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Forced Exposure New Releases for 1/9/2017

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New music is due from Loscil and Koen Holtkamp, while old music is due from Grouper, Azymuth, and Eliane Radigue.


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PRICE: $9.50
HOLTKAMP, KOEN Gong Solo Cassette
Koen Holtkamp presents Gong Solo on Cassauna. Holtkamp on the release: "These pieces are the first part of a series devoted to exploring the gong, so I decided to begin with a very simple approach. 'Mallet' is literally the first recording I made with the gong on the day I acquired it, so it represents my initial reaction to the instrument. It's the same basic tempo struck with a single mallet but varying intensity and position of the mallet on the gong to get a wider range of dynamics and sound. 'Sine' uses a single low frequency sine wave, tuned to a resonant frequency of the gong. Other than fading out the sine wave coming from the speaker behind the gong at the very end, I didn't make any changes during the recording, so the minute fluctuations that happen during the piece are purely from the gong interacting with the bass tone." "Mallet" was recorded in 2015 and "Sine" was recorded in 2016.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Far Out Jazz And Afro Funk CD
2010 release. Bringing together driving Afro beat, trademark Latin funk rhythms and American-styled jazz, this electrifying collection has been re-mastered for super high quality sound and shows off the field at its best. Far deeper and harder than you'd expect, African roots come through in the infectious batuque drumming, percussion and scatting chants. Alongside three previously unreleased tunes comes the very best grooving funk from Azymuth's chart buster "Jazz Carnival" to Sabrina Malheiros's modern classic "New Morning". Fusing the creative talents of this pioneering trio is the outstanding electronic music innovator Natures Plan, aka Marc Mac of 4 Hero: inventive, fearless but always utterly brilliant grooving funk. Brazilian Groove Band's "Dance" is a perfect North American, Latin cross over soulful jazz with the funkiest of edges: vintage New York brass and smoky jazz mix with the deep bass, percussion and '70s jazz funk organs of Brazil. There are also previously unreleased versions of Future Warriors's "Pembe" and Roc Hunter's "Magnetic Feel" before Sabrina Malheiros's beguiling summer anthem spectacular "New Morning" and Azymuth band leader and legendary keyboardist José Roberto Bertrami brings infectious '80s grooves on "Eighties Times". With heavy African and samba (brought to Brazil by predominantly African slaves in the 19th century) influenced tracks showcasing Brazil's musical heritage and the sounds of modern Brazil this is one of the very best, all-encompassing Brazilian jazz and Afro funk compilations, giving a true insight in to this ever evolving genre. Finishing where the album begins with a second track from the kings of jazz funk Azymuth, Offworld's psychedelic re-work of "Chameleon" floats this infectious collection to a beautifully warped close. Following hugely popular guides to bossa nova and samba, Far Out Recordings's third installment delivers a genre-spanning slice of the finest funky, afro jazz. Also features: Marcos Valle, Trouble Man, Grupo Batuque.
PRICE: $14.00
J'S BEE Isotope CD
2013 release. Isotope: Elemental variance defined by nuclei. From the Greek "isos" meaning equal and "topos" meaning place. Seven renowned musicians of distinct musical heritage with a shared vision and purpose, when combined, produce an utterly unique aural experience. Forged in the aftermath of Japan's nuclear catastrophe of 2011, Isotope is an album of precision crafted cinematic soundscapes fusing elements of jazz, rock and electronica layered with heartfelt vocals. A poignant musical depiction of our shared future hanging in the balance, Isotope sees J's Bee artfully maturing beyond genre. The album glides between evident musical dynamics and unbeknown musical genres. From the dark, bass driven album opener "Strange Supper", the momentous, ceaseless flurries of chaos in "Angel Puke" to "Granma", a sax-laden cut over a fast broken beat who's title refers to the name of the yacht used to transport 82 fighters of the Cuban Revolution in 1956 by Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara. Yuko's vocal takes "Chuck It All" under her wrath pronouncing lyrics of being maternal and a revolutionist in a tumultuous manner. The instrumental songs harbor the dark side, contrasting both humanity and the world, providing the listener with a smooth yet eerie ensemble of experimental approaches. The band that initially formed over 10 years ago stand by their original sound that set them apart, refraining from commercializing their music. Continuously receiving strong support for their borderless music style and performance ability has allowed J's Bee to interact and connect with people in all walks. With previous tracks featured on Japanese TV including a sync with a Smirnoff advertisement, they have been invited to numerous different music festivals and gigs including one of Japan's famous festivals, Metamorphose advocated by Dalai Lama, the World Festival of Sacred Music Hiroshima, and The Fuji Rock Festival where the bands spectrum of backgrounds from classic, jazz, rock, dub, electro and club music were fully embraced. Recorded at Trip Echo studio and mixed by Yagotoyama Kobo, Isotope is a lushly arranged album that goes beyond a genre.
