w)rapping a disaffected tirade in deeply unsettling, over-the-shoulder tones, skeletal techno kicks, and clammy atmospheres. On "Alien Existence," Best shares vocals with Froelich in a probing dialectic of sexual politics smeared against sagging kicks and looking-glass synth discord.


DB 172EP

POLLYESTER: In My Boots Remixes 12" (DB 172EP) 12.50
Internationally lauded as an exciting mixture between Les Rita Mitsouko and krautrock, Pollyester has become one of the hottest disco-punk shooting stars. Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos as well as James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) quickly became fans of the quartet. The video for "In My Boots" from their 2015 album City of O (DB 170CD) was named "best video of the month" by German public-service broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. Now with a 12'' four-track club/disco remixes EP of "In My Boots," Pollyester continues to defend and expand its natural habitat: The Dancefloor. Remixes by Bartellow, Whatever/Whatever, and Outlier Inn (Josh Druckman).



RE-UP: Nelcorpo (Mixed CD) CD (DISS 002CD) 17.00
Italian duo Re-UP present the CD version of their debut album, Nelcorpo. Twelve tracks of immersive, psychoactive house and techno. Alberto Leonardi and Omar Mazzon showcase what a diverse and engaging team they are both for the dancefloor and as a personal listening experience. "Concrethereal" opens the mix in an esoteric style with a complex arrangement of percussion and melodic chimes that soar away into meditative realms, before "Aju Paraplu" strides forth with urgency and subliminal sound design, letting haunting fragments of processing drift in between the beats while the "Nelcorpo" captivates with its mysterious pads swirling around angular fragments of rhythm. "Dark Tunnel" brings on a tougher beat with a haunting soul to catch the dancers unaware, before "Gominola" comes to life in a romantic swell of orchestration, rich in energy without losing that all-important subtlety. "6AM" has an equally rich sound world to get lost in, using a bed of forest textures as a comfortable backdrop in contrast to the piercing impact of the lead synth. "The Mole" locks the listener in with a vivid picture of crooked, rusted textures conjured up using layers of rough and metallic found sounds. "Two in a Row," meanwhile, takes its time in building up the tension, working with a locomotive urgency and yet maintaining a voluptuous appeal to the rhythm section of the track. Heading into the later stages of the mix, "Each Sense" holds tightly to the groove, celebrating multi-sensory stimulation with its intricate and seriously funky percussion. "Tribute" delves into dub-infused techno of the most captivating kind, and "Extended" sets out to explore microscopic production detail as it builds to a spiritual climax. With its ever-shifting moods and infectious energy, Nelcorpo is a stunning achievement for Re-UP. Also available on vinyl as Nelcorpo (Part One) 12" (DISS 024EP) and Nelcorpo (Part Two) 2LP (DISS 025LP). CD edition includes exclusive track "The Mole Tool."


EM 1133LP

YOUNG, ROLAND P.: Confluences LP (EM 1133LP) 22.00
LP version. The fourth release from Roland P. Young on EM Records sees him moving ever deeper, earthbound and rooted, yet simultaneously flying further out, expanding his exploration of untethered celestial realms. Recorded in 2014 following a move to Tel Aviv, the title Confluences hints at the blend of cultures and histories in his new homeland, and is reflected in the music, which shows a range of cultural influences, filtered through Young's unique sensibility and vision. This is a calm, spiritual set, evidencing an inner comfort that was less prevalent on his Brooklyn recordings. This is not to imply that RPY is no longer searching; this release brings to fruition the promise of earlier recordings such as Isophonic Boogie Woogie (EM 1045CD/HJ-LP) and Istet Serenade (EM 1087CD/LP), made complete via Young's multi-instrumental chops on sax, bass clarinet, kalimba, and keyboards working in tandem with his rhythm and bass programming skills, his multi-track studio mastery, and an ever-evolving sense of musical form and drama. The confluences of cultures are of course swirling throughout this release, but also the confluences, as noted above, of the earthy and the celestial, as well as the temporal confluences of the past, present, and future. Perhaps more than any of his previous releases, Confluences realizes Young's description of his own work as "Afro spiritual minimal electronic space music." This release is the next stage of Roland P. Young's never-ending voyage.



SKANDER: Steel Talon 12" (ENDANGER 003EP) 14.00
"Menacing, blurry atmospherics from Skander, following up his debut for LA Club Resource. You feel a bit like you're bundled up in the boot of a car, your senses straining, the sounds of the city streaming past. (Rock Hudson in Blindfold, that's you.) Death By Handgun is a thumper."



MUMDANCE: FabricLive 80 CD (FABRIC 160CD) 16.00
Bursting onto the scene in 2008, Mumdance (aka Jack Adams) returned from a two-year hiatus in 2013 with a new, more self-assured style, releasing on labels such as Rinse, Tectonic, and XL and collaborating with forward-thinking artists like Logos, Spyro, and Novelist. In 2014 he began hosting a show on Rinse FM, and Mixmag named him one of their Stars of the Year. Comprising several specially-commissioned exclusives, FabricLive 80 showcases Mumdance's vast array of tastes in 2015, from "weightless" experimentalism through to heavyweight grime VIPs, ending with an explosive tip to the formative hardcore of his youth. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin. Includes tracks by Mumdance (including collaborations with Logos, Rabit, and Novelist, and a track featuring Riko Dan), Logos, Pinch, Helm, Shapednoise, @c, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Fis, Sculpture, Sweet Exorcist, Mite, Untold, Acre, Wanda Group, Strict Face, Eastwood & Oddz, Jon E Cash, Bass Selective, Fat Controller, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, and Ramos & Supreme.



VA: Everywhere Chainsaw Sound CD (FTM 001CD) 17.00
Feed the Mind presents a reissue of Everywhere Chainsaw Sound, the legendary 1960s US garage psych compilation. Featuring tracks from many legendary 45s, it includes a 12-page full-color booklet. "In a field full of weeds the earliest garage psych/punk compilations still possess a charm that endears them to collectors. Back in the early 1980s a number of now extremely rare compilations were briefly available via mail order. They almost immediately disappeared onto the shelves of a small but hardcore group of US '60s rock fans. Everywhere Chainsaw Sound was one such compilation that originated in France and was produced in a microscopic numbered edition of only 100 copies. Housed in a plain white card sleeve with handmade artwork, it remains, even to this day, almost unknown by the majority of '60s US garage psych collectors. Inspired by Elektra's Nuggets LP, grey area compilations such as Pebbles, Boulders, and Acid Dreams (PAPR 1007LP/2094CD/2096CD/2097CD) created a demand for underground compilations that grew into the US garage rock reissue market that has since produced many thousands of records. An unceasing demand for music from probably the most exciting period of rock and roll has turned into a minor industry. Thankfully Everywhere Chainsaw Sound is once again available as a limited edition high quality vinyl reissue with improved sleeve notes and sound. You may have some of these recordings on other compilations but somehow the mystery excitement and sense of discovery that fuelled the first era of the garage rock revival is captured on this iconic compilation." --Richard Allen, founder of The Freak Emporium, now writes for Shindig! Everywhere Chainsaw Sound includes tracks by Lincoln St. Exit, The Spiders, The K-Otics, The Scepters, The Reverbs, Strangers, Ken & the Fourth Dimension, The Guilloteens, Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2, Unchained Mynds, Kan Dells, The Spokesmen, The Original Dukes, Heros, The Monacles, The Music Explosion, and Electric Prunes.


FTR 153-2LP

MAERCKS, OWEN: Teenage Sex Therapist (Colored Vinyl) LP (FTR 153-2LP) 18.50
2015 repress on maroon-and-red-swirl vinyl; includes booklet, lyric sheets, and download code. Edition of 500. "Owen Maercks's Teenage Sex Therapist LP is one of the forgotten twisted pop masterpieces of the Twentieth Century. Owen had been in Monster Island with Henry Kaiser, who proposed he do a solo album or his songs. Henry had moved back west by this time, so Owen went out and recorded this album there. Henry produced, and added amazing horn parts by Jon Oswald, Larry Ochs, and John Gruntfest. In 1978, the album was mixed, pressed, and distributed exclusively to radio stations, record labels, and the like, in hopes of getting Owen signed. The music didn't fit any extant pigeonhole, however, so no deal was in the offing. About the only note of its passing was made by an A&R guy at Elektra, who swiped the arrangement (and lyric rearrangement) of 'Little Black Egg' (originally by The Nightcrawlers) for use by his protégées, The Cars. Well, fuck them. Teenage Sex Therapist is ripe with jaw-drop moves. Flashes of Eno, Beefheart, Lou Reed, The Bonzos, and various of Owen's other obsessions fight each other for air time. And everyone goes away a winner. If this one doesn't make your teeth wiggle, you need a new jaw." --Byron Coley, 2014


(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS/PALBERTA: Special Worship 12" (FTR 166EP) 16.50
Edition of 250. Plays at 45 RPM. "Released to coincide with a tour shared by these two monsters of the uncharted North, Special Worship is only the second vinyl dab by Boston's (NE) Pats, and the first wax by the Hudson Valley's Palberta. The (NE) Pats revel in squealing feedback, raunchy spuzz-riffs, and mutable vocals that make me think of a cross between the Cows and some weird Texas just-pre-core punk bands whose names I can't recall. Rough, woozy and powerful, even though the trio sports no bassist, the (NE) Pats (who previously shared a split with Skimask) are headed straight for the lips of the vom/munge tornado. And you're invited! On their side, Palberta display a different grasp on trio dynamism. They take the primitive, rumpus-room antic-punk of their cassette [reissued on vinyl as FTR 168LP] and plow it straight into a mound of no-wave snot. The results are drippy, off-center, and bizarrely attractive. By the time they start their nursery-rhyme collage they recall such form-destroyers as Aunt Sally and even Arthur Doyle (check out his killer take on 'Are You Sleeping' from The Songwriter). Heard together, these youngsters swing like motherfuckers. Should be a fine tour." --Byron Coley, 2014


