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Forced Exposure New Releases for July 9, 2013

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New music is due this week from The Fall, Clouds, The Cannanes, Safety Scissors,  Chris Corsano, and Pantaleimon, while old music is due from Palm Highway Chase, Kevin Drumm, Goat, Don Cherry, Sweet Breeze, Sly & Robbie, and Twink.


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FORZZA, MICHAEL: Mythology 12" (PURE 091EP) 14.00
Although he doesn't like to be pinpointed, Forzza's sound can be situated somewhere between minimal and techno. His earlier work had that typical dark and dynamic color on which Michael has a patent, but in recent years, he has proved that he can also produce music filled with pure emotion, evoking an irresistible feeling of love. Michael likes to evolve as an artist by taking chances and experimenting. Now he has produced a new gem for 100% Pure, with a massively epic sound.


4M 231LP

NEIL, FRED: Fred Neil LP (4M 231LP) 19.00
"Fred Neil's 1966 debut contains some of his best known (and most covered) songs including 'Dolphins,' 'That's The Bag I'm In,' and the future theme song to the 1969 blockbuster film Midnight Cowboy (and Harry Nilsson hit) 'Everybody's Talkin'.' Absolutely stunning folk-blues from a Greenwich Village master." Comes on 180 gram vinyl.


50 014CD

VA: 50 Weapons of Choice #30-39 CD (50 014CD) 15.50
Annual label showcase featuring the latest 12" single highlights by Marcel Dettmann, Atoms For Peace, Cosmin TRG, Benjamin Damage, Phon.o, Bambounou, and more, as well as two additional unreleased exclusive bonus tracks by Truncate and datei42. 2012 was 50 Weapons' most successful year so far. Voted as the #1 label of the year by XLR8R, #2 label of the year by the readers of De:Bug and ranked in the top 10 of Top Labels 2012 by Resident Advisor, amongst listings in many other "Best of the Year" categories in media around the world, never before has the label gained so much attention. 50 Weapons of Choice #30-39 aims to present some of the 12" single highlights of the past months in a cohesive manner. Label regulars Cosmin TRG, Phon.o, Anstam, Bambounou, Dark Sky, Addison Groove, Benjamin Damage, and Marcel Dettmann are accompanied by A Made Up Sound and Thom Yorke-led group Atoms For Peace. On its fourth installment of the series two new guests contribute exclusive bonus tracks: U.S. techno veteran Truncate and mysterious Berlin-based youngster duo datei42. Dive into the colorful worlds of 50 Weapons with this action-packed adventure tale.

50 014LP

VA: 50 Weapons of Choice #30-39 2LP (50 014LP) 25.00
Double LP version. Features two unreleased exclusive bonus tracks by Truncate and datei42.

50WRMX 004EP

Modeselektor has worked several times in the past with their French friends Cedric and Teki, back in the day when they were still part of the hip-hop group TTC and now again as the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team. "Negativity" premiered exclusively on the Sound Pellegrino presents SND.PE Vol. 1 label showcase compilation, and now you can grab the original on vinyl, paired with a fresh and previously-unreleased remix by one of Paris' hottest shooting stars, Bambounou.



TULUUM SHIMMERING: Ulau Tau - Spirit of the Sun LP (ZORN 031LP) 23.00
One of the most magical recordings you'll hear this year is the first LP by UK-based, one-man transcendental-drone band Tuluum Shimmering. The sound of Tuluum Shimmering is like a sort of loop-driven, timeless ethnic music without a region or a tradition. An array of instruments (sampling keyboard, flutes, violin, kalimba, percussion) are run, via a mixer, through a multi-FX pedal into a 30-second looper, and out to an amp. Everything is recorded live, with no overdubs or mixing. Get ready for the take-off.


XIPHIIDAE: Quaking Myth LP (ZORN 032LP) 23.00
Long-running solo project by Jeffry Astin -- label head-honcho of everyone's favorite underground cassette label, Housecraft. His highly abstract style, represented on over 40 releases (predominantly cassettes) defies all attempts at elementary categorization, but indicates broad influences from modern and ethnic drone, tape music, musique concrète, kosmische, and lo-fi, amongst others. Quaking Myth (2010) finally gets the proper issue on wax.


XIPHIIDAE: Pass Hidingly Seek LP (ZORN 033LP) 23.00
Long-running solo project by Jeffry Astin -- label head-honcho of everyone's favorite underground cassette label, Housecraft. His highly abstract style, represented on over 40 releases (predominantly cassettes) defies all attempts at elementary categorization, but indicates broad influences from modern and ethnic drone, tape music, musique concrète, kosmische, and lo-fi, amongst others. Pass Hidingly Seek (2009) finally gets the proper issue on wax.



RAW SPITT: Raw Spitt LP (ALIVE 146LP) 17.50
LP version. "Charlie Whitehead, a.k.a. Raw Spitt, 1970 first full length, produced by Swamp Dogg for Canyon Records, and a highly sought after collectors' album of unconventional southern soul."


LIGHTNIN' SLIM: High & Low Down LP (ALIVE 147LP) 17.50
LP version. "Re-released for the first time on CD since its original release in 1970. Rare 1970 blues/R&B album produced by Swamp Dogg in Alabama. Features original liner notes by BB King."



COLDFISH: The Orphans 2LP (ALLINN 020LP) 31.00
All Inn celebrates its 20th release with the first artist album from the label. Coldfish explains the album: "The Orphans is about contrasts and contradictions on the same level. I tried to make an individual collection of nine tracks which are different from each other but altogether they represent the importance of breaking the rules of nowadays techno music. I wanted to make it as raw as I could, by producing all tracks from a very tight sampler collection -- making them flat but living as much as it's possible. I left some elements purposely to reach the borders of the producing possibilities and wanted to create the dynamism with the repetitive complexity of drums and percussive elements. The Orphans is a raw brotherhood of my naive imaginations and experiments around the idea of techno."



TC STUDIO: Lips Break EP 12" (AIBLACK 012EP) 14.50
The Romanian duo TC Studio rolls the second blast on the All Inn Black series. The real heavyweight monster "Point Break" makes a perfect marriage with the soulful singer "Lips." This material is good as hell.



HIEROGLYPHIC BEING: The Electronic Belt 12" (ALT 009EP) 14.50
Jamal Moss aka Heiroglyphic Being presents The Electronic Belt, his second release for Alter, and perhaps his most dancefloor-oriented release. The EP is made up of three choice cuts from 2012's Man with the Red Drum transmission with each track bearing the signifiers of Jamal's rough and distinctive production; melodies twisting themselves into psychedelic wormholes, raw kicks and toms that hit hard and tight. Yellow vinyl edition in five different colored disco bags, mastered for vinyl by Stephen Bishop.


AMAM 025-1EP

FIGOLI, RENATO: Funkoholic Remixes 1 12" (AMAM 025-1EP) 12.50
Renato Figoli and Alessio Mereu have curated a remix package from top producers to contextualize the deep, aquatic qualities of some of the tracks off of Figoli's Funkoholic (AMAM 025CD). Sascha Dive plunges into deeper vibes, accentuating the atmosphere without neglecting the driving rhythm, summoning mermaid ghosts in its wake. Christopher Rau shifts the once-smooth "...Anymore" into a swirl of uppity energy, subverting the spoken-word vocals of Neville Attree into a mere whisper amongst myriad other interplaying elements.

AMAM 025-2EP

FIGOLI, RENATO: Funkoholic Remixes 2 12" (AMAM 025-2EP) 12.50
For the second part of Renato Figoli's Funkoholic (AMAM 025CD) remix series, LoSoul takes the downbeat dub-techno-jazz of "Underpool" and turns it into an anthemic deep house number that's 12 minutes long and 20,000 leagues under the sea, yet full of bounce. Finally, Ed Davenport takes "...Anymore" and gives it an entirely different edge -- a naval onslaught of crashing, jacking breakbeats, while sonar frequencies gently circle outward like the sirens' call, rounding out the Funkoholic Remixes voyage.



AP MUSIK: MU3 CD (APMU 003CD) 15.50
Released via Rephlex, this is the first of three albums from AP Musik that begins to explore a phenomenon known as "The Colundi Sequence"; a series of mathematically-related and non-related specifically resonant microtones that, in experiments, appear to conjure magical physical and psychological phenomena, synchronicity, and unity. As the series progresses, proof and effects of the results should become apparent, but for this volume, we are offered a carefully crafted introduction to use as positive personal therapy and communal entertainment. The music is both natural and electrical, with an emphasis on sine waves of different frequencies, amplitudes and phases to demonstrate Colundi Level 1 to the listener, whatever the shape of one's ear and one's ability to hear may be. The very personal nature of the music is evident throughout. It is a deep soundscape that draws you into a different world; an intriguing symmetry of other dimensions. It is the result of systematic hertz experiments, a listening experience that is a coherent image from an unusual world that we momentarily enter. AP Musik offers this release for those who share their addiction to the theory, which employs elements and findings from a variety of scientific/philosophical sources.



MCPHEE, JOE: Nation Time CD (ALP 201CD) 14.00
2013 repress, originally reissued in 2000. Atavistic announces a new subsidiary reissue line: The Unheard Music Series, curated by John Corbett. "Joe McPhee's solo album, Tenor literally changed my life. The recording (one of his first for Hat Hut, in September 1976) displayed his unique ability to integrate unconventional sounds and extended techniques with pure melodicism, and it permanently altered my perspective on what the saxophone could do and what music could be. Nation Time was recorded six years earlier, but ideas regarding the integration of means and methods were already at the forefront of McPhee's approach to improvisation. For this concert on December 12, 1970 (the other half of which was released in 1975 as the first Hat Hut LP, Black Magic Man), Joe McPhee mapped out a stylistically expansive set list, one that embraced methods as diverse as those developed by New Thing-era Archie Shepp, late 60s Sun Ra and Art Ensemble of Chicago, Grant Green, Cecil Taylor (Candid period), & Sonny Rollins. He and his band, through vision and work, made these various approaches their own. This set represents real 'free jazz' -- the freedom to pursue the sounds and rhythms that inspire players to improvise with individual vitality and passion, no matter what different kinds of music are represented." -- Ken Vandermark.


SD 1373HLP

COLTRANE, JOHN: Ole Coltrane LP (SD 1373HLP) 14.00
2013 repress; 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. "Olé, which was originally released in 1962, was recorded in between the two sessions that formed the Impulse! release Africa/Brass. It appears that with Olé, Coltrane was continuing the experimentation of his earlier Atlantic recordings. In this case Coltrane was trying to explore the larger group format. Olé features Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Art Davis, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman and Elvin Jones, and of course Coltrane himself -- a septet...quite a large band/ensemble." -- All About Jazz

SD 1419HLP

COLTRANE, JOHN: Coltrane's Sound (180 Gram Vinyl) LP (SD 1419HLP) 24.00
2013 repress. 180 gram vinyl version manufactured by Rhino.



SUTEKH HEXEN WITH ANDREW LILES: Breed in Me the Darkness CD (ABX 059CD) 17.00
A breathtaking collision of noise, black metal and post-industrial magnificence. Two immense tracks from Sutekh Hexen and two epic re-imaginings from Andrew Liles (collaborator with Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and more). Breed in Me the Darkness stands as the aural/visual apex to an era for Sutekh Hexen. The two central tracks, as dense and intricate as any of the band's previous output, were turned over to Andrew Liles to complete the vision of what these recordings meant. The incredible re-visioning of Liles takes the release to uncharted and undreamed-of dimensions. Twinned with the photography of A.E. Csaky, with design by Kevin Gan Yuen (guitars/electronics), Breed in Me the Darkness is one of the most astonishing and powerful releases on Aurora Borealis. Sutekh Hexen hail from San Francisco, USA, and have been demolishing musical boundaries in extreme music, unlearning the traditions of black metal, since 2010. They have previous releases on Handmade Birds, Magic Bullet and Holy Terror. UK-based Andrew Liles is a sonic genius and a hugely prolific artist with numerous solo releases as well as works with The Hafler Trio, Faust, Nurse With Wound, and Current 93, amongst others.



NEW CHRISTS, THE: Divine Rites LP (BANG 072LP) 21.00
Divine Rites is the collection of The New Christs' first five EPs released back in the day on Australian label Citadel Records. Compiling their legendary '80s recordings on 12" vinyl for the first time, it includes classics such as "Born Out of Time," "I Swear," "Headin' South," etc. This record has been remastered in order to take out of it the most extreme sound of this mighty band and tracks. Featuring members of Radio Birdman, Beasts Of Bourbon, Hoodoo Gurus, etc. Direct to your face and heart, tracks full of energy and already classic melodies. If you don't have the original '80s EPs and singles, you should. If you do, get them all together again here due to their sound.



VA: Analogue Signal EP 12" (BBR 004EP) 14.00
Solid tracks from the Batti Batti Crew with Marco Nega (Underground Quality) and Nasty Boy (Shift Ltd), delivering quality dancefloor grooves while Nino (Laid) and Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana take the deeper path into the atmospheric realm. On orange vinyl.



ABER, SHLOMI: Live from Sankeys Ibiza CD (BAO 002CD) 17.00
Be As One is proud to present Shlomi Aber Live from Sankeys Ibiza, a new project coming directly from the decks of its label boss. This is a full-length mixed CD that comprises 14 exclusive and unreleased tracks by some of the most interesting artists of the past year, carefully selected and mixed live by Shlomi. To bring his recognized dark grooves onto the Ibiza dancefloors, Shlomi Aber enlists some of his favorite artists and producers of the moment. Together with previous label regulars like Gel Abril, Itamar Sagi, and Roberto are found new debuts on the label such as Francisco Allendes, Marco Faraone, Yaya, and more. To spice up this special release even more, Shlomi went back to the studio to rework last year's anthem "Foolish Games," appearing on the compilation with a new, darker mood. This compilation represents Shlomi Aber's musical journey on the dancefloor, condensed into 71 minutes, from dubby grooves to rolling techno. Other artists include: Alci, Fideles, Macromism, Bimas, Chester Code & Frankie Howland, and Luca Agnelli.


BD 227CD

CONGO NATTY: Jungle Revolution CD (BD 227CD) 15.50
"Ten tracks long, Jungle Revolution clearly lays out the way in which Tafari sees Jungle as a re-boot of roots reggae for a new century. Full of blood and fire, the sternum-buzz of sub-bass, rapid fire drum breaks, sweet hooks, righteous anger and professions of love, it's the kind of passionate, committed, raw and spiritual, beautiful record that doesn't come along that often. 'The message of reggae is Ras Tafari and Ras Tafari is love,' he explains. 'They sang about love but they was also prophesying and talking about the system, talking about things that were going on in the world. I saw Jungle as being that same music, where we were going to spread a message.'"

BD 227LP

CONGO NATTY: Jungle Revolution 2LP (BD 227LP) 23.50
Gatefold double LP version with download code.



RANK/XEROX: Rank/Xerox LP (PTYT 075LP) 16.50
LP version. Data-data-data-data goes the nagging needled guitar. This starts a 26-minute high velocity dystopian call to arms. 1978 shot through the 21st century canon (hello Savages). Tanted, chanted U.S. post-punk rock boy trio with a too-smart, too-cute, small "p"-pop sensibility with one of those mysterious classic cover artworks that, so alluringly simple, it acts as a portal into a whole other dimension. Wire(y), early Liars(y), with a dash of the Scritti trio that combine to make their very own highly potent cocktail of the now. If this doesn't have you jumping round the room, then you are already dead, daddio.


BC 040CD

HOLDEN: The Inheritors CD (BC 040CD) 15.50
The Inheritors is the eagerly-awaited follow-up to James Holden's rightfully-acclaimed The Idiots Are Winning, a milestone from 2006. This is a whole new world and complete mythology in album form, which stretches way beyond the traditional confines of dance music. Holden has woven a rich aural tapestry that treads a singular path: nobody is making electronic music as explorative as what is found within The Inheritors. Bold, epic, and psychedelic, striking a delicate balance between weighty tome and transformative trip, and with a production aesthetic that is all his own, Holden is certain that this is the album that he always wanted to make. The Inheritors fully immerses you in a timeless space with abundant hidden depths.

BC 040LP

HOLDEN: The Inheritors 3x12" (BC 040LP) 25.50
Triple 12" version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a download code.



