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Forced Exposure New Releases for 5/26/2014

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New music is due from Eleh, Kyoka, Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio, and Donna Regina, while old music is due from Joe Negro, The Shivers, and The Black Hippies.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 219 Medford Street / Malden, MA 02148 / USA

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4M 1601LP

FUNKADELIC: Funkadelic (Limited Edition) LP (4M 1601LP) 20.00
"This is the 1970 debut from Detroit's nastiest, most shredding progenitors of funk-rock. Funkadelic formed in the late '60s and, in addition to George Clinton, included the blazing guitar of Eddie Hazel, organist Mickey Atkins, rhythm guitarist Tawl Ross, and drummer Tiki Fulwood. Though firmly rooted in funk and soul, Funkadelic incorporates a dark psychedelic element, influenced by Hendrix and Sly Stone, to create a sound that was unparalleled at the time. Sampled by everyone from DJ Shadow to Ice Cube, Funkadelic still sounds fresh today and is the first solid example of George Clinton's eccentric genius. Two-color yellow and red opaque regular weight vinyl. Limited edition of 1,000."

4M 230LP

WIFFEN, DAVID: David Wiffen LP (4M 230LP) 19.00
"Canadian singer/song writer David Wiffen's 1971 self-titled album, originally released on Fantasy Records, is now being reissued by 4 Men With Beards. The album is a showcase for David's rich baritone voice and his world weary, laid back songs. Standout tracks include the classic 'Driving Wheel' covered by Tom Rush, The Byrds, The Jayhawks, Roger McGuinn and The Cowboy Junkies among many others, plus the openly confessional 'More Often Than Not' and 'I've Got A Ticket'. A underground folk/chamber pop classic reissued on 180 gram vinyl."

4M 239LP

CARAVAN: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You LP (4M 239LP) 19.00
"If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You is the second album by the Canterbury/progressive rock band Caravan. Originally released in 1970 this album was a significant advancement over the debut with much more highly melodic, complex songs, and more elaborate musicianship. A progressive rock classic reissued with a tip on jacket on 180 gram vinyl."


50 037EP

PHON.O: Cracking Space Pt. 2 12" (50 037EP) 14.00
Here comes Cracking Space Pt. 2. The second half of Phon.o's journey into the deeper end of dance music is slightly darker than its counterpart. The working title for this record was Pri5m, as it is dedicated to whistleblower Edward Snowden, and doing this title justice, the three tracks are full of suspense and captivating sounds. Phon.o's signature stacked percussions are met by playful UK garage-esque bass lines, driving 4x4 kickdrums, and slowly-evolving melodies that are coated in delicate layers of beautifully haunting atmospheres. The outcome is a subtle dancefloor killer that will work its way into ears and legs without big gestures.



BLACK HIPPIES, THE: The Black Hippies CD (ACD 009CD) 15.00
"Pazy (real name Joseph Etinagbedia) started playing music in the Fire Flies in the city of Warri, Nigeria in 1973. The area was in the midst of an oil boom, and like most bands on that scene, the Fire Flies played American and European pop hits mixed with jazz and highlife for the largely expat audiences in local clubs. Along with an influx of foreigners, the oil boom also gave rise to an emerging Nigerian youth market, and soon Pazy formed the Black Hippies to play the uniquely African style of hard rock that was favored by this new audience. They quickly found success and appeared alongside other Warri-based artists such as Tony Grey. In short time, they came to the attention of EMI and their legendary producer Odion Iruoje, who recorded this album. By the time it was released in 1977, though, disco and funk were starting to take over and the hard fuzzy rock of The Black Hippies first album was somewhat behind the times. As a result, the album was barely released and is now virtually un-findable, unseen by all but a few of the most hardcore collectors. Pazy would go on to form a new line up of the Black Hippies that played mostly reggae but this remains by far the best album. Featuring whiplash funk drumming, searing fuzz guitar, raw vocals and that uniquely West African organ sound, The Black Hippies first album is a definitive classic of the genre. Beautifully remastered with restored artwork, this release stands alongside our Ofege and Psychedelic Aliens releases as restored gems from a largely unknown but incredibly vital rock scene in '70s West Africa."


BLACK HIPPIES, THE: The Black Hippies LP (ALP 009LP) 21.00
LP version. Includes a 12" x 24" poster.


BH 005-5EP

TUFF SHERM: Smugglers Bureau 12" (BH 005-5EP) 16.00
"Signature TS bruk funk, a little further over to the darkside, and carrying a few extra kilos for his BH debut. 'Smugglers Bureau' has a flavour of Future Shock-era Herbie: that dog's barking because Steve Poindexter just popped his head round Laswell's studio door. 'Easy Company' is open, melodic, cinematic. Finally, 'Delroy Edwards' brings the house down with a melancholic, cold-wave nod to vintage Kenny Larkin and Carl Craig, rugged but evocative."



JOY WELLBOY: Before the Sunrise 12" (BPC 286EP) 12.00
Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens aka Joy Wellboy present remixes of their track "Before the Sunrise" for BPitch Control. The Tension Dub version of BPC veteran Kiki equips the original with its downtempo drive and poppy flair with a pumping attitude, while the spiral synths and a proper bass structure will pull you towards the dancefloor. Dixon emphasizes not only the dreamy side of the original, but lets his trademark sound unfold into a glorious melody, fed by pathos and romance. Matthew Patterson Curry aka Safety Scissors' remix features a sweeping climax.



FERREYRA, ERNESTO: Insight 12" (CADENZA 094EP) 14.00
Argentinean DJ and producer Ernesto Ferreyra returns to Cadenza with the Insight 12" -- a precursor to a full album for the label. "Voltage Poem" displays a stomping, elastic backbeat, peppered with live percussion, shakers and micro glitches around the mechanical funk of the bass line. Ernesto really dubs out various elements and creates a real trip of a track. "There Is No Answer" is another playful slice of tripped-out dance. A solid groove and frenetic drum pattern is tied down with deep and melodic chords, and radio frequencies hum in the background while the hi-hats keep the energy levels up.



KONATE, OUMAR: Addoh CD (CLE 009CD) 12.00
Addoh is Oumar Konate's international debut album. Recorded during the historic 2012-2013 political crisis in Mali, it represents a transition in his musical journey, a sound treatise on the emotions and experiences of young Malians as they lived through the rebellion and coup d'etat that was shattering their country and their dreams of a better future. Recorded in Africa and the U.S., these tracks reflect contributions by several master African and American musicians. The combination of ancient and modern instruments reveals the sophistication of the many gifted artists in Africa. Versed in tradition and connected by global media, they combine sounds in new ways, expressing their aspirations and ideas. And through it all, Konate's guitar shreds. Mahalmadane Traoré (drums, calabash, conga); Dramane Toure (bass and rhythm guitar); Professor Louie (keyboards, Hammond organ, grand piano and accordion); Zoumane Tekereta: (traditional violin); Adramane Idrissa Maiga (ngoni); Amadou Keita (djembe); Cheick Diallo (wooden flute); Sidiki Diabaté (kora); and The Debo Band horn section.



ANDERSON, JOEY: After Forever CD (DKMNTL 017CD) 17.00
Dekmantel release the debut full-length album from New Jersey producer, DJ and Inimeg Records boss Joey Anderson. Entitled After Forever, the album is the natural next step for a producer who has turned out plenty of deep and intriguing techno EPs for labels like Latency, Deconstruct Music and Syncrophone. Having been championed by the likes of Levon Vincent and DJ Qu before the rest of the world cottoned on, Anderson's style has proved to be truly idiosyncratic, where near bottomless techno grooves get run through with haunted piano lines, shadowy synth-work or elegant drones. There are barely ever any claps or snares; instead, just plenty of deeply hypnotic kicks and plenty of noir tension. As well as two tracks that were released on Anderson's previous Dekmantel EP, the album offers nine new cuts and kicks off with "Space Between Curtains." Haunting, saddened piano keys linger in the air above metallic synth sounds for the emotive duration of the track. Then there's the teary-eyed, end-of-the-world yet optimistic vibe of "Space Colors Ideas." After that, various intimate moods are explored, from heavy and ominous on "Maidens Response" to celestial and cautiously uplifting on "Archer's Ceremony" via "Amp Me Up," which sees Anderson's spacious and atmospheric style suck you in with its weird, gurgling machine noises unraveling above an unchanging drum track. It's an album that demands and indeed warrants close inspection, and is the sort of work that really transports you deep into another world far away from here. With After Forever, then, Joey Anderson confirms he crafts moody and atmospheric techno like few others.


ANDERSON, JOEY: After Forever 2LP (DKMNTL 017LP) 23.00
2LP version.



POWELL: Club Music 12" (DIAG 009EP) 16.50
Powell returns to his own Diagonal imprint with a three-headed monster of a 12", his first on the label since 2012's Body Music. "So We Went Electric" sparks like a cable gone haywire, spitting arcs of raw blue energy through the mix amid spidery, distorted guitars and moaned vocals. "No U Turn" is bone-dry yet hot-blooded funk, its drums and bass strutting back and forth in an overdriven frenzy. And "Maniac," which features Russell Haswell ringing the life out of a Devil Fish TB-303, rounds this 12" off at its murkiest and most grimey, flipping the atmosphere of an almighty onstage punk band strop into contorted, fucked-up basement acid.


