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Bill Rieflin (Ministry, the Revolting Cocks, KMFDM, SWANS, NIN, etc), Robert Fripp and Trey Gunn (King Crimson) first pooled their impressive talents on Rieflin's debut solo album from earlier this year, "Birth of a Giant", also on First World Records. "The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior" is 53 minutes of instrumental improvisations from the same sessions. Whereas the majority of the tracks on "BoaG" were well crafted experimental pop songs, the 10 untitled tracks found here are little more than self indulgent, masturbatory jamming ... unfocused, leftover session fodder better left in the vaults. The music ranges from laid back ambient atmospheres, courtesy of Fripp and Gunn's unique guitar tones, to rapid-fire and somewhat random, headache inducing guitar/drum/bass noise blasts. There's a lot of talent in the room but to my ears there's a serious lack of soul. I'm sure the prog rock / acid jazz crowds would be able to find whatever it is they find in this sort of stuff ... but it does nothing for me. Save for three of the longer (7+ minute) tracks of the more ambient nature, "Repercussions.." is really disappointing. "Birth of a Giant" makes much better use of the talents of Rieflin, Fripp and Gunn (and several others) and remains one of my favorite new albums of 1999. Get it instead ... - Mark Weddle
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