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New Arrivals


new format as of 9-22-11

this list encompasses all new releases from the last 3 months. call or email if there is an item you are interested in. if we still have it in stock, you can do mailorder OR have the item held for you. thanks!!


Haynes, Jim LP Decline Effect ON Helen Scarsdale $26.99
2LP w/ download. Continues his investigations w/ electroacoustic decay through four bodies of evidence left beAhignedn frcoym ephemeral aktions, shipwrecked electronics, re-engineered field recordings, & transmissions from the ether. Haynes' broken minimalism orbits somewhere near the work of Joe Colley, The Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, & BJ Nilsen

Martial Canterel cd You Today on Wierd Records $11.99
lp also in - $17.99
Sean McBride, aka MARTIAL CANTEREL (XENO & OAKLANDER) carefully crafts, private, raw, & often feverishly aggressive "minimal synth" sounds. Merging the influences of the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in northern Europe, & seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle & SPK, w/ the smoothly stylish songcraft of early British New Wave, Martial Canterel records exclusively using analogue synthesizers, sequencers & drum machines

Motorpsycho Jaga Jazzist cd In The Fishtank 10 on Fishtank $10.99
Latest installment in the renowned Fishtank series, a venture that pairs up bands regardless of genre. Jaga Jazzists are a 10 piece instrumental band regarded as one of the most exciting & innovative in Norway, w/an arsenal of trumpets, trombones, electric gtr, bass, tuba & more. Motorpsycho are Norway's best known underground act that cover a lotta ground w/brutal pop, gliding progressive themes & industrial terror visions. In summer 2002, between festivals in Holland & Belgium, the horn section of JJ met up w/Motorpsycho in the studio, creating 5 groovy tracks that're a stunning cocktail of Stax Soul, John Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders.

Orca Team 7" Take My Hand ON Happy Happy $6.99
The sound of a surf made of tears crashing on the glaciers of Antarctica. Bopping andB isrktihpdpainyg Toou tM ofe the Pacific Northwest, Orca Team?s music is a clean twang, minimal and precise. Every note is drenched in reverb, not as a fashion, but because you never want it to end. You might call them an arctic surf band, dancing through fog, hiding behind moss—to stay in the water would require the amputation of limbs. A voice sings in a sweet but insistent monotone, wrapped in a windbreaker and skipping stones into the waves. Enchanted dance music

Primus cd Green Naugahyde on ATO $15.99
1st album of new music since 1999's Anti-pop hoping to have the double green vinyl next week!

MCGUIRE, MARK: Get Lost LP $19.99
LP version. And yet another killer album from the ever-productive Mark McGuire (Emeralds). It just keeps getting better, as he delivers another fine set of tunes in his perfected style. A few more electronic elements than usual and even some voices, but still the unique blend of feel-good riffs, electric and acoustic loops and melodies that just stick in the head. This album is chockablock with short hits and one long jam of blissed-out McGuire ambience. Awesome. Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, and guitar-synthesizer recorded digitally between June 2010 and July 2011 in Westlake, Ohio and Portland, Oregon. Mixed at Hardbodies, July 2011 by Mark McGuire. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Photography and art by Mark McGuire, 2011.

KIRBY, LEYLAND: Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP $21.99
LP version. James Leyland Kirby is a prolific artist with a remarkably long and varied career working inside, outside and beyond the electronic underground. From his roots as one-half of renowned audio pranksters and sonic agitators V/VM, to his critically-acclaimed work as The Caretaker and, most recently, Leyland Kirby -- he's always attracted the attention of an often bewildered audience, although his stature and position as serious auteur has somehow grown exponentially with every year that has gone by since his beginnings in rainy Edgeley back in the mid-'90s. Eager To Tear Apart The Stars is his follow-up proper to the now-classic Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was trilogy of LPs, which were released in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. Since then, he's quietly ushered in the demented white label vinyl series Intrigue & Stuff, and released another album as The Caretaker, An Empty Bliss Beyond This World. Eager To Tear Apart The Stars echoes and refracts the maverick solo synth classics of Roedelius and Harold Budd, but with a temporal warping and sense of decayed decadence individual to Kirby's oeuvre. There's an ostensible sadness to these six pieces, but of a life-affirming and subtly ambiguous kind, evoking almost indecipherably mixed emotions of a rare and enigmatic variety which continue to haunt long after the record has come to a close. The album artwork features another specially-commissioned painting by Ivan Seal. Mastered and cut at Berlin's Dubplates & Mastering.

ENGLISH, LAWRENCE: The Peregrine LP $18.99
"It is truly an honor and privilege to present the latest work by long time comrade, inspiration, and one of the modern masters of the craft, Lawrence English. Over the past decade English's work has been published widely on respected imprints including Touch, 12k, Winds Measure, his own Room40 label and has collaborated with fellow contemporaries such as Tujiko Noriko, Stephen Vitiello, Ben Frost, Francisco Lopez, Minamo, DJ Olive and Tenniscoats. Lawrence's latest work The Peregrine was realized in sound during the first half of 2011. Based upon J.A. Baker's book of the same name, the album finds its structures through the descriptions of land, environment, and movement contained within the books' chapters and further develops Lawrence's experimentation with harmonic distortion and saturation."

LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM: No Visible Means LP $19.99
"Originally self-released in 1984 on Pterodactyl Records, No Visible Means is the work of Canada's own Lou Champagne. Lou Champagne was active the Ontario music scene and also performed with other local musicians from that region as well. The Lou Champagne System was the real-time guitar synth solo act of Lou Champagne. Due to his knowledge of electronics, he was able to link his guitar, synth, and synthetic drums into a working one-man solo act that was playable with floor switches and pedals. The overall effect was the sound of a full band. No Visible Means was recorded in 1981-1982 and mixed in 1983. It consists of 9 works of unrelenting sonic bliss. The music can be described as synth-heavy, textural punk with a very diverse palette of styles drizzled in for a truly unique listening experience. 'Don't Say I'm Here' opens the album with a bang showcasing Lou's angular guitar effects and emotionally powered vocals. 'Propaganda Frustration' is a thick, modulated affair with overtones of minimal disco and motorik motifs that commands attention on the dark dancefloor. 'Machine Muzik' is a standout track with effects-laden jagged guitar hooks drenched in a haze of electronics. From beginning to end, 'No Visible Means' is a synth-punk masterpiece and will surely appeal to connoisseurs of the darker, synth-based outer limits of post-punk and jagged guitar-heavy new wave. Available in the past only in limited quantities from Mr. Champagne himself, No Visible Means has been long out of print. Medical Records is proud to reissue this LP with original reproduction artwork. Original 1/4 analog tapes were restored, transferred, and remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. This reissue is officially licensed from Lou Champagne. LP also includes original 'nuclear circuit map' as an additional insert (with lyrics on flipside of insert). Presented on high quality 180gram white vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies."

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Light Cones LP $17.99
"Golden Retriever was formed in Portland, Oregon in 2008 by multi-instrumentalists Jonathan Sielaff & Matt Carlson, both long time participants in the city's potent music scene. Focusing on the relationship of two primarily monophonic instruments (Carlson on modular synthesizer & Sielaff on bass clarinet), and utilizing layering with a deft balance of improvisation & composition, the duo has created an infinitely varied approach to their sound world: dense, spacious, overwhelming, soothing and completely alien in equal measure. Light Cones is unique in the Golden Retriever discography as it's their first release more akin to their live performances, with each of the LP sides consisting of one extensive track. Both sides find the group exploring the various colors of their pallet. From the electronic bog that opens side A, to the more zoned out meditations of the first half of side B. Sielaff's bass clarinet continues to be an anchor for the duo, with its lower organ-like register providing a wide earthly gravity for the layering of sound."

WIRE, THE: #332 October 2011 MAG $9.50
"On the cover: Christian Marclay (David Toop meets the Swiss-American champion of the Venice Biennale to discuss DJing, video editing, downtown adventures, and radical scores). Features: Collateral Damage (Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner celebrates social networking for pleasure and profit); Cross Platform: Ed Atkins (The British artist generates emotional and perceptual discomfort in his out of synch films); Global Ear: Portmore (Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones on a Jamaican recording trip with dub legends The Congos); Shabaka Hutchings (The versatile London reedsman connects the dots between Cecil Taylor and Schoenberg); Raime (Mark Fisher talks dystopian dubstep and the 1980s interzone with the Berkshire electronic duo); Invisible Jukebox: Chris & Cosey (The former TG stalwarts and techno duo oscillate wildly to The Wire's mystery record selection); Hieroglyphic Being (Feeding off Sun Ra's cosmic emanations and magic numbers, Chicago's Jamal Moss infuses Afro-futurist house with Nubian soul); Bill Orcutt (After leaving foul-mouthed hardcore group Harry Pussy, the American guitarist reinvented himself as a blues mangler par excellence); The Primer: Militant Tuning (A field guide to the war on equal temperament, from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier to La Monte Young's Well-Tuned Piano); Epiphanies: Performance artist Anat Ben-David praises the transformative experience of improvisation."

WAX POETICS: #48 August/September 2011 MAG $9.99
On the covers, front: Nina Simone; back: Theophilus London. Contents: Editor's Letter; Re:Discovery (Swamp Dogg, Sarah Vaughan, Odyssey, The Beastie Boys, Midnight Movers Unltd.); Hudson Mohawke; Count C; Theophilus London; Neu!; Dom Salvador; Shock G; Yabby You; Billy Cox; Nina Simone; In Memoriam (Gil Scott-Heron, Fonce Mizell); Analog Out (Roland Drum Machines). 106 pages, full color, high gloss.


Cave cd Neverendless on Drag City $14.99
Cave's 2nd platter for Drag City finds them now as a 4 piece. With only 4 designated inputters, we hear a thicker, denser sound with the shop light burning bright on all those nuances. Thus, clarity ensues! And this new & neverendless focus achieves what Cave has been doing all along anyway: inviting the listener to vibe with them. You can say what you want about music & how things change: Repetition, heaviness & all else Cave does is a part of some very human music buoying on the sonic sea Cave fans have been floating in for some time. You're all on Cave time now. Welcome to "Neverendless".

Cave lp Neverendless on Drag City $18.99
Eat, I say, eat the yellow snow. VINYL version.

Sic Alps 7" Battery Townsley on Drag City $6.99
b/w "Cambridge Vagina". For the 2nd consecutive month in a row, we're hearing the call of the pied piper of gutter pop (Sic Alps) revolving at a dizzying 45 rpms off the turntable. Yes, they've got a new one, another new one, the other newest one. Like a pamphleteer hawking their latest tract down the back lanes of your neighborhood, Sic Alps are the paper boy, song-blogging but in the real world instead, a 7" for every ditty on every tick of the calendar. And a lamb led to every pot to piss in.

Cronin, Mikal cd S/ T on Trouble in Mind $9.99
Mikal Cronin steps momentarily away from the rhythm section of THE MOONHEARTS with his debut solo release. TY SEGALL plays drums on a few tracks & helped record this platter, which also features guest spots from Ty as well as John Dwyer (THEE OH SEES). Mikal's debut is full of personal & universal themes, taking such influences as late 60s Del Shannon & The Everley Bros, a more punk Harry Nilsson or Curt Boettcher, balancing sweet melodies & chords with chunky, psychedelic guitar freakouts, filtering them through his own mutant California fuzz.

Cronin, Mikal lp S/ T on Trouble in Mind $15.99
TY SEGAL Lrecorded debut from the rhythm master of The MOONHEARTS. Get ready to get hooked on what will be your new fix.

White Mystery/BlackApple SPLIT 7" on Whistler $3.99
LIMITED to 500 copies! On BLUE/PURPLE MARBLED VINYL! A) White Mystery - "Take a Walk." B) Black Apple "Fire Baby." "The real attraction is White Mystery, the new duo forged by Miss Alex White, best known as the guitar-wielding blowtorch in her long-running gig with the RED ORCHESTRA. With drummer Francis White, she reduces her love of soul-fired garage rock to its butt-kicking essence." -Chicago Tribune

White Wishes 7" Come And Say Hello on Shelflife $8.99
White Wishes are an indie rock band from St. Petersburg, Russia. Two pure pop tracks with a nod to classic c86 influences. Fuzz filled & blissfully simple, this could be a lost Golden Dawn single from a parallel Sarah Records universe. The upbeat, effortlessly catchy b-side "Jimmy" is filled with sonic pop bliss.

One of the very few female composers of early electronic music, Franca Sacchi studied at the well-known RAI Studio of Fonologia in Milan in the '60s. She developed the "En-static" principle, which included improvisation, electronic music, ritual, performance, teaching and meditation. Her music focuses mainly on sound, which is treated as raw material and endlessly explored. Sacchi's free concept of duration and deep emotional feeling brings her closer to Eliane Radigue and La Monte Young, especially for the long and sustained tones which are suddenly turned into pulsations and gritty sound textures. Her work was also included in the seminal Broken Music exhibition in Berlin. Originally published by Die Schachtel as a limited edition LP, this lavish, golden CD box booklet presents her best works in the field of electronic and concrete music from the late '60s to 1972, in a fully remastered edition. CD box (digipack deluxe) in a gold-foil design, complete with a 12-page booklet in Italian and English. Limited edition of 500 copies.

DATE PALMS lp Honey Devash on MEXICAN SUMMER $19.99
"Based in Oakland, California, Gregg Kowalsky and Marielle Jakobsons share internationally spanning solo careers as creative practitioners with a solid foundation in drone music composition and performance. However, it is a mutual love for analogue electric sound sources and tape multitracking that has resulted in their psychedelic, trance-inducing collaboration as Date Palms. Honey Devash, Date Palms' first release on Mexican Summer, is testament to their captivating skill for layering and balancing timbres into long-form, immersive slow burners. Astonishingly evocative of desert heat, summer nights, dry sandscapes of fuzz bass, fender rhodes, synth, violin, tanpura and feedback shift gradually like dunes in hot winds, as wavering mirages in the distance are picked out through slow melodies on keyboards, piano and flutes. Two tracks of incredibly slow-panning consideration, Honey Devash feels like a hazy meditation on survival; a prolonged buzz of tension and uncertainty melding with simple acceptance as the sun, unrelenting, beats ever down." Hand-numbered edition of 500; includes download code.

TRIDACT: Tridact CD $17.99
Brandon Johnson, the artist known as Tridact, has been putting together his mix of analog electronics and beats for some time. Growing up in and around Santa Barbara, California, he has recently traded the beaches and foothills of Southern California to move to the forests and mountains of Southern Oregon. After participating in various bands and other musical projects in Santa Barbara, he bought a simple set-up consisting of a midi sequencer, a sampler and a couple of vintage synthesizers and began creating his own electronic music. Over time, he built up a small studio and added some live instrumentation into the mix. In the late 2000s, he began posting some of his tracks online, eventually leading to his first release, "Light Minute," on the Synchronicity Suite compilation on Moodgadget Records. The track was later re-released on Ghostly International's Nocturnal Suite compilation. On Tridact's debut album on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal label, he creates an eclectic blend of densely layered, melodic, song-oriented instrumental tracks which combine analog synthesizers, guitars and programmed beats. The album draws from influences ranging from '60s pop to disco, house, techno and breakbeat to make a sound that reflects a distinctly Pacific Coast experience. The album is rooted in melody and forgoes subtlety in favor of the unrestrained sound of buzzing basses and leads combined with lush, layered chords and soaring strings, all grounded in rhythms that range from potent four-on-the-floor dancefloor workouts to introspective breakbeat jams. Each track is a journey in itself, often taking the listener from melancholia to euphoria, and from serenity to cacophony and back again.

CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT, THE: 2011: A Space Odyssey CD $14.99
The Cambodian Space Project unleash their psychedelic Khmer-rock from the jungles of Cambodia onto the rest of the world with their debut album 2011: A Space Odyssey. Since 2009, the band has taken Cambodia by storm, becoming the King of Cambodia's favorite band in the process and the unofficial state band. They've even played to Hillary Clinton during her visit to Cambodia. Based in Phnom Penh, The Cambodian Space Project are fronted by the playfully charismatic and vocally gifted Srey Thy and made up of Australian, French and Cambodian musicians. A culture-clash of sorts, the band combines traditional Khmer songs and instrumentation with western rock 'n' roll (originally imported by American G.I's back in the 1960s & '70s), creating their own unique place in the musical landscape. Recorded in Cambodia, the album was made as a tribute to the musicians of Cambodia's musical golden-age, building on the legacy of the likes of Ros Sereysothea, Sin Sisamouth and Pan Ron. Most tracks on the album were originally written for or by these three legends of Cambodian music, and CSP reworked them with a Western edge. The cross pollination of cultures is perhaps best highlighted on the track "Kolos Srey Chaom" ("Love Gold"), on which Sry Thy sings the words from a Ros Sereysothea track over Dutch rock band Shocking Blue's classic "I'm Your Venus." The band formed in 2009 when Australian musician and film producer Julien Poulson visited Phnom Penh looking for Cambodian musicians to work with. He stumbled across lead vocalist Srey Thy singing in a karaoke bar and was instantly taken with her. A couple of months later she was part of a band and The Cambodian Space Project was born. This 30 minute long mini-album is housed in an 8-panel digipak.