DG 001BK

PAZ, EILON: Dust & Grooves: Adventures In Record Collecting Book (DG 001BK) 66.00
"Eilon Paz's 416-page coffee-table book illuminates over 130 vinyl connoisseurs and their collections in the most intimate of environments -- their record rooms. With a foreword by the RZA, compelling photographic essays are paired with in-depth interviews to illustrate what motivates record collectors to keep digging. Readers get an up close and personal look at a variety of well-known vinyl champions as well as a glimpse into the collections of world-renowned and lesser-known DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday enthusiasts. The book is divided into two main parts: the first features 250 full-page photos framed by captions and select quotes, while the second consists of 12 full-length interviews that delve deeper into collectors' personal histories and vinyl troves. It all started out several years ago as nothing more than a way for photographer Paz to engage in a personal project in his free time. Adrift in Brooklyn after emigrating from Israel, Paz -- a record collector on the side -- thought it might be fun to start taking photos of people whose record collections were both larger and weirder than his own. These portraits turned into the Dust & Grooves website, which quickly developed a global following that grew every time a new portrait was added to the mix. People all over the world seemed to dig not only the beauty of Eilon's photos, but the interviews with the collectors -- a motley, if generally charming, crew of non-violent obsessives who turned out to be at least as intriguing as the records they collected. Unearthing the very soul of the vinyl community, his book will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, from die-hard record enthusiasts to fans of pop culture, sharp photography, and music history."



DEFORCE & MIKA VAINIO, ARNE: Hephaestus CD (EMEGO 187CD) 15.50
Arne Deforce is renowned for his passionate and unparalleled performances of contemporary and experimental music. As a soloist, his repertoire consists mainly of solo and chamber music with a special interest in works deemed "unplayable" but "performable" from composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Richard Barrett, John Cage and Brian Ferneyhough. Mika Vainio was one-half of the minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic. His solo works, under his own name and under aliases like Ø, are known for their analog warmth and electronic harshness, ranging from abstract drone works or minimal avant techno. In Greek and Roman mythology, Hephaestus was the god of fire; celestial blacksmith; craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes; son of Zeus and Hera; husband of Aphrodite. The river Phlegethon was one of the five rivers in the infernal regions of the underworld, where Hephaestus operated. Plato describes it as "a stream of fire, which coils round the earth and flows into the depths of Tartarus. It is said that the goddess Styx was in love with Phlegethon, but she was consumed by his flames and sent to Hades. On this Editions Mego release, Hephaestus couples the rich acoustics of Deforce's cello techniques with the raw expressiveness of Vanio's electronics. The music reflects these ancient symbols whereby each track possesses physical, emotional and psychological states. The journey begins with "Phlegethon (Stream of Fire)" -- a world of sound building in intensity and ferocity as a means of navigating the listener into this other world. Both "Cocytus (River of Lamentation)" and "Acheron (River of Woe)" explore more introspective (ambient) terrain, harnessing the players' ability to conjure discrete congruous textures. From here we are hurtled into the unbridled fury of "Styx (River of Rage)" where the consummation of the individual and eternal agony resides amongst the synergetic logic adopted by the artists and their chosen tools. "Lethe (River of Forgetfulness) Or Oblivion" incorporates small repeating phrases and minimalist motifs which provide a sense of disorientation and dislocation for the traveler/listener while a world of respite is laid bare in the comforting yet brooding closing piece "Elysium (Fields of Relief)." Hephaestus is a fascinating journey through the netherworld of human extremity, presented as a combination of pure acoustic and electronic sources and realized in both physical and psychological manifestations. Arne Deforce (cello); Mika Vainio (processing, electronics).



DERRINGER, JEFF: Beat to Quarters 12" (EDLX 037EP) 14.00
Jeff Derringer presents his first solo effort for Electric Deluxe -- a solid two-tracker of rigorous dancefloor material. The EP opens with spitting hats and chugging intent before space-blips, ticks and typical Derringer-charged atmospherics storm in. EDLX mainstay Giorgio Gigli then ups the ante on his variation, with swirling, foreboding strings and muted mutant clicks, turning "Beat to Quarters" into a menacing epic. Jeff goes in weirder with "The Stranger" -- full of itchy claps, crashes, and deep space tones, there's plenty here to keep you busy. The EP concludes with a cool and creeping remix from Voices From The Lake.


EM 1125CD

INRYO-FUEN: Ho-aku CD (EM 1125CD) 20.00
An enigma. A band records their second album in 1985, but sits on it for 29 years and releases it as a new album, not a "lost gem," in 2014. The authors of this enigma are known as Inryo-fuen, a Japanese trio formed in 1978, meeting via a Surrealism circle in Yokohama. With the intent of applying the Surrealist idea of Automatic Writing to sound, they began performing their improvised music in 1980, with their first performance at the legendary Tokyo venue Minor, which was run by Takashi Sato of Pinakotheca Records. This second album was recorded after the release of an LP and several singles during the period 1980-1984. The trio of Jun Harada (drums), Naoyuki Masuda (guitar), Masamichi Oyama (keyboard), although involved in the Tokyo/Yokohama underground/independent rock scene, were seemingly sui generis, avoiding punk and post-punk stylistic style-markers, yet decidedly not a part of any synth-pop or electro movements, either. This album, Ho-aku, was recorded in 1985. In the studio, the band projected slides of photos which Masuda had taken in Spain, and used these images as a springboard for the recording process. Still active, the band is, in all likelihood, the longest-running fixed-personnel improvised music group in Japan. Inryo-fuen's Ho-Aku. A new album. Recorded in 1985. Experience the enigma.

EM 1126CD

The relaunch of EM Records' Thai music series. Paradise Bangkok, Soi 48 and EM Records have teamed up to deliver a new series showcasing the extraordinary performances of some of Thailand's greatest musical legends. The first release is the seminal album Isan Lam Plearn, released in 1975 by Angkanang Kunchai. This album represents a crucial moment in Thai musical history when the performance styles of Molam and Luk Thung were fused together for the very first time. Born in the province of Ubon Ratchathani in Isan (the northeastern region of Thailand), Angkanang Kunchai was a young female prodigy who emerged on the Molam scene, and became one of the first generations of Molam performers who were able to "sing" popular music. From an early age she was mentored by renowned national Molam artist Chaweewan Dumnern, and in her mid-teens joined the legendary musical troupe the Ubon-Pattana Band as the lead vocalist. In 1972 at the age of 16, she released her debut single "Isan Lam Plearn," which went on to become an enduring classic, covered most recently by major contemporary pop star Tai Orathai. The song was also a defining moment in the career of Ubon's legendary producer Surin Paksiri, as it was the first recording in which Isan music -- in particular Molam -- was fused with Luk Thung from Bangkok to form the new musical genre of Luk Thung Isan. This music invented by record industry genius Paksiri, transformed Molam groups into rock bands and saw them starting to perform with the same kind of intensity as Luk Thung artists. The mix of contemporary singing styles with traditional Molam broke a major taboo and resulted in some truly outlandish music. "Isan Lam Plearn" became a major hit as the theme tune to the film Bua Lam Pu, and before long this new forbidden cool began to infect everyone, with performers turning in their droves to the Luk Thung Isan style. This turned out to be a precursor to the spread of Isan music across the country and the Molam boom that engulfed Thailand in the '90s -- an unprecedented period in Thailand's musical history in which Luk Thung singers were simply not able to make it in the record business unless they could perform Molam. While typically albums produced in Thailand tended to be collections of singles, this work produced by Paksiri has an unusual degree of conceptual unity, and this is a very significant aspect of the album. It is an undeniable masterpiece that sees the Ubon-Pattana Band, led by Paksiri, delivering a performance that dramatically traverses genre boundaries, in an eerie soundscape populated by the cute and rarefied tones of the young singer. It stands above and apart from the many Luk Thung Isan works that followed. As a bonus track is Kongpetch Kaennakorn's version of the much-covered "Isan Lam Plearn." Includes commentary in English and Japanese and an explanation of the lyrics. Newly-remastered.



FARAONE, MARCO: I Will Wait: The Remixes 12" (ETB 016EP) 12.50
Marco Faraone's first album I Will Wait (2013) was supported by important national and international DJs/producers, such as Laurent Garnier, an icon of the electronic music world . After this excellent result, Etruria Beat has decided to release some remixes of the most requested and most popular tracks on the album. The very special surprise remixers are Dana Ruh, Locked Groove, Marco Faraone himself, and Jay Haze.


540 040EP

SECTION URBANE: The Final Program 7" (540 040EP) 7.00
"The final release in 540 Records' series of reissues from '70s Brisbane punk labels Shake Music and Savage Music is this four-song EP from Section Urbane. Having released two previous singles of quirky punk as Just Urbain, the Brisbane band continued their unique Velvets-through-the-lens-of-Joy-Division approach through the name change, harnessing a fuller, more bass-heavy sound on their final recording session. The track 'I'd Rather Stay Home and Watch TV' still has more than its fair share of the Aussie-garage stomp of bands like the Chosen Few and the Victims, but after that it's all about Mo Tucker beats, dark and poetic lyrics delivered with a distinctly Lou Reed-influenced drawl, and heavy, melodic Peter Hook-style bass lines. If you want to hear first-gen-DIY naiveté, post-punk artistic ambition and the party-hearty sensibility of the original Murder Punk bands clash together into something wholly unique, get this on your turntable right away. 600 copies with pretty purple dust sleeves."


