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Forced Exposure New Releases for 6/2/2014

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New music is due from Taiga Remains, Modeselektor, Christine And The Queens, and Paco Sala, while old music is due from James Leyland Kirby, The Vampires, Stephen David Heitkotter, and Royal Trux.


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SCHWARZ, SETH: Jabel EP 12" (ACKER 045EP) 14.50
Combining highly sophisticated composition techniques with banging kick drums and whipping hi-hats, Seth Schwarz's impact on the dancefloor is truly symphonic. On "Elysium" efficient rhythms meet intricate instrumentations, seamlessly sewn together by virtuous violin playing. Mollono.Bass fills his hypnotic remix of this track with jangling sound fragments before they eventually add up to the symphonic dimensions of the original. "Canooby Tune" gives full expression to the open-minded character of Seth Schwarz, featuring a jazzy double bass, a bouncy piano, and broken-beat textures. Dole & Kom turn this vivid jam session into a trembling dose of floorward pressure.


AUS 1462EP

BICEP: Circles EP 12" (AUS 1462EP) 14.00
Jet-setting Irish duo Bicep return to Will Saul's Aus label with two steady analog techno grooves ready for deployment in either their own wildly celebrated sets or those of any DJ looking for modern dance tracks that are still faithful to the classics. Using gritty, vintage-sounding rhythm sections as solid foundations, each track gradually builds up its own lush, melodic embellishments overtop -- "Circles" stays true to its name with a cyclical main melody, shadowy bass and fuzzy house pads, whereas "NRG106" sets spacey, dramatic chords and breathy vocals against the insistent, chittering machine percussion.



BEASTS OF BOURBON, THE: 30 Years on Borrowed Time 3LP (BANG 078LP) 70.00
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the best rock bands in the history of music, Bang! Records are proud to announce the insane release of a triple vinyl live album of The Beasts Of Bourbon in a limited triple gatefold deluxe edition. Here are three different concerts with their three different line-ups: The original line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Boris Sujdovic, and James Baker; The Low Road line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Brian Hooper, and Tony Pola; and the current line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Charlie Owen, Brian Hooper, and Tony Pola. This is an absolutely necessary document where loud feedback and low swamp rock bleeds from the vinyl grooves. These three concerts were performed at Australian festivals during 2013 with an absolutely astonishing quality of sound to make your head explode. This is an exclusive limited edition to celebrate the fact that these gentlemen of fortune are still alive, kicking, and rocking harder than ever -- no remorse, no concessions, no forgiveness. The Beasts Of Bourbon at their very loudest and rawest -- take it or leave it. Housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve.



RATOS DE PORAO: Crucificados Pelo Sistema LP (BEAT 026LP) 19.50
Ratos De Porão's Crucificados Pelo Sistema (1984) contains all the fury, the frustration, the rage and the pain of four young ones against the system in a country that was in the midst of a change from Third World to trying to fitting into a new social order. The projected image of Brazil with its beautiful mulatas, exotic beaches and tropical fruit drinks filled them with disgust, living there in one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America. Their reality was brutal and they wanted to scream it at the entire world. Sixteen songs were formed on the same base as what would later be called "D-beat." The Finnish bands from the '80s were really important in the Brazilian punk scene, just as Discharge was. Simple, fast and straight to the point. Two classic songs have been added for this special occasion, recorded for the classic Ataque Sonoro compilation (which also contains Brazilian pioneers such as Virus 27, Colera, Armagedom or Lobotomia, amongst others). 180 gram vinyl. Housed in a gatefold with pics and musings by Gordo. Reissued by Beat Generation.


BEC 5161842

CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS: Chaleur Humaine LP+CD (BEC 5161842) 25.50
Christine And The Queens presents her first album for Because Music. She warmed up gigs, alone onstage with her computer, before opening a concert for The Do and recently, Stromae. It was her graceful performance at the Victoires de La Musique that got her nominated in the live newcomer category for Les Inrocks, so she went to London and locked herself in the studio with producer Ash Workman (Metronomy), and two multi-instrumentalist brothers (Michael Lovett and Gabriel Stebbing). Christine knew exactly what she wanted; some powerful minimalism; an economy of instruments and tracks; infectious grooves; the organic obviousness of vocals; the quest for contemporary colors and inspired, strong strings. The result is Chaleur Humaine, a portrait of Christine and her queer sisters. This means: far from corsets and boxes. It's a tribute to the unpredictable, to random encounters, to the invention of oneself and the body. An album almost totally in French but with a few subtle curves towards English and also a very surprising cover: "Les paradis perdus" by Christophe. Some influences on her live show include Pina Bausch, Bob Fosse, Chaz Buzan, and Maguy Marin, and her music is a pop freak-show where theatre, dance and video blend and reflect the personality of this heroine who just came to life. Includes a large-format 6-page booklet.

BEC 5161855

JOAKIM: Tropics of Love 2LP+CD (BEC 5161855) 27.50
Gatefold double LP version. Includes a CD copy of the album. Anchored between the end of the '80s and the beginning of the '90s, when industrial music courted funk, when electro(nica) made a shy appearance and house was visceral and plaintive, also inspired by current R&B productions and futuristic hip-hop, Tropics of Love is a slow tempo record that shines like a steel sun and rings diabolically romantic. "On the Beach," a Balearic, somber take on Neil Young's classic song, makes you melt with pleasure; "This is My Life," a Lil' Louis-inspired scathing techno attack makes you dance; you put your arms up in the air for "Bring Your Love," a pure gem of mournful pop with Luke Jenner of The Rapture on the mic; you move your backside to the syncopated beats and the feline voice of Akwetey (Dragons Of Zynth) on "Each Other"; and only Joakim can make you fall asleep with your eyes wide open on the deviant electro jewels that are "Three Lazer Fingers" and "Hero." Altogether retro futuristic, nostalgic and forward-looking, danceable and contemplative, Tropics of Love draws the fine contours for the soundtrack of a summer that promises to be radiant and solar.

BEC 5772852

CONNAN MOCKASIN: Forever Dolphin Love LP (BEC 5772852) 23.00
2014 repress. LP version of Forever Dolphin Love with bonus download code for the live version. Connan Mockasin has the kind of deliciously off-kilter and gloriously idiosyncratic worldview that rapidly proves addictive. Welcome, folks, to the delightful, slanted and enchanted world of Connan Mockasin. Like David Lynch's willfully surrealist take on American suburbia, or Richard Prince's paintings investigating modern cultural tropes, the New Zealand-born, current London resident Mockasin makes beautiful music which subverts as it compels, challenges as it mesmerizes, startles as it seduces, even drawing fans as diverse as Johnny Marr and Radiohead to Ed Banger chief and ex-Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter into its wide-eyed, childlike exploration into the final frontiers of pop music. It is all too rare, in this current climate of manufactured pop acts, grey, over-produced "alternative" guitar music and press-fuelled mania for the next-big-thing, to hear something truly striking and original, but a strong case can most certainly be made for Connan to be a true pop auteur, taking his rightful place in a proud lineage which includes past mavericks such as Joe Meek and Brian Wilson, right through to current cult heroes like Ariel Pink, Sufjan Stevens and John Maus. Written from start to finish one hot summer, while camped outside his parent's church-like house in a tent, Forever Dolphin Love is an LP which brims with the beauty and solitude of summer evenings, a miasma of psychedelic tangents, jazz interludes and echoing guitars which hum with a distant, haunting resonance. For apart from being one of the most singular musicians we currently have, he is also a brilliant and unusual painter, a gift which will be glimpsed for the first time with this album, which features a collection of wonderfully surreal paintings of dolphins, all bold and beautiful interpretations of the mammal, but evolved into human forms, smiling in gaggles, sometimes wearing clothes, sometimes swathed in pools of lush colors. Connan's talents also include recording, producing and mixing the entire record. It was this brilliantly ingenious approach to invention, and his masterfully unique charm that caught the attention of Erol Alkan, who signed Connan to his label Phantasy and released his first output Please Turn Me Into The Snat.