MARTIN & JUSTIN WRIGHT, AARON: Light Poured Out Of Our Bones CD $15.99
The Preservation label presents Light Poured Out Of Our Bones, the debut for the pairing of Aaron Martin and Justin Wright. Aaron Martin is a multi-instrumentalist who has previously recorded three acclaimed albums on Preservation; Almond, River Water and Chautauqua. He has developed an idiosyncratic, singular and engaging style with his electro-acoustic compositions tracing an arc for a new kind of Americana steeped in cinematic ambience and alien wonder. Justin Wright is better known as Expo '70. As Expo '70, Wright has a long string of recordings dedicated to pursuing extended meditations for solo guitar that draw upon Krautrock, drone and space exploration. In blooding their collaboration on tape, recording Light Poured Out Of Our Bones at Wright's home studio in Kansas City, Missouri, Martin and Wright combine for a work set deep with epic, foreboding resonance. Angling between wired and taut guitar serrations and slithering, loping synth textures mingling with cello, organ, banjo, singing bowls and voice, these pieces trip out on their own psychedelic reverie with a dark kind of ecstasy. Compelling and hypnotic, this is music conjuring strange dream sensations to wholly succumb to. Light Poured Out Of Our Bones is the sixth and final work in the limited edition CD series from Preservation called Circa for 2011. Only 300 copies of each release in the series will be available, featuring a design by Mark Gowing. Each design for 2011 will be realized using a specially-created abstract alphabet of shapes, determined by artist, title and catalog number for something both fixed and random. Circa will return in 2012 with a new design model.

MIST: House CD $16.99
This is the second official full-length offering by Cleveland, Ohio duo Mist featuring Sam Goldberg (of Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods, etc.) after 2009's self-titled debut effort on Amethyst Sunset. A suite consisting of seven complex, layered compositions shows new progression in composition and melody from the duo. From the lightning-fast, bittersweet crescendo of "Twin Lanes" to the dramatic chord progressions of "I Can Still Hear Your Voice," House is a certain expansion in execution and construction. Tracks like "P.M." put a new take on the long-form Mist style with cryptic alien vocoder and humid pad sounds, while "Mist House" and "Dead Occasion" reveal new, complex territories that will most certainly please fans of the previous Mist recordings. John Elliott: Moog Voyager OS, Roland RS-101, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Roland SH-101, Phasers, vocals; Sam Goldberg: Korg Polysix, Univox Minikorg, Multivox MX 202, Dave Smith Instruments Mopho. Recorded in January and February 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin by CGB, March 14th 2011. Mixed by Mist and Andrew Veres. Mastered by James Plotkin. Photography by Ashley Krantz.

SOULEYMAN, OMAR: Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts 2LP $29.99
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version. Omar Souleyman is a folk-pop singer from rural northeastern Syria. Like many Syrian musicians, he made his name as a singer for wedding parties in the region, with hundreds of cassettes and CDs documenting his performances distributed throughout the country. These, along with several studio albums, earned him legendary status in the Syrian dabke scene throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. After his 2005 breakthrough folk-hit "Khataba," Omar gained wider recognition throughout the Arab world. After collecting his tapes for a decade, Sublime Frequencies released the first compilation of Omar Souleyman tracks to be distributed in the West. The success of Highway To Hassake (SF 031CD, 2007), and the enthusiastic online reaction to the promotional clip for his track "Leh Jani," led to Omar being invited to tour the UK and Europe in the summer of 2009. It would be his first time performing or travelling outside of the Arab world. He and his group, comprised of two longtime collaborators -- Rizan Sa'id on keyboards, and electric saz player Ali Shaker -- set off on a six-week Sublime Frequencies tour with label-mates Group Doueh. By the end of 2009, Omar had proven that his unique and charismatic delivery of Syrian electrified folkloric dabke, Iraqi choubi and Arabic shaabi had the ability to appeal to the most diverse of Western audiences. His success has continued, with further tours throughout Europe, America and Australia drawing rave reviews and leaving a trail of fervor across the globe. The rise of Omar's success has transcended the wedding halls and cassette stalls of Syria and slipped into Western popular consciousness. Despite there being no shortage of musical talent in Syria, dabke and otherwise, Omar Souleyman is the first Syrian musical export to have won the hearts of Westerners and Arabs alike on this scale. His trademark checkered khaffya, sunglasses and elegant jalaba are not uncommon male attire in the Arab world, but for years in the West, it is that exact image which has been excessively demonized. Perhaps one of the most striking achievements of Omar's rise has been watching that iconic image transformed from comic book villainy to something positively regal. The recordings on Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts, Omar Souleyman's fourth release on Sublime Frequencies, represent an hour of the best moments from the Western tours between 2009 and 2011, captured in striking fidelity and intensity. Fans will recognize familiar songs, as well as previously-unreleased material presented here for the first time, in what is the biggest sounding Omar record yet. Compiled and recorded by Mark Gergis.

FREE SPIRITS, THE: Live At The Scene: February 22nd 1967 CD $17.99
Featuring the earliest recordings of the young Larry Coryell, this short-lived quintet is widely acclaimed as the first jazz-rock band of all time. Though their landmark 1966 album captures their intense, psychedelic music well, those lucky enough to have seen them in performance maintain that their true power was only communicated live. Taped in their native NYC in February 1967, this warts-and-all live recording captures their fiery sound at its peak, with guest appearances by legendary jazzmen Dave Liebman, Randy Brecker and Joe Beck. This historically important set comes complete with detailed liner notes and rare pictures, making it essential for fans of jazz and psychedelic rock.

VA: Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them 4LP BOX $89.99
"Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them is a 4xLP box set featuring full sides of previously unreleased and new material from: Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Bardo Pond, Comets on Fire, Eternal Tapestry, Steve Gunn, Mouthus, D. Charles Speer & the Helix (one half of a side) and Wooden Wand (one half of a side). Only 700 copies of this set will be made available for sale to the public."

ELM: Nemcatacoa LP $19.99
"Originally presented as a small-run CD in 2009, Elm's Nemcatacoa instantly cemented itself as the quintessential solo outing from Jon Porras (one half of the duo Barn Owl). It's dark, scorching passages left listeners in awe, helping to pave the way for the band's oncoming meteoric rise. Here we've presented this masterwork on vinyl for the first time ever. Pressed in a one-time edition of 400 copies, complete with brand new artwork by Mr. Jon Porras. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin."

CARETAKER, THE: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World CD $15.99


DRUID PERFUME - The Tuna ALbum $14.99
restock of recent record by local experimental group influenced by comus, chrome, silver apples, sun ra, and throbbing gristle.

JONATHAN HALPER - Puce Moment 7" single $8.99
sounds like the olivia tremor control, this mega rare one time only super limited pressing is of music from a Kenneth Anger film about socialites and their weird clothing obsessions/fetishes. outsider psych music concrete stuff. we will only ever have this item in once. you can also only buy one copy.

Barn Owl cd Lost In The Glare on Thrill Jockey $15.99
wil have vinyl also
At the heart of the album's sound is the dual guitar interaction between Caminiti & Porras, a spiraling web of interlocking gestures that give way to bone rattling, monolithic progressions & dusty drifts, recalling the hypnotic influence of American minimalists.

High Wolf/Annapurna Illusion Split LP on Group Tightener $14.99
France's HIGH WOLF has previous releases on Not Not Fun, Bathetic & Winged Sun. His side is a 23 minute, 5 part epic journey through psych-loop trance heaven. The B-side is a 2 track heavy trip through the temple of doom by ANNAPURNA ILLUSION. Ltd to 500

Wooden Shjips cd West on Thrill Jockey $15.99
we should be getting the vinyl also
While indebted to both the psych music of the '60s & mid-'70s, electric Neil Young, & even the induced travels of Spacemen 3, their music is modern & in every way their own.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen cd or lp S/T on kranky
cd $13.99
lp $13.99 (as of 9-22-11 vinyl STILL delayed - no tba yet)
"A Winged Victory For the Sullen" is the first installment of the new collaboration between STARS OF THE LID member Adam Wiltzie & composer Dustin O'Halloran. Their secret to harvesting new melodic structures from the thin air of existence was for the duo to push themselves to live dangerously, realizing that clear thinking at the wrong moment could stifle the compositions. The final result is seven landscapes of harmonic replicating ingemination. Notable guest musicians include Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadottir, & violinist Peter Broderick. This is not a side project. This is the future of the late night record you have always dreamed of.

Jones, Glenn CD Wanting ON Thrill Jockey $15.99
Collection of original compositions for solo acoustic steel string guitar, six-string, 10-string & bottleneck, & 5-string open-back banjo.

King Blood LP Eyewash Silver ON Permanent Records $16.99
"Eyewash Silver" is an incredible, dumbed-down, riff-drenched instrumental psych record that will KILL fans of Wooden Shjips / Les Rallizes Denudes In fact, the same folks will be kicking themselves HARD if they don't grab one of these while they still have the chance. This limited reissue contains the same astounding sounds as the original pressing, but the artwork has been glorified. Each one of these 300 copies was lovingly hand-assembled, diligently hand-numbered, and carefully handled.

Milagres CD Glowing Mouth ON Kill Rock Stars $16.99
Due to the piano-based melodies & soaring falsettos, early press has compared the band to artists as diverse as Grizzly Bear & Prince

Wild Flag LP S/T ON Merge $18.99
Includes download
Quartet consisting of Carrie Brownstein (SLEATER-KINNEY), Rebecca Cole (THE MINDERS), Mary Timony (HELIUM), & Janet Weiss (SLEATER-KINNEY).

MULLER, JURGEN: Science Of The Sea LP DIGI 034LP $18.99
(9-22-11 waiting for restock...........)
Limited repress, all copies on colored vinyl (turquoise) repress! JĂĽrgen MĂĽller was a self-taught amateur musician who, while studying oceanic science at the University of Kiel, purchased some electronic instruments and set up a mobile studio on his house boat, docked along the town of Heikendorf, on the North Sea. He held a life-long fascination with the ocean, the expansive and endless inner-space of the deep, where he felt many ecological miracles had yet to be discovered, and which kindled a love for the unknown. This love of all things nautical started early in his youth and eventually led him to study the oceanic sciences. For one week in 1979, JĂĽrgen took up with a film crew on a mission to document some sea-water toxicity testing that was being performed by a couple of notable biologists, only a few kilometers offshore. At the end of the expedition, he decided that he would make music to capture the strange feeling conjured by these experiences. Utilizing only a handful of barely-remembered childhood piano lessons, JĂĽrgen set about creating his marine-influenced vignettes with some electronic instruments he had gathered through friends, as well as borrowing some new equipment from a local school's music department. As a general music lover, earlier in the '70s he had taken note of several avant-garde electronic composers who he felt simultaneously captured a purity of sound and sense of wonder that was lacking in other music. He dreamt of fusing this ideal with the synthetic recreations of nature. In a sense, one could say he stumbled onto an early "new age" aesthetic through pure ignorance and coincidence. Mixing relaxing ambient tones and spooky, otherworldly sounds, he came up with a unique approach. After filling several reels of home recordings, he held ambitions of becoming a film composer. He decided to start his own publishing company, Neue Wissenschaft, and hoped to compose albums to sell as production music to various film companies for use in documentaries and television programs. As he was simultaneously hard at work on his studies to finish school, he had to work on his music in short intervals, and often had to put it aside altogether. As a result, it took several years for him to actually realize his sole full-length recording, Science Of The Sea, the sessions for which began in late 1981, before finishing a year later. Less than 100 copies were pressed, and few of them were even sent out to potential clients. Most copies were eventually given to friends and family. JĂĽrgen's musical gamble never quite paid off as he had hoped, and without any outside interest or connections in the music world, he soon abandoned any dreams of a musical existence and instead chose to further his oceanographic career. Remastered from the original tapes by Brad Rose. Cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin and pressed in Germany.

VA: Kompakt Total 12 2LP KOM 240LP $18.99

VA: Kompakt Total 12 CD KOMP 092CD $16.99
Twelve... the omnipresent mystique number. There's 12 stars on Europe's banner, 12 apostles, 12 titans, 12 Knights of the Round Table, Schoenberg's twelve-tone music and yes, Kompakt's beloved compilation series is entering its 12th round. After a jolly and colorful first semester of 2011, the label has decided to focus mainly on the core members of the family. For the first time in ages, all five founding members of Kompakt are on board this single CD and double vinyl. But first things first. The opening slot belongs to Belgium's Kolombo. His brilliant Howard Jones-sampled slow-motion disco hit "Waiting For" is already a staple on advanced late-night floors. Same goes for Michael Mayer's remix of WhoMadeWho's tearjerking "Every Minute Alone." Italy's whiz kids Tale Of Us are currently causing a stir with their mighty remix for GusGus' summer anthem "Over." Superpitcher presents his first new material since his full-length Kilimanjaro and yes, it's as wonderful as the title suggests. Michael Mayer increases the energy level and freak factor with his slightly psychotic "That's What I Told Sanchez." Gui Boratto's monstrous "The Drill" brings schaffel techno back to its cradle. We want to take this opportunity to clarify that Matias Aguayo actually still has a nicotine habit whereas -- according to the song -- Rebolledo is the non-smoker. "I Don't Smoke" is bonafide summer hit and definitely too good to miss out on this comp. Jörg Burger reactivated his dancefloor alter ego as The Modernist and delivers one of his trademark, streamlined groovers that perfectly catches the energy of his current live shows. Coma throw in their much-lauded brand of "fine trance" and prepare the grounds for Total 12's deeper finale. Like with his Kafkatrax efforts, Wolfgang Voigt continues his research of the human voice, this time in the shape of an opera singer that dives into an enchanted ambient techno track. "Frieden" (trans. "Peace") couldn't be more aptly-titled. Reinhard Voigt ends his self-imposed recording hiatus and returns with a deep piece of urban techno that leaves you hungry for more. Last but not least, Burger/Voigt introduce their new drone-heavy live project Mohn that works somewhere between shoegaze and trippy downtempo techno. "Tiefental" is equally designed for dancing purposes or opium dens.

DR. JOHN: The Sun, Moon & Herbs LP ATCO 33362LP $13.99
Dr. John's fourth album, originally released in 1971, following Remedies. Dark Cajun-infected swamp-rock, featuring the songs "Black John The Conqueror," "Where Ya At Mule," "Craney Crow," and "Zu Zu Mamou." Gatefold exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.

SILK FLOWERS: Days Of Arrest 12" $13.99
"Like any band worth paying attention to, New York trio Silk Flowers has been constantly shifting since they started. Beginning with a raw, punk-informed foundation to their damaged synth-pop leanings, each subsequent release saw the band shedding skin, bounding from reverb-heavy four-track hiss to disjointed murky instrumental sprawl, and most recently upping production to almost club-worthy standards. Days Of Arrest strays from the glossy veneer of their last full length and finds a much colder, hyper-focused territory than all previous work. The raw jaggedness that has been consistent throughout the band's history is refined into brittle columns, the sound of repetition and confinement. Instead of the rawness one could associate with the needle dropping on a scuffed punk 7", instead we're hearing the dull ache of raw nerves." Includes mp3 download card.

STARE CASE: Lose Today LP DESTIJL $18.99
"Duo John Olson and Nate Young, names commonly associated with the underworld regime's electronic noise kings Wolf Eyes, are runaways, yet their direction toward the primitive and battered blues has been somewhat inevitable. At first, it appears accidental that the same players who have produced countless screeching aural onslaughts are creating the subtly sensitive and focused meanderings of fleshy and intricate scales. On second thought, Olson and Young love to push the envelope, as well as themselves, and Lose Today shows traces of their ever-present and contorting thumbprint: raw elegance. Though perhaps the mere consideration of the majestic noise kings performing by note seems both perplexing and cumbersome, think again. Their methods are cunning and their outpour is monstrously elegiac. Lose Today wields the ethereal meditative power leftover from The Velvet Underground's Sweet Sister Ray epic bootleg. The result: a melodious somnolent grievance that leaves the listener to feast on a curiously endless and internal banquet. Young snarls and writhes in irritated spiraling pronouncements that trail off in regretful, pained fashion, producing the same eventual something-isn't-right that The Velvet Underground secured, but set aside to allow the Michigan basement bluesmen to borrow. Also, here is Young's virgin performance on bass, a venture that proves suiting as his sparse yet stable meanderings are the backbone to a jam lost in the arcane. At times the bass lines seem to be counting off the seconds until an eventual meltdown. Meanwhile, Olson wanders off on woodwinds, seemingly tangled in wavelengths, letting his own sounds guide him through a brassy chilling darkness. He follows scales--Indian scales, blues scales--though the subtlety of Olson's discipline fosters to an expansive intimacy, a nuance so massive his quips on flute and saxophone are the secret architects of Lose Today's meditation. Olson takes the spiraling mania inspired by the likes of The VU's Sweet Sister Ray lose-all jam and lets it blossom into a soundtrack for a secret think tank whose sole purpose is to maintain a shadowed fire."

SHINDIG: Shindig! Quarterly No. 3 MAG $10.99
"The Left Banke: Goin Bach: the exclusive inside story of New York's baroque pop legends; The Paisley Underground: A Scene In Between: The Rain Parade, Long Ryders, Three OClock, Dream Syndicate, Bangles and more; The Beau Brummels: From Triangle to Bradleys Barn: folk-rock grows up; Roy Harper: The folk troublemaker's early years; The Twilights: Australia's greatest 60s pop band comes clean; Dug Dugs: Psychedelic madness from Mexico; Plus: Don Johnson, Paul Brett Sage, New York Dolls, Annette Peacock, Landslide, Wilderness Road, Georgie Rizzo and so much more!"