ROB JO STAR BAND: Rob Jo Star Band CD (BORNBAD 052CD) 14.00
Official reissue of one of the weirdest records ever released in France in the early '70s. Stoned psychedelia. Garage punk under the influence of acid. Fantastic sci-fi spaced-out psych with astonishing lysergic fuzz distortions, drenched with crazy electronic noise effects. Though French underground rock in the early 1970s French underground certainly things to offer (mostly headaches and yawns) it was quite unexpected to stumble across a truly good album coming out of that scene. As often with those discoveries, one must thank the bootleg Cosa Nostra for this return from the grave. Beside a few collectors, Rob Jo Star Band managed to stay under the radar all these years. It all started in late 1972, in the Montpellier area in the south of France. Michel-Robert Sahuc aka Mick (bass) and Robert Castello aka Chris (guitar) had been friends since 1970, and after a couple of years in a non-formal band, they decided to move on one step further with new accomplices. In January 1973, they met Alain Poblador aka Penny. He was from Avignon, had been playing electric guitar for 12 years and had spent the '60s in local bands. None ever made a record. With Roger Vidal aka Cedric from Perpignan on drums, the original line-up of the RJSB was soon in place. After doing covers to get their act together, Penny and Mick, with occasional help from Chris, started writing original material in May 1973. Glam rock was happening and Bowie, Lou Reed, and The Velvet Underground were RJSB's muses. "Our musical philosophy was to go back to the roots of psychedelic rock, both soft and trash, simple yet with experimental leanings, finding inspiration in contemporary music, with intellectually-oriented lyrics." They chose to sing in English, but "in a very French way, as we were not trying to hide our French identity." In July 1973, they met Serge Soler aka Bryan, a sound and electronic engineer, who soon joined the quartet along with his "wave generators" (home-made prehistoric synths which were incorporated in a mix board). They now thought of themselves as something like The Velvets meets Pierre Henri, "trying to create some kind of a 'Messe pour un temps présent' for outsiders and junkies." The album came out in 1974 in a limited edition of 1,500 copies. The main influences included: Man Who Sold the World and Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, The New York Dolls, MC5 and The Stooges, Damo Suzuki, Agitation Free, Amon Düll II, Neu!, Hawkwind, Van Der Graaf Generator, and King Crimson. It wasn't easy for bands back then in France, even more for outsiders like RJSB. So it all came to an end. At least, they had recorded a few more songs as demos, including two in French, "La Cigale" and "Le Démon du rythme," that you'll find here as very special bonus tracks.



Housemeister is back and guess what -- this time he only needed a handy little OP-1 synthesizer to make you feel giddy. But rewind: who is this master again? One of Berlin's long-standing techno maniacs. By the tender age of 17 he had been hit hard by punk, rap, grati, turntables, basement parties, Love Parade, Mayday, weed, 150 bpm, and legendary clubs like E-Werk, Tresor, Wal-sh, and Electric Ballroom. A heavy rave virus sucked up his body and soul, and in 1995 he moved to Kreuzberg to start producing high-energy music right from the middle of rave capital, Berlin. Some time later he released four albums with the BPitch collective and subsequently he seduced Europe with his intense techno. From then on, Housemeister kept riding the wave -- playing everywhere and every weekend. Finally he released his debut album Enlarge Your Dose on Boysnoize Records in 2005. In between he produced several EPs for BNR, launched the label All You Can Beat, and dropped on it with Who's That Noize?, another album that proved his party-crazy skills. Instead of resting, Housemeister continued to produce like a well-oiled machine and with 2011's Music Is Awesome album, he delivered overdriven arpeggios, punk rage, acid house psychedelic, and hard-style attacks. And now, he's back again to pad his heavy discography with another killer. Everything on OP-1 was made during his tour adventures with only his portable laboratory of sounds. The tracks on this concept album are called "Tokyo," "Berlin," "Paris," or "New York" and represent in sound the big city lights in whose shadow Housemeister tuned his brand-new tunes while being on the go: on airplanes and in hotel rooms. He recorded everything only with a little OP-1 synthesizer and made sure that his creativity bleeps like hell. Go ballistic to Housemeister's unique design of musical frenzy that wants nothing more than to drive you crazy.



SAFETY SCISSORS: In a Manner of Sleeping LP+CD (BPC 266LP) 17.00
LP version with CD of the album. Matthew Patterson Curry aka Safety Scissors, has developed from interesting musical roots: Matt took his first, highly adventurous steps into the music world in the experimental San Francisco electronic scene. His peers include illustrious names such as Kid 606, Kit Clayton, the avant-garde sound tinkerers Matmos, and the programming enthusiasts around the legendary music production software MAX/MSP. A good decade later, Matt can look back on two successful albums, festival appearances worldwide and numerous remixes, including those for Matmos, Grizzly Bear, and Architecture. In particular, Safety Scissors' second album Tainted Lunch, produced by Stefan Betke aka Pole, is regarded as a prime example of how experimental electronics and classic pop can be successfully combined. The 12 songs range from intricate indie-electronica, enriched with a playful chaos of noises, to poppy, minimal house tracks with catchy hooks, to sensitive singer-songwriter sketches and ethereal atmospheres. The beats -- whether in house-mode or using live drums for a more rocky feel -- are never merely functional: they always feel entirely devoted to the song. In a Manner of Sleeping is an album that can't be pigeon-holed -- any genre corset is burst open by its eclecticism and sudden surprises.


BF 040CD

THUNDERCAT: Apocalypse CD (BF 040CD) 15.50
"On his second album, Apocalypse, Thundercat pairs up with executive producer Flying Lotus to pull the veil back and reveal the simple truths of the cycle of life, for all its beauty and destruction. An album about loss and rebuilding, trying to gain something back, and capturing that moment of clarity where one finally finds feet back on the ground again. Bringing a fusion of pop, soul, electronica, prog rock, and funk into an unexplored dimension, the album slowly descends and tunnels to the core of what it takes to grasp peace, at a time that it seems most far."

BF 040LP

THUNDERCAT: Apocalypse 2LP (BF 040LP) 23.50
Gatefold double LP version with download code.


BB 132CD

"Not long after Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia) and Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, Kreidler, Mapstation) had released their first album Stunden, accompanied by a few live shows in 2011, Eric Satie and Brian Eno were quoted as the great inspiration for their musical collaboration. Fine references no doubt, one having invented musique d'ameublement, and the other having refined it into ambient music 80 years later. Yet Tiden does not sit easily in either camp. This is neither tasteful decor (à la Satie), nor is it electronic-auditory space-filler (à la Eno), gazing towards infinity. The short duration of the 13 pieces is enough to discount either genre. Better to consider these as concentrated, inspired études, carefully thought through and in no way random or sketchy. With cheerful gravitas, the two artists create absolute music -- music which desires only to be itself, without ulterior effects and with the declared intent of involving the listener in his emotional, inventive game. Perhaps Franz Schubert's moments musicaux would be a more suitable citation. The lightness and atmospheric intimacy of this music reveal Roedelius (grand piano, synthesizer) and the decades younger Schneider (Elektronik) as musicians who understand how to listen to one another and improvise on each other's ideas immediately. The result is a lively, relentless interplay of great composure, more surprising than any tide could be, as precise calendars exist for tidal flows. Roedelius can already look back on an adventuresome career in music. Schneider has also prospered through exciting decades in contemporary pop. This is the second time their paths have crossed. Tiden keeps the promise which their first album made -- genial contemporary music from two artists who are as one in heart and soul. And when Roedelius steps on the pedal of his grand piano, well, it squeaks a little." --Asmus Tietchens



CHERRY, DON: Mu First Part LP (BYG 301LP) 14.00
2013 repress. Exact repros of the original BYG Actuel LP series from the early 70s. "Originally recorded on August 22nd, 1969 at Studio Saravah in Paris, this album became the first one of the whole BYG/Actuel series. Don Cherry's electrifying duets with Ed Blackwell are memorable. 6 tracks. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram HQ vinyl."


CH 103LP

CANNANES, THE: Howling at All Hours LP (CH 103LP) 17.00
LP version with download; housed in a gatefold sleeve. Chapter Music is excited to announce Howling at All Hours, the new album by international DIY pop icons The Cannanes. First forming in Sydney in the mid-1980s, they have released 10 albums on labels all around the world, toured the U.S., UK, Mexico, Japan, and Europe innumerable times and been immortalized in books and documentaries by devoted fans. The Cannanes have always done things their own way. Their first two albums African Man's Tomato (1988) and A Love Affair with Nature (1989) were self-released on no label at all, but the band subsequently became stalwarts of iconic '90s US indie imprints like K Records, Ajax, and Feel Good All Over. They began touring the U.S. and UK regularly, achieving the distinction of becoming one of the best-known unknown Australian bands internationally. Chapter Music released a Cannanes single in 1996 and the album Living the Dream in 2000. In 2002 their Trouble Seemed So Far Away album earned considerable Triple J support, and their clip for single "You Name It" was chosen to be the first song played on Rage to welcome in the new millennium. Howling is the first new album since Trouble, but admittedly the band have been distracted by side projects, recording, regular gigs and touring in Australia, the U.S., Japan, Mexico, headlining the New York Pop Fest in 2008, playing the UK Indietracks Festival in 2010, and various other pursuits. In 2012 a Cannanes song was featured in the TV film and DVD, Underground, about Julian Assange's early years, and the band even recently got to design their own limited edition Converse sneaker. But now it's high time to release upon the unsuspecting world some new recordings. New EP Small Batch, on the Cannanes' own Lamingtone label, got an ecstatic response earlier in 2013, and now the same line-up that recorded A Love Affair with Nature has regrouped -- in fact, the new album is subtitled A Love Affair with Nature II. Vocalist Fran Gibson, guitarist Stephen O'Neil and prodigal drummer David Nichols are the core trio, but Howling also features cameos from sometime Cannanes members James Dutton (Flywheel, Deep Country), Mia Schoen (New Estate, Sleepy Township), and Fran Bussey (Nice, Dusken Lights). After such a long wait, it's reassuring to discover that Howling at All Hours is as engaging and idiosyncratic as anything the band has ever done.



FALL, THE: Re-Mit CD (CDBRED 580CD) 15.00
"The Fall release their new album - and second for Cherry Red. A natural progression from Ersatz GB, Re-Mit is awash in bass and drum lead grooves, off kilter modern psych and tense guitar pop."



GUMMIHZ: Alles Claap Vol. 1 CD (CLAAP 001CD) 17.00
Curated and mixed by label owner Alex Tsotsos aka GummiHz, the label's first compilation marks a major milestone in the label's story so far. A strong cast of producers here with Jerome Sydenham, Jimpster, D'Julz, Santonio Echols, Manoo, Oskar Offermann, and Claap core artists John Dimas and Nikola Gala. All have stepped up with some excellent interpretations on earlier Claap releases, focused strongly on the dancefloor. The result is some stunning productions highlighting Claap's pure club sound experience. Alles Claap Vol. 1 carries the GummiHz characteristic mixing signature along with previously-unreleased material plus a GummiHz exclusive new track. Alles Claap is a story about the label's past, present and future all taking place simultaneously. A DJ at heart, Alex Tsotsos has built a strong reputation for his characteristic mixing style and diverse productions. During his usually extensive DJ sets he is known to effortlessly bring together tracks in constant evolving transitions. Having performed at various locations worldwide from big rooms to intimate beach parties, his sets have covered most musical styles. His GummiHz project focuses on cutting-edge house and techno music for clubs. Alex's natural talent places him amongst the top of Greece's modern export in electronic music and a well-respected figure amongst the international dance community. Tsotsos started to build his own creative hub by launching Claap after working exclusively with Berlin's Mobilee records on his first productions. An uncompromising creative spirit, Alex has also released plenty of productions on labels like Real Tone records, Jerome Sydenham's Ibadan Records, Defected and more highly-respected platforms under different projects. In just a few years, Claap has released more than a few tracks that have gained their place in the hearts and bags of many, projecting exciting new talent in the global circuit through a strong focus on the music above all else. The result is a plethora of quality dance tracks by label boss GummiHz on one side along with amazing records by Claap household names like Nikola Gala and John Dimas in just a couple of years. Songs like "Secret Voyage" by GummiHz, "Quick Dance" by John Dimas and "Oasy" by Nikola Gala being only a few examples. Adding to the bill are exciting newcomers the Square Room Heroes, very promising producer Quell, talented young artist BODJ and Moire Patterns. These inspiring artists belong to an exciting new wave of dance producers.



ROSE & RAY OKPARA, JESSE: The CYH Remixes Vol. 2 12" (CYH 026EP) 12.00
After the CYH Remixes Vol. 1 with DJ Sneak and Ian Pooley from 2011 comes round two in Clap Your Hands' remix series. This time, Jesse Rose & Ray Okpara choose their favorite Clap Your Hands track for their own interpretation. This is the Jesse Rose remix of Rafael Kakudo's "Work" and Ray Okpara's remix of Malte Seddig's "Downstream Movement."



IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY: Beyond Dreams CD (CMV 217CD) 12.00
"Remastered reissue of the 2003 release with a new bonus track from the legendary San Francisco band. This studio album came nearly 40 years after the inception of the band and shows that they are still capable of pumping out great tunes. Features reworked versions of some of their best tracks along with new tunes. Digipak version."



SANHAJI, BRIAN: Daria 12" (CLR 068EP) 14.00
Brian Sanhaji is back with a two-track EP of deep-rooted, hypnotic techno full of raw emotion. "Daria" and "Daven" are the main protagonists of this outstanding release. With this EP he has reached a level of depth and brilliance that causes pure pleasure even to the most spoiled ears. If you are a friend of diversified and dynamic techno with unique handwriting, you should definitely pay attention to this release.



AGUAYO, MATIAS: The Visitor 2LP+CD (COMEME 003LP) 28.50
180 gram gatefold double LP version. Comes with a CD of the album. To those of you unfamiliar with Matias Aguayo, he remains a core Kompakt recording artist and one of today's most ambitious music makers and collaborators. Be it from his early days as half of the now-legendary techno act Closer Musik, to singing for Battles on their recent hit "Ice Cream," Aguayo makes Cómeme his platform to work with fellow musicians from around the world and continues to push all notions away of what dictates trend in order to create his own. Matias returns with his third solo full-length, The Visitor -- recorded over the course of five years in various places around the world including Buenos Aires, Ciudad de México, Vitry-Sur-Seine, Rionegro (Antioquia, Colombia), Sternhagen Gut, and his studio -- The District Union in Berlin. As with his previous albums, Matias Aguayo unveils a perplexing and unexpected offering. Rather than appealing to a specific genre, he considers rhythm as a core influence in The Visitor and delivers what could be his most purposeful music to date. A collaborative process plays a dominant role on this album, articulating Aguayo's attentiveness to the community that surrounds him. Mixed and co-produced by Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat upon first hearing The Visitor, long-time fans of his music will be immediately aware how the songs sound natural and immense. The secret is not just in the mix but due to the fact that there are numerous musicians and vocalists performing on each track. By utilizing so many layers of analog and acoustic instrumentation, The Visitor as a whole provokes a distinct listening experience that contrasts the ease of digital processing techniques and the styles of most modern dance music out there today. Guest artists include: Juliana Gattas (Miranda!) and Aérea Negrot (Hercules & Love Affair), Luis Miguel "Cucharita" Jaramillo, Philipp Gorbachev, Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder, Julia Bande, Julia Kasprzak, Amelia Bande, Rodrigo Olavarría, and Daniel Maloso.



