Aix Em Klemm CD/LP
Aix Em Klemm is Adam Wiltzie and Bobby Donne. It is pronounced "Ex M Clem". You might remember the Trance Syndicate Kahanek Incident series of remix 12" singles from a few years back. Labradford remixed Stars Of The Lid material into a track called "Texas" and Stars Of The Lid reworked Labradford music into a selection called "Virginia." The two bands have played together. Adam Wiltzie has done sound for Labradford in the States and on one European tour. Collaboration between Bobby Donne of Labradford and Adam Wiltzie of Stars Of The Lid began as an exchange of music by mail and continued in two recording sessions at Wiltzie's Austin, TX studio, completed in May 2000. These are songs. Stretched out at times, sometimes with fragmented pieces of song structure carefully placed inside. Present are slowly developing melodies that still manage to hook your ears. The guitar-based clouds of Stars Of The Lid are here, as well as the clanks of Bobby Donne's bass, augmented by a deft mixture of samples and keyboards. And Adam Wiltzie sings.
The measure of any collaboration is the extent to which it exceeds the sum of its parts. Aix Em Klemm is more than an a combination of one part Labradford and one part Stars Of The Lid. The attention the musicians paid to range and detail is reflected in the rewards the listener receives.