Ahmed, Mahmoud lp Jeguol Naw Betwa on Mississippi $16.99
Reissue of a '78 self released LP by one of the greatest Ethiopian vocalists of all time. This material has not been reissued in any form since its original release. Recorded at the end of the “golden age” of Ethiopian urban music, Mahmoud is in top form, belting out transcendent vocals over the Ibex Bands' hypnotic soulful sound

Beirut cd Rip Tide on Pompeii $16.99
Long-awaited follow-up to Flying Club Cup.

Beirut lp Rip Tide on Pompeii $18.99
LP includes download.

Orleans, Ela/Dirty Beaches split lp Double Feature on Night People $17.99
Ela's lush baroque pop fitted against Alex Zhang's (DIRTY BEACHES) electric drifter blues creates for an eclectic but united pairing

Big Troubles 7" Sad Girls on Slumberland $5.99
As enamored of classic Brit-pop gems as they are of '90s slacker indie rock. A perfect balance of grit & polish, gorgeous guitar sounds & angelic vocals, underpinned by a set of superb songs

HTRK cd Work (work, work) on Ghostly $18.99
VINYL version LIMITED TO 500. Extract beauty from melancholy & you will have HTRK

HTRK cd Work (work, work) on Ghostly $13.99
HTRK's "Work (work, work)" is a flat--lined study of desire & submission, sentimentalIintyt e&r ndaytsipohnoarlia. The London by way of Berlin & Melbourne art-rock duo (pronounced "Hate Rock") finished the album's production while grieving the sudden loss of founding member & bassist Sean Stewart in March 2010. "Work (work, work)", written from 2006-10, is about much more than abject darkness, however. For all of the albums' more abrasive elements, its sense of bleakness & mourning, one finds a surprisingly romantic core. A sense of doomed melancholy, a heavy heart, lives below the layers of a murky & heavy space.

Male Bonding cd Endless Now on Sub Pop $14.99
lp also available $18.99
A noise-pop trio from Lodon's Dalston neighborhood. Here they pair w/ producer JOHN AGNELLO (KURT VILE, THURSTON MOORE, DINOSAUR JR.) to create an album animated by infectious, evangelical zeal that reflects ther roots in the DIY indie rock community. "[...] a fast, fuzzy rock band racing from hook to hook, plowing happily through breakdowns & guitar blasts, springing through scrappy melodies w/ style" -Pitchfork

No Exit cd Low Life/Last Exit on Jazzwerkstratt $14.99
Originally released as ITM1446 (Last Exit) and CELD5016 (Low Life). Low Life: Peter Brotzmann (bass sax), Bill Laswell (electric basses). Last Exit: Peter Brotzmann (tenor sax), Sonny Sharrock (guitar), Bill Laswell (6-string bass), Shannon Jackson (drums, voice). Recorded in 1987 by Martin Bisi at BC Studios, Brooklyn USA, & in Koln, Germany 1986.

Nucular Animals 7" Nobody's Man on K Records $5.99
1st single off their s/t full-length shifts smoothly from surf to pop to rock & back again. This PNW band is used to cloudy days & drizzle, but their music is nothing but blue skies.

Population 7" S/T on BLVD $7.99
Born from the ashes of Chicago's DIY punk/hardcore & shoegaze scenes, Population is leading the revivial of full-band, dark, postpunk synthesized goth sounds while remaining true to their roots. Pulling heavily on the influenced of Joy Division, they maintain an essence of propulsive punk ethos; their songs are bleak and gloomy, heavy, yet still danceable

Yacht double lp Shangri-La on DFA $26.99


Nig-Heist S/T lp on Drag City $18.99
VINYL ONLY RELEASE includes LIVE CD. Opening for Black Flag at venues around the country, Nig-Heist managed to get the worst out of audiences everywhere. Crowds of young punks anxious to see their heroes discovered they first had to endure the sight of four naked long-haired types led by an insolent asshole who had a filthy comeback for every heckling comment hurled at him. Worse, the lyrics of Nig-Heist's compulsive punk rock songs were pornographic in nature, creating more problems for the kids when they suddenly found themselves laughing at the wrongness of it all. Aside from laughing, the crowds, as evidenced by the live disc included in this deluxe LP reissue package, generally responded by throwing things, spitting, & at one point, rushing the stage. It was all Nig-Heist deserved. Advisory warning! Nig-Heist not only features the unmistakable guitar work of Greg Ginn of Black Flag, but also contains explicit lyrics &

Doe, John cd Keeper on Yep Roc $16.99
Keystone of the legendary LA punk rock band X

Hella cd Tripper on Sargent House $16.99
lp also available $22.99
5th album from the legendary experimentalist duo

O'Rourke, Jim double lp on Old News #6 $34.99
New 70+ minute electronic piece. This 2LP is part of a series documenting analog synth & tape works from O'Rourke's vast archive

Tame Impala cd Innerspeaker on Modular $13.99
The popular psychedelic group from Perth Austrailia's 2010 debut is now available!

Wooley/Corsano/Yeh cd Seven Storey Mountain on Important $14.99
Brilliant 2nd album from NATE WOOLEY's Seven Storey Mountain project. David Grubbs & Paul Lytton have been replaced by CHRIS CORSANO & C. SPENCER YEH

KORAY, ERKIN: Meçhul: Singles & Rarities CD SF 067CD $16.99
Erkin Koray and Sublime Frequencies are pleased to present this collection of rare tracks and lesser-heard singles. All tracks were recorded and released in Turkey between 1970-1977 and culled from Koray's personal vinyl collection. Includes exclusive photos and remastered audio. What more is there to say about Erkin Koray? An iconic guitar and songwriting genius. A voice of gold. Having founded the country's first-ever rock and roll group in 1957, he is regarded worldwide as the father of Turkish rock. Forging Western sounds with his own inimitable musical mastery, he self-produced singles and LPs throughout the 1960s and 1970s that shook and altered Turkish society. Erkin didn't stop at rock and roll. Over time, he began to find inspiration in folk sounds from Turkey's Anatolian interior, and radio broadcasts received from Egypt and Lebanon. He looked to the East from his West-leaning Istanbul perch, and began incorporating these sounds into his own work. This amalgamation was as unprecedented and unorthodox in Istanbul at the time as rock and roll itself had been in the 1950s. The resulting hybrid sound ignited what became known as the Arabesque music movement in Turkey -- which continues to this day. While Erkin has recorded and performed tirelessly throughout the years (both as a solo artist, and with the powerful groups he formed), his extensive back catalog only began to be explored by the international community in the 1990s. He is now recognized as one of the foremost global leaders of psychedelic, folk rock, pop and balladry. His music has stood the test of time more than many of his Western contemporaries and influences have managed to, and his prolific work ethic has not ceased. He continues to live and breathe music, performing epic concerts, and continuously plotting new recordings and strategies. His vision and integrity, coupled with his pronounced world views and inherent musical greatness, have made him the unique and magnificent living legend he is today. This collection features tracks not found on the many unauthorized Erkin compilations and LP reissues that have emerged in the West over the years. Ranging from the sublime to the surreal, these tracks offer an essential glimpse into the extensive repertoire of the great Erkin Koray. --Mark Gergis, July, 2011

SOULEYMAN, OMAR: Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts CD SF 068CD $16.99
Omar Souleyman is a folk-pop singer from rural northeastern Syria. Like many Syrian musicians, he made his name as a singer for wedding parties in the region, with hundreds of cassettes and CDs documenting his performances distributed throughout the country. These, along with several studio albums, earned him legendary status in the Syrian dabke scene throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. After his 2005 breakthrough folk-hit "Khataba," Omar gained wider recognition throughout the Arab world. After collecting his tapes for a decade, Sublime Frequencies released the first compilation of Omar Souleyman tracks to be distributed in the West. The success of Highway To Hassake (SF 031CD, 2007), and the enthusiastic online reaction to the promotional clip for his track "Leh Jani," led to Omar being invited to tour the UK and Europe in the summer of 2009. It would be his first time performing or travelling outside of the Arab world. He and his group, comprised of two longtime collaborators -- Rizan Sa'id on keyboards, and electric saz player Ali Shaker -- set off on a six-week Sublime Frequencies tour with label-mates Group Doueh. By the end of 2009, Omar had proven that his unique and charismatic delivery of Syrian electrified folkloric dabke, Iraqi choubi and Arabic shaabi had the ability to appeal to the most diverse of Western audiences. His success has continued, with further tours throughout Europe, America and Australia drawing rave reviews and leaving a trail of fervor across the globe. The rise of Omar's success has transcended the wedding halls and cassette stalls of Syria and slipped into Western popular consciousness. Despite there being no shortage of musical talent in Syria, dabke and otherwise, Omar Souleyman is the first Syrian musical export to have won the hearts of Westerners and Arabs alike on this scale. His trademark checkered khaffya, sunglasses and elegant jalaba are not uncommon male attire in the Arab world, but for years in the West, it is that exact image which has been excessively demonized. Perhaps one of the most striking achievements of Omar's rise has been watching that iconic image transformed from comic book villainy to something positively regal. The recordings on Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts, Omar Souleyman's fourth release on Sublime Frequencies, represent an hour of the best moments from the Western tours between 2009 and 2011, captured in striking fidelity and intensity. Fans will recognize familiar songs, as well as previously-unreleased material presented here for the first time, in what is the biggest sounding Omar record yet. Compiled and recorded by Mark Gergis.

BALAM ACAB: Wander/Wonder CD TRIANGLE 007CD $16.99
For Alec Koone, the 20 year-old, Pennsylvania resident, who was 19 and based in New York at the time of his first release, Wander/Wonder is a coming-of-age album that sees him expand upon the unique sound that attracted him so much attention to begin with. In Koone's own words: "It's an open-ended album, and I think individuals should make their own meaning of it so that it is something actually real to them. It's not classical music, but in the tradition of a classical work like a Bach Cello Suite, I see it as more of a whole musical piece with themes/motifs/ideas reoccurring throughout, connecting the tracks together as opposed to simply being a collection of songs that sit next to each other in isolation. It's also an album that should be listened to loudly." Wander/Wonder is a mysterious and genuinely haunting record that seems to exist in a world all of its own making, balanced between the ecstatic "wonder" referenced in the title and something altogether more indefinable and uncertain of itself, like shards of light flickering through a blanket of fog, and even though Wander/Wonder is undeniably an electronic album, it feels strangely organic, rooted in nature, synthetic textures and distorted voices harmonizing with an ever-present oceanic shimmer. Wander/Wonder was written and produced by Alec Koone in New York and Pennsylvania. Mixed by Alec Koone and Sam Haar (member of Blondes) in New York City.
BALAM ACAB: Wander/Wonder LP TRIANGLE 007LP $18.99
LP version.

COUM TRANSMISSIONS: Sugarmorphoses LP DAIS 023LP $19.99
"This installment in the COUM story entitled Sugarmorphoses was recorded in 1974 by Genesis P-Orridge within the COUM headquarters, joyfully known as the Ho Ho Funhouse, and is one of the most far-flung, experimental recordings related to COUM. This recording consists of Genesis's candid kitchen recordings of solo broken piano improvisations accompanied by P-Orridge's own reel to reel experiments using old tape dating back to 1965, from which a young Neil Megson made countless field recordings and homework dictations. Playful, chaotic, imaginative, and historic. Limited to 1000."

DECIMUS: Decimus 3 LP KELIPPAH 003LP $19.99
"Sivan, dawn of the word Come Children! A transmission from Kochav For Yaakov and Esau to bear equally In the formation of the SOD"
"Dark psychedelia formulated by Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Malkuth, K-Salvatore & Key of Shame) deigned to alternately disorient and elate by synthetic means. 4th in a series of 12 LPs dedicated to the zodiac of Decimus Magnus Ausonious. Limited to 300 copies all in hand painted jackets." "Multis terribilis timeto multos."

AXTON, CHARLES 'PACKY': Late Late Party CD LITA 067CD $14.99
"In the vast netherworld of soul there are countless characters that reside on the fringe, their significant contributions to American music history long forgotten. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, tenor saxophone player and bandleader Charles 'Packy' Axton is yet another of the uncelebrated, despite a deep pedigree and funky catalogue of notable grooves. Part of the mighty Stax family through birth-Packy's mother Estelle Axton and uncle Jim Stewart founded the southern R&B dynasty in the early 1960's-Packy picked up the sax at a young age, and after linking with future Booker T. & the M.G.'s Steve Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn, formed the The Mar-Keys. Almost reaching the top of the R&B and pop charts in 1961 with the classic 'Last Night,' friction caused by Packy's party going ways caused a split. It wasn't until 1965 that the wild child had another national instrumental hit on his hands, 'Hole In The Wall' by the Packers, chronicled by Light In The Attic Records in the first ever compilation of Axton's work: Late Late Party 1965-67. Despite the loving support of his musically minded mother, Packy was ostracized from Stax proper through a rift with Stewart because of his casual approach and oft-eccentric ways. Packy preferred hanging out and playing music with local black musicians, something that in the racially tense south, was viewed negatively by some. Still, throughout the mid-1960's, Packy recorded a series of hard, short, and down home R&B stompers at Royal and Ardent Recording studios by heavyweight producer John Fry (Big Star, Ry Cooder), accompanied by legendary Stax and Hi Records dynamos Steve Cropper, Booker T., & Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson). Late Late Party 1965-67 takes 17 of these powerful instrumental and vocal tracks for your listening pleasure. Supplemented by Memphis-writer Andria Lisle's extensive liner notes, unpublished photos, and the attention to detail Light In The Attic is known for."

AXTON, CHARLES 'PACKY': Late Late Party LP (LITA 067LP $19.99
Deluxe gatefold LP version.

WIRE, THE: #331 September 2011 MAG $9.50
"On the cover: My Cat Is An Alien (Ken Hollings visits the Italian duo's Alien Studios in Milan to hear how they harness the music of the spheres with rayguns and cosmic drones); Collateral Damage (Not Not Fun's Amanda Brown on the damaging effects of Filesharing on an underground culture already hemorrhaging artists to the mainstream); Global Ear: Cork (Daniel Spicer witnesses a miraculous sound art boom in the midst of Ireland's bust economy); Cross Platform: Jana Winderen (Underwater recordings play a part in understanding Earth's changing climate, says this Norwegian artist); Herb Diamante (From Cumbria to Seattle, the itinerant Brit crooner brings a touch of Vegas schmaltz to the global underground); Andy Stott (Robin Howells meets the Mancunian producer who's dragging techno through a hedge backwards); Invisible Jukebox: Alan Howarth (The Hollywood composer and sound designer struggles for total recall with The Wire's mystery record selection); Prurient (Power electronic ideologue Dominick Fernow has written Noise's first breakup album -- with Mom's help); Fela Kuti in London (The untold story of the Nigerian bandleader's early London years, soaking up the city's jazz, R&B and rock 'n' roll subcultures); Epiphanies: Hua Hsu remembers the mundane writing task that got him through 11 September 2001 ten years ago)."

NURSE WITH WOUND/ARANOS: Acts of Senseless Beauty 2LP TOURETTE 024LP $32.99
Gatefold double LP reissue of this collaboration between Nurse With Wound and "post-classical" violinist Aranos, also featuring Peat Bog (guitar, percussion, voice) and David Kenny (guitar). Limited to 440 copies on transparent vinyl. Originally released on CD by United Dairies in 1997. "As hinted on a cover artwork, original CD documented sketchily research into humanization of fish in rivers and bodies of water surrounded by large clots of humans ? Thames, London, Hudson, New York, LIffy, Dublin, Vltava, Prague, and so forth and on and on and over and out. It also constituted the first publicly documented collaboration of the aforementioned grouping of psycho-acoustic researchers. To fill the side d of the double LP with vibrations appropriate to the occasion, NWW/a revisited underwater lay-line tangents and discovered, not altogether to their surprise, that humanized fish has evolved in the intervening time gap and x-bread with squirrel fearing crustaceans, thus acquiring a defense mechanism against cosmic fluons constantly passing through their minds causing formation of irritating ideas. As these highly evolved creatures resent being photographed and punish transgressors by their sharp mind teeth, we present an artist impression on the front page of the gatefold. These creatures constantly shape shift as they move between dimensions 6 and 7, so other artist impressions will be presented in the art series of this release. Music/noise on the track describes in some details conversations and revelations of these Piscus Sapiens Emoticus. Revelations important to humankind and their pets. Plants of various species and specialties benefit too, some normously, some enormously, mostly succulently, spinally, thornily or smoothly greening."


1 Merritt, Stephin cd Obscurities cd Merge $14.99
A collection of Merritt's (MAGNETIC FIELDS) hard-to-find recordings dating back to his time on Merge (1994-1999) & prior. The 14 tracks - including 5 previously unreleased songs - were recorded prior to the seminal album 69 Love Songs.

Merritt, Stephin lp Obscurities on Merge $18.99
Ltd to 2,000 w/ download

George-Edwards Group lp Archives on Drag City $18.99
Drag City & Galactic Zoo Disks first turned the world on to THE GEORGE-EDWARDS GROUP in 2009 with their never-exactly-released late 70s alien autumnal song-scape "38.38." Like you, we assumed that was their one, definitive statement. The new "Archives" release contains a treasure trove of bizarre riches spanning from the "38:38"-era to what appears to be the mid-80s. The music that makes "Archives" is a more rocking version of THE GEORGE-EDWARDS sound. The tremulous, strangely timbered vocals are still their signature, but this time they're atop a few highly compressed & fuzzed out rock cuts, as well as several synched out dirges that would make Suicide, Bruce Haack or Cabaret Voltaire cock an ear.