FP 010CD

PRINS THOMAS: 10 Years of Full Pupp (2004-2014) 2CD (FP 010CD) 21.00
Full Pupp, the undisputed home of Oslo's more unknown, unspoiled and untouchable jeunesse, proudly presents you 10 Years of Full Pupp, a compilation dedicated to their first decade, 2004-2014. But the label is not only looking back on those years, overseeing what they have done and shedding some tears of what was then, they're also making room for what is now a bright outlook to the near future. Both CDs together comprise 32 tracks of beautiful music, hand-selected, picked and packed, edited and mixed by Prins Thomas himself. Includes 16 exclusive and previously-unreleased tracks that were recorded especially for this compilation. This mix was recorded by Prins Thomas at home on a cloudy afternoon using vinyl only, two Technics 1210's, Rane MP2016 + XP2016 and Alpha Recording System 3 band isolator. Additional overdubs, fx and edits done @K16 Studios, Oslo. Artists include: Frisvold & Lindbæk, Marius Våreid, Blackbelt Andersen, Magnus International, Ytre Rymden Dansskola, Erik Skantze, Casiokids, Andre Bratten, Tarjei Nygård, Jarle Bråthen, Diskjokke, Øyvind Morken, Skatebård, Lindstrøm, Dølle Jølle, Omar V, DJ Sotofett, Marius Circus, Lionheart Brothers, M.Øby & PT, Sommerstad, Telephones, and Randaberg Ego Ensemble.


GET 54049LP

GENIUS/GZA: Liquid Swords Instrumentals 2LP (GET 54049LP) 31.00
"The full Liquid Swords Instrumentals is available for the first time on white and black vinyl as a nod to the chessboard art synonymous with the album cover. All tracks have been restored, with re-mastered audio from the original source tapes. A double LP with custom silk-screened jackets by AntiDesigns. Limited to 1,000 copies."



Full-length CD-R + 7" single + silk screened art book by illustrator Lucy Jones. Limited to 250 copies. Second outing on Golden Lab for the pairing of Michael Flower & Neil Campbell (following a limited, instant sell-out double cassette in 2011). Best known for helping to establish the entire British underground psychedelic noise/drone scene as members of legendary unit Vibracathedral Orchestra, they are today, quite rightly, two of its most lauded proponents. This release -- a beautifully packaged CD-R/7"/book set with stunning silk screened print work by Manchester artist Lucy Jones -- pays reverence to that fact. The music was recorded spontaneously at live shows at Leeds' Wharf Chambers and Hebden Bridge's Trades Club, as well as at Michael Flower's home, and it demonstrates a more mellow, major-scale bliss-out version of the "Sister Ray"-inspired endless web of intricate psychedelia that appeared on their previous release. It is, needless to say, utterly without peer.



SPOILS & RELICS: Sins of Omission LP (HARB 113LP) 23.00
Given two sides of untitled vinyl to stretch out on, the enigmatic Spoils & Relics lay out their wares for all to see. Here we have shortwave trawls picking up single, impossible-to-translate words, slight squeaks, wheezes and heaves, sounds of budgie cages being shaken in empty houses, lo-fi electronic squawk, bottles being kicked around a stone floor, parps culled from small boxes with switches on them, electro-acoustic dub, dried peas rattling around a tin, a mass beetle exodus ... or none of the above. The mood in places is austere, in others noisy, in some contemplative. This is their third release on Harbinger Sound -- after sharing one side of a split LP with BRB/Voicemail and having a single all to themselves, they've finally got the LP they deserve. Working in ever darker and harder-to-define corners means Spoils & Relics are refining their craft, making their outings a greater pleasure each time.


SMALL CRUEL PARTY: Unroof the House of the Fishes LP (HARB 114LP) 23.00
Long-awaited vinyl LP reissue of Unroof the House of the Fishes by Key Ransone's Small Cruel Party. Originally released in 1993 as a limited-to-50-copies tape on the Japan-based G.R.O.S.S label run by Akifumi Nakajima/Aube, but now upgraded to vinyl by UK label Harbinger Sound. Mastered for vinyl by Scott Konzelmann of Chop Shop "fame." The LP is housed in a printed inner sleeve, along with a full-color jacket, both featuring new artwork by the artist.


SLEAFORD MODS: Divide and Exit CD (HARB 121CD) 16.50
Divide and Exit sees Sleaford Mods once again released on the elusive Nottingham-based low-profile Harbinger Sound label. Divide and Exit contains 14 new tracks all written over the last 12 months and the result is as immediately in-your-face as its vicious predecessor. While Fearn's beats and loops will pull you up into the urgency of Sleaford Mods, they also allow you to run the gauntlet from deliberate clumsy dancefloor swaggers to full-on punk throwabouts with them. Williamson is let free to spit out his unempathetic litany of bile and anger towards the bloated and tedious.



VA: Tom Tam Club Vol. 2 2x12" (HTV 003EP) 23.50
Put together by label-boss Tomoki Tamura, this second selection from Holic Trax features a range of artists old and new and is released on two slabs of vinyl. Tomoki is probably one of the most successful Japanese DJs in the world, having held down residencies at places like The End, as well as running his own Holic events, and now proves he also has a great ear for A&R with the tracks he pulls together here. Features artists such as Môme, Keita Sano, Death On The Balcony, Jackson Ryland, Confetti & Flothow, Ashworth, LEON, and Baslow.



NINOS DU BRASIL: Novos Misterios CD (HOS 411CD) 14.50
Hospital Productions presents an exhilarating label debut by flamboyant Italian battery, Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari, aka Ninos Du Brasil. Novos Mistérios follows their debut LP for La Tempesta International/Tannen Records with an acutely stripped-down blend of mostly "live" recorded percussion and explorative electronic sound design. The project, and album, is a radical inversion and consolidation of the duo's respective backgrounds in performance art, punk and indie bands. Inspired by the febrile humidity and sensory overload of Brazilian carnival music, they temper layers of roiling, propulsive percussion with electronic drones, effects and tribalist vocals to militant, hypnotic effect. Six tracks charge between technoid polymetrics, kinky minimalism, and meditative ritual with particular focus on rhythmic, melodic cadence and carefully-constructed atmospheres, drawing lines between the avant-garde coda of William Winant and Indonesian Gamelan on "Essenghelo Tropical," to Cut Hands' voodoo invocations on "Legiõs De Cupins," and the percussive moments of Brazilian metal legends on "Sepultura." Nicolo and Nico both emerged from the Italian punk and indie-rock scenes. Nico is also regarded as one of the world's pre-eminent visual artists. He is represented by Monitor Gallery in Italy and Bugada & Cargnel in Paris, and participated in Biennale Venice and Manifesta7. The song "Sepultura" is also part of the soundtrack to Socrates One of Us, directed by Mimmo Calopresti, and Nico's Von Archive co-curator, Spanish film director Carlos Casas is producing an individual video for each track. NDB have also recently announced a 12" release for DFA, due summer 2014. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton. Album cover by renowned artist Luigi Ontani.


"Debut release from London's Shallow Sanction. A refreshing but authentic take on the lineage referencing bands such as early Christian Death, Amebix, and Conflict. Shallow Sanction rejects the otherwise 'in the red' and overly distorted approach of recent years for a more honest, stripped down and raw gothic punk sorely missing from many of their contemporaries. An aggressive, 'only man left' feel runs through the EP. An isolated and anthemic voice echoes along cold rainy drums and bloody nose bass, accented by the unusual introduction of effects and smartly placed electronics along the way in an otherwise skeletal and frightfully nuts and bolts morbid punk sound. Shallow Sanction evokes a nihilistic, apocalyptic, youthful, urban mentality set in old London coiling in on itself. Edition of 300."



CALL SUPER: Depicta/Acephale II 12" (HTH 021EP) 14.00
Depicta/Acephale II shows Call Super further exploring texture, dynamics and melody within a techno framework, as evidenced by two earlier 12" singles on Houndstooth, and by his work as Ondo Fudd on The Trilogy Tapes. His music has been supported by the Hessle Audio trio, Martyn, Joy Orbison, Deetron, Daniel Avery, and others, while his Everything Is True club night venture with Objekt has been taken on the road from its Berlin home to Paris' Rex Club and London's Dance Tunnel. The 12" is cut and mastered by Matt Colton and strictly limited to 500 copies.