BEC 5772894

METRONOMY: The English Riviera LP (BEC 5772894) 23.00
2014 repress. Metronomy present their third album The English Riviera. The follow up to 2008's critically-acclaimed Nights Out, The English Riviera is a sonic progression of epic proportions and affirms Metronomy front man and producer, Joseph Mount, as a rare British talent. Since Nights Out, the band have swollen to a four-piece with new members Anna Prior on drums, Gbenga Adelekan on bass, original member Oscar Cash on keys/sax, and Joe himself on vocals, keys and guitar. This expansion of personnel is reflective of a new record that is mapped by vast soundscapes, incredible depth and warmth, and big pop hooks. Part love letter to the area of Devon coast Mount grew up in and part concept album about his own semi-fictionalized vision of The English Riviera, the tone for the album is set by the opening sounds of seagulls, distant waves and a Music Hall string quartet. However, any notion of whimsy is swiftly dispelled, as the seismic bass line of "We Broke Free" shudders and ushers in waves of layered guitars and synths. Having produced and remixed everyone from Roots Manuva to Kate Nash an album from Nicola Roberts, this is the first Metronomy album that Mount has taken out of his bedroom and recorded in a proper studio. The results are telling. Characterized throughout with a sense of warmth and richness, The English Riviera is in parts reminiscent of seminal 1970s West Coast studio albums from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, but due to Mount's studio wizardry, the record sounds vibrant and entirely of its time. Few other albums will so successfully transcend such a plethora of influences and ideas and form such a coherent body of work.



WELLBORN: Wellborn EP 12" (BETINOS 001EP) 14.50
Betino's Records proudly presents three revisited extracts from the 1981 We Gonna Do It LP, revealing the true identity of this album by Togolese guitarist and producer Wellborn, aka Ayawo Attivor. From the boogie-blues "We Gonna Do It" reworked by Lord Funk, moving to "Tetemalima," where Baptman retains the original Afro-roots color of the song yet developing a repetitive African trance dimension, or on "Aluwasio," which inspired Mitsu to create a deep-house Balearic high-life rendition. The captivating original version of "We Gonna Do It" is also included on this 4-track EP.



BOYS NOIZE: Go Hard Remixes 12" (BNR 114EP) 14.00
Boys Noize returns with a banging remix collection: Club Cheval get things started with a trademark punchy rework of "Excuse Me," an avalanche of musical excellence from the French quartet made up of Sam Tiba, Pelican Fly, MYD and Canblaster. Salva keeps the energy flowing with a high octane remix of "Push Em Up" before Ultramajic's Aden aka Machinedrum delivers a bass-led, neon-streaked techno mix of "Inhale/Exhale." Pilo shows his skills in exciting new house, and Dutch newcomer Juyen Sebulba composes a refreshing take on old-school hard-style electronic.



STEREO EXPRESS + AKA AKA & THALSTROEM: When I'm With You 12" (BUR 017EP) 12.00
The Belgian Stereo Express joins forces with AKA AKA & Thalstroem as well as vocalist Shimmy Timmy to increase the anticipation of their upcoming album with the first single "When I'm With You." Together they create a wonderful house gem that is initially driven by strings and claps, before the crystal-clear guitar is flanked by a grooving bass line. Oliver Schories equips his remix not only with a lowered bass line, but relies on the trinity of hi-hats, long-drawn chords and dreamy soundscapes. The down-pitched vocals top off his purist approach. Sakso impresses with a swarming sax solo that longs for summer and evokes daydreams.



DOP: Close Up 12" (CCS 088EP) 12.50
Parisian trio dOP are back on their home turf of Circus Company with killer new single "Close Up," including remixes from Catz'n Dogz and San Proper. Combining a dynamic groove with Jaw's unmistakable, sultry drawl and a dreamy soundscape of deep chords and warm pads, the original mix is an addictive slice of vivid vocal house. Catz'n Dogz add more thump with their remix and take the track to the darker recesses of the rave, while in the second remix, San Proper heightens the dream factor in a spaced-out intro before building into the groove against a fresh soundwall of bleeps and oddities.



DAZING, TOM: Back in the Daze EP 12" (CSF 055EP) 12.50
Belgian producer Tom Dazing EP presents his comeback on Coincidence Records. "Arcane" features vintage 909 bass kicks setting the pace, brutal analog synths sweeping and growling in a vortex of aggressive sounds and acid bleeps, building to an acid break. "Terrapin Protocol" is more of a house track gone wild, and "Babylon" is the kind of stripped-down acid house tune you'd expect on labels like Clone or Levon Vincent's Novel Sound, flipped into a spooky acid burner. "Catharsis" uses an unsettling 3/3 pattern against a 4/4 beat, twisting and grinding only to blast away in an icy, dark and gloomy acid pattern.



ROBINN: Compost Black Label 115 12" (COMP 436EP) 12.00
Robinn is clearly a name/act to discover, watch, and follow. When it comes to modern hybrids of post-dubstep, nu broken soul, and eerie downbeat combined with this genuine spirit of the vocals by Nathaniel Pearn (Natural Self/Tru Thoughts), it's soothing and challenging in one go. The Compost Black Label presents a remix 12" of track "The Game Is Now Over," featuring remix by Munich duo Cocolores, Brighton-based duo Anushka, and Lukas Bohlender.



VA: Tropical Disco Hustle CD (COS 010CD) 16.00
"It seems like no part of the world has evaded disco's ubiquitous in uence, including the Caribbean. The Caribbean in the late '70s and early '80s was a hotbed of musical activity and this compilation focuses on the best disco-in uenced tracks from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. All of the tracks here were o cially licensed and reissued for the rst time ever. Highlights of the 13 tracks included on this compilation are: the under-the-radar cosmic disco tune ''Got To Have You' by Joanne Wilson, a rare P&P Records-in uenced track 'Dance With Me' by Odessey One, the icy cool synth-trenched 'Living On A String' by Wild Fire, the incredible dance oor-friendly 'Instant Funk' by Merchant, and the disco reggae cover of 'Rapper's Delight' by Prince Blackman. This compilation was compiled and researched by Deano Sounds and includes edits by Al Kent, the Whiskey Barons, and Waxist Selecta."


WILSON, JOANNE: Got to Have You 12" (COS 503EP) 13.00
"Being released in conjunction with the forthcoming Tropical Disco Hustle compilation is this under the radar cosmic disco track 'Got to Have You,' from Trinidad and Tobago. This track was licensed directly from Joanne Wilson herself and penned by her father Tony Wilson, the writer behind Hot Chocolate's 'You Sexy Thing.' Once again, Boston's Whiskey Barons rework another Cultures of Soul release, bringing their incredible editing skills to the track and making it perfect for today's dance floor."



ELEKFANTZ: Dark Tales and Love Songs 2LP+CD (DOC 003LP) 23.50
Double LP. Includes a CD copy of the album. After their stunning 2012 debut single "Wish" and 2013's "Diggin' on You," the incredibly gifted Elekfantz return to the fore with what can only be called a brilliant full-length premiere. The duo of Daniel and Leo first met 20 years ago, when they played together in a blues band. Leo continued his career as a professional musician while Daniel started to discover a new musical path. The latter was born and bred at the electronic music temple in South America, later becoming a resident DJ and local hero, known as the right guy to prepare the dancefloor and set up the right mood. He's one of the finest DJs of the Brazilian new wave of electronic aficionados. Leo is a professional drummer, singer and composer since the age of 15. He played and recorded with some of the greatest artists in Brazil. Their debut album Dark Tales & Love Songs sports all the intimate melodies, lush harmonies and organic undertones that the duo has become known for and then some: from pop-infused songwriter house to highly-emotive primetime anthems, you'll find lots to love about this expertly-crafted collection of melodic gems. Engineered to perfection by label head Gui Boratto, it's an exciting step for the imprint and the project alike.