Nig-Heist S/T lp on Drag City $18.99
VINYL ONLY RELEASE includes LIVE CD. Opening for Black Flag at venues around the country, Nig-Heist managed to get the worst out of audiences everywhere. Crowds of young punks anxious to see their heroes discovered they first had to endure the sight of four naked long-haired types led by an insolent asshole who had a filthy comeback for every heckling comment hurled at him. Worse, the lyrics of Nig-Heist's compulsive punk rock songs were pornographic in nature, creating more problems for the kids when they suddenly found themselves laughing at the wrongness of it all. Aside from laughing, the crowds, as evidenced by the live disc included in this deluxe LP reissue package, generally responded by throwing things, spitting, & at one point, rushing the stage. It was all Nig-Heist deserved. Advisory warning! Nig-Heist not only features the unmistakable guitar work of Greg Ginn of Black Flag, but also contains explicit lyrics &

Oneida/Pterodactyl split 12" on Altin Village & Mine $16.99
ONEIDA contributes two experimental drones. PTERODACTYL's spazzy noise punk has long gone, while the psychedelic parts are far more loose, warm & unmistakably rural in an urban way. Mind-bending bliss w/ just enough hints of harshness

Sun Araw cd Ancient Romans on Drag City $14.99
The 5th full length from Sun Araw is heartfelt & marbled, this album is documentation of the slow exit (the triumphal entry): moving the camera back 8 stages along the circumference of the circle to the point where the obverse is reverse, in order to celebrate the building of an edifice & then walk away from it in wisdom, gaining freedom from it.

Sun Araw lp Ancient Romans on Drag City $21.99
"Ancient Romans" will be available as a 2xLP on WHITE VINYL in a gatefold jacket with an accompanying art book. Innumeral rays of the sun, all hitting the "awesome" button here, folks.

GRUPPO NPS: Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965-1972 LP $32.99
LP version. The NPS -- Nuove Proposte Sonore (trans. "New Sound Proposals") group was founded in Padua (Italy) in 1964 by the composer Teresa Rampazzi, together with the visual artist Ennio Chiggio. Working with analogical devices, they produced some of the most compelling electronic music of the period, and they soon became one of the most reputed electronic music centers in Italy, together with the S 2 FM by Pietro Grossi in Florence and the SMET by Enore Zaffiri in Turin. With the departure of Chiggio, the years 1969-1970 transformed it into a female-only collective (Teresa Rampazzi, Serenella Marega and Patrizia Gracis). The two periods were characterized by different instrumentation, and it is surprising how they were able to achieve great results with some simple means -- at least in the beginning. In the first period, they used a couple of two-track tape recorders (Sony 777 and Sony 521), an EICO low-frequency generator, a radio station to produce long wavelength frequencies, a mixer, an oscillator, a Revox, and a self-built loudspeaker. They had to use the stairwell as an echo chamber. In the second one, when the studio was more established, they had six manually-controlled oscillators as well as six modulated ones, a white noise generator, an octave-band filter and a variable one, an amplitude modulator, a noteswitch, a reverb, a 10-channel mixer, a unit for audio signal routing, four tape recorders, a stereo sound system and a frequency meter (during the last years they also bought a 2500 ARP synthesizer). This deluxe edition presents the group's compositions for the first time ever. The LP comes in a silver-foil design, including a booklet in Italian and English in an edition of 300 copies.

PIKACYU-MAKOTO: Om Sweet Home: We Are Shining Stars From Darkside CD $16.99
This is the eagerly-awaited debut album from Japanese underground legends Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple/Mainliner) and Pikacyu (Afrirampo). Combining their trademark master musicianship, out-there sonic attack and off-the-wall weirdness, OM Sweet Home: We Are Shining Stars From Darkside is the exciting sound of another legend in the making. Equal parts psychedelia, warped pop, full-on Japnoise and avant-garde passages, it's sure to appeal to their many followers worldwide. Special first edition of 1,000 copies only (for the world) shrink-wrapped CD packaged inside a 350 gram gatefold card sleeve with reverse board printing. Subsequent represses will be in standard packaging. Pikacyu*Makoto is an alliance between two figureheads of underground Japanese psych/pop. No strangers to one another, the pair have not only gigged together with their respective bands but also recorded together, when these two outfits temporarily fused in 2005 to become Acid Mothers Afrirampo (releasing an album of the same name). Now they have distilled their collaboration, all other players being stripped away to leave the core of Pikacyu's manic drums and vocals, and Makoto's schizoid guitar conjurings. OM Sweet Home: We Are Shining Stars From Darkside is unlike anything either culprit has produced before, both structured and freeform, tuneless and beautiful. Pikacyu's drums pummel, jitter, crash and stumble, but steadfastly refuse to groove. She layers her voice several times, competing with maniacally pitch-shifted versions of herself to bring you what is, in their words, "a story about the cosmic shaman Pikacyu vs. the master of the darkness Makoto... including the full love from the universe!!" Makoto attacks his guitar, cloaking himself in reverb to produce a wall of sound, alternating between melody and noise. "OM Marijana FU" resembles field recordings of a gang of lady monks doing chants in the monastery, played back on dying tape Walkmans. Then you're thrown straight into the deep-end of one of the album's epics -- "Birth Star." Those holy women are joined by propulsive drumming, each guitar chord leaving contrails that weave together in a cathedral of reverb, forming a tapestry of noise that threatens to clash but never does. On the frenetic "Wild Rise," the Western listener, ignorant of the language, is eventually left with the impression of wordless chants tapping wells of emotion that lie beyond the reach of vocabulary. The instrumental "Pigamelan-Magamelan" on the other hand, represents a total gear-shift, its dry sound, attack-laden guitar runs and avoidance of time signature invoking the exploding-note theory of Captain Beefheart. "Minakata Loid" brings drums reminiscent of early Four Tet, while the guitar emits high-pitched detonations from the far-end of an empty auditorium. "Back To Your House Over The Rainbow" exposes the knife-edge of Pikacyu's most extreme vocalizations, sounding like the yodels of a spirit trying to escape its own skin.

DEAD ELEPHANT: Thanatology CD $16.99
Introducing Dead Elephant who are: Enrico Tauraso (electric guitar, voice, power electronics, samples), Fulvio Grosso (electric bass, voice) and Omar Tomaino (drums). Hailing from Cuneo in Italy, Dead Elephant formed in 2002 and previously released Sing The Separation (2005) followed by the critically-acclaimed Lowest Shared Descent (2008). This year, they finally close the four year gap with a brand-new and beastly album Thanatology. This album aims to investigate the process of acceptance of loss, a concept particularly timely in these transitional times in which we live. In order to understand precisely where the band is coming from with this concept, here is a deeper explanation: "In the order of things, life can sometimes be cruel. Sometimes we feel caught in a strange trap. The events appear to us as a dark spiral and our destiny is lost in it. Within this dark spiral, it is very difficult understand what is right and what is wrong. There, something must burn and you must accept to lose it. From the consciousness that some things must die in order for change to be born."Dead Elephant's powerful sonic assault has a wide range of influences from the heaviness of bands like Cherubs, Jesus Lizard, Colossamite, Melvins, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost to the psychedelic attitudes of Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster, Neurosis and Badalamenti soundtracks, all prevalent throughout this latest record. On Thanatology, Dead Elephant attack the listener with their claustrophobic and visceral sonic forces and fuse these brutally heavy sounds with moments of genuine, haunting beauty, which are actual samples of the funeral marches of Southern Italy. The effects of these galvanizing forces are that of ultimate catharsis that not only challenge the listener, but also force one to question preconceptions of heavy music. Limited edition of 500 copies only CD with 8-page booklet.

GILBERT, BRUCE: Monad 7" $7.99
The next in the series of vinyl-only Touch seven inches is Monad by Bruce Gilbert, whose career stretches back to late 1960s British avant-garde art and music scenes, and has since played an important and influential role with his involvement in various rock-based formations, work for choreographic projects and art installations. Instruments: Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon synth, Zoom RFX-200, Korg Kaos Pad 2, Apple GarageBand. Some words to describe what this sounds like: coruscating, metallic, hard, structured chaos and LOUD.

BARRY, JOHN: Game Of Death LP $16.99
Restocked, new lower pricing. LP version. "The original soundtrack recording for this 1978 classic Bruce Lee movie (also starring Chuck Norris and basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). A very nice score featuring funky beats (with really cool '70s cop show kinda feel), orchestral moments and weird sound/effects. 11 tracks, free poster included, original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram HQ vinyl."

REED, LES: Girl On The Motorcycle LP $16.99
Restocked, new lower pricing. 180 gram vinyl. "Reissue of the soundtrack to 1968 flick based on the short story La Motocyclette by André Pieyre De Mandiargues and featuring a stunning Marianne Faithfull clad in total leather for an absolute pre-fetish manifesto."

ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO: Certain Blacks LP $12.99
The most legendary avant-jazz group, reissued by Soul Jazz, raved about by Thurston Moore and accessible to anyone who'd normally not know a thing about this type of music. Certain Blacks was originally released in 1970 on a French label, America Music, and features one of their side-long freakouts, "Certain Blacks 'Do What They Wanna'." This is an exact repro of the 1976 reissue, released on Inner City.

HANCOCK, HERBIE: The Spook Who Sat By The Door LP $12.99
Exact repro of this forgotten Herbie Hancock work as composer for the soundtrack to 1973's The Spook Who Sat By The Door, directed by Ivan Dixon. Ends with an awesome "Dialog" track with sounds from the movie.

AFRICA HITECH: Out In The Streets (VIP) 12" $13.99
"Out in the Streets is the flagship slice of 1980s Jamaica and youth culture explosion of juke from Africa Hitech's debut album 93 Million Miles (out now on Warp Records). The track has taken over clubs and airwaves across the globe this summer, championed by Gilles Peterson, Rob da Bank and Zane Lowe ('I LOVE IT!') on BBC Radio 1, Jason Bentley at KCRW (LA), and everywhere in between. DJs and producers have professed their love as well, including ModeSelector, Kode9, Diplo, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Untold, Toddla T, Benji B, Scratcha DVA and many more. For this limited 12' single version, the track has undergone a powerful D'n'Besque reworking or, as Africa Hitech's Steve Spacek puts it: 'A little alternate flex on the 'Out In The Streets' track'--to become Out in the Streets (VIP).' The single also features two all new Africa Hitech tracks, 'Caveman Style' and 'Seek Em Step.'"


Amen Dunes cd Through Donkey Jaw on Sacred Bones $14.99
Where Murder Dull Mind was sparse, mostly acoustic & almost all 1st- take improvisation, this new work contains many more fullyrealized sounds & songs; it is very much the winter to Murder Dull Mind's summer.

Animal Collective lp Sung Tongs on Fat Cat $23.99

Fruit Bats cd Tripper on Sub Pop $14.99
In '01 Eric D. Johnson embarked on a career in music that has, to date, included ten years w/ the Fruit Bats, sideman duties for bands including Califone, Vetiver & The Shins, & more recently, soundtrack work for films like Ceremony & the soon-to-be-released Paul Rudd comedy Our Idiot Brother. "Tripper", the new & fifth Fruit Bats full -ength, was recorded at in Los Angeles w/ Thom Monahan, best known as producer for the last four Vetiver albums, Devendra Banhart?s "Cripple Crow", & the Pernice Brothers.

Beastie Boys double lp Hot Sauce Committee Part Two $26.99
great lp back in!!

Fruit Bats lp Tripper on Sub Pop $17.99

Heatmiser lp Mic City Sons on Plain $19.99
3rd & final album from the band led by ELLIOTT SMITH & Hampshire College buddy NEIL GUST, released in 1996 on Caroline Records. A true indie-rock classic.

HTRK lp Eat Yr Heart/Sweetheart on Ghostly $14.99
VINYL ONLY RELEASE LIMITED TO 350. This double A side single is the 1st from HInTteRrKn'as t"iWonoarkl (work, work)", the London/Berlin/ Melbourne duo's 2nd album - & 1st for Ghostly - of phantasmagorical, slowed-to-a-crawl electro. That the two "A sides" fall 2nd & 3rd in the tracklist is deceiving - "Eva," built during the album sessions but absent from the final version, is a minute-long collage of noise, crackle, & messed-with snippets from seminal anime epic, "The End Of Evangelion." It's an immersing prelude to the stark, gnawing dirge of "Eat Yr Heart," a dip of the toe in the pool of obsidian ink HTRK swim in. Features a cover of Suicide's "Sweetheart."

Mister Heavenly cd Out Of Love on Sub Pop $14.99
Comprised of NICK THORBURN (ISLANDS/UNICORNS), RYAN KATTNER (MAN MAN) & JOE PLUMMER (MODEST MOUSE), this threesome is charming & sometimes hard to pin down. They draw inspiration from a shared love of 50s vocal-based R&B & mix it w/ a gutteral aesthetic. The "Doom Wop" style they create owes as much to grunge & art-punk as it does to 50s pop.

War On Drugs cd Slave Ambient on Secretly Canadian $14.99
Synthesizers fall where you might expect more electric guitars (& vice versa); country-rock sidles up to the warped extravagance of '80s pop.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground 10" called Holy Mountain on Mon Amie $17.99
Originating as a duo in 2007, this group employed banjo, organ, fuzz guitars & other various instruments, making a glorious racket of lo-fi experimental folk. They have grown in numbers & solidified the lineup which produced this EP. LTD TO 500 W/ DOWNLOAD. JACKETS & INSERTS ARE HAND PRINTED

SIGHT BELOW, THE: N-Plants Remixes LP $15.99
The Sight Below is a project created by Rafael Anton Irisarri, an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and mixed media artist. In this guise he has produced two full-length CDs on Ghostly International, Glider (2008) and It All Falls Apart (2010), and most recently, under his own name, The North Bend for Room40. The connection between The Sight Below and Biosphere starts with the latter's remix of "The Sunset Passage" from the Glider CD, released on a limited 12" in 2009. N-Plants_Remixes is a superb extension of Biosphere's new Touch CD as well as a fine release in its own right. Only 300 copies have been pressed.

"One live track a piece from Keith and Mike. Keith presents a noisy modular synth recording from the spring of 2007. Mike's side is an excellent guitar/drone piece recorded during the summer heat of 2009." Limited to 365 copies on 180 gram black vinyl.

SOFT METALS: Soft Metals CD $13.99
"Soft Metals' first full length, a self-titled release with Captured Tracks. The album is a further expression of their romance, but now - 2 years into their relationship - the two are looking a bit more outward. They explore fantastical soundscapes which conjure the dramatic cinematic worlds of Dario Argento, Roman Polanski, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and the Czech New Wave. Ultra-saturated colors with a touch of noir, opulent architecture, and mysterious femmes all spring to mind. From the deep examinations of the human psyche found in Adam Curtis documentaries (the subject matter of their track 'Psychic Driving'), to the controversial bridge between science and the soul via Carl Sagan and Ray Kurzweil, the duo revels in the trans-formative power of love, knowledge, and imagination. The outcome of all this is a collection of bittersweet electronic pop songs balanced by a delicate surrealism, a patient sense of experimentation that leaves you floating in your subconscious and moving to the beat. The sonic landscapes are sleek, but never icy. Even at her most dreamlike, Patricia's vocals reach an eerie beauty that is always deeply emotional. This emotional force is mirrored in her lyrics. For example, the gloriously cinematic 'Voices' features our heroine conquering her inner narrative of fear and weakness and finding the vitality to achieve her dreams. In 'Pain,' Hall sings the word with an almost brazen confidence. 'It's that pain,' she coos, in a song about the sometimes oceanic distance that develops between two souls, as though her familiarity with pain is so deep that she can begin to play with it. Finally, the vintage synthesizers and drum machines evoke a Space Age dreamer's vision of the future as evidenced most clearly in the gorgeously atmospheric 'Celestial Call'. Soft Metals have a strange nostalgia for a place not yet visited - a place where we live among the stars."

SOFT METALS: Soft Metals LP $17.99
LP version. Includes free mp3 download code.

VA: Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan LP $25.99
"Ongaku 70 is the ultimate beginner's guide to the Japanese psychedelia era. A incredible set of 13 tunes released between 1969 and 1978 including Osamu Kitajima, Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre, Akiko Yano, Sadistic Mika Band, Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band, The Apryl Fool, Rabi Nakayama, Karuna Khyal, Kuni Kawachi & His Group, Toshiaki Tsushima, J.A. Caesar & Shirubu, Maki Asakawa and Les Rallizes Denudes. Neither group sounds nor hard rock here, only deep psychedelic rock with local instruments and native language. Be sure to hear the finest hours of Japanese 1970s music." Last copies...

VA: Ongaku 80: Alternative waves from Japan (1979-1984) LP $25.99
"An amazing collection of no-wave and minimal synth acts from the Japanese post-punk scene. Most of the tracks presented here are reissued for the first time. A must have for all vintage electronica and new wave lovers. This release includes: EP-4, Riuichi Sakamoto, Lizard, Portray Heads, Gunjogacrayon, Phew, Tako, Daisuck & Prostitute, Shinobu and Pta's."