VA: Too Slow to Disco CD (HDYARE 001CD) 15.50
Ah, the mid-'70s "Me Generation," not so happily remembered. And in the taste-conscious music world, for years now people have laughed at the L.A.-sound with its super-smooth, over-lavish, luxury-laden excesses. Chord progressions as thrusting as that bridge across the bay. Love the white blazer, by the way. Neiman-Marcus, right? But Too Slow to Disco isn't interested in your aging hang-ups. As you know, once musical genres get old, the best parts still shine through, and this collection is a delectable document of this forgotten phase of the mid-'70s West Coast music world. We've unearthed some of the lesser-known but still beautiful mood music of this period, by people who were often still starting out, or would write their biggest hits years later, but who surfed the West Coast wave penning some total gems. So, yes, welcome to phase 1 of your PRM (Personal Rediscovery Movement, cult fans). "The Eagles were the dream of rock and roll incarnate. 'Hotel California' became a state of mind -- the land of blue jeans and cocaine, mirror shades reflecting palm trees, blond hair flowing from convertible cars on freeways that led to oceans. You love it and you hate it!" (Don Henley in Barney Hoskyns' book Hotel California). Includes 24-page liner notes. Featuring artists: Ned Doheny, Micky Denne And Ken Gold, Rupert Holmes, White Horse, Browning Bryant, Nicolette Larson, Alessi Brothers, Photoglo, Brian Elliot, Chicago, Don Brown, Matthew Larkin Cassel, Pages, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Robbie Dupree, David Batteau, Tony Joe White, and Jan Hammer Group.



MOSKUS: Mestertyven CD (HUBRO 2535CD) 17.00
Salmesykkel (HUBRO 2518CD/3518LP), the debut album of the group Moskus, received glowing reviews and was nominated for two Norwegian Grammies. In their eagerly-awaited second album, Mestertyven (trans. "Master Thief"), the trio, comprising pianist Anja Lauvdal, bassist Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and drummer Hans Hulbækmo, are taking giant steps in a new direction. The music on Salmesykkel had been in the trio's repertoire long before they went into the studio, but this time they chose an entirely different approach. The venerable Atlantis Grammofon Studio in Stockholm was exchanged for Risør Church, the grand piano for an upright, and well-rehearsed pieces for untried material. Risør Church is a cruciform wooden church built in 1647 that is used as a concert venue every summer during the Risør Chamber Music Festival. "We set ourselves up in the church with sound technician Audun Strype, without any tunes ready, but with plenty of ideas after several tours and a lot of experimentation at a rehearsal venue." The fact that the ideas evolved then and there, and that the tunes were created while the "tape was running," helped to give the album a very special atmosphere. The hours of recorded material were later trimmed down, resulting in an album with a far broader range, greater wealth of ideas, and more madness than the previous one. The sense of melody and playfulness that was apparent on the trio's debut album is still very much present on their second. The decision to exchange the rich tonal palette of a grand piano for the more everyday sound of an upright might seem radical, but it felt very natural for the band. "The sound of the upright piano feels more intimate and more ordinary, and it has a different tonal palette. A little harder. The sound gives associations to old recordings that we have listened to a lot, made in cafés and restaurants. And last, but not least, we feel more equality as a trio without a grand piano. More like a unit." Moskus, on the trio's new album, are fearless, intuitive and ingenious -- a bit like most master thieves.


BUILDING INSTRUMENT: Building Instrument CD (HUBRO 2541CD) 17.00
On the eponymous debut album by Building Instrument we encounter a band that has taken plenty of time to distil its essence into a distinctive mode of expression. This is a rare quality in our modern day, whose underlying mantra is that everything must happen NOW. The concerts they have presented have made a lasting impression on many audience members. After one concert, the Irish Times wrote: "[I]t's a pleasure to discover their creativity and cheerfully aggressive attitude to music ... It's exciting to watch, very accessible and highly emotive." The members of the trio Building Instrument are Mari Kvien Brunvoll (vocals, sampler, zither, percussion, kazoo), Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums and percussion) and Åsmund Weltzien (synthesizer, electronics, melodica). Drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde plays in the Big Almost and Crab Is Crap, with Ståle Storløkken, and is currently on a world tour with José Gonzalez and his band, Junip. Åsmund Weltzien plays with Thea Næss. Vocalist Mari Kvien Brunvoll sings in Norwegian for the first time on this album, and is even using her local Molde dialect. She has been described as "an exceptional talent" by pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, who released her first solo album on his Jazzland label. The trio began to play together in Bergen in 2008, and their original idea was to explore electronic music. This project was quickly abandoned in favor of a more acoustic and home-grown focus. The members of the trio have now found their own self-defined niche within a genre that could be described as a no-man's-land. Their material is largely improvised and playfully invented as an ensemble. One of the trio's most striking features is their mastery of the art of both self-restraint and boldly letting everything loose. The musical leaps taken by the trio seem to be entirely seamless -- from catchy rhythms through freely-improvised sections to emotionally-charged melodies.



ELEH: For Moussavi Atrium CD (IMPREC 400CD) 14.00
For Moussavi Atrium is a brand-new 38-minute piece from Eleh written for performance at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art.


JT 009CD

VA: Parallax Sounds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ken Vandermark and David Grubbs) CD (JT 009CD) 18.00
Parallax Sounds' original music stars post-rock and jazz musician, composer and improviser Ken Vandermark as its leading original music composer. Vandermark's work is interpreted by Parallax Ensemble, which comprises some of the key members of the post-rock movement (see Original Music Interprets). Also includes two original songs by post-rock composer, singer and guitarist David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Bastro, Squirrel Bait). Original music by: Ken Vandermark. Original songs by: David Grubbs. Music performed by: Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Steve Albini (guitar), David Grubbs (guitar, harmonica, vocals), John Herndon (drums), Terrie Hessels (guitar), Wayne Montana (bass), Nate Wooley (trumpet) and Ken Vandermark (woodwinds).


KK 078CD

DONNA REGINA: Holding the Mirror for Sophia Loren CD (KK 078CD) 15.50
Following their 2010 release The Decline of Female Happiness, Donna Regina are back with a new album on Karaoke Kalk. The project was formed by the husband and wife team Regina and Günther Janssen over 20 years ago, and this is no less than their 12th studio album. Their extensive career has seen them remixed by the likes of Matthew Herbert and Mouse On Mars. Regina Janssen has also worked -- amongst others -- with the French musician Bertrand Burgalat, who released a compilation of Donna Regina's work on his label Tricatel. But it's in their own records and songwriting that their true musical skill comes to light as this album shows. It starts with the title-track -- a tribute to a deceased friend of theirs. The album's decidedly international character is left in no doubt by "Les claviers de couleurs" -- sung in French, inspired by the beautiful names of colors on the scale of Swiss architect Le Corbusier. "Carlos" has a distinctly dubby musical vibe; the muted trumpet, improvised like the bass clarinet and harp by musician Volker Griepenstroh, chorus of "lost and found," and dub production make it feel like a Grace Jones track. "Cities" has more of a straight techno-pop groove, with a 4/4 driving beat, while the lyrics take us on a world tour that tells a story of non-conformity and alienation. "Koyasan" takes this international affair even further afield with a trip to the mountain range near Osaka in Japan where Donna Regina's music has achieved considerable popularity and was even used in a Nissan commercial. "For the Love Of" is based upon the inspired juxtaposition of an industrial rhythm and a cheery piano riff, while "Escúchame" is based on a text written by the artists Graw Böckler from Berlin. "Gatsby" is also driven by a solid 4/4 techno beat. Holding the Mirror for Sophia Loren is Donna Regina's 7th album on Karaoke Kalk and over their many releases, the band has clearly perfected the electronic pop format. Their latest offering is packed full of delightful nuances both in the lyrical content and the production as well as in the arrangements. For the first time in their production history, they let somebody else do the mixes -- Polish musician Michal Jacaszek who also co-produced the album.


KR 010CD

Hailing from Leipzig, one of the most promising bands among the vital young German jazz scene is releasing its official label debut after its self-released EP Telemark from 2010. Isabel Fischer (bass), Lars Oertel (drums) and Thomas Bär (saxophone) dedicated much love and attention to their rich, multi-faceted arrangements -- e.g. during their stunning live performances, which led the trio up to distant places such as Israel. Disregarding conventional song structures the Laurent De Schepper Trio creates a pretty unique musical concept that permanently shifts the mix ratio of basic musical elements into startling new constellations. Aquanaut meanders from cinematic soundscapes to dynamic instrumental dialogues and back, exploring new grounds within the co-ordinates of Nils Petter Molvaer's progressive now-jazz, Talk Talk's ethereal art-pop, and Sonic Youth's freeform rock excursions, to name few of the trio's influences and inspirations. Challenging, forward-thinking, and yet easily enjoyable -- unconditionally and without prerequisites.

KR 012CD

CASTRUP, HANS: Shadowplay CD (KR 012CD) 11.00
On Shadowplay, Hans Castrup -- painter, photographer, video artist and musician -- condenses analog and digital sounds into 12 border-crossing tracks at the gateway between abstract electronics, ambient, avant-garde and sound art. Born 1957, Castrup studied art at the University of Osnabrück, and ever since has been a freelance artist in the fields of painting, photography, video, graphics, music, and text. Besides exhibitions in Germany and abroad, he engages regularly in audioplay and media art and won, amongst others, the first prize from public radio station BR2 for his piece "Living Knowledge -- Control?" in 2011. On Shadowplay, Castrup utilizes his working method of multiple layers which he developed in his paintings for his sound design: different analog or digital sound sources such as synthesizers, effects, computer, field recordings or tape machines are edited, manipulated, and re-organized as abstract/reduced compositions, meandering between melodiousness and experimental collages whose reference system ranges from new music and avant-garde to today's electronics and the likes of Brian Eno or Can. Castrup manages to escape the over-applied term "soundtrack for imaginary movies" in a very elegant way -- the multi-faceted artist shot an exclusive video clip for each of the album's 12 tracks, which in combination with the music, function as a fruitful stimulus for your own thinking.



