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4/7/2013 - 4/13/2013

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Forced Exposure has new music from Wolf Eyes, Little Women, and H Burns, while old music is due from Ravi Shankar, Scott Key, Deepchord, and Madvillan.



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A&L 001LP

STEINBERG, DANIEL: Treptow 2LP (A&L 001LP) 20.00
Double LP version featuring 8 tracks from the CD. Berlin DJ/producer Daniel Steinberg locked himself in his East Berlin studio for a nine-day period of self-imposed exile that ultimately laid the foundations for his opus, Treptow. "For the nine days I didn't speak to a soul except for the pizza delivery guy and completely lost my mind (in the best possible way) listening to some very obscure experimental music from the likes of Ron Geesin, Mark Shreeve, and Trevor Wishart." Long-lauded by Jesse Rose who signed him to his Front Room Recordings label and the likes of Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Claude VonStroke, who've supported his tunes, Treptow speaks of a producer enjoying a deep vein of inspiration. Over 14 tracks he has crafted an album filled to the brim with rich, personality-laden electronic music that's indicative of not just the breadth of his production palette, but his passion and commitment towards creating colorful dance music with genuine soul and feeling. To encase oneself in the world of Steinberg's Treptow is to be taken on a trip through the artist's kaleidoscopic musical consciousness, which effortlessly swings from the multi-layered bass grooves and low-slung funk of "Mechanics," to the disco-tinged vibes of "True Romance" and "Joy & Happiness," the latter of which received Beatport's "Track of the Day" upon release in 2012. A long-time hero of the Berlin club scene with regular appearances at Watergate, Tresor and Suicide Circus, as well as the Fusion Festival, Steinberg was 13 when the Berlin Wall came down. He has fond memories of slipping out of his bedroom window to attend the legendary E-Werk and Bunker clubs, immersing himself in the sounds of Strictly Rhythm, R&S, Low Spirit and Bonzai Records. Such was his passion for the movement that he quickly became the DJ for his school in Treptow making mixtapes for his friends. Years later, it was also in Treptow that he produced his first record in his tiny apartment, and today it's that very former apartment that is the location for his studio and the site of creation for his latest album, making this a fitting tribute.



VANCE, CHRISTIAN: Uneasy Me 12" (AOV 007EP) 12.50
Australia's electronic export, Christian Vance, delivers a title-track with both tension and dancefloor romance. Pursuing a restless path, the rhythm and melody come together like an intimate rendezvous caught in the headlights late at night. Drum machine meets synthesizer, unresolved and unrestrained. Aril Brikha's "Sleazy Me" remix resonates the original for a later hour, driving the energy deeper never to see the light of day. The B-side "Gymnastics 411" is all about the fun that happens afterwards.



LITTLE WOMEN: Lung CD (AUM 076CD) 13.00
"Lung -- the highly anticipated new album and composition from Brooklyn's genre-defying Little Women -- is an epic without precedent. Where their acclaimed 2010 suite Throat (AUM061) grabbed listeners by their necks from the first seconds, Lung arises slowly from silence to embrace and entrance. Tenor saxophonist Travis Laplante, alto saxophonist Darius Jones, guitarist Andrew Smiley, and drummer Jason Nazary collectively composed and refined this piece over more than a year. It is a collaborative work at the purest level, and is by far their most dynamic work to date. Tone poem evocation, pop group melodicism, all-four-vocal-chords-as-one intonation, and unparalleled shrapnel-sharp/laser-beam-focused shredding are some of the sonic vistas moved through during Lung."



VA: The Riot EP 12" (BBR 003EP) 14.00
Batti Batti presents a release from label boss Owen Jay and studio partner Melchior Sultana. Avoiding the use of sampling, the Riot EP is a 4-tracker of genuine deepness, very original in style and structure and having all sounds produced on vintage hardware gear. Rumor has it that DJ Jus-Ed has been playing these tracks for the past two years and as the engraving on the vinyl suggests, BBR03 is dedicated to the deep house community worldwide. Limited to 300 copies.



ABER, SHLOMI: The Doppler/Limited By You 12" (BAO 041EP) 12.50
Shlomi Aber is known for his dark, neverending grooves, and this Be as One release is once again proof of how the label boss is able to inject the right amount of funk in his beats. After the success of "We Don't Fit" on Cadenza, "Fooling Games (feat. Moggli)" on Be as One and "Mancha" on Desolat, Shlomi drops "The Doppler" and "Limited By You." Both sit on the line between house and techno, with Shlomi's trademark rolling tech-funk grooves driving the dance.


BEC 5161279

VA: Les Inrocks Lab Volume 1 CD (BEC 5161279) 15.50
Both known for giving the opportunity to emerging French talents, Inrocks Lab and Because Music decided to work together in order to create a necessary take-off platform highlighting those artists coming from the online and live scenes. This association aims every year to release a compilation of young artists who represent the future of the French indie-electro scene: The Inrocks Lab Compilation. Signed with record labels since their participation in this compilation, Christine And The Queens (Because), Granville (Eastwest), TotalWarr (Savoir Faire) and Owlle (Sony) are the perfect examples of how efficient this lab is. Surely, from this music lab will come tomorrow's hits. Other artists include: Grandville, April Was A Passenger, Bow Low, Les Filles Et Les Garçons, Erevan Tusk, Gomina, Fauve, Apes & Horses, Rrose Tacet, Griefjoy, Sintropez, Mermonte, Wolves & Moons, Oh! Tiger Mountain, and Set & Match.

BEC 5161299

H-BURNS: Off the Map CD (BEC 5161299) 15.50
Off the Map, H-Burns' fourth album, is an album labeled, engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Albini. And it's pretty obvious: fourteen tight songs carved in eight days, by five people (drums, guitars, keyboards, bass), without ever leaving the studio. After the critical success of We Go Way Back and the recent collaboration with Chris Bailey of the legendary Australian band The Saints, H-Burns continues on Off the Map to move towards a sound which is less and less harsh, but instead wider and wider. H-Burns dropped the plaid shirts, and now they truly have become a great classy rock band, a band that doesn't know any borders. Off the Map is a world-record where the concepts of maps and territories are the cement of the lyrics, in a total symbiosis with the sound: brass performed by the musicians from Wilco's latest albums, a drummer who hits a snare drum from the 1930s, keyboard parts played on vintage instruments that sound like they haven't been touched for years.



DAEGA SOUND: State of Mind/Fox Wing 12" (BLKBXXX 010EP) 11.00
Scene stalwarts in their native British Columbia, brothers and production partnership Daega Sound have taken the dubstep template and injected into it a fusion mix of electronic music DNA. "State of Mind" draws as much on '90s hardcore as it does techno, D&B, and electro. Rushing synths build pressure before the sudden zero-g inertia drop of percussive movement and sub-undulation. Daega Sound cover slightly more conventional territory on "Fox Wing," drenching strident half-step in thick layers of techy reverbed texture.