Christensen, Matt lp A Cradle In The Bowery on Under The Spire $23.99
Matt Christensen of Chicago's premier pastoral bliss inducers ZELIENOPLE ventures out on his own w/ this triumphant set of dedications to his young daughter. Siphoning strains of melancholic Americana through the trancelike prisms of groups such as Spacemen 3 & Galaxie 500, he creates swirling vistas on tracks such as mesmeric opener "Someday I Won't Matter" that'll be familiar to his group's many admirers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Nova Scotia/Eye Split lp on Tipped Bowler $19.99
On the A-side, Wellington's NOVA SCOTIA delivers an 18 minute free-rock burner. Growing from violin sine-squeak & distant shortwave, the piece gains momentum w/ its patient drumming & resolves into a saxophone swarm shot through w/ synthetic scrabble. On the B-side, Dunedin's EYE comes off colder & more aggressive. They throttle the listener w/ Schnitzler-ian electronics, militant percussion, & guitar strangulation before collapsing into coda of cymbal taps & glassy string-work. Ltd to 250 on 150gm vinyl

Astral Social Club/Tomutonttu Split lp on Tipped Bowler $19.99
45RPM. Neil Campbell (ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB) succumbs to the heartbeat throb of house but tops the bass w/ a frenetic squall of darting alien melodies. On the reverse, Jan Anderzen (TOMUTONTTU) buries the dance influence, retaining only the genre's neon shimmer & linear logic. Ltd to 300 on 150gm lavender vinyl

Black Eagle lp Child Pages On A Plane on Under The Spire $23.99
Turquoise marbled vinyl w/ download. "Lovely side of typically charming guitar loops & pastoral field recordings. Delicate soundscapes just vivid enough for listeners to roll around in the lush green meadows of harmonised guitar loops on "The Lost Button" & become transfixed by gently propulsive jams lodged somewhere between motorik Krautrock & back water repetitions like "Cycle To The Moon." It all feels like a far more lo-fi, rustic Emeralds, especially on the extended jam "Long Reflector" - Boomkat

Bossanova 12" Blue Bossanova on Teenbeat $12.99
2 TRACK LIMITED EDITION CLEAR BLUE VINYL. A new extended 9 minute version of BOSSANOVA's surprise hit “Blue Bossanova.” Five years after the song appeared on the band's Hey, Sugar album, it has become a bonafide grassroots hit on Pandora Radio, & now has tens of thousands of hits on YouTube, & thousands of single track sales on iTunes

SUN RA: This Planet Is Doomed: The Science Fiction Poetry of Sun Ra Book $15.99
This Planet Is Doomed, which collects the science-fiction poetry of Sun Ra, exploded into the stratosphere on 7/7/11, an auspicious day for numerologists and doomsday enthusiasts alike. 7/7 coincides historically with the detonation of 20 kiloton Little Feller II, the first of the last four above ground nuclear warhead tests conducted in the US. The date will also evidence interstellar overdrive when Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Venus form an intense and rare alignment known as the Cardinal Grand Cross. This Planet Is Doomed serves up a traumatic torrent of future shock--deeply personal and critical commentary and unsettling advice to the people of Earth, who fail to acknowledge this planet's role in the universe. Poet Amiri Baraka's estimable foreword, together with science fiction historian Bhob Stewart's revealing introduction, set the stage for the heavy dose of the real and the unreal, which are delivered in the pages of This Planet Is Doomed. This book was collected from tape recordings and transcriptions culled from the Sun Ra Archives by director Michael Anderson, who worked with Norton Records to compile a total of six albums -- three collections of rare and unissued music recordings (on LP and CD) plus a trio (vinyl only) of unissued spoken word Sun Ra LP's. This Planet Is Doomed was expanded with the addition of several key 'lost' poems which appear here for the first time." 124 pages; softcover.

RODEN, STEVE: I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces BOOK/2CD on Dust to Digital $48.99
I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces brings together a collection of early photographs related to music, a group of 78rpm recordings, and short excerpts from various literary sources that are contemporary with the sound and images. It is a somewhat intuitive gathering, culled from artist Steve Roden's collection of thousands of vernacular photographs related to music, sound, and listening. The subjects range from the PT Barnum-esque Professor McRea -- "Ontario's Musical Wonder" (pictured with his complex sculptural one-man band contraption) -- to anonymous African-American guitar players and images of early phonographs. The images range from professional portraits to ethereal, accidental, double exposures -- and include a range of photographic print processes, such as tintypes, ambrotypes, CDVS, cabinet cards, real photo postcards, albumen prints, and turn-of-the-century snapshots. The two CDs bring together a variety of recordings, including one-off amateur recordings, regular commercial releases, and early sound effects records. There is no narrative structure to the book, but the collision of literary quotes (Hamsun, Lagarkvist, Wordsworth, Nabokov, etc.). Recordings and images conspire towards a consistent mood that is anchored by the book's title, which binds such disparate things as an early recording of an American cowboy ballad, a poem by a Swedish Nobel Laureate, a recording of crickets created artificially, and an image of an itinerant anonymous woman sitting in a field, playing a guitar. The book also contains an essay by Roden. Hardback book, 8.5 x 6.5 inches, 184 pages, 150 photographs reproduced in full color and two audio CDs from the author's collection.

WENDERS, WIM: Pina: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP $17.99
LP version. The soundtrack to the film Pina for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders (to be released in North American theaters in Dec 2011), containing 15 tracks from the successful 3D movie. Most of the music is from the productions of Pina Bausch's dance company, featured in the movie. Songs composed especially for this movie by Berlin musician Thom Hanreich add to this versatile concoction. Wim Wenders' love for music can be perceived in all of his movies -- this time around it is no different. Especially with the sounds from Pina Bausch's dance company which predefined the choice of music: "Music plays a highly important part in all of Pina's pieces. And music was certainly one of the reasons why I felt so well sheltered inside them, so much at home," says Wim Wenders. The soundtrack Pina portrays a cross-section of this musical variety. The compilation presents a range of artists such as Jun Miyake (Japan), Lisa Papineau (France), Hazmat Modine (USA), Owain Phyfe & The New World Renaissance Band (USA), Germano Rocha (Canada), René Aubry (France), Amon Tobin aka Cujo (Brazil), The English Chamber Orchestra (UK), and Thom Hanreich (Germany). It comprises a mix of different music styles, featuring artists maybe not known to all of the listeners. The soundtrack will be sure to awaken memories of many compelling movie scenes. Wim Wenders emphasizes that the music Pina Bausch chose is one of yearning. The director states: "We shared a similar taste in music. Whether in blues, in fado, or in Latin-American music, but also in popular German music, this yearning, this deep longing is predominant." Many fans have been yearning for the music from Pina. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl with a full-color printed inner sleeve featuring scenes from the film and notes by Wenders.

ETTINGER, DYLAN: New Age Outlaws LP on Not Not Fun $15.99
2011 repress. "Back in March (of 2010) we released Dr. Ettinger's New Age Outlaws album on cassette and it was great. But artists -- in case you didn't know -- ain't easily satisfied, and so Dylan felt compelled to return to the master tapes and further articulate the new age sci-fi ambient drift jazz vision of those pieces into something even grander and more elegant. Sounded like a worthwhile cause to us, so here's New Age Outlaws: The Director's Cut, mastered fresh for vinyl and bedazzled with new layers of robot noir synth lines, back alley cyber sax, and insomniac drum machine heartbeats. Dylan even architected a new track sequence and re-named a couple songs. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with stunning alien vista artwork by Dan McPharlin, plus a photocopied insert."


Diskaholics Anonymous Trio cd S/T on Smalltown Super sound $15.99
The debut by Diskaholics Anonymous Trio (Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke, & Mats Gustafsson) was released 10 years ago on the now defunct Crazy Wisdom/Universal label, having been unavailable since. Smalltown Superjazzz brings it back into the frey. The result of these 3 titans clashing together is an intense blow-out: raw, grandiose & brutally beautiful. Cover art by Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon's daughter Coco Hayley Gordon Moore. Sight Below double lp Glider on Ghostly International $26.99
FINALLY AVAILABLE on LIMITED EDITION 2xLP plus bonus material & digital download & an exclusive remix by Pantha Du Prince. Originally issued on CD in 2008, there's a beating heart buried in the cold landscape of Glider. By pinning barely-there electronic beats to his wisps of guitar melody, the Seattle based producer turns ambient music into a hybrid strain of breathtakingly intimate, small scale dance music. It's a work of vertiginous sonic depth and exquisite melancholy: techno music for a dark, brooding night.

Sonic Youth lp Confusion Is Sex -on Original Recordings $29.99

They Might Be Giants lp Join Us $19.99
new release by this band known for catchy pop songs and hummable melodies!

Dead Moonlp In The Graveyard on Mississippi $16.99
Dead Moons' brilliant debut originally released in '88. A band that still exists outside of the constraints that time & style usually impose on artists. An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country, & every other American music worth a damn. Remastered from the original tapes. True trailblazers

Dead Moon lp Unknown Passage on Mississippi $16.99
Dead Moon's 2nd LP. Great pop ballads sit side by side w/ heavy rock songs. A hit laden record featuring classics such as "Dead Moon Night", "A Miss Of You", "54/40 or Fight", "Time Has Come Today", "Demona", & "On My Own". Originally released in '89, easily one of the top 4 rock records of all time. Remastered from the original tapes

Dead Moon lp Defiance on Mississippi $16.99
Dead Moon's 3rd LP from '90. Another classic w/ hits such as "Not The Only One", “Crystal Is Falling", "Dagger Moon", "Walking On My Grave", "Johnny's Got A Gun" & "Unknown Passage". Not for the faint of heart. Remastered from the original tape

McDowell, Fred lp Alan Lomax Recordings on Mississippi/Domino Sound $16.99
His first recordings helmed by the legendary Alan Lomax in '59. Recorded by Alan Lomax in 1959. 12 songs that highlight the depth of his repetoire - from droning & hypnotic versions of songs that later became blues standards such as ""Shake Em On Down"" & ""Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"" to his deeply felt renditions of spirituals like "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning" . Accompanied at times by some amazing hair comb playing & beautiful backup vocals. Liner notes by Nathan Salsburg Wet Hair/Rene Hell split 7" Flowers Of Light/55 RN on Bathetic $7.99 ...gaz" 33RPM. Two celestial bodies from a distant galaxy combine their chemicals & produce a cosmic cloud of purple & gold. Ltd to 300

Wreathes 7" The Reigns on Bathetic $5.99
33RPM. Magical, trance-inducing folk that slides in & around you like a white plume of smoke on a coal black night. Elegant, hypnotic, spellbinding arrangements to pull the soul from the enchanted forest & lay it right on your head. Ltd to 300

High Wolf 7" A Guide To Healing on Bathetic $7.99
33RPM. "Indian psychedelic influences take hold as drones melt into splashes of tablas... Without noticing, you are suddenly awash in sound" - Altered Zones

Age Wave 7" Telephone Dreams on Bathetic $5.99
33RPM. Ren Schofield, known best for his stints as GOD WILLING & as a member of such noise-dog legends as DYNASTY & MERCY LIGHT. Here he channels a less distorted sound, as he experiments heavily w/ tape loops & a Juno-106. The outcome is a textural, sci-fi-cadelic workout, bringing to mind various aspects the likes of Tangerine Dream, Experimental Audio Research, Eliane Radigue & Bee Mask. Yeah, it's down-to-earth soundscapes shot right into outer space, all the way to Saturn & back. Hold on to your butts. Ltd to 313

Bitchin Bajas/Faceplant Split lp on Bathetic $16.99
Split between Cooper Crain (CAVE) & Aaron Coyes (PEAKING LIGHTS)!! With BITCHIN BAJAS, Crain creates clean, distinct arpeggiated tones crafted from analog synthesizer & organ - floating & bouncing, drifting & forming zones of their own. Not entirely too far removed from certain elements of Harmonia, Edgar Froese, or Cluster. FACEPLANT, described as Coyes' "solo modular hessian noise trance project," mines a somewhat similar terrain to PEAKING LIGHTS' homemade synth-driven psychedelic, dub-infused drone-pop. Ltd to 600

FACTUMS: Gilding The Lilies 2LP $19.99
Double LPs tend to make quite the statement. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Just listen to classics like Trout Mask Replica, Double Nickles On The Dime, Lake, Twin Infinitives, Harsh 70's Reality....well, Factums have thrown their hat into the proverbial ring with Gilding The Lilies. This mythic release has been rumored and debated for some time and to say this is their crowing achievement is an understatement. Factums have been shrouded in mystery, rarely playing live -- this hermetic Seattle/Chicago combo have been releasing rustic/futuristic artifacts for a variety of labels over the last few years. On Gilding The Lilies, all the ideas come together: sci-fi surf rock, post-apocalyptic murder ballads, musique concrète anthems, hell, on Gilding The Lilies they even dedicate the latter half of this masterpiece to Far Eastern exotica and incorporate sitars and tablas. Yeah, this ain't no Beatles trip, it's a Factums take on their inner chakra or pith helmet exploitation or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Limited one-time pressing of 700 copies.

BEROSHIMA: Polyphonication CD $17.99
This is the fourth full-length album from Frank Mueller and Ulrich Schnauss aka Beroshima. Since 2004, the duo has put their focus on their solo projects. Schnauss earned worldwide respect for his electronica works while Frank joined different projects as a producer and put his focus on his live performance and DJ works. Frank and Ulrich started to work together again as Beroshima for some upcoming releases. Following a string of EPs and remixes, the fourth Beroshima album was long overdue. It continues to explore the stylistic frame defined by their successful releases on Cocoon, Soma and Mueller Records and yet manages to surpass the expectations set by these skillfully-crafted productions. Beroshima defy genre boundaries and incorporate a wide range of sonic colors out of a studio filled with current and vintage equipment while also drawing from long-term experience on the live and DJ circuit. Ten tracks that deliver state-of-the-art dance music with more than just a touch of funk which never loses the spirit of exploration.

UCHIDA & THE FLOWERS, YUYA: Challenge! CD $17.99
Following his self-imposed exile in Britain, soon-to-be Flower Travellin' Band leader Yuya Uchida embarked on the task of creating a hand-picked band in the hope of achieving a home-grown outfit to rival groups he'd been listening to in London. Legendary guitarist Hideki Ishima was his first recruit, followed by steel guitarist Katshiko Kobayashi and then the bravest move of all, the beautiful vocalist Remi Aso was asked to front the band, now named The Flowers. The band's debut LP, originally released in 1968, completely changed the Japanese musical scene, featuring as it did, hard covers of Big Brother And The Holding Company, Cream and Jefferson Airplane songs, and its ground-breaking cover art, featuring the band's members, including Miss Aso, naked in a cornfield, changed the musical landscape for ever. Digitally remastered. Numbered, limited collector's edition.

TRIMBLE, BOBB: The Crippled Dog Band CD $14.99
on lp too $16.99
The year was 1983, and Bobb Trimble had two then-unrecognized masterpieces to his credit and a lot of confusion and indifference from his fellow travelers in the Worcester, MA "Wormtown" scene. Never one to worry much about appearances, Bobb accepted an invitation to join a group of teenage boys who called themselves The Crippled Dog Band, named after Boopsie, a three-legged canine local. Bobb donned the title of Chief Crippled Dog and led the Band on enthusiastically-received gigs throughout the region. Unbeknownst to almost anyone, they completed a raucous album full of addictive hooks, feedback, teen chatter and video game noises. But soon the Band splintered and Bobb decided to forget about the whole thing, disposing of the entire 500-count LP pressing in an office park dumpster. All of which would be nothing more than a typically weird footnote to the Bobb Trimble legend, except for the fact that The Crippled Dog Band is very different from, but every bit as remarkable and brilliant as Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest Of Dreams. Having proved himself, if only to himself, this is where Bobb stops chasing glass menagerie fantasies of perfection, tempers the dread of his first two records, and reconnects with his DIY roots. This unique collaboration between "the greatest psychedelic musician of the '80s" and his scrappy acolytes yields pure rock and roll and the effect is raw, crazy, and infectiously exciting.

GAINSBOURG, SERGE: Gainsbourg Percussions LP $19.99
"Serge's sixth full length originally released in 1964 is one of those records that will totally blow you away since this is the first ethno pop album ever. Sure, there's the odd jazzy piece, but this is Afrobeat with a capital A, all percussions and drums and in-your-face female backing singers all topped off by Gainsbourg's smoky and dark vocals: Gainsbourg Percussions was by far Serge's weirdest album up to that point. Recorded with French jazz great Alain Gouraguer, Gainsbourg Percussions include the hits 'New York USA' and 'Couleur Café.' Essential Gainsbourg." On 180 gram vinyl.