PACO SALA: Put Your Hands on Me LP (DIGI 065LP) 20.00
Paco Sala have come a long way since the dusty beats of their debut, Ro-Me-Ro (DIGI 043LP). The duo of Antony Harrison and the re-christened Birch (formerly Leyli) dissected and reassembled their sound during the two years Put Your Hands on Me was written and recorded. This album, their second, runs deeper and is far more collaborative in all aspects. Put Your Hands on Me is steeped in violence, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. Scars left from a brutal past play victim to the minor-chord synth swells and complex rhythms. In between whispers, Birch howls with a vengeance. Her voice provides a counterweight to Harrison's gunshot-fed beats and glowing synths. Each hushed tone or whispered lyric is bathed in smoky neon hues, lost in a binge-fuelled haze. Album opener "Impossible Places" melts disparate influences from contemporary R&B to '80s no wave into a cathartic reverie while the cryptic melodies of "Jonny Silverhands" soundtrack a dystopian future. Birch's voice is soft and sultry against the sharp synths and rhythms of "The ACO," acting as a barrier between the perpetrator and a sea of bubbling rage. There's a scattered diversity to Put Your Hands on Me, yet it never loses its cohesive thread. It's a massive album, meticulously assembled and masterfully engineered. Paco Sala aren't fucking around any longer. Mastered by John Tejada and cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


DC 003LP

ROYAL TRUX: Twin Infinitives 2LP (DC 003LP) 20.00
2014 repress. First vinyl pressing of Twin Infinitives since the original LP issue in December 1990. Gatefold sleeve. "Neil Hagerty: We wanted to let things happen. I took all the tapes I had: rehearsals, studio stuff that survived, other random shit like shortwave recording etc and cut that together in a long collage. Then I broke that into short segments arbitrarily, about the length of a good rock song. We dumped those segments onto multitrack, called them songs, and just started putting little patchwork bits here and there for the next year and a half or whatever it was."

DC 005LP

ROYAL TRUX: Royal Trux LP (DC 005LP) 16.00
2014 repress. "First vinyl pressing since the original 1988 Royal Records LP issue. First time on Drag City."



RICHARD FEARLESS: Higher Electronic States 12" (DRONE 001EP) 14.50
Drone is a London-based label founded by producer, artist and Death In Vegas guiding light Richard Fearless, an outlet for dancefloor distortion and other musical explorations. Created in the Metal Box, Drone will release oscillations in many forms. For this, the debut outing, Richard Fearless lays the mandate in the form of higher electronic states -- proto-techno, peak-time acid. Analog electronics and horror strings underpinned with drums to blow apart any floor. This is music made for very dark, smoke-filled rooms with absurd lazers. D'Marc Cantu picks up remix duties, toning things down in tempo but certainly not in tension.



Formed in opposition to the media identity schizophrenia of the present, Thought Broadcast thrive upon the post-punk tactics of forgery and radical anonymity. Votive Zero is the second release on Editions Mego from this mysteriously coded American outfit. Emerging from the U.S. noise/punk background, Thought Broadcast further trace a unique path with nine carefully-considered obfuscations of rhythm and blurred takes on expressionism. Utilizing minimalist spaces, rhythmic repetition and material textures, Votive Zero navigates psycho-geometries while bathing in a lost, dubplate-style fidelity. Within this construction, past and present are unified as a hazily paranoid exploration of electronic music's nebulous grey zone. From the damaged mystery of "07/13/2013" to the smeared beats of "Carving a Vow" and Morse code mantra of "Runaway Signal," this ambiguous release treads a subtle and suspicious path where secrets once hidden are revealed on further, deeper listens. Votive Zero is a sustained journey through raw, hand-rendered minimal electronics which advance the cause and effect of Thought Broadcast's strategic occurrences. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, March 2014. Artwork by Ravi Binning.


ESK 506529

VINNY VILLBASS (FEAT. OST): Lust for Wrong 12" (ESK 506529) 12.50
Lust for Wrong is the debut release for Vinny Villbass on Eskimo Recordings. This haunting house cut features vocal funk from the renowned Ost (from Ost & Kjex) and includes a Finnebassen remix. Villbass has been one of the main influences on the Norwegian club scene for 15 years, with a musical focus on percussive and disco-oriented house music. He is also one of two curators behind the much-hyped contemporary stage project Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory. He currently runs the Norwegian web-portal OsloClubCast where he is building ties between Oslon's clubs, DJs, and producers.



MR PRESIDENT: Hips Shaking CD (FVR 091CD) 15.50
Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart is clearly a name to remember when it comes to modern groove music. Bassist and guitarist in various bands, he started his production work in the mid-'90s and continues today to combine modern technology with the raw and genuine spirit of the golden age of disco, funk, soul, and jazz. Following the success of his many projects such as Uptown Funk Empire, The Dynamics, Metropolitan Jazz Affair, and more recently, Patchworks Galactic Project, he has proven, album after album, a true gift for musical ubiquity, renewing all genres and always anxious to borrow in unexpected ways. Back on the Favorite Recordings label for this new solo album as Mr. President, he finally provides us with a sequel to Number One (2011), the first album where he was welcomed and praised by international media and tastemakers alike (NOVA Okayplayer, Gilles Peterson, JAZZ FM, Laurent Garnier, etc.). Faithful to his love for disco and funk from the '70s and '80s, Hips Shaking, however, differs from its predecessor by digging more into pop music, but also by a more elaborate production, with real horn and strings sections. He not only composed the whole album and played a good number of the instruments, he also sang! From Roy Ayers to MFSB, through Vince Montana and Patrick Adams, from Michael McDonald to Ned Doheny, Hips Shaking proudly looks to the sound and production techniques of the pioneer heroes while infusing the tracks with disco, pop, electronic, and fusion influences, which are Patchworks' signature touch. This is an authentic sound with a modern approach to music.


MR PRESIDENT: Hips Shaking LP (FVR 091LP) 25.50
LP version.



VA: Acid Dreams Volumes 1, 2 & 3 3LP (FREAKSET 001LP) 57.00
This legendary 1960s U.S. acid punk compilation is available on vinyl in a strictly limited, hand-numbered edition of 500 copies. Featuring many legendary 45s, it is presented with remastered sound and a deluxe booklet, including detailed notes and rarely-seen pictures, making it an essential addition to any psych connoisseur's record collection. Artists include: Balloon Farm, Music Machine, Painted Faces, Velvet Illusions, Unrelated Segments, Outcasts, Murphy & The Mob, The Sparkles, The Painted Ship, Mouse & The Traps, Macabre, Calico Wall, White Light, Outcasts, Zakary Thaks, Swamp Rats, Shy Guys, Bourbons, Minds Eye, Stereo Shoestrings, Caretakers Of Deception, Remaining Few, Teddy & His Patches, Indian Puddin' & Pipe, The Rogues, The Shag, The Fabs, Crystal Chandelier, Larry & The Blue Notes, Phil & The Frantics, Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz, The Electric Prunes, The Regiment, Godfrey & Friends, The Keggs, Beaux Jens, The Elite, Soul Inc., The Driving Stupid, The Journey Men, The Tree, The Satyrs, Phil & The Frantics, The Alarm Clocks, Yesterday's Children, The Grodes, The Spades, The Avengers, The Dearly Beloved, The Preachers, The Sweet Acids, The Wilde Knights, The Split Ends, The Beautiful Daze, and Faine Jade.



"The No Wave era of NYC was a short, dark flash of energy that was extinguished almost as soon as it was noticed. It happened so goddamn fast that if you missed the imaginal cut-off for inclusion by a few fucking weeks, you were forever written out of the picture. Believe me. Thurston and I wrote the book on this goddamn scene, and the Hi Sheriffs were just outside our temporal markers, despite the fact they'd played Tier 3, the Mudd Club and everywhere you'd think would matter. But look, they were as second gen No Wave as the Raybeats, the Bush Tetras and Eight Eyed Spy. If you have to ask why that was, and why such things were a matter of weeks rather than anything else, I dunno what to say. It's just how it was, and we all knew it. Shit moved fast. The fact that the Hi Sheriffs were devolved from the Girls -- the BEST band Boston ever birthed, as well as the only non-CLE band to ever record for Pere Ubu's label, Hearthan -- did not mean shit. They were perhaps only weeks too late to make the No Wave cut (something they'd immediately wanted to hit after the Girls played Tier 3 with Basquiat's band, Gray), but hey -- even Gray is a tad late for my taste. Still, musically, this quartet -- Mark Dagley and George Condo from Boston's Girls, Seth Weinhardt and Beth Fowler from RISD's Bachelors Of Art -- blew my mind. I first saw them at Tier 3, and they were like a crazed version of DNA playing the blues. Mark brought the first single up to the NY Rocker office a while later and Andy recognized the cover he was doing, but I assumed it was all just blown brain originals. Little did I know. This album is mostly made up of pre-first single live and rehearsal stuff, and it is just the sort of raw madness everyone wants to hear all the time. Even Lydia Lunch liked 'em. She did not record with them until later -- not long before she'd begin her Devil Dogs project -- but even she knew she was beyond No Wave at the point of Eight Eyed Spy. It was a weirdly specific scene in many ways. But sonically, it bore lots of fruit. And one of the first, best and most blues-wailingest of its proponents was the Hi Sheriffs Of Blue." --Byron Coley; Includes a download card. Edition of 500.