VA: WIZZZ! French Psychorama 1966-1970 Volume 2 CD (BORNBAD 013CD) 15.50
2008 release. Since the success of the first volume in 2002, WIZZZ! has been considered the benchmark compilation of French '60s alternative pop. It launched an unprecedented craze for this rare breed of disc, featuring exceptionally danceable rhythms, twisted sounds from another world and demented lyrics, coupled with an underlying sense of mockery. It focuses on the creativity of these French artists who dared to break with the boring commercial conventions of their era. If your notion of French '60s music is based on innocuous hits from the likes of Adamo and Sheila, this new collection of rare and unreleased tracks, unearthed from the obscure depths of made-in-France pop, will astonish you with the brilliance and daring of a few of their deranged cousins, who passed completely unnoticed in the epoch of Gainsbourg. WIZZZ! 2 rediscovers and revitalizes these underground geniuses and freaks. Their audacity and inventiveness refutes those who sneer about the alleged inferiority of French pop. Includes a 38-page booklet.


CLOTHILDE: Queen of the French Swinging Mademoiselle 1967 LP (BORNBAD 047LP) 18.00
LP version. Comes with a four-page insert. Clothilde, queen of the "Swingin' Mademoiselles." Why Clothilde? Why not that more star-worthy, internationally-acclaimed Françoise Hardy, or the more akin to the sub-genre, France Gall? Because she's the most characteristic, archtypical French mademoiselle, that's why! Christine Pilzer, even Jacqueline Taïeb before her, both may have been rediscovered first in this style unique to French '60s pop, and Stella also may have been the most out and out "anti-ye-ye" with her slightly anti-establishment and derisive lyrics countering the pop system and establishment, but Cleo's all about text, not that much as a whole production. As such, Clothilde takes the crown. Not only has Clothilde the most natural (albeit unknowingly) disposition as a chanteuse, singing such subversive lyrics with as much second degree detachment as possible but also, the music itself is highly original: inventive arrangements including French horn, musical saw, church bells, barrel organ, marimba, brass fiddle, woodwinds, and busy fuzz guitar amidst all that slapstick comedy-like audio bric-à-brac. Almost avant-garde in concept, it was imagined and produced by Clothilde's impresario, manager and indeed creator, legendary Disques Vogue A.D. Germinal Tenas. This could've only come out of France.


CATHOLIC SPRAY: Earth Slime LP (BORNBAD 048LP) 18.00
In the days of conscious jazz (music done by those who know way too much about it) and pale idols (Bon Iver, James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, people nobody wants to look like), sorting through the new releases is a dirty job. Then comes the day you stumble upon Amazon Hunt, Catholic Spray's first album, and everything suddenly gets faster, louder, and weirder. The year was 2011, the record label was Teenage Menopause, and the record sounded like one of those days made of nothing but raw, naked truth when you wake up shirtless at 5 a.m., stuck in a building devastated by flames, slowly remembering the atrocious rumble between two transsexuals in the lobby hall that started it all. You know that kind of record. You also know the kind of band who makes such records: their story usually ends in ugly fights after six or eight months and you're left with rage, regrets and infinite blabbering. Well, it appeared Catholic Spray wasn't one of those bands. Reminding the indie peasants they are the band responsible for making the 18th district of Paris cool again ("Hustling In Barbès"), Catholic Spray charges right on with an array of mongoloid hooks thrown at maximum speed ("Masterchief of the Foxes," "Drift with Satan"), hitting harder and meaner when necessary ("Black Cat"), just to remind they definitely own the race, even though they still drive with eyes closed, guided only by Pierre and Cyprien's voices, both singing like rats fighting against the wind, screaming for a smoke and a piece of ass, legal or not. The kind of guys who, when you meet them face to face, pass their whole life on to you, just like a disease. And with a record like Earth Slime, that shit could spread faster than rabies.


FEELING OF LOVE, THE: Reward Your Grace LP (BORNBAD 050LP) 18.00
LP version with mp3 download. Since its beginning, The Feeling Of Love evolved from a one-man-band playing minimal and nihilist garage-blues with a no wave leaning, to a trio still in the garage vibe but with more complexity and strong Krautrock and psychedelic influences. The band, mostly based in Metz (France), comes from the mind of Guillaume Marietta, who was joined by Seb Normal and Sebastien Joly for their first studio album released through Born Bad Records in April 2011. Dissolve Me is the band's Kraut space garage manifesto. Songs stretch out, the drums go more tribal, the synth hammers out his keys on an infinite highway, and the guitar gets lost in delay pedal's fog. One thinks Suicide, Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground, Can, Syd Barrett. The record has enabled the band to reach a larger audience, to hit the stage of big festivals like Rock en Seine in Paris and to be critically-acclaimed by the French media (front page of Telerama, press articles in Le Monde, Les Inrockuptibles, Noise, Magic, Grazia, etc.) and had many reviews on U.S. and European blogs. Nosey/Vice also shot a documentary about the band. After countless shows all over Europe and two tours in U.S.A., sharing the stage with bands such as Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, The Intelligence, Girls, Strange Boys, etc., The Feeling of Love now present Reward Your Grace. Even if the songs keep their psychedelic and melancholic garage essence, the band re-think their music by exploring shoegaze and pop territories. Reward Your Grace is a much more light record yet even more accomplished. Something between psych-pop ballads and long trance soundtracks disturbed by sonic blasts.


BB 131LP

SOLYST: Lead LP+CD (BB 131LP) 22.00
LP on 180 gram vinyl with CD. The second album by Kreidler drummer Thomas Klein -- alias Sølyst -- is a hypnotic journey into the heart of darkness. Foreboding synth patterns, menacing bass lines, driving drum figures, cavernous percussion effects: Sølyst delves into new depths with his tribal Kraut dub. Ten pieces are collected on Lead. The first of these, "Pierbourg," rolls into the unknown with stoic determination, as if feeling its way through an indefinable darkness to leave its mark. A fierce, stomping beat drives straight ahead, unperturbed, leaving no doubt as to its decisiveness. Drums, percussion, synth patterns, delays and skeletal, sparse fragments of melodies characterize the sound over the next 40 minutes. The album docks onto the sonic universe of its predecessor, yet the sound is somewhat clearer and more polished. After a number of euphoric and more relaxed moments, with driving and pulsating pieces of springy lightness and leaden heaviness, the journey ends with "Schnee." The pressure dissolves into a hypnotic, relaxed movement, finding a moderate rhythm, and turns its gaze toward the stars. The physical, with all kinds of percussion, remains essential with Sølyst. Through its conception and implementation, Lead demonstrates just how the scope of this physicality can be explored. Klein's use of drums and percussion becomes a living, driving, urgent source of energy. But the rudimentary melodies and the overall atmosphere are also shaped in large part by the drums. The range of moods alternates between a supercool distance and heated immediacy. Like the different aggregate states of a single substance, the drumming constantly changes its form, and thus its role. The electronic sounds and sequences are run through chains of delays to become dynamic, strongly emotional structures. These are met with the exceptional drumming of Thomas Klein, whose instrument often becomes the actual protagonist. However, the focus is never on ability or virtuosity, but on the tension between these two interlocking components and their extremely lively interaction. The way the acoustic drums and electronic sounds seem to connect, combat and combine is the special, exciting, thrilling aspect of Lead.


