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Kiki Gyan, "24 Hours In A Disco"

These seven lengthy grooves are sure to please disco fans and their refreshing quality can be appreciated by those others who, like me, tend to view the genre with a mixture of amusement and terror. Sadly, behind the ecstatic sounds of 24 Hours in a Disco is the tale of a talented artist who was cursed by addiction and doomed by fame.


Kiki Gyan was a high school dropout who became a millionaire before he was eighteen. Acclaimed for his solo and session work, he toured with Osibisa, performed for the Queen of England, and island-hopped on "champagne-soaked luxury liners." Gyan’s wealth frittered away and his years of drug abuse even led to psychiatric care. He was discovered dead, after 30 minutes on a toilet, an hour shy of his 47th birthday.

On record, though, the beat will always go on. As with Kraftwerk and others, incremental changes can seem huge in the course of a long song. Gyan's tunes have unrelenting pace and pure narrow vision which kept me feeling sharp on a long late-night drive recently, although several times my speed crept up rather high! Sound and rhythm indeed have the power to hypnotize: blinding us to the dangers of speed traps and much worse!