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March 2009

Turbo Pimp proudly launches with the second full-length release from Michael Wells as S.O.L.O. Hidden Melodies is available now for download at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Lala, Napster, Rhapsody, and more places!

September 2008

Brainwashed Archives is proud to launch with the entire recorded works from Greater Than One (including all the WaxTrax! years) from 1987-1991. The releases include hours of material never issued before on CD, remastered and re-presented in tasteful replicas of the original vinyl releases. Bonus enhanced content includes quotes from people like Graeme Revell, Scanner, Paul Dickow, Michael Wells, and others in PDF documents as well as numerous photos, cover scans, music videos and MP3s. The discs are now available through Brainwashed Commerce.

All The Masters Licked Me (includes Trust)
London (includes Dance of the Cowards and Duty as well as a DVD of music videos, projections, and artworks)
G-Force (includes I Don't Need God, Utopia, and Index singles as well as the music from Video Drug 1 and other goodies)

We hope this is the beginning of numerous projects from's roster of artists and archives.

June 2008

Two new G.T.O. tracks are available now on Golfitsta & Birdy ( label is Tik Tok).
Another exclusive track apperas on Panoramika (once again Tik Tok is the label )

February 2007

The first new songs by Tricky Disco in over a decade are now available as digital downloads only from iTunes. While there are no plans for physical releases for Up + Down and The Way That You Move, some new remixes of "Tricky Disco" and "Pure" are on the way. The new remixes, Michael Wells has described as being very "minimal/electro," should be available soon for both physical purchase and download.

January 2007

New year, new web version. Individual entries are coming shortly in the Music section.

A new film section contains online videos for some classic Technohead, Greater Than One, and Signs of Chaos hits.

Datflow music has struck a deal with iTunes. Out of print, deleted music is available once again for a growing number of titles, check the Shop Page for the most current list of what's available.

July 2005

Kompakt has issued a 12" of "Tricky Disco" by Tricky Disco b/w "Pure" by GTO. It's released under the title of Speicher 30.

May 2005

An audio interview with Lee Newman has surfaced. As far as we can tell, it was conducted for an American college radio station over the phone, credits are more than welcome.
14:00, 4MB, click here to download

Recordings of two mix sets by the GTO DJ Squad have been unearthed and are now available for download:
Mayday: a rave from 1992, 46:34, 63.96M file, click here to download
Rezerection: a rave from 1994, 28:39, 26.23M file, click here to download

January 2005

A live mix from Dutch radio titled Robotnik is now available for download, we think it was recorded in 1988.
24:00, 21.9MB, click here to download

Recordings of two mix sets by the GTO DJ Squad have been unearthed and are now available for download:
Mayday: a rave from 1992, 46:34, 63.96M file, click here to download
Rezerection: a rave from 1994, 28:39, 26.23M file, click here to download

July 2004

We now have videos of the five songs from the super duper uber rare video Video Drug 1 - Deep from Japan. Check out the following videos in quicktime:

After years, we have finally obtained a video of the fantastic song "Tender Magic" by Signs of Chaos. Like the other videos on the site, you may watch this 3+ minute video using Quicktime by clicking here. Enjoy!

March 2004

XL Recordings is allegedly reissuing the John + Julie singles. Also on the XL front, Prodigy have sampled "Pure" on their new album. (Kudos to them for clearing it with Michael Wells.) Furthermore, there are some efforts now being taken to make some sort of compilations of long deleted material.

Dataflow list reborn!
The Dataflow email list is a very low-traffic email list devoted to discussion of the umbrella of music of Lee Newman and Michael Wells. To join, go to and enter your email and come up with a password. News regarding releases, other info, as well as buying/selling/trading related items is warmly welcomed on the list.

January 2004

Michael Wells has been hard at work on new music. He describes the music as very loungy alien ambient stuff. Additionally, look for a new remix of "I Wanna be a Hippy" 2004 ska version. Wells says it's "like a bad euro madness with an animated video with sheep." More details will be posted when available.

November 2003

Warp Records has announced is a new site and service to distribute MP3s for Warp's entire back catalogue. The site should be set to launch on December 1st, 2003. At this point we don't know if it will include all remixes of the two Tricky Disco releases, but we will keep you informed once we find out.

April 2002

Brain in The Wire is now available in a deluxe package for a limited time. It has two exclusive tracks from Michael Wells. It can be purchased through Brainwashed or in a limited number of finer music retail establishments.

November 2000

"Brain in the Wire" disc A has been released to subscribers of The Wire Magazine all over the world. It features a brand new song, "Broadcast," from Greater Than One. While the CD is available currently only to subscribers, there will be a version for sale in the upcoming year. is beginning to take shape. Look for the website to contain loads of MP3 files of older tunes, rare remixes and unreleased exclusives coming soon!

older items:

There's a new double CD collection from Germany's Methods to Survive label titled "They've got the whole world in their hands." The CD features a track by Michael Wellls (simply noted as such), "Trycycle." Other artists on the label include Illusion of Safety, Masonna, Muslimgauze, Bourbonese Qualk and The Methods.

GTO's "Elevation" got a makeover late 1999 through a small label associated with Virgin in The Netherlands. The CD single and double 12" released has a couple old versions and some new remixes.

Michael Wells goes SOLO! "Out is In," from S.O.L.O. has been relased through Sulfur Recordings in the UK and USA.

The Greater Than One 7" release on Brainwashed Recordings (#003) is now available. Bloodstream is on the A side and Airstream on the B side. Sound samples are now available at Brainwashed Recordings.

Other news items

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