CF 007LP

180 gram vinyl reissue of German free improvisation pianist and composer Alexander von Schlippenbach's The Living Music, originally released on his own Quasar label in 1969. Recorded by Conny Plank, it features Peter Brötzmann (tenor & baritone saxophone), Manfred Schoof (cornet, flugelhorn), Michael Pilz (bass clarinet, baritone saxophone), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Buschi Niebergall (double bass, bass trombone) and Han Bennink (drums, percussion). The Living Music remains one of the paramount avant/free jazz records.



MOIRE PATTERNS: The Roots Anthems Sampler Pack 12" (CLAAP 011EP) 12.00
Moire Patterns presents his debut sampler pack of his upcoming album titled The Roots Anthems. Includes a remix from Santonio Echols. Moire Patterns effortlessly combines disco, house and techno elements with a punk production attitude. Powerful, dancefloor-focused and yet airy and deep, the record showcases Moire Patterns' different moods and directions. The remix on the same side comes from Detroit's own Santonio Echols who notches up the mood of the original for a classy, techy mix keeping the energy high all around.



PORT, ADAM: Black Noise Remixes 12" (COR 103EP) 12.50
Cocoon Recordings is happy to present Adam Port's "Black Noise," a track with a boogie-bass feeling and a "must-play" in every good DJ set. There's a monster remix by Kink, who perfectly merges Adam Port's hypnotic percussion layout with his trademark sounds and turns it all into another super-cool old school flashback piece. &ME refers more to Port's original idea and gives his beats and sounds more air to breathe.



WOLF EYES: No Answer : Lower Floors CD (DESTIJL 164CD) 12.00
"No Answer : Lower Floors is the record of 2013 you need to be most worried about. No Answer : Lower Floors is further flesh to the shadowy silhouette cast by this Michigan art abstraction unit, perenially poised on the cusp of a precipice. Wolf Eyes will carry on forever but always remain mysteriously unfinished. The No Answer : Lower Floors material covers all bases: tough to toughest to tangled, all done in the Wolves' least convoluted smooth style. The vocals, delays, primitive electronics, woodwinds and raw guitar of newest member Jamas Baljo create a new destroyed space to crawl through. No Answer : Lower Floors was recorded and mixed at the Michigan Underground Group's gambling/clubhouse/art space, with the usually 2D-flat quality of the drums and electronics given creeping new brightness-life within the hollow echo acoustics of the sacred space's cinder prisons. No Answer : Lower Floors shares a natural feel with previous Wolf Eyes efforts but goes much further in detailing their underworld of odd melodies and mangled harmonics. Within their system-based economic compositions, there remains zero room for wasted space. Wolf Eyes return to longtime friendbase and Interzone of outsider art De Stijl Records, with whom the band worked on No Face Lives, their collaboration with Smegma, and the loner blues cerebration unit Stare Case's Lose Today. No Answer : Lower Floors features former members Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly, and thus is a family homecoming of sorts. More important, it's the dawn of a new Wolf Eyes era."



IKO: '83 LP (DDR 002LP) 24.00
Limited repress. "Iko was a minimal/synth/wave outfit from Canada. The most notable release by the band is their LP simply titled '83, which was released on a small Canadian disco label called Manhattan-Formula. Not much is known about the group due to little information in their record sleeves and little to no traces of information about the label they released on. Anyway, this is one of the most unknown yet amazing creations in the entire history of minimal wave and electronic music. Lots of simplistic lyrics, abstract and experimental sounds, and at the time, extremely groundbreaking techniques on the synthesizer. Iko is what today's electro artists replicate - Adult being the best example. Their sound is hardly new or unique some 20 years later. A true 'cult' of this genre. Try this album for a trip down electro lane!"



LATTIMORE, MARY: The Withdrawing Room LP (PATHWAY 006LP) 17.00
Seek solace. Be still and drift. Withdraw and be there. There. Inside. A chair awaits. A beginning built from an ending, from leaving, from afar. In times such as these, The Withdrawing Room is a safe haven to leave behind all that weighs heavily and surrounds us. We remark how comfortable the chair is, how exquisite the view is outside the window, the aroma, the breaths to be taken as you become aware of the minutia all around you and the sounds emanating from Mary Lattimore's harp, warming your feet, your hands, your heart. Breathe. Previous collaborations have seen Mary matching wits with such esteemed luminaries as Thurston Moore, Meg Baird, Kurt Vile, Ed Askew, Fursaxa, and Jarvis Cocker. But for this debut work, Mary sequestered herself in a room, much like this one, to kindle three distinct works for keeping the listener company as he or she enjoys the view. The nuanced notes of the harp strings sing and reverberate amid subtle electronics courtesy of Jeff Zeigler on the 24-minute long piece 'You'll Be Fiiinnne;' 'Pluto the Planet' meanders at a slow and steady pace as the sun makes its way across the sky and the gentle plucks of the silk and steel resonate within, beyond; the closing chaos of 'Poor Daniel' charts a recklessness that embraces the listener as he or she quietly makes their way out of the room to tackle the world anew.



PULSHAR: Different Drum 12" (DESOLAT 031EP) 12.50
Spanish duo Aphro and Pablo Bolívar aka Pulshar return to Desolat with the Different Drum EP, all four tracks showcasing deeply hypnotic yet richly soulful sounds. "Wasting Time" is a collaboration with Desolat label-head Loco Dice, and is a deep and twisted journey, with ocean-deep sub-bass, featuring Loco's own distorted vocals. On "So Tired," Pulshar have expertly crafted a captivating, rich soundscape packed full of warm textures. "Different Drum" features soaring synths and crisp drums and the final track has a contagious, infectious groove.



BEATLES, THE: The Decca Tapes LP+CD (DOK 326LP) 26.00
"'Guitar groups are on their way out,' was what the biggest fool in rock and roll history wrote to Brian Epstein when he rejected the Beatles' after listening to this audition tape, recorded at Decca Studios on New Year's Day, 1962. Although the boys (with Pete Best on drums) were admittedly still finding their footing here, and the three Lennon-McCartney originals may be no match for 'Love Me Do' (recorded just 10 months later), these 15 songs still have all the makings of a band whose stardom would soon obscure the sun." On 180 gram vinyl with a CD of the entire album.


FELDMAN/EARLE BROWN, MORTON: Morton Feldman/Earle Brown LP (DOZ 421LP) 23.00
"Finally back in print. This rare Morton Feldman/Earle Brown split LP was originally released in 1962 on the small NY-based Time Records and features Feldman's 'Durations I-IV' on side A and Brown's 'Hodograph I,' 'Music for Violin, Cello and Piano' and 'Music for Cello and Piano' on side B. David Tudor is featured on piano throughout. Feldman and Brown, who were both interested in non-traditional systems of notation and improvisation, were very closely aligned with the New York School, a group of avant-garde composers in the 1950s and '60s that included John Cage, David Tudor, and Christian Wolff. These composers applied to music many of the same ideas and experiments that visual artists, like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg, were applying to painting." On 180 gram vinyl.


