Brainwaves Fest 1 DVD 2 & 3 now available

Brainwaves Festival Fundraising is shifting into higher speed right now as the fest draws closer.  We're excited to have sponsors on board and we're now fundraising with two new DVDs from the first fest. Two new DVDs are now available in Brainwashed Commerce : Night 1 part 2 features The Dresden Dolls and Edward Ka-Spel & the Silverman and Day 1 part 1 features Cock ESP, Howard Stelzer, V/Vm, and Goodiepal. We also have some sponsors to announce, so please give them your gratitude.


BFD102: Night 1 part 2: The Dresden Dolls and Edward Ka-Spel & the
Silverman (of the Legendary Pink Dots)

Here's a fantastic experience with everybody sharing the same stage.
Edward joins the Dresden Dolls for the classic "Missed Me" while
Amanda Palmer joins the duo from LPD for "The Lovers." Even Z'EV joins
the action with Edward and the Silverman for the end.

BFD103: Day 1 part 1: Cock ESP, Howard Stelzer, V/Vm, and Goodiepal
It's the crew of absurdities from Cock ESP's 5 minute performance of
flailing about in a bird and horse costume.  You can even hear someone
off camera say "now THAT'S rock n' roll" (and of course, it sure is).
It's joined with local hero, noise advocate, and Intransitive
Recordings patriarch Howard Stelzer; what could have been the final
performance of V/Vm; and the much talked about Goodiepal performance.

They're each $15 in Brainwashed Commerce and come with free worldwide
shipping -


In sad news, we're sorry to announce a couple other Brainwaves acts
have had to depart: A Place To Bury Strangers and Baby Dee both have
European commitments they can't get out of.  Fear not, however, as
we're working on some additions to the lineup which will have many
people quite excited. Hopefully we will be able to publicize them


Thanks for your attention and please drop a note to our sponsors
thanking them for helping to make the Brainwaves Fest 2008 happen:

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