ORCHID SPANGIAFORA: Flee Past's Ape Elf 2LP (FTR 096LP) 27.50
Restocked, last copies. Splendid, expanded reissue of this monster album, which most people know from its placement on the NWW List. Stapleton even went so far as to name a track of his ("Fashioned to a Device Behind a Tree") after a mis-hearing of one of Flee Past's' many memorable lines. The music has its roots in Hampshire College's Electronic Music Studio in the early 1970s. While taking a class on electronic composition, Robert Carey was smitten by the potentialities lurking inside piles of reel-to-reel tape. Presented with a stack of such stuff, mostly recorded from television broadcasts, he began an epic stumble into the universe of musique concrète. Carey refashioned banal spoken material into bizarre, hilarious and shockingly musical suites that you could listen to for sheer yucks or revelatory juxtapositions. Influenced by Gysin/Burroughs/Somerville's cut-up techniques, as much as Zappa's 1960s editing flair, Carey (rechristened Orchid Spangiafora by some wise-ass music professors) created new savage aural realities that you could almost dance to. The original album was released by Twin/Tone Records in 1979, at the behest of the Suicide Commandos' Chris Osgood (who'd been Carey's roommate at Hamsphire). It didn't make too much of a splash, but managed to sneak into a lot of important ears nonetheless. And it remains one of the few records that I can put on in the 21st century and still have people ask, "What the hell is that?" Now you can do the same. Edition of 500 copies.


FAT12 002EP

VA: Mathias Kaden Presents ''The Exclusive Watergate 14 Tracks'' 12" (FAT12 002EP) 14.50
Mathias Kaden presents three exclusive and unreleased tracks from the Watergate 14 series. Featuring Rodriguez Jr., Marco Resmann and Christian Burkhardt, these tracks are finally available on vinyl. Made for the club or the best festivals and open-airs of the summer, this is house music without compromise and danceable happiness rendered in a 4x4 gallop. In short, energizing and yet elegant -- just like the sets from Mathias Kaden himself.


GET 54059LP

BROWN, BOBBY: Don't Be Cruel LP (GET 54059LP) 20.00
"When Bobby Brown left New Edition at the peak of their fame in 1986 he was staying true to his rules of 'really not giving a damn' and doing what felt right to him. And while his solo debut King of Stage (1986) wasn't bad, it wasn't what fans were really yearning for - 'Hopefully he just goes back to New Edition' one fan wrote in a 1987 issue of Word Up! magazine. Little did we all know by the time King of Stage was dying down he was already hard at work on the follow up, Don't Be Cruel, and no one was prepared for what was coming. Don't Be Cruel was immediately a smash hit, to any naysayers this was the punch in the face, to NE fans this was a game changer, and honestly to many this was their first time hearing him. Don't Be Cruel crafted the perfect match of amazing songwriting and the newly christened new jack swing sound that was flooding the streets. Bobby Brown proved why he was 'good to go solo' as he owned each track on this album. The new 'King of R&B' was here. The album's singles: 'Don't Be Cruel,' 'My Perogative,' 'Every Little Step' & 'Roni,' all were number one singles. 'Rock Wit'cha' made all other R&B ballads at the time pale in comparison. The album was one of the best-selling albums of the '80s (number 33 to be exact)."



VA: The Time Is Now 12" (GRM 005EP) 12.50
Good Ratio Music presents The Time Is Now, a four-tracker EP that collect forces onto the same piece of wax from Kresy, Tom Ellis, Baldo (feat. Lady Blacktronika) and Carlo. This 12" kicks off with Kresy and a fine piece of house music inspired on a solid groove. Tom Ellis follows up with a version of "Co-Create" that explores synths and micro-rhythms. Baldo's Chicago rhythms here feature Lady Blacktronika. "Ask of Me" is an intense and dark tune. Finally, Carlo presents a branded deep tune to keep things interesting until the end.



VA: Picaro: Old Fashioned Cha-Cha Twist, Rhum-Exotica and others Fine Melodies LP (GRUMETE 001LP) 22.00
"With the overdose of options and the transience of tastes, we've moved from covering up styles in search of exclusivity, to a sometimes tiring determination to rescue minor musical tendencies. This material is -- or has been -- completely forgotten by the general consensus of the experts. It might be fitting, out of humility and passion, to ask oneself if this matter has been fair, or even if it's had any sort of importance. In the face of desires to astound and be the first in the spotlight (by throwing down big cash and following trends), there are few of us lunatics left determined to find little specks of gold among disparate songs and barren sands. Also, being honest with ourselves, we will accept that we're people who try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to avoid confusing value and price. Needless to say, we are not completely immune to this confusion but rather susceptible to it. Pícaro, the compilation that I have the honor of presenting, is a record as modest in its aims as it is ambitious in its starting point. Enjoy and discover, share and dive in among vinyl discs left to their fate in the bins of dusty second-hand stores. It is a true celebration, without rhyme or reason, of often-ignored and decisive episodes. Disheveled orchestras, twist and rock and roll, R&B and Latin soul. Every possible combination. Having finished this self-satisfied selection, I do solemnly swear on my record collection, that 'impeccable' is the only qualifier fit to describe it. Therefore, let's humbly recognize our deficiencies. Like a village idiot, let's just be ecstatic about these discoveries. We'll be tolerant and accept that they'll probably qualify us as just a few more visionaries or, gasp, much worse, hipsters. But let's not stop -- don't ever stop Don Javier, I beg you, carrying on with this madness. I can think of no more worthy way of maintaining our sanity." --Don Sicalíptico; Compiled by El Coloso de Roda. Includes liner notes in English by music expert Don Sicalíptico. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.



JULY: July LP (GUESS 080LP) 29.00
2014 repress. Guerssen Records is proud to release on vinyl nothing less than an essential album to anyone with a minimum interest in psychedelic music. This very rare 1968 UK album, originally released on the Major Minor label, features essential psych classics such as "Dandelion Seeds" and "My Clown." This is the definitive vinyl reissue of this beauty, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a high-quality carton cover with old-style backflaps and a fantastic 4-page insert with photos and extensive liner notes by UK psych authority David Wells. Also included is a full-color reproduction of the rare-as-hell original promo poster.


VA: Imaginations: Psychedelic Sounds from the Young Blood, Beacon and Mother Labels, 1969-1974 LP (GUESS 127LP) 25.50
LP version. Famous in collector circles for being the home of rare progressive/psych albums such as Salamander, Julian's Treatment or Moonkyte, Miki Dallon's group of labels also released many obscure 45s during the late '60s/early '70s. Here's a selection of the most psychedelic-sounding ones, plus some overlooked LP-only tracks. From mod-psych to hard-rock, from psychedelic pop to early glam, including the devastating hard-psych sounds of Taiconderoga (featuring a young, pre-Damned Brian James!), Small Faces mod-influenced sounds by Revolver, Moog psych/proto-glam by The Damned and much more. Features remastered sound and includes an insert with informative liner notes and pictures/memorabilia from the Miki Dallon archives. Other artists include: Shakane, Uzi & The Styles, Boots, Information, Derek Paul, Rubber Band, Jelly.



