David Tibet reports the following on Durtro.com:

    Steven was recently bitten by an insect in his inner ear in Ireland. The bite went septic, and swelled into a huge boil. The boil burst and, as it was unable to come out through the ear due to the septic blockage, it went inwards, breaking his eardrum. Blood started to pour out of his ear, and the balancing fluid within his eardrum flowed backwards down his throat. The infection then spread to his throat, nose and behind his eye. Having been initially misdiagnosed by a doctor, he was then taken into hospital for massive oral and intravenous doses of antibiotics. The doctor told him if it had been a couple of days later, it would have spread to his brain and possibly killed him. Steven is now out of hospital after many days of awful pain, and is feeling (comparatively) much better, though he will be unable to swim or fly for a couple of months, and still has some problems standing up due to the balancing fluid regenerating slowly.
    Consequently we have started work on an album dedicated to such infections: BRIGHT YELLOW MOON II: EAR ECLIPSE.