PRICE: $15.50
AZYMUTH Aurora Remixes + Originals 2CD
2013 release. Previously unreleased, vinyl-only remixes and re-edits of Azymuth's Aurora (FARO 157CD, 2011) by some of dance music's stalwarts such as 4 Hero, Ashley Beedle and Zed Bias. The release contains a second CD with the full-length original Aurora album. Disc one features Far Out Recordings's specially commissioned, electrifying selection of remixes and re-edits from a host of today's most in-demand producers to pay homage to these now classic cuts laid down by the masters of "samba doido" ("crazy samba"). All having been heavily influenced by Azymuth's historical career at the forefront of Brazilian jazz funk taken global, this disc presents the heart and soul of Rio's favorite sons, reworked and reignited by the imaginations of a generation of artists they had such a huge effect on. A fitting tribute to these true legends of Brazilian music. Disc one also features remixes from: We Are The Horsemen, Maddslinky, MODE, Opolopo, Kirk Degioirgio, Mark E, LTJ Xperience and Paul White. Disc two features the original Aurora release. Returning to their unique sound, this recording was originally released in 2011 to celebrate over 35 years of Azymuth as "arguably the most successful band to come out of Brazil". The signature swing samba is heavier than ever with a string of unforgettable tunes, from dancefloor fillers and lush jazz to hard, grooving samba funk and warped psychedelia. Together the original three piece Azymuth orchestra has made their strongest album since the seminal recordings Azimuth (1975) and 1979's Light As A Feather (FARO 170CD). Discover why musicians as diverse as Friendly Fires and Madlib are addicted to this innovative boogie monster.
PRICE: $14.00
2014 release. After being on the road for quite a while, playing for different audiences in many venues, Otis Trio, from the industrial outskirts of São Paulo, is finally releasing their first full-length album, 74 Club. It features many talented jazz cats that add an outstanding groove to the mix. Otis Trio proves to be one of the most intense and active jazz ensembles in the contemporary Brazilian music scene. After the recording of 74 Club, the stage has become smaller and smaller for them, having sometimes five or six musicians blasting the purest jazz instead of just the original threesome. Some names as Andre Calixto (sax) and Beto Montag (vibraphone) are now officially part of the "trio". The opening track of the album, "Montag's Dream" is arguably their most beautiful piece. An initial lethargy sustained by Montag's soft playing of the vibraphone pave the way for the clarinet and the trumpet while the tenor-sax of Andre Calixto slowly comes up and takes its part as the lead role in this tune through an inspired and subtle shift. With a different approach, the track "DNN" starts as a free jazz horn brawl in which sax, trumpet and trombone create a raucous, dense layer that is supported by the frantic rhythm imprinted by Lazzarin (drums) and Ciriaco (double bass) that gradually goes steady to bolster an inspiring dialog between the guitar and the vibraphone only to erupt again with the horns for an appropriate grand finale. "Tempestade", which means "Storm" in English, is a sumptuous, swinging tune that becomes fresh with the addition of horns and vibraphone. This is the kind of song that gets under your skin and stays there, just like "Otis Natu", it's a track that brings such a vibrant, intense drumming work that suits the straightforwardness of the catchy riffs that will be on the back of your head for days. With 74 Club, Otis Trio shows how resolute their project is, with such intense and extraordinary themes, they know exactly where to lead their unique musical expression and passion.