TAIGA REMAINS: Works for Cassette LP (HMS 026LP) 18.00
"Here be the final drone/hypnogogic statement from Taiga Remains. The man behind Taiga Remains has now shelved this moniker; but he's far from hanging up his hat, as he now works under his given name Alex Cobb -- also known as the philosopher king who benevolently reigns over his Students of Decay. There are those at the Agency who can claim to speak with the poetics of corrosion, and we have long admired the sympathetic aesthetic in Cobb's gorgeously elegant compositions for guitar, bells, tape hiss, and whatnot. A sadness of things hangs in the air for Cobb's suspended mantras as these pieces evolve through a state of perpetual (un)becoming. For Cobb, the decaying sound is a steady dissolution of one chromatically rippling pattern into another which in turn diffuses into another and the cycle continues; but for every slippery note that pools into watery aquifers, Cobb distances himself from discursive and didactic languages that affix specific meanings onto work. He prefers a mystery and an ambiguousness to hang upon his crepuscular minimalism where the audience can entertain guided excursions of subjective thought. For us, these radiant guitar drones flecked with impressionist melodies bath in the snow of a thousand radios placed throughout Easter Island offering forth their eerie, luminous and beautiful sound that floats amongst those stoic heads that gaze beyond the horizon of the Pacific Ocean towards infinity, or oblivion if you prefer a more sublime reading. As the title to the album states, this album originally published in small cassette editions, long out of print. The material has been gloriously mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. Those with an ear for Andrew Chalk, William Basinski and those long-form passages from Natural Snow Buildings will find much to celebrate in Taiga Remains."



KIRBY, LEYLAND: Intrigue & Stuff Vol.1 LP (HAFTW 009LP) 18.00
Very limited 2014 repress. James Leyland Kirby (aka The Caretaker) presents the first of a set of four limited edition vinyl pressings. Six tracks wide, 30 minutes long, these are all previously-unreleased retro-futurist recordings. What then is Intrigue & Stuff? Is it a comment by the late great Martin Hannett when describing Tony Wilson's Factory? "There's an awful lot of incest that goes on," mused Hannett. "Intrigue and stuff." The biggest clue could be found in one of the track titles: "Live For The Future, Long For The Past," a track which itself has been used to soundtrack the final coda to a BBC series entitled Everything And Nothing, a two-part documentary which dealt with two of the deepest questions there are -- what is everything, and what is nothing? We can confirm that Intrigue & Stuff will be delivered in four parts spread across four 12" pressings. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


KIRBY, LEYLAND: Intrigue & Stuff Vol.2 LP (HAFTW 011LP) 18.00
Very limited 2014 repress. James Leyland Kirby (aka The Caretaker) presents the second in a set of four limited edition vinyl pressings. Three tracks wide, 35 minutes long, all previously-unreleased retro-futurist recordings. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


KIRBY, LEYLAND: Intrigue & Stuff Vol.3 LP (HAFTW 012LP) 18.00
Very limited 2014 repress.Third of four releases in the Intrigue & Stuff series, new from James Leyland Kirby. The audio on Intrigue & Stuff always looking to the future, mindful of the past. Marrying analog with digital, making machines sing, think and imagine. Five tracks wide, 35 minutes long. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


KIRBY, LEYLAND: Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 4 12" (HAFTW 014LP) 18.00
James Leyland Kirby returns with an uncompromising, poetic and unexpected fourth and final installment in his long-dormant Intrigue & Stuff series, dispatched from his new base in Krakow for his own History Always Favours The Winners label. Since we last heard from the provocateur, he's issued brilliant albums as The Caretaker and The Stranger, a cracking 12" for his formative heroes R&S/Apollo, and marked his 40th birthday with a 40-track album of piano pieces... yet we can't help but feel that he's saved some of his most deliriously spannered and heartbreakingly personal intimations for this new LP. Opening with a proper shock-out modeling mutant fractals and strobing loops that are almost junglist in tempo and structure on "Locked into Situations," the spirit-crushed and sozzled boogie-sludge of "Derelict Bar" follows and marks out territory in a dark, dank corner. Over on the B-side, he yields the intoxicating whiskey fume shimmer and viscous roil of "The Tar Sands," plus a strange percussive piece that sounds like lonely seamen performing drum rituals in a ship's hull, and concludes with the somnolent symphony of spectral siren chorales, synth brass and claggy bass in "Wanting an Absolute Beyond." We'll never quite know the intentions behind these tracks, but we can tell you they function equally as escape pods and ideal drinking soundtracks. Imbibe deeply and responsibly.


HC 028EP

VA: Ivory Coast Soul Edits 12" (HC 028EP) 16.50
Hot Casa presents the Ivory Coast Soul compilations revisited by the best international DJs from the Afro-soul and tropical-funk scene. A really mind-bending collection of Ivorian grooves recorded in the '70s in Abidjan, edited by a few of the best contemporary producers. DJ Vas (France), DJ The Reflex (France), Mop Mop (Germany), Alma Negra (Switzerland), and Umoja (Netherland) add their own flavors with massive new funk mixes, while cutting with dexterous percussive textures on the original versions. A quintet of wonderful mixes and remixes which blend original Afro-funk instrumentation with contemporary dancefloor style.



ANTIGONE: The Day the Sky Fell In EP 12" (AERA 011EP) 14.00
11th Indigo Aera release by Antigone. Hand-stamped & numbered vinyl, no repress. Antigone is responsible for highly-acclaimed releases on Construct Re-form and Ars Mechanica, Children Of Tomorrow and the Concrete label. Antigone's signature sound is a fine blend of soul-searching strings on top of cutting-edge sci-fi techno rhythms, as evidenced by the eerie and spine-tingling "Words of Silences." Next, "Third from the Sun" is much quicker and more frantic, but just as smooth. Includes a mix of "Words of Silences" from Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff.



ZUKIE, TAPPA: In Dub CD (JRCD 044CD) 14.00
2011 release. Tappa Zukie's In Dub album must stand as one of the great dub releases to come out of Jamaica. Originally released in the mid 1970s, a time some say to be the finest period in reggae and especially dub. It still holds its own many years later, even though it comes from that golden period when the competition was great and plentiful. Tappa Zukie (b. David Sinclair, Kingston, Jamaica) had become producer Bunny "Striker" Lee's right-hand man within the later night recording sessions that took place in the 1970s. A session would almost not begin until Tappa was by his side, initially for security purposes, as Tappa had garnered great respect amongst the ghetto youth, but also gradually he began to take over the task of session organizer, making sure all was in place for the recordings to run smoothly. Being in such an advantageous position led to Tappa wanting to run and produce his own sessions. Tappa Zukie had already released his first single "Judge I O Lord" for producer Lloydie Slim using Bunny Lee's version of the "Drum Song" rhythm as its backdrop. Bunny Lee had also released Tappa's "Jah Is I Guiding Star" and a cut that Trojan would put out, "Knotty Woman No Cry." But it was his work through the late night sessions that had shown Tappa was ready to produce on his own. So working with eight rhythms, one being from producer Jo Jo Hoo Kim (which would become "M.P.L.A") and the other from producer Ossie Hibbert (soon to turn into "Pick Up the Rockers"), these would become the backbone to Tappa's In Dub album.


PABLO, AUGUSTUS: Dubbing on Bond Street CD (JRCD 045CD) 14.00
2012 release. Augustus Pablo has his place set in reggae's story. His unique sound stemmed from the use of a simple musical instrument, the melodica, which somehow in his hands, became majestic and mystical at the same time. Augustus Pablo cut his musical teeth with producer Herman Chin Loy in 1969, with his first record Iggy Iggy. His second cut for the producer was to be the timeless "East of the River Nile," which carried that haunting Far East feel that in many ways became his signature sound. Pablo has worked with many of Jamaica's top producers, adding his flavor not only with his melodica, but also with his keyboard and piano skills. He has added his magic touch to many of the classic Studio One rhythms, "Skanking Easy" ("Swing Easy" rhythm), "Frozen Dub" ("Frozen Soul" rhythm) to name but two, and his classic set of dubs that he reworked from his own tunes and productions for artists such as Jacob Miller became his renowned dub set King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, working with the master himself Mr. King Tubby at his studio in Drummlie Avenue, Kingston. Jamaican Recordings have sourced a collection of original rhythms that were cut at Duke Reid's Treasure Isle studio that Mr. Pablo worked over in his now-familiar style, again adding his magical sound over these cuts to produce what Jamaican Recordings believe to be another classic set.