"Typically, the release show for this LP was busted. Some young pud officers falsely claimed they'd had a noise complaint and shut the thing down, shining lights deep into the ocular orifices of both Flaherty and Nace to make sure their souls were not harboring weapons of mass destruction or something. Such reaction remains sadly typical of the thought crimes perpetrated against those who would think in free-flowing curves during this new Fascist Century. William 'Bill' Nace and Paul 'Pops' Flaherty are two of the finest side-sliding brain wranglers in the greater New England area. Flaherty's saxwork has been well known for decades, and is personally responsible for hitching many young mules to the free jazz wagon train. Nace's guitar stylings are a more recent development, but they have hewed to such an idiosyncratic path that their constantly renewing techniques feel as timeless as butter. Not sure exactly how these guys fell into the same boat. Presumably Chris 'Tigercat' Corsano was involved. He had, afterall, maintained a long-running eponymous duo with Flaherty as well as one called Vampire Belt with Nace. So that may have been the key. Perhaps the two'd get together to jam along with the TV set when Corsano and Bjork would appear on some laye night program. Maybe that's how it started. But whatever the case, the combination of Flaherty's long wiggling shrieks and Nace's amp-rasped string-explosions is a lovely totter into the abstract eye of a very hot furnace. There is tons of high-aktion skronk on this LP without any kind of apologizing about lack of formal 'content' or linear 'development' (both codewords for 'bullshit'). This mother just GOES. And it's sure to appeal to anyone who also likes going. Especially if they hate fucking cops. (Note: the cover art by Rick 'Fang' Myers shows two 'Bobbies' being melted by UFO lasers.) Or even if they just hate Rudy Giuliani, which, presumably we all do. Imagine this as a very loud bullet slowly pushing its way through Rudy's skull and just wallow in the pleasure of it all. Yum!" --Byron Coley. Edition of 250

EXPO '70: Awakening LP $18.99
"Long out-of-print cassette originally released on Sloow Tapes (Belgium) in an edition of 70 with hand colored inserts. Cassette sold out within a week and has become quite collectible. Recorded after Expo '70 played France in 2008, just weeks after the IAO festival where the label owner and musician met. Upon returning to the states, the experience spawned the 2 day recording session materializing these 2 improvised tracks with no overdubs. Both tracks begin with rhythmic beats and slowly morph into sprawling ambient pieces, shifting and shifting moods gradually into floating space." Limited to 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl with locked grooves on both sides, full color artwork.

WIRE, THE: #330 August 2011 MAG $9.50
"Attached to the front cover of every copy: The Wire Tapper CD, the latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. On the cover: Zomby (A rare in-person interview with UK Bass's mystery man who has dedicated himself to redefining the nation's club music). Features: Global Ear: Kiev (DakhaBrahka's 'ethno-chaos' reconnects Ukrainian music to its pagan roots); Cross Platform: Seb Patane (The Italian artist stays faithful to the line despite irruptions of frontier-pushing music); Collateral Damage (Bob Ostertag comes to terms with the 'professional suicide' of giving music away for free); Luo Chao Yun (The Taiwanese pipa virtuoso is plucking her way to the heart of the UK Improv community); Forest Swords (Mark Fisher hears post-punk echoes in the new Mersey home recordings of Matt Barnes); Invisible Jukebox: Jan Anderzén (The Finnish frontman of Kemialliset Ystävät and Tomutonttu gnomes in on The Wire's mystery record selection); Daphne Oram (From founding the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to designing new instruments for a new age, the British composer/inventor was a true pioneer); The Primer: Jim O'Rourke (A guide to the multi-talents of the Chicago born guitarist/improviser/producer, who prodigious output covers electronic drones, tapes music, uneasy pop, soundtracks and more); Epiphanies."

ENO, BRIAN: Drums Between The Bells 2CD/BOOK $45.99
"This special hardcover edition of Brian Eno's Drums Between The Bells includes a second disc with instrumental versions of tracks, and a 44-page book containing an essay by Eno as well as further images."

ENO, BRIAN: Drums Between The Bells 2LP $26.99
Gatefold 2LP version. "Pairing prickly electronics with live drum patterns, Eno dumps great globs of blotchy machine -- malfunction into the mix. Holland's poetry is interlaced courtesy of [a] monotone voice...the combined effect makes the whole undertaking sound like a wild William Gibson fantasy come to life." --Pitchfork "Brian Eno first came across the work of Rick Holland in the late '90s during the Map-Making project; a series of collaborative works between students of the Royal College, the Guildhall School of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the National Youth Orchestra and the English National Ballet, among others. In 2003, Brian and Rick made their first music together. The resulting work does not appear on this album. In the time since that initial session they have met infrequently to work on new compositions. In early 2011, following the release of Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Brian's debut album for Warp Records), the pair resolved to finish the project. Drums Between the Bells is the result." Includes mp3 download code.

"Self-released second vinyl pressing of the split by Inca Ore and Grouper. Initially self-released on tape in 2007. This version has new black and white artwork. Though it's a proper split, each side resonates strongly with the other--hissing and dream-sick, songs whispered in the dark. Inca Ore's side is feverish and haunted, much of it recorded while on a somewhat nightmarish journey taken through Mexico several years ago. Grouper's side is distorted and pitch-twisted Wurlitzer and guitar songs, recorded during a rain heavy winter, about unexplainable disappearances, invisible structures."


Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw cd Night Gallery on Thrill Jockey $15.99
lp also available $17.99
Collaborative album from two masters of modern psychedelia.

Future Islands 7" Before The Bridge on Thrill Jockey $7.99
Ltd to 750 hand-numbered copies. "Before The Bridge" will appear on the band's upcoming full length. "Find Love" is an exclusive B-side.

Lungfish lp Unanimous Hour on Dischord $14.99
RECENT. REISSUE w/ download

Woods 7" Find Them Empty on Sacred Bones $5.99
Nostalgic, unforgettable, experimental pop songs. The A-side is far less falsetto & way more Bobb Trimble than any of their previous work. The B-side is a more jam-friendly number reminiscent of their legendary live shows.

Youngs, Richard lp Amplifying Host on Jagjaguwar $15.99
Finds YOUNGS wandering the guitar desert somewhere between Ry Cooder's Paris, Texas score & Neil Young's work on Dead Man. Yet, the randomly determined chord movements & his stretched-out vocal passes across the record are, perhaps, more akin to Jandek's Six & Six - here, removed from its gauze & dipped in a dark gold. Joined by Damon Krukowski (GALAXIE 500,

Singer lp Mindreading Drag City $18.99
Singer's 2nd offering for Drag City shows them as a 3 piece band made up of charter members Robert A.A. Lowe (LICHENS, 90 DAY MEN) & the Vida brothers, Adam (U.S. MAPLE) & Ben (TOWN & COUNTRY, BIRD SHOW). Singer still pops on Adam's abstracted beats, but this time, rhythms are keyed by analog synths & licks courtesy of Lowe & Ben Vida. Group vocals highlight the songs, at times fingering the languidity of soul music; & diverging in an exchange both restless & copacetic. These men are playing their songs-with-singing collectively, agreed in a new social music. The pleasure of experimentation underlies every direct move made in the name of pop entertainment, with different meanings & readings intact. It all lives as one.

YOU: Electric Day CD $17.99
also on lp for $17.99
The Bureau B label reissues You's Electric Day, first released in 1979 on the small German label, Cain. As synthesizers grew more popular from the mid-'70s onwards, an increasing number of groups swapped the classic instruments of a rock band for sequencers and synthesizers. Pioneers (and paragons) of this electronically-created music included, of course, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching et al, who represent the "Berliner Schule" (in contrast to the Düsseldorfer Schule which developed around Kraftwerk and company). A hitherto less celebrated, yet outstanding exponent of the Berliner Schule was the Krefeld combo You. Udo Hanten and Albin Meskes teamed up with another iconic figure of electronic music, Harald Grosskopf, to issue two fantastic albums as the 1980s began. Without disowning their Berlin role models, You nevertheless came up with their own hypnotic mix of sequencer patterns, synthesizer melodies, pulsating drums and sporadic acoustic guitar phrases. Now and again they even ventured into experimental territory. Tracing You's path from the idea of founding a band to the release of their first LP, one encounters a host of illustrious characters from the electronic/Krautrock music scene. Peter Baumann, for example, a member of Tangerine Dream for so many years, was the first to hear the material played to him by Hanten and his guitarist Uli Weber at his Paragon Studios in Berlin. They also met Harald Grosskopf here, a member of Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser's "Kosmische Kuriere" and former drummer with Klaus Schulze. Grosskopf was a member of Manuel Göttsching's Ashra band at the time. Which just leaves the sound engineer, the legendary Conny Plank. It was he who suggested that You and Grosskopf get together to set up the Spiegeltraum Studio in Krefeld, with Grosskopf supplying the recording gear and Hanten the musical equipment. Grosskopf completed Synthesist, his most famous work, before You recorded Electric Day halfway through 1979. It now appears with four CD-only bonus tracks on Bureau B. The musicians: Udo Hanten, Albin Meskes, Uli Weber, supported by Harald Grosskopf (using the pseudonym Lhan Gopal at the time).

EMPTYSET (FEAT. CORNELIUS HARRIS): Altogether Lost (The Remixes) 12" $13.99
Altogether Lost is a collaboration between the Bristol-based experimental techno duo Emptyset and the Detroit vocalist Cornelius Harris aka Atlantis from Underground Resistance. Inspired by an early 20th century poem of mystical heritage, the project marks the first-ver joint production by these three major capitals of electronic music. Features a Ben Clock remix and a very deep and atmospheric interpretation by Ripperton.

Raster-Noton releases the album Summvs, the latest result of the unusual creative partnership between the Oscar-prize honored film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and the fine artist and electronic music pioneer Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto. The name of the artists' fifth collaborative release Summvs refers to the Latin word "summa" (engl.: sum) and "versus" (engl.: towards), serving as a metaphor for the work being oriented towards a collaborative whole. Summvs is the last of a series of five releases that started with Vrioon (R-N 050CD) in 2002 and continued with 2005's Insen (R-N 065CD) and Revep (R-N 072CD) and Utp_ (R-N 096DVD) in 2007. Passages of sparse yet emotionally-charged and passionate piano solos are embedded in sine waves or reworked to establish new aesthetics of piano sound. Sparse percussions and throbbing bass pulses hover above and below -- the music being contemplative and minimal at the same time. The tracks "Microon I-III" contain recordings of one of the 15 pianos using a 16th tone interval tuning built by Sauter, Spaichingen/Donaueschingen, Germany. The original "Piano Metamorfoseador En Dieciseisavos De Tono" was designed by Julián Carrillo Trujillo. Thanks to the music department of Berne University of the Arts for making this instrument available. Included in the album are two cover versions of the track "By This River," originally written by Roedelius, Moebius and Brian Eno in 1977. In their instrumental versions of the song, Nicolai and Sakamoto create and investigate the song's appeal in both normal speed and slow motion. Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano and Alva Noto on electronics will present this fifth collaborative release live with a uniquely-styled visualization and a state-of-the-art technical setting and stage design.

GARY & ROSS, DEVIN: Four Corners LP $17.99
"Gary Panter is a bad penny. If he were German, the phrase might be, schlechter pfennig, which is much less euphonimous. So it's a good thing Gary is no Kraut. But what the fuck is he? A Texan. A famous artist. A writer of songs, poetry and prose. As well as a gifted primitive musician. Thus, in this instance, bad means good, and penny means Renaissance man. Panter first burst into the public gut in the 1970s with his Jimbo strip in Slash magazine, his design work for Ralph Records, and some really goddamn ugly commercial art. A few people were also aware he was a musician, although many who discovered him through his first single - Colahaus - would deny the word actually applies to what he does. After his next record, a collaboration with the Residents entitled Tornader to the Tater, people began to take his roistering a bit more seriously. A Japanese company even let him do a gorgeous bizarro-world country-and-acid LP called Pray for Smurph. That one was so good, people started to realize - hey, he actually is a musician! Moving from L.A to Brooklyn, he eventually fell in with the evil genius, Devin Flynn, who widened Panter's aural palette and also to got him playing somewhere besides closets full of pot smoke. The duo cut a dandy album, Go Outside, then managed to corral the wildly talented Ross Goldstein into their conspiracy. The results are this new record, and brother, it is a treat. They create miniature brain-damaged nuggets ranging from fake jazz to sloth psych with a nimble touch that'll make your head squeal with pleasure. Marty Robbins might toss around in his velvet- lined grave when he hears it, but screw him. All four of your corners will bounce like crazy. Guaranteed." -- Byron Coley, Victoriaville QC 2011.

TAZARTES, GHEDALIA: Diasporas LP $19.99
"Originally recorded in 1977 with a limited pressing in 1979 on the underground French label Cobalt, Ghedalia Tazartes debut album, Diasporas, quietly fell into the catacombs of avant-garde obscurity. Tazartes himself, (a strange, nomadic character) played upon myths and legends about his existence and sounds - making him somewhat of a lost legend, trapped between a modern time and a surreal, simple age. Inclusion of Diasporas on Steve Stapleton's famed Nurse With Wound List only added fuel to the fire of this legendary album. Traditional Parisian folk, frightening tape loops, and gypsy incantations. Truly one of the most fascinating and mysterious albums ever created. Remastered from the original source tapes from Ghedalia Tazartes, an official reissue LP limited to 500 hand-numbered copies." Includes insert with notes by André Glucksmann.

SUN RA QUARTET: The Mystery Of Being 3LP BOX $62.99
Subtitled: Voice Studio Rome 2,7,8,13 January 1978. "Sun Ra's legendary 1978 Italian studio sessions, now available together for the first time ever on vinyl! Long sought-after by collectors, these extremely rare studio sessions were originally released in 1978 as two double LPs (New Steps and Other Voices, Other Blues) on the mysterious Italian jazz label, Horo Records. They have never been reissued on vinyl (and only partially reissued on CD) until now! With the help of trumpet player, Michael Ray, drummer, Luqman Ali and saxophonist John Gilmore, Ra kicks off the quartet sessions with the classic 'My Favorite Things,' which features some superlative playing by Gilmore, while Ra pounds away on an old upright studio piano. In fact, for the first two sides Ra plays mostly piano, while on sides C and D, he sticks more to his new Crumar Multiman, an Italian-made synthesizer that Ra had purchased during the tour. These sessions are also interesting because they give listeners a chance to hear Ra concentrating on primarily his own compositions--many of which (i.e. 'Rome At Twilight' 'Along The Tiber') were inspired by his time spent in Italy--but in a more intimate Arkestra-less jazz setting. Fans will be clamouring to get their hands on this before it disappears again for another 30 years."

VA: IMPREC300 LP $10.99
"After ten years Important Records is extremely proud to present IMPREC300, a vinyl only collection of exclusive live tracks from a handful of Important bands including Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Grails, Mugstar, Cave, NHK yx, Bardo Pond, Grails, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Chord & Bass Communion."

GUYER'S CONNECTION: Guyer's Connection LP $19.99
"Guyer's Connection were a Swiss duo that started making electronic music in 1982. Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth were merely 14 and 15 years old and were armed with simply two synths, a drum machine, and a 4-track tape recorder. They are best known for their highly-sought after self-produced and released album 'Portrait' in 1983. It is now considered a classic minimal synth pop masterpiece. Several other members joined the band in 1984 and worked together for some time. Philippe Alioth has been very active in the music business writing, producing, and running a Swiss studio as well as running a Swiss label (Sonic Content). This extraordinary collection of tracks was discovered in a dark recess of Philippe's achieves of 4-track tapes in his studio. The tapes were recorded from 1982 to 1984 but were rediscovered in 2005. A portion of the songs were restored/remixed/remastered. The German record label Kernkrach released the tracks in 2005 in a limited viny-only pressing of 330 copies. This sought-after release has long been out of print. Medical Records in collaboration with Philippe Alioth is proud to present another presentation of these glorious tracks. Featuring 13 tracks (including several never before released and a few reworked versions of tracks released in 2005), this will appeal to all lovers of minimal synth, electro-pop, flexi-pop, and the like. Standout tracks include the vocoder tinged 'Discoqueen II', the hyper-catchy 'ar Isch Schon', and a slightly modified version of 'He Sabine!'. New tracks include an interpretation of a German children's song and 'Macky Messer' featuring words by Kurt Weill. The LP features newly created front and back artwork. Presented on 180gm green vinyl in a limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies."

VA: Record Store Record 2LP $42.99
"If you can't come to our shop, then maybe our shop can come to you. No, this is not a collection of in-store performances, there are no bands or artists trying to impress you with their skillz and technique - this is a collection of location/environmental recordings made inside our record stores, just the sound of regular everyday customers looking at records, talking about records, buying records - oh yeah, and record store owners boxing up records for mail-order customers - audio verite, sound poetry and a touch of musique concrete, 2 tracks are processed/cut-up/collage and 3 tracks are straight open mic recordings - participating record stores are: Hospital Productions, RRRecords, Sarvilevyt, Second Layer Records, and Weirdo Records. For the optimal experience, it is recommended you listen to this record while looking through your record collection." Housed in a deluxe full-color gatefold sleeve and includes a bonus LP; comes in a heavy duty silkscreened nylon bag.


Pylon 7" Cover + Remix on DFA $7.99
Tribute single to Athens, Georgia post-punk/new wave pioneers, featuring a cover of “Cool” from DEERHUNTER & a remix of “Yo-Yo” from NYC's CALVINIST

Handsome Furs cd Sound Kapital on Sub Pop $14.99
Third full-length from this Canadian husband & wife duo. Written exclusively on keyboards. Here keydoards & drum machines forge life-affirming anthems taut w/ muscle & blood.

Eno, Brian cd Drums Between The Bells on Warp $16.99
"Pairing prickly electronics w/ live drum patterns ENO dumps great globs of blotchy machine-malfunction into the mix. RICK HOLLAND's poetry is interlaced courtesy of [a] monotone voice... the combined effect makes the whole undertaking sound like a wild William Gibson fantasy come to life" - Pitchfork.

Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't cd Lost in the Pancakes on Cloud $14.99
Largely a solo effort from Peter Erchick (THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL/CIRCULATORY SYSTEM), w/ contributions from ELEPHANT 6 cohorts. Many of the songs are piano based, w/ layered harmonies & atmospheric flourishes.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 7" Haggard Harper Bonnie on Spiritual Pajamas $8.49
Cover versions of Merle Haggard's “Because of Your Eyes” & Roy Harper's “I'll See You Again.” One-time pressing of 1,000 copies

Avi Buffalo 7" How Come on Sub Pop $5.99
b/w “Good I'm Wishing” Long Beach, CA's finest return w/ a couple tracks that will not appear on their upcoming full-length.

Bon Iver 12" Calgary/I Can't Make You on Jagjaguwar $12.99
...Love Me/Nick of Time”
1st single from the new S/T album - a worship song to everything For Emma, Forever Ago mourned

While Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke have collaborated in a number of forms, from remixes to their acclaimed trio with Keiji Haino, Indeed is their first duo album. Presented as two side-long, electroacoustic explorations, what Ambarchi and O'Rourke proffer up here is also melodic and approachable, bringing to mind the warm post-minimalism of composers like Alvin Curran, David Behrman and Luciano Cilio. Indeed, it sounds a bit like the collective textural and melodic personality of their respective solo albums filtered through the highpoints of the Lovely Music catalog. Beginning with a sequence of analog electro-acoustic crunch before settling into a warm synth glow highlighted by the occasional melodic or percussive detail, it sounds like the music that two guys who have honed their skills through years of composition, pop songwriting and rigorous improvisation make when they're having fun in the studio. Oren Ambarchi: guitar, synth, percussion; Jim O'Rourke: strings, synth, percussion. Recorded and mixed at Steamroom, Tokyo, Jan. 2011. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, May 2011. Photographs by Shunichiro Okada. Design by Takashi Site.

PHURPA: Trowo Phurnag Ceremony 2LP $26.99
This voyage began in the middle of the 1990s in Moscow, when a group of artists and musicians led by Alexei Tegin and based at the legendary Fabrique of Cardinal Art commenced their studies of traditional ritual music, drifting away from the field of contemporary electroacoustic and industrial music with the intent to delve deeper into the ancient musical cultures of ancient Egypt, Iran and Tibet. The original 2003 line-up of the project that emerged as a result was dubbed Phurpa (one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in Bon tradition), and all the members have carried on with their research in the field of Bon and Buddhist liturgies up to the present day. Before Buddhism reached Tibet, local people had practiced involved shamanic rites derived from various ancestral cults. Later on, circa the VI-IX century A.D., a conflict between the local tradition, namely, the pre-Buddhist religion of Bon (which originates from Central Asia) and Tantric Buddhism (hailing from the North of India) gave birth to a unique cultural phenomenon known as Tibetan Buddhism, which combines an extensive metaphysical corpus and an advanced philosophical system with pristine ceremonial practices that reach down through many centuries. In the X-XI century A.D., the monastic ensemble came into being. It has got a lot in common with the Chinese court ensembles of the Tang dynasty; nevertheless, the Tibetan ceremonial ensemble has preserved its authenticity and kept a large number of primordial elements stemming from the ancient Tibeto-Burmanese music intact to this day. A typical ensemble usually includes a pair of nga drums, several rolmo cymbals and a pair of gyaling oboes, as well as telescopic dunchen horns, dunkar shells and short wandun horns. One of the unique features of the Tibetan monastic choir is a specific kind of overtone chanting, called "rgyud-skad," or the Tantric voice, which is based on the principle of the singer's transmogrification during the so-called "chanting meditation." The ritual Tibetan instruments as used by the ensemble include the following: dunchen, gyaling, silnyen, bub, damaru, kanling, nga, shang. The ensemble adheres to the rgyud-skad tradition of Tantric overtone chanting. Stephen O'Malley comments: "Russian group led by the contemporary artist Alexei Tegin take on a traditional and ancient form of Tibetan ritual music by the name of Bon. While many familiar aspects will be revealed to the informed listener, the group PHURPA takes the polyphonic singing style to a lower key and a slower pace. Over the course of 4 LP sides, this meditative listen unveils many spectral illusions and invigorating evolutions in sonic possibilities." Originally released on CD by Sketis Music, Russia, 2008. Ideologic Organ curation and art direction by Stephen O'Malley, manufactured and distributed by Editions Mego. Phurpa are: Alexei Tegin, Andrei Grekov, Cheslav Merk, Eduard Utukin and Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko.

STEWART, MARK: ON/OFF: Mark Stewart (Pop Group to Maffia) DVD $29.99
Mark Stewart first made his presence felt as the front man for The Pop Group in the late 1970s. They were pioneers of the post-punk dance sound and had success with singles such as "She Is Beyond Good And Evil" and "We Are All Prostitutes." When the band split in 1980, Mark joined the emerging On U Sound crew as a part-time member of The New Age Steppers. He then went on to form his own band with Keith LeBlanc and Doug Wimbish, the rhythm section of the Sugar Hill Gang and guitarist Skip McDonald. With Adrian Sherwood and his production magic at the controls, The Maffia unleashed an awesome mix of styles that sounded like Bootsy Collins jamming over a bootleg Jah Shaka tape in an urban warzone. This incredible mix of funk, dub and electronic overload pre-empted techno and drum n' bass by years. Mark Stewart, often copied, never bettered. This film retraces the singer's steps and paths from the early days of The Pop Group right up to the present. Director Tøni Schifer, who followed Mark around for a full 3 years, has crafted a detailed, often intimate portrait of the artist, supplemented by interviews with, amongst others, Mark Stewart himself, Adrian Sherwood, Daniel Miller (Mute Records), Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc, Douglas Hart (The Jesus And Mary Chain), Fritz Catlin (23 Skidoo), Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), Gareth Sager (The Pop Group, Rip Rig And Panic), Dan Catsis (The Pop Group), John Waddington (The Pop Group) Janine Rainforth (Maximum Joy), Massive Attack, Keith Levine (Public Image Limited) and many others, plus never-seen live recordings and music clips. Film: 82 mins; bonus material: 70 mins. Director: Tøni Schifer; Format: DVD10; Audio language: English; Subtitles: German, English; Format: PAL + NTSC, 16:9, Color, Region 0; Sound: Stereo.

VA: The International Vicious Society Vol. V LP $19.99
"The craziest compilation of music from all over the world!!! This comp. collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance craze platters from the '50s and '60s." "A brilliant & bonkers concoction of exotica, teen beat and international nonsense novelties." "If you need something new to listen to after you've worn out yer Las Vegas Grind and Jungle Exotica records, then this is for YOU! This platter will liven up any ole party!" "Lurch-eriffic teen crazes and totally daffy mix-n-match foreign language tracks that'll make your eyes & ears alike pop just like corn. Long live the University of Vice."

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS: The Path Of Spectrolite LP $19.99
"The Path of Spectrolite is the latest full length recording from Imaginary Softwoods. Early comments have praised this album and state that while this recording retains some of the icy drone sound from some previous Softwoods releases, this is a great progression and a bit more active. An extremely beautiful album entirely of sounds created by synthesizer and voice, this is an essential piece of the Imaginary Softwoods discography that you are sure to love. Pressed in an edition of 535."

AYLER, ALBERT: Spirits LP $23.99
"After a few years spent living in Sweden and touring with Cecil Taylor's Jazz Unit, Ayler moved to NYC to begin imposing his revolutionary style of jazz on the world through a number of groundbreaking records. Spirits, recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York City on 24 February 1964, was his first effort. Recorded a few months prior to his landmark album for ESP-Disk, Spiritual Unity (but only released in Europe on Denmark's Debut Records), for the occasion Ayler recruited Norman Howard (a Cleveland-based trumpeter), well-known bassist Henry Grimes, drummer and right-hand man Sunny Murray and the then-unknown bassist Earle Henderson. This historic early disc is essential Ayler."

CHERRY/KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI, DON: The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra LP $23.99
"Recorded live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival in Germany on October 17, 1971, this rare concert has not been available on vinyl since the seventies! This recording, while still firmly rooted in the American free jazz tradition of Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler (with whom Don Cherry frequently recorded), brings in elements of traditional Indian, African, Chinese, Mayan and Balinese music. Of the three pieces found here, the first two are composed by Cherry and feature an international group of musicians reminiscent of Sun Ra's Arkestra (Cherry also recorded with Ra). His son, the three-year-old Eagle-Eye Cherry, and his wife Moki, can also be heard in some sections! The final piece was written and conducted by Grammy Award-winning Polish avant-garde composer Krysztof Penderecki, best known for his groundbreaking 'Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima.'"

AYLER, ALBERT: Swing Low Sweet Spiritual LP $23.99
"Following a few years spent living and playing in Scandinavia, an unknown saxophone player by the name of Albert Ayler returned home to the USA to begin imposing his revolutionary style of jazz on the world. Having recorded his debut album, My Name Is Albert Ayler for the Danish label, Debut Records, this session (which took place in New York City on 24 February 1964) was his first American effort, resulting in the eventual release of two albums: Spirits (released in 1964 on Debut) and Swing Low, Sweet Spiritual, which remained unissued for 30 years. Here, a quartet featuring Ayler on tenor and soprano sax, Call Cobbs on piano, Henry Grimes on bass and Sunny Murray on drums, provide a fresh reading of five well-known African American spirituals and gospel hymns, plus 'Old Man River,' taken from the 1927 musical Show Boat. This is an extremely rare album from Ayler's early period."

VA: To What Strange Place 3CD $49.99
Subtitled: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora (1918-1929). "Before the Golden Age of Americana on Record, immigrants from the dissolving Ottoman Empire were singing their joys and sorrows to disc in New York City. The virtuosic musicians from Anatolia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Levant living in the U.S. who recorded between WWI and the Depression are presented here across two discs along with a third disc of masterpieces they imported as memories on shellac-and-stone. The intermingled lives and music of Christians, Jews, and Muslims represent Middle Eastern culture as it existed within the U.S. a century ago. A fascinating, new view of American Folk Music. Compiled by Ian Nagoski." Aritsts include Marika Papagika (also released on Mississippi Record's The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me, MR 051LP), Markos Sifnios, Kosroff Malool, Harry Edwards, Kemany Minas, Karekin Proodian, D. Perperian, Naim Karakand, Andrew Mekanna, Kanuni Garbis and more.


Beirut 7" East Harlem on Pompeii $7.99
1st new Beirut songs since 2009's March of the Zapotec EP. “East Harlem” is the immediate & grabbing pop song, w/ an upbeat uke, piano & trumpet melody tailor-made for 7-inch satisfaction. “Goshen” balances out the mirth w/ heartfelt piano & intimate vocals which may be band leader Zach Condon's greatest singing performance yet

Holy Strays 7" Enlightenment on Not Not Fun $7.99
Parisian Stereolabber's vinyl debut (after an earlier cassette EP on NNF) is a lovely pair of minimal keyboard hypno-pop sketches, tranced & translucent. Ltd to 500

Art Museums 7" Dancing With a Hole in on Slumberland slr137 $5.99
...Your Heart"
Comfortably occupying the spot where '60s pop suss meets first-wave post-punk DIY pop & contemporary bedroom experimentation, they craft positively giddy tunes that make terms like lo-fi & indie-pop redundant & pointless

Com Truise cd Galactic Melt on Ghostly $12.99
When talking about the music of Com Truise (one of the many pseudonyms of New IJnetersrenya tdieosniganl er/musician Seth Haley), the nostalgia bit inevitably comes up. Yes, his songs tap classic sci-fi & proto-electro in a way that is distinctly early 80s in scope. But they're also remarkably weird - stutter step proggy & intoxicatingly psychedelic, like those classic touchstones got drunk on lava lamp juice inside a pinball machine. After his well received Cyanide Sisters EP, a grip of remixes for artists like Twin Shadow, Neon Indian, & Daft Punk, & a few floating MP3s, Truise's first LP, Galactic Melt, will finally enter brainspaces this summer.

Hüsker Dü lp Zen Arcade on SST $13.99
nice reissue vinyl!!

Noveller cd glacial glow $13.99
lp $18.99
Sarah Lipstate largely sheds the distortion & feedback present in much of her earlier work, instead relying on instantly memorable melodies, a wider sonic palette, & excellent pacing to deliver arguably her best album

Porn & Merzboow lp $17.99
The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve, also with a poster insert. It is limited to 700 copies in brown coloured vinyl. All artwork is by Seldon Hunt, who has created masterpieces for the likes of Earth, Sunn O))) and Pelican.

Snail, Azalia cd Celestial Respect on Silber $14.99
The queen of lo-fi space pop for the past 20 years, w/ a new album sounding as timeless as ever. RIYL: Atlas Sound, Ariel Pink, Panda Bear, Syd Barrett, Jessica Bailiff

Wax Poetics Issue 47 Wax Poetics $9.99
Funk, soul, jazz, and everything cool. Earth Wind and Fire, Ramsey Lewis, Bobby Womack, Lamont Dozier, Roy C, Solomon Burke, Billy Ocean, Dennis Coffy,

MIND OVER MIRRORS: The Voice Rolling LP $18.99
Mind Over Mirrors might not be a household name, but the brain behind the project, Jaime Fennelly, has been involved in numerous acclaimed and respected projects over the last few years. Primarily known for his work as an integral member of Peeesseye, he's also involved with Acid Birds, Manpack Variant and Phantom Limb & Bison. The Voice Rolling is his first solo record in five years and the first under this new moniker. First and foremost, this is a harmonium record and that's important to remember because it doesn't sound like any other harmonium record you've likely heard. Nearly all of the sounds created were made using a medium-sized Indian harmonium and then processed electronically via tape echo, harmonizer and other guitar pedals. Add in the fact that it was recorded to tape and you get a dense, warm record full of grit and emotion. On "Barely Spun" and again on "Round, Around," Fennelly bends slowly-building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains. There is so much joy and ecstasy flowing out of "Round, Around" that it will remind you of how you felt when you first heard the pure expressions in Sacred Harp singing. The music on The Voice Rolling is rampant with an over-arching feeling of being alive -- something that's all-too-often absent in experimental music. Fennelly has an innate ability to manually construct looping bass patterns that sound almost arpeggiated, but have considerably more depth. The rawness and repetition of pieces like "Brickfielder" and "Point Hammond" feel more in line with American primitive blues than any sort of Indian ragas. Turn Roscoe Holcomb's voice into a harmonium and stretch it out and you're going down the right path. Fennelly put the album together in Chicago, but the organic undercurrents throughout were a product of three years of remote living on an island off the coast of Washington State. It is music that embraces both sides of the coin. This is a visceral listening experience that, at times, will make you want to stand up, raise your arms to the sky and scream. Recorded to tape by Jaime Fennelly and mastered by Scott Colburn with art by Serena Lander. Cut to vinyl by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

JUSTICE: Cross 2LP $29.99
Justice's highly-acclaimed debut album and the most essential party record of 2007. French-only vinyl version, in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Retreating to their underground post-nuclear shelter/studio, French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay worked on their first album as if their lives depended on it. The result is a mind-fuck of an album that proves that Justice's unique talent is to be found where least expected. Take for example "Let There Be Light" and its strident angry electro, driven by a jabbing bassline; "D.A.N.C.E," a pure piece of vicious house sang innocently by a choir of children; "Newjack," a funky parody of the opulent times of the French Touch; "Phantom," taking over where "Waters of Nazareth" left off to drift towards "Phantom Pt. II" and its head-swirling disco violins; "Valentine," an erotic melancholic nursery rhyme, like a tribute to Vladimir Cosma and "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy," a pure electro-funk track where the sexy Uffie plays more than ever the cheeky Lolita. Justice have thrown established rules out the window (the notion of good and bad taste, the thin line between underground and pop music, the pigeon hole labeling between rock and electro, etc.) with a fantastic talent for synthesizing and mixing their influences with total candor, be it the cosmic disco of Larry Levan or Vladimir Cosma's panty-wetting romantics, Camel's prog rock or the anxious theme of Goblin for Dario Argento, to the flashy funk of the Brothers Johnson or "ABC" by the Jackson 5. Cross isn't a collection of random dancefloor singles. Cross is for listening at home or in clubs. Cross is a link between pop at its purest and experimental music. Cross brings together hardcore elements and cheese. Cross brings together hardcore elements and cheese. Cross makes the Goths link arms with the rave kids. A generational manifest, ideally positioned on the side of the dancefloor, Cross, insolent with youth, is a testimony that the French electro scene is healthier than ever.

TUUSANUUSKAT: Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet LP $22.99
LP version. Tuusanuuskat is a collaboration between Es and Tomutonttu. The name of the project Tuusanuuskat is a play on words derived from the phrase "tuusan nuuskana," (trans. "total shambles"). It is a Finnish saying that is used when something has broken to a million pieces. The phrase is generally used in a playful context, and often received with laughter. If you Google "tuusan nuuskana," some of the first hits you'll get are: "After birth; private parts tuusan nuuskana," "Ferrari tuusan nuuskana" and "Steve Jobs mansion tuusan nuuskana." Yes, they have chosen their name wisely. Es is a project of Sami Sänpäkkilä, a musician, filmmaker and the head of Fonal Records. To date, he has released five full-length albums, and made tons of short films and music videos. He also scored the soundtrack to the Swedish award-winning film Apflikorna. His music and films are experimental moodscapes that explore the themes of melancholy, pathos and hope. Tomutonttu (trans. "dust gnome") is a human by the name of Jan Anderzén, a visual artist and leader of the respected avant-garde sound group Kemialliset Ystävät. Toy reed streams, mutilated vocals and groovy loops of animal noise are just some of the colors used to create the whirling mess that is the lonely song of Tomutonttu. His discography is a labyrinth reflecting the nature of his music. Together, they have prepared an experimental cocktail that sounds like two drunken masters of music, conducting the protons and neutrons travelling from their instruments to their skulls and back, to create a musical nucleus. The packaging displays Fonal's customary attention to detail. It includes a striped acetate film, that when placed over the cover, creates an animated sequence of images. The illusion works on the persistence of vision principle. The covers are designed and produced by Jari Suominen (of fellow Fonal recording artists Jarse and Shogun Kunitoki). Limited edition run of 500 copies.

