The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser

(The Consequences of Raising Hell)


Cover Image

Cover Image

UK 10" Solar Lodge COIL 001
US CS Soleilmoon SOL4

side a: the Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser

  1. Hellraiser - [LOCI CD 10, NORMAL77CD]
  2. Box Theme - [LOCI CD 10]
  3. Main Title - [LOCI CD 10]

side b: music for commercials

  1. Airline 1 - [LOCI CD 12]
  2. Liqueur - [LOCI CD 12]
  3. Perfume - [LOCI CD 12]
  4. Video Recorder - [LOCI CD 12]
  5. Airline 2 - [LOCI CD 12]
  6. Natural Gas - [LOCI CD 12]
  7. Cosmetic 1 - [LOCI CD 12]
  8. Cosmetic 2 - [LOCI CD 12]
  9. Analgesic - [LOCI CD 12]
  10. Road Surface - [LOCI CD 12]
  11. Accident Insurance - [LOCI CD 12]


Side A tracks are taken from Coil's soundtrack to the Clive Barker film Hellraiser which was rejected by the film studio.
Side B tracks are a selection of short peices that were commissioned for use as music for advertisements on British television. They also appear on the anthology release Unnatural History III under the group title of "Music For Commercials." These tracks were originally planned to be released as a limited edition 7" EP on R+D Group 28. Initial 10" pressing on clear vinyl, probably limited to 500 copies.
Second 10" pressing on black vinyl, quantity unknown.
Third 10" pressing on pink vinyl, probably limited to 500 copies.
The cassette has different artwork.


Cover Image

NL CD EP Torso 161

  1. Hellraiser - [LOCI CD 10, NORMAL77CD]
  2. The Hellbound Heart - [LOCI CD 10]
  3. Box Theme - [LOCI CD 10]
  4. No New World - [LOCI CD 10]
  5. Attack of the Senapods - [LOCI CD 10]
  6. Main Title - [LOCI CD 10]

John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Stephen Thrower
Andrew Poppy (on "Video Recorder")
Billy McGhee (on "Airline 1")
Trevor Brown - cover artwork

Title changed to Hellraiser Themes for CD edition.
The commercial tracks from the 10" and CS releases were dropped for the CD, and replaced with three more tracks from the Hellraiser sessions. All of these tracks, plus additional tracks from the same sessions, appear on the anthology release Unnatural History II.
The first pressing of the CD had black lettering on a blue background, while the next few pressings had black lettering on a silver background. After switching to a different manufacturer, the colours changed again to black lettering on a white background.

Clive Barker and Coil were friends during the early 1980s and it's been frequently noted that he was inspired to write Hellraiser from some of the literature and art Coil used to collect. Naturally he wanted Coil to do the score but while initial reports claim their music was "too scary" for the film, the reality is closer to that of the Hollywood studio wanting their own chums to do the work.