Flux Information Sciences "Private / Public" Young God Records YG14 2001 (43:58)

Appealing (:44)
Adaptech (5:05)
Details (:42)
Sit Down, Silly! (1:40)
Love Me Love Me (3:14)
Demise (1:44)
Liposuction (5:25)
The Shocking Truth (:57)
Accessories (1:13)
Jewelry (2:24)
Love (4:11)
Parking/Shopping (2:04)
World Class (1:32)
Model Man (1:08)
Supermarket (2:32)
Dollar Days (1:18)
She's a Fox (3:33)
Van Services (3:53)
Seamen/Soldier (:39)

Tristan Bechet of Portugal and Sebastien Brault of Madagascar formed Flux Information Sciences in NYC in 1996 and with the aid of a revolving door membership have released 4 full length albums to date, "Private / Public" being their debut for producer Michael Gira's Young God Records.  The duo abuse guitars, bass, keyboards and samplers and are further augmented here by drummer Derek Etheridge.  An explosive percussive onslaught drives most of the songs, many 2 minutes or less, with occasional breaks for sample blitz, menacing soundscapes and even some genuine tender moments.  A delightfully bizarre fun house/show biz humor prevails as lyrics are generally simple repeated slogans yelled in English over and under the sonic fury.  Imagine if you can something that borrows a bit from early SWANS, Suicide, Big Black, The Monks, Devo and James Chance ... it's simultaneously ugly, quirky, chaotic, energetic and fun with a thoroughly lo-fi DIY punk attitude.  Some comments on a few of my favorites tracks:  "Adaptech" dances like a mechanical monkey on crack.  "Sit Down, Silly!" is the best Big Black song they never wrote.  "Love" seems sincere with lovely organ and backwards guitar melodies, straightforward drums and the single word lyric, "love".  I have a single word summary for all of "Public / Private":  FUN!

Flux Information Sciences
Young God Records

Where did I get this cd? - mail order via CD World.

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