Selvaggina: Go Back Into the Woods

July 2004

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UK CD-R Threshold House

  1. The Gimp - Sometimes
  2. Sex with Sun Ra
  3. All the Pretty Little Horses
  4. Tattooed Man
  5. Teenage Lightning
  6. Black Antlers
  7. Bang Bang
  8. Amethyst Deceivers

John Balance
Peter Christopherson

Recorded live in Jesi, Italy on June 11, 2004.
Limited to 230 copies. The first 3 were signed and numbered, and auctioned off via the Threshold House website. Those who bid in the auction but didn't win were offered unnumbered and unsigned copies at a fixed price. The remaining copies were sold at Coil's live show at Ocean in London, UK on Sunday, July 25th, 2004.
Offered as a download from Threshold House.