HERB, THOMAS: Compost Black Label Series Vol. 5 CD (COMP 415CD) 14.00
This is the fifth installment in the Compost Black Label Series -- unveiling some of the finest cuts in the label's recent history in a versatile DJ mix crafted by Compost family member Thomas Herb, who built a strong reputation as a DJ when it's about merging soul-injected house, techno and disco into a musical journey. Featuring winner tunes and remixes by Phreek Plus One, Osunlade, Woolfy, DJ T., and Rainer Trueby. Herb also highlights the work of new breeds like Emil Seidel, Philipp Stoya and Emilie Nana, who have all contributed high-quality tunes on the Black Label. Thomas kicks things off with some proper nu-school vibes until he smoothly blends Balearic and disco-influenced territories -- then somehow he's already in the middle of "Holland Tunnel," the New Jersey-styled tune by Muallem, opening our mind's eye for the glittering skyline of Manhattan and our ears for this music called house. Herb subsequently throws in some decent rave signals without losing his fluent, elegant style that he carefully morphs into an old school Chicago vibe. The set closes with Lukas Bohlender's beautiful string-laden emo-houser "Club Chateâu." Apart from storytelling, Thomas Herb put some extra focus on adding a warm, hand-crafted, dynamic live-vibe -- and he succeeds big time with this sophisticated little bastard of a DJ-mix. Limited edition, hand-numbered gatefold PocketPac. Other artists include: Rey & Kjavik, Joash, Johnwaynes, TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos, Marbert Rocel, Show-B, Dima Studitzky, Classic VIV & Lawaetz, and Jay Shepheard.



PROMMER, CHRISTIAN: Compost Black Label 99 12" (COMP 420EP) 12.00
Christian Prommer is back on Compost Black Label with a new EP for the summer 2013 season. Uplifting and soulful vibes to enrich any open-air beach set -- well, notwithstanding that these tracks would enlighten all dark cellar-floors anyway. These tracks are part of the upcoming Christian Prommer album Ambach.


MADPAC: Compost Black Label 101 12" (COMP 421EP) 12.00
Compost Black presents a killer tune -- a trippy peak-time hit. The original by Estonian Madpac is a lovely, jubbly, fluffy house tune, notably when the beloved melody parts come in. Quintessentially a Compost-ish tune, isn't it, with a contemporary, timeless sound. Madpac aka Madis Pähno, was born in 1987 in Tartu Estonia. Strange ways got him to the point where he is now. Remixed by Philipp Stoya and Microphunk.



KRIS MENACE: Electric Horizon: Live in Barcelona CD (COMPU 030CD) 17.00
Kris Menace presents his first live album. Recorded in Spain at the legendary Razzmatazz Clubs in Barcelona, the sold-out show marked the release of the Electric Horizon (COMPU 020CD) album and featured an exclusive live rendition of his groundbreaking debut single "Discopolis." Kris released his first album Idiosyncrasies in 2009, Electric Horizon in 2012 and quickly followed by his remarkable all-vocal album project Features. Features included collaborations with Julian Hamilton from The Presets, the fabulous Miss Kittin, Daft Punk collaborator Romanthony, house giant Robert Owens, and German soul singer Xavier Naidoo. Much in-demand for his production skills, Kris has worked with Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Air, Royksopp, Underworld, Booka Shade, Metronomy, Moby, Kylie Minogue, and Lana del Rey. A pioneer and hugely-respected amongst the dance community, Kris is signed to some of the most influential labels in the world, while also behind projects such as Black Van and Stars On 33.



CHARDRONNET, PATRICK: Random Beauty EP 12" (CNS 058EP) 12.50
Some of you are probably asking: Where the fuck has Patrick Chardronnet been? Next to Patrick's life as a world-travelling music producer and live act, he is a well-respected sound designer, who has worked for virtually all big German car brands like Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. But now Patrick is back with a release on Connaisseur. The style is different from his previous works -- more reduced, deep and timeless, but in a certain way totally himself... a real Chardronnet.



VA: Beat At Cinecittà Volume 1 CD (CDHW 033CD) 15.50
Limited restock; originally released in 1996. Fab first volume of Crippled Dick's cool series documenting lost funky and groovy tracks from Italian films of the late '60s and early '70s. Put together with the same great sound and style as the Easy Tempo series of comps, this one's got a batch of tracks that are a bit wilder, and which have a bit more of a wild sound, in the Crippled Dick style. Plus, the whole thing's got loads of notes, in English, and lots of cool photos and reproductions of the posters from these crazy films. Cool cool stuff by composers like Riz Ortolani, Bruno Nicolai, Piero Piccioni, and Roberto Pregadio -- and with the kind of wild sound you'd expect from films like these! Erotica, Exotica, Psychotica!



"Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has mixed the next session in the Get Lost series, programmed over two CDs, the first features the more electric side of Orlando's DJ style whilst CD two is a more club oriented DJ mix." Artists include: Axel Bowman, Tiga, DJ Bone, LFO, Gold Panda, Dave Aju, Albinos, Jamie Jones feat. Luca C, Bernard Badie, Mathew Jonson, Underground Resistance, Richard H. Kirk and more.



HIVER: Blue Aconite EP 12" (CURLE 045EP) 12.50
"Hiver's demo reached me shortly after I had bought their debut release on Vidab. I immediately fell in love with the analog-sounding deep techno of the Italian duo and asked one of my favorite producers to have a go at one of the tracks. Tobias. (Freund) totally nailed it, again. A very atmospheric piece that fans of Convextion/E.R.P. should definitely check out." --Curle Recordings



THEE SPIVS: The Crowds & The Sounds CD (DAMGOOD 416CD) 21.50
"Thee Spivs are back with their third album in as many years and they've honed their canny blend of trad punk, garage punk, post punk, new wave, and pub rock to create a magnificently varied album. The new album is a natural progression from their critically acclaimed debut Taped Up and last year's Black and White Memories. The Crowds and The Sounds is instantly more melodic and you can see additional influences from the very British qualities of The Kinks. The songs are slowed down and slightly longer in length, with a lot more thought and work in to each one than the furiously fast, punchy numbers from their early records."


THEE SPIVS: The Crowds & The Sounds LP (DAMGOOD 416LP) 25.50
LP version.



JAMES HUNTER SIX, THE: Minute by Minute LP (DAP 303LP) 18.50
"For his first new album in five years, Minute by Minute, British soul man James Hunter teamed with Daptone mastermind Gabriel Roth (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings/Daptone Records co-owner) for a horn-fueled blast of deep soul and R&B. The album's 12 new original songs mark not only Hunter's first collaboration with Roth, but his first time recording in five years." Comes with a download of the album.



DER DRITTE RAUM: Morgenland CD (DDR 007CD) 17.00
This is the 13th full-length release by producer Der Dritte Raum (Andreas Krüger). His discography is as stunning as the list of his live appearances. There's not a soul with the slightest interest in electronic music who has never danced to a track by this extraordinary, talented producer. He's one of the few that has truly created his own signature sound. Krüger's trademark is his excessive use of hardware instruments in the studio as well as during his live performances. For his new output, he recorded live drum sessions, and a clarinet player and a bunch of vintage instruments are used -- like black holes, they suck in and spit out the most varied influences. What is so memorable about these 13 new tracks is the way they strike the perfect balance between studio experimentation and groovy techno without ever breaking stride or losing focus. The selection conveys a palpable deepness, occasionally harboring a touch of melancholy, yet never becoming overwhelming. There's nothing brash or over-blown here -- all the real action is nestled between the beats -- while the grooves he concocts are all so earthy and raw that the kick-drum functions as an alternative rather than a necessity.



LODEMANN, ANDRE: Imagine 12" (DES 115EP) 12.50
Dessous Recordings team up with one of Berlin's most talented and thoughtful producers, Andre Lodemann, for this sublime three-tracker. "Imagine" is head music for the dancefloor -- deep house with true feeling. "Eyes Wide Open" also contains a wealth of melody, welded expertly to a groove that works the soul as much as the body. Alix Alvarez's reinterpretation maintains the gorgeous melodies but adds a little of that NY house bump to the groove.



TILL VON SEIN & TIGERSKIN: Molly Brown EP 12" (DIRT 072EP) 12.50
Till von Sein and Tigerskin are back with another EP full of funky, dope twisted house jamz. A perfect combination again of Tigerskin's tight production skills and Till's extraordinary sample madness and funky arrangements. All four EP tracks reflect their love for soul joints and hip-hop beats and breaks. Apart from the precise sampling going on here, most parts were played and recorded live in Tigerskin's studio as are the Rhodes keys and guitar parts topped off with analog 909 and 808 beats only. Comes on 180 gram vinyl.



Chris Woodward aka Dubinsky delivers some heavy, futuristic tracks somewhere in between genres that are truly unique, grooving and touching. Clapton Dance Party is also a project from Chris with some of his friends. The track "Mind" features the beautiful voice of Renate Rubini. True modern dance music.



TIGER & WOODS: Golden Bear EP 12" (TAIN 013EP) 14.00
Tiger & Woods. You know the deal. Future boogie from the past. Here they pay tribute to one of the game's greatest with two tracks. The full vocal of "Bash at Jack's" is imbedded in an eight-minute pop song that sounds like West End or Prelude could today. Speaking of which, "Golden Bear" resembles the instrumental bliss of said era on the flip-side. Dancing in outer space with the champion sound. 500 copies for the universe.


F4TV 005EP

AFRIQUA: Mir Zeit/Tanz 12" (F4TV 005EP) 11.00
On "Mir Zeit," Afriqua further explores his take on the deep house vibe. It's deep, rolling bass line and spacey synths make this a sure gem for any progressive lovers. "Tanz" is the more techno-oriented of the two, with an epic acid bass line, carried by sparse, but driving drums and percussion on top. With previous releases supported by Dusky, Audiofly, Vince Watson, Xhin, GoldFFinch, and Boris, this 12" is set to maintain Afriqua's reputation as an authentic purveyor of bass, space and everything in between.


FR 091CD

IGNATZ: Can I Go Home Now? CD (FR 091CD) 17.00
In 1910, the illustrator George Herriman created the Krazy Kat comic strip. Ignatz, a vicious mouse, was Krazy Kat's arch enemy, and his favorite pastime was to throw bricks at Krazy Kat's head (who misinterpreted the mouse's actions as declarations of love). Brussels-based artist Bram Devens uses Ignatz as his alter-ego, and comes armed with his own pile of bricks; sparse, emotive songs born of the human condition, wrapped in effects, corroded by tape, driven forth by improvisation and spontaneity. Can I Go Home Now? is Ignatz's first Fonal release, but it is his fifth full-length album -- his seventh if you count the Kraak 2011 cassette compilation and 2010's Mort aux Vaches live LP on Staalplaat. Recorded in Schaarbeek, Brussels, Belgium between 2011 and 2012 on four-track and computer, the album sees Devens shift his focus toward more exclusively song-based compositions, cut largely from unabridged electric and acoustic guitar. Ignatz's songs stem from a familiar stripped folk framework, with Devens' delivery recalling the louche primitivism of V.U. or Henry Flynt -- but these songs sound inverted, cast adrift, their cool touch belying a stymied heat beneath the surface. Where Devens' fretwork is adorned, it is executed with a refined coarseness. Autonomous loops entwine each other. Songs brush past percussion, bass notes, or a scant keyboard motif. A voice recedes from the heart of the song into a dislocated, cracked drawl. And yet if Ignatz does occasionally recall the ghost of Jandek, there are moments of warmth and beauty, as sunlight glistens on the ice. Devens' personal experiences echo throughout the album's artwork and the title itself, as well as the music. "The artwork is a drawing of a dog, a boxer called Gibbe. It is a drawing by myself from 1994 made in Budapest, Hungary, just after Gibbe died at the age of 13 from meningitis. A family holiday went bad. Because we did not want to leave him in Hungary we decided to wrap him in plastic and tie him on the roof of the car and drive back to Belgium (which took us 2 days and the body started to smell). This was the last holiday I spent with my parents, and this moment defined the end of my childhood, more than any other." Ignatz has toured Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan, playing with, amongst others US Girls, Ducktails, Six Organs Of Admittance, Heatsick, Sir Richard Bishop, Chris Forsyth, Es, LSD March, Greg Malcolm, and Bridget Hayden.



JFK: La Bas (1987-1992) CD (FDS 083CD) 16.50
JFK is the project of British rock and electronic musician Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, Skullflower, Ethnic Acid). Originally active between 1987 and 1992, JFK was conceived as an experimental rock band that could create "a total music, absorbing all possibilities." This exclusive CD compiles rare and previously-unreleased tracks, including the Temple of Set/Sexodus 7" (previously-released by Fourth Dimension in 1992). The JFK sound is a brain-melting clash of electronic rhythms, blazing guitar riffs, warped vocals and walls of feedback. This retrospective collection features nine cuts by Anthony Di Franco, who has formed a valuable pillar in some of the best music to have furrowed post-industrial music's sprawl into the kind of distorto-heavy psychedelia where something entirely more menacing is the order of the day.


FM 012LP

ALBERT, JOHANNES: Hotel Novalis 2LP (FM 012LP) 31.00
Frank Music proudly presents Johannes Albert's debut LP Hotel Novalis. Emerging from the deep-down Spessart woods in southern Germany, he has been doing his thing since the mid-'90s as a charming house DJ. Remember the golden days of NYC, Strictly Rhythm, Masters at Work, and the likes? After some years of dropping the records he loves, he decided to add some more spice to the soup, starting to work on his own house tracks, released on vinyl by the White label and through his own imprint, Frank Music, amongst others. A couple of 12" records later, and his first album is ready to hit the game. It's a ride full of happy house music: refreshing piano accords. Bumpin' drum machine rhythms and almost friendly acid lines. Johannes is not afraid of going into the deep as well as sending the dancers into rave mode. To take things down, the Frank Music caretaker uses beat-down-ish elements on "Muskrat Susie" or "Symptoms of the Feel Good" which own a hint of Flying Lotus and STL. Don't forget some cheesiness between the lines on "Where the Green Sings." I know what you thinking, but there's no retro in here -- just warm summer vibes. Hotel Novalis is like a good night out. You start slowly, get into the mood, raise your hands during a climax and get home safely with a smile in your eye. So press play and enjoy the trip.



PRESLEY, ELVIS: Pocketful of Rainbows/Crawfish 7" (FRY 021EP) 8.00
Rockabilly, R&B or soul -- no matter what your bag, the one and only Elvis Presley has enough power, presence and panache to offer something for everyone, and here are two alternate takes from Elvis soundtracks, GI Blues and King Creole. "Pocketful of Rainbows" is a more dancefloor-friendly take with a stronger rhythm section, which was aching for 45 release, while on the flip we have an alternate take of "Crawfish" with Jean "Kitty" Bilbrew matching Elvis in the mix.



PRINS THOMAS: DJ Sotofett Presents King-Phat's-Mix-Choons 12" (FPST 001EP) 14.00
"Bobletekno" by Prins Thomas remixed three different ways by DJ Sotofett.


GB 004LP

TOURE, SAMBA: Albala LP+CD (GB 004LP) 25.00
180 gram LP version housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a CD copy of the album. When you meet Samba Touré in person, he comes off as a soft-spoken man, a man who easily charms you with his abundant smile and optimistic gait. But on his third album, Albala, which in the Songhai language means "danger" or "risk," a weighted and at times defiant side of his personality emerges. To call Albala his darkest album is an understatement, but it is not a self-absorbed darkness. The cause of Touré's worry is the crashing world around him, and more specifically the troubles echoing out from his beloved northern Mali homeland. The last year has brought cataclysmic change and upheaval to northern Mali. The tragic details of this have been globally reported, so there is little point in sensationalizing them here. But the cumulative effect of these events on Samba's music seems palpable. There is an added gravity to his voice and his words, an additional sting to his electric guitar; there are sharper edges and more complex undertones in his musical arrangements. On "Fondora (Leave Our Road)" Samba sings with indignation: "I say, leave our road/All killers leave our road/Thieves leave our road/Looters, leave our road/Rapists, leave our road/Betrayers, leave our road." And on the haunting "Ago Djamba (Life Betrays Us)" Touré warns: "We do not all have the same opportunities/Here, nobody is born rich but we all have the same value/Life betrays us." As a band member, and valued collaborator of the late Malian legend Ali Farka Touré, Samba established a significant reputation, and through his first two solo albums Songhai Blues and Crocodile Blues (World Music Network) his confidence and musical prowess grew proportionately. But Albala is a new flash point. There is more power, there is more grit, the mood is deeper, and aptly, given the album's title, Touré takes more musical risks. Recorded at Studio Mali in Bamako in the autumn of 2012, Samba is joined by his regular band members Djimé Sissoko (n'goni) and Madou Sanogo (congas, djembe) and guests such as the legendary master of the soku (a one-stringed violin) Zoumana Tereta and the fast-rising Malian neo-traditional singer Aminata Wassidje Traore. Additionally, Hugo Race (The Bad Seeds, Dirtmusic, Fatalists) contributes an array of subtle atmospherics on guitar and keyboards. On the opening song, "Be ki don," Samba sings: "Everybody welcomes Samba Touré." With an album as soulful and captivating as Albala, that might not be an over-statement.

