new jessica bailiff video online

his week a video tape arrived from France with a rare Jessica Bailiff concert filmed. We captured it and made a short video for the song "Mary," originally from her eponymous third album on Kranky. We synchronized the performance to the recording from her Live at VPRO Radio EP, out now on Brainwashed. We hope you enjoy.
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brainwashed birthday bash

Celebrate the 9th Birthday of at River Gods in Cambridge, MA (125 River Street, Central Square) on Friday, April 15th (the official birthday and release of Otology is the 16th but if you bought the set, you can get it at the birthday party if you tell us you're coming).
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matmos mixes it and curates it

Matmos appeared on the April 1st episode of BBC's Mixing It. The show can be heard online here and a photo gallery can be seen here.
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Brainwashed is excited to join a revolutionary new way to make the money greedy music business worry. Podcasting could possibly do to commercial radio what MP3s did to the record labels, and we're excited to announce the launch of the Podcast Edition of Brainwashed Radio. The Podcast Edition is a one-hour weekly special, devoted to the musical artists and record labels hosted here at brainwashed. Expect to hear new music and old favorites, rare and exclusive tracks, along with interviews and possibly even the occasional live in-studio performances. Feedback and requests are most definitely encouraged as we hope to make it the best damned Podcast ever! The best thing of all: subscriptions are free!!! iPod and other portable MP3 player users are able to download the software to subscribe at and
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icr now selling shipwreck radio cd

Colin Potter's ICR is now offering Shipwreck Radio Volume 1 by Nurse With Wound. According to Potter, "The release date for this should be November 15th (if everything goes according to plan. There is a special Limited Edition of 150 copies, which will come with an additional CDR of unreleased material from the project. This is priced at £30 (plus P & P for overseas orders) - please order from the website shop at
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aranos opens shop, dances with fruit

An online shop is now open for Aranos merchandise. Included is the brand new full-length CD, Tangomango, limited to 500 copies. Older titles include numerous releases and the highly coveted last few copies of Santoor Lena Bicycle, recorded with Nurse With Wound and packaged by original artwork by Steven Stapleton and Aranos.
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vats in the belfry

David Tibet has regretfully announced that as of November 1st, the shop is required to implement the VAT of 17.5% for all orders placed within the European Union. Europeans looking for some Current 93 or other titles still available in the shop are encouraged to buy them now before the prices soar. This money, which goes directly to the government, can no longer be paid out of pocket by Durtro itself.
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andrew mckenzie in icelandic tv ads

Need an actor fluent in Icelandic who can do some stereotypical British accents? Andrew Mckenzie of Hafler Trio is your man! He can now be seen in three Icelandic commercials for English football. For those not receiving Icelandic TV broadcasts, they can be viewed online at,, and
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alex talks but says nothing about jandek

Alex Neilson, drummer for The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden was seen last weekend in Scotland on stage as Jandek's drummer. When asked to confirm, Alex did, but refused to comment any further
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Coil co-producer/collaborator/friend Danny Hyde is coming to the end of nearly a year's work on his first solo album. Expected to be released in early 2005, the record will feature vocals by Coil's Jhonn Balance on two tracks - one a newly sung track entitled "Fj Nettlefold," the other featuring vocals recorded several years ago but never release. It will also include newly recorded versions of two Coil peices that Hyde was involved in writing and producing, "Nasa Arab" and "An Unearthly Red" (renamed "Unhealthy Red" and "Nasahara Arab" respectively). A website for the project is in the works and will be launched in advance of the album's release.
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time to get soft

Just in time for the release of his album of UK punk & US hardcore covers, Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth?, Drew Daniel is pleased to announce the launch of the offical Soft Pink Truth website. In addition to a plethora of information about the new album, you'll find a full SPT discography, a lovely video directed by Ryan Junell, and more fun stuff. Visit it now for all of your soft pink needs!
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where there is clarity there is no choice

