Unnatural History (Compilation Tracks Compiled)


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UK CD Threshold House LOCI CD 2

  1. Various Hands - [LAY 14]
  2. The Swelling of Leeches - [LAY 14]
  3. The Pope Held Upside Down - [LAY 14]
  4. His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite - [DOMV77-03]
  5. Homage to Sewage - [TMLP 07]
  6. Here to Here (Double Headed Secret) - [NRC 05]
  7. S is for Sleep - [XX001]
  8. Dream Photography - [PEY 86]
  9. Comfortable
  10. Never - [LOCI CD 6]
  11. Penetralia II
  12. Sicktone - [LAY 10]
  13. How to Destroy Angels - [LAY 5]

John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Stephen Thrower (10)
Boyd Rice (1-4)

A collection of tracks that originally appeared on various compilations and limited edition releases along with some previously unreleased material.
"Penetralia II" is mistakenly listed as being taken from a limited 7" on the Shock label. This 7" was actually Wrong Eye / Scope, so "Penetralia II" is presumably unavailable elsewhere.
The version of "How To Destroy Angels" is in mono whereas the original 12" is in stereo.
Early pressings of this release are succeptable to the disc rot problem that has been striking many discs pressed by PDO in the early 1990s.