dub from the secret vaults

ROIR has released a collection from former LPD member Ryan Moore. Dub From the Secret Vaults contains tracks dating all the way back to 1985. Guests include Big Youth and Neils Van Hoor of the Dots.
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one hand washes the other, and both the face

Clean yourself up with the brand new Hafler Trio soap collection! It's now available at The Marble Orchard. (No, this isn't an April Fool's joke.) In other H3O news, Korn Plastics has reissued The Sea Org, originally released on 10" by Touch in 1987. This version includes four extra tracks and one Quiktime video movie, 28 page booklet, poster and postcard.
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zos kia collected

Cold Spring has announced the "definitive" Zos Kia collection. This double CD set features all of the Zos Kia singles plus previously unreleased remixes and some live tracks. Compiled by John Gosling, the package contains original artworks along with some previously unpublished images. (Zos Kia, for those who don't know, was once one in the same with Coil.)
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new lpd mp3s and other good news awaits you

Head over to the downloads page at the LPD website for samples from each and every track from the new album, The Whispering Wall, courtesy of the Dots and ROIR! Enjoy them! In addition, some new dates have been confirmed, along with news of another new album on the way (this one due to be released on Terminal Kaleidoscope and Beta-Lactam Ring Records this coming summer).
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fresh meat

Coming May 4th is the new single from Meat Beat Manifesto containing tracks from MBM's latest ...In Dub release. "Echo in Space Dub" is backed by "Retrograde Pt. 2 Dub We R 1" with vocals from toaster, DJ Collage and special remixes by DJ Wally and Dubloner (aka Eight Frozen Modules). The 12" will be released on Tino Corp. Records, distributed by Quannum Projects. Additionally, Jack Dangers' remixes for the new DJ Wally 12" mark the second installment in Thirsty Ear's Blue Series singles, due for release on June 9th. The JD remixes draw from material off DJ Wally's album, Nothing Stays The Same and explodes from there. The B-side sports the two Wally album tracks, "Nothing Stays the Same," "A Day in the Life," and "Thirsty Thrills." And finally, Dangers is one of the invited artists whose audio 'works' comprise the upcoming gallery exhibit: Sacred and Profane presented by and at the Detroit Artists Market. Jack's entry, "Surroundings," culls the spirit of musique concr?e and will be 'staged' in 5.1 Surround Sound. Curated by Liz Copeland and Clark Warner, this "Collection of Sonic Art" runs May 7th - May 31st 2004 and also features pieces by Warn Defever, Richie Hawtin, Thurston Moore, Tadd Mullinix, DJ Olive, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Mark Van Hoen. For more info and links, see the MBM website.
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sleazy goes public

There's an insightful new interview of Peter Christopherson of Coil in Stylus Magazine. Although he doesn't mention the master plan, he does give a window into some of his favorite records, the reasons for his move, and Coil in balance. See www.stylusmagazine.com.
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kranky adds two to the list

Kranky has announced two more releases due out in the early part of this year. Charalambides' Tom Carter has CD called Monument and the brand new Pan•American release, Quiet City comes on both LP and CD-DVD. Full information, sound samples, and cover images are available now at the Kranky site. (Video clips from the DVD have yet to arrive.) Both releases are scheduled for June 21st.
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growing mixes it

If all went according to plans, the BBC Radio 3 show Mixing It would have tape recorded the Growing set this weekend at ATP. The broadcast will take place on April 23rd and can be tuned in at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/world/mixingit.shtml
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who let the rats out?

The latest release in the Met Life series of (as they say) "field recordings and ingenious sound responses" comes from Matmos. Rat Relocation Project is explained in depth by Drew Daniel at the Locust Music web site page for the album. In addition, MP3s are available. (Woo-hoo!) See http://www.locustmusic.com/matmos.html.
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new technohead video online

The 2004 remix of "I Wanna Be A Hippy" has a promotional video which is now viewable at Brainwashed. It's done with Flash but somehow we ended up with an MPEG of it. The single has apparently already charted and dropped off in Holland. Looks like people aren't ready for a Ska reinvention of Gabber quite yet! Go figure! Here's the video: technohead-i_wanna_be_a_hippy-2004.mpg.
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an important announcement

Important Records has three brand new releases now available: When I was Young CD by Genesis P-Orridge is a brand new full-length produced by Astrid Monroe, Kisses With Both Hands.... is a new 20 minute CD ep by The Hafler Trio, it follows A Small Child Dreams Of Voiding The Plague and is packed in a three-panel silk screened fold out and limited to just 500 copies. (100 copies come with a photo taken, signed and numbered by Andrew Mckenzie) and Live In Tokyo is brand new by ANP (Absolut Null Punkt) — KK Null's pre-Zeni Geva free/improv noise-rock group. For images and more information please see the releases section of Important's website.
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music from hell

The first original film score by Bubba and Matt Kadane of Bedhead and The New Year is now available through Plexifilm. From the press release, the film Hell House, directed by George Ratliff is "an in-depth look at a religious community and the house of horrors they create each year to depict modern day evils such as abortion, drug use and date rape, and how these sins will send you to hell unless you choose salvation. Hell Houses have now spread to hundreds of churches around the country. Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, Music from the Film Hell House is an all-new instrumental EP of haunting melodies and shimmering guitars." It's also worth noting that the song "Harvest" first appeared on the Brain in The Wire compilation.
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a letter from annie

Little Annie writes:
    "My sister Miriam who has leukemia is awaiting a matching bone marrow donor. On behalf of her and the many others awaiting marrow transplants, I am sending this link to www.marrow.org in the hopes that more people get involved. I know that some of us are excluded from donating marrow and blood products for various reasons but if you can forward this information to others who are eligible that would be great.