OFFICER!: Ossification CD (MEGA 025CD) 13.50
Officer! is either Mick Hobbs (The Work, Family Fodder, Half Japanese) alone or Mick Hobbs with friends. Ossification is like an amazing party held at This Heat's Cold Storage Studio, with friends like Felix Fiedorowicz, Tom Cora, Tim Hodgkinson, Bill Gilonis, Zeena Parkins, Patrick Q, and Catherine Jauniaux. The output of this party is one of the most unusual, pleasurable, and character-filled "pop" records anyone has heard. Fourteen songs that contain the spirit of pop, rock, classical, medieval, avant garde, R.I.O., The Work, Family Fodder, This Heat, Look de Bouk, Legendary Pink Dots, Henry Cow, and more. Ossification is a timeless anomaly in the history of recorded music. Remastered by Tim Dimuzio. Recorded in This Heat's Cold Storage Studio in 1984. Includes an eight-page lyric booklet.


MEME14 001CD

WRANGLER: LA Spark CD (MEME14 001CD) 16.50
Wrangler consists of Stephen Mallinder, best-known for his pioneering work with Cabaret Voltaire, Phil Winter of Tunng and Lone Taxidermist, plus the founder of Memetune studios and synth-obsessive Benge. His studio's synth-rammed walls have created an environment where sounds are ripped from a golden era of analog electronic music to create forward-looking, new music. Wrangler formed in the wires of Memetune -- a post-LCD, Factory Floor-ed electronic funk machine with VHS tape distortion in its eyes but also capable of sleekness and beauty in the stripped-back beats. The tracks range from the satellite bleep and synth melody of "Theme from Wrangler" to the alien carnival rhythms of "Modern World" and the ambient "Peace and Love" (originally recorded for Tate Modern's Summer 2012 program "Tweet-Me-Up"). In between there's "Lava Land" -- all masked, half-gargoyle vocals and primitive drum machines; the gliding, noir and neon of the title-track "LA Spark" and the urgent, pulsing floor-filler of "Harder." There are ghosts and echoes of Mallinder's previous work in Cabaret Voltaire in these songs, especially in the vocals and lyrics, which run like his own internal movie.


MG 101EP

DOZZY, DONATO: Dimensions EP 12" (MG 101EP) 14.00
One of the most wanted releases from Donato Dozzy is finally available again. Donato Dozzy's constant quest for deep, spectral frequency ingredients and new forms of wavelength fusions has led him to a multi-dimensional state. The Dimensions EP is what was recovered from the travel log. Starting off with "Gol" on the A-axis, the rhythmic and deep, floating bass line creates the arena and atmosphere for take-off. The journey into the unknown territories begins to take shape, form and color as the soothing and harmonious pads fill in the empty space. With the addition of "Fazah" on the B-axis, a new dimension enters the field.



SUPER FLU: Halle Saale Remixed 12" (MONA 022EP) 12.50
Super Flu unleash a massive remix package from 2013's critically-acclaimed album Halle Saale (MONA 020CD/LP), featuring a wealth of like-minded creative souls. Format:B take the chugging, smoky soul of "Me Roar" and inject it with a blistering synth sound that pays homage to the mid-noughties. Next up are two wonderfully-contrasting remixes of "Jo Gurt" from DJ Koze and Stephan Bodzin. The former applies an off-beat, wasp-like bass line that revs like a super-charged motorbike and hums with harmonic vocal prowess. The latter strips the vibe back to a starker, star-gazing experience that gradually rebuilds in an epic way. Also features a remix by Andhim.



PSYK: Time Foundation CD (MOTE 002CD) 17.00
After two successful EP releases on the label, Psyk aka Manuel Anós is back on Mote-Evolver, inaugurating his first full-length album effort with Time Foundation. It's no surprise that Psyk is releasing his debut album on the label, as his previous two EPs Distane (2012) and Arcade (2013) have both left people wanting more. Time Foundation proves to be an outstanding collection that shows the full spectrum of Psyk's sound and the range of his skills as he expands and explores different depths and moods. Keeping the energy level constant at the peak, there's no downtime in Time Foundation. And while 10 sharp-cut tracks are all armed with clean, streamlined groove and impressive sound design, sounding incredibly slick and effortless, once you listen closely, these tracks demand your attention. The opener "Automatic" rolls like a well-oiled machine on cruise control with the signature of a single chord bouncing on top of a relaxed but energetic groove. Expanding on a similar theme is "Myriad," which takes a further playful approach. "Riot" steps into more minimal territory, featuring a subtle development that keeps you engaged while "Avalon" grounds itself to just heavy enough bass kicks to evoke deeper vibes without compromising its uplifting spirit. Slipped in the middle of the album like an intermission is "Five," and it's a curious and ominous track that flashes a different side of Psyk. It shows off his craftmanship as muted and muffled beeps faintly go in and out while a blinking synth melody renders a unique, intriguing beauty. Starting off the second half is "Silhouette," picking up the tempo and elevating the mood with bass drums and claps, followed by the demure crescendo of melody and floating fuzzy hiss of "Shift." "Nine" is designed for the deeper moments you encounter during longer sessions in the club, surrounded by people yet alone with the pulse of music. The album closes with the stunning "L3" -- swinging white noise and a hint of acid invite you back to the beginning of the album to listen all over again. Time Foundation is packed with no-frills, on-point peak-hour techno tools finely executed with a minimalistic concept of doing more with less. It's a highly functional album that spoils the listener with mesmerizing details and provides the diversity of sounds and textures today's techno has to offer.



SILO: Work CD (NOVE 001CD) 16.50
Work is the first release in 12 years by Denmark's best-kept secret: digital power-rock trio Silo. Back in the 1990s the group -- Frederik Ammitzbøll (guitars), Mikkel Bender (bass) and Søren Dahlgaard (drums) -- were the most abrasive act signed by Swim Records, the independent label founded by Wire frontman Colin Newman and his wife Malka Spigel. After releasing two albums -- Instar (1998) and Alloy (2001) -- and appearing live with the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Rós, Trans Am and Pole, the group, who came together as students, drifted off into family life and gainful employment. Frederik works in IT and co-runs avantgarde menswear label Uncommon Creatures, Søren is a full-time artist and Mikkel works with patents. But now Silo have reloaded with their distinctive twisted metal sound, built on crunchy digitized guitars, beats that crack like a boltcutter and a sturdy industrial rhythm matrix. Work is the long hours and collective effort required to make music and keep a band together in the first place; it's what prevents musicians from coming back to it, too. Work is a summing-up of tracks they have been intermittently recording and reworking over the past decade. Jagged edges, distorted sound-clouds and swarming guitars are the trademarks, but the Teutonic-edged grooves make the whole thing fly. Hard labor goes into designing the guitar parts, which are digitally sculpted and processed. With its swooning chord changes and super-fuzzed guitar textures, Silo's immersive sound recalls groups like My Bloody Valentine and Band Of Susans, while packing the punch of acts like Helmet or Dälek. Thanks to their admiration for leftfield hip-hop producers such as J Dilla and Sa-Ra Creative Partners, their beats are cranky and off-center, and on "Cabinn Fever" (named after the Danish hotel chain where the track was recorded) Silo recruit High Priest and M Sayyid of Antipop Consortium for a channel-hopping rap taking in everything from Eric Clapton to 747s. Other guests include R&B/pop vocalist Maria Hamer-Jensen and Mew's Jonas Bjerre. And who can resist a title like "The Inexorable Sadness of Pencils?" The album's yearning, closing instrumental is inspired by a poem by American author Theodore Roethke. It describes the sadness of offices and public spaces where dust and boredom have accumulated -- echoing the album sleeve photo of a room piled with unread newspapers. Plug in to Silo and blow the dust out of the corners of your life.



THOMPSON, HANK: Songs for Rounders/At the Golden Nugget CD (OMNI 178CD) 20.00
"Legend of the honky tonk, scion of the drinker's dirge and the low-life lament, Hank Thompson is a towering figure in the world of western swing. Here, for the very first time, his two finest LPs are presented on one official CD. 1959's Songs for Rounders is just that, a loving ode to life's heels, dead-beats, drunkards and flotsam, built around Thompson's astoundingly 'un-radio-friendly' cut of 'Cocaine Blues' (later covered twice by Johnny Cash) and sublime numbers like 'Three Times Seven' and 'Teach 'em How to Swim'. At the Golden Nugget was recorded in concert at the famous Las Vegas Casino in 1961 and is without a doubt one of the most surreal artifacts of the entire honky tonk era. Roulette wheels tumble, gamblers jostle and gossip front and centre as Hank and band roll from one superb tune ('Lost Highway') to the next ('A Six Pack to Go'). This deluxe edition is remastered from the original Capitol master tapes and presented with exclusive liner notes, rare photos and extra tracks."


