The two newest players to join the Kranky team are Chris Herbert and Greg Davis. Chris Herbert is a sound designer and arranger based in Birmingham, U.K. He records music and creates sound installations. As a member of the Modulate AV collective he contributes to audio visual pieces and installations in Birmingham. His music combines the pulse and range of electronic music with faint hints at song structure. Greg Davis will be releasing an album called Somnia on kranky in Fall 2004. Greg Davis has released music on Tonschact, Staalplaat, his own Autumn Records imprint and most notably Carpark. Whereas the new Curling Ponds Woods album intermingles folk songs with applied electronics, Somnia is a collection of pure drone pieces Greg Davis has been working on over the past few years. Keep an eye out for the Greg Davis (Group), currently touring North America. Greg Davis will be finishing up Somnia with the goal of having the album out this coming fall.