SHANKAR, RAVI: Improvisations LP (DOZ 423LP) 23.00
"Some of the first eastern-jazz fusion ever recorded, finally reissued on LP. Originally recorded in 1962 for World Pacific and featuring jazz musicians Gary Peacock on bass and Bud Shank on flute, the album opens with improvisations on the theme that Shankar wrote for the 1955 Indian neorealist film Pather Panchali, by legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. 'Fire Night' was another jazz-fusion piece, recorded to commemorate the fires that were burning all around LA when this session was recorded. The remaining two tracks, however, are traditional Indian pieces and serve to juxtapose the two major styles in Indian classical music. The first piece, 'Karnataki,' is in the Carnatic (southern Indian) style, while the second, 'Raga Rageshri,' is in the (northern) Hindustani style (which, of course, Shankar's himself was a master of). Includes original liner notes. Comes on 180 gram vinyl."



DEEPCHORD: "10/11/12" [REMASTERED] 3x12" (ARC 002LP) 57.00
Echospace is pleased to introduce the second edition of Echospace [Detroit] archival editions, a special edition series focused on the rare, historical works of Deepchord. The long out-of-print Deepchord catalog has since been remastered and will finally be available again on this gorgeous triple LP set. The release includes photography by Rod Modell and 2 12"x12" (frame-able) photographs emphasizing the creative eye and instincts of the artist. It's been a lengthy and timely process restoring old analog tape, DAT and cassette recordings (some dating back to 1994) all of which have been carefully resurrected from the vault of Detroit's revered NSC Studio. The long out-of-print catalog has been remastered, mixed, and once again bounced down to tape to ensure the best possible listening experience. Great measures, focus and time were spent to preserve the analog warmth and sonic integrity of the original masters. For those who don't know, these releases are considered by many to be some of the most inspired and influential sounds to emerge from Detroit well over 10 years ago -- a blue-print was set here for many artists to come, a step in the evolution. Expect gorgeous plumes of sound deeper than the ocean floor, a rich analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit, techno city. [includes the delayed 12" x 12" print originally intended for the previous volume ''07/08/09'' as well.]



YUASA, JOJI/KUNIHARU AKIYAMA: Obscure Tape Music of Japan Vol. 2: Music For Puppet Theatre CD (OPA 002CD) 25.50
...of Hitomi-Za. 2013 repress, originally released 2009. This is volume 2 of Omega Point's Obscure Tape Music of Japan series. Hitomi-Za is an experimental puppet theater group that still exists today in Japan. This recorded performance took place from February 13-17th in 1962 at Sogetsu Kaikan Hall. The program consisted of three parts, and Joji Yuasa, Kuniharu Akiyama and Naozumi Yamamoto composed background sound for each part. This CD consists of two works made from magnetic tape from among the performances. This is the world premiere release of both works. Music for "Moment Grand-Guignolesques": "...all the puppets were made of cutting out thin and filmy paper, which gave me an idea of using all kinds of sounds out of various kinds of paper for this composition musique concrète. The sound of tearing newspaper, of crushing brown paper and of shutting a thick telephone book, etc., were used as sound materials. --Joji Yuasa. "Noh-Miso" (A Brain) was composed by Kuniharu Akiyama (1929-1996), well known as a modern music critic, but also a composer of tape music (for example, soundtracks to experimental films and animation, tape music for John Cage's 75th birthday and more). "Noh-Miso" was the second part of this Hitomi-Za performance -- a combination of music concrète and the modulated sound of inside-played piano by Yuji Takahashi.


FA 439CD

YUPANQUI, ATAHUALPA: Buenas Noches, Compatriotas... CD (FA 439CD) 20.00
"A monument of South-American music, author, singer, guitarist and composer Atahualpa Yupanqui (1908-1992) was born Hector Roberto Chavero in Pergamino, a province of Buenos Aires. He took a stage name that paid tribute to two Incan rulers and became a revolutionary who studied indigenous cultures. His ethnographic work became internationally known; he performed with Edith Piaf and his compositions were later recorded by the likes of Mercedes Sosa. Yupanqui is considered the most important Argentine folk musician of the 20th century, and this 1982 album, Buenas Noches, Compatriotas, reissued here on Fremeaux, is now considered a historical recording."


GF 265CD

ONES, THE: The Ones CD (GF 265CD) 13.00
"Finally, we have uncovered a copy of this rare gem (R4) from back in 1966. Although these guys originated from Connecticut, they became one of the hottest opening acts in Boston in 1967, playing many of the city's best and most popular venues. Their renditions of the day's cover tunes are even better than the original songs."



WADSWORTH, KRIS: Death 12" (GPM 216EP) 12.00
Kris Wadsworth released his debut album Life & Death on Get Physical Music in 2012 to much acclaim. The release marked a milestone in the artist's career, pushing him under the spotlight and into the welcoming arms of new fans. Now Get Physical proudly presents Death, the second vinyl-only release from the album, completing the package. As you should know, this limited pressing carries Kris' signature analog sound and his unique approach to music in general; favoring originality over conformation, warm dirt over superficial plastic shine.


GF 004EP

JUS NOW: One Time EP 2x12" (GF 004EP) 18.00
Jus Now are the meeting of two riddim obsessives: Interface (producer/DJ from Bristol, UK) and LAZAbeam (percussionist/producer from Trinidad). This exciting new project aims to push boundaries using a fusion of traditional Caribbean rhythm and culture, combined with the sub-heavy sound of the Bristol/UK Underground. On this EP the duo has managed to carve their own lane not bound by tempo or genre. This is just the beginning: a snapshot into the world of Jus Now. Features Bunji Garlin, Neval Chatelal, and MX Prime.



VA: London Is the Place for Me 5: Latin, Jazz, Calypso & Highlife from Young Black London 2LP (HJR 061LP) 20.00
Double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with full-size booklet. At last, fresh installments in Honest Jon's acclaimed, much-loved series: open-hearted, bittersweet, mash-up postcards to the here and now, from young black London. As then, calypso carries the swing. There are four more Lord Kitchener songs -- in consideration of his wife leaving him for a GI, cricket umpires, a fling onboard an ocean-liner and West Indian poultry -- besides a hot mambo cash-in, cross-bred under his supervision, and an uproarious, teasing Ghanaian tribute to him in Fanti by London visitors The Quavers. The Mighty Terror contributes the woe-begotten, cautionary tale of his beloved Patricia's change of heart. Mona Baptiste with some wonderful, soulful exotica. Also finally getting some dues, the path-breaking Latin-African-jazz experiments of Ghanaian drummer and percussionist Buddy Pipp, with spine-tingling playing by the great Jamaican saxophonist Joe Harriott. Expert jazz idioms course sophisticatedly through all the selections, which include a straight-up, South London version of Duke Jordan's "Jordhu," something from Dizzy Reece's soundtrack -- brokered by Kenneth Tynan -- to the British crime film Nowhere to Go. The LPs are housed in a gatefold sleeve with a full-size booklet.