TREDICI BACCI: The Thirteen Kisses EP 12" (FTR 182EP) 18.50
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes insert and download code. Edition of 300. Originally released digitally in 2013. "First vinylization of the great debut by this large Boston ensemble, helmed by Simon Hanes (ex-Guerilla Toss) and dedicated to reinventing the sounds that drove Italian cinema throughout the '60s and '70s. Their touch is goddamn perfect, including technical tropes you'll recognize as updates of everyone from Nino Rota to Ennio Morricone and way way beyond. Largely instrumental, the sound blends mysterious lone trumpets, plonking percussion twangers, syrupy organ bleeds, swathes of strings (real or imagined), and clomping rhythms in a way that'll make you sit straight up in your chair and yell, 'Ciao!' A bunch of these players were also involved with Survivors Breakfast, who played with Anthony Coleman on his most recent Tzadik disc, The End of Summer (2013), but this project trumps all others. Great stuff. Can't wait 'til they hook up with Asia Argento." --Byron Coley, 2015


WILSON, GARY: Music for Piano LP (FTR 192LP) 18.50
Edition of 500. "Although it might sound perverse to say so, Music for Piano may well be my favorite Gary Wilson record. Most people who dig Wilson are very into his lyrics, but I actually find them to be a bit taxing after a while. Those early records all sound and feel amazing, but what I really wanted was to hear the music without the words. I had high hopes when I found a copy of Another Galaxy, the 1974 Gary Wilson Trio LP, but it had a very different heft than that which Gary displayed on You Think You Really Know Me. It was really just a jazz LP. Well, here's some instrumental material from the same mid-late '70s time frame as You Think, and it's pretty amazing. There's one side of classic youthful piano destruction by Gary and the late Vince Rossi (one of Gary's most dependable collusionists). And the second side has five shorter tracks with a trio, that moves like oddball soundtrack music from '70s exploitation cinema (which is exactly what I'd hoped Another Galaxy would be like), before ending with the vocal track 'I Love Gary' -- as maniacally collapsed a 'pop song' construct as anyone could hope for. It's a great record. A bit more overtly avant than the other three GW LPs we've done. But surely you can handle that." --Byron Coley, 2015



COPPER, BOB AND RON: Traditional Songs from Rottingdean CD (FLED 3097CD) 15.50
In 1963 The English Folk Dance and Song Society released an LP of unaccompanied singing that has since had a tremendous influence on the folk song revivals of Britain, Ireland, and The United States. The album collected together a number of recordings of Bob and Ron Copper of Rottingdean in Sussex, recordings made by the renowned folksong collector Peter Kennedy during the late 1950s. The Copper family can trace their roots in traditional song back at least two hundred years. Their rare southern English harmony is presented at its most outstanding in these classic performances from the 1950s and early '60s. To celebrate the 2015 centenary of Bob Copper's birth, Fledg'ling Records present a CD edition of this seminal album. The package recreates all the original artwork and Bob Copper's complete sleevenotes (the original EFDSS LP only contained a shortened version of the essay).



O1O AKA AYBEE: Futurespective LP (FUR 039LP) 19.50
2011 release, last copies. Oakland native and Berlin resident Armon Bazile is many things to many people. A deep thinker on the topic of consciousness, as well as a DJ, producer, and label boss. While more commonly known as Aybee for his cosmic house and techno, his o1o alias showcases his abstract leftfield material. "Refuge" features Malena Peréz. Handmade screenprinted sleeve.


GET 54038LP

HOWLIN' WOLF: The Howlin' Wolf Album LP (GET 54038LP) 21.00
2015 repress; now including a 24" x 24" poster of the cover art. "It's not often that an album disavowed by its own author at the time of release goes on to become considered a modern classic. Yet that's exactly what happened with Chicago blues legend Howlin' Wolf's 1969 LP The Howlin' Wolf Album, a release that has since attained mythical status due to the controversy behind it. Released on Cadet Records, a subsidiary of legendary imprint Chess Records, The Howlin' Wolf Album was a radical experiment for a well-established artist: attempt to integrate electric instruments and psychedelic arrangements into his revered signature blues sound. The result was an album that Wolf himself initially disregarded on the now infamous cover, but one that has won a special place amongst dedicated music aficionados thanks to its unique mix of traditional blues and electric rock elements. Get On Down's reputation for high quality reissues continues with The Howlin' Wolf Album, which features a special Stoughton vinyl pressing with audio remastered from the original analog tapes for optimum sound quality and comes packaged in a paste-on style jacket featuring the album's famous original artwork."

GET 54043LP

GENIUS/GZA: Liquid Swords 2LP (GET 54043LP) 24.00
2015 black vinyl repress. "According to legend, when the Wu-Tang Clan formed like Voltron on their debut album in 1993, GZA happened to be the head--an appropriate place for a man also called 'The Genius.' Yet at the time few could have predicted that his 1995 masterpiece Liquid Swords would be considered 'one of the most substantial lyrical journeys in hip-hop history' (Chicago Tribune). At the peak of his powers as a producer, Wu-Tang mastermind RZA crafted the album's distinctive soundtrack at his basement studio in Staten Island; a haunting landscape of dusty samples, sharp snares and menacing urban gloom, with frequent interludes of dialogue from the classic Samurai flick Shogun Assassin. Cerebral, strategic and precise with his words, GZA crystallizes a range of influences--from chess to kung-fu films to mob flicks and Eastern philosophy--into sharply delivered rhymes. The album features appearances by the entire Wu-Tang Clan, and includes the auspicious debut of Killah Priest on 'B.I.B.L.E.' Acknowledged as one of the '100 Best Rap Albums' (The Source) and 'Top 100 Records of the 1990s' (, Get On Down is proud to present Liquid Swords as it was intended to be experienced, on double vinyl with audio remastered from the original source tapes and the original iconic cover artwork from DC Comics artist Denys Cowan." Includes poster insert.



SHIELD PATTERNS: Violet CD (GZH 060CD) 14.00
Shield Patterns (Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox) follow up their acclaimed (5/5 in The Skinny) 2014 full-length debut Contour Lines (GZH 055CD/LP) with the four-song EP Violet. The Manchester-based creators of dark electronic pop deliver a lovingly crafted progression from Contour Lines. They further their debut's experimentation with samples made from clicking bones, field recordings, heavy drones, and a starker approach to production. On first listen the sound is more minimalistic than that debut album but multiple layers gradually reveal themselves over time. Brentnall's vocals were singled out for particular praise in early reviews and she has refined her vision further here, with her lyrical concerns focusing on the intimacy of bodies ("drip-feeding" and "mouths," for example) and her voice arranged into swirling loops like those that introduce and underpin closer "Monument." This is electronic music that juxtaposes warmth and cold, journeying from industrial to natural, from claustrophobic to expansive.



Oklahoma-born, UK-based songwriter Bob Collum and his band The Welfare Mothers present their seventh album, Little Rock. Produced by long-time collaborator Pat Collier (The Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock); features guest appearances from Peter Holsapple (The dB's, R.E.M.), Martin Belmont (Ducks Deluxe), and MG Boulter (The Lucky Strikes). A 2015 tour is planned in support of the album, and follows previous tours with the likes of John Hiatt, Ron Sexsmith, Peter Case, Wilko Johnson, Dave Alvin, and Otis Gibbs. Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers have received airplay around the world, including on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, NPR, and countless regional and digital broadcasters. Recommended for fans of Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Nick Lowe, The Replacements.



T++: Wireless 2x12" (HJP 049EP) 20.00
2015 repress. Wireless is the last work Torsten Profrock produces as T++. Long ago snagged by the rhythmic innovations of the post?jungle underground, Profrock makes explicit his debt to the radical fringe of UK garage. Snapping 2?step rhythms are at the heart of these tracks; additionally, the release is shot through with the contorted samples of voice and ndingidi from a handful of old East African 78s. The result: a record that sounds both ancient and modern, possessing an almost occult power.



DRUMTALK: DrumTalk EP 12" (HUNTLEYS 016EP) 14.50
Following on from the success of his massive Time release in 2014 (HUNTLEYS 008EP), DrumTalk is back with a four-track EP of serious belters. From slow-burners to straight up peak-time anthems, DrumTalk changes with every listen; you're sure to treasure the experience. Not much needs to be said, really. Enjoy.



ORESTT: L'âge de Glace 12" (CLICHE 060EP) 15.50
"Homies" is a slow jam initially released in a limited run in 2007, with gloomy pads setting the scene for warm synth bass, raspy hooks, and short vocal samples. "L'âge de Glace" owes as much to vintage horror film soundtracks as to music of a cosmic persuasion, with droning pads, ominous sweeps, a meticulous rhythm section, strident leads, and arpeggiated synths. Jonathan Kusuma's subtle, efficient remix of "L'âge de Glace" features a tighter structure and a bass guitar groove tailored for the dancefloor. "Delta" is a cosmic, light, dreamy track with beautiful synth leads and drum machine toms.



Forse 3 is the final release in Alessandro Cortini's Forse Trilogy. Like parts 1 and 2, Forse 3 has a distinct sound and feeling. Edition of 500. Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels) recorded Forse using a Buchla Music Easel; of which only 13 are known to exist. "Forse," meaning "maybe" in Italian, is a series of three double LP releases. "All pieces were written and performed live on a Buchla Music Easel, in the span of one month. I found that the limited array of modules that the instrument offers sparked my creativity. Most pieces consist of a repeating chord progression, where the real change happens at a spectral/dynamic level, as opposed to the harmonic/chordal one. I believe that the former are just as effective as the latter, in the sense that the sonic presentation (distortion, filtering, wave-shaping, etc.) are just as expressive as a chord change or chord type, and often reinforce said chord progressions. Of all the years with Nine Inch Nails, the period spent writing and recording the instrumental record Ghosts I-IV is probably the one which changed my approach to music-making the most. After that record I started getting more into instrumental composition, although I tried to approach it in a different way. While we had a vast array of tools and instruments at our disposal then, I decided to approach my pieces limiting myself to one instrument only, as I found myself being more decisive when faced with a limited creative environment."