KING TUBBY: Dub from the Roots LP (JRLP 036LP) 14.00
2010 release. King Tubby's Dub from the Roots album was originally released in 1974. Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock was born in Kingston, Jamaica on January 28, 1941 and grew up in the High Holborn Street area of downtown Kingston. He studied electronics at Kingston's National Technical College and also in two correspondence courses from the U.S.A. When he had qualified, Tubby began repairing radios and other electrical appliances in a shack in the back yard of his mother's home. His work in the early days included winding transformers and building amplifiers for Kingston's sound systems. Tubby built his first sound system in 1957 playing jazz and rhythm & blues at local weddings and birthday parties. His reputation as a man who knew and understood both electronics and music grew steadily, and as the '60s drew to a close, Tubby purchased his own basic two-track equipment. He installed this alongside his dub cutting machine, a homemade mixing console, and his impressive collection of jazz albums in the back bedroom of his home at 18 Dromilly Avenue which he christened his music room. Lovingly restored, these releases were the first to carry the name of King Tubby and the first to credit the great musicians that contributed so much to the rhythms that made these albums possible.


PERRY, LEE: Dub Treasures from the Black Ark 1976-1978 LP (JRLP 039LP) 14.00
LP version. 2010 release. Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark Studio opened its doors in 1974, situated in his backyard at 5 Washington Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica. Using only basic equipment, a Teac 4-track recorder, a Soundcraft mixing desk, an Echoplex delay unit, and later adding a Phaser effects unit that he used in conjunction with his Roland RE201 Space Echo, he managed mixing down the tracks from 4-track to 2-track to make his distinctive whirling sound that sets apart the Black Ark Sound from the other Jamaican Studios. On opening the Black Ark studios, the hits seemed to come immediately. Firstly with Junior Byles' "Curly Locks" and in 1975 the massive crossover hit, Susan Cadogans' "Hurt So Good," which reached #4 in the UK charts. 1976 saw Island Records releasing Perrys' vast output -- timeless material like the Heptones "Party Time," Max Romeo's "War Inna Babylon," Bob Marley And The Wailers' "Jah Live," "Punky Reggae Party" and Junior Murvin's "Police and Thieves," to name but a few. But sometimes missing out were a few classics like Perry's own "Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread" and possibly one of the best reggae albums of all time The Congos' Heart of the Congos. Dub releases like Revolution Dub (1975) showed a way forward for his production skills in this formidable arena. Having his own studio allowed him to build up a vast catalog of tracks to work on. Here are culled together some lost productions that Lee Perry carried out with singer Mike Brookes, a fine singer, arranger from that special time in the Black Ark history. Sounding like Junior Marvin in parts and Max Romeo in others, but still carrying a distinctive falsetto voice. Some classic tracks were recorded with the cream of musicians at Lee Perry's disposal. Mr. Perry works his magic that gives these songs that distinctive feel that his output carried around the mid-1970s.



VA: Go Devil Go! Raw + Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel 1944-1976 LP (JEROME 005LP) 21.00
If you enjoy uplifting sing-along family spiritual songs with crystal-clear vocal harmonies and a swirling synth-organ, this gospel album definitely is not for you. Go Devil Go! represents precisely the other side of the coin. The material collected here shows the most savage and visceral side of vintage gospel music. On this God-forsaken disc, the hymnals range from hypnotic mid-tempo primitive rural blues to chaotic, raw R'n'B workouts. Guitars and furious hand-claps accompany singers who do not speak of this world and are pushing hard to get to the other side. But fear not, the lyrics, messages and screams on this LP call out to the bottom-feeders, backsliders, and miscreants to redeem ourselves from the wages of sin and the inferno that waits for us down below. Go Devil Go! is Jerome Records' own selection from the glorious 3CD set Fire in My Bones compiled by Mike McGonigal in 2009. Most of the recordings included here were published in 45s or 78s for less known independent companies, some by tiny local labels and sometimes paid by the church congregation itself. As McGonigal explains in the liner-notes: "This is Gospel -- which we must always remember translates as 'the good news' (...) I find it to be among the most vibrant, playful, beautiful and emotionally-charged music in the world." Amen.



SMITH, SLIM: Keep the Light Shining LP (KSLP 051LP) 14.00
LP version. Slim Smith is high on the list of great singers that came out of Jamaica. Although Jamaica was bursting with musical talent, few could match his soulful and heartfelt style. Sadly, he had a very short career, but he produced a catalog of music that still stands the test of time -- like all the great artists, his story carries through the songs he left behind. Kingston Sounds have compiled some of his finest moments from his period working alongside the hit-maker from Jamaica, producer Bunny Lee. A great set of tunes that the label hopes will keep his memory alive.



LISCO, CHRISTIAN: Thoughts EP 12" (KOMISCH 018EP) 12.50
In 2013, a producer from Bari, Italy contacted Komisch to send a demo. When the label heard Christian Lisco's demo, it was clear straight away that he didn't need any words of encouragement about his music or its structure. It was also obvious that despite being a young producer, his sound was far more mature than any other demo Komisch had received. So this is Christian's first EP. It's more house-y than the usual Komisch sound, but its rhythms and beats are tough and robust, its early '90s techno melodies are irresistible, the acidic bleeps redolent of early dance music, and Lisco's arranging is understated and crafty.



COMA: Atlantis 12" (KOM 299EP) 14.50
Coma returns to the fore with Atlantis, another yummy slice of catchy dancefloor bliss and a persuasive testament to the seemingly infinite willingness of the Cologne-based duo to explore the whole gamut of electronic pop music. The title-track is a particularly swinging neo-disco opus, brimming with funky hooks and romantic synth pads. "Maelstrøm" continues that trend in spectacular fashion, reinforcing the funk elements and vibing hard with the imaginary soundtrack to your favorite '70s vintage cop show, finely seasoned with a hint of acid. Closing track "Blueprint" dials back the cliffhangers and aims for a slightly more introspective blend.


REBOLLEDO: Momento Drive EP 12" (KOM 304EP) 14.50
Rebolledo presents three extra-rare cuts from his Momento Drive mix and puts them on vinyl for this EP. "Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar" is a raucous track that has been an integral part of Rebo's DJ sets, but never saw a proper release before. With the "extended raw version" made exclusively for the EP, this relentless cut finally finds its way onto wax. Another vinyl premiere can be found with the Pachanga Boys remix of Slove's "Flash," originally a digital-only release. Rebolledo's deliciously-mangled rework of Red Axes' "Caminho De Dreyfus" has insane amounts of dirty funk crammed into the small space of one ballsy, sandblasted piece of music.



WOEHL, JONAS: White Sheets 12" (LTR 002EP) 14.00
The first vinyl release from Lenient Tales opens up the stage to Jonas Woehl and his melodic-driven approach to emotional dance music. The four-track EP opens up with the Pt. 2 Version of "The Place," evolving the beatless ambient frame of the Pt. 1 Version from Woehl's debut album White Sheets into a dark forceful piece. "Stockholm" spins around dirty loops of reverb echoes, accentuated by siren-like melody snippets. "You Want To" features a twirling loop of raw fuzz accompanying the dynamic percussion, all formed around Wyoming's warm and soothing voice. "White Sheets" is a slow-beat melody dessert, spinning dizzy synths into a trance state.



