Important Records proudly announces the release of Loudness Clarifies + Music From The Tape Lab, a double CD of all new music by Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto. Jack describes the first CD as "crunchy workouts" along the lines of Variaciones Espectrales. The second disc, Music From The Tape Lab features 1950s and 1960s-style electro-acoustic musique concrête and tape manipulation. The set will be out on November 2, however, if you were signed up on the Important Records email list, you would have been offered a pre-order of the disc with free shipping anywhere in the world and it would have been on its way to your house right now. Additionally, Brainwashed Radio will air the album in its entirety on Monday October 25th at precisely 8PM EDT. In honor of this event (and a productive year) Monday will be all Jack day with music from Meat Beat Manifesto, Perennial Divide, and Tino Corp. In other Jack news, a Meat Beat Manifesto remix of Tower of Power's "What Is Hip?" will be featured on the various artist collection What Is Hip? Remix Project Vol. 1 also to be released on November 2.