Throbbing Gristle - Interviews & Features

Sounds, 26 November 1977. An interview with Throbbing Gristle by Sandy Robertson. Also includes a brief review of the UK premier of the film 'After Cease To Exist.'

Dirt 3, December 1978. Dirt was published by David George. Issue 3 was a TG special with individual interviews with Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Peter Christopherson. Chris Carter declined to be interviewed. His postcard to David George (dated 20 November 1978) read "You'll have to finish your T.G. piece without comments / replies / answers etc. from me. Sorry but I'm just not into doing interviews anymore. Other than that I hope it turns out OK for you."

Flowmotion 1, January 1981. An article by Peter Christopherson which includes details of the equipment he uses, sources of sounds and the formation of TG material.

Neumusik 5, August 1981. This interview with Chris Carter was conducted on Saturday 9th May 1981. A few days after the interview, TG flew out to California to perform what turned out to be their last two gigs.

Talk Talk Vol.3, No.5, July/August 1981. A short interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti recorded at Kezar Pavilion, on 28 May 1981, immediately after TG's final concert.

What follows is a catalogue of the holdings of the Axis Archive which will slowly be making it's way onto this site. It is primarily a resource listing for those wishing to learn more about TG, their music and ideas. Please contact me if you have material (particularly interviews) not included here.

Numbers after an entry indicate the number of pages (A4 size). All other articles are of one page or less.

