Careless Talk Costs Lives

Felt Cover

Wonderful record, this. A previous album on Star Star Stereo, Two More Hours revealed Durutti Column guitars and short wave emissions melded into 7 burnished looking glasses. Alan Sparhawk mixed Duluth ensuring Low's reputation as the biggest collaboration whores ever stuck. The band are also friends with Piano Magic and sound very similar to 90 Degrees South, the Cheltenham arctic-toned experimentalist). File alongside Fridge and Susumu Yokota.

Here they continue to build on the previous experiments. Miniature Lifeboat is a soporific drone and guitar drift. Valdivia takes the formula to bed, not for a horizontal fight, but for a hypnogogic trip you wouldn¹t want to wake from. If you don't want to climb the wooden hills to Bedfordshire just yet, well tough; there are two speeds here, "snooze" or "admire the views". The cover reveals the manifesto for me; words in everyday usage colour coded so that the synaesthetic artist and audience can use it as a map. With this in mind, Another Movement smells blue, yet feels green.

Steve Hanson