KRENG: Grimoire CD $16.99
The less we know about Belgian sound alchemist Pepijn Caudron aka Kreng, the better. We know his debut release L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu (MIA 010CD) appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the Miasmah label in 2009, but other than that, very little tangible information has surfaced. This sequel, the blackly-monikered Grimoire simply re-enforces Caudron's shadowy legacy with a similarly dank concoction of cracked strings, creaking percussion and half-heard dialogue. Thankfully, however, Caudron has refined his craft in every way, from the artfully-restrained layering of samples to the deliriously magickal atmosphere he manages to conjure up. There is the sense even from the first few seconds of the record that you are transported out of time and reality, and as hoarse, alien breaths croak over oily bass drones, the poignant spoken words "You don't belong here" become an apt anchor for the entire album. It seems almost too easy to compare Grimoire to a film soundtrack at this point; sure, Caudron has listened to his fair share of chilling scores but Grimoire is more than simply homage, and maybe the clue is in the title itself. Grimoires are books of magic, the most important of which had a stranglehold on cultures both ancient and more recently than most people probably care to realize. These books have slipped into folklore and legend, and like those faded pages of incantations, there is something deeply mystical and indescribable about Kreng's music. Caudron's background in theater no doubt forms a strong foundation for his compositions, but there is so much about his work that only creeps into the light after countless hours of study. These songs are best suited to moonlight, strong spice-laced liquors and the dark recesses of our painfully dull existence. Pepijn Caudron has formed a grimy, surreal ode to not only the past, but also what the future might hold, and from the sounds of it, we're not getting off lightly.

BUTCHER THE BAR: For Each A Future Tethered CD MORR 106CD $16.99
Joel Nicholson first gave us a glimpse of his deepest thoughts in 2008 with his debut as Butcher The Bar Sleep At Your Own Speed (MORR 082CD/LP), an album that dealt with the fleet-footed uncertainties of growing up -- recorded in the intimate light of his bedroom. Since then, Joel has moved into a whole house in Manchester, the rooms of which must be sunny and flooded with light, for the latest songs, with all their delicate melodies, conjure up images of sparkling particles of dust dancing in the sunlight. Taken as a whole, the songs on For Each A Future Tethered make an album, and its an album with which Joel not only continues telling his own personal story, but which adds a new chapter to the history of great songwriting in the tradition of musicians like Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Elliott Smith. Nicholson has also shown new sides to his creativity in his arrangements. While the songs on the debut album were largely based on the traditional folk instrumentation of guitar, banjo and vocals, on For Each A Future Tethered there's a wider range of musical accompaniment, with the inclusion of trumpets, clarinets, harmoniums and pianos to name a few, resulting in a richer, fuller sound. The music is somewhat reminiscent of label mates Seabear, on "Bobby" for example, but also of indie-pop greats such as The Lucksmiths. Some songs -- like the confident lullaby "Cradle Song" and "Blood For The Breeze" -- could be folk standards, while others set new standards for folk music. Right from the word go, the opening number "Sign Your Name" shows an astonishing measure of depth and tremendous fluidity, where Joel's voice becomes entwined in the sound of the instruments. Butcher The Bar play folk-pop with a big heart, and anyone who ever wanted to throw their arms around the whole world should feel loved back when listening to this album.

DISCO NIHILIST: Running (Far Away) 12" $12.99
Disco Nihilist is a rather special project. Firmly rooted in American electronic music traditions, Mike Taylor's records on Love What You Feel or Construction Paper roam the grey area between Chicago's jack urgency, Detroit's funky machine soul and the raw magic of vintage drum machines. His style is natural, murky, filthy and raw to the core. This six track EP is an exercise in grinding beats, squelching acid lines, graceful pianos and heartfelt rhythms without any paralyzing retro romance.

BENOIT & SERGIO: Let Me Count The Ways 12" $12.99
Having flexed their synth-pop muscles on releases for DFA and Visionquest, DC duo Benoit & Sergio return to Spectral Sound for a victory lap around the dancefloor. "Let Me Count the Ways" is the perfect, hands-in-the-air final anthem of the evening. "Let Me Count the Ways (Autumn Version)" strips the beat back to its bare essentials and builds it up again over nearly 12 minutes, recalling Arthur Russell's more minimal moments.

VIDA/KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN, BEN: Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII)/080114 LP $19.99
"Amish is pleased to announce the third iteration in its Required Wreckers Series, a split LP featuring new and exclusive work from Ben Vida and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Having collaborated over the last decade as a trio with Greg Davis, this release features new solo-work by two of America's most important emerging sound artists. The first side of this release debuts a new composition from Ben Vida. In keeping with his recent patchwork-based compositions, Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII) continues to explore Vida's interest in both digital and analog control sources, a compositional process that refuses to fetishize one technology over another and, more interestingly, appears to displace the musician's hand from the compositional process. The flipside of this LP features Keith Fullerton Whitman's third in a series of splits (previous releases have included No Fun Production's b/w Carlos Giffoni and Amethyst Sunset's b/w with Mike Shiflet) documenting a particularly productive period in his creative output--a series of 'synth concerts' from 2007 and 2008. Recorded on January 14, 2008 at PA's Lounge in Somerville, MA, this piece documents the fourth in Whitman's solo synthesizer sets. Throughout the recording one can discern talking from the audience and ambient room--tone noise, as well as sound coming from different sources spread throughout the room--a small battery powered speaker on stage right, a giant Barbetta on stage left. Each speaker was fed into a different patch irrespective of its frequency response. Whitman uses a hybrid system of digital and analog sound sources that, with the exception of a single 4096 bd delay, is presented here without treatment, overdub, or sequencing of any sort."

JACKSON, WANDA: There's A Party Goin' On LP $13.99
Oklahoma City's Wanda Jackson toured with Elvis and was a local rockabilly radio sensation. Country-music guitarist Roy Clark plays on this album. Hotly-tipped by the lady at your Zumba class.

WIRE, THE: #329 July 2011 MAG $9.50
"On the cover: Roy Harper (Still in the crease in his 70th year, English music's old cricketer looks back over five decades of singing into the storm). Features: Errorsmith (The Berlin instrument designer plays ghost in the machine with his beat programming); Nils Ă~kland (The Norwegian Hardanger fiddler and improviser talks Ole Bull with Julian Cowley); Collateral Damage (David Keenan makes the case for music beginning at home); Global Ear: Beijing; Cross Platform: Adolf Wölfli (Brian Morton analyses the musical dimensions of the Swiss outsider's dense, troubled artwork); Invisible Jukebox: People Like Us (Vicki Bennett, playful sound deconstructionist, welcome abroad The Wire's mystery record selection); John Wall (How the London sampling composer is raising his game with improv input and truculent avant garde poetry); John Maus (Joseph Stannard meets the Minnesota pop savant and punk theorizer who's fracking the last resources out of 1980s electro synth sounds); Epiphanies (Novelist Luke Williams enters the anechoic chamber with memories of John Cage)."


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 10" There Is No God on Drag City $12.99
Charity rock...that's not quite right. Charitable rock? Hmmm...anyway, Bonnie & his Cairo Gang are bringing the message to you with this one, talking about God on both sides. Then they're playing for you & you're giving back to them, & they're giving back to Save Our Gulf & The Turtle Hospital. Help maintain the waterways! And they say there is no God. Hrmph!

Bon Iver cd S/T on Jagjaguwar $15.99
also on lp $18.99
JUSTIN VERNON returns to former haunts w/ a new spirit. The reprises are there - solitude, quietude, hope & desperation compressed - but always a rhythm arises, a pulse vivified by gratitude & grace notes.

Woods cd Sun & Shade on Woodsist $15.99
also on lp $17.99
Folk-rock, fuzz, tambourines & tapes. “Loose, shuffling & tuneful, the abridged WOODS experience sounds more like ?Wowee Zowee? than ?Workingman's Dead?, but it hits just the right contradictory note of tight arrangements & breathing-room playing to get that back-porch, weird America vibe” - Pitchfork

Axis:sovA 7" (I Feel Like) Laying Low on Drag City $7.99
…b/w "Dopamine Boomerang".
Chicago boy makes noise under the muggy haze of the south loop, pollinated with nomadic, modal guitar tones. These tracks were captured using both 8 & 4 track analog equipment with an old Tele Custom; a Roland TR-66 Rhythm Arranger as accompaniment on the A-side, a djembe on the B-side. The Axis:sovA is weathered; that Chrome detail's got a bit o' Shankar here, a tad of Schenker there - these markings add some character and serve to remind you, it's the fools what do hesitate to meditate.

Ducktails lp Live on WMFU on Inflated $18.99
6 song LP - "Backyard," "Beach Point Pleasant," "The Mall," "Let's Rock The Beach," "Extended Jam," "Surf's Up"

Nucular Animals cd S/T on K Records $14.99
Dreamy sounding & tin-toned, the only thing awkward about this band is their name, all else is lazy days & crackling smiles.

Nurse With Wound double cd Who Can I Turn To Stereo on United Jnana $23.99
Reissue of 1996 album adds a 2nd, out-of-print release & 2 additional tracks

Pontiak lp Comecrudos on Thrill Jockey $15.99
"The band recommends listening to the album whilst driving, windows rolled down, music at full volume, the dust hanging in the air. Or on the subway - imagining you are in a car driving w/ the windows rolled down, music at full volume, the dust hanging in the air." Uh... well, I guess that is possible since this includes a download code.

Valentine, Matt lp What I Became on Woodsist $18.99
MV&EE member. Elements of deep forest psychedelia brush against Crazy Horse guitar/vocal flourishes that explode to reveal volk-based form mayhem at its hickiest. Ltd to 500

HELM: Cryptography LP $17.99
"Helm is the ambiguous solo moniker of London-based sound architect Luke Younger. Although, perhaps best known as one half of the pioneering avant-drone outfit Birds of Delay, it is in the more esoteric work of Helm that Luke's art takes on its most radical shape. 2010's debut LP To An End confirmed that in an age of fleeting trends and fly-by-night fancies, there were still a few old souls prepared to knuckle down and deliver the goods that people want to receive. Cryptography carries forward that noble mindset, presenting a new five-part suite of expertly rendered electro-acoustic study. Using processed piano, Casio MT-40, cymbal and guitar strings Cryptography steers the Helm sound through a melange of fringe territories: glacial drone meditations, reconfigured gamelan clusters, and howling walls of organized feedback, all coalesced in classic UK post-industrial fashion. Indeed, had it been conceived of 30 years prior, it would be easy to imagine Cryptography winning a seat in the United Dairies, or Dom America catalog, such is its commitment to homemade exploratory zeal. Cryptography arrives in a full color sleeve, with insert, in a hand-numbered edition of 400 copies."

VA: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story CD LITA 064CD $17.99
"You know the old saying, 'Go west, young man?' Well, it's far from cliche. Over the years, some have hit the road in search of Hollywood's glitz and glamour, others, simply for warmer climes, but in the early 1970s, Detroit-native and Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. brought his musical family to the left coast, one piece at a time. He began by launching the Mowest subsidiary in 1971, a new L.A.-based label dedicated to coastal grooves and an eye towards the top of the charts. In 2011, Light In The Attic Records is completely honored to present the first ever compilation of this now legendary label: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story (1971-1973), an adult portion of sweet soul, heavyweight funk, and even a dose of potent West Coast hippy rock. Forty years later, it's time for the rest of the world to rediscover what a treasure trove of soulful sounds Mowest left behind. Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love is a lovingly prepared 16-track CD with epic re-mastering from the original master tapes by engineer Dave Cooley (Blue Note, Warp, Stones Throw, Now Again), extensive liner notes from project curator Kevin 'Sipreano' Howes (Jamaica-Toronto series, Doug Randle, Rodriguez, Monks), and Strath Shepard's (Pacific Standard) impeccable graphic design. This is a slice of Motown like you've never heard or seen before, so let's head to the beach, set up shop, and max out to the rhythm. Looking at the Pacific, it appears that Mowest's surf is just about to break." Artists; Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Odyssey, The Sisters Love, G.C. Cameron, Syreeta, Suzee Ikeda, The Commodores, The Nu Page, Lodi and Thelma Houston.

VA: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story 2LP LITA 064LP $26.99
Gatefold 2LP version.

FOSTER, FRANK: The Loud Minority LP $13.99
Gatefold exact repro reissue of this politically-charged jazz record. Later established as the name of Frank Foster's big band, The Loud Minority's theme song was a Black Power movement classic and Foster went on to lead the Count Basie Orchestra after Basie's death.

HASTINGS ST. JAZZ EXPERIENCE: Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd. LP $13.99
Exact repro reissue of this 1976 spiritual/soul jazz record. "A truly fabulous Big Band album of spiritual jazz from Detroit with a thirty plus member line up featuring Tribe and Strata East stalwarts such as Phil Ranelin, Miller Brisker and Nasir Hafiz plus guest vocalist Kim Weston of Motown fame." -- Orgy In Rhythm

MR. SCRUFF: Wobble Control 12" $12.99
"Mr. Scruff returns with a synth heavy, low slung 4/4 number featuring a wiggling centipede synth line & unruly bass, scruffed up in his warm & dusty production style.. the sound of electronic instruments enjoying themselves! The second track see's Nickodemus & Zeb from Brooklyn's legendary Turntables on the Hudson crew tackle 'Music Takes Me up', adding a ton of bump & a ladle of synth to Alice Russell's raw vocals."

FATHER'S CHILDREN: Who's Gonna Save The World CD NUMERO 037CD $15.99
"As much spiritual adherents of black sounds as they were of black Islam, Father's Children was born in the dirt and grime of Washington, D.C., and incubated in local producer Robert Hosea Williams' less-than-immaculate suburban beltway garage. Hailing from the Adams-Morgan neighborhood, in 1973 Nick Smith, Billy Sumler, and Ted 'Skeet' Carpenter created a lost document of gritty soul, concerned with its own time and place, stripped of the L.A. gloss that permeated the group's own 1979 'debut' for Mercury. Unreleased until now, Father's Children's true freshman offering is an amalgam of sunny vocal group harmonies, fuzz-guitar solos, shimmering keys, bubbling percussion, spiritual prophecy, and dub experiments. Who's Gonna Save The World gets the full Numero treatment, with extensive notes and scores of unpublished photos."

BAXTER, LES: Hell's Belles LP $13.99
Exact repro of the soundtrack to Maury Dexter's 1969 biker flick. Mostly instrumentals and some fuzz guitar.

"It was a cold and tumultuous spring day in Tokyo. The date was March 7, 2010. In between sheets of rain, the occasional snowflake could be seen, briefly floating among its more liquid counterparts. The weather set the perfect mood for a night of quiet melody and explosive noise - for this was the combination of elements woven together and unleashed on this particular occasion by the participants in Mamiffer, House of Low Culture and Merzbow. Mamiffer on this occasion was comprised of core members Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, joined by local heavy rock/experimental hero Atsuo (of the long running, largely unclassifable Japanese group Boris). Utilizing electric piano, tapes, guitar, gong and tape delay, the trio of Coloccia, Turner and Atsuo created stark soundscapes based around pre-existing compositions, finding plenty of space for free improvisation and intuitive interplay within the framework of each piece. The set was comprised of tracks from both new and old Mamiffer albums, ending with the debut of 'Lilac' - a previously unreleased song built around disintegrating guitars and buzzing metallic luminance. House of Low Culture, comprised of main members Turner and Coloccia, was joined by both Atsuo and noise magician Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) for a nightmarish take-over of the HOLC track 'Ice Mole.'" Hand-numbered edition of 330.

M.B.: Symphony For A Genocide LP WEIRD 058LP $17.99
"M.B., aka Maurizio Bianchi, has enjoyed a deserved renaissance in recent times as a new generation discovers his charred brand of industrial noise, particularly the artist's formative early 80s period before he disappeared in pursuit of religion. In the ensuing years, many of these early records became prized collector objects, garnering hundreds of dollars -- if they could even be found. Bianchi has since returned to creating music and many of those pricey releases have been re-issued on vinyl except for what's widely considered to be his seminal work from that time, Symphony for a Genocide. Weird Forest is proud to rectify this situation. To the uninitiated, Symphony may sound like so much noise with its unyielding factory-of-death buzzsaw sound making Throbbing Gristle's industrial music almost top-40 by comparison. But buried underneath the unrelenting martial rhythms and analog siren sounds is a great deal of musicality, including synth melodies and basic chord progressions. Bianchi uses all these elements at his disposal to create a gripping audio portrait of the grim subject matter. Re-issue is strictly limited to 500 copies and is a near-exact reproduction of the original Sterile Records release, including hand-stamped labels and inserts just like the 1981 issue."

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