PRICE: $14.00
FRIENDS FROM RIO Friends From Rio Project 2014 CD
2014 release. In keeping with the very ethos of Far Out Recordings, The Friends From Rio project cements the bonds originally welded by a young Joe Davis, when he set off to Rio, in search of the mysterious sounds of Brazil. Coming from the heart and soul of Rio de Janeiro, Project 2014 features some of the most accomplished legends of Rio's musical underground, including Alex Malheiros, Hyldon, Aleh Ferreira, Robertinho Silva, Sabrina Malheiros and a host of other Far Out Recordings favorites. Consisting of all original material (with the exception of a blistering version of Jorge Ben's timeless "Mas Que Nada"), this is a reunion of old friends and that's exactly how it sounds. Every track is in some way reminiscent of the kind of music Joe Davis and friends were playing on the underground club scene in London, back at the time of the first Rio project. While principally a Brazilian record, lofty disco synths and funk basslines take tracks "So Resta A Porta","Veneno" and "Fogo No Chao" beneath the lights of a spinning mirror ball, while samba batucadas and fiery brass sections keep "Casino Bangu" and Hyldon and Alex Malheiros's fantastically funky "Leite De Pedra", decidedly under the Rio sun. The album also explores deeper territory with "Batucada Bidu" providing an instrumental stint of intense, driven samba percussion, while Robertinho Silva's solo on "Japa" is deep and intriguing Brazilian jazz music at its finest. Nostalgia balanced with vitality is inherent throughout, punctuated by the artwork, which is based on the bottle cap of the '60s/'70s Brahma Guarana. Yet while the album is something of a reunion, finally managing to work with renowned Brazilian artists Hyldon, Aleh Ferreira and others, it was an opportunity Far Out Recordings could not pass up on. It's a collaborations with legends like these, with the flare of Azymuth's Alex Malheiros, the direction of label boss Joe Davis and the production of Daniel Maunick that make the Friends From Rio project, the truly special record it is, just like the two Rio projects before it. Also features: Carlos Dafé, Suonho, Denise Pinaud, Ivan Matheus, Banda Utopia, Agnaldo Kantor, Joao Coutinho.
H 10151LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: H 10151LP
2017 repress. Black vinyl version. The Strawberry Jam is a rather fresh UK band and Jam is their debut from 2007, originally released on CD. The first three songs have a quite earthy feel and go from utterly cool country garage rock hybrids to proto-punkish eruptions, all within the first ten minutes of the record. Initially it's tempting to file this band under garage rock music due to its lovely late '60s feeling. There is a savage lead guitar on the first few songs, making them a great joy to listen to. However, there is much more to discover. "Alice D.", "I Like You The Most" and "Alice D. Reprise" take the turn from the down-to-earth, fuzzed-out US garage rock to a rather British psychedelic pop with a slightly giddy expression. This is the kind of stuff on some early records from the London underground and Canterbury scene. The more laid back and folkish psychedelic sound and the weird humorous pieces stay with the listener for a while until The Strawberry Jam find themselves slipping through a time hole which leads from early 1967 to the summer of 1969. "I Don't Want To Make You Mine" is a straight blues rock stomper with a typical British blues approach similar to bands such as Savoy Brown or Ten Years After. Some more beautiful hippie folk follows in its veins and an epic psychedelic pop tune ends a very colorful and captivating album. It's noticeably a modern day effort since this bandwidth of styles and sounds would have been a bit too far out for an original sixties audience. The closing track "Dragon Seed" is a laid-back epic with ever drifting rhythmic pulsations and a wicked swirl of sounds. A few moments of free-form experiments close this retrospective but joyful album. From The Seeds to MC5 to The Beatles to Tomorrow and Twink, this is a great soundtrack for a summer trip.