GB 005LP

DIRTMUSIC: Troubles 2LP+CD (GB 005LP) 31.00
180 gram double LP version, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a CD of the album. Troubles is the new album from Dirtmusic -- Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) and Hugo Race (Fatalists/True Spirit/Bad Seeds) -- recorded in Bamako, Mali, in September 2012 during the high-tension and tragic recent crisis -- hence the name. Originally a trio with Chris Brokaw (Come/Codeine), Dirtmusic released their eponymous debut in 2007, a gritty collection of acoustic ballads drawn from their American and Australian frontier roots. The band's explorations of raw, psych-folk-rock then took a radical detour out to the Saharan desert, to Timbuktu, performing at the legendary Festival-au-Desert. Dirtmusic's encounter at the Festival-au-Desert with the Tuareg band Tamikrest was the catalyst for the second album, BKO (2010), a classic, one-of-a-kind trip through the interzone between western and Tamasheq desert rock. The two bands toured Europe extensively and the album received major shout-outs from both the rock/pop and "world" music press. With the departure of Chris Brokaw, Race and Eckman decided to head further upriver, composing and recording an album from scratch in full collaboration with a select crew of Malian artists. Dirtmusic arrived in the Malian capital of Bamako with notebooks of lyrics, but without written songs or preconceived strategies. Drawing on musicians from the Ben Zabo and Samba Touré bands as a core rhythm section, Race and Eckman produced the sessions on the dancefloor of Salif Keita's Moffou Club, inviting in guest vocalists including not only Ben Zabo and Samba Touré, but also Virginie Dembele (from the Rokia Traoré ensemble), rising star Aminata Wassidje Traoré and soku-master Zoumana Tereta. There are many voices telling stories on Troubles, singing in Songhai, Bambara, Tamasheq, and English, stories of war and peace and love and doubt in the shadow of an oncoming storm, and like a musical version of cinema verité, everything is real, in-the-moment and utterly direct. Inspired by the collision between West African rhythms, digital sorcery and rock'n'roll, Troubles is a singular and border-slicing musical journey.



DLUGOSCH (FEAT. ROISIN MURPHY), BORIS: Look Around You 12" (GCS 001EP) 14.00
German house-legends Boris Dlugosch, Raik Krause (Hey Today!) and Isi Tüfekci (Digitalism) are ready to take off with their first very own label, Golden City Sounds. Get into the label's first single release: "Look Around You" by Boris Dlugosch featuring Róisín Murphy (Moloko). Golden City Sounds points to the future of club music. Featuring remixes by Chopstick & Johnjon and Maxxi Soundsystem.



VA: The Dutch Woodstock 1970 2CD/DVD (GZO 102CD) 23.00
"This line-up features rock royalty including Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Byrds, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and the headlining Pink Floyd from 1970's Kralingen Music Festival. Containing footage that wasn't in the original film, this 2CD/DVD set features live material from Pink Floyd, and some immeasurably rare artifacts from folk such as T-Rex, Dr John, Family, The Byrds, and others. The film portion, also known as Stamping Ground, has never been out on DVD."



PANTALEIMON: The Butterfly Ate the Pearl CD (GGM 009CD) 16.50
The Butterfly Ate the Pearl is the follow-up to 2008's remix and collaboration collection Heart of the Sun and features nine new tracks. Co-produced with Hugo Race, this album from Pantaleimon is another great collection of hypnotic, magical, and understated songs that Andria Degens has become known for, but with The Butterfly Ate the Pearl there is a more psychedelic feel and a real progression of sound and it is without doubt the most accomplished release to date. The multi-talented Degens not only provides vocals, but plays a diverse range of instruments and effects including distorted and delayed dulcimers, guitar, keyboard, Indian harmonium, bass, samples, loops, pedal board, FX, vibra, bells, tambourine, and sansula. She also brings together an array of eclectic musicians to elevate the dream -- Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy), James Blackshaw, Otto Hauser (Vetiver), Jay Darlington (Oasis, Kula Shaker), and Steve Finnerty (Alabama 3), to name a few. The result is a cinematic soundscape, a journey through terrains both familiar and unknown, with her gorgeous and heartbreaking voice leading the way, sounding like nothing else around.


GR 105CD

RIPPERTON: A Little Part of Shade CD (GR 105CD) 17.00
Swiss producer Ripperton returns to present his second full-length album A Little Part of Shade, seeing his return to Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal's Amsterdam-based Green label. A Little Part of Shade uses sympathetic touches of club synthetics to underline fluidly written and playful melodies. Ripperton gained popularity as a producer with his Lazy Fat People project, releasing on high profile labels such as Border Community, Planet E, and Wagon Repair; he rapidly grew as a solo artist with an almost endless run of key releases on Green, Liebe Detail, Connaisseur, Music Man, Systematic, Dessous, and remixes for Radiohead, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, and Beanfield, and Max Cooper labeled him as a refined studio producer, adding a newfound sense of introspection to electronic house music. Since the release of Niwa (GR 102CD/LP) in 2010, Ripperton has been busy working on this album -- combining traditional song-craft with a more familiar rhythmic style. A Little Part of Shade's multiple programmed rhythms loosely mimic a more natural world and sees him work alongside a variety of artists including Hemlock Smith, the multi-talented writer and photographer Van Hai, and Germain Umdenstock, who features on "A Little Part of Shade," providing guitar melodies over his carefully-constructed landscapes. Drawing on the collaborative talents from his own highly-respected independent Perspectiv label, Ripperton's track "Black Wall" features vocals by Masaya and succeeds in demanding attentive listening. A Little Part of Shade conjoins emotional forces with Ripperton's fascinating use of soundscapes and contains smooth instrumentation throughout before closing with the achingly soulful "Spike," featuring Hemlock Smith's tender vocals. The 13 musically broad and emotionally deep tracks that are included on this album reflect Ripperton's approach to electronic music production, songwriting attitude, and the sense of poignant delivery that extends far beyond the purview of techno clubs.

GR 105LP

RIPPERTON: A Little Part of Shade 2LP (GR 105LP) 29.00
Double LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Includes download code.



DETROIT SWINDLE: Break Up to Make Up EP 12" (HEIST 001EP) 12.50
This is the very first release from Heist Recordings. "The Break Up" features an infectious set of airy chords, a bumpy bass-line and a lush female vocal. "The Make Up" is a deeper track, but still a genuine house tune, with some repetitive, almost hypnotic vocals and stabs, and of course, a pumping groove. You'll lose track of everything halfway through the break, but as soon as the beat kicks in, you know its business time.



TONE BARDO THERAPY: Mirrors Placed in Front of Me LP (HENK 002LP) 20.00
HENK is back with a new 180 gram vinyl album by Tone Bardo Therapy, the new moniker of Ion Ludwig. Open up and be surprised by the darkish downtempo sound filled with subtle guitar riffs, acoustic percussion and sensitive lyrics. Get your hands on this limited piece of art, covered in a metallic pressed cover.



HUMAN WOMAN: Human Woman LP (HFN 017LP) 17.00
LP version with 8 tracks from the CD, plus a download code for the full album. Forging a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop, Human Woman are the new signing on Hamburg's HFN. Originally hailing from Iceland, the band consists of Gísli Galdur Thorgeirsson of prolific Icelandic band Trabant, and producer Jón Atli Helgason aka Sexy Lazer. Now after the launch of their debut single, Delusional, with its sensual, indie-dance roots and pleasing '80s/'90s undertones, we see the pair expand their vision of modern electronic pop with a feel-good, rich and edgy album spanning 11 glorious tracks. Human Woman is positive modern pop for the electronically-aware, inspiring listening for traveling, for friends, for lovers, for living.


HT 005EP

WADE, RICK: Hard Full EP 10" (HT 005EP) 14.00
HOLIC Trax serves up its fifth release from none other than Detroit legend Rick Wade. His Hard Full EP comes with three tracks on limited 10" colored vinyl. The title-track sounds like a classic Wade cut right from the off -- squelchy drums turn over and over to lock you in place before elegant string samples sweep up through the mix. "Deep Subliminal" kicks hard and firm with splashing claps and a gentle tumble of toms and congas that imbue the track with a tropical tribalism.



DRUMM, KEVIN: Imperial Distortion (Remastered Edition) 3LP (HOS 134LP) 38.50
One of the most iconic ambient albums of the last decade, Imperial Distortion (2008) had an extremely limited vinyl pressing a couple of years ago which some argued never quite captured the full depth and frequency range of the original material due to the way in which it was mastered. This brand-new edition has long been planned by the label and has now been painstakingly remastered by Matt Colton, unveiling a filigree spectrum of microtonal flux and layers of atmosphere that were simply neglected with the previous edition. It's like surveying the same post-apocalyptic landscape without your gas mask on. Mego's genre-defining Sheer Hellish Miasma (EMEGO 053LP) might have set Kevin Drumm up as America's premier exponent of grinding noise, but Imperial Distortion is an entirely different beast and confirmed Drumm as one of the most important figures in the American avant-garde. Unfolding over two hours of music, Imperial Distortion was the post-millennial answer to Aphex Twin's seminal Selected Ambient Works Vol. II. But where Richard D. James created a floating world tapped into his lucid dreams, Drumm takes us into the darkest recesses somewhere deep beneath the sea with bombs and guns tearing flesh and concrete overhead. The album offers an escape; the subtle oscillations and tones thick with guilt and pregnant with disdain for a palsied society, and on headphones leave you totally paralyzed. Make no mistake: Drumm is no newcomer to the scene and isn't jumping on or off any bandwagon. If you've never heard this incredible album before, you're in for quite a treat.



"This all-acoustic solo outing -- no electronics or overdubs -- more or less develops what started on Corsano's 2006 recording, The Young Cricketer: one drum set augmented by various re-purposed metal objects, modified reed instruments, and bowed strings stretched across drums. 43 minutes."


COLEY, BYRON: Dating Tips for Touring Bands LP (HOT 016LP) 14.00
"First full-length spoken word LP by music writer, jazz editor, underground columnist, author, poet, record label mogul, and footnote pioneer Byron Coley. Segments of underground cultural history done in verse constitute the A-side, with subjects both heroic and villainous. The flip consists of an abridged chapter from Coley's upcoming novel, Dominoes. Silk-screened cover with artwork by Savage Pencil."



13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS: Easter Everywhere LP (IALP 005HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue of their 2nd album, originally released in 1967.



MUGWUMP: Boutade 12" (IFEEL 026EP) 12.50
International Feel presents "Boutade" by Mugwump -- the best chunky, slo-mo dance track ever made, now remixed for 2013 in a "Techno Redux," and the glorious new beat of "God is Gracious." Originally released on Ewan Pearson's Misericord imprint and played by everyone from Mr. Scruff to Optimo, Tensnake to Dixon, and Weatherall & Smagghe, the tension, joy and energy-rush created by the filmic strings and monstrous Carl Craig-esque bass line has made "Boutade" the track that refuses to lie down and die.


JO 008EP

KICKDRUM INDUSTRIE: Full Moon EP 12" (JO 008EP) 12.50
JackOff is back to deeper, more emotive house with this new EP from Boston's Brenden Wesley and John Barera. John Barera , co-founder of Supply Records and one-half of B-Tracks, teamed up with local Boston hero Brenden Wesley to create Kickdrum Industrie. Four tracks that have been tested on the dancefloors of Europe for the past year and keep on giving.


JBJ 1046EP

MAYS/RAY JOHNSON, ZILLA: Calypso Blues 7" (JBJ 1046EP) 11.00
Two sweet and sultry renditions of King Cole's Carib-crossover classic "Calypso Blues," back-to-back. On the top side, a super-seductive, coquettish vocal turn from Zilla Mays, over a laid-back and lilting, percussion-aided backing. This is taken from May's '61 LP The Men I Love and the Songs They Sing and appears here on 45rpm vinyl for the first time ever. On the flip, Ray Johnson's take -- a smooth, exotic trip to the Islands with atmospheric, high-pitched backing vox.


KK 072CD

TG MAUSS: Dear Stranger CD (KK 072CD) 15.50
Dear Stranger is the fourth full-length album by TG Mauss following his previous two albums Mechanical Eye (QS 165CD) and Gravity Will Keep Us All Together (QS 165CD) on the Belgian label Quatermass. The man from Düsseldorf also known as Torsten Mauss has been releasing records as TG Mauss since 2005, before which he put out several EPs under his early Twig moniker. This truly incomparable album opens with the unexpected combination of vocoder and what sounds like bag pipes on "OMG." "Tuesday" is a song which fuses atmospheric pop, noise drones and arpeggiated synths. "Welcome" conveys elements of post-rock, not least of all in the distinctive drumming sound. Besides his TG Mauss solo endeavors, Mauss also plays keyboards in the Sølyst project together with Thomas Klein, the drummer from Kreidler. This live drumming sound is also the driving force on "Ghosts," a downbeat ballad slightly reminiscent of Tarwater in its delicate vocal style and percussive element. The instrumental interlude "I'm a Child" is a pleasant foray into experimentalism and despite the title, proves with the use of ambient drones TG Mauss has a very high level of musical maturity. "Don't Argue" picks up the tempo again and its clear from the meticulous electronic production and driving rhythm why Mauss was selected to remix the likes of Roman and Hauschka, among others. The title-track of the album exchanges the electric guitar for an acoustic six-string, giving the song "Dear Stranger" a distinctly folk feel; this gently meandering drift even features the delightful sound of a recorder. "Sun King" is of course not a cover of the Lennon-McCartney composition from Abbey Road; rather, it bears that TG Mauss signature sound that by now everyone is familiar with. The penultimate tune "Dark" is actually light in timbre and mood -- the meditative loop purveys an anthemic majesty. Dear Stranger draws to a modest close with "Circle Lane," a delightful song rounded off with pizzicato plucked chords and some lovely lazy slide guitar. Dear Stranger is musically diverse enough to appeal to fans of electronica and post-rock as well as to singer-songwriting and folk-rock. The album revokes the old saying about not speaking to strangers; one listen to TG Mauss and you will want to get to know him better.


KD 003CD

KAISERDISCO: Meet Me on the Floor CD (KD 003CD) 17.00
Returning to the album format with a fresh perspective, the Hamburg-based duo Kaiserdisco delivers a varied but free-flowing record that encapsulates their affinity with uninhibited, underground electronic music. Meet Me on the Floor is dedicated to all the great people Kaiserdisco's Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck have met on their travels in the recent past. These meetings have, for the most part, been intrinsically linked to the club environment, the atmosphere in which the guys are most at home, hence both the album's name and dancefloor focus. Ranging from deep house to groovy techno, stripped-back electronica and beyond, the album provides a perfect snapshot of the modern Kaiserdisco sound. Club-ready but peppered with subtle idiosyncrasies that unveil a real depth of personality within their music, their sound is as addictive as it is individual. Meet Me on the Floor is released via the guys' own label, KD Music. 2013 has seen KD Music come into its own, unveiling a consummate mix of international and rising talent. The imprint has already seen killer releases from the likes of Danny Serrano and Darlyn Vlys, Hollen, F.Sonik, Kernel Key, Anil Chawla, Fabian Argomedo, Arjun Vagale, and of course, Kaiserdisco themselves. The new era of Kaiserdisco and KD Music has well and truly begun. Guest appearances by Navid Izadi and Cari Golden.



E.M.M.A. (FEAT. REBEL MC): Jahovia 7" (LDN 038EP) 11.00
E.m.m.a. makes her debut for Keysound with the label's first-ever 7". It's fitting that the occasion is marked by a collaboration with UK underground legend, Rebel MC, who's best-known for his '89 rave hit "Street Tuff" as part of Double Trouble. "Jahovia" is a sun-kissed blend of peach synths and Rastafarian vibes; consistently catchy without ever revisiting one central hook. On the flip finds the classic 7" "dub" mix format reconsidered by E.m.m.a. and Wil LV.