Important Records proudly announces the release of Loudness Clarifies + Music From The Tape Lab, a double CD of all new music by Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto. Jack describes the first CD as "crunchy workouts" along the lines of Variaciones Espectrales. The second disc, Music From The Tape Lab features 1950s and 1960s-style electro-acoustic musique concrête and tape manipulation. The set will be out on November 2, however, if you were signed up on the Important Records email list, you would have been offered a pre-order of the disc with free shipping anywhere in the world and it would have been on its way to your house right now. Additionally, Brainwashed Radio will air the album in its entirety on Monday October 25th at precisely 8PM EDT. In honor of this event (and a productive year) Monday will be all Jack day with music from Meat Beat Manifesto, Perennial Divide, and Tino Corp. In other Jack news, a Meat Beat Manifesto remix of Tower of Power's "What Is Hip?" will be featured on the various artist collection What Is Hip? Remix Project Vol. 1 also to be released on November 2.
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the v/vm test continues

A new site redesign, artist section, and new free download section are all now visible over at the V/Vm site. Additionally there is news of forthcoming releases along with upcoming tour dates.
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steven stapleton scheduled to return to portland

Beta-Lactam Ring Records is now accepting pre-orders for the limited edition of the 3xCD/3xLP set of Angry Eelectric Finger by Nurse With Wound. Additionally, Steven Stapleton is scheduled to make an appearance in Portland on December 11th at an open house. Please phone 503-827-4142 or visit for more information.
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ryoji ikeda works the formula

Formula, an amazingly painfully difficult to locate DVD/book from Ryoji Ikeda is now available directly through his UK-based agent at Additionally, Ikeda has a new series of performances and installations all listed in the Events section and in more depth at his website. Ikeda is also in the process of creating a new official website. We will have more details when they're available.
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Hafler Trio Never Knew

Ready to ship now is the regular edition of I Never Knew That's Who You Thought You Were by The Hafler Trio. This is the third in Important Records' series and it is limited to 500 copies. Important considers this part of the Arts And Crafts series so each one contains a glossy print photo taken by Hafler's Andrew McKenzie. The special signed/matte print photo edition will be available within the next couple of weeks. Additionally, 15 copies of Kisses With Both Hands From Gods Little Toy are back at the shop (this was the second in the series with The Hafler Trio and has been out of stock for months). For ordering details see the Important website.
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new lpd side project available soon

Niels Van Hoorn (of the Legendary Pink Dots) and Richard van Kruysdijk (of Sonar Lodge) are pleased to announce their first release under the name Strange Attractor. Entitled Rorschach, the album will be officially released November 18 on the Music for Speakers label. LPD fans will be able to purchase the album at the merchandise stand on the European tour prior to the release date. Links to listen to the album in RealAudio the entire press release in .pdf format are available at the NEWS page at the LPD website
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Soft Black Stars Seen Over America

The first release on David Tibet's United States of Durtro label, distributed through Revolver, will be a special CD reissue of 1998's Soft Black Stars by Current 93. The reissue, which will include alternate versions and outtakes, is expected to be released in November. Additionally, the live album Halo will also receive a re-release in a few weeks on Durtro/Jnana, the Canadian outlet for Durtro.
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insect and individual silenced

David Tibet reports the following on

    Steven was recently bitten by an insect in his inner ear in Ireland. The bite went septic, and swelled into a huge boil. The boil burst and, as it was unable to come out through the ear due to the septic blockage, it went inwards, breaking his eardrum. Blood started to pour out of his ear, and the balancing fluid within his eardrum flowed backwards down his throat. The infection then spread to his throat, nose and behind his eye. Having been initially misdiagnosed by a doctor, he was then taken into hospital for massive oral and intravenous doses of antibiotics. The doctor told him if it had been a couple of days later, it would have spread to his brain and possibly killed him. Steven is now out of hospital after many days of awful pain, and is feeling (comparatively) much better, though he will be unable to swim or fly for a couple of months, and still has some problems standing up due to the balancing fluid regenerating slowly.
    Consequently we have started work on an album dedicated to such infections: BRIGHT YELLOW MOON II: EAR ECLIPSE.
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aranos dances with fruit

Aranos has just finished the recordings for his newest full-length recording, Tangomango. The CD is currently in the process of being printed up and should be available through his own Pieros label within a few weeks' time. Sound samples, images, and more details will be available on the site as they come in. In the meantime, copies of Santoor Lena Bicycle with Nurse With Wound are still available directly from him. Details are on his website.
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