Re-Inventions and Re-Mixes

Cover Image Marc Almond and Friends, "Discipline"
1982 UK
UK 7" flexidisc, Flexipop 23 A


  • Discipline

Given away free with issue 23 of Flexipop magazine. It can be assumed Marc's "frinds" are The Mambas. Appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese 2003 CD reissue of Marc and The Mambas first, untitled, album.

Cover Image DJ Spooky and Billie Ray Martin, "Persuasion"
UK 12", Guerilla GRRR58
PL CD, Subterranean SPV 055-10693


  • Persuation (7" Version)*
  • Persuation (Inward Mix)
  • Persuation (Chameleon Dub)
  • Persuation (Chameleon Mix)
  • Persuation (Original Version)
  • Persuation (SpookyBillie's Ventriloquist Mix)*

* CD only tracks

Cover Image Psychic TV, "Beauty from thee Beast"
UK CD, Visionary VICD 006


  • United '94

Cover Image Entertainment Through Pain: A Tribute to Throbbing Gristle
US CD, RRRecords RRRCD19


  1. Subtrochanteric Muta UL Trab, "666 Dees"
  2. Phlegm, "United"
  3. Anchor Presents: Genital D'Orange, "Persuasion"
  4. 7000 Dying Rats, "Adrenalin"
  5. Xper.XR, "Subhuman"
  6. Emil Beaulieau, "What A Day"
  7. Violent Onsen Geisha, "What A Day"
  8. Skullflower, "Hamburger Lady"
  9. Paul Lemos, "AB/7A"
  10. Merzbow, "Tiab Guls"
  11. Impact Test, "Blood On The Floor"
  12. Grae.Com, "20 Jazz Funk Greats"

Cover Image We Hate You: The Tribute Sound of TG
NO CD/7", Jazzassin JAZZ006

7" side a:

  1. Origami Replika, "Persuasion Bashing"
  2. The Gerogerigegege, "Discipline"
  3. Anus Presley, "Throbbing Asshole"
  4. Inca Eyeball, "Something Came Over Me
  5. I.O.S., "Weeping"

7" side b:

  1. Kapotte Muziek, "Cease to Exist - D.O.A."
  2. Merzbow, "Techno Grave"

CD songs:

  1. Famlende Forsok, "Vil Du Do For Meg?"
  2. Cosmonauts Hail Satan, "Live '76"
  3. Atrax Morgue, "Lethal Injection"
  4. Jarboe, "Six Six Sixties"
  5. Aube, "I.B.M.B.I."
  6. Tranquil, "Zyklon B. Zombie"
  7. Bilge Pump, "What a Day"
  8. Eugene Chadbourne, "Jungle Gristle"
  9. I.O.S., "AciDiscipline"
  10. Merzbow, "Trade Deficit"
  11. K.K. Null, "Psychofuzz"
  12. Origami Replika, "Subhuman"
  13. Orchard, "Hot on the Heels of Love"
  14. Deutsch Nepal, "Performance, Image & Money!"
  15. Mourning Cloak, "United"

Cover Image In Formation
US CD, Attention Deficit Recordings ADR 09
US CD, Invisible Records INV 200 CD


  1. Lockweld, "Subhuman"
  2. Psywarfare, "6660s"
  3. Radiosonde, "Hot On The Heels Of Love"
  4. Zipper Spy, "Octobre"
  5. The Wizards Of War, "Distant Dreams"
  6. Lesser, "Hamburger Lady"
  7. Non, "Discipline"
  8. 5/5/2000, "Ecoli"
  9. Melvins, "Track Five"
  10. MSBR, "zyklon-bzombie"
  11. Concentrick, "ab/7a"
  12. Noisegate, "Persuasion"
  13. 3 Bloody Monkeys, "Whata Day"
  14. The Spaceworm w/ Crash Worship, "Scorched Earth"
  15. Deerhoof, "Blood On The Floor"
  16. Abdomen, "United"
  17. Erik Core, "Subhuman"

Cover Image Chris Carter, "Electronic Ambient Remixes Three"


  • The World As a War Film
  • Convicting People
  • Heathen Mirth
  • Indisciplined
  • Not On The Heels Of Love
  • Someone Came Over Here
  • Still Talking
  • Generic Terrorists
  • The Old Man Died
  • What Is Today
  • Hamburger Man
  • Dread Head

Chris Carter's original Throbbing Gristle rhythms and loops from the 1970's and 80's remixed in an industrial ambient style.

Cover Image Differnet, "Affections"
SE CD, Plans and Design CD-RXS80EA


  • Something Came Over Me

Cover Image Marc and The Mambas, Untitled
JP CD flexidisc, Mercury Japan, Universal UICY-3381 2004


  • Discipline

This Japanese reissue of the first Marc and The Mambas album features Discipline as a bonus track, which was previously only available on a flexidisc 7".

Cover Image Mutant TG
March 29, 2004
US/UK CD, NovaMute NOMU122CD


  1. Persuasion (Motor remix)
  2. Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carl Craig re-version)
  3. What A Day (Hedonastik remix)
  4. United (Two Lone Swordsmen remix - Vocal version)
  5. Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti remix)
  6. Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe remix)
  7. Still Walking (Carl Craig re-version)
  8. HotHeelsUnited (Carter Tutti remix)
US/UK LP, NovaMute NOMU122LP


  1. Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carl Craig re-version)


  1. United (Two Lone Swordsmen remix - Instrumental version)
  2. United (Two Lone Swordsmen remix - Vocal version)


  1. HotHeelsUnited (Carter Tutti remix)
  2. Persuasion (Motor remix)


  1. Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe remix)
Note: To promote this release a 1:15 mp3 mega mix was released called Si Begg's Crash Edit.

Thee Majesty, "Persuasion"
2006 US


  • Persuasion [MP3] 5:42

An 128kbps mp3 exclusively available from Thee Majesty's Myspace page on the 22.04.06 and the 23.04.06 to stream and download.