ALPHA CODE: Agapemone EP 12" (KOMISCH 015EP) 12.50
Alpha Code is the project of a Milanese producer who was inspired by the emerging techno scene in Italy during the early '90s, seeking to translate the mind-bending sounds of Lory D, ACV and Sandro Galli. He was going through some belongings and found some dust-covered demos from early 1996. Inspired by the raw techno sounds on the demo, he returned to his studio and created these two driving tracks that resonate with insistent analog bleeps, firing percussion, swirling synths and brooding bass pulses.



VA: 20 Jahre Kompakt: Kollektion 1 2LP (KOM 283LP) 19.50
On March 1st, 1993, Kompakt opened the blue doors on Gladbacher Straße 36 for the very first time and thus, a new record store was born. Two moves, a name change, almost exactly 500 publications and a staggering 20 years later, Kompakt is still here and stronger than ever. That's why throughout 2013, Kompakt will celebrate 20 years of Kompakt in all shapes and colors, including this exciting jubilee 2CD release jam-packed with floor favorites, towering chart-toppers and secret weapons from the rich history of one of Germany's most-loved labels. Carefully pulled from Kompakt's extensive archives, this first entry in the 20 Jahre Kompakt Kollektion series is in no way meant to be a "best of": that would indeed be a task larger than life. Rather than just going through the motions and assembling sales numbers, Kompakt took a different road, simply compiling their proudest moments instead, classic records that defined their sound today. The resulting 2CD release already placed itself as one of the label's best-selling records in 2013, now followed by a vinyl edition containing Kollektion 1's biggest highlights. Kompakt crowd-sourced the tracklist to determine what was going to be on the vinyl. The massive bangers included on the vinyl edition of Kollektion 1 range from Voigt & Voigt's timeless anthem "Vision 03" to Justus Köhncke's floor epic "2 After 909," dropping in on Lawrence's legendary remix of Superpitcher's "Happiness," Michael Mayer's delicious "Lovefood" and Gui Boratto's magnificent "Arquipélago." You'll hear rare goodies and underground hits such as DJ Koze's "Mariposa" and his stunning remix of Matias Aguayo's "Minimal" alongside long-standing contributor The Field with his classic "Over the Ice," making for an expertly-crafted listening experience and an enticing trip to the past.


KOLSCH: 1977 CD (KOMP 107CD) 15.50
Speicher staple and renowned club juggernaut Kölsch debuts on Kompakt with the full-length 1977, an extraordinary collection of club gems that introduces his earlier masterpieces to exclusive new material. Here, the epic, the rad, and the snappy find themselves under one expertly-crafted groove, making this album an essential choice for both home clubbers and floor hounds. Your new best friend is here and it's a record. Despite the name and despite Kompakt's well-documented love for Cologne's beer, Kölsch isn't a local and he didn't label himself after the famed brew. Even with a much-acclaimed print run and a series of venerated live appearances under his belt, award-winning Danish producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has to regularly duck quizzical questions about his heritage. And yet he couldn't be clearer: take, for example, established floor favorites "Opa" (German for "grandfather"), "Der Alte" (a classic German TV series) or "Silberpfeil" (a legendary German racing car). Those track titles all refer to Rune's memories from a childhood spent in Germany. 1977 isn't a simple "best of" hack job, however: with new crackers "Basshund," "Bappedekkel," and "Eiswinter" lighting the fire, Kölsch doesn't need to worry about future impact. And then there's a cut like "Oma," an emotive counterpart to the slightly sardonic "Opa" and every bit as engaging as canonical hyper-ballad "All That Matters." For the grand finale, Rune turns to "Loreley," the inaugural release of the project and to this day a massive banger in its own right -- so powerful in fact, that the shock needs to be absorbed by two more tracks: the sweeping "Wasserschutz" and a Trojan horse called "Felix," originally intended to be an album outro of sorts. But then someone pushed the button and the transdimensional portal sprang to life.


KU 005LP

PHILLIPS, ESTHER: From A Whisper To A Scream LP (KU 005LP) 13.00
Exact repro of Esther Phillips' 1972 album. Featuring covers of Gil Scott-Heron's "Home Is Where The Hatred Is," Allen Toussaint's "From A Whisper To A Scream" and Marvin Gaye's "Baby, I'm For Real."



C-ROCK & PATRICK KUNKEL: Waiting for Nina 12" (LEENA 029EP) 12.50
Next strike on Mobilee's sister-label Leena Music. C-Rock & Patrick Kunkel are "Waiting for Nina." These two fellows from Frankfurt have been on the scene for quite a while and both developed within the outer realms of Sven Väth's Cocoon Universe. Their debut EP on Leena brings back a classic groove monster inspired by early Basic Channel, Mood2swing beats, and topped with some up-to-date rave signals. This track comes in three versions to have it right for each time of the day.



VA: Mystic Soundz from India - Lost Field Recordings, 1968-1979 LP (LOST 002LP) 23.00
"Another hypnotic selection of rare field recordings from Lost in Space records. A set of incredible and strange and mystic sounds recorded between 1968 and 1979 in various Indian locations: Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Praddesh, and Chhasttisgarh. This fascinating collection brings another way to discover the several faces of Indian music. Once again the cover art reflects perfectly this strange compilation. Limited edition of 1000."



FLOORPLAN: Paradise 2LP+CD (MPM 016LP) 34.00
Double LP version. Comes with a CD of the album. Paradise is Robert Hood's debut album release as Floorplan, a dancefloor alias he has used since he announced his Drama imprint with the highly sought-after Funky Souls EP in 1996. Taking Hood's minimal techno approach and embellishing it with elements of house, disco, funk, and gospel, Floorplan now realizes its full-length potential some 17 years since its inception. Good things, indeed, come to those who wait. The last five years have seen Robert Hood in astonishingly prolific form with an album release every year since the 2009 re-issue of the genre defining Minimal Nation. This was swiftly followed a year later by new artist album Omega, then Robert's first live album Omega:Alive in 2011 and 2012's highly-lauded Nighttime World 3 which graced end-of-year charts across the world. Now Robert Hood focuses his attention firmly on the dancefloor. Since the 2010 Funky Souls re-press on Rush Hour re-introduced the hibernating project, Hood has since released three Floorplan EPs including Living It Up, the Sanctified EP, and 2012's Altered Ego EP. The three EPs subsequently spawned the massive club hits "Baby Baby," "We Magnify His Name," "Altered Ego," and "Living it Up," taking Robert Hood's name across the techno/house divide. You could even say that Robert Hood could be a victim of his own success: Floorplan, which started off as a side-project, is starting to sound as vital as the searing minimal techno he releases under his own name. Paradise takes us through a heavenly mixture of house, soul, funk and gospel -- all underpinned by Hood's trademark driving minimal techno approach. "Altered Ego" is a perfect example of Hood's tough view of house music; over an insistent groove a building chord sweeps in, taking with it a repetitive vocal sample. But it's the nagging, relentless filtering of these elements, coupled with the deep resonance of the backing rhythm that make "Ego" so memorable. Tracks like the opening "Let's Ride" take a handful of elements such as a skittering drum pattern, vocal snippet and again that driving and relentless groove that drags you by the throat to the dancefloor. There is no break, there is no respite -- make no mistake, Floorplan is here to make you dance. "Never Grow Old" is pure and simply glorious gospel from the Deep South, a hair-raising vocal hook baptized at the altar of minimalism. Then there is "Confess," which is an entirely different proposition; the groove chugs along and the percussion is dry and steely but the keys are positively uplifting and wide-eyed, like they were borrowed from a long-lost rave track and reapplied to Hood's functional take on house. There are nods to Hood's minimal techno roots with "Change" and "Chord Principle," sounding like they could have been lifted from the Minimal Nation cutting room while "Higher" and "Above the Clouds" appear to be pointing to something new, as if Hood's take on house is as unique and essential as the techno sound he has pioneered for over 20 years. In a world full of generic dancefloor music, Floorplan could well be seen as Robert Hood's vision as seen through a house music prism. But there is never any doubt as to the music's creator.



SCHULZE, KLAUS: La Vie Electronique 13 3CD (MIG 772CD) 20.00
"Most wanted rarities of the electro-pioneer Klaus Schulze. Three CDs remastered in high quality digipack, including unreleased liner notes and pictures. Thirteenth out of 15 issues of the worldwide collector's item La Vie Electronique series."


PELL MELL: The Entire Collection 4CD BOX (MIG 912CD) 53.00
"The complete work of Germany's most famous classic rock band in a sophisticated package bearing vaporized gold foil. The box contains seven albums on four compact discs, five by Pell Mell and two of their follow-up Skyrider covering the period from 1971 to 1981. All material has been digitally remastered. A 24 page booklet with unpublished photos and new liner notes by Cornelius Hudalla completes the package."



VA: Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil - Hip-Hop, Beats, Afro & Dub 2CD (MAIS 016CD) 21.00
Daora is a 2CD collection of the freshest hip-hop, leftfield beats, Afro-beat, and dub-influenced sounds from Brazil. Compiled by respected São Paulo beat-head Rodrigo Brandao -- who has collaborated with members of The Roots, Afro-beat master Tony Allen, producer Prince Paul (De La Soul), and artists from the Ninja Tune and Big Dada stables -- it features 32 tracks that represent the musicians, MCs, and beat-heads making some of the most thrilling urban music in "the alternative lanes of Brazil's third world megalopolis." Rodrigo explains: "Blending both the foundations of boom-bap and Brazilian rhythmic and melodic heritage, Daora (São Paulo street-slang for something that's 'f*cking cool') is an introduction to the most cutting-edge beat culture plus percussive-oriented music coming out of Brazil today." Rodrigo Brandao is one of the Brazilian beats movement's most respected generals whose career has been pegged to the scene he loves. An in-demand producer, collaborator and MC, he's been crowned the official MC of the Zulu Nation, Brazil by none other than the father of hip-hop, Afrika Bambaataa. He rose to fame in Brazil as one-half of acclaimed Brazilian hip-hop pioneers Mamelo Sound System and, alongside Mike Ladd and Scotty Hard, recently featured on Ropeadope's acclaimed Brazilian-US collaboration Ekundayo. He has brought international acts like De La Soul, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli to São Paulo and Brandao's mission is to discover and join the dots between Brazilian music and its American and African families.


MT 003CD

MOLE, THE: Caregiver CD (MT 003CD) 17.00
Canada-born, Berlin-based Colin de la Plante aka The Mole remains low-key but loved by many. He thrives off of long, late DJ sets and does his best to keep record stores in business with what he earns. The Mole's passion for music speaks through his own -- a smoke-hazed world without constraint or care for genre but cemented in a foundation built in house music. You can hear him thanks to releases for Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Slices Of Life, Haunt, New Kanada, Internasjonal and his long-time home, Wagon Repair, who released his track that still receives plenty of plays, "Baby, Your the One." He's remixed many of the finest, including Michael Mayer, Imugem Orihasam, Pole and Gui Boratto, to name a few. He continues to record and on occasion perform live with his buddies Cobblestone Jazz that happens to feature Mathew Jonson. So late in 2012 with Kompakt's Jon Berry, they came up with Maybe Tomorrow. Inspired by a conversation about their favorite childhood (Canadian) hero "The Littlest Hobo" -- a TV show about a German Shepherd that had no home and roamed around Canada helping people out. Makes sense, right? And now The Mole is back -- it's been four years since we heard his Wagon Repair debut High as the Sky. The beat played on through his many 12" releases, but between then and now he's back with album #2. Caregiver was recorded in the now-defunct Berlin Wagon Repair studio A(rkona) -- a psychedelic caravan roaming a disco-laced cosmos that seeks to go beyond any specific niche or sound. In his own words. "Caregiver is supposed to be listenable all the way through. So hopefully that unifying thread has something pleasing within it."



"Part Time's sophomore effort PDA picks up from where 2011's What Would You Say? debut left us: starry-eyed, sugar-rushed, and eager for another night drive. David Speck, the creative mind behind the project has an undeniable ear for writing pop songs that feel steeped in a perpetual state of teenage romance. Each track on PDA boasts a timeless, strangely familiar melody - cushioned by achingly perfect chord progressions that fall precisely into place, and all produced in a style befitting of its playfully referential nature. PDA is still an undeniably fun record, and a colorful pastiche that cycles through Speck's choice '80s pop tropes; guitar jangle, key-tar leads, sexy bass lines, fried synth wiggles and a karaoke songbook chock full of lost hits by The Smiths, The Cure, The Cars, and Devo. Deluxe edition limited to 1,000 numbered LPs. LP also includes digital download code with three bonus tracks."


ARIEL PINK FEAT. JORGE ELBRECHT: Hang On to Life/No Real Friend 7" (MEX 161EP) 8.00
"Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht have teamed up for their first ever collaborative split 7", written and recorded over one weekend at Gary's Electric studio in Brooklyn. 'Hang On to Life' is heavy on heartbreak and high on melodrama, with Elbrecht's gentle tenor proving a perfect complement to Pink's raspier croon. Loping, soft-rock verses give way to a mid-song consolation phone-call ('she did what? ... I can't believe these girls, man...') sending the pair into a soaring canon. On the flipside, 'No Real Friend' plays out in total soft-focus, taking cues from sugary J-pop, lite rock balladry and televisual muzak (After School Special, and '70s family sitcom resolutions come to mind). There's certainly a winking awareness across this 7", but also a very real sincerity which comes through in its meticulously authentic execution. It should come as no surprise that this pair are drawn to these lesser trodden pop territories, and manage to appropriate them in the most imaginative way possible."



NSOUND: INSIDEout 12" (MINUSMIN 004EP) 11.00
A regular in DJ sets as demos, Nsound pushes us all to hear what is seemingly not there. Only the brave have the confidence to create music that is so basic in its core, but so deep in its intention, pushing each of us to imagine where the sound stops and the silence begins.



AND.ID: Eternal Return 2LP (MOBILEE 114LP) 20.00
The electronic dance world has seen the many sides of And.Id as a talented musician, a multi-faceted producer and a live performer on the dancefloor, but his latest musical rebirth has sparked a new jolt of inspiration to travel back to his early days in Thessaloniki where he passed the hours of the day discovering and analyzing a world of dance vinyls that ultimately shaped him as a live act today. The product of this rebirth is Mobilee's next album release, Eternal Return. This represents a new wave of And.Id and, to simplify it, an explanation of how he interprets dance music. Through nine tracks and one bonus number, And.Id generates a whirlpool of emotions for his audience as his first four tracks absorb the mind in an ecstasy of full-force body movement and dancing, while a deeper story of his musical roots and influences take the vanguard role in the last five tracks. The third track features the powerful vocals of a globally-acclaimed vocalist and house music diva of the 1990s. Listen closer and you'll recognize her lyrics. "My Love" is a track inspired solely by And.Id's tour through the U.S. while "They Say I Can't Fly" is a melancholic and poetic tale of high aspirations and dreams. The message is clear -- do your thing. The keyboardist of And.Id and B.A.N.D. taps away in the final portion of the album and the bonus track concludes the album with a ripened, familiar sound from the High-Five Mobilee album. A whole lot of soul went into this album.



BASANOV, MARIO: Slip Away Remixes 12" (MOOD 130EP) 14.00
Moodmusic Records brings you a remix pack of one of most outstanding album cuts from Mario Basanov's Journey album. Daniel Bortz, Show-B, and Darius Vaikas do the remix honors. 'Nuff said. On purple vinyl.



