V/Vm write the following:
    Anyone in possesion of a recent V/Vm Test Release which cannot be named for legal reasons could be breaking the law. If you own a copy to be sure of your safety and to avoid any personal legal action against yourself which could end in a custodial sentence please return it without delay to: V/Vm Test, 205 Edgeley Road, Edgeley, Stockport, SK3-0TL. England.

    Unfortunately we are not at liberty to say which release for legal reasons it is which you may or may not have due to the legal ramifications which could befall V/Vm Test. A simple visit to the V/Vm Test Website and a look around should provide the information by a process of elimination.

    All copies returned to V/Vm Test will be destroyed and forwarded to the Record Label who, because of Red Tape, we are unable to mention and no further action will be necessary.

    We would also ask if you have made reference to this release on a website or see any references to this release on a website that they are removed. If you see a review of this product anywhere you should iunform those reviewing that they are serious breach of copyright and these reviews should be removed from the public domian. This release must be seen to not exist and never existed. If you have one you don't have one, if you see one you don't see one. This release from this date forward does not exist.

    The future of V/Vm Test is in severe doubt due to the legal repurcussions of the above notice and due to rising legal costs and a fighting fund to ensure future releases can be released has been set up. We are unable to provide any further details surrounding the above at this time.

    The offical V/Vm quote for the above which can be freely distributed and published is as follows

      "Because of the position we're in, anything we say could be taken and used against us. No comment."

    The above release itself (which never existed) ran at a substantial loss to V/Vm Test as it was designed only to break even if all copies sold out. The release has ceased to be distributed from mid February. This information was passed to those concerned in February. Despite this open admission V/Vm Test has still been asked to cover substantial legal costs and damages (a figure cannot be disclosed for legal reasons). This puts the labels future in serious doubt.

    This matter concerns all of those fellow musicians and people who purchase and support plundered audio, appropriations illegal sampling and unauthorised tributes. Dance and Electronic music has been littered with such experiments over the years and this will continue as advancements in technology make more possible. And it also affects those musicians we have worked with and have continued to work with over the last few years.

    V/Vm has always helped and supported those in this field of audio work and has often held its head on the line in this area of work when others did not want to take simillar risks. We are aware of the risks and have always been aware of the result that our actions could bring. Even those who are against us will appreciate the fact that we have helped a number of musicians release their work over the years, work which otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Hopefully we will be in a position soon to continue our forthcoming release work as financial stability returns once more.

    With this in mind we are asking each of you who have taken advantage of our free MP3s and who appreciate the work we have undertaken over the last eight years to help us try to meet the cost of our current legal bills. A number of upcoming releases are now under serious threat of not being released and if you care about seeing and hearing more new music out there released by V/Vm Test then by buying any of our existing products you can help ensure our survival.

    Donations to the label at this time however big or small are more than welcomed as are direct purchases of any of releases via our direct mail order.

    Any messages of support or abuse we receieve as a result of this will be posted online at the website in due course. Please be sure to be in touch with us and to distribute this mail to those you think will be interested, your help is appreciated.

    Many thanks for your attention.

    further information : http://brainwashed.com/vvm/news_/00017_vvmfightfund.htm