Scratched Glass, "one"

Sunday, 20 September 2015 19:08 Creaig Dunton Reviews - Albums and Singles

cover imageThis debut release from the duo of Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf and Retconned is shrouded in mystery and ambiguity.  The four pieces that make up this cassette EP are of unknown sources, but obviously processed and reformed to bear no resemblance to their initial forms.  The final product, however, is a brilliant suite of sparse, yet complex compositions that benefit greatly from their haziness.


The first half of the cassette focuses more on the understated end of Scratched Glass' style.  "Prop" stays low and delicate throughout.  What resembles the dying tinges of guitar feedback echo in the distance, resulting in a ghostly piece of music.  While the sound becomes somewhat more intense in its closing moments, Rosendorf and Retconned do an exceptional job of building dramatic moods with little sound.  "Attic Bed" is constructed from a similarly stripped down kit, but has a more dissonant quality to it.  Bass synth like rattles and abrasive noises cut through, until they sneak a bit of melody into the otherwise noisy space.

The sound of the second half of the tape is a bit more commanding and forceful in comparison.  "Stage" consists of overdriven drones that sustain and shimmer dramatically, as a counterpoint of massive rumbling balances out the spectrum.  As a whole, the piece builds to a dramatic crescendo, and then stops abruptly, giving Rosendorf and Retconned a chance to rebuild the piece from the debris that remain.  "Mirror" sees the duo returning to that massive low end bass sound, with an overall busier and more active piece.  Dramatic string-like sounds build tension, and the composition keeps a consistent tone throughout.

Considering this looks to be the project's debut work, one is a rich and diverse piece of music.  Scratched Glass' expertise in balancing nuanced, subtle passages of sound with aggressive, forceful, foundation rattling moments shines through clearly.  Where these two pulled these sounds from may be a mystery, but their ability to shape and mold them into rich, strong pieces of sound art is unquestionable.



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