EKKOHAUS: Noschool CD (MHR 016CD) 17.00
Greece-born Kostas Tassopoulos aka Ekkohaus presents his debut album for Moon Harbour. Entitled Noschool, it is the culmination of a close relationship between the Berlin-based artist and the music label Moon Harbour Recordings from Leipzig. It dates back to 2008 and has seen Ekkohaus explore his trademark and very modern take on rich house over a number of regular releases at the sister label Cargo Edition. It was in the mid-'90s that Ekkohaus first started making music, but not until 2005 that he unleashed his debut release. Since then he has worked with labels like 2020Vision, Tsuba, and Mule and has taken his live show to lauded clubs like Fabric (London), Watergate (Berlin), Space (Ibiza), and many more. His debut album is a collection of new material from 2010 to 2012 and is titled as an anti-statement to the tiring old school/new school debates that rule the electronic community. Noschool is about bridging the space in between the two well-respected schools, he says. "For this project, I have used all possible means of production: analog drum machines alongside with VST plug-ins, modular synths with Audio Units, original recordings as well as sample libraries. From the bass lines to the sax lines, from the Rhodes phrases to the house beat, I hope there is something in there for everyone." The resulting 13 track album is one that explores the Greek's signature sound -- warm 4/4 beats, involving bass and cute sampling -- but also leans on a whole lifetime of influence from jazz to funk, hip-hop to dub to disco. Though offering plenty of dancefloor dynamite along the way, Noschool also stands up to home listening or Sunday driving sessions. The album features a number of exciting collaborations including Robert Würz on saxophone, Jon J-Lab playing bass on "Reparations" and Lady Blacktronika singing on "Chasing Brown." As well as this, field recordings from Barcelona, Athens and Istanbul add an organic and real world element to the album from start to finish. From the romantic jazz-house vibes of the opener "A Drive" to more propulsive but equally deep house cuts like "Reparations," each track tells a story. Cuts like "Keep Your Eyes on Me" are loose and freeform, vintage-sounding yet forward-facing, where "Buzzin Fly" works on both your head and heel with its contrasting textures and lush melodies.



Alfred Heinrichs and Carlo Ruetz present their second breathtaking piece of work: Pretty Ill via Moonplay Records. Fans of their first analog EP will be pleased to hear that both producers once again implemented the pure minimal-techno sound into their creation. For all vinyl rockers, the sound will be preserved on a truly unique, limited piece of black gold that will leave no feet resting. Fans and friends can look forward to a magnificent acoustic and visual experience.



TIED & TICKLED TRIO: Observing Systems 2LP (MORR 039LP) 23.98
2013 repress; originally released in 2003. With their third studio album Observing Systems, the Tied & Tickled Trio has delivered their most complex self-portrait of a freely-operating music collective. Altogether, the 15 pieces on Observing Systems, some of them not more than highly elaborate and articulate "ideas," form a very tight system itself -- based on musical references, different modi operandi and scientific research -- which reaches less and less for an unconditional formal unity. With Observing Systems, the Tied & Tickled Trio does refine the idea of "space," both sonic and spiritual, in which experiences and emotions echo, in a new and ultimately refreshing purity. Suddenly, what you hear becomes as important as the blanks in the music. In these regions of ruptures and uncertainties, a fantastic vision evolves, which leads the Trio through an intense and continuously inspiring musical past. In these ruptures, music history becomes lively again. Observing Systems is music without a center. As in the architectural concepts of "Tensegrity" by Buckminster Fuller, each track represents one component in this self-suspending, durable construction, a structure whose strength increases with lightness rather than the heaviness of its components: the album as a whole.



DEVELOPER/TRUNCATE: Parallel Series 4 12" (MOTE 036EP) 12.50
Mote-Evolver's successful Parallel Series is now on to its fourth installment, this time with two West Coast producers Developer and Truncate going head-to-head. "Drive Themes" by Developer is a track of relentless agility. "Random Attraction" adds enticing elements of distorted shouts of melody on top of the ruthless yet smooth layers of chords and hats. Truncate's "Is It Skinny" is a spaced-out, hypnotic track that contains a vocal sample that's demure and unexpected. "Forty Four" induces aural pleasure with its funky bass dancing with congo-like drums and claps.


MM 168EP

DEETRON: Character EP 12" (MM 168EP) 12.50
Deetron is on a roll with a new EP ready. "Character" is techno as you can expect it from your Swiss friend; deep but uplifting, refined but powerful. The track comes in two different versions, with the "Beats" version being more stripped-down, obviously. "Can't Love You More" drives on a catchy vocal and goes more toward the (deep) house spectrum, but with a punchy kick. Class-A material as always from Deetron.


NW 80751CD

BROWN, ELIZABETH: Mirage CD (NW 80751CD) 15.00
"Featured works: 'Seahorse' (2009) (for theremin and Partch Instruments), 'Arcana' (2004) (for flute and recorded sound), 'Piranesi' (2007) (for theremin and string quartet), 'Three Arias from A Bookmobile for Dreamers' (2011) (for theremin and recorded sound), 'Atlantis' (2007) (for theremin and amplified classical guitar), 'Mirage' (2008) (for shakuhachi and string quartet), 'Shinshoufuukei, or An Imagined Landscape' (2010) (for Japanese traditional instrument orchestra) The music of Elizabeth Brown (b. 1953) revels in paradox, but of a subtle kind. The strangeness of the music sneaks up on you; its liquid, mellifluous quality masks a far more radical stance. Seemingly irreconcilable instrumental timbres coexist peaceably: shakuhachi with string quartet, theremin with guitar, Partch instruments with theremin. The music is blessed with an old-fashioned gift for clear and singable melody... except for the fact that the tune keeps bending and melting. There is a genuine romantic sensibility, yet it exists in a soundworld that can only be avant-garde. But the avant-gardisme is in turn presented within a sensibility that is tender, sweet, and toy-like. In short it expresses a genuine innocence, something we encounter far too rarely in an era of postmodern irony. Brown's musical world is one of dreamlike sounds, images, textures, colors, and harmonies. One sees the literature of the past, especially the Romantic era, transformed through its colored filter. One also glimpses a musical future that is fresh and imaginative, but never afraid of beauty, nor of humane warmth. Brown is a 'gentle maverick.' Though her music bespeaks an ironclad intelligence and steely will, and evidences ties to all sorts of American experimental traditions, it still desires to give pleasure to performer and listener alike. It is eclectic, but seamlessly so. Its many sources and influences blend into an organic whole that seems to have always been there, but which she fortuitously discovered. Above all, it is personal, the work of an unpretentious, deep, and questing spirit. Performed by Elizabeth Brown, flute, shakuhachi, theremin; Newband; Momenta Quartet; Pro Musica Nipponia, Yasushi Inada, conductor; Ben Verdery, amplified classical guitar played with slide bar."



CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, THE: Man with a Movie Camera 2LP (ZEN 078LP) 23.50
2013 repress. "2003 release from the British jazz and electronic outfit formed by Jason Swinscoe. The album comprises the soundtrack to a re-released version of the then ground-breaking 1929 silent documentary film Man with a Movie Camera, from Russian director Dziga Vertov." Comes on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a download card.

ZEN 7349EP

MCCLEERY, JONO: Fire in My Hands 7" (ZEN 7349EP) 10.00
"'Fire in My Hands' is McCleery's return single, a collaboration with electronic producer Royce Wood Junior. It's a stunning evolution in McCleery's sound; a rapid ?re, skittering drum beat and blues piano driving a fathoms-deep vocal. It's musing delivery belies the developing sense of resolve, and the song leaves the listener's mood curiously but profoundly improved. The package is completed with 'Painted Blue,' a timeless soul number with a swaying, elemental melody and a harmonized chorus that would have the most celebrated soul diva turning green."



POWER, RYAN: Identity Picks LP (NNA 060LP) 18.00
"Over the last decade, Burlington, Vermont songwriter/producer Ryan Power has tirelessly embarked on the quest to write the definitive song based music, full of accuracy, refinement, deliberation, and perfectly-placed shifting harmonic puzzles. Ryan's latest Identity Picks for NNA Tapes is an eight track song cycle that dances through lush jazz pads, aquatic smooth jazz funk styles, and the sensitive side of progressive rock. These songs are long, shifting compositions, slowly unfolding and patiently circulating within a refreshing variety of stylistic modes. Throughout these colorful arrangements, Ryan creates a polyphonic choir with his own voice, adding symphonic embellishments to his calculated and catchy hooks. Ryan addresses contemporary issues in his subject matter, including the music industry, lust, self-evaluation, identity crisis, and the contemplation and acceptance of a world gone mad."



MARSEN JULES TRIO: Presence Acousmatique CD (OKTAF 005CD) 17.00
German ambient connaisseur and sound poet Marsen Jules (aka Martin Juhls) is well-known for his releases on City Center Offices, Kompakt, and his own label, Oktaf Records. On stage he often combines his atmospheric soundscapes with live musicians. A steady formation is the Marsen Jules Trio, which features the twin brothers Anwar Alam and Jan-Philipp Alam on piano and violins accompanied by Jules' restrained live-sampling, bowed percussion and singing wine glasses. With their debut album Présence Acousmatique on Oktaf Records, the musicians bring their "acoustic presence" to CD for the first time. It features six highly atmospheric sound sculptures between ambient, avant-garde, classic and modern jazz. Whereas the opening "OEillet Parfait/OEillet Sauvage" is still a variation of a track from Jules' Les Fleurs album, all other tracks are composed for the trio or developed out of the cooperation itself. Two tracks also feature saxophone player Roger Döring (Dictaphone) as a guest musician. The combination of dark soundscapes and saxophone on "Histoire de la nuit" and "Éclipse" makes one think of an ambient version of Bohren & der Club of Gore. The abstract "Excalibur" and "Maison en Vitre" are reminiscent of early avant-garde classic and twelve-tone music, and the closing "Les trains stortent de la gare" is a bittersweet composition for piano and violin held together by sparkling percussion.



LINDSTROM & TODD TERJE: Lanzarote 12" (OLSO 002EP) 14.50
"Lanzarote" is (pronounthed with a lithp and a finger thnap. The working-title for this was "Cowley," let's see if any of you can figure out why). The B-side remix by DJ-turned-mathematician diskJokke turns down the gayness, but keeps most of the elements for a version even the most serious of the deep house mafia can play.



YOUAND:THEMACHINES: Behind - Normal Edition 3LP (ORN 027NE-LP) 31.00
This is the "Normal Edition" without the added bonus CD. youAND:THEMACHINES is the solo project of Martin Müller, who is one-half of youANDme. Behind is his debut album on Ornaments and is a mirror of all his influences from dub techno, ambient, downbeat, Detroit techno and house music. Never before has Martin incorporated his music so much in analog hardware, field recordings and hidden messages. He has invited orchestral musicians to collaborate on the project and one of his main ideas was to use no samples and generate every sound with a range of classic analog instruments using modern techniques from 2013 without losing the old spirit. Guest vocal collaborations from around the world include Robert Owens, Brothers' Vibe, Delhia de France, Keter Darker and Bajka -- each of them add their unique character to the album, indulging the listener in new mystical directions. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.



STEFFI: Panorama Bar 05 CD (OSTGUT 025CD) 17.00
Esteemed selector, producer and Panorama Bar resident Steffi presents the fifth mix CD in the series, showcasing the variety and depth of sound to be found during her sets at the club. On Panorama Bar 05 we find a mature and confident Steffi channeling her years of experience as a record collector, DJ, and beat-maker into 80 seamless minutes. Reflecting all the angles of her classically-inspired, raw and profoundly warm sound, we are guided through a rather grand lesson in house music. Opening with the gliding tones and field recordings of Palisade's "18:30" -- a Redshape-produced space-out cut, Steffi initially expresses her love of earthy, organic and submerged club tracks, with Big Strick's "Hayday" transmitted direct from Detroit, and the classic depths of Chris Mitchell's "Lonely Nights." Another brand new track recruited by Steffi for the mix, the technoid-Chicago sound of Fred P stands out in the beautifully contemporary "Project 05" -- segueing perfectly with Naoki Shinohara's suitably titled "Timeless." Juju & Jordash supply their bubbling, ecstatic "A Stab in the Dark" -- another Ostgut Ton exclusive, while congas and gorgeously loose and dusty vibes roll up with "Reality" from John Barera and Will Martin. This energy keeps on flowing as Steffi brings in a cut from the inimitable Sex Tags crew -- courtesy of DJ Fett Burger -- while Juergen Junker's "Post Reunion" should satisfy any remaining raw-cut-up-disco needs. Steffi includes her pumping and acidic "DB011" -- one of three exclusives on the mix coming out as a 12" on her Dolly label, alongside with Dexter's classy "Jawada" and John Barera and Will Martin's contribution. As the intensity grows in the final half-hour, it's then left to a soaring techno display from Obsolete Music Technology to bring things right up to date, and finally Trevino's "Juan Two Five" closes the mix, its undulating machine funk easing us down, feeling complete. Steffi shows off her talents here with a captivating and classy mix of underground house and techno. All the tracks she included, and the producers she invited to contribute, help to define part of her identity -- much like the culture of DJing with records, that she brings to clubs with love, intensity, and passion. Other artists include: Endian, Chris Mitchell, BLM, and DJ Skull.


Having already demonstrated his talents at producing bold, gyrating and atmospheric techno through his numerous 12''s on Ostgut Ton, and after offering a window into his DJ mind with the versatile and highly musical Berghain 05 (OSTGUT 019CD) mix CD, Marcel Fengler now approaches the album format, exploring his take on electronic music from yet another angle. Over 11 varied and detailed tracks, his debut album Fokus is the product of an intensive three months in his Berlin studio, where Fengler developed a sonic concept for an album which expanded his love for outlandish electronics, abstract melody, abrasive textures and dub-wise bass frequencies, all carefully siphoned into a very concentrated end result. From the engulfing spaces found in the opening moments of "Mayria" and the introductory "Break Through" (one of two tracks exclusive to the CD version), sweeping layers of synthesis, mysterious sung elements and encircling layers of kinetic energy build. Marcel introduces us to the sound aesthetic of Fokus - grating, broken beats are rough yet controlled, detailed hyper-tonal elements swarm and pan, micro details swimming beneath the surface. Sonically confronting, standing out from any conventional palette of sounds, early tracks like "The Stampede" and "Trespass" offer alternative answers to today's club tasks. Maintaining the confident mixture between 4/4 movement and more experimental musical elements and motifs, the melancholic "Jaz" juggles its way across the spectrum, while "King of Psi" unleashes more of Fengler's trademark texture as static beats are set within a twinkling synthscape. Exploring yet more sound sources, discordant bells chime as a rasping percussion set kicks "Sky Pushing" into its introverted, paranoid zones. Moving into avant-garde circles, the beautiful "High Falls" filters and shimmers in a reduced intermission. The frenetic synth drums and wonderful sequencer madness of "Dejavu" describe another of the album's strong points perfectly; Fokus speaks volumes as something so diverse, yet with such a clear and concentrated production. "Liquid Torso" is the album's epilogue; a scientific, extended tribute to the Bleep. With Fokus, Marcel Fengler extracts himself far from the boundaries of a conventional DJ/producer debut album, achieving a very varied, controlled and musical album that is clearly concerned with satisfying a bright, burning need to express himself through electronic music in fresh and challenging ways.



STAPLES, MAVIS: Time Waits For No One LP (PAISLEY 25798LP) 12.00
Cut-out copies. Mavis Staples' 1989 album, released on Prince's label, who wrote and produced some of the tracks.



DURERSTUBEN: Sheet of Rane 12" (PAMPA 016EP) 12.50
Dürerstuben makes a serious maneuver on Pampa and this EP is the Berlin duo's most sophisticated statement yet. "Gscheids Planet" unfolds with a deceptive intro, click-clackety downtempo stomps and crunchy snares beneath a tender vocoder coo, just when some muted guitar plucks burst into robo-synths. "Haeckles Kosmos" is punctuated with bouncy parallel fifths straight out of the Italo orient. "Freiherr in der Wall" hinges upon syncopated, faltering beatbox rhythms, a swaggering bass line and fluttering arpeggiation. For fans of Metro Area, Zapp, Tensnake, or Survivor.



CHATEAU FLIGHT: La Pregunta 12" (PERMVAC 106EP) 12.00
Permanent Vacation convinced their heroes Gilb'r and I:Cube aka Chateau Flight to finally release an EP outside of Versatile Records. "La Pregunta" is one track in two very different versions that are almost customized for the label and can easily be played on the same night. While the original version is an uplifting, summery house tune, "Beau Dub" digs a little bit deeper and fits the late-night shift or the early-morning hours equally.


This is a three-track 12" appendix from the big Brontosaurus legacy. Featuring the sought-after vinyl must-haves from Arto Mwambe: "Noh Ngamebo" and "BTWO," plus the slow-disco chugger and Prins Thomas-favorite "Ray Rider" by The Exile Missile.



ARTTU: Next System 12" (PHP 067EP) 14.00
Philpot's Finnish friend with the musically-adopted home of Chicago Arttu bangs it out in best warehouse style for the third time for the label: raw, minimal, and timeless.



