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CRISTAL - [Bobby Donne w/Jimmy Anthony and Greg Darden]

click for bigger view Cristal/To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie split, 2007

  1. Lahaie

US 7" The Riley Bushman Recordings and Archives, trbra001

click for bigger view Spokane/Cristal split, 2004

  1. Prieure

US CD All Is Number, AIN?

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Cristal - (self-titled LP)
Cristal, 2003

  1. (08:59)
  2. (10:44)
  3. (05:32)
  4. (04:42)

US CD All Is Number, AIN003

click for bigger view
Cristal - EP
Cristal, 2003

  1. (13.43)
  2. (05.25)

US CD All Is Number, AIN001

The members of Cristal came together in a Richmond, Virginia kitchen over a batch of sangria in 2001. The band members, Jimmy Anthony, Bobby Donne (who is also a member of Labradford), and Greg Darden use a variety of electronic devices, sources, and recording locations to improvise and/or compose. The result can be beautiful, relaxing, chaotic or challenging, often all at once. Volume is critical. "The threesome create tracks that mix drone-landscaping with surgical penis methods in a way that is sure to make you salute. By turns lilting, dark and noisesome, this music feels like a sharp fingernail circling your navel slowly inside a tightly shuttered room. Just be careful you don't have anything in the way when they decide to slam the door shut. It might hurt." - Byron Coley, the Wire

AIX EM KLEMM - [Bobby Donne w/Adam Wiltze of Stars of the Lid]

click for bigger view Aix Em Klemm, 2000

  1. The Girl With The Flesh Colored Crayon
  2. 3X2 (Exit)
  3. Sophteonal
  4. Prue Lewarne
  5. The Luxury of Dirt
  6. Sparkwood And Twentyone

US CD Kranky, krank044

BREADWINNER - [Bobby Donne w/Chris Farmer and Ben Rollings]

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Breadwinner - Burner
The Burner, 1994
(this is a post-split collection of two 7" singles released on Merge and three unrelease tracks, recorded 1990-1993)

  1. Tourette's
  2. Ditch
  3. Kisses Men on the Mouth on the Mountain
  4. " "
  5. Prescott [Homecut]
  6. Mac's Oranges
  7. Knighton
  8. Exploder
  9. Turtlehead

US CD Merge MRG052

click for bigger view Rows Of Teeth: Merge 5th Anniversary Compilation, 1994

  1. Yard

US CD Merge MRG067

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