VA: Spiritual Jazz 6: Vocals CD (JMAN 076CD) 14.50
The power of the human voice, especially when held in song, has long been known to be immensely influential, potent, and emotive across all of humankind. The sixth installment in Jazzman's Spiritual Jazz series showcases jazz vocals in a collection of jazz messages that are united in voice. The majority of the tracks here are as political as they are theological, but they all share an inner sanctity. In fact, as the distinction between the theological and the humanistic is blurred, so is the definition of song -- many of the tracks are atypical in that they do not possess lyrics with a beginning, middle, and end. Likewise the voices that convey them often can't be said to be singing in the usual sense of the word; we hear solemn chanting, intense wailing, earnest poetry, and ardent recitation in between bouts of singing, the quality of which is often nothing short of exquisite. The styles of performance encompass modern jazz, the avant-garde, and jazz fusion, and include elements of styles from the long and winding path of the African diaspora, including Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean, and other Pan-American rhythms. Spiritual Jazz 6: Vocals examines some of the rarest and most extraordinary vocal jazz recordings. The selection includes some well-known songs as well as some of the most obscure. There are tracks recorded for major labels and some that were issued privately. But all of them speak or sing of a better place or a better world, and the world can only be a better place when they are played. This is esoteric jazz, modal jazz, spiritual jazz -- as performed with the human voice. Includes tracks by Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Sadaka, Norman Riley, E W Wainright, Clifford Jordan, Pharoah Sanders, Linda Theus, Dr Haki R. Madhubuti, Eddie Gale, Gary Bartz, Byron Morris, and Vibration Society. All tracks fully licensed and digitally restored from the original master tapes. Features comprehensive liner notes with notes for each track and original stories direct from the musicians involved. CD edition includes 24-page color booklet with in-depth liner notes, album cover scans, and previously unpublished photographs. Double LP edition presented in glossy gatefold sleeve.


VA: Spiritual Jazz 6: Vocals 2LP (JMAN 076LP) 25.50
Double LP edition presented in glossy gatefold sleeve.


JBJ 1060EP

VA: Yes It's You/Another Ticket 7" (JBJ 1060EP) 11.00
Two originally unissued sides from the LA-based Cash label, here appearing on 45 for the first and likely last time ever! The A-side features a lovely, melancholic mid-tempo blues ballad with sure popcorn appeal. Seemingly based on the melody from "Why Don't You Do Right," obscure singer Little Margie delivers an endearing vocal turn while the band behind her really cooks. Little Margie also features on the flip alongside Big Boy Groves (aka Ervin Rucker), with an alternative take or follow-up to his novelty R&B number "Traffic Ticket," itself a kind of answer to his "I Got a New Car."



JOKER: The Mainframe CD (KAP 015CD) 15.50
Joker's The Mainframe is a conceptual piece produced as a cohesive body of work rather than a collection of standalone DJ weapons. The sophomore LP from the man who spawned the electronic music sub-genre purple, which has since been galvanized internationally by artists such as Flume, Ganz, and Djemba Djemba, all of whom draw inspiration from the 26-year-old Liam McLean. The Mainframe is a listening album as much as a dancefloor album and it hints at what a Joker-produced mainstream artist album would sound like, with moments like "Wise Enough (feat. Zak Abel)," "Lucy (feat. Sam Frank)," and "Love (feat. Rochelle [winner of X Factor]) (available on the CD edition with instrumental versions; double LP includes only instrumental versions). Since his 2011 full-length debut, The Vision, Joker has released a slew of productions to set the scene for this release, including the Masato Nakamura-inspired digital collection Joker Drive, Let It Be Known/Minors with Swindle as 040, and, perhaps the biggest insight into The Mainframe, the track "Digital Mainframe," all in 2014. The Mainframe is designed to play like a digital dream, with each track bleeding into the next and pulling the listener deeper into the imagination of the Bristolian futurist -- reminiscent of the way that Robin Wright is pulled into an acid trip world in the Ari Folman flick, The Congress (2013). Joker describes this intention: "I want everybody to listen to it once from start to finish, in their whip, in their yard, in their studio, going for a run, whatever... that's how I intended to bring people into my world. After that, pull it apart however you want, put specific tracks in your playlist that suit your mood, your lifestyle, cool, but... take it in as a whole and you'll be able to get more from the individual pieces."


KH 9028LP

ZAPPA AND CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, FRANK: Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 3LP (KH 9028LP) 36.50
Repressed. Keyhole presents a triple LP edition of its double CD set Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 (KH 9028CD). Childhood friends and fellow rock visionaries Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart put aside their differences to tour the US together in the spring of 1975 -- Beefheart's only tour with The Mothers of Invention. The resulting shows found them both in superb form, as evidenced by this legendary 1975 set, preserved in superb fidelity. This edition is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, features remastered sound, and includes an insert with background notes and photos.


KD 074EP

BEDOUIN: Whispering Words of Wisdom 12" (KD 074EP) 12.50
Bedouin (Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe) follow their 2014 Mirage EP, which caused some serious waves in electronic music, with Whispering Words of Wisdom, their first joint venture for Kindisch. Slow-moving and ethereal, the EP take us from the warped, grungy strings of "Walk Away" through the phantasmagoric bells and ghostly duet vocals of "Now or Never" and the aquatic atmospheres of "Metaphor" to "Turn the Tides," a track previously featured on Get Physical Music's 2014 Hausmusik Volume 1 compilation and a perfect closer to this spaced-out, almost narcotic journey of sounds.



VA: Ska from the Vaults of WIRL Records CD (KSCD 056CD) 14.00
Ska was the name given to the music that came out of Jamaica between 1961 and '66, based on the American R&B and doo-wop records that the sound systems in Kingston used to play. But the American records' style started to mellow out while the Jamaicans preferred a more upbeat sound. So the sound system bosses became record producers to cater to this demand. Sir Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid led the way, putting the top musicians on the island in the studio to make music, with the emphasis on the offbeat making the music unmistakably Jamaican. WIRL (West Indies Records Limited) was set up by the Jamaican politician Edward Seaga in the late 1950s. He had supervised the recording of an album of ethnic Jamaican music and needed an outlet for its eventual release. In 1962, the year of Jamaican independence, Seaga became a member of parliament, representing the Jamaica Labour Party, and decided to sell the label to Byron Lee, who changed the name from WIRL to Dynamic Sounds. Ska from the Vaults of WIRL Records features some of the best scorching ska sounds to come out of WIRL, and they still sound as fresh today as they did when they were recorded. Features tracks by The Skatalites, Johnny Moore, Roland Alphonso, and Don Drummond. CD edition features two bonus tracks by The Skatalites: "Lawless Street" and "Marcus Junior."


VA: Ska from the Vaults of WIRL Records LP (KSLP 056LP) 15.50
LP version.



KOLSCH: 1977 2LP (KOM 276LP) 19.50
2015 repress. Gatefold double LP version featuring 6 of the tracks from the 13 track CD. Speicher staple and renowned club juggernaut Kölsch debuts on Kompakt with the full-length 1977, an extraordinary collection of club gems that introduces his earlier masterpieces to exclusive new material. Here, the epic, the rad, and the snappy find themselves under one expertly-crafted groove, making this album an essential choice for both home clubbers and floor hounds. Your new best friend is here and it's a record. Despite the name and despite Kompakt's well-documented love for Cologne's beer, Kölsch isn't a local and he didn't label himself after the famed brew. Even with a much-acclaimed print run and a series of venerated live appearances under his belt, award-winning Danish producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has to regularly duck quizzical questions about his heritage. 1977 isn't a simple "best of" hack job, however: with new crackers "Basshund," "Bappedekkel," and "Eiswinter" lighting the fire, Kölsch doesn't need to worry about future impact. And then there's a cut like the emotive "Oma." The sweeping "Wasserschutz" and a Trojan horse called "Felix," originally intended to be an album outro of sorts. But then someone pushed the button and the transdimensional portal sprang to life.


TERRANOVA: Labrador 12" (KOM 323EP) 14.00
Among the things that go boom in the night, Terranova's slick but rugged house jams certainly occupy a territory of their own -- these cuts are precision engineered to rouse any crowd, while providing enough depth to keep the auditory cerebral cortex spinning. Two vivacious bouncers rich in pulling power, but with an undeniable classiness to boot. "Labrador" features finely sculpted momentum, a thrusting patchwork of rubber-like sound effects, determined bass licks, and flicking percussion. The flipside's banging "Twisted" quickly turns out to be as buoyant as its confrère, donned with a perky temper that can't stop pawing the ground.



VA: The Sound of Belgium Vol. 2 4CD (LMFLF 287CD) 22.00
The tumultuous history of Belgian dance music proved to be so unique that it shook up a whole nation of likeminded people from all over the globe with the 2012 release of the documentary The Sound of Belgium. A compilation, proudly carrying the same title (LMFLF 193CD), followed in the successful footsteps of the film, for once and for all establishing Belgian sounds as a formative and influential element in modern dance music. With dancers and DJs from all over the world claiming a deserved second helping of the finest Belgian dance music crop, La Musique Fait la Force went digging again in the vaults of Belgium's rich dance music history. A solid four-CD selection of golden tracks from a multicolored era, peppered with lesser known nuggets that got lost in the mists of time. A vintage selection from EBM and trance to electropop and rave and back -- an extraordinary music rollercoaster. Tracks that moved a nation, ready to rumble again. Includes tracks by 2 Belgen, Edwards & Armani, Wim Mertens, Amnesia, A Split Second, Ghostdance, At the Villa People, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Two Pieces, Dilemma, Frank de Wulf, Aquastep, Liaisons D, Kuruki, Miss Nicky Traxx, Snowy Red, Transformer 2, Protect System II, Trio Balkana, Aksak Maboul, Arbeid Adelt!, DJPC, BX-8017, Fax Yourself, La Rolls, Tragic Error, Code 61, Spectrum, T.C., A Split Second, Tiziana, Critical Fluids, Dance Reaction, Eclips 21, DJ Dave Davis, Stabbed, D.I.D., Quadrophonia, Para Noise, Ragged Life remixed by DJ Freud, Ramses Ballet, The Mackenzie featuring Jessy and remixed by Kevin Jee, Trance Team, Wet, Zazou Bikaye (including a track with CY1 remixed by Simon Boswell, Sebastian S, Nacht und Nebel, Telex, Starflight, Lio, Takis, Robert Leiner & Mindbender, Real Man, Jessie Deep!, Hand's Burn, and Electrotête remixed by Cubic 22.