SCARPER: Unfurl CD (PLXS 002CD) 14.00
Riding on the success of their debut release, Plexus return in the shape of label-boss Scarper's Unfurl EP. Favoring infectious melodies and simple grooves, Unfurl is a piece of work which rewards the listener with a warm and deep sound. It's finished off by a remix from Halftribe. With Unfurl, Scarper showcases a lighter, more melodic side with a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of early '90s electronica and ambient techno.



DEXTER, DANIEL: Focus On Remixes 12" (PFR 140EP) 12.50
Daniel Dexter pulls together some blistering remixes of tracks that originally appeared on Focus On (PFR 033CD/LP) -- supplied by some of the hottest producers from the underground. Uner's remix of Dexter's "Why So Serious" is a bomb. David Keno also works some magic on "Storm." Kollektiv Turmstrasse's remix of "Birds" continues their un-stoppable juggernaut of buzz, while Ian Pooley takes the original version of "Night Away (feat. Geraldine Roth)" and twists it into his own brand of taut, focused tech-house.


POLY 2310400LP

EXECUTIVE SUITE: Executive Suite 1 LP (POLY 2310400LP) 13.00
Exact repro, originally released in 1974. "A Philadelphia quartet with deep Philly roots, the members were part of various recording entities before Executive Suite. When the Philly sound took off, old friends Bunny Sigler, Norman Harris, and Phil Hurtt decided to give them a shot....essential listening because of the lovely 'I'm a Winner Now' and 'Your Love Is Paradise'." --All Music Guide



MARTIN/BOBBY DARIN, BOBBY: Minnie the Moocher 7" (POPC 123EP) 8.00
Two swinging late '50s/early '60s-era takes on Cab Calloway's signature piece "Minnie the Moocher," a song he first recorded in 1931. Bobby Martin transforms "Minnie..." into a bottom-heavy romp with jagged guitar-work from one Eddie Cochrane and rasping sax breaks throughout. Teen idol Bobby Darin, meanwhile, offers up a piano-led, sophisticated jazz croon-cat spin on proceedings on the flip-side.


PP 002EP

BROWN, MATTHEW: Matthew Brown EP 12" (PP 002EP) 14.00
Public Possession is very happy to present you the first-ever 12" by Matthew Brown, who delivers three tracks, two of them probably best described as "analog electronic funk" for dancefloors at peak-time. The EP is completed by the track "Borobo," with its incredible slow-motion groove and Balearic touch.



YOUNG ECHO: Nexus 2LP (RAMP 055LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Young Echo formed and broadcasted their first radio show in 2010. Its members met growing up in and around Bristol, and became close through a shared enthusiasm for electronic music. Young Echo counts Kahn, Vessel, Jabu, El Kid, Zhou, Ishan Sound, Killing Sound, Gorgon Sound, REI, and Baba Yaga members of the collective. Launch-pad for the careers of Zomby, SBTRKT, and many others, RAMP is very proud to announce Young Echo's debut album Nexus. Unmistakably from Bristol, the group would be hard-pushed to avoid comparisons with Portishead and Massive Attack. While sharing sonics with the former, and the gang mentality of the latter, Young Echo update the Bristol Sound with the collective knowledge of dubstep, grime, techno, and garage.



MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS: Uncanny Valley LP (REC 105LP) 27.50
One of Australia's most fearlessly independent, individual, and inventive bands, Midnight Juggernauts are back bearing gifts with Uncanny Valley. In robotic engineering and CGI, the uncanny valley is a hypothesis -- coined by legendary roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970. He wrote in his work Bukimi no Tani Gensho: "I have noticed that, in climbing toward the goal of making robots appear human, our affinity for them increases until we come to a valley, which I call the uncanny valley." This "uncanny valley" is a phenomena in which human acceptance of robots grows more welcoming the more human their appearance, until they become too human, in which there's suddenly a precipitous plunge from acceptance to revulsion. The dark depths of this philosophical valley is a space the trio -- Vincent Vendetta, Andrew Szekeres, and Daniel Stricker -- have long explored. Running traditional rock instruments (guitar, keyboards, drums) through samplers, pedals, patches, and assorted effects, they pervert the familiar into slightly-off forms; robotic sounds made by human hands, with the waft of unsettling horror-soundtracks keeping things forever on edge. Since forming in Melbourne in 2004, the band has forged a unique path, pressing themselves firmly into the popular and unpopular consciousness, refusing to be bound by boundaries of genre, convention, or expectation. Eschewing an easy parochial path, Midnight Juggernauts have instead been international; taking their psychedelic Soviet-sci-fi pop to listeners near and far, around the corner and around the globe. Uncanny Valley is 43 minutes of warm-hearted cold wave, interstellar harmonies, early 1950s house, steeped in the darkness of dusty giallo soundtracks, audio spomeniks at once futuristic and rustic, a bold musical future envisaged through a soundtrack to a forgotten Eastern Bloc Tarkovsky film, sifting through the ruins of LPs past.



GOAT: World Music LP (LAUNCH 048LP) 19.50
New 2013 repress! LP version with die-cut front cover. Rocket Recordings presents the debut album World Music by the band Goat. For those who are unaware, Goat is a collective of musicians who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpilombolo in deepest, darkest Sweden. Legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Korpilombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a travelling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to Korpilombolo by following a cipher hidden within their most sacred of ancient scriptures. The reason it led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village and so they made it their home -- there, they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries. This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. To this day, the now picturesque village of Korpilombolo is still haunted by this Voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of this Goat record. The nine track album follows the underground success of the now sought-after 7" Goatman, which is also included in this selection. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro-groove that is central to the album, through to head-nodding psych, post-punk, Turkish rock, Kraut repetition and astral folk. "Over insistent rhythms that suggest Spacemen 3 and, at least in spirit, the conjuring drones of Pandit Pran Nath and La Monte Young, Goat weave an ecumenical history of rock'n'roll. They intercept signals from Led Zeppelin and Funkadelic, Jefferson Starship and Fela Kuti, the Congos and the Rolling Stones, bending them into a resiliently consistent album." --Pitchfork (8.1)


RCD 2145CD

LAST HURRAH!!, THE: The Beauty of Fake CD (RCD 2145CD) 17.00
The Last Hurrah!! is the project of Norwegian guitarist HP Gundersen plus a jamboree of international players and singers. Based in Bergen in western Norway, Gundersen has a long history in Norwegian music and beyond. As a producer he discovered and nurtured the career of Sondre Lerche, one of Norway's most successful international exports. As well as Madrugada's mega-hit "Lift Me" with Ane Brun, he has produced over 50 albums -- including Tim Rose's final album American Son. An encounter with a Gambian kora-playing folk musician a few years ago was life-altering and, in his own words, took him to a new level of musical understanding. n 2011, his cover of Pink Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky" on the free Mojo tribute CD Return to the Dark Side of the Moon drew high praise from readers. His previous album, Spiritual Non-Believers, was voted album of the year in VG, Norway's most popular newspaper; The Wire called it "maddeningly well executed." HP Gundersen grew up in the 1960s, tuning in to European radio stations and having his mind blown by the sparkling melodies of the decade's pop music, like The Byrds and The Beatles. Notably, these two groups were among the first to absorb Eastern influences, as Gundersen has done in The Last Hurrah!!. Chinese guzheng (zither) resonates with pastoral flutes, Hawaiian guitars and the plangent tones of the Scandinavian Hardanger fiddle. Listening to the repetitive pluckings of the opener, "The Rush," you can't help but think of Steve Reich's solo guitar trance-out Electric Counterpoint; elsewhere you'll hear echoes of Don Cherry's multicultural visions, the soaring harmonies of Rubber Soul-era Beatles, and the magical open tunings of folk-rockers like David Crosby and Stephen Stills and Davy Graham. Country music meets raga meets psychedelic sugar-rush. For Gundersen, the concept of universal music is a truth older than entertainment. Jamming on one chord is a highly democratic way of music-making: anyone can take part. And they do: a dozen extra musicians are involved on various tracks, including jazz-trained vocalist and long-time collaborator Heidi Goodbye, and the remarkable guzheng (zither) played by Yuyue Zheng. There's even an appearance from U.S. saxophonist Jon Irabagon, leader of tumultuous ensemble Mostly Other People Do The Killing. Paradoxically, being restricted to a one-chord drone opens the music up wider than ever.



DALY, JOHN: One More City 12" (SECRET 010EP) 12.50
John Daly's "One More City" is perhaps his most anthemic and euphoric track yet -- one that could almost be a lost early Happy Records DAT found in the studios of Mad Mike Banks (Underground Resistance), with its glorious, strong in-the-mix pianos, high-energy percussion and washes of Detroit-inspired atmosphere. "This Time" is a pad-drenched track with rich, warm analog production, a strong organ sound and a bubbling bass line. "Weightless" is fathoms deep with its very live-sounding acoustic bass line, skittering percussion, and forever-present pads.



FENIN: Heartware Remixes 12" (STRIKE 144EP) 12.00
Fenin's album release Heartware inspired Shitkatapult to release this 12" with remixes of two of the album tracks. "Es Gibt Schlimmeres" grooves without any drum beat in the original version, whereas the Map.Ache remix comes along as a deep house track of the finest kind. "Receiver" appears in the original version as well as with Poly's wonderful vocals, carried by a warm soul beat. This jewel is remixed by Seattle/Detroit house producer Osborne and develops into a grooving jack beat. On green vinyl.



MASTER PLAN INC: Something to Be Done 7" (SLSP 014EP) 11.00
This rare 45 was one obscure release bobbing along in depths of the soul scene Soul Spectrum decided to track; once they dug deep enough, they came across a HUGE find -- a wealth of quality '70s & '80s soul and funk gems -- all unreleased. As a prelude to the CD and LP is the one that started it all, a super-rare 45 valued at $2,000 for an original flipped with a real treat -- an early, previously-unreleased version recorded at the famous Brunswick studios.



AMIINA: The Lighthouse Project CD (SHAKE 017CD) 17.50
Limited edition CD EP in a book-style packaging with 22 pages of full-color photos and artwork. Originally a string quartet formed by four girls at the Reykjavík College of Music just before the turn of the century, Amiina went on to cut its teeth as Sigur Rós' string collaborators for the next decade. After releasing debut album Kurr and several EPs, the group's sonic palette was broadened by the contributions of drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and electronic artist Kippi Kaninus, who have been permanent members of the group since late 2009. They released their second full-length album, Puzzle (SHAKE 011CD/LP), in 2010. About four years ago Amiina, then a four-piece band, set out on a journey across Iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. The music had been written especially for performances in small spaces, and in great proximity to the audience. The inspiration behind the journey came the first time the band performed in a lighthouse. A man in the audience described how he had experienced the music in those surroundings. Standing on the top floor of the lighthouse, he had felt the music travel up through the structure and out across the ocean, as if the lighthouse were now projecting music instead of light. The group set off in a big van packed with instruments, accompanied by a photographer, one spouse, one newborn baby and another about to be born, and together they drove over rugged roads, seemingly to the end of the world, to perform music. The songs were a mix of old and new, little nocturnes in simple arrangements. Among them was a cover of Lee Hazlewood's "Leather and Lace." Amiina had previously collaborated with Lee only weeks before he passed away, on a song that ended up being his last recording. On the flip-side was Amiina's arrangement, and cover, of "Leather and Lace." The simple arrangement of the song fit perfectly with the other songs and the spirit of The Lighthouse Project. In late 2012, Amiina decided to revisit The Lighthouse Project -- to record these songs in their original arrangements, and give the music the prospect to travel out and across forever. The band felt it was important to convey the intimacy of the original performances, so the songs were recorded "live" in the studio, as if at a concert.


SP 028LP

PALM HIGHWAY CHASE: Escape from New York LP (SP 028LP) 20.00
Flashback to 2009, maybe late winter or something like that. The Road Chief comes back from his extended stay in Belgium all laced up with new jams from the underground. We're blazing the trails of the NE Ohio streets and valleys and on his stereo he's got this Palm, Escape from New York disc. I become immediately intrigued and bewildered -- so many questions to ask. "Who is this?" "When was this made?" "HOW was it made?" Feeling pert, we moved forward to pursue a vinyl release for the now-deceased Wagon imprint, in high hopes we could deliver this platter immediately, being the non-stop jam that it is. Many emails, dead ends, events, tours, records, other releases, and projects later, the record seemed like it would never happen. We couldn't get anything lined up, we didn't have the time to get the ball rolling, and years had started passing by quickly. Flash forward to two months ago, loading up my iPod shuffle to take to work, and I see Escape from New York in the "tunez" folder. A few cups of coffee into work and jamming it at maximum volume, work became very productive all of a sudden -- but I became so bothered by the mystery of this album that I had to go home and do some research. I tried some various contacts and shot a few emails without any expectation. Only days later I received word back from the Palm mastermind. He says "yes." So here we are, four years later, and this album will finally be pressed. This record was downloaded over 5,000 times from the Palm Myspace and Bandcamp pages; and now it will finally become a tangible artifact. Escape from New York is an enigmatic blast of fully focused, high-speed pursuit tunes channeling the 1984 tropical shoreline highway. The imaginary soundtrack to the escape from your most intense predicament. The album exists in its own universe, completely belonging to the Highway Chase vision. Escape from New York was made in January of 2009, and it still slams just as hard. The album unfolds in a linear way where every track is essential to the whole -- the album is the movie. "Street Stallion" kicks off the record proper, with a dead-serious synth lead, a seriously reverbed-out rainbow arcing sequence, and a kick drum that will fill your entire room up. This track sees reprise in the varied form of "Street Hawk" later on. Tracks like "Dark Movie Screens" and "Desert Driver" pound relentlessly hard and will have you all wrapped up in hypnotic drum machine patterns and overlapping melody with driving electro vibes, somewhat reminiscent of the legendary "Nature Makes a Mistake" track (that Running Back did a killer 12" of) except completely off the hook, with the same forward-driving sense of rhythm and drive. Meanwhile, tracks like "Ghost Cars" and "Invisible Beach" keep the wheels turning with complex structures and polyrhythms that will have you asking yourself how something could possibly be so catchy. "Space Again," closes the album, leaving you wanting to flip the record and hear more Palm jams. An honor, a pleasure, and a relief with some closure to this mystery to finally have this in a physical form.


SG 3011LP

THEM: Now and Them LP (SG 3011LP) 22.00
Following the departure of Van Morrison in June 1966, Them regrouped in Belfast and then relocated to California in 1967. An established live attraction, they gigged widely and embraced the psychedelic movement, releasing this fine album in February 1968. Adding a trippy, experimental edge to the heavy R&B they were renowned for, it's best-known for the mind-blowing 10-minute raga "Square Room." It makes its long-awaited return to vinyl here, complete with an insert featuring rare pictures and background info. On 180 gram vinyl.

SG 3012LP

THEM: Time Out! Time In for Them LP (SG 3012LP) 22.00
Originally released in November 1968, following the departure of founding member Ray Elliott, the second of Them's post-Van Morrison LPs finds them continuing the psychedelic experimentation of Now and Them, which had appeared that February. Blending sitar-soaked Eastern psych-pop with heavier R&B numbers and a couple of trippy ballads, it's an essential spin for fans of acid-tinged pop-rock. It makes its long-awaited return to vinyl here, complete with an insert featuring rare pictures and background info.



ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O.: Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!) 2CD (STATRES 004CD) 19.50
Repress of the Acid Mothers classic; this was their first release on a UK-based label, originally on super-limited double vinyl and has been out-of-print for a couple of years. Contains the vinyl album from 2001 plus 40 minutes of exclusive bonus material, spread across two CDs (120 minutes in total). Includes "Supernal Infinite Space," as featured in Gus Van Sant's Palme D'Or-winning film Elephant. Widely considered to be their finest, most ambitious, and varied work, Absolutely Freak Out prompted numerous glowing reviews and features on the band, including pieces in The Sunday Times, Uncut, Mojo (a two-page feature written by Julian Cope), three pages in Record Collector, and a Wire front cover plus eight pages of editorial.



AGNES & TORPEDOMAN: Porchevalerie EP 12" (STHLM 030EP) 12.50
Agnès is back -- this time with Torpedoman, an imaginary friend. Groovy personal house.