    The process is a lot easier on the donor these days and the need is for marrow, blood and platelets is ever present and crucial. By joining the public marrow registry you will be saving lives.

    Truly I cannot thank you enough

    God bless

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kirk to unleash urp 2

The forth release from Richard H. Kirk's latest label, Intone is Un Released Projects Volume 2. From the press release, "URP Vol. 2 carries on with 'electro/breaks/latin/Dub', a retrospective collection of spikey beats/joints totally unreleased previously... all written and produced by Richard H. Kirk. Kirk has been sitting on much of this material for several years, until the facility to digitally edit and enhance it was in place; so what you have is a body of work which has recently been sonically overhauled and now ready for release in 2004. Old school breaks and electro with a difference, the beats embellished with cheeky latin grooves and shed splitting dub interventions welded to some serious head pounding rhythm. Will be followed later in the year by the 3rd and final installment in the series, URP Vol. 3, chilled beats and ambient funk."
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dataflow list reborn

The Dataflow email list is a very low-traffic email list devoted to discussion of the umbrella of music of Lee Newman and Michael Wells of GTO/Greater Than One/Technohead/Tricky Disco. Michael Wells has been working on new music and some archival collections along with new stuff could possibly surface this year. In addition, there soon may be some artist-sanctioned full-length MP3s to be given away at the web site for free. Fans are encouraged to join and participate in the exchange. To join, go to http://hollyfeld.org/mailman/listinfo/dataflow and enter your email and come up with a password. News regarding releases, other info, as well as buying/selling/trading related items is warmly welcomed on the list.
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kranky announces two of this season's draft picks

The two newest players to join the Kranky team are Chris Herbert and Greg Davis. Chris Herbert is a sound designer and arranger based in Birmingham, U.K. He records music and creates sound installations. As a member of the Modulate AV collective he contributes to audio visual pieces and installations in Birmingham. His music combines the pulse and range of electronic music with faint hints at song structure. Greg Davis will be releasing an album called Somnia on kranky in Fall 2004. Greg Davis has released music on Tonschact, Staalplaat, his own Autumn Records imprint and most notably Carpark. Whereas the new Curling Ponds Woods album intermingles folk songs with applied electronics, Somnia is a collection of pure drone pieces Greg Davis has been working on over the past few years. Keep an eye out for the Greg Davis (Group), currently touring North America. Greg Davis will be finishing up Somnia with the goal of having the album out this coming fall.
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eye 002 is now available!

The Eye DVD Volume 2 is now available. Like Volume 1, this DVD-R is only available direct from Brainwashed Commerce and all proceeds go to help with the costs of operating and the future video projects. Volume 2 includes the video segments of Angels of Light (w/Devandra Banhart), Dirty Three, Kinski, Hrvatski/Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Charles Atlas. The video segments can still be watched online at The Eye Archive but due to space restrictions, these might begin to come down. Once again, the price is only $12 and we appreciate all your support.
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a message from tg

Throbbing Gristle have issued the following message this past week:
    "Despite the current rash of unfounded and malicious internet rumors, presumably intended to confuse and fuck things up for other people, we want to make the following quite clear:

    The forthcoming performance by THROBBING GRISTLE at RETG on the Industrial Weekend at Cambers Sands, May 14-16th 2004 will be a ONE TIME ONLY DEAL. TG will NOT be playing ANY other shows - NOT in Europe, NOT in the US, NOT ANYWHERE!!!

    At their recent sessions at Mute Studios in London, TG demonstrated (somewhat to their own surprise) that they were able to get on, and to play both old and new material with the same passion and intensity as before, HOWEVER the four members' agendas, schedules, living arrangements, and personal projects make it impossible that this event will be repeated.

    If you are interested in witnessing TG in action, this show will be your ONE and ONLY opportunity. DO NOT MISS IT."

A brief glimpse of the session of the band in Mute studios can be seen at Mute's web site. Meanwhile, the release of the remix collection known as Mutant TG has been pushed back to March 29th (UK) and April 6th (USA).

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new kranky sounds

Sound samples and cover images are now online for three new releases from Kranky. Joy Shapes from Charalambides, Drug Money from Brent Gutzeit, and First Narrows from Loscil round out the rest of the Spring 2004 releases from Kranky. They're all due out May 10th, but you can hear them now!
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!!! announce new full-length record

Louden Up Now is now the currently working title for the second full-length release from !!!. The album is set for release in North America through Touch & Go Records on June 8th. At this time, we do not have a confirmation of a Warp release of the album in the UK/EU. A tracklist should be posted at the web site soon along with some sound samples if you're good.
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