VA: London Is the Place for Me 6: Mento, Calypso, Jazz & Highlife from Young Black London 2LP (HJR 062LP) 20.00
Double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with four-page insert. Other calypsos range compellingly from the devaluation of the pound through jiu jitsu, big rubbery instruments, football fans, heavyweight champ Joe Louis and the sexual allure of English women police. The Rolling Stones favorite Ginger Johnson with a percussive Latin scorcher. Jamaican mento makes its first entry in the series, with a brace by Tony Johnson: a drily witty drinking-song, and a love-letter to Marilyn Monroe. Plus a trio of magnificently hybrid, hard-swinging instrumentals led in turn by master-guitarist Fitzroy Coleman, Kitch's innovative arranger Rupert Nurse, and trumpeter Shake Keane -- named after Shakespeare because of his love of poetry -- from St. Vincent.


VA: Mukunguni: New Recordings from Coast Province, Kenya 2x10"+CD (HJR 068LP) 22.00
Double 10" version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a copy of the album on CD. Field recordings of the Mijikenda tribes, made in different spots in and around Mukunguni village, coastal Kenya, throughout September 2011: mostly healing music (especially for mental problems), but also love-songs, and spiritual contributions to weddings and burials; mostly in the Sengenya style which evolved in the early 20th century, adding pace, new Tsikitsi rhythms and extra drums to the traditional Dumbwi forms of the Duruma tribe. Besides the Sengenya drums -- bumbumbu, dahdahe, chapuro, vumi, ngoma -- there are lungo and dena (metal rings), kayamba (raft rattle), njunga (bells), ukaya (metal tray), bamba (metal guiro), and bottle-tops. Our album opener is solo dena, played to sound like a bat and heal the village sick, with the ear for frequency and timbre of a stringent minimalist. There are the piercing, reeded nzumari oboe and bung'o horn, sounding like fierce free-jazz improvisation; and two gently stunning marimba solos, with complex, overlaid melodies and rhythms, played in polyphonic accents, almost like talking drums. Most of the recordings here are songs, with strong tunes, robustly delivered, different solo voices leading the group -- to heal; to chase away Pepo Mlume, the devil who poisons the imagination; to get you on your feet, dancing; to celebrate dowry payments and weddings; to bring the Mijikenda cultural inheritance to life. Matatizo (trans. "Worries") -- was recorded spontaneously at a bus-stop, waiting for a ride: it's a Swahili love-song, with a plaintive female vocal performed to the accompaniment of five or so people rubbing their palms together in tight rhythmic patterns.


JD 002EP

CLIP!: Hear U Talk 12" (JD 002EP) 12.50
JD Records proudly presents Clip!. Eduard, as his real name is, is a Barcelona-based producer with a truly extraordinary talent. His sound can be described as a blend of old-school UK garage, deep house, and a dash of Detroit. Here, he delivers three strong tracks and a remix by the UK's finest, Pyrenees.



RODRIGUEZ: Searching for Sugar Man: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2LP (LITA 089LP) 26.00
2013 repress on 180 gram black vinyl; deluxe "tip-on" gatefold jacket with two double-sided inserts. "The story remains one of the music world's most unusual tales of the 1970s: an obscure debut LP by a Detroit singer-songwriter becomes a source of hope and inspiration to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Now, the story of Rodriguez and his cult album Cold Fact is the basis for Searching for Sugar Man, a riveting new documentary by filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul. Light in the Attic Records in partnership with Sony Legacy are honored to announce the release of the original motion picture soundtrack, comprising tracks from Cold Fact and its 1971 follow-up Coming from Reality - both reissued in 2008 and 2009 by Light in the Attic. The soundtrack begins with the otherworldly 'Sugar Man' and acts as a primer to this long-overlooked musician's fusion of gritty funk, political poetry and blissful psych-folk. Searching for Sugar Man, a Red Box Films & Passion Pictures Production in association with Canfield Pictures & The Documentary Company, distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in the U.S., was a big hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival where it won the world documentary audience award and a special jury award."



KEY, SCOTT: This Forest and the Sea CD (LION 657CD) 15.00
"Excellent 1976 private press acoustic album, self-recorded at various places in Colorado, and filled with beautiful fingerstyle acoustic guitar, plus some atonal bottleneck slide, string scrapes and drones (at times, very Ry Cooder/Paris, Texas about six years before that soundtrack existed). Although almost completely instrumental, what lyrics there are tend towards the dark and the satiric. The obvious points of comparison are John Fahey and Leo Kottke, although Scott Key certainly has his own presence and style, differences in tone and color and attack, which he attributes to his background in rock bands. Overall, there is a brooding, loner folk/psych feel, most evident on the phenomenal, effects-heavy, almost 11-minute long title track, 'This Forest and the Sea.' 'I was coming to terms with what it mean to exist... and saw the world in pure black and white -- there was no room for grey,' Key said. 'I saw an American culture devoid of any understanding of its place in the universe, how we learn nothing save what we see on television, how our existence is tainted by intellectual laziness, and how our gift of life is defiled by the taking of it.' This deluxe tip-on mini-LP jacket edition of This Forest and the Sea includes five bonus tracks from Key's second private press album (Unlock Your Feelin's); the twenty-page booklet sports engaging, funny, and insightful notes by Key, photos, plus the text to poem that inspired the title track; as a nod to the forest, the booklet is printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. A very rare album that seems to have flown under almost everyone's radar -- although thankfully not Doug McGowan's (Yoga Records), who sent this our way. One record collector said to us, and we now say to you: 'Have a listen because this rates up there with classics by Bob Desper, Perry Leopold, Robbie Basho, and Phil Yost, with dark moods similar to John Fahey and Nick Drake.'"


TILSTON, STEVE: An Acoustic Confusion CD (LION 662CD) 15.00
"An instantly captivating, all-original acoustic album of great depth and incredible maturity, the debut album (1971) by acoustic guitarist and songwriter, Steve Tilston. As for the making of the album: 'It was Ralph McTell who very kindly contacted Ian Anderson of Village Thing on my behalf,' Tilston explained. 'I followed it up and secured a meeting with Ian and a gig at the Troubadour Folk Club. I'd met Ralph through Wizz Jones at Les Cousins in Soho, and he'd been very complimentary about my playing and writing.' One hears echoes of Tilston's mentors and contemporaries in England's vibrant folk scene of the time: Bert Jansch (the fifth track, 'Train Time,' sounds to these ears eerily like early Jansch), John Renbourn, Ralph McTell, Wizz Jones, Davey Graham, and Nick Drake. Solo guitar and vocals, all recorded without over-dubbing, plus group performances with Village Thing label-mates Dave Evans, John Turner (Hunt & Turner), and others. The end result was an important piece of Britain's folk tapestry, which launched Tilston into the limelight, and onto Transatlantic Records, just in time for their implosion. This deluxe edition of An Acoustic Confusion includes five bonus tracks, including three not included on any previous editions, in-depth notes by Tilston himself, lyrics, excerpts from Mark Jones' fascinating Bristol Folk book, plus a mini-history of Village Thing by label co-founder Gef Lucena; there's also a Village Thing discography to round out the twenty-eight pages of information."