OP 011LP

ANCIENT ASTRONAUT: Ancient Astronaut LP (OP 011LP) 15.50
Flying saucers, whooping synths, and antennae... coming across an artist with a name like Ancient Astronaut, what else would you expect? Yet this is something entirely different. Ancient Astronaut's debut doesn't deal in campy sci-fi tropes, but in mysteries that run deep as their bass lines. Whether this record comes as a transmission from the future, or a strange artifact of the past, it's hard to say. Crackling futurist synths coexist with thick, almost tribal grooves. Ancient Astronaut's productions are at once playful and painstaking, explosive and arranged, kinetic and curious. Blockbuster-worthy sonic pyrotechnics fill each track, and every blast is explored to its last frequency. Like a high-speed camera catches detail, Ancient Astronaut catches the smallest tone, twists and tweaks it into mad, dissonant shapes, and never loses momentum. Hi-hats and handclaps splay out in wacky elastic intervals, and tight synth riffs shred into roars of noise over a kick drum so deep it seems to burrow into the earth. What's old, and what's new? Ancient Astronaut asks the question. What's the difference?



The final night of Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M's first residency in 2009 saw the pair joined by the long-running trio of Evan Parker, John Edwards and Tony Marsh and special guest John Butcher. Butcher played duos with both Otomo and Sachiko and joined the quintet for a rousing sextet: stunning twin saxophone interplay, the unparalleled openness of the Marsh/Edwards rhythm pairing, Sachiko's deft high-frequency interventions and Otomo's guitar at the center -- moving between abrasive textural invention and suggestive single-note runs of ever-shifting melody.



BENEATH: Vobes EP 12" (PAN 051EP) 18.00
Since 2012, the Sheffield-based producer Beneath has carved a steadfast reputation with an ascetic production technique, augmenting the dread and atmosphere of early DMZ dubs with the velocity of classic grime and bleep techno, and the haughty rudeness of early New York house, minting a distinct new sound which sent shockwaves through the scene, thanks to his now-legendary showcase mix for Keysound. Beneath's PAN 12" consolidates up-to-the-minute electronics and rooted dancefloor dynamics with incisive style and pattern. All four tracks are skeletal but big-boned rollers' riddims and masterful exercises in dancefloor pressure. "Bored 2" is rent with cattle-prod grime stabs and a show-stealing, radioactive bass roil, whereas the hunched, grimy rolige of "Occupy" is all about his shifty, idiosyncratic syncopation. "One Blings" cools out on buoyant subs with glass-cut electronic motifs standing miles out from his scene, and "Stress 1" trips out with restless drums and lucid electronics tessellating dipping rhythms with skin-prickling harmonic resonance. It adds up to the freshest mutation of accelerated UK dub/soundsystem culture, stoking an aesthetic extant since the first rumblings of Saxon Studio International and Coxsone in the late '70s/early '80s, through the forward-leanings of the contemporary UK sound in 2014, mapping the software timbres and possibilities of new technology to the timeless mantra of rudeboy dub proper, yielding maximum affect from optimized elements. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, pressed on 140 gram white vinyl. Housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas.


PD 030CD

BOHMAN, ADAM: Music and Words 2 CD (PD 030CD) 15.50
"Music and Words 2 is the much-delayed second installment in an ongoing series of archival documents of Adam Bohman's early work. As with the first volume, this CD is divided into two separate areas of his work. Adam is probably best known as an improviser, playing prepared instruments and objects, but the music here uses little of these purely-improvised techniques. On this CD, the musical sections consist of idiosyncratic lo-fi songs alongside short collage pieces and other experiments, recorded on stereo and 4-track cassette recorders. Most of these pieces date from the early '80s, but the earliest recording is from 1977. The spoken-word sections on this CD are centered on excerpts from three talking tapes -- a trip to Southend, a concert series in Wiesbaden and a day in the life, in London. Anyone who has known Adam for any length of time will know that he frequently records his observations to a small portable cassette recorder. These are often recorded for friends and music contacts from all over the world. As with the musical contributions, all of these cassettes exist in very small quantities, and often they are editions of only one copy. Although there is an obvious difference in these two types of recorded material, there exists a light and humorous common thread that runs through many of the 28 tracks. This is the third solo release from Bohman on Paradigm Discs. He also appears on all three of the Morphogenesis CDs, and contributed to the first-ever Paradigm release, Variations, a compilation of London-based artists from 1995." --Clive Graham



VA: If This Is House I Want My Money Back 3 12" (PERMVAC 120EP) 12.00
12" sampler version of Permanent Vacation's If This Is House I Want My Money Back 3. Music by Kim Brown, Willie Burns, Axel Boman, and HNNY.


LAUER: Donner Lake EP 12" (PERMVAC 123EP) 12.00
Phillip "The Machine" Lauer strikes back. Between the powerful reprint of the Brontosaurus catalog and bringing joy to the world with Gerd Janson as Tuff City Kids, Lauer was able to provide a new EP for Permanent Vacation. Three tracks full of disco melancholy and house euphoria that leave no dry eyes left. You snooze, you lose.



VA: Mystic Males 2 CD (PET 010CD) 12.00
"Featuring thirteen rare sides by 'tripped-out troubadours from 1966 - 1973,' this is a totally mind?bending collection of rare and obscure 45s by proto-hippies and recent graduates from '60s punk groups like Boenzee Cryque and the Third Bardo. This volume is particularly heavy on the mystic. Lots of sitar, weird ethnic percussion, unexpected fuzz guitar breaks, groovy beats, and modal moaning. This is mellow acid psych at its trippiest." Artists: Tyree Forrest, Darrius, John Dunn, Gerry Pond, Shalynn, Ed Powers, Dick St. John, Paul Stoop, Richard Coronado, Stephen Hartley, Malcolm Mitchell, Art Gee and Jeff Monn.


VA: Mystic Males 2 LP (PET 010LP) 18.00
LP version.



MALINOWSKI, BLAZEJ: Dual Reality 12" (PHORMA 007EP) 12.50
Stockholm-based imprint Phorma welcomes upcoming Polish artist Blazej Malinowski on 007. On the A-side, Malinowski reveals his "Dual Reality," while Italian dub explorer Hydergine reinterprets reality on the flip-side. Vinyl only.



The Quasi Dub Development (QDD) was founded as a collective by Luca Fadda and F.S. Blumm. The QDD love dub, obviously, but they play it by hand with their many instruments and effects, instead of working in the studio along the classic post-production methods of the genre. Their friendly, handmade "Quasi Dub" is both experimental and accessible. This sound has convinced none other than one the pioneers of the dub genre, Lee "Scratch" Perry, to make an appearance on "Let's Communicate." The name of the album is derived from two comic characters that are meant as an ironic comment on the narrowness of the dub scene: "Stiff-Neck" stands for the intolerant side of the reggae music scene. For him, the music has to stay as it always was, with big egos and always the same off-beats. The "Little-Twister" is a lateral thinker who likes to make things happen with a considerable amount of humor. No question about who is going to win that battle for the Quasi Dub Development. Following Little Twister's approach, the band works as an open, modular project: Luca Fadda is an electrified trumpet player in New York, runs a club, and organizes the yearly ESE Festival for electronic music. The Berlin-based guitar player F.S. Blumm recently released his eighth solo album Up Up and Astray on Pingipung. He mainly plucks the sub-bass for the QDD. Besides contributions from Victor Rice and Sub Atomic Sound System, several drummers (e.g. Sven Kacirek), and Jason Candler as brass section, it is mainly the outstanding vocals that strike the listener on this album. Next to Lee Perry the Grande Dame of Dance Hall, Lady Ann, toasts on three tracks.



SCHLIENZ, GUNTER: Contemplation CD (CIRCA 314CD) 14.50
The Preservation label presents the first full-length work from German artist Günter Schlienz. For a decade, Schlienz has created meditative works of epic reach with intimate, reflective resonance. His individual style comes from an ever-searching sense of experimentalism that stems not only from his sense of composition but his creation of his own modular synthesizers and other instruments. Contemplation is Schlienz's most personal work yet, acting as a compendium that ties the various strands of his musical pursuits together with a new and fresh vision. In a way, Contemplation is a record of how he has developed as an artist and as himself. While the cosmic touch is ever-present across the album, earthy and pastoral scenes are never far from Schlienz's gaze. Norm Chambers aka Panabrite, a kindred spirit, contributes to the swelling, soaring "Humble," "Numb" is bubbling and bucolic in feel, and "Shimmer" is a soft, sweet paen to the evening. Reaching further, "Lament" is a majestic drone, raga-like in its deep focus, and "Janitor" is a final, hazy delight of floating tones and starry, dub-like echoes. Ultimately, Contemplation is in equal thrall to joy, melancholy, nature and space. It's a radiant poise Schlienz holds throughout, finding a peaceful plane. Limited to 300 copies only.


