Record Collector

Felt Cover

We never thought we'd see the day that the Static Caravan homeboys committed anything to CD, but lo and behold, here's their first -- an amorphous blend across time and space created by a cellist and members of Swell and Piano Magic.

Housed in what can only be described as a pop-art sleeve (by Brother Montelimar, no less) the largely ambient work within retains a simplistic approach to noise that's somewhat in common with that movement. The title track is the best thing here, with washes of synth painting the background for whatever your mind chooses for the foreground. If you want to, you can listen deeper and find the cello or the fractured rhythms frozen like a fly in a plastic ice cube, or just bask in the warm glow that the 10 tracks give off.

For a label like Static Caravan to finally get round to releasing a little silver disc is one thing, but for it to be so totally absorbing is another entirely. Hopefully, the next one will take less than two years to appear.