DJ TENNIS: Local 2x12" (LAD 017LP) 21.00
Without a doubt, Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) is a busy man -- co-founder and partner of Life And Death, a DJ with a full schedule and someone who still always has his fingers (and mind) in multiple projects and multiple places at the same time. How he juggles it (or when he sleeps) are questions best not pondered. One thing those who know him well have surely noticed is that he does it all while constantly on the move. Unfazed by the constant whirl of cities that pass him by, he somehow manages to remain focused throughout. No matter where he goes, he somehow always manages to remain local. The collection of tracks on this double EP reflects that. Conceived and written in different cities (Miami, Milan, London, Brooklyn, Berlin and Palermo), each track captures both something of the place of conception and something of Romano's relationship to it. Local is not a travelogue per se, but more an emotional love-letter to all these many places he calls home. Whether it's the plaintive call of "Lovechild" (featuring The Rapture's Luke Jenner), the dark and futuristic journey of "Floating Boy (Self Portrait)," the playful mix of old and new sounds found on "Williamsburg," the techno indie mix that is "Ah! Isobel," the ethereal trip of "Anatomy" or the indie-rock love song from the afterlife called "You Close My Eyes," all these tracks are diverse and yet distinctly derive from a singular mind and personality. It's as if it's not just a collection of music, but rather an introduction to the personality of DJ Tennis himself. Rounding out the release is an ecstatic remix of "Anatomy" by the elusive producer from Michigan known as North Lake. All of the songs here are deeply personal and this EP shows it, as Manfredi Romano welcomes you in to meet him.


LSD25 010BK

LUNDBORG, PATRICK: The Acid Archives: The Second Edition Book (LSD25 010BK) 52.00
New 2014 printing of the 2nd edition (same content as the first printing from 2010). Bigger, better and more colorful! After the huge success of the first edition from 2006, the Acid Archives book has been long out-of-print. Used copies have sold for as high as $200, and there are many inquiries about new runs from around the world. Instead of just a new printing, here is a brand-new edition -- completely revised, massively expanded, and attractively re-designed. The Acid Archives, The Second Edition will delight any lover of rare and great underground music from the 1960s-1970s. All the elements that made the first edition such a hit are here. The A-Z section has been expanded with 90 new pages, detailing many hundreds of previously-unknown LPs. Just as exciting is a brand-new section of special features, where leading experts present the best and rarest albums within exotica, lounge, '70s funk & soul, Southern rock, new age, custom labels and tax scam records. In answer to requests from fans of the first book, the Acid Archives has been fully re-designed and is now printed entirely in color. The 400 pages in the second edition (100 pages more than the old version) are loaded with color images of obscure and trippy album sleeves, posters and band photos, many of which have never been published before. 400 pages, all entirely in color, in a perfect-bound softcover quarto. Writers: P. Lundborg, A. Milenski, R. Moore and others. Size: 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" x 7/8"; weight: 3 lbs 4 oz.



ELEKTRO GUZZI: Observatory 2LP (MACROM 039LP) 26.50
Double LP version. Live "techno-tanzband" trio Elektro Guzzi are set to release their third studio album Observatory via Berlin-based record label Macro. From their 2010 self-titled debut album ("hauntingly beautiful" --Resident Advisor) and 2011 follow-up Parquet ("hypnotic, near kosmische reverberations" --Clash), Elektro Guzzi have taken their man-machine live show of bass, guitar, and drums around the world, from landmark clubs like Fabric and Berghain to major festivals such as Roskilde, Sónar and Mutek. With Observatory, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Breuer shift everything anyone could expect from a live band. Tellingly, instrument credits have been wiped off the record sleeve. Still, a string and a drum skin at the source, the sound emanating from the speakers seems to have travelled light years. Utterly alien, Observatory unfolds into a paradigm for both the performance of music and the music performed. Despite advances in software, ironically it is this live band that initiates a redesign of how techno could leap into the future. There is nothing retro about it. No citations of historic moments. The album resembles a party on the edge of the solar system, with scraps of distant sound memories -- a shocking abandonment of anything an instrument was supposed to do. The recordings' warmth is in stark contrast to the music's Skynet thrust: a time capsule of techno projected into the dark unknown. Metallic and human at the same time, a love-cry miles from home...



MADLIB: Pinata Beats CD (MMS 024CD) 16.00
"There are few musicians - let alone beat-makers - in the world whose output in its raw form provides his listener with a full on musical experience before anything is added. Madlib is such a talent. Hip hop is his canvas, but he creates the most wondrous things with it. Before a microphone is switched on, before a rhyme is even uttered, a Madlib beat stands alone as a complete thing. Since the issue of the collaborative album with rapper Freddie Gibbs - Piñata, already being hailed as contender for rap album of the year - we've been asked countless times to issue the beats Madlib created for the project as instrumentals. And we've conceded. Piñata put Gibbs in the spotlight, one that a growing audience is finally acknowledging that he deserves. On Piñata Beats, though, it's Madlib, quietly spinning on the center stage. Through seventeen cuts of arcane film snippets, dusted funk and soul, psych and prog rock musical diversions, Madlib proves to live up to what Gibbs once said of him: 'Madlib quite simply, is music.'"



SIMPLY SAUCER: Bullet Proof Nothing 7" (MCC 002EP) 6.50
"Taking a page from Ugly Pop's fantastic fantasy 45 for Hackamore Brick's 'Oh! Those Sweet Bananas' (songs that should have been singles, but weren't for whatever reason), we present the second in our Mammoth Cave Classics series with a fantasy 45 of Simply Saucer's anthem 'Bullet Proof Nothing'. A-Side is the classic track from the Cyborgs Revisited LP, B-Side is the live version available on vinyl for the first time."


12BACH 001EP

ON+BRR: In de Desert (Very Strange) 12" (12BACH 001EP) 14.50
They only played a single song, "In de Desert (Very Strange)," for two hours and Martin Hossbach immediately decided to found his eponymous label after seeing On+Brr onstage at Westwerk in Hamburg in April of 2012. This single is now released and contains two additional tracks by On+Brr aka Hamburg-based producers Rodion Levin and Philipp Meiers: Dada braindance with bizarre baritone vocals.



CONS, CRISTI: Basorelief 12" (MEANDER 014EP) 14.00
Wonderful energetic dance music with well-integrated rhythmic and melodic structures. Cristi Cons is a Romanian musician who also runs his own Amphia imprint. This dancefloor-proven EP now becomes available, pressed into solid wax as Cristis debut on Meander. Lifelong studies in classical music as a cellist have sharpened his sensitivities for unique harmonies and a good ear for sounds. Besides working on his solo productions, he recently worked with Pedro Inspirescu for the TT Ensemble project, and created Sideways Invisibility Theory together with Vlad Caia plus a new co-operational jam called Verico with Raresh and Vlad.



SCHAFFHAUSER, MATHIAS: Angular - Remixed 12" (MFP 071EP) 12.50
After the release of his album Angular, Mathias Schaffhauser and Mo's Ferry present the new remixes. Nicolas Masseyeff and Jorge Ciccioli ensure international scope as well as musical variation. Masseyeff turns "The Best Bad Idea" more into the fuffy tech-house genre and gives the track a refreshing summer flare. Ciccioli stays faithful to his roots and packs the track "Schnuppe" in a minimal techno dress. The typical foundation of a rumbling sub-bass sound and a dry machine beat is topped with a truly hypnotizing bass line. Also features the two original tracks by Mathias Schaffhauser. Technoid sound without compromise and to some extent brutally pushing forward.



VICENTE, IGOR: Mystericordia 12" (MOBILEE 129EP) 12.50
Igor Vicente is becoming a tour de force within the spectrum of house and techno. Now on his own as a solo artist, Igor is moving onward and upward with his own forward-thinking productions and unique DJ sound. Mystericordia showcases Igor's journey into the deep and dark depths of underground house. The title-track starts traverses through darker landscapes with its heavy kick drums and deep vibes. "Mallowdie" quickly picks up the pace with a vibe that is sure to fill dancefloors instantly. "Dance System" features complex drum patterns that keep us moving with constant elements of surprise. Features a remix by Ryan Crosson.



MODESELEKTOR: Modeselektion Vol. 3 #1 12" (MONKEY 044EP) 12.00
The third edition of the Modeselektor-curated Modeselektion series will be released as a 3-way vinyl pack. It comes with an LP and 2 EPs that are filled to the brim with exciting exclusive material from the hyperactive duo's favorites and a few very special newcomers. The first EP features the cream of the crop of the bass-heavy dancefloor-flavored tunes with L-Vis 1990, notorious Munich duo Schlachthofbronx (feat. Buraka Som Sistema), Ninja Tunes' Illum Sphere and ClekClekBoom resident French Fries. This one is quite a banger of an EP.


