Important Records announces two new releases: the debut from Barbez and O Si Amos A Essere Duas Umbras? from Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple. From the Important press sheet: "Not too long ago, Barbez and Boston's Dresden Dolls were sister groups treading similar musical waters, but with each group maintaining unique and distinctive sounds. In fact, before Important Records signed the Dresden Dolls for their live album A Is For Accident, the Dolls and Barbez were conspiring to set up their own label called Black Freighter. Well, you may well know how the story went from there. The Dresden Dolls have moved on to a well deserved fame which is growing every moment. The next chapter in this musical story is the this brilliant, eccentric full length from Barbez." As for Makoto, "Kawabata has created O Si Amos A Essere Duas Umbras? in tribute to Sardegna where his creative life recently achieved a highly influential spiritual climax. According to Kawabata, these recordings represent one of the most important moments in his life. While in Sardegna he found his 'cosmos.' At some point on his trip, a new cosmos opened for him and he received 'many wonderful vibrations.' These are the very first of his works created after this transcendental experience."