VA: Lifesaver Compilation 2 2LP (PLAYRJC 035LP) 32.00
It's now time for another episode of togetherness, following up the 2013 first Lifesaver compilation on which Ramona presented all her disciples' work. Summoning all of her artists around Frankfurt and those who live around the world, Ramona is now ready to present the Lifesaver Compilation 2. Kicked off by one of Frankfurt's young guns, the compilation leans into a melody-driven warm-up with a slight hint of analog soul on "Digital Revolution" by Orson Wells. Next up is the Italian-born and Berlin-based Massimiliano Pagliara. His contribution, "Phasing Down the Sea," enriches the second Lifesaver installment with some of his signature synth-lines paired with a classic Chicago beat. Lauer, the secret weapon from Kilianstädten also known as Mr. Melody, delivers "Language," a dark Italo- and wave-ish piece topped off with the famous Lauer-craziness. Roman Flügel, the man of the hour, reinvents classic UK bleep techno with "Tender Hooligan." Another member of the young guns club, Chinaski, brings his synthesizer-love to the table with a track called "Futuresex." Portable, one of Ramona's most delicate flowers, teams up with Lcio again to create a hieroglyphic and deep-driven piece of music, "Dive In." TCB, also known as the only member of The Citizen's Band, delivers "Byrdmap," a solid piece of spheric, deep, and broken music. "Brainwashed" by Benedikt Frey marks the end of the compilation and shows off his futuristic dark-disco acid-madness. This release precedes an extension 10" containing two tracks by the infamous Hotel Lauer and Tuff City Kids.



AERA: You Know Juno 12" (MAEVE 006EP) 14.50
Maeve co-founders Mano le Tough, The Drifter, and Baikal previously ran a Berlin club night called Passion Beat at which Aera was an occasional guest. Aera now contributes the label's sixth release, You Know Juno. Aera's original features warm arps and a dark, hypnotic bassline over a jacking house beat. On first hearing the track, The Drifter was keen to do a remix. His interpretation is a dark take on the original, boosting the bassline, adding a driving beat, and pushing the drama to high levels.



BOURBONESE QUALK: Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987 CD (MNQ 061CD) 16.50
Mannequin Records is proud to present a compilation of one of the most important industrial bands active during the '80s in the UK. Bourbonese Qualk were an experimental music group from England, active from 1979 through 2003. They were always obsessively and uncompromisingly focused on controlling their work: they ran their own record label, recording studio, tour organization, and music venue (the notorious Ambulance Station). They refused to integrate into the commercial music racket and turned down publishing deals from major labels, stubbornly opting for total independence. They're also known for their political activism, formed in the crucible of 1980s Britain amid such influences as the UK miners' strike, The Falklands War, Thatcherism, monetarism, local government corruption, squatting, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, and anarchism. Their work was often ambiguous and directly critical of cynical power-politics of any color, often irritating members of the traditional organized left. In 1984 Bourbonese Qualk occupied a large empty building on the Old Kent Road in South London, which they turned into a base for their activities, a cooperative space for artists, musicians, and writers, and a center for radical political activism -- specifically as a coordinating center for the Stop the City anti-capitalist riots of 1984. Throughout its existence the band had a number of different line-ups; this collection focuses on the period of 1983 through 1987, which featured the trio of Simon Crab, Julian Gilbert, and Steven Tanza. During this time the group released five albums: Laughing Afternoon (1983), Hope (1984), The Spike (1985), Preparing for Power (1986), and Bourbonese Qualk (1987), releasing all but The Spike on their own labels Recloose Organisation and New International Recordings. Most of the tracks on this collection were recorded in their studio at the Ambulance Station. The group chose never to record in a proper studio (not that they could ever afford to), working instead with their own extremely basic equipment at a time when home studios were very unusual. If Bourbonese Qualk have a legacy, it is that culture should be reclaimed, redefined, and owned by the people, wherever they are, however small, and not by the state or the market, and that culture is a vital vehicle for debate and radical change. The fight goes on. Mastered by Rude 66. Graphic design curated by Simon Crab and Alessandro Adriani. Double LP includes four tracks not included on the CD: "Dream Decade," "In Flux," "Sweat It Out," and "There Is No Night." Digipak CD edition limited to 500 copies.


BOURBONESE QUALK: Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987 2LP (MNQ 061LP) 26.50
Double LP version; includes four tracks not included on the CD: "Dream Decade," "In Flux," "Sweat It Out," and "There Is No Night."


MM 105CD

NDIKHO XABA AND THE NATIVES: Ndikho Xaba And The Natives CD (MM 105CD) 22.00
"Ndikho Xaba was born in 1934 in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa. For thirty-four years -- 1964 ?1998 -- he lived in exile in the US, Canada and Tanzania. Originally issued by Trilyte Records out of Oakland, California, this 1970 recording is bracing, freewheeling Now Thing, suffused with SA idioms, and focused by a political urgency wiring together US Black Power, Black Aesthetics and the anti-apartheid front-line like nothing else. You can hear Trane from the off -- 'a spiritual offering to my ancestors' -- and plenty of Sun Ra, with whom The Natives several times shared double-bills. (Xaba was to become close with Phil Cohran and the AACM.) Freedom is a gutbucket-soul rendition of the people's anthem; Nomusa is dedicated to Xaba's new wife, a poet and CORE activist from Chicago. The thunderous finale Makhosi features drummer Keita from the West Indies, and Baba Duru, who studied percussion in India, before winding up with Xaba blowing eerily through a horn made from a giant piece of tubular seaweed. Hats off to Matsuli for this outstanding reissue."

MM 105LP

NDIKHO XABA AND THE NATIVES: Ndikho Xaba And The Natives LP (MM 105LP) 46.00
Gatefold LP version.



KRENG: L'Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu LP (MIA 010LP) 20.00
2015 repress. "Noise may have lost its power to offend. Silence hasn't" --Dan Warburton. Erik Skodvin, a prolific artist in his own right as Svarte Greiner and with Deaf Center, has developed a well-earned reputation for releasing beautifully disturbing music on his label Miasmah. Acts such as Elegi and Jacaszek set the bar high, creating masterpieces of contemporary doom-laden experimental music. L'Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu, the incredible 2009 debut album from Belgian artist Kreng, carries on this tradition. On initial listening, L'Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu immediately presents itself as a fully realized body of work, with focus, flow, and continuity. It may therefore come as a surprise to discover that the album mainly contains recordings created for a variety of separate theater productions, and even more of a surprise to learn that the compositions found here are sample-based constructions. The pieces incorporate sounds and material from a variety of sources: free jazz, electronically generated sounds, classical modernism, and vintage geographical recordings. The subtlety of the techniques Kreng has employed in the creation of these pieces is simply stunning. Discordant segments of wailing top-end violins give way to clunking rhythmic passages of metal marimbas and tuned percussion, free roaming passages of rasping low-end brass, and the shuffle of free jazz. The work recalls Prestige era Moondog, as well as aspects of Harry Partch's instrumentation via mid- to latter-day period Tom Waits. Atonal ambiance and slow builds, eerie segues into low murk, and a haunting solo soprano voice are all pulled together to make perfect sense, often in terrifying ways. The creative process in Kreng's twisted soundscapes works perhaps in parallel with the abstract and often disturbing work of the Abattoir Fermé theater company, which has used many of the scores found here in a variety of their productions. In this context, the dark and threatening moods the album creates suggest it may house more subversive, ritualistic, even occult undertones; Kreng's music is based upon the possibility of silence as a confrontational weapon. L'Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu also features suitably twisted artwork coordinated by Erik Skodvin, presented here in full green and black color. Includes download code.


MIR 100732CD

Music composed by Roberto Cacciapaglia for soprano, counter-tenor, and instrumental ensemble, based on the poem "De rerum natura" ("On the Nature of Things") by first-century Roman poet and philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus. The wok was commissioned for the Aterforum festival in Ferrara, Italy, and premiered on July 9, 1988. This is the first release of a performance recorded live at Glance Studio, Milan, Italy, on June 28, 1988. Produced by Roberto Cacciapaglia and Gianpiero Dionigi.

MIR 100733CD

A very special and unique performance of Terry Riley's iconic 1964 minimalist piece In C, previously unreleased. Riley and the Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble together at the Aterforum festival in Ferrara, Italy, on July 9, 1988.



DAPAYK SOLO: Over the Top 12" (MFP 075EP) 12.50
Dapayk always delivers. With "Over the Top" and "Orwo," the Mo's Ferry label boss polished the prettiest grapes from his current live set. These tracks are tailored to the vinyl format. Thumbs up!