EJECA: Different Rules EP 12" (LOKEE 001EP) 14.00
East London's Lokee Musik presents its debut release from Ejeca with remixes from Ekkohaus and Eric Volta. "Different Rules" is an homage to the '90s, with a classic piano stab at the heart of the action. On the flip side, "Akrobat" brings a very direct and minimal, driven future garage groove to the floor with a strong, emotive organ house bass line. On clear vinyl.



RAUDIVE: Ruins/Visitor 12" (MACROM 031EP) 12.00
Raudive aka Oliver Ho heads home with two guilty dancefloor pleasures. Gritty surface, smooth bottom. For those damp, dimly-lit cellar clubs: low ceilings, fog, smoke, and all that. "Ruins" runs a relentless groove against angular guitar overtones, blowing out the valves of its amplifier. Metal sheets, rusty strings, sweaty bodies. "Visitor" is built on a naughty percussion sequence and is elevated by a morphed girl's inquiring voice straight out of a 1984 Shibuya version of Blade Runner. Kinky. Essential 2013.



LANSING-DREIDEN: The Incomplete Triangle LP (MEX 110LP) 27.00
"The company has a diverse body of work which consists of forays into music, video, sculpture, drawing and writing. Originally self-released, and later released digitally and on CD between 2004 and 2006 through Kemado Records, these three records have been re-mastered, expanded and pressed to vinyl for the very first time. The company's 2003 The Incomplete Triangle LP, which was described as 'dreamy space rock... with a psychedelic metal twist" by Spin Magazine, has been expanded with a previously unreleased ambient section. The mysterious, oblique nature surrounding Lansing-Dreiden has not only earned them critical acclaim but an appropriately cult-like fanbase. As the company has stated, 'all projects are fragmentary, mere stones in a path whose end lies in a space where the very definition of "path" paths.' These reissues seek to illuminate these paths for original and new listeners alike."


NO JOY: Wait to Pleasure LP (MEX 148LP) 18.00
"Wait to Pleasure is the product of the Montreal noise-pop band's first foray in a fully-furnished studio environment. Here the band has flourished, delivering their finest set to date, rooted heavily in ripcurls and devastating melody, finishing sentences whispered long ago with depth, variance and force. Singer-guitarists Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd and drummer Garland Hastings knock down the fence between nostalgia and modernity, chaos and control, in a perfectly-realized effort made to bridge their uncompromised musical pasts with the alarmist tendencies of the present."



ADSUM: Efemore EP 12" (MINI 029EP) 12.50
Heavily influenced by the early works of Zoltar, Adsum got into electronic music at an early age. Then some years ago, when he had to move to earth, things got more serious. Spending his time between loops he learned their language, being able to blend in like one of them. So here we go.



DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing #001 12" (LOVE 085EP) 16.50
Demdike Stare return to the lab with two extended new productions, inaugurating a series of untamed releases brought together under the Testpressing banner. "Collision" was recorded in late 2012 and is an intense high-frequency re-arrangement of jungle and noise, fed through a bank of analog boxes and pedals, left to spin uncontrollably for 10 minutes before fading to black. "Misappropriation" feeds off a different noise altogether, perched precariously between the mangled percussion you'd most commonly associate with Muslimgauze and the metallic clank of industry.


OO 2605LP

BRIGMAN, GEORGE: Jungle Rot LP (OO 2605LP) 20.00
"Underground 1975 proto-punk/blues legend, ultra-faithfully reissued for everyone again. Lifelong Baltimore resident George Brigman's debut LP was quite an achievement for a teenager: self-financed and mostly self-recorded, influenced by UK blues-rockers The Groundhogs but filtered through a US inner-city outlook (and budget). Unfortunately, none of this mattered, as the record had botched distribution and so remained more heard about than actually heard, save for a few scattershot 'pirate' represses. 30 years after the original LP release, legitimate reissues were made available on other labels, all of which are now out of print. Obscure Oxide is proud to announce this new LP edition, utilizing the same John Golden transfers, from the original masters, as used for the previous Anopheles LP reissue (why re-invent the wheel?), plus a full-color insert with freshened-up liners and all five (!) snapshots from the original sessions. Black vinyl with repros of original labels and sleeve."



GLASS, PHILIP: Symphony No.3, Suite from The Hours CD (OMM 086CD) 20.00
"In this new recording made at Canada's famous Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC in Toronto, conductor and Philip Glass champion Anne Manson leads pianist Michael Riesman and her own Manitoba Chamber Orchestra in a tour de force performance of Glass's Oscar nominated music from The Hours and a virtuosic performance of Glass's Symphony No.3. Riesman, conductor and pianist on the original soundtrack recording of The Hours, was commissioned in 2002 to create a concert piece based on the score. Glass's third symphony was written in 1995 for the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and is one of the composer's most performed and accessible concert works. This recording shows off the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra's versatility, especially in the quick paced second and fourth movements, as well as the ensemble's silky interpretation of the many-layered voices of the third movement, all under the precise direction of Manson."



MOHAMMAD: Som Sakrifis LP (PAN 037LP) 25.50
Based in Greece, Mohammad make long-form drone works that explore the lower end of the frequency spectrum while retaining an intense emotional capacity. The results are monumental, slow-moving blocks of sound, both daunting and musical. The sheer weight of these recordings is impressive, the interplay of the musicians and instruments staggering, this end result being an album rich with harmonious abstraction which highlights years of dedication to their unique path. Following on from their previous releases (the highly-regarded Roto Vildblomma CD and the Spiriti 3LP box, both on Antifrost) Som Sakrifis follows the trio through three tracks of deep space experimentation where the acoustic and electronic blend together as a monumental whole. Listening to Som Sakrifis takes the listener on an expansive journey through the netherworld of the low range while retaining distinct traces of musicality. The time and space in these works have a logic more akin to that of Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr than any contemporary music references. Monumental monochromatic movement is the order of the day. Sit back, strap in and let these fine explorers take you way out into the nether world. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, pressed on 140 gram vinyl. Packaged in a pro-press color jacket which itself is housed in a silkscreened PVC sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas.



TEPELI, MURAT: Workinstrugglin 12" (PHP 065EP) 14.00
Murat Tepeli is back with the beautiful old school house anthem "Workinstrugglin." On the flip, SoulPhiction delivers a fantastic remix adding his trademark sonics.


