Uusitalo "Vapaa Muurari Live" Force Inc. Music Works FIM-1-044 EFA 04444-2 2000 (70:50)

Monthly Selection (:44)
User's Guide (5:48)
Bedroom Selection (7:48)
Creating Undo for Kids (2:16)
Prostitute (2:29)
Ones Groove (8:42)
Social Selection (11:58)
Dutchwallpaper (6:19)
News Selection (2:52)
Between Kate and Naomi (2:28)
Everything's an Object (1:47)
Bring the Voodoo Down (6:38)
Social Children (2:30)
Big Hearts Come Later (8:31)

Two new offerings under two new pseudonyms for Finland's Vladislav Delay (the other being LUOMO "Vocalcity") , the 3rd and 4th full length albums released this year alone (see also Vladislav Delay "Multila" and "Entain"), both under the Force Inc. Musik Werks umbrella.  "Vapaa Muurari Live" picks up where "Entain" left off with 71 more minutes of Delay fashioned electronic explorations.  The disc is titled and indexed as 14 tracks but is actually a continuous mix in four distinct, extended movements.  Each of these sections draws a bit more of an influence from a particular style, such as dance, dub and jazz.  All of the usual Delay elements are here:  a churning sea of sound granules, mostly indiscernible human sighs and mutterings (as well as a relatively long dialogue passage from "Eyes Wide Shut"), deep dub and club informed rhythms, seemingly random audio events, dense ambient environments and an overall gradual (d)evolution of sound and groove.  This is chaos in expansion.  This is the birth, life, death and afterlife of beauty.  This is electronic music from the human soul.  Can you tell yet that I love everything by this guy?  His music is utterly gorgeous.  I will continue to joyfully soak these discs in while awaiting the next round.  You should too ...

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