VATICAN SHADOW: Death Is Unity With God 2LP (LOVE 100LP) 23.50
Death Is Unity With God finds Dominick Fernow returning to the kind of feral, burned-out productions that dominated 2012's Ornamented Walls (LOVE 080LP). This double LP includes 12 of the 20 tracks included on the original 2014 limited six-cassette release of Death Is Unity With God, in advance of Modern Love's triple-CD edition compiling all the material. It clocks in at an hour and a half and features some of the most compelling productions from Fernow yet. Nodding to classic Muslimgauze, but also inspired by the parallels between religious fundamentalism at home in the USA and abroad, the oppressive atmospheres and destroyed rhythms isolate the gutted toil and drone in "It's to Come," while "F.B.I. God" reduces the drums to scorched blasts against some harrowing, darkside chords. The quasi-speed torment of "Manufactured Silencers Under Direct Orders" ends the A-side with dread, flowing into the haunting chorales and chiming percussions of "Living On and Off At the Shadows Motel" and the scything techno roil of "Small Explosives and Blasting Caps Inside the Pages of a Phonebook," before a particularly effective chamber-like meditation, "McVeigh Figure," draws aesthetic lines between ambient black metal, Coil, and early Autechre. "Waco Postmortem (Murrah)" ends the set operating nearly out of earshot with those incredible, sashaying synth motifs persisting in their struggle against the patina of hiss and exasperated rhythms blurred around the edges. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.



FRISCH & RALF WEHOWSKY, JOHANNES: Which Head You're Dancing In? CD (MONO 082CD) 17.50
All of the pieces from this release wouldn't have been created without Ornette Coleman. Both Frisch and Wehowsky found many inspiring moments in music played by the father of free jazz. Their own work is full of glitches and noisy ornaments. In some parts one can find rhythmic structures, reminiscent of disco for spoilt laptops, other compositions show the beauty in the contrasts between silence and prolonged, dark and wiry bass phrases. Johannes Frisch has worked since the late 1970s as a performer, composer and improviser of contemporary music, between experimental rock, free jazz and other open-minded styles. On his main instrument, the double bass, he presents an individualistic, expressive language. He has played with a lot of musicians of the international scene of free improvisation and all experimental fields -- among others , Lol Coxhill, Maggie Nicols, Johannes Bauer, Le Quan Ninh, Paul Hubweber, Michael Vorfeld, Misha Feigin, etc. Ralf Wehowsky founded the group P.D. (in 1981 renamed P16.D4) and the label Wahrnehmungen (in 1982 renamed Selektion) in 1980. P16.D4 were one of the most influential groups of experimental industrial music. For their live appearances they were equally at home, at punk and no wave festivals and at the Holy Grail festivals of academic avant-garde, like the Ferientage Neuer Musik or Darmstadt. Since the early '90s, Wehowsky has worked under his own name. His quiet, highly complex style of composition, based on artifacts of instrumental and electronic lateral noises, evolved out of his collaboration with Bernhard Gunter and was influential for numerous artists in the fields of electronic and improvised music. The new millennium showed a new approach in his integration of improvised music and composition.



ALOA INPUT: Mars etc. CD (MORR 136CD) 15.50
Last time around, they were all about vocal harmonies from NYC to Cape Town and massive guitars from Portland to Düsseldorf, mixed with clattering beats from Berlin to Detroit, but now, Munich-based trio Aloa Input leave Earth altogether with their sophomore release, Mars etc. Dropping just over a year after their 2013 debut Anysome (MORR 125CD/LP), Mars etc. finds Aloa Input dashing through the better part of recent music history and taking off for the red planet. Terrestrial life condensed, the album is an experimental study in hands-on sonic set theory; both a stunningly wild and unbridled beast and a long-overdue update to 1977's Voyager Golden Records. Florian Kreier (aka Angela Aux, vocals/bass), Cico Beck (aka Joasihno, live member of Ms. John Soda and The Notwist; electronics/drums), and Marcus Grassl (guitars/vocals) launch themselves and their increasingly cosmic network of influences (including world music, krautrock, hip-hop, folk, and more) into outer space. Opening track "Far Away Sun" is all kiddie samples vs. insane Jel-influenced beats, and while "Perry" nods enthusiastically to Mr. Beck Hansen, the inscrutable "Vampire," based on a Pocket Piano melody, seems to go for a last round on deserted roads (think Jarmusch). Elsewhere are disguised political statements ("Brother") and unhinged doors that swing and float in empty space ("The Door"). "21st Century Tale," a piece emulating Hymie's Basement's similarly titled pop hymn, is probably the most wide-eyed Aloa track of all time. It's a rather mellow confession of a maniac at first, until it drowns in a madcap collage of Disney soundscapes. "Hold On" is -- like the entire album -- a bit rough around the edges, more beat-driven, playful, expansive, and deeper, a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson that flickers like old, beaten VHS tapes, whereas indie anthem "BlaBla Theory" is banging enough to send school kids into a frenzy. The band pack a few all-time favorites (Beck, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, Eels, Dylan, The Beach Boys) into a single track ("Mad As Hell"), and then close it out with "Ruth the Communist." To a spectator, shades and field glass at the ready, it would have looked like this: there's a humming sound inside the rocket-like vehicle, the countdown's over, flames start shooting up, and there's smoke as well -- but luckily, Aloa Input managed to keep that keyboard-charring cable fire in check as well. Co-produced and mixed by Olaf Opal.


ALOA INPUT: Mars etc. LP (MORR 136LP) 19.50
LP version. Includes download code.



KUNIYUKI: Earth Beats 12" (MUSIQ 003EP) 14.50
One of the most important works of Japanese deep house master Kuniyuki is finally repressed. Originally released in 2005, "Earth Beats" has been supported by a lot of DJs and was licensed for Luciano's 2006 Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. _02 mix. It has been remixed by Henrik Schwarz, Larry Heard (MUSIQ 151EP), Château Flight, and, on MUSIQ 153EP, by Roman Flügel and Magazine. The track was destined to be a classic as soon as it was released. Don't miss the last chance to get this release on vinyl!



YONKERS, MICHAEL: The Neverending Light-Beam From Planet 00's/From Deep Within Home Planet/Plan A LP (MYS 017LP) 18.00
"Do you know the numbers on people who are in it for life? They're small. Real, real small. Kids & jobs come along to make regular adults out of most musicians. Even the ones who get that glossy magazine coverage or score that signing bonus can usually be found selling insurance 10 years down the line. A select few balance against family time. Fewer still find jobs teaching, and often have no energy left for their own stuff. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, just keeps going. It's too hard. Michael Yonkers makes the energizer bunny look bad. He started making his own distortion (by slicing speaker cones) in the mid-1960s, built his own pedals, souped up his own guitars, and he's still making distortion now that he's in his late 60s. Even more unusual, his sound has gotten, if anything, cruder along the way. This is a collection that Yonkers put together from CD-s that he gave out to friends once a year between 2001 & 2008. What's here are hard rock songs, and they're goddamn well-written. Most of what you'll hear are huge, scratched up, convulsive whorls of distortion piled all on top of themselves until you can barely discern the pitch underneath. Wow...The guy also ran a record & ephemera shop named Loonland during the 80s. He's been a sheep breeder & a dance choreographer. He's built a home studio or two, at least one of which had to work while he was confined to a hospital bed that was installed in his house. Yonkers suffers from adhesive arachnoiditis, a nerve swelling that seizes up your back, brought on by a 1971 accident where 2000 lbs fell on him, and permanently exacerbated by a nasty dye used to get xrays of the spine.... His voice has aged a little, but It's still got a vibrato to it, mostly masked by the guitar here. But it's better suited for these lyrics, as they're a kind of burned & haunted you rarely hear." --excerpt from Angela Sawyer's liner notes. Silkscreened and hand-painted covers. Limited edition one-time pressing.


ND 006LP

2015 restock; LP version. Jeri-Jeri is the stunning, spectacular collaboration between the renowned Berlin-based producer Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel) and a griot clan of Sabar drummers from Kaolack in Senegal, led by Bakane Seck, along with guest Mbalax musicians and vocalists -- including mainstays of the bands of Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour and other top Senegalese artists. On the quiet he has become increasingly hooked on Mbalax with its hyper-vivid Sabar and talking-drum workouts, and ultra-repetitive, sick, sequencer-like marimba synths. In early 2011 he travelled to Senegal and Gambia, in search of original recordings. Through an unlikely set of coincidences, he ended up working in the legendary Dakar studio former known as Xippi, with more than 20 of the finest musicians in the country. The music here is a swingingly masterful style of Mbalax, heady and hard-grooving, with highly complex, fiercely succinct polyrhythms; an ancient-futuristic music, mesmeric but sharp as nails, super-charged with drama. Get ready to be knocked out.



MCMILLION, JON: Don't It Make You? 12" (NEK 013EP) 14.50
"Don't It Make You (edit 1)" is a relentless house rhythm bolstered with congas, massed claps, synth-bass raspberries, and a badass male singer, over which a miasma of enigmatic tones bubbles and swirls. On "edit 2," McMillion strips things down to dancefloor essentials and erases some of the free-floating background weirdness. Fred P emphasizes the track's mysterious drones and loops a female vocalist while dropping in some echoed male chatter to gently disorient. Orson Wells layers and pitches up the original's cascades of bleeps, which become the dominant motif, and subtly modulates said bleeps while keeping that irrepressible rhythm strutting.


OT 013EP

WICK BLAZE: Glympses 12" (OT 013EP) 14.00
Wick Blaze is a producer from a small island in the Baltic Sea. He started producing in early 2013 and since then his devotion to different shapes of house music has grown. Looking for a deeper touch in music, he tends to keep the beats raw yet diverse to achieve a sound worth giving a second listen. Inspired by the flourishing house scene, Wick Blaze is working on ideas that challenge him to find fresh sounds and push the limits of his creation. Evoking the right mood is all what his music is about. Deep, wayward, and utterly groove-notic.



