Major Label Boycott

Until further notice, brainwashed will actively ignore major label music.
This comes in the wake of their efforts to stomp out music trading community efforts. While brainwashed isn't condoning illegally trading music, there are legitimate uses for the exchange of music over the internet. While many artists and labels support it, the rich and expensive ones seem to wish to have it ceased as opposed to combine resources and work progressively. Independent studies have shown that music traders are more likely to become music purchasers, and the distinguishing listener will always know the difference in a compressed MP3 versus a high fidelity CD recording. The point of ignoring major labels is that while the RIAA is staging this battle, it was the lawyers and representatives from the major labels who raised the stink. It's those lawyers and businessmen who decide to focus resources into merging labels, thus laying off hundreds of hard working employees and cutting fledgling artists from the rosters. These people actively take advantage of their singers, writers, employees and fans - so it's ironic they're claiming others are stealing. While it's easy for brainwashed to boycott major label product, the message should be delivered to friends, co-workers and associates who wouldn't be here reading this. Over the past week, there has been a lot of talk on boycotting major labels and a backlash of people voicing their opinions against a boycott. Brainwashed will keep this boycott until further notice. People have said "what about Coil and Meat Beat and the Nothing/Interscope connection??" MBM is no longer affiliated with Interscope and Coil have still not released anything through hem. Not entirely dissimilar to boycotts on coffee chains, soda manufacturers, meat, tobacco or anything else people choose - in the end it's up to you, the consumer to decide what is best for you.