POGUS 21071

COHEN, LOU: Music 3CD (POGUS 21071) 26.00
"A 3 CD set of works by electronic music composer/performer Lou Cohen. This release is a fantastic overview of his works since around 2003, with over three hours of music. Most of these pieces were composed by means of algorithmic and stochastic processes, with emphasis on granular synthesis. Lou Cohen uses Csound as his primary tool for realizing compositions. Csound is a well-known, open-source, programmable music synthesizer. Its antecedents (called 'MUSIC,' 'MUSIC II,' 'MUSIC III,' etc.) were developed by Max Mathews at ATT Bell Labs starting in the 1950s. Cohen's compositions from 1960 to 1990 were written for a range of instrumental ensembles, and generally algorithmically employed 12-tone and serial techniques. A few of these pieces used open score and chance processes as well. Starting around 1990, Cohen switched to composing using computer-generated sounds and software-computed structures. The programmable synthesizer Csound has been the primary tool for this work along with software of his own design."


DV 975958

WILHELM, BETTINA: Wisdom of Changes - Richard Wilhelm and the I CHING DVD (DV 975958) 20.00
Confucius, Laotse and in particular the I Ching, The Book of Changes: Richard Wilhelm (1873-1930) is regarded as the European who discovered China's spiritual world. Wisdom of Changes is a documentary film about the life and work of this most distinguished translator and mediator. Richard Wilhelm came to China as a young missionary in 1899, a time when the country was under the exploitation of the colonial powers. He lived through revolts against foreigners, the passing of the imperial dynasties, and the First World War. During these times of turbulent upheaval, he never ceased his quest for the deepest truths that may help mankind to cope with change and to shape their own lives. Richard Wilhelm did not baptize a single Chinese person. Instead, he accomplished some of the most significant translations of the 20th century that made available to the West Confucius, Laotse and other classical texts of Daoism and most importantly, the I Ching, The Book of Changes, the book that above all has served as an inspiration to so many Western readers. Wilhelm remains one of the most distinguished mediators of Chinese culture in the West today. Like C.G. Jung, with whom he was friends in the 1920s, Richard Wilhelm went in search of the universal wisdoms of mankind, those that resist the changes of history. Runtime: 87 min. Format: 16:9; NTSC; Sound: 5.1; Languages: English Version (Voice of R. Wilhelm: Jonathan Pryce). Subtitles: Chinese, French, English for the hearing impaired. Extras: statements by Prof. Richard Smith and Dr. Henrik Jäger.



LUCAS, TED: Ted Lucas LP (SSP 010LP) 16.50
Repressed; LP version. The music of Ted Lucas has circulated through CD-Rs and blogs for years now. Although primarily known for this, his 1975 self-titled album (sometimes referred to as The OM Record), a legacy of hundreds of tapes decisively reveal one of the psychedelic era's most criminally-overlooked talents. Lucas studied with Ravi Shankar. He was the "exotic instruments specialist" for Motown and played sitar on many of their most famous productions. He rubbed shoulders with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent and every other major player on the Detroit scene. His pioneering early psych rock bands The Spike Drivers and Misty Wizards managed to become legends with nothing more than a handful of singles. Stanley Mouse, prime image-maker for the Grateful Dead and friend of Ted, adapted the cover for Ted Lucas from his artwork for Jimi Hendrix's unfinished last album. It's the first appearance of the space scarab -- the UFO that would later become Journey's symbol. From brief, spontaneous ditties, predating the lo-fi indie movement by 20 years, to the epicly psychedelic sitar guitar ragas in Lucas' signature loose string tunings, Lucas never wavered from his visceral, intensely honest vision. A self-taught master of many instruments and consummate do-it-yourselfer, Ted created a home studio and worked out new ways to tune his guitars. The pride he took in his craft and his attention to detail were inspiring and exasperating to all who knew him. His wit was legendary. The reasons for Lucas' failure to break out of the Detroit scene would require, and probably deserve, a book-length investigation. His career provides insight on the difficulty of self-publishing and self-promotion in the pre-internet age. Without a doubt, things would have turned out very differently had he come up today. Lucas' voice is unspeakably mellow, his guitar unbelievably gentle, and his arrangements absolutely impeccable. Do not miss this album.



VILLAIN, CARMEN: Sleeper LP (STS 238LP) 20.00
LP version. "Let's get this out of the way 1st -- Carmen Villain used to be a very successful model. Her face has appeared on the covers of Vogue & Nylon, & high profile cosmetic ad campaigns. It turns out Carmen Hillestad (Carmen Villain) has been a spy in the house of fashion. Behind the scenes, she was channeling her frustrations into a set of songs with a defiantly DIY underground free-rock sound. Now at last, she's stepping off the glossy page & emerging as a major new songwriting voice & multi-instrumentalist. Behind the angelic face lurks a villain. With acid in her airbrush, she reminds us of This Heat, Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, and Royal Trux."


SP 008-016CD

BLUMM & NILS FRAHM, F.S.: Music for Lovers Music Versus Time/Music for Wobbling Music Versus Gravity 2CD (SP 008-016CD) 31.00
Combined version of Music for Lovers Music Versus Time (2010) and Music for Wobbling Music Versus Gravity (2013). A duo can be the most magical of things, and it seems like the meeting of minds between Morr Music veteran F.S. Blumm and contemporary classical darling Nils Frahm was a match made in heaven. The ease with which they perform together is the first noticeable thing on Music for Wobbling Music Versus Gravity -- there is a discernible weightlessness to their sound as they circle around each other, moving and meeting, touching with their musical fingertips. This is lighthearted music, certainly, but Frahm's effortless melancholy pulls it back to the real world before there is any danger of things getting twee. The album is a selection of overdubbed and edited improvisations, and every sound was recorded with microphones, giving an indescribable air to the music that is a product of the space in the room. Breaths, fingers on keys and strings, chairs and feet -- everything can be heard plainly and this becomes a defining part of the compositions themselves. It almost becomes an experience akin to listening to an aging folk recording, but instead of a group of locals, this is merely two friends creating their own homespun instrumentals. The perfect record for the winter months, Music for Wobbling Music Versus Gravity is a generous gift from two of Germany's most hard-working talents, and it is guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts.


S-S 002EP

VALANX: The Seventh Order EP 12" (S-S 002EP) 12.50
Arne Weinberg is the man behind the alias Valanx. He also works under the name Onmutu Mechanicks. "Those Who Will Be Held Responsible" is a dark, brooding affair with its bass sound keeping the slow rhythm ticking in a dark soundscape. "Amongst the Mortals" takes you on a slow walk among the mortals and is nothing for the faint-hearted. "Daughters of the Everfire" boasts a hard bass sound. Remix by Yves De Mey.



COLOMACH: Colomach LP (SNDW 037LP) 27.50
Soundway presents a very limited vinyl-only re-issue of a truly unique and obscure LP from 1974. Performed by the cultural rock band Colomach and led by Northern Togo musician Gneni Mamadou, this record was recorded in EMI Nigeria's state-of-the-art studio and only ever released in Nigeria in tiny numbers. The original record is one of the rarest Afro-rock LPs ever made and has almost vanished since its production nearly 40 years ago. The album is a truly original fusion of traditional music from the arid Sahel region of West Africa (the northern areas of Togo, Ghana, Benin, Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, and parts of Burkina Faso and Mali) with raw "garagey" psych-rock that was honed playing alongside similar "cultural" bands of the era such as Hedzoleh Soundz and Edzayawa. Strictly limited to 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl and released in a rigid paste-on sleeve, these will not last long, so don't sleep!