BUZZSAW: From Lemon Drops to Acid Rock 2LP (OSR 032LP) 33.00
From the ashes of '60s garage band The Lemon Drops comes power trio Buzzsaw with their loud heavy-psych sound. In the late '60s, The Lemon Drops, one of the finest garage-psych bands from Chicago (of "I Live in the Springtime" fame), relocated to the West Coast, where they gigged around and tried to secure a record contract. After a three-day "strawberry acid party" at manager Dan Herron's mansion, the original band disintegrated. And that's when power trio Buzzsaw was born, featuring Eddie and Gary Weiss (both ex-Lemon Drops) on guitar and drums respectively and Rick Fertel on bass. Buzzsaw was the perfect vehicle for Eddie Weiss (whose use of fuzz and distortion was the trademark sound of The Lemon Drops) to push his guitar and effects pedals to the limit. The trio used to visit Star Hill, Neil Young's old sawmill in La Honda, where they rehearsed and wrote songs. The photo used for the front cover of this collection was taken there. In 1971, Max Weiss (Creedence Clearwater Revival's manager) expressed interest in the band, so Buzzsaw entered Ampex Studios in San Francisco (the place where CCR had recorded "Suzie Q") to lay down some tracks. They also recorded some material at Pacific Sound Studios. All of these recordings were produced by Roger Weiss, the original producer of The Lemon Drops and co-owner of Rembrandt Records. Sadly, Buzzsaw only released one 45 during their short lifespan. And it was a frustrating release, as it included a recording from The Lemon Drops era on the A-side backed with a new song which didn't reflect the real sound of the band on the B-side. That 45 went nowhere, Buzzsaw split, and the recordings they did at Ampex and Pacific Studios remained unreleased until 1995, when some of them were included on Collectables' From Lemon Drops to Acid Rock CD. Out-Sider's double vinyl retrospective includes all the tracks from the 1995 From Lemon Drops to Acid Rock CD plus some amazing acetates and previously unreleased master tapes. The music is orgasmic '71 heavy psych/proto-grunge in the style of Hendrix and Blue Cheer with killer fuzz-wah guitar and melodic vocals. Eddie's guitar sound is just insane... despite the vintage '71 date, some of his playing would not be out of place on a High Rise or Ty Segall album. Remastered from the original tapes and acetates. Liner notes by original producer Roger Weiss.



DE MOOR, WOUTER: Brain Fog EP 12" (OVM 252EP) 14.00
Dutch up-and-comer Wouter de Moor follows EPs on Get Physical and Poker Flat and maintains his strong upward trajectory. Chrome-plated banger "Fluf" punctuates its menacing organ line with punishing snare volleys and vocal cuts. "Fluffy" is a subdued reinterpretation of the opener, retaining many of its musical elements and samples but taking things into trippy, late-night dub techno territory. "Data Dump" delivers a hazy cascade of synth-stabs and modulated hi-hats over a driving beat. "Brain Fog" is a refreshing left turn, with sun-dappled piano chords and peppy, almost UK-funk-esque snare rolls -- unique dancefloor material, infused with soul and color.



SPECTRE: Ruff Kutz 2LP (PAN 058LP) 27.50
Double LP pressed on 140-gram vinyl. PAN digs into the archives of WordSound label founder Skiz Fernando Jr. (aka Spectre) to reissue for the first time his 1998 experimental hip-hop mixtape, Ruff Kutz, originally released as an extremely limited edition cassette. A definitive mixtape featuring hits, remixes, previously unreleased tracks, and dub-plate specials from Sensational, Mr. Dead, Bill Laswell, Jungle Brothers, Kevin Martin, and many more. The early '90s witnessed a spike in mutant strains of future dub. In Bristol, trip-hop and jungle were on the rise; in Manhattan it was noise and breakbeat. But in Brooklyn, hip-hop experimentation was gaining momentum, led by Skiz's independent label WordSound. With support from Bill Laswell, WordSound charted the experimental edge of hip-hop and dub, taking equal inspiration from Bronx rap and Jamaican roots music as they pioneered a lo-fi sound both primal and futuristic. By the turn of the decade, the combination of dub, ambient, and hip-hop aesthetics had been baptized by The Wire magazine as "illbient" -- a short-lived classification now being exhumed in the form of Spectre's obscure mixtape, Ruff Kutz. Ruff Kutz revisits the years between 1994 and '98, a formative era for WordSound and experimental beats in general. The original cassette, according to Skiz, was composed of alternative mixes, obscure beats, and unreleased tracks and edits. Unsigned material from Dubadelic (supergroup of Bill Laswell, Ted Parsons, DXT, and others), rapper Sensational, Kevin "The Bug" Martin's Techno Animal project, Professor Shehab as his lyrical alter-ego Psycho Priest, Djini Brown, Mr. Dead of the Metabolics, Doc Israel, Scotty Hard, and Slotek all appear throughout this vinyl reissue, fully mastered for the first time from the original DAT tapes in their original sequence. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering.



CW/A: Day of Riddance 12" (PAR 003EP) 14.00
Three road-tested live extracts alongside remixes from Stroboscopic Artefacts founder Lucy and Ilian Tape co-founder Dario Zenker. CW/A is the live collaboration between long-time friends and studio partners Thomas (Avatism) and Francesco (Clockwork). Originally a live amalgamation of their solo material, it eventually evolved into a broader, more dynamic, improvisation-centric performance focused on experimenting around the outskirts of techno, jungle, and electronica. Day of Riddance offers a glimpse of both Parachute and C/WA's vision: a barrier-trashing wall of sound that goes from live settings into the studio and back.


PRTL 10005EP

GORDON, VIN: Kojo Hoy 10" (PRTL 10005EP) 14.00
A classic roots instrumental from the late 1970s featuring legendary trombonist Vin Gordon -- to call him a legend or a veteran would be an understatement. Vin played on numerous Studio One classics as part of the in-house band Soul Vendors. Other notable works were with Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs, and Aswad -- he played on the classic "Warrior Charge." "Kojo Hoy," an instrumental with Aswad as the session band, is in the vein of "Warrior Charge." It came out in the late '70s on a 12" in very small quantities and has been sought after by collectors ever since.



VA: Shadrach Meshack and Abednego/Shadrach 7" (POPC 135EP) 8.00
Two contrasting takes on the biblical tale of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Vocal group The Wanderers' version is an up-tempo, bopping doo-wop rocker, while jazz siren Ruth Price performs an almost scat vocal over a sparse but energetic beatnik-style drum backing.



VA: Love, Peace & Poetry: American Psychedelic Music LP (QDK 021LP) 16.50
2015 repress of the vinyl edition. Full color gatefold sleeve presentation. Featuring tracks from: Darius, New Tweedy Bros., Arcesia, Victoria, Damon, Jungle, Hunger, Trizo 50, Music Emporium, Brain Police, Michael Angelo, Zerfas, Lazy Smoke, Hickory Wind, New Dawn, Sidetrack, Patron Saints.



Great tunes, and the perfect concept of a west (Mexico) to east (Russia) studio exchange. Irresistible jam style, with the instant "let's record it and put it on wax" feel! No need to blow this up. No big PR stories, just good music made by Ponty Mython (Dirt Crew, Swedish Brandy, Eat More House) and Sebastien Vorhaus (Quintessentials, Faces Records, Vicario Musique). Buy it, play it, feel it!



RUSSELL, JOSEPH: Drums from Lagos 12" (RIF 004EP) 14.00
London's Joseph Russel delivers funk-driven quirky Chicago techno, opening with standout track "Drums of Lagos." What starts like a sturdy minimalist drum-and-snare-pattern monotrack turns into a discotech monster almost out of nowhere. With "Karma Shirr," "A Razz Comic 1," and "The Oink Master," this is an explosion of ultradynamic, unconventional, rhythmic techno, with a classic, Chicago-sounding, nice old skool vibe that in fact sounds really modern. Crackling dancefloor techno for finer floors and DJs to have and to hold. Written, produced, and performed by Joseph Russell, with "Karma Shirr" featuring guitar by Mark Harris and final mixdown by Prins Thomas.


RB 109EP

WILLIAMS, LARRY: Slow Down/Dizzy Miss Lizzy 7" (RB 109EP) 11.00
Pure rock and roll history here from one of New Orleans' finest, Larry Williams. "Slow Down" is nothing short of a total masterpiece, an eternally infectious classic which moves along like a '56 Cadillac, while "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" is equally seminal, a wild and hot mess of N'awlins piano, second-line drums, great horns, and a catchy, scratchy guitar riff.

RB 112EP

LITTLE RICHARD: Rip It Up/Ready Teddy 7" (RB 112EP) 11.00
Stone cold essential twin spin from the real King of Rock & Roll -- none other than Richard Wayne Penniman aka Little Richard. Seminal, piano-bashing, high-octane New Orleans screamers back to back! Not much left to be said about these landmark recordings, except throw on either side of this double-sided stick of vinyl dynamite and watch the dancefloor erupt!



ICECROSS: Icecross LP (ROCK 052LP) 23.00
2015 repress. "40th anniversary of 1973 Icelandic hard rock underground monster that's been the target of record collectors for nearly three decades. Carefully re-mastered for pristine sound that lays waste to all the bootlegs that have come before. Includes 12" x 12" insert with liner notes, clippings and photographs, and an 11" x 17" poster featuring cover art and band photos celebrating the 40th anniversary of this classic heavy rock cult favorite. Includes a quality, poly-lined paper sleeve. For fans of Leaf Hound, Blue Cheer, Elias Hulk, Iron Claw, Jerusalem, Necronomicon, Incredible Hog, Dust, Pentagram, Uriah Heep, High Tide, Flower Travellin' Band and the like. Icecross possess a unique and dark sound for their time which reveals influences ranging from Sabbath to Crimson to Blue Oyster Cult and beyond, all melded together in such a way to form their distinct Icecross style. Considered proto-metal by many, though they don't achieve this with a typical smash your face approach. Instead, Icecross unleash some killer inventive guitar sounds by way of Leslie speakers combined with wild ominous bass lines, frantic drumming, spooky effected vocals and splendid use of bow to create a perfect dark heavy guitar album. One of the few, if not the only, Icelandic band inspired by Sabbath at that time."


RC 044EP

LESS FEAT. GJAEZON: House Heroes 12" (RC 044EP) 12.50
Less presents his house heroes as classic Chicago old school house DJ tool cuts. Includes remixes by The Analog Roland Orchestra, Ruede Hagelstein, and Thomas Stieler, as well as a vinyl-only a cappella version.



