Live In Porto


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  1. Blue Rats
  2. Triple Sun
  3. Radio Westin
  4. Drip Drop
  5. The First Five Minutes After Death

Peter Christopherson
Ossian Brown

This is an "authorised bootleg" recording of Coil's live performance on June 21st 2003 in Porto, Portugal, with the recordings sourced from MP3 files.
Six covers exist: white, black, red, blue, pink, purple - each limited to 100 copies.
The package, contained within a clear plastic wallet, includes one audio CD and one clear plastic CD-size disc with text printed onto it. Also included are printed acetates displaying biological micrographs in colour, and printed semi-transparent paper inserts containing single colour micrograph prints (these single colour prints determining the colour version of each individual item).
The final new copies of this release were made available for sale via Coil's Threshold House website on 1st February 2008. The line-up for the recorded show was also given on the Coil site, but does not appear on the release itself. Jhonn Balance does not appear on this recording.