SNDW 12018EP

MANN, CHICO: Same Old Clown EP 12" (SNDW 12018EP) 15.50
Soundway presents a remix 12" of a track from Chico Mann's album Magical Thinking. Featuring the sultry vocals of New York-based Kendra Morris, the slinky and catchy album version of "Same Old Clown" is joined here by deeper re-workings from USA DJ and re-edit king KON, who provides both a vocal and dub remix, as well as one from UK producer Linkwood.


STH 2099LP

MADVILLAIN: Madvillainy - Instrumentals 2LP (STH 2099LP) 18.00
2011 release. "Madvillainy without the raps is still a classic. Double vinyl with cover sleeve, Madlib taking his place on the cover with a photo of Doom's mask during the making of the album on back."



EMPEROR ZERO: Mental Health Cafe/Hispaniola 7" (SWAYS 016EP) 9.00
Emperor Zero return with their second single on Sways, a cerebral post-punk anti-anthem recently described by one reviewer as "explosive psychopath pop." "Mental Health Café" and "Hispaniola" is available on heavyweight 7" vinyl with free digital download, featuring cover photography by Natalie Curtis.


TR 264EP

HERO & LEANDER: Collider 7" (TR 264EP) 7.00
Pop music should be honest, should have melodies that linger, and lyrics that don't read like bad poems. Hero & Leander try to follow these rules, and it seems to be working. The band has attracted comparisons to Belle And Sebastian, Squeeze, Camera Obscura, The xx, and Arcade Fire. Their lyrics range in topic from philosophy to snogging, particle accelerators to police tactics, beauty to life being a pain in the rump. Comes on red vinyl.



"This CD is hard jazz free-style with a punk attitude, but with the complexity of the most experimental sides of avant-garde jazz. Terrie Ex (The Ex) creates raw, untreated guitar sounds in compassion with the hectic energetic drums of Paal Nilssen-Love. Exploring various sides of the electric guitar and so also with the drums, it is never predictable which turn the track will take. Recorded during the Sonic Protest Festival in Paris, April 2012."



POWELL: Untitled 12" (RAVE 002EP) 16.50
This is Powell's keenly-awaited 12" for The Death Of Rave. "A Band" emphasizes a chimeric indistinction between the "real" textures of sample-spliced guitars and drums, and the gritted tension of painstakingly processed electronics, whereas "Acid" feels more like Bob Ostertag or Russell Haswell mangling Phuture. "Rider" is a nod to Suicide, yet sliced with the precision of prime period Dom & Optical, while "Oh No New York" is a sort of steampunk alternative to the perceived evolution of dance music.



SLEEPARCHIVE: A Man Dies in the Street Part 1 12" (TRESOR 260EP) 11.00
Sleeparchive, the master of haunting, compelling minimalism, presents the first installment of a two-part EP for Tresor. Taking its title from one of Brassaï's famous sequence of prints, A Man Dies in the Street Part 1 translates the eight snapshots of a man collapsing on a Parisian sidewalk (captured by Brassaï in 1932) into a chilling storyboard of subtle fluctuations, ebbs and monochrome tones. As Brassaï toys with ambiguity in his photographs, Sleeparchive's music is just as hazy, deep and full of shady nuances.



CULTS PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE: Cults Percussion Ensemble CD (JBH 046CD) 15.50
Limited repress. Privately pressed in Scotland in 1979, this illusive and quite wonderful percussion album is like no other. Played by a group of 11 girls with an average age of 14, the group included Evelyn Glennie, who was destined to become one of the world's greatest percussionists. This is her first-ever record. The Cults Percussion Ensemble was a group formed by percussion teaching legend Ron Forbes in the mid-1970s. The ensemble must have one of the best group names of all time. To many, it will immediately come across as something sinister, a touch spooky and possibly a bit dramatic, too. They are certainly two of those but the use of the word "Cults" here is easily misinterpreted. Cults, in this case, is the suburb of Aberdeen. The average age of the students was just 14. They came from a few of the schools in the area, including the Cults Academy, Ellon Academy, Aboyne Academy, Inverurie Academy and Powis. Reminiscent of Carl Orff and peculiar library music, we now have a formal release of something quite lovely that was only previously available very briefly in 1979 at concerts when the young girls performed. The music here is really quite unique, with a celestial, swirling, hypnotic quality. The blend of glockenspiels, xylophones, vibraphones, marimba and timpani drums is quite intoxicating and can recall the shimmering warmth of the desert sun one minute or freezing glacial icecaps the next. The Ensemble perform with an effortless tightness and deftness of touch, building textured layers with recurring percussive motives which appear simultaneously dense and yet sparse, almost sounding like modern sampling. Sleevenotes also include a letter from Ron Forbes: "I decided to form a percussion group to provide an outlet for my percussion pupils to play music specially written for them. The group soon became well-known in the region and as a result of winning the outstanding award at the National Festival of Music for youth on three occasions, they were invited to play at other festivals within Europe, one being in Erlangen in Germany -- hence the "Erlangen Polka" -- and Autun in France -- hence the "Autun Carillon." During these visits we were often asked if we had any recordings and so it was decided to make an LP." Thanks to Ron Forbes and Trunk Records, more people can now enjoy the simple hypnotic musical charms of the Cults Percussion Ensemble.


WG 010X-EP

SCHWARZ, HENRIK: Take Words in Return (Carl Craig Instrumental Mix) 12" (WG 010X-EP) 12.50
As a special gimmick, Watergate Records releases Carl Craig's instrumental mix of Henrik Schwarz's "Take Words in Return" on a separate piece of vinyl. Limited to 500 copies; one-sided release.


WER 6773

EIMERT, HERBERT: Epitaph für Aikichi Kuboyama CD (WER 6773) 25.00
"Herbert Eimert (1897-1972) was a German music theorist, musicologist and composer. Eimert, a fervent disciple of Arnold Schönberg, felt strongly that his mentor's 12-tone ideal could be best achieved through the use of electronics. This classic reissue from Wergo's influential Studio Reihe series features Epitaph, Eimert's powerfully emotional spoken-word based tribute to Japanese fisherman Aikichi Kuboyama, who died of radiation poisoning incurred when the first hydrogen bomb was tested in the South Pacific in 1954. Eimert's Sechs Studien, was derived from the same source material, but uses only abstract musical sounds in a spectrum where the spoken word can no longer be recognized."



FABRIANESI, CLAUDIO: Cosmic Kabul 12" (WWR 009EP) 12.50
Wonder Wet Records is proud to announce the return of the production of one of the most eclectic and respected Italian DJs, Claudio Fabrianesi. Cosmic Kabul contains two stylistically opposite songs, but with one thing in common: the quality. The title-track is a pearl for any cosmic genre lover, containing multiple musical influences that people will talk about for a long time. "Warm Reaction" is a deep journey into a more mental techno, but also with groove.

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