FLOYD, VINCENT: Moonlight Fantasy CD (RHM 008CD) 17.00
Previously unreleased material by Chicago's great Vincent Floyd. Early works, mastered from the original DAT tapes. Electronic soul classics soaked in warm leads, dreamy drums, and gripping melodies... This CD version features four bonus tracks not included on the vinyl EP (RHM 008EP).



MAZHAR FUAT: Türküz Türkü Ça??r?r?z! CD (SHAD 170CD) 17.00
Shadoks Music presents the first ever official reissue of this beautiful album from Turkey, incredibly rare as an original LP and as good as the best Koray/Manço tunes. The roots of the group begin with the meeting of two teenage boys, Aziz Fuat Güner and Mazhar Alanson, and their common interest in the same album, The Beatles' Rubber Soul (1965). At the end of 1967 they began to work with Bar?? Manço and recorded many of his psychedelic period singles. In 1969 they recorded their first own single. In the autumn of 1973 Türküz Türkü Ça??r?r?z!, their only LP, was released by Yonca Records. In the beginning of the 1980s another member joined and ever since they were Mazhar Fuat Özkan (MFÖ). Türküz Türkü Ça?iririz! has a strong electric touch with powerful guitar effects, great vocals, some troubadour ballads, and mystical folk rock songs with a psychedelic touch.



ATKINSON, FELICIA: A Readymade Ceremony LP (SHELTER 055LP) 21.00
LP version. Limited to 500 copies. Félicia Atkinson (visual artist, writer, musician, graduate of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris) presents A Readymade Ceremony, a concrète/post-digital oratorio in five parts. In pursuit of a radical economic autonomy, she created A Readymade Ceremony entirely on her laptop using basic software. The album's first foundational element is a text collage of extracts from Atkinson's own 2014 book Improvising Sculpture As Delayed Fictions, French poet René Char's 1955 Recherche de la base et du sommet, and Georges Bataille's 1937 erotic prose piece Madame Edwarda, as well as found texts, mostly from the Italian magazine Mousse. Objects speaking, sculptures arguing: there is a surrealistic feeling in the dark whisperings that one hears responding to Madame Edwarda on "L'Oeil." The other foundational element is Atkinson's return to her early artistic influences, including The Martenot Method; such literary figures as Antonin Artaud, Henri Michaux, and Jean Genet; Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet, Pierre Henry, Cornelius Cardew, John Cage, Fluxus, Robert Ashley, Morton Feldman; noise, punk, drone, folk, and electronic music; and the filmmakers Brian de Palma, Nicolas Roeg, and Dario Argento. There's something potentially frightening that happens here, reminiscent of a feeling she felt while listening to Henry's Apocalypse de Jean as a child; something both scary and beautiful; something uncanny, like Ruth White reciting Baudelaire... a readymade ceremony. Notes on each track: "'Against Archives': What can a French woman in her 30s answer to this mostly masculine core of references? 'L'Oeil': What about asking a sweater or an electronic device to speak? 'The book is the territory': It's all about nostalgia; how the shifting of time changes our vision of the past and the future, like an echo or a delay. 'Carve the concept and the artichoke': Is this a waiting room? the prologue of an inexistent play or an introduction for a possible delayed climax? 'Recherche de la base et du sommet': Translates to 'research of the base and the peak,' as a raw reading of René Char. 'There is always a lack in the accident. There is no accident in the expression... the poet is not made of wood. The mouth and the eye speak separately.'" The music can be related to the work of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Valerio Tricoli, Grouper, Geoff Mullen, Sachiko M, and Kassel Jaeger. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering.



PRAIRIE: Like a Pack of Hounds CD (STRIKE 152CD) 15.50
Brussels-based Prairie present Like a Pack of Hounds, their debut full-length. Though their music is often described as ambient, Prairie is more like a dark trip through veins of post-post-rock ideas: electronic music production, instrumental layers, and powerful drone energy. Like a Pack of Hounds contains nine tracks full of fragile beauty, dangerous sounds, and guitars, in a kind of land-sound-scape style that really hits and hurts. Tracks like "Elle See" or "Closed for Thirty Midnights" feature crystalline vocal performances: "Elle See" is a disturbing song sung by French performer Lucille Calmel; the touching "Closed for Thirty Midnights" is sung by Prairie mastermind Marc Jacobs himself. Jacobs, born in the Netherlands and now living in Brussels, works as freelancer for the high profile music and art venue Bozar (Brussels) and for the art and nature festival Deep in the Woods (Massembre, Belgium), and is a co-curator for the Brussels Film Festival. The influences of these interests are on display in his work as Prairie. The CD includes Prairie's 2013 debut EP, I'm So in Love I Almost Forgot I Survived a Disaster, which is also available via the download code included with the LP.


PRAIRIE: Like a Pack of Hounds LP (STRIKE 152LP) 17.50
LP version. Includes download code for complete album plus Pairie's 2013 debut EP, I'm So in Love I Almost Forgot I Survived a Disaster.



GENTLEMEN FOUR, THE: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down/It Won't Hurt 7" (SOUL7 041EP) 11.00
Beautiful up-tempo, funky-edged northern soul with atmospheric and uplifting group vocals from The Gentlemen Four, an outfit who seem to have been prodigies of Dionne Warwick (she is credited as producer here and their next release appeared on her own Sonday label). The flip-side is a superior group-vox mid-tempo ballad.


MOORE & THE RHYTHM ACES, BOBBY: What Is That You Got? 7" (SOUL7 042EP) 11.00
Much is said in the mainstream media about million-selling records, yet the opposite is true of the no-hitters -- obscurities that sold badly and sank without a trace. Bobby Moore has the bittersweet experience of both. He gained fame and fortune with his Checker 45 Searching for My Love (1965), but his 1976 album Dedication of Love is hardly known today. Yet the music contained therein, in terms of heartfelt soul, is pure gold. For the first time on 45, here are two tracks from the album, a Holy Grail that is set for a complete reissue on Jazzman.



LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Liaisons Dangereuses LP (SSLP 006LP) 18.00
2015 repress; LP version; includes download code. Soulsheriff Records presents a milestone in electronic music, Liaisons Dangereuses' legendary 1981 self-titled debut album, newly remastered and reissued for the first time since 2002. Liaisons Dangereuses still fascinates today, through its innovative sound and the mystery encompassing it. The 10 electrifying songs, produced by Chrislo Haas (DAF) and Beate Bartel (Mania D, Matador) and reinforced by Krishna Goineau's French and Spanish speech-attack lyrics, created a unique style. The album, anything other than a typical Berlin or Düsseldorf thing, became an international favorite. Songs like "Peut Être... Pas" and "Los Niños del Parque" played a decisive role in the development of house in Detroit and Chicago, as well as various forms of European techno.



EFDE: Move On EP 12" (SWS 020EP) 12.50
After his killer remix on Samuel Dan's 2011 Shake It EP (SWS 011EP) and his compelling DJ sets and exquisite selection at places like Trouw and Soweso's label nights, Efdé presents his debut EP for Soweso. A unique blend of jacking house fuelled with warm pads and techno rhythms; drenched in Detroit nostalgia, but with a very contemporary vibe and an irresistible groove. Prime Numbers founder Trus'me, who has been making waves in the international techno scene with hits like "Somebody" (2013) and his 2013 album Treat Me Right, delivers a dark, eerie banger in his remix of "Move On."



VA: Slow Grind Fever Volume 4 LP (STAGO 065LP) 20.00
Stag-O-Lee presents the fourth volume of Slow Grind Fever. Compiled by London's DJ Diddy Wah, who is known for his Diddywah Blog, his radio show, and his constant presence as a host and DJ for London club nights like Heavy Sugar, Get Rhythm, and others. This volume, along with its predecessor, Volume 3 (STAGO 064LP), is also available on CD as Slow Grind Fever Volume 3 & 4 (STAGO 066CD). The decade between 1953 and 1963 offers an endless supply of danceable, up-tempo tunes. We're talking rhythm 'n' blues, and the phase in the early '60s when it morphed into soul (now called new breed), as well as popcorn -- Belgian music with a mid-tempo style and a high groove-factor. The Slow Grind Fever series highlights the slower side of this period, and takes its title and inspiration from an Australian club night billed as "Melbourne's only slow dance party." These events would include only the "slowest, spookiest, sweetest records" the DJs could find, with folks dancing "real slow in a haze of smoke and dim red light." Stag-O-Lee was convinced that this was a great concept for a compilation series, and have collaborated with those behind the Melbourne club night to present Slow Grind Fever, the fourth volume of which includes tracks by Jay Hawkins, Yvonne Fair & James Brown Band, Nappy Brown, Bobby Peterson Quintet, Big Daddy and His Boys, Roy Brown, Varetta Dillard, John Greer and His Combo, Duane Eddy, Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, The Jaguars, Yvonne Baker and the Sensations, The Stone Crushers, Cozy Cole, and El Pauling and The Royalton.



SLG: Varsovia Marimba 12" (STEP 005EP) 14.00
Spell "PETS" backward to get "STEP." Spell "STEP" forward to find PETS going back to basics. STEP is the vinyl-only label from the founders of PETS, Catz 'n Dogz, that highlights the rawest forms and root functions of quality club music. STEP finds the fundamental groove with under-the-radar house and techno that is isn't afraid to be rough around the edges. STEP is limited promo and all about the music.