Melody Maker, 20 November 1976 (UK)
Feature/interview with Genesis P-Orridge (3)
Sounds, 26 November 1977 (UK)
Feature/interview (2)
Search & Destroy 3, 1977 (USA)
Interview with Mark P of Alternative TV (discusses TG projects)
Anarki & Kaos 5, February 1978 (Sweden)
Feature plus letter from Genesis P-Orridge (10)
Zigzag 82, March/April 1978 (UK)
Feature/interview (5)
Search & Destroy 6, April 1978 (USA)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (4)
Sounds, 3 June 1978 (UK)
Feature/interview (4)
New Musical Express, 22 July 1978 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (3)
Dirt 3, December 1978 (UK)
Individual interviews with Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson. Axis note: Chris Carter declined to be interviewed (15)
Anarki & Kaos 7, 1978 (Sweden)
Feature (4)
Aura 1, 1978 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 1 (6)
Aura 2, 1978 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 2 (7)
Newstyle 10, 1978 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (4)
"I was interested in him primarily as a character, the way he lived, he was a 'more than real' real life character. A phenomena. I was already into he idea that the most important work is the way you live and you should live it as a work and try to make each aspect of it as interesting as you can. Even take disasters as anoth scenario in an on-going thing . . . like Kesey said: It was a movie. Crowley did that - he made his whole life worth reading even if you don't like what he is talking about is true . . . he was a fascinating person . . . maybe crazy, but I don't think that matters."
"He's the only person I've ever met who I'd hero worshipped, that was exectly how I'd expected him to be. He was everything that I'd hoped him to be. Which was incredible. Inhumanly intelligent."
Sounds, 6 January 1979 (UK)
Feature/interview (2)
Bomp 20, January 1979 (USA)
Geek 1, June 1979 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (6)
Ripped & Torn 18, August 1979 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge letter / article 'Distributing Information / collage (5)
Slash Vol.2, No.8, September 1979 (USA)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 1 (6)
Cle 3A, October 1979 (USA)
TG interview. Primarily Genesis P-Orridge and Chris Carter. Also two collages (5)
Slash Vol.2, No.9, October 1979 (USA)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 2 (4)
Sounds, 15 December 1979 (UK)
Feature/interview (2)
Partner, Vol.1, No.9, February 1980 (USA)
Feature/interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti. Includes nude photos (9)
"I can't play chords, and I don't want to learn. I walked into it blind, so I can get sounds out of it that someone who plays regularly couldn't. Our guitars aren't normal rock guitars, they've been treated for different effects. I pick the strings, using special effects pedals, a 'Talk' Box, Wa Wa, Phaser - and we have a small electrical box Chris made for me, which we call the Gristle-izer, and that one produces quite weird effects, especially when put through a synthesizer. . ."
"We used to line the back of the stage with mirrors and shine lights onto the audience, instead of us, so they couldn't actually see us, they could only hear the sound. The sound is the most important thing. We wanted to get that across. We don't want people watching a 'group.' We want them to concentrate on sounds... so, to answer your question - we don't dress in fetish clothing, because essentially, we're not very important. We don't do an act, or anything like that."
Popster 32, February 1980 (Italy)
Feature on Genesis P-Orridge
Context 9, Spring 1980 (UK)
Interview/feature (2)
NMX 15, July 1980 (UK)
Individual interviews with Cosey Fanni Tutti, Genesis P-Orridge, Peter Christopherson. (5)
Vox 3, July 1980 (Ireland)
Extensive feature by TG about TG - part 1 (5)
Musica 80, No.7, August/September 1980 (Italy)
Feature/interview with Genesis P-Orridge (3)
Sounds, 11 October 1980 (UK)
Feature on Industrial Records / Genesis P-Orridge interview (3)
Smear 1, October 1980 (UK)
Article 'Yes We're Subversive', includes TG (2)
Spex, 15 December 1980 (Germany)
Feature / Genesis P-Orridge interview (3) plus English translation (4)
Re/Search 1, December 1980 (USA)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (2)
Vox 4, December 1980 (Ireland)
Extensive feature by TG about TG - part 2 (4)
Another Room, Vol.1, No.9, 1980 (USA)
Extracts from KFJC radio interview (2)
"We're interested in information, we're not interested in music as such. And we believe that the whole battlefield (if there is one in the human situation) is about information. We don't think that politicians or arms have any real power, we think that's just a facade. We think the real power lies with who controls the information..."
Minnesota Daily, c1980 (USA)
Feature/interview (3)
Rip Off 5, 1980 (UK)
Feature (2)
Talk Talk Vol.2, No.10, 1980 (USA)
Transcript of Radio KJHK interview with Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge - part 1 (2)
Talk Talk Vol.2, No.11, 1980 (USA)
Transcript of Radio KJHK interview with Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge - part 2 (2)
Vox 5, Winter 1980/81 (Ireland)
Extensive feature by TG about TG - part 3 (2)
Sounds, 10 January 1981 (UK)
'Electronic Music' debate. Includes members of TG plus Human League, Lemon Kittens, Nash The Slash, Nurse With Wound, Boyd Rice, Two Daughters (4)
Flowmotion 1, January 1981 (UK)
Collage/information by Peter Christopherson (3)
Real Shocks 1, January 1981 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 1 (4)
Sounds, January 1981 (Germany)
Feature / Genesis P-Orridge interview (4) plus English translation (4)
Stabmental 4/5, January 1981 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview (3)
Frigidaire 6, April 1981 (Italy)
Article on TG and Industrial Records with comments by Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti (9)
Los Angeles Times, 17 May 1981 (USA)
Feature/interview with Genesis P-Orridge
Il Mucchio Selvaggio 41, May 1981 (Italy)
New York Rocker, May 1981 (USA)
Feature (includes quotes from previously published interviews) (3)
Talk Talk Vol.3, No.5, July/August 1981 (USA)
Kezar Pavilion concert review and Cosey Fanni Tutti interview (3)
Neumusik 5, August 1981 (UK)
Chris Carter interview (2)
Real Shocks 2, Summer 1981 (UK)
Genesis P-Orridge interview part 2 (6)
Stabmental 7, November 1981 (UK)
Feature (2)
Toxic Graffity 2, 1981 (UK)
Feature (3)
Rocksession 6, January 1982 (Germany)
Industrial Records/TG feature. Reviews of Frankfurt concert and Genesis P-Orridge / Cosey Fanni Tutti interview (17)
Intolerance 1, April 1982 (UK)
Re/Search 4/5, Spring 1982 (USA)
TG interviews (35)
New Wave 17, October 1982 (France)
Abstract 2, Summer 1983 (UK)
Re/Search 6/7, 1983 (USA)
'The Industrial Culture Handbook'
TG interviews (14)
Music From The Empty Quarter 1, May 1991 (UK)
Short feature on TG to coincide with rerelease of lp's on CD
Record Collector 185, January 1995 (UK)
Feature on 'Industrial Music'. Includes information on Industrial Records and TG (8)
The Wire 152, October 1996 (UK)
Retrospective article on Coum, TG and the 'Prostitution' exhibition (5)