Razing Germs s/t 2003 (66:43)

Subversion Is the Key (3:32)
Hummingbird Haven (4:39)
System Invasion (6:45)
Surface Feeder (5:47)
Bottom Dweller (7:38)
In Death's Dreams (9:06)
Ego Shredder (3:50)
Dimension Arachnia (6:25)
Solstice Abstractions (3:15)
Cold and Distant (5:44)
A Hideous Whirl Through Frigid Spaces (4:46)
Lead Chamber Made (4:56)

Razing Darkness is the five years young solo project of South Carolina resident Jason Danielson.  He is also a longtime member of the Tapegerm Collective, a "non-profit community of loop-based recording artists" in which members from around the world may cross pollinate megs upon gigs of sounds via good old fashioned file transfer protocol. Razing Germs is the result of 30 others' contributions being fed through the Razing Darkness filter over two years. Danielson adeptly composes and mixes with a palette that includes all manner of machinations, synth sounds, some percussive elements, heavily manipulated samples and various other more easily identifiable samples like bird song, lapping water and electricity. Nearly every track surrealistically (though more serious than humorous) juxtaposes moments of controlled calm and barely controlled chaos. The noisier end of the spectrum is well represented and listenable throughout but it's the more ambient end that I find most intriguing. "Bottom Dweller" announces itself with metallic sheen and later transitions to somnambulist drift and near-tinnitus tones. "In Death's Dreams", the lengthiest at nine minutes and my favorite,  subconsciously shifts from deep moans and grumbles to brighter rays and surges, gradually revealing a light at the end of the tunnel.  "Dimension Arachnia" opens with a gorgeous melodic loop then slips into fluid electronic waves and random-ish bleeps and faux disco beats. The occasional rhythm or melody comes off a bit forced but overall it's an almost surprisingly cohesive whole. Danielson is an amateur on his way to becoming a pro. Also of note is the wonderful cover art by DeVico, an antiquated partial profile of a woman whose beautiful features transition into tree branches and reptilian scales ...

Razing Darkness

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