DUSTED LUX: Neverended CD (CIRCA 414CD) 14.50
The Preservation label presents Neverended, the debut full-length album from Dusted Lux. The project of Connecticut-based Lee Camfield, he has appeared as Dusted Lux on the artist-run Kim Dawn and No Kings labels, where his shorter releases welded crunching textures and hazy ambience in a curiously soulful resolve. On Neverended, Camfield adds song-form to shape the signature drift of his guitar-playing into bare-boned acoustic folk and against melted sound waves and fractured beats. His voice enters the fray for the first time, lending a plaintive touch to the spooked beauty that defines this diverse, idiosyncratic record. A sunny, jangly strum unwinds from "What Is True"'s shrouding sonic fog -- disarming, bare and tender -- while elsewhere, "A Horse in the Orchard" approaches something close to Dirty Three's floating and shimmering streams and "Adrift" is both a glowing and ghostly atmosphere. This raw set is a jigsaw of feeling, and its sense of movement is vital and ever-pulsing -- such is the searching heart of Neverended that ultimately gives it its compelling focus.


PT 8019CD

COAST ROAD DRIVE: Delicious and Refreshing CD (PT 8019CD) 17.00
Coast Road Drive's brief glimpse of success transpired with Delicious and Refreshing, released on Decca's progressive arm, Deram, in 1974. The band itself boasted an impressive cast of musicians, most of whom had already enjoyed a varied musical career in the late '60s, revealing a depth of musical prowess that had come together from psychedelic acts such as Methuselah, Distant Jim, Ray Owen's Moon, Quintessence, and Judas Jump. Delicious and Refreshing finally receives its deserved retrospective reissue with analytical liners detailing the band's brief existence and the musical pedigree behind it. Digitally remastered.



CASSEGRAIN: Tiamat Remixes 12" (PRG 035EP) 14.00
Cassegrain's brilliant Tiamat releases are back. After the amazing original tracks from Cassegrain, well-known and respected remixers like Svreca, Mike Parker, TM404 and Inland aka Ed Davenport have designed four Tiamat tracks in order to provide a completely dedicated view of Cassegrain's fantastic EP. The result is simply a bomb.


R-N 153CD

KYOKA: Is (Is Superpowered) CD (R-N 153CD) 17.00
The significant novelty of Kyoka's first full-length album Is (Is Superpowered) is that she uses her own voice much more often than usual, in the form of short snippets as well as longer sung melodies. These elements are set and arranged as if they were an autonomous instrument. Sometimes these voices give the impression of being a Babel-esque language mix-up, or even a kind of cryptic message for the listener, as found in the song "Meander." The production process of the record was heavily supported by her label-mates Frank Bretscheider and Robert Lippok, which is, in this way of forming a production team, a unique constellation in the history of Raster-Noton. Whereas Lippok focused on preserving the roughness and complexity of Kyoka's compositions, Bretschneider concentrated on refining them regarding their fluidity and focus. Both tried to keep the vitality and hyperactivity of the initial tracks without losing their distinctive eccentricity. Although Kyoka's sound is often kind of chaotic, it is by no means stressful but rather energizing and easy to enjoy. The only exception to this can be found in "Piezo Version Vision," the noticeably roughest track of the record. Her particularly progressive style is best reflected by the song "Re-pulsion," a rolling groove combined with unusual clicks and snares and topped with crazy-sounding voice fragments. The album thus further deepens what was already initiated with her first EP Ish, released as part five of Raster-Noton's Unun series. It presents a stylistically broader spectrum of Kyoka's music, but at the same time exhibits the fresh and positive, sometimes even child-like attitude she is already known for.



MASON, JAMES: Nightgruv/I Want Your Love 12" (RH RSS3-EP) 12.50
2014 repress. Proto-house classic "Nightgruv" gets a re-release and includes a longer, unreleased edit. James Mason is mostly known for his late '70s album Rhythm Of Life, which is a soul-jazz classic. Not only is this release offering a remastered version of the original, it also includes an unreleased edit which stretches the original to a cool 6 minutes. The B-side features the epic 11-minute original version of "I Want Your Love," a soul classic. Comes with original artwork.


WERNER, BORIS: Acid Casino 12" (RH VD15-EP) 12.50
Amsterdam producer Boris Werner has an impeccable track record of creating fiercely hypnotic, otherworldly techno and tech-house. Here, he lets his imagination run wild with two tracks that join the dots between vintage Motor City futurism, relentless acid jack, synth-laden deep house daydreaming and Jeff Mills'-style sci-fi fantasies. "Acid Casino" sets the tone, offering a hypnotic, ever-building trip into late-night acid-tech territory. "Upstairs or Downstairs" is a formidably woozy exploration of otherworldly techno with a distinctive deep house twist. Moody, atmospheric and intoxicating, it rises and falls like a star burning out in slow-motion.


SS 023LP

SANI, MAMMAN: Taaritt LP (SS 023LP) 16.00
"Cosmic synth from Niger's Mamman Sani. Polyphonic analog synthesizers and drum machines interpret ancient Saharan folk ballads in an imagined science fiction future. A proposed relaxation guide, sonically lying somewhere between ambient library music and minimal wave. Recorded in Niger and France in the late 1980s and never before released."



SHIVVERS, THE: The Shivvers LP (SING 059LP) 19.00
"Remixed and remastered. In the spirit of Badfinger and Raspberries, with a heavy dose of girl group soul, get ready for the three-minute magic of The Shivvers. To those that know, saying Milwaukee's punk and new wave scene in the late '70s and early '80s punched well above its weight than larger Midwestern cities is a gross understatement. Though only one half million strong, Milwaukee put together a flurry of such great bands and singles, yet even in this remarkable environment, no band burned brighter or more intensely with white-hot, pure-pop than the arc-light of The Shivvers. Classic pop in an age of plastic fops, it's taken over thirty years, but 'now people' around the world may finally be ready for the three-minute magic of The Shivvers. Deluxe packaging. Gatefold LP with extensive liners, printed inner sleeve and foldout poster."



GROSS, WALTER: Rotorcraft LP (SBH 002LP) 21.00
Master of deconstruction and reappropriation, Walter Gross takes a no-rules approach to freak-noise experimentation. His relentless output led to an inevitable collision with Small But Hard Recordings, and prompted his most epic work to date, Rotorcraft. The record refracts the grit of Baltimore's psych scene through the grotty underbelly of L.A., where Gross works isolated in a claustrophobic sound lab tucked under the freeway. The record sets hip-hop destruction against demented grunge vocals in a furious and affronting mosaic of work that is systematically re-constructed, broken down and reassembled. Rotorcraft should not make sense, but somehow Gross has tapped into the vein of some other realm. With no need for ceremony, he peels back a pair of grotty curtains to reveal glimpses of the divine and the unholy. Live, Walter Gross is as raw and uncompromising as his records. Armed with a pair of MPCs and a microphone, he envelops his audiences in a tripped-out journey through the bleak and the barren. Gross has appeared across Europe and the U.S., with collaborators including K-the-I???, Skrapez (Tenshun & Psychopop), Pedestrian (Anticon) and Sole (Anticon co-founder, Fake Four Inc).


S-R 011LP

WOOLEY, NATE: Trumpet/Amplifier LP (S-R 011LP) 25.50
"Trumpet/Amplifier: three pieces of unrelenting pressure, from choking bursts of muteness to firestorms of sound. Trumpeter becoming trumpet. Brass ventriloquism." --TTT; Edition of 496, heavy-weight vinyl with screen-printed open sleeve. Liner notes by Ben Hall.

S-R 012EP

ALLETT/KALBAKKEN, JACK: Relay I 7" (S-R 012EP) 14.50
Relay I is the first in Smeraldina-Rima's Relay series. An artist for the A-side is chosen by the Smeraldina-Rima clan, after which the A-side artist decides who will get to fill the B-side. For every Relay 7?, a different artist will be chosen to create the outside artwork. The A-side of Relay I fell to Jack Allett, the finger-picking whirlwind formerly known as Spoono. Allett chose Kalbakken for the B-side, whose shamanistic folk track is a great foil to Allett's strong and drone-y guitar track. Comes in an open two-color screenprinted sleeve by Smeraldina-Rima. Pressing of 200 copies, cut and pressed by Record Industry.



PARRISH, THEO: Black Jazz Signature 2LP (SDGBJ 1303LP) 24.00
Repressed; gatefold double LP version. This version is unmixed. Arguably one of the world's most important underground dance music producer/DJs Theo Parrish lends his hands to selecting and mixing a set of jazz and funk records licensed from and originally released on the Black Jazz label 1971-1976. World-renowned for his DJ sets and remixes/productions, this Chicago-raised artist is near impossible to pigeonhole. Revered by a wide spectrum of dedicated music fanatics, he is known for his otherworldly DJ sets, and his serious approach to DJing as an art form. Theo gives special attention to fellow Chicago musicians The Awakening (three consecutive tracks, four total on the mix), one of the best funk/fusion groups that the Black Jazz label released, and whose only output was on that label. The set itself is a masterful "two turntables all vinyl" execution, a format that Theo is dedicated to -- no mp3, no CD-R, just the vinyl palette for the true aural experience. Sit back and be drawn into his world -- hear things his way. Other artists include: Doug Carn, Gene Russell, Calvin Keys, Rudolph Johnson, and Walter Bishop Jr.