PRICE: $16.00
LOSCIL Monument Builders LP
LP version. "Monument Builders is the new album from Loscil, the ambient/electronic project of prolific composer Scott Morgan. It was primarily created on sample-based instruments in Morgan's century-old Vancouver home. Like that aged space, this music is also rough-hewn, with rickety samples of boiling kettles and resonant moving air. Recordings from a vintage micro-cassette recorder contribute distortion, rattles and textures that serve as both percussion and abstract aural color. According to Morgan, the genesis for the album may have begun as he viewed an old VHS copy of the American experimental film Koyaanisqatsi. 'Something about the time-tarnished visuals and the pitch warble on Philip Glass's epic score added a new layer of intrigue for me,' says Morgan. 'Glass has always been an influence but lo-fi Glass felt like a minor revelation, as if the decay was actually enhancing the impact of the film's message.' The investigations on Monument Builders also took inspiration from the anti-humanist writings of influential philosopher John Gray, as well as photographer Edward Burtynsky's iconic aerial photographs of pollution and environmental destruction. 'Gray's writing, particularly his book Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals, reinforced a bleak notion I had that we humans don't have much say in how it all turns out,' says Morgan. 'With Burtynsky, I was struck by the fact that something so strikingly beautiful could be the result of large-scale waste and exploitation.' Monument Builders was composed during a period in which the life-and-death battles of close friends and family forced Morgan to examine his own feelings on mortality. In the course of that introspection, Morgan found himself buoyed by a feeling of celebration and a stubborn sense of survival -- an acknowledgement of what it means to be able to breathe and create amidst the clash of love and chaos. Ultimately, Morgan hopes the music here can offer listeners solace while leaving room for exploration and surprise."
OW 004-1LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: OW 004-1LP
2017 repress. Reissue of Paternoster's self-titled album, originally released in 1972. Not every kraut album comes from a German band. Brainticket were in fact Swiss with a Belgian mastermind, for example. Paternoster on the other hand, who play an organ-driven solemn progressive rock with a heavy edge, come from Austria and really enlighten the heart of all fans of dark and often morbid rock music. It might be a good idea to overhear the pronunciation and the whole lyrics and take the vocals as another instrument, adding some color to the whole picture. The voices are indeed quite charismatic and memorable as are the compositions. The late 1960s psychedelic scene has surely made an impact on this band, considering the fuzzy lead guitar, creeping rhythms and wicked keyboards often creating a climate of sheer dementia with the mournful voice of the singer on top. The record sounds as if the band was jamming in a giant church hall and therefore has a really gloomy mood. There are quite a few freak-outs to be experienced along the way and in most cases they turn into some epic space trips that recall the greatest early Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd processions just with a funeral atmosphere. This is a mournful album that sounds tragic before even considering the lyrics center on the average working day of an average man. Could progressive rock get more demented than Van Der Graaf Generator? This is vivid proof. Made by freaks, for freaks.
OW 014LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: OW 014LP
2017 repress. Ohrwaschl Records present a reissue of McChurch Soundroom's Delusion, originally released in 1971. The cover of the gatefold sleeve promises sheer darkness and madness - A skull in a bird's nest on the back and a skull covered with candle wax on the front. The rather pastoral folky beginning seems to prove these ominous expectations wrong but the heavy progressive organ driven rock of this German outfit comes close to what the artwork suggests. "Delusion" contains twisted passages with an atmosphere of sheer insanity and heavy rocking outbursts of the classic kind that shakes souls and drags them into a different world. Some classic blues rock parts get thrown in for good measure but the focus on progressive and heavy aspects. "Dream Of A Drummer" proves that the bassist a real maniac as he really smokes it in some of the more loose sections when he and the drummer create flashing rhythms upon which the lead guitarist takes off into other spheres. Being crazy must be of importance here but McChurch Soundroom are sensitive to dynamic as well, keeping the listeners attention when it comes to lengthy instrumental jam parts with duels and dialogues. All-in-all, this is definitely a prototypical '70s heavy progressive outfit and it has the spirit of most UK bands from 1969 to 1971, including vocals with a flawless English pronunciation. Listening beyond the melodies, there are some weird rhythm patterns. Solemn organ parts lead the listener to the darkest and dirtiest backstreet pub before getting struck by powerfully rocking jazz passages. McChurch Soundroom's Delusion takes a trip into the remote areas of urban life, all of it in a quite heavy fashion. For fans of Gravy Train or early Jethro Tull.
