charles atlas

Social Studies: An Introduction to Charles Atlas (Howell's Transmitter HT006)

1 Chapultepec
2 Antiphon
3 The Snow Before Us
4 Neither/Nor
5 Grumblebee
6 Demus
7 Photosphere
8 The Deadest Bar
9 Signal Flags
10 Strategies for Success Boxes
11 Port, Noise Complaint

Textile Ranch/Charles Atlas Split EP (Static Caravan VAN60CD)

1.Murderer/Gardener (Textile Ranch)
2. Bear is Ours (Textile Ranch)
3. We Both Hurt Our Heads (Textile Ranch)
4. Huguenots (Textile Ranch)
5. Oakland (Charles Atlas)
6. Genova (Charles Atlas)

Recorded by Scott Solter in San Francisco, 2004

Fabricate: Remixes of the Album 'Worsted Weight'
(Audraglint Records, AG110)

1. sybarite: sun with teeth
2. casino vs japan: the deadest bar
3. the telescopes: italian air
4. pram: strategies for success boxes
5. park avenue music: elysium
6. signaldrift: strategies for success boxes
7. strategy: one foot under
8. isan: elysium
9. stendec: port, noise complaint
10. magnetophone: antiphon
11. marconi union: the deadest bar
12. isan: one foot under
13. tele:funken: factotum
14. nudge: stone[d] in brackish pool

these charles atlas songs originally appeared on 'worsted weight' (ochre records, och371cd), except 'stone[d] in brackish pool' from 'the deadest bar/stone[d] in brackish pool' ep (audraglint ag108).
nature photographs by chris woodcock. digipak design by multifresh. audio mastering by twerk.
all songs are copyright the respective artists and charles atlas except track 1: voice bits by celine, percussion and sampling by xian, (c)2003.

To The Dust: From Man You Came And To Man You Shall Return
(Ochre Records OCH047LCD)

1. neither/nor
2. demus
3. corona norco
4. edith
5. signal flags
6. photosphere
7. chapultepec
8. seven digit clock
9. primo levi
10. dipole moment

recorded in 2003. produced by charles atlas. recorded by jose alvarez. additional recording by sean coleman and peter weldon. mixed by sean coleman and charles atlas. mastered by mike cross at ten pin alley. all songs by charles atlas. all lyrics by charles wyatt.
charles atlas is: sacha galvagna, charles wyatt, matt greenberg
additional musicians:
cello - zoë keating
vocals - odessa chen
flute - leann wright
trombone - jose alvarez
art directon by charles atlas and jett drolette
layout by jett drolette

The Deadest Bar/Stone(d) in Brackish Pool 12" vinyl
(Audraglint Records, AG108)

a. the deadest bar
b. stone(d) in brackish pool

side a recorded in san francisco with jose alvarez and sean coleman. side b recorded in san francisco by sean coleman.
by charles wyatt, matt greenberg, and sacha galvagna. vocals and saw on side a by denise bon giovanni.
mastered by kevin ink
photography and design attempt by multifresh

Worsted Weight (Ochre Records, OCH037LCD )

1. the deadest bar
2. one foot under
3. sun with teeth
4. elysium
5. italian air
6. antiphon
7. factotum
8. strategies for success boxes
9. port, noise complaint

recorded may 8th - july 9th 2002 in san francisco with jose alvarez and sean coleman.
all instruments by charles wyatt, matt greenberg, and sacha galvagna. vocals and saw on track one by denise bon giovanni.
guitar on track four by sean coleman. white noise bursts on one foot under inspired by patrick harte.
mastered by mike cross at ten pin alley

Felt Cover (Static Caravan, VAN 34)

1. miniature lifeboat
2. another movement
3. the light they intend for you
4. hinged and still
5. valdivia
6. minor white
7. que biblia
8. five teeth and crawling
9. felt cover
10. imprints lengthwise

recorded at bruxter studios, san francisco, winter 2001. engineered/produced by monte vallier.
all instruments by charles wyatt and matt greenberg. alex kort: cello.
all tracks by charles atlas except felt cover, adapted from ferdinand magellan by martin duffy (1986 complete music ltd.)
hinged and still written as a collaboration with alex kort.
limited edition of 1000 in a Montelimart sleeve.

Charles Atlas/Alan Sparhawk split 7"
(Star Star Stereo, str 4011). Out of Print.

a: alan sparhawk: sleep song (for hollis)
b: charles atlas: pondcup (for maia)

Play The Spaces (Star Star Stereo, str 4010). Out of Print.

1. pondcup
2. pleiades 20
3. somnia
4. pleiades 27
7. fishhooks, eyeless

recorded in san francisco/chicago, october 1999 through february 2000.
performed by charles wyatt and matt greenberg. john vecchiarelli: drums on 3, 5.

Two More Hours (Star Star Stereo, str 4009). Out of Print.

1. braille
2. outstretched
3. relax, it's a flower (buddah on the moon mix)
4. character
5. duluth (alan sparhawk mix)
6. the ISAN municipal sculpture mix
7. stasis and fingernails

recorded in milwaukee/san francisco, winter 1999.
all instrumentation by matt greenberg, erik kowalski, charles wyatt. tamara battis: voice.

Braille Foundry - on the ISAN album Salamander
Morr Music, 1999. UK.

Edith - the Ottoman Empire: Couch Fort Records compilation, 2005. Prevously unreleased version.

Brainwashed Eye DVD Vol. 2, 2004. US. Interview and performance segment.

Pondcup - Infrasonic Waves Ochre Records compilation, 2000. UK.

Somnia - Masstransfer Magazine compilation, 2000. US.

Miniature Lifeboat - After Hours Magazine compilation, 2001. Japan.

Italian Air - Grounded Sound compilation, 2003. US.