NAPOLIAN: Incursio 2LP (SFT 016LP) 26.00
"Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Napolian (born Ian Evans) attended Taft High School, whose alums include Ice Cube and Eazy-E. While the stylistic legacy of gangster rap runs deep in Napolian's music, the armature is that of a young producer writing his own tale without historical precedents. Incursio is Napolian's long-awaited debut album for Software Recording Co. A clandestine labor of love, the album was recorded gradually and with great attention over the course of two years. The fifteen songs of Incursio build on Napolian's first EP for Software, Rejoice, released at age nineteen, and his ongoing work and experiences as part of The Renaissance Music Group alongside Dro Carey and labelmates Tariq and Garfield. At its core, Incursio is an instrumental beats record (we here at Software lovingly refer to it as Encursducing...) What the album isn't though is an egg hunt -- no break record samples, no dust, no crates. No jazz rust, no deconstruction. Incursio is far too liquid and stealth for those tired totems. We see it as a high watermark record for a young producer with a love of hip hop, who has set out to make an epic that is bigger than the sum of its influences." Gatefold sleeve; includes a download code.


SCULPTURE: Membrane Pop LP (SFT 044LP) 21.00
"This self-described opto-musical agglomerate was born in 2008 after a chance encounter between British musician Dan Hayhurst and New Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland. By combining practices, the pair's first test splattered a psychedelic palette that pushed them to explore sensorial intricacies emerging from chance operations. Raw materials for Sculpture's music include a mix of analog and digital practices. In Hayhurst and Sutherland's hands, tape manipulation, samples, found sounds, aleatoric and algorithmic programming and live improvisation become more complementary than you might imagine. Sculpture draws from experimentalism to promote new potentials for pop and electronic music in an age where many of our sci-fi fantasies have become mundane occurrences. 'I'm aiming to make a coherent, adventurous electronic pop record with its own voice and identity,' Hayhurst explains. 'I don't think experimental music has to be dark, dif?cult or joyless. I try to make something playful, and maybe a little absurd.' First edition on yellow vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies. LP includes download code."



SCHWIND, NIKO: Perfect Fit 12" (SVT 128EP) 12.50
Berlin-based DJ and producer Niko Schwind consistently demonstrates a deeply-anchored love for and close bond to house music, the art form he himself has tamed. Here are some tracks from his third album Grippin' World (SVT 129CD) -- an album which will captivate listeners with its versatility and coherence, elegantly-reduced grooves, organic arrangements and accessible vocal melodies. "Perfect Fit" is an absolute highlight, as Heartbeat's warm voice and a simple guitar-loop form a flawless musical symbiosis. Niko turns in a reduced, tool-oriented club cut, and the hitherto unknown Proud bursts onto the scene with a dreamy arrangement centered around atmospheric synths on his remix.


SR 361LP

CAGE, JOHN: Early Electronic and Tape Music LP (SR 361LP) 15.50
LP version. Black vinyl repress.

SR 376CD

VA: Everything Is Shit: Punk in Brussels 1977-79 CD (SR 376CD) 15.50
An incredible energy took over Brussels at the onset of the '80s. It is a strange and rare feeling when you tell yourself that something is happening. And it always happens through an accumulation of very small facts. Then, suddenly, it is there. This collection basically attempts to capture this emerging will. But before that, there was punk rock. In Brussels, it started with a handful of venues, improvised concerts, a few dozens of people recognizing each other, and a festival that gathered everyone together: the first Belgian Punk Contest, at the Vieux Saint-Job, on March 18, 1978. Although the influences came from up north -- The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Crass, essentially -- there were also ties and influences from Paris (Asphalt Jungle, Métal Urbain), and Phallus Band, Streets, and H2SO4, who were all also singing in French. The adventure began in the winter of 1976, and the following two years would yield most of the material. Since these bands had very short life-spans, there were a lot of interactions (Chainsaw, X-Pulsion, Streets), while other configurations gave birth to key bands of the next decade: Digital Dance (out of X-Pulsion and Thrills), Snowy Red (from Chainsaw), The Names (The Passengers), and Pseudocode (from Thrills). Other artists in this collection include: Mad Virgins, Terminal Stupid, Isabelle et les Nics-Nacs, The Actors, and Raxola.



VRAC: Pertu EP 12" (SBTL 001EP) 14.50
With the first release on Subtil you will meet VRAC, a Romanian music production duo from Bucharest comprised of members Vlad Radu and Andrei Ciubuc. The Pertu EP is a three-track EP with excellent grooves. This will be a vinyl-only release, so grab this dark groover while you can.



TENDER GAMES: In a Mess 12" (SUOL 054EP) 12.00
Secretive Berlin duo Tender Games return to Suol for their second outing -- a taste of their forthcoming debut LP. "In a Mess" progresses with a subtle, warm bass line and Rhodes piano, while halfstep drum patterns give the tune a pleasant, spacious lope, allowing plenty of room to let the harmonies shine through. Kasper Björke's propulsive rework wisely leaves the song structure largely untouched, opting instead to knead it out to twice its original length and underpin it with a buoyant 4x4 drum pattern. Dale Howard strips the track of any melodic glossiness, and replaces it with one of his trademark thunderous bass lines.



ROMBOY (FEAT. MOGGLI), MARC: The Trigger (New Versions Part 2) 10" (SYST 1013EP) 12.50
Two more remixes of Marc Romboy's "The Trigger," this time by Arttu and Ray Kaiyoka.



NOMINE: Enma/Zen Circle/Mindfulness 12" (TEMPA 089EP) 12.50
Nomine's third release on Tempa contains his most expansive and exploratory music to date, pushing his already intricate and varied sound to new depths of atmosphere and intensity. As their titles attest, the three tracks here are intense meditations as much as they are club fire-power. "Enma" blasts from the tracks in flurries of metallic drums and plucked sino-grime-esque melodies, an atmosphere heightened further on "Zen Circle," whose reedy pipe motifs stalk through the mist like figures through a haunted forest. "Mindfulness" rounds the EP out with shadowy, delay-cloaked digital dub, riding out atop clustered kickdrums and roughly-effected drums.


BK 005EP

ULYSSES: The Casual Mystic 12" (BK 005EP) 11.50
Ulysses' career has spanned genres from techno and house to experimental and disco. An essential pioneer of the late-'90s electro scene in New York, Ulysses threw some of the earliest large-scale electro parties with artists such as Alexander Robotnick, Arthur Baker, Adult, Miss Kitten and the Hacker. A recent visit to his basement studio revealed an archive of unreleased tracks, which The Bunker has collected here. This is fantastic music that speaks for itself, but Ulysses submitted three questions: Would you trust a guru in sweatpants? What nobleman dares to sit on a throne of bubbles? Is this the theme of the Arctic?



VALINA: Container CD (TROST 123CD) 17.00
New studio album by Austrian globe-trotters Valina, their third collaboration with Steve Albini. File them in the range of bands like Ex, Shellac and Sebadoh, but their musical individuality and countless worldwide shows (Europe, USA, Russia, Israel, Turkey and South America) made Valina into an idiosyncratic reference in today's independent music-scene itself. Recorded with Steve Albini, Electrical Audio, Chicago 2013. Mastered by Bob Weston.



ORCUTT, BILL: Solo Acoustic Volume Ten LP (VDSQ 010LP) 18.00
Restocked. "The blues, as abstract."



NEGRO, JOEY: Italo House 2CD (ZEDD 031CD) 17.00
Z Records continues to release high quality compilations filled with lesser-known disco, funk and boogie. Now it's the turn of Italo House to get the Joey Negro selection treatment with over 20 tracks hand-picked from the late '80s and early '90s, covering a lot of the deeper classics and some lesser known releases from a golden era of Italian dance music. "The late '80s were undoubtedly a golden era for dance music. A time which saw the birth of many genres and sub genres -- from acid house to hardcore to Balearic -- and of course, Italo house. If you ask Jo Raver to name an Italo house track, they'd probably come back with Blackbox, Jinny, Fiddlefatti, or one of many big piano tunes. Not surprising, as these became some of the first "hands-in-the-air" moments on many a dancefloor and even ended up crossing over into the UK pop charts. At the same time there was another equally distinctive sound coming out of Italy -- a warmer, deeper, more emotional style which didn't yield any commercial hits. Though I'm not adverse to the odd "piano screamer," I was much more drawn to the output of producers like Alex Neri and Claudio Mozart. The sound was more jazzy and soulful with syncopated percussion, dreamy pads and, though piano was often used, it wasn't in the obviously programmed, big breakdown style which became a cliché of the Italo house genre. This more underground side of Italo was closer to the original American house sound -- but still retained a very European flavor. As for the vocals, one of the fascinating things about Italian house (and in fact many British and US productions from the time) was the extensive use of U.S. a cappellas. It was a crucial addition to the formula. Though this album is subtitled The Deeper Side of Italo House, that is definitely the overall sound. Not all the tracks here are what I'd call 'deep' -- Montego Bay is more disco-style. M.C.J.'s distinctly upbeat 'Sexitivity' was maybe influenced by American vocal house like Crystal Waters, though both still fit in with the overall sound. One of the more popular songs was Softhouse Co's 'What You Need' -- piano house done with a little more panache than most. I'm glad this album exists for other people to discover or re-discover the deeper side of Italo house." --Joey Negro

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