SR 367LP

PALESTINE & RHYS CHATHAM, CHARLEMAGNE: Youuu + Mee = Weee (First) LP (SR 367LP) 15.50
Sub Rosa presents Youuu + Mee = Weee (First), a vinyl edition of the first disc of the three CD set Youuu + Mee = Weee (SR 367CD, 2014). Youuu + Mee = Weee is the first recorded collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham. And it's precious. Following the musical meetings with Z'ev (Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear, SR340CD/LP), and with Tony Conrad, these new Sub Rosa sessions create a sort of trilogy. Rhys Chatham began his musical career as a piano tuner for avant-garde pioneer La Monte Young, also working as a harpsichord tuner for Gustav Leonhardt, Rosalyn Tureck, and Glenn Gould. He soon studied under electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick became a member of Young's group, The Theater of Eternal Music, during the early '70s. Chatham also played with Tony Conrad in an early version of Conrad's group, The Dream Syndicate. In 1971, while still in his teens, Chatham became the first music director at the experimental art space The Kitchen in lower Manhattan. His early works, such as Two Gongs (1971), owed a significant debt to Young and other minimalists. His concert productions included experimenters Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, and early alternative rockers such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Arto Lindsay, and John Lurie. He has worked closely with visual artist and musician Robert Longo, particularly in the 1980s, and with visual artist Joseph Nechvatal on an experimental opera called XS: The Opera Opus (1984-6). By 1977, Chatham's music had become heavily influenced by punk rock after an experience at an early Ramones concert. He was particularly influential upon the group of artists music critics would label "no wave" in 1978. Members of the New York City noise rock group Band of Susans began their careers in Chatham's ensembles; they later performed a cover of Chatham's "Guitar Trio" on their 1991 album, The Word and the Flesh. Chatham began playing trumpet in 1983, and his more recent works explore improvisatory trumpet solos employing amplification and effects. Youuu + Mee = Weee (First) features Charlemagne Palestine on Bösendorfer piano, Yamaha organ, and voice and Rhys Chatham on trumpet, loop pedal, and electric guitar. This first edition is pressed on clear red vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

SR 391CD

UNEVEN ELEVEN: Live at Cafe OTO 2CD (SR 391CD) 18.00
Supergroup power trio featuring drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat), guitarist Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), and bassist Guy Segers (Univers Zero) caught in wild act at Cafe OTO, London, on May 24, 2013.

SR 391LP

UNEVEN ELEVEN: Live at Cafe OTO LP (SR 391LP) 15.50
LP version, featuring 4 tracks from the 10-track CD.



TWINK: Think Pink (Mono & Stereo Versions) 2CD (SBMS 5104CD) 19.50
Recorded in London in July 1969, and featuring members of Tomorrow, The Pretty Things, The Deviants, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, the legendary Think Pink (1970) is one of the hallowed relics of British underground rock. Its strikingly different mono mix was intended to appear in Decca's celebrated Nova Series, but the release was cancelled and the mix has never been heard -- until now. Assembled with the full participation of John "Twink" Alder, this two-CD set includes both the stereo and mono versions, with eight bonus tracks on the stereo disc, and comes complete with a 16-page color booklet containing detailed notes and rare images, making it truly essential for fans of UK psychedelia.


TR 303CD

MONOCHROME SET, THE: Spaces Everywhere CD (TR 303CD) 18.00
"On one hand, the music is very melodic and cheerful. The lyrics, however, deal with death, decay, change... no wonder we are rather popular with the undead," says singer, guitarist, and songwriter Bid of Spaces Everywhere, The Monochrome Set's twelfth studio album. A very particular humor. And a unique sound: although this time banjos, Hammond organ, female backing vocals, and even flutes can be heard, experts and laymen alike will recognize: this is The Monochrome Set. Undistorted, nervous guitars, like the soundtrack to a French new wave film... but one starring Michael Caine, Louis de Funès, and Jean-Paul Belmondo and directed by Andy Warhol. Peculiarly timeless, it is a sound that cannot be categorized. Although rooted in the 1950s and '60s (the guitar sound, for example, is a hybrid of Duane Eddy's and Sterling Morrison's), it still feels oddly modern. Then there is Bid's voice, which this time is more reminiscent of the great American crooners than of Lou Reed. Bid wrote most of the songs in May and June of 2014, and the band recorded them in Brixton, London. Perhaps the band's popularity among the undead will diminish upon hearing the springtime air that can thus be detected in this music. While music historians and critics continue to grapple with the baffling reasons for this band's lack of mainstream success, the in-crowd has always known what they have in The Monochrome Set. Time and again, the story is repeated: Johnny Marr found a single by the band in Morrissey's record collection and decided it might not be a bad idea to start a band with the somewhat eccentric singer. The influence of The Monochrome Set on bands like Felt, Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, and The Strokes can hardly be ignored. In early '80s Germany, the band heavily influenced one band in particular, Die Zimmermänner. And like every band that has borrowed more or less from Bid, Lester Square, Andy Warren, and Steve Brummell, they happen to be pretty good. So it's fitting that Timo Blunck of Die Zimmermänner was the one to mix Spaces Everywhere in Hamburg. The Monochrome Set present an album that will become a modern classic like Eligible Bachelors and "Strange Boutique." And where is the best place to listen to the album? Bid: "In a deconsecrated church, without a mirror." There he goes again.



AUTOMATICS GROUP, THE: Summer Mix 2LP (RAVE 008LP) 25.50
The Death of Rave presents a much-needed vinyl version of one of this decade's most uncanny pieces of computer music: Theo Burt's dance-pop deconstruction, Summer Mix. First issued as a limited CD edition by Entr'acte in 2011, it's become a bit of an iconic piece, presenting a non-trivial nostalgia trip that somehow sounds like a digitally diffused take on Gas, Basic Channel or Ross 154. It was created by applying a complex mathematical process known as a discrete Fourier transform upon a number of late '90s and '00s dance anthems, effectively sieving their contents before phase-resetting the data and discarding half of the information, with the surviving sounds subsequently organized in order of similarity. What's left is a haunting spectral impression: smeared traces of cloud-busted melody and motorik rhythm skeletons; rending anthemic metaphysics as a sublime murmuration of intangible memories, perhaps even simulating the effect of an MDMA-induced cultural amnesia. Due to the inherent frequency limitations of vinyl, the timbral thizz of the high-end sounds subtly altered on this version, with pulses pronounced just enough for adventurous DJs. The double LP also features the bonus of a pre-installed 33rpm version if you really want to break it down. While rooted in academic research, it's a transcendent and strangely emotive piece of work, and should serve as a fine introduction to Burt's music, a fascinating cultural arfifact, and a beautifully trippy listen. Created from tracks by Swedish House Mafia, PJ feat. Velvet, Roll Deep, Paul van Dyk, Deepest Blue, Supermode, Deadmau5, Mason Vs. Princess Superstar, Riva Starr, Sash!, Motorcycle, 4 Strings, PPK, DHT, Tiësto, Sonique, Grace, Gouryella, Roger Sanchez, and Eric Prydz.



BLACK SPIRITUALS: High Vibration Resonance Vol.1 Cassette (TTW 077CS) 7.00
Black Spirituals are Zachary James Watkins (electronics) and Marshall Trammell (percussion). At the time of this cassette's release, they are supporting Earth on their 2015 European tour. Recorded live at Disjecta Art Gallery on August 30th, 2014, by Daniel Menche. Mastered by Jacob Felix Huele. Black Spirituals' performance involves the manipulation of temporal experience using a framework of dynamic relationships and a "Multi-Aesthetic Approach to Improvisation." The title "Black Spirituals" is borrowed from a found cassette documenting a lecture given by Bernice Reagon on the roots music of American black slaves. These stories form a sonic resonance that speaks of rich relationships to one's surroundings, memories, profound feelings, dreams, and the experiences that inspire human expression. This duet features a new tradition in conversant, duo vernacular dynamics that sparked a revolution in our conceptions of space, stage, ritual, performance, geography, praxis, brotherhood, relationships, rockin' out, and more. Cover illustration by Savage Pencil. Edition of 200.


WRENCH, NIGEL: ZA86 Cassette (TTW 086CS) 7.00
ZA86 is a 25-year-old radio reporter's personal journey in the final, most repressive moments of a hated regime. The last years of apartheid were the most brutal, as a low-level civil war was battled out on the dusty streets of South Africa's black townships. Released on the 2015 25th anniversary of the day Nelson Mandela walked to freedom, ZA86 is edited from nine tapes in the unique cassette archive of Turnstyle News, unlocked for the first time from a Cape Town cellar. It takes the listener to a violent world with moments of great beauty. The reporter, far from being edited out, is very much present, as are the thumps and bumps he hears in his headphones. From a May Day call to arms by Winnie Mandela to the extreme views of white right-wingers; from 19-year-old platoon leaders to the aftermath of an attack by police and soldiers in Soweto; from the words of envoy Terry Waite to the funeral of a television cameraman and the Band Aid-like pop song released by the apartheid regime, ZA86 unflinchingly documents the disturbing reality of 1986 in South Africa. A journey into the heart of apartheid. Edited by Stephen Wrench. Tape selection by Diane McCarthy. Presented in mono, in keeping with the original cassettes. Dedicated to the democratic spirit of Gerald Kraak. Edition of 150.



DJ DEEP & ROMAN PONCET: Extraction 12" (TRESOR 274EP) 12.50
The debut collaboration between Deeply Rooted House founder DJ Deep and emerging artist Roman Poncet, presented as two 12" EPs (this release and Hydraulic Pressure (TRESOR 275EP)). DJ Deep, uncovered by Laurent Garnier in the early '90s, has always rested on the cusp of modernity, whether in house or techno, and continues to seek out likeminded artists, including Poncet, to propel his vision. Roman Poncet surfaced in 2013 on Len Faki's Figure. His catalog has since expanded to include releases on Deeply Rooted as well as Taapion Records. The blend of these two profoundly compatible producers is simply incendiary.



REVELS, THE: Intoxica/Comanche 7" (TTSHAKE 122EP) 8.00
Two Pulp Fiction classics of the wild and sleazy rock and roll instrumental genre. "Intoxica" is well titled -- the guitarist sounds like he's been slipped a couple of wallbangers as he lackadaisically strums a slowed-up surf riff while in the background a honky-tonk piano jostles for air with a groaning, rasping sax, and all the while, strange and no doubt inebriated voices interject with unprompted laughter as a menacing voice exclaims the song's title! On the flip, "Comanche" is a more up-tempo and even wilder romp, well known and loved from its prominent appearance in the cult Tarantino flick.

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