Queens of the Circulating Library

April 2000

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UK CD Threshold House ESKATON 20

  1. Queens of the Circulating Library

John Balance
Dorothy Lewis - The Queen of the Circulating Library

Thighpaulsandra's mother Dorothy Lewis (a trained opera singer now retired) recites the lyrics especially written for her by John Balance; and for mothers everywhere.
This was released on April 2nd for mother's day and for the Coil show at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
Synthesized by Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, this is part one of a continually mutating series of circulating musickal compositions.
The CD comes in a pink C Shell case but was in a clear package for the show.
"Anyone can become a Queen Of The Circulating Library. Just Plant A Tree."

This disc is dedicated to mothers everywhere as it was released for Mother's Day and initially available at the highly anticipated and acclaimed Time Machines (aka Coil) Royal Festival Hall Cornucopia event in London this past April. Now it's available to us lesser beings who weren't fortunate enough to attend, courtesy of World Serpent Distribution. The disc itself has sperm swirl artwork and comes in an oh so pretty pink clamshell case. The single 49+ minute track is apparently the first of 'a continually mutating series of circulating musickal compositions' featuring Coil members John Balance and Thighpaulsandra as well as the recitation of Balance's lyrics by Thighpaulsandra's mother Dorothy Lewis. Mrs. Lewis proclaims herself the Queen of the Circulating Library and tells us the virtues of books and trees for about 5 minutes near the beginning of the piece. After that ... it's simply the drone. A soft, warm synthesized drone that slowly sweeps in and out and back and forth through space and time with only the most subtle of changes through it's duration. It's gorgeous. If I could explain why it never becomes tedious for me, even after 50 minutes, I would. But I can't really. It simply relaxes me and seems to work for any type of listening (attentive, headphone, background, etc). It is essential that you have a *long* attention span and are appreciative of this aspect of Coil's work before you plunk down the ~$19 import price for this one. I'm very happy I did. - Mark Weddle, Brainwashed