STIR15 042EP

KAIN + ABER: Hey You EP 12" (STIR15 042EP) 12.50
Stir15 is back with a killer release hitting the hearts of deep house lovers again. With stunning remixes by Ian Pooley and Stir15 head C-Rock, this one will finally bring the summer to your turntables, speakers, dancefloors, iPods, phones, radios, Spotify-channels, or however you enjoy quality music these days.



"Strut presents the first new installment in its acclaimed Inspiration Information studio collaboration series for over two years with a superb new sound clash featuring sweet-voiced Jamaican legend Cornell Campbell and the excellent London-based reggae and Afro-dub collective, Soothsayers, led by Robin Hopcraft and Idris Rahman."


Double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a CD of the album.


SBR 5095LP

TWINK: Think Pink LP+CD (SBR 5095LP) 26.50
Limited repress. Recorded in London in July 1969, and featuring members of Tomorrow, The Pretty Things, The Deviants, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, the legendary Think Pink is one of the hallowed relics of British underground rock. Masterminded by John "Twink" Alder, who fully participated in this comprehensive reissue, it is presented here with detailed background notes, eight bonus tracks and rare pictures, making it truly essential for all fans of true psychedelia. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a full-color booklet; on 180 gram vinyl with a CD copy of the album, plus bonus tracks.



CHOPSTICK & JOHNJON: Roots EP 12" (SUOL 048EP) 12.00
Chopstick & Johnjon present the first vanguard of their upcoming debut album. For Roots they team up with Signaljacker aka Chris James of the infamous UK band Stateless (Ninja Tune, !K7). The title-track comes in two different moods - the dreamy, almost melancholic "Original Mix" plus the rather bright "Alternative Mix." "Still Breathing" eventually takes the beat even further down, bringing forth a never-heard side of Chopstick & Johnjon.


MVD 5846CD

SLY & ROBBIE: Stepper Takes the Taxi CD (MVD 5846CD) 13.50
"The story begins in Paris during the '80s, when the young Guillaume hones his skills at several instruments with various formations. During a trip to Jamaica where he gets his nickname 'Stepper,' he meets some of the artists he will tour and record with. Sly & Robbie opened their vaults for Stepper, who picked and chose classic riddims and brand new Jamaican sessions for this debut album. Prestigious musicians joined Stepper on this album mixed by Fabwise, the rising star of dubmasters."



BRTSH KNIGHTS: If I Was To/Hazed 12" (TCLR 004EP) 11.00
"South London production collective Brtsh Knights throw down the gauntlet with their first official release, the double A-side single of 'If I Was To' and 'Hazed.' This debut offering fuses classic house and garage with high-grade production. 'If I Was To' deploys bouncing synths and the incredibly addictive reciprocate vocal hook whilst flipside 'Hazed' is a dark, smokey slice of R&B with reverberating snares and super sweet vocals."



DARK SKY: Confunktion/Double U 12" (TEC 069EP) 11.00
Repressed; Tectonic welcomes Dark Sky to the fold with two killer tracks. "Confunktion" builds from a background of subtle atmospherics, rising slowly before eventually leaping out, ambush-style. Sculptured tech-bass sounds carve their way through the 130 bpm, 4/4 rhythmic backbone, building and dropping down before re-emerging again fuller, with emotive charge. "Double U" takes a more playful stance with rhythmic builds and mischievous intent -- bleeping, popping like a bongo drum full of electronic popping-corn. Pounding sub bass pulls everything together.


TEM 8104CD

SWEET BREEZE: Advice CD (TEM 8104CD) 17.00
From the halcyon days of Nigeria's oil boom years in the 1970s sprang Sweet Breeze, a group made up exclusively of college undergraduates from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria. Their best-known album was this lost classic: Advice, which had been recorded in 1978 and was one of the most popular albums of its day. Featuring tracks such as "She's My Choice" and "God Is Love," this is the first time Advice has been digitally remastered, allowing the joyful and exalted high life and Afro-funk to shine through. Includes the original artwork and a new booklet with updated information.

TEM 8104LP

SWEET BREEZE: Advice LP (TEM 8104LP) 22.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl.



FAT FREDDY'S DROP: Blackbird CD (DRP 019CD) 15.50
"Blackbird is the third full-length release from the New Zealand band and will see Fat Freddy's Drop exceed half a million albums sales worldwide, the result of playing over 800 shows in their career to date. This new album is truer to Fat Freddy's drop musical philosophy than anything else they have done."


FAT FREDDY'S DROP: Blackbird 2LP (DRP 019LP) 20.50
Double LP version. Comes with a download of the album.



PHASE: On the Edge/Perplexed 12" (TOKEN 031EP) 12.50
The two tracks on this single -- a double A-side -- are both featured on Phase's new album and should give you a taste of what flavors to expect. "On the Edge" and "Perplexed" complement each other perfectly. The first is a raw peak-time cut, while the latter is a more atmospheric and hypnotic piece for the afterhours. Both pieces display strong and intense techno with an incredible sense for depth and detail. Few seem to master these qualities like Phase does.



CAVAAN: Black Snow EP 12" (TURDJR 001EP) 12.50
Cavaan is the alter-ego of a rather well-known Berlin producer and his fellow from Milan. The duo debuts with this very much loved project. "Black Snow" grooves on some free-swinging retro percussion and beats from the '80s and a soft house beat, making this a very subtle killer for any dancefloor. While the vocals carry the track as light as a feather, it is after the breakdown that things get really musical. "Under" sucks the listener in deep and gently grooves. Remix by Lopazz.



ORFF/GUNILD KEETMAN, CARL: Music for Children (Schulwerk) LP (JBH 048LP) 20.00
Limited gatefold vinyl edition. This is quite simply some of the most beautiful children's music ever made, with simple melodies and forgotten rhymes building gradually into more complex roundels and speech exercises. Performed by children in the late 1950s, this wonderful recording is educational, darkly nostalgic, and enchanting. History: This is the first time these important recordings have been in print since 1957. Their origins go back to the 1920s and the Günterschule in Munich, a progressive educational academy that specialized in music and exercise. Carl Orff was a teacher there, and worked on a new method of introducing children to music. Over the next few decades the "Orff Method" was developed and enhanced with the help of one of his former students Gunild Keetman. By the late 1950s the term "schulwerk" (literally "schooling" or "school work") had been adopted and with the inclusion of nursery rhymes and street cries it had spread across Europe as a popular education technique. A two LP recording was issued in Germany in 1957 to demonstrate some of the musical results -- this was followed by a pair of LPs issued in the UK, that were to include the music as well as early English nursery rhymes, songs and sayings. It is these recordings that are being issued here, along with the original and rare sleevenotes. The music is performed on what has since become known as "the Orff instruments": glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones, drinking glasses, violoncello, bells, cymbals, drums, and the triangle. Rhythmic exercises are executed by hand-clapping, knee-slapping, feet-stamping, as well as using drums, whips, sand-rattles, and other percussion instruments. The spoken word is used for its meaning, its tone-color and rhythmic significance. Nursery rhymes familiar to most of us form a strong base to the album, but there are some here that you may have never come across before. Many of these date back to the 18th century, and Trunk also includes here the oldest song of all -- "Sumer Is Icumen In." Not only is the music absolutely captivating for adults and children alike, the CD comes with extensive 16-page sleeve notes explaining the origins of the songs and sayings. These are magical, rarely heard (and occasionally scary) recordings from the 1950s that highlight just how beautiful the simplest of all music can be. But the release also shows how incredible children's musical education once was. Performers: Chorus of the Children's Opera Group, Speech Ensemble from the Italia Conti School, and The Instrumental Ensemble.



DETROIT SWINDLE: The Passion EP 12" (TSUBA 066EP) 12.50
Detroit Swindle have been making great waves in 2013 and more than live up to the hype with their powerful and stripped-back soulful take on house. "Sometimes" features full female vox and "That Freak Stuff" walks a darker path with shades of Basic Channel. Soulphiction completes a winning package with a deep underground house mix of "That Freak Stuff."


OKAIN/JORDAN PEAK: Nina Kraviz/Steffi Mixes 12" (TSUBASP 002EP) 12.50
Hot on the heels of the sold-out first edition, we present the second installment of our classics series featuring the Nina Kraviz remix of Okain's "Scream" backed with the Steffi mix of Jordan Peak's "Kinda Fine."



GENTEELS/THE JESTERS, THE: Take it Off/Peter Gunn Twist 7" (TTSHAKE 112EP) 8.00
Genteels left little room for misunderstanding with their song "Take It Off," a knockabout piece of musical smut which was obviously designed specifically for the purpose of encouraging the art of performance bump and grind. Built around the Peter Gunn theme, it's fitting that TT Shaker also included The Jesters' "Peter Gunn Twist" on the flip, whereby the famously sleazy riff is raunched-up further still.



CLOUDS: Ghost Systems Rave 2LP (TURBO 037LP) 25.50
Just a few years into their career, Clouds have already been playlisted and supported by some of the most respected heavyweights in electronic music. These Scottish prodigies have already developed a sound that has made fans out of Richie Hawtin, The Chemical Brothers, Marcel Dettmann, Michael Mayer, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Boys Noize, and Martin Gore -- a cross-section that reflects the range, quality and inventiveness of their music. All this attention through a rapid-fire succession of four singles on Tiga's Turbo Recordings. But these were mere club bombs: now the kids have grown up. Turbo presents their debut album -- Ghost Systems Rave -- an immersive 14-track journey into the heart of techno's future. This record should put Clouds in the ranks of the elite UK techno vanguard. Comparisons to the work of Blawan, Zomby, and Actress are justifiable and inevitable. What is critical -- and hopefully obvious to the careful listener -- is that none of this is derivative. That these connections will be made simply speaks to the level of artistry on display, as opposed to any specific tricks, sounds or motifs. Wherever they try their hand, they find an original way forward. For instance, when they take on hardcore on the awesome "Future 1" and "Future 2," it is their own private resurrection of the spirit nexus heyday of early '90s UK jungle and techno, a historic time that also literally birthed both Liam and Calum. This is the sound of rave's undertow, dredging up toxic grit and grime, as well as beautiful shards and glimmers. Almost nothing on this record is obvious. The melodies never resolve. The vocals are consistently unintelligible. The drums are at once dirty, punchy, and repetitive, but never too abrasive to put you off. The bass growls. Textures breathe, brush, grate and glisten. Everything sounds as though it exists in an alien world of impossible dimensions, complete with its own physics, logic and secrets. This record is more than fully-formed. It's perfect. Made in a few weeks of total isolation in a barn in Scotland by two kids with a laptop and total conviction. Includes mp3 download code.


RANDOMER: Raffa EP 12" (TURBO 148EP) 12.50
Turbo launches its Warehouse Series with London's Randomer. In a few short years, Randomer has developed a dedicated cult following, with exceptional releases on some of the UK's most respected underground labels. "Ruffa" and "No Hook" are built on clanging, banging, metallic, distorted drums that pack a heavy punch. "Ruffa" has a distinctly electro feel, centered on a catchy, syncopated synth riff, while "No Hook" relies on only the most basic and brutal elements. Remixed by J. Tijn.


UW 010CD

"Daytime Viewing (1979-80) is an extended narrative song, based on a casual analysis of daytime television drama and the audience phenomena such programming addresses. The piece explores the use of fantasy as a survival mechanism against loneliness, illustrating the human compulsion to inflate the mundane to mythological proportions. A central female character weaves tales, using threads of personal experience and the idea of TV as friend, as mantra, and as transformational window between imagined spectacle and the pedestrian plane. Originally released as a private cassette edition documenting the collaborative performance piece of the same name by Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom, this heady, thoroughly enjoyable work is available for the first time ever on CD and LP. Jacqueline Humbert (aka J. Jasmine) is a songwriter of brains and wit on par with Robert Ashley, with whom she's worked extensively. David Rosenboom's complex, harmonic electronic arrangements are accentuated brilliantly by percussion from William Winant. Daytime Viewing can happily be added to a small but significant group of work that, through lesser-known paths, engaged in an equally revelatory reexamination of the great American songbook as minimalism did with 20th century composition. The CD jacket is printed on dyed, textured paper."

UW 010LP

LP version. "An edition of 800 copies. The vinyl master was cut using Direct Metal Mastering. Download card for lossless or lossy digital files included. The LP jacket is printed on dyed, textured paper. Comes with a fold out poster and lyrics sheet."



SKRAP: K.O. CD (VAF 004CD) 14.50
Skrap (or "scratch" as one would say in proper English) started years ago, when Anja Lauvdal and Heida Johannesdottir Mobeck involuntarily got locked in a small room together, trapped in between to bass amps which where facing each other. With a tuba on electronic steroids and keyboard á la Korg MS10, the girls started experimenting with things they never tried out before. The sound-waves hit each other hard, and made interactions between the sound-sources and the musicians, making the beginning of Skrap. This is music inspired by bands like Sunn O))) and Streifenjunko, and the members are also known from projects such as Muskus, Skadedyr, Broen, Your Headlights Are On, etc. K.O. is the fifth release from the Oslo-based label for new and challenging music, Va Fongool.


VOS 9501LP

BANKS AND THE DRAMATICS, RON: Dramatically Yours LP (VOS 9501LP) 11.00
Cut-out copies. "One of their finest albums. The Dramatics had solidified their sound and personnel in the early '70s. L.J. Reynolds was now doing the leads, with Ron Banks' feathery falsetto and Willie Ford's booming baritone perfectly positioned at the top and bottom of the arrangements, and Reynolds and Lenny Mayes right in the center. Although they didn't generate much crossover success, they were on the R&B charts regularly with singles pulled from the album." --All Music Guide



GOLDWILL: Mows 12" (9THJOURNEY) 14.00
Goldwill is the artist-group formed by veteran DJ Henry Behring, who is resident of one of East Germany's longest-running electronic music clubs, Gerberei in Schwerin, and Ralf Schmidt better known as Aera. This release for Wandering is called Mows and showcases the immense musical talent which emerges when both protagonists come together to create music. Take a listen for yourself and prepare to be touched deeply by their new oeuvre.



SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY: Fragments EP 12" (WLTD 022EP) 14.00
Wolfskuil's leftfield Limited series welcomes another newcomer to its roster. Jason Courtney aka Simplicity Is Beauty, has left his mark on the electronic scene with stunning releases on Heavy Reel and The Public Stand. Characterized by complex, emo-ridden melodies and enormous attention for detail, on this EP he goes all out: from Aphexian electro to Detroitian ambient; from John Carpenter-styled horror soundtracks to slow house, where he even plays some guitar licks live.



STARS ON 33: This Is Love CD (WIB 040CD) 17.00
This Is Love is the first studio album from Stars On 33. "We all grew up listening to bands like Imagination, Earth Wind & Fire, and Chic, so it has always been a dream of ours to produce a pure authentic-sounding disco album. We've put a lot of work and love into this and just want people to feel good about listening to this record. We're very proud of this album and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it." Stars On 33 is the coming together of New York-based vocalist Lawrence LT Thompson, guitar player Radical Peterson, and legendary producer Kris Menace.


WW 003LP

VA: Shik Shak Shok - Psychedelic Music for Belly Dance LP (WW 003LP) 23.00
"Recorded in Lebanon, 1972-1985. Shik Shak Shok is a fantastic collection of weird psychedelic music for belly dancing mostly recorded in the 1970s in Lebanon and reissued for the very first time. A must-have for any exotic groove lovers: keyboards solos, darkouka madness, and crazy breaks for DJs and producers. This set includes Elias Rabhani, Hassan Abou Seoud, Ihsan Al-Munzer, Matar Mohamed, Omar Khorshid, Daniel Der Sahakian, Farid Elatrache, and Nicholas Dick . Limited edition of 1000."



MEMPHIS JUG BAND: Memphis Jug Band 2LP (YAZ 1067HLP) 29.00
Gatefold double LP reissue of Yazoo's 28 song collection of the Memphis Jug Band; on 180 gram vinyl. R. Crumb cover art. "The Memphis Jug Band is the most entertaining and historically important jug band of all time. Especially fascinating is the very wide range of American music that their repertoire covers: blues, rags, stomps, breakdowns, vaudeville, minstrel and more. They were the premier practitioner of the extremely popular Memphis style of the 1920's."

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