Cosey Fanni Tutti

In her own words (from TG CD 1):

Throbbing Gristle proved to be a disturbing force within the music scene, maintaining and increasing in strength over its 5 years of life. It awakened buried possibilities few people knew of and others were afraid to explore. The most significant achievement was the bringing together of so many people who believed in life to be more than what had been offered so far. A chance to express their views with like-minded people, providing outlets for a wealth of ideas.
As TG and Industrial Records we proved we could exist and grow completely independently of the main channels of the music business, yet utilising many of their ploys with the style and humour that made TG what it was.
TG was a project which involved four people who each injected energy, creative ideas and ideals culminating in a highly potent force. At work this force was impossible to ignore. So strong that five years after its termination, that force is still present and still in demand.
The years of Throbbing Gristle were a time of great positive changes, experimentation and affectionate memories.
We all have to move forward

Cosey Fanni Tutti 22nd March 1986

Cosey Fanni Tutti

  • born Christine Newby
  • she formed the art-shock group Coum Transmissions
  • at the end of TG embarked on a solo career along with working with Chris Carter under "Chris and Cosey" and "CTI".

Other Cosey places on the net:

Plays Satelite Stick Lead Guitar and Raver Lead Gutar in Throbbing Gristle, Born in Hull, York-
shire, England on November 4 1951. Now lives in London.

Favourite Food: My Spaghetti; Devil's Food Cake; Chinese; School Dinners; Easter Eggs; Frosties.
Favourite Drink: Port and Lemonade; Southen Comfort and Lemonade; Tea; Perrier Water;
Favourite Colour: Blue.
Favourite Music: Nico; Patti Smith; Captain Beefheart; Vera Flynn; Good Disco; Jim Morrison.
Favourite TV Programme: Executive Suite; Ripping Yarns; World In Action; Coronation Street;
Grange Hill; Soap.
Favourite Actor: Clint Eastwood; Jack Nicholson; John Hurt; Helmut Berger.
Favourite Actress: Sissy Spacek; Jane Birkin.
Favourite Car; Black Range Rover.
Likes: Listening to Radio 4 on my own; Swimming; Girls In Running Shorts; Winter Nights;
Cheetahs; Nude Sun Bathing; Knitting special jumpers. Gardening; Watching Kids at Play.
Dislikes: Sooty and most people; Cigarette Smoke; Sloppy Eaters. Women's Lib. Selwyn Froggit;
Stench of Pubs.