MODESELEKTOR: Modeselektion Vol. 03 2LP (MONKEY 045LP) 21.00
Gatefold double LP version; a selection of 9 tracks from the double CD. Modeselektion Vol. 03 is all about the art of selection -- about careful consideration, motivation, choice, process -- that is, a pretty elaborate labor of love that hides intense effort under free-flowing, seamless sounds that sneak up on the ears to broaden our collective horizon. Modeselektion Vol. 03 boasts buckets of strictly exclusive tracks, once again hand-picked by Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Whether on vinyl or onstage, any Modeselektion "boils down to whatever we think is hot," explains Gernot Bronsert. "We suffer from constant music overload, so we use Modeselektion to channel the best of these tunes for the outside world." It all starts with Fennesz: a paragon of sophisticated electronic sounds, the Viennese producer has narrowed the niche between guitar and laptop like no other. Berlin trio To Rococo Rot share a penchant for unleashing acoustic instruments on unsuspecting grooves. Other artists: Nosaj Thing, Solar Year, Cid Rim, Akkord, Robot Koch, Howling and Born In Flamez.


MODESELEKTOR: Modeselektion Vol. 3 #2 12" (MONKEY 046EP) 12.00
The second installment of the Modeselektion EPs has a slightly more four-to-the-floor-flavored temper and also comes down more heavy on the vocal side. Monkeytown's own Alex Banks delivers the energetic technoid track "Be the One," featuring dubbed-out vocals by Elisabeth Bernholz, his Beth Gibbons-esque collaborator. French beat wizard Onra's "Blast" is slightly more hip-hop-flavored and his fresh-faced interpretation of a straight beat is the only instrumental on this EP. Henrik Schwarz adds a touch of pop to this record, with a song written to swing on the dancefloor. The last track is a special cooperation between Brandt Bauer Frick, Vic Mensa and Om'mas Keith.



COHEN, CHARLES: Group Motion LP (DOSER 020LP) 20.00
Repressed. Morphine Records continues to unearth recordings from Philadelphia's synth pioneer, Charles Cohen. Two beautiful drone/ambient/jazz pieces on this one (recorded live in 1989), exposing the sonic genius and dexterity of Cohen alongside the astounding possibilities of that highly-desirable synthesizer of his. Group Motion is a dance theater in Philadelphia founded by Manfred Fischbeck with whom Cohen collaborated and performed. The "Group Motion Performance" is a live recording with the dance company made on the Buchla Music Easel and the Buchla 700 series; the latter, one of the rarest synthesizers on earth. "Generator" was performed and recorded at the Generator Sound Art Gallery, NYC, with the same instrument set-up. Apparently, these are the only known recordings using the Buchla 700 synthesizer to be formally released, making the Group Motion album the only living proof of this incredible-sounding machine. Issued in three parts, this vinyl series will culminate in a full CD release.



PSYK: Time Foundation 2LP (MOTE 002LP) 27.50
Double LP version. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. After two successful EP releases on the label, Psyk aka Manuel Anós is back on Mote-Evolver, inaugurating his first full-length album effort with Time Foundation. It's no surprise that Psyk is releasing his debut album on the label, as his previous two EPs Distane (2012) and Arcade (2013) have both left people wanting more. Time Foundation proves to be an outstanding collection that shows the full spectrum of Psyk's sound and the range of his skills as he expands and explores different depths and moods. Keeping the energy level constant at the peak, there's no downtime in Time Foundation. And while 10 sharp-cut tracks are all armed with clean, streamlined groove and impressive sound design, sounding incredibly slick and effortless, once you listen closely, these tracks demand your attention. The opener "Automatic" rolls like a well-oiled machine on cruise control with the signature of a single chord bouncing on top of a relaxed but energetic groove. Expanding on a similar theme is "Myriad," which takes a further playful approach. "Riot" steps into more minimal territory, featuring a subtle development that keeps you engaged while "Avalon" grounds itself to just heavy enough bass kicks to evoke deeper vibes without compromising its uplifting spirit. Slipped in the middle of the album like an intermission is "Five," and it's a curious and ominous track that flashes a different side of Psyk. It shows off his craftmanship as muted and muffled beeps faintly go in and out while a blinking synth melody renders a unique, intriguing beauty. Starting off the second half is "Silhouette," picking up the tempo and elevating the mood with bass drums and claps, followed by the demure crescendo of melody and floating fuzzy hiss of "Shift." "Nine" is designed for the deeper moments you encounter during longer sessions in the club, surrounded by people yet alone with the pulse of music. The album closes with the stunning "L3" -- swinging white noise and a hint of acid invite you back to the beginning of the album to listen all over again. Time Foundation is packed with no-frills, on-point peak-hour techno tools finely executed with a minimalistic concept of doing more with less. It's a highly functional album that spoils the listener with mesmerizing details and provides the diversity of sounds and textures today's techno has to offer.


SHIFTED: Razors EP 12" (MOTE 033EP) 12.50
2014 repress. Shifted's next release on Mote-Evolver is the Razors EP. The title-track is a 6-minute odyssey. Sounds are layered one on top of another, creating a strictly cyclical structure. Shaking, rattling sounds, a helicopter overhead, syncopated noise and hypnotic beats are established. "Over" is merciless techno that's full of intelligent details. Out of nowhere, jangling blips and bleeps collide with feral bass. "Bloodless" is rendered in twisted beats and synthesized noise and "Trouble" leaves you slightly paranoid.


2014 repress. Luke Slater's most well-known pseudonym Planetary Assault Systems is back in the fullest swing with No Exit, a standalone EP following his famed Deep Heat installment series. No Exit unmistakably bears all the hallmarks of Planetary Assault System, from mind-tripping and floor-stirring hypnotic energy to the theme of pushing the outer limits of unknown territories. It shows the most distinctive core DNA of Planetary Assault Systems and much like his seminal album The Messenger, it's a deadly unique, dazzling, and powerfully effective work that will stand the test of time.



FRED P: Distant Rain 12" (MUSIQ 173EP) 14.50
Fred P is back on Mule Musiq with two first-class deep house tunes.


MR 7239EP

CRAMPS, THE: File Under Sacred Music: Early Singles 1978-1981 10x7" BOX (MR 7239EP) 78.00
2014 repress; Limited edition 7" boxset. Munster Records presents a compilation of the The Cramps' early singles plus some tracks from the same period, 1978-1981, that were never issued in that format. Six replica sleeves and four new sleeves were especially designed for this edition."I've no idea why The Cramps don't seem to figure in a lot of alleged histories of punk or just plain music in general. This could be down to them being utterly or unpigeonhole-able (is that even a word?) or just outright ignorance. Perhaps a bit of both, but hey, let's not concern ourselves with that. The band changed the face of culture. Period. Without bothering 'the charts' or playing too many stadiums, their seismic effect on everything you hold dear will be felt for all time. This ancient knowledge -- some of their grooviest gravy -- is presented here for your delectation and delight. So get a crack-a-lackin' with blasting these twisted hymns morning, noon and night. And while the ruckus is in full swing, pray to whoever might listen that Ivy will get around to compile the ultimate document of her undulating combo in commemoration of their services to entertainment. The bloody gears of this here rockin' machine will be rolling way beyond the foreseeable future. Reasons outwith anyone's control might mean that you can't see the band anymore but no one -- no how -- will be able to make this thing stop. Meanwhile, dig into this feast for the little ghouls that understood all along or indeed anyone with a decent set of ears." --Lindsay Hutton

MR 7260EP

AOOUSCH!: Ain't Got a Clue 7" (MR 7260EP) 8.50
Debut 7" by this Swedish band featuring Hans Östlund from The Nomads. They've been playing live since 2010 and now offer us this powerful slab of raw Scandinavian garage punk.


NO 901EP

NO. INC: Early Reflections EP I 12" (NO 901EP) 15.50
No. Inc. are Material Object and AtomTM. Both artists launch their No. label imprint here with a taste of their forthcoming full-length Early Reflection. The tracks featured on this EP are the ambient piece "Early Reflection Part I" and the technoid "Refraction I." While side A explores the realms of