OW 019LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: OW 019LP
2017 repress. Ohrwaschl Records present a reissue of Analogy's The Suite. German progressive rock band Analogy released its sole classic, Analogy (1972), and even scored a deal for Italy but soon seemed to have faded into obscurity. Nobody really was aware of a recording named The Suite that happened around 1980. It presented the folky side of Analogy, who seemed at least quite creative for a time when electronic pop took over the whole music scene. Analogy went into the opposite direction and reached out for musical realms that have been visited by legendary English acts like Trees, Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span. Dramatic and powerful rock with a progressive edge meets mystical and magical British folk in a way that is reminiscent of an English or Irish band from 1972 rather than a bunch of Germans about to cross the threshold to the '80s. This is handmade and the musicians play with a simmering passion. Two epic compositions were originally part of The Suite but for this reissue, a bonus track has been unearthed from the vaults to add even more value to this gem. Several passages have a theatrical approach and feel like music from a stage play and movie like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) or records Meat Loaf recorded in the late '70s, but those aspects are only tinges of color in an overwhelming sound picture drawn by this truly progressive band. For everybody who loves the heavier Horslips and epic stuff like Omega, this album develops, passage to passage, and makes this journey into your dreams a worthwhile trip.
OW 026LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: OW 026LP
2016 repress. Ohrwaschl Records present a reissue of Dies Irae's First, originally released in 1971. German proto heavy metal and proto doom metal has always been more of an underground genre due to the fact that most bands only reached a regional level in every aspect. Dies Irae are certainly something of an exception to the rule when it comes to the quality. First is heavy and dark with open song structures that leave much room for experimentation. Despite the fact that the simmering fuzz guitar cuts through like a chainsaw, there are still many parts in each song showcasing a fondness for playful jazz-inspired passages where all musicians prove their skills and conjures a gloomy atmosphere. The musicians have a light-footed swing but in other cases, Dies Irae go utterly crazy in a psychedelic freak-out fashion. Trippy moments are abundant on First and come in between the hard-hitting, heavily-grinding doom outbursts. Nobody was even eager to call it doom yet but all the ingredients were there - Think of a jam session with Black Sabbath and Amon Düül II. This album is highly original and deserving of a place among the greatest krautrock albums of all times. The acid is audible and doing its work in a very skillful way. For fans of proto metal from the early '70s, who dig music with a progressive edge and have a fondness for trippy psychedelic rock.
XI 119CD
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: XI 119CD
RADIGUE, ELIANE Trilogie de la Mort 3CD
Restocked; 1998 release. Voted one of 1998's top 15 Records of the Year in Modern Composition by the writers and critics of The Wire, Trilogie de la Mort is a work in three parts for anolog Arp synthesizer. The first third of the work, Kyema, is inspired by The Tibetan Book of the Dead and invokes the six intermediate states that constitute the existential continuity of the being. Kailasha, the second chapter, is structured on an imaginary pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash, one of the most sacred mountains in the Himalayas. Koumé makes up the last part of the trilogy and emphasizes the transcendence of death.
GR 014LP
PRICE: $43.00
CAT #: GR 014LP
Special second edition; Letter pressed with insert; Includes CD of a thunder storm field recording taken at residency; Black on white jacket instead of white on black as with the original; Self-released; Edition of 500. One per customer.


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