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Matt Weston, "Searchlight Swings"

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cover imageMatt Weston’s last release, the Organum-esque scrape and drone fest "Kidnapping Denials/Put on a Good Face" did an exemplary job at capturing him in his natural habitat as a percussionist, albeit a rather unconventional one.  While that was based upon live recordings, his newest 7" is a bit more multi-instrumentalist and studio-centric in its approach.  Made up of two rather brief pieces, it is a tantalizingly short yet fully engaging single.

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 December 2017 21:50

Merzbow, "Pornoise 1 KG"

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cover imagePornoise 1 KG is somewhat of a landmark release in Masami Akita’s sprawling, ever expanding and complex discography.  Recorded in 1984 and issued multiple times as a five-cassette set not long after, it represents one of the first long form collections of Merzbow to have been released.  Reissued here on six CDs (including the separately released Pornoise Extra as disc six), it makes for an excellent snapshot of what Akita first started out doing, and hints at what would come later in his long career.

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 December 2017 21:49

Vox Populi!, "Magiques Créations"

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cover imageEver since their cult favorite Half Dead Ganja Music album was reissued back in 2013, I have been fascinated by this deeply unusual "ethno-industrial" duo from France and have done a decent amount of digging to track down the rest of their back catalog.  That has proven to be a somewhat convoluted task, leading to lots of dead blog links as well as a few wonderful unofficial compilations.  In fact, several of the best songs on this new digital-only collection have appeared on those unofficial releases, while some others appear to have come from an untitled 1988 tape.  Curiously, a lot of these experiments spanning 1984 to 1989 are just as good as anything that appeared on Vox Populi's formal albums (in some cases, even better), making this kind of a crucial bit of underground industrial archeology on Emotional Rescue's part.  I suppose motivated or frugal listeners can probably find a lot of these songs elsewhere if they put their minds to it, but this is an extremely well-curated collection that provides an excellent introduction to one of the most creative, cool, and underappreciated bands of the '80s cassette underground.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 08:32

Dub Syndicate, "The Pounding System"

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cover imageNewly reissued, this 1982 debut from Adrian Sherwood’s eclectic dub project is an ambitious and occasionally perplexing affair.  The album’s subtitle, "Ambiance in Dub," goes a long way towards explaining the unusual and embryonic aesthetic, as does the fact that it was recorded by a revolving cast of guest musicians during a fortuitous window at a well-equipped studio: these are very simple and stripped-down bass-driven songs that leave plenty of room for each individual element to breathe.  That is ideal for Sherwood’s experiments with reverb and mic placement, which seem to be The Pounding System's raison d’être: this is very much a playground for Sherwood’s production and recording wizardry.  I suppose that could be said of all dub, but it feels like Sherwood is animating skeletons rather than deconstructing complete, fully formed songs.  To my ears, Dub Syndicate's later, more layered work holds up much better than the semi-traditional dub reggae found here, but The Pounding System is a pleasant (if uneven) teaser for the more substantial work on the horizon.

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Brainwashed Sponsorship Now Available

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We're open for more sponsorships and can use the money for various costs of operation that go along with the territory.  Brainwashed is not a for-profit service and nobody gets paid but we are seeking non-profit status and are seeking sponsors.
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