Throbbing Gristle

Architectural Association,
London, England, 3 March 1978

Industrial Records promotional leaflet

Industrial Records
promotional leaflet

"TG play this Friday at Architecural Association. Thee idea is we are in a large cube, cage of scaffolding about 8 feet above ground in a yard which is surrounded by brick builings. Yard floor is painted white, large 7 feet high mirrors lie at angles in yard. Black polythene roof on cage. To hear us play you have to look out of all thee windows of old brick buildings, or lean off flat roofs (they HAVE got railings). We hope to get a video camera inside cage with us, so to see us you have to go back inside builings which will have monitors all around corridors & rooms but no sound, just image. Its at night, so we'll have halogen lamps with us, so large shadows will be cast across yard onto mirrors, people looking also in mirrors all fragmented and fused. Very Industrial as its outdoors, night, right next to Tottenham Court Road & theatre section/traffic section of central London, at roof level both sound sources will blend."

Genesis P-Orridge, private correspondence dated 1 March 1978

At the Architectural Association they played from a cage highly suspended where they could not be seen at all. The visuals were monitored through the building, and the sound was transmitted likewise, aimed at the front of the room for an expansion effect.

Bomp 20, January 1979

Set included:

Dead Ed
Wall Of Sound
but was mainly instrumental

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