A Guide for Finishers: A Golden Hair

September 2001

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RU CD Feelee FL 3183-2

  1. Panic [FFK1]
  2. First Dark Ride [LOCICD12]
  3. Further Back and Faster [TORSO181]
  4. The Anal Staircase [ROTA1]
  5. Red Skeletons [ESKATON08]
  6. Scope [LOCICD12]
  7. Solar Lodge [FFK1]
  8. Blue Rats [ESKATON08]
  9. A.Y.O.R.
  10. The First Five Minutes After Violent Death [LOCI1]

John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Stephen Thrower
Drew McDowall

The second of two anthology CDs created to mark Coil's first live performance in Moscow.
This volume features a selection of aggressive and noisy pieces from throughout Coil's career, to coincide with Volume One - A Guide for Beginners: A Silver Voice, which features more melancholy and melodic tracks.
Both were compiled on one double CD release, The Golden Hair with a Voice of Silver.
The English title given above is a loose translation of the Russian title devised by Ivan Pavlov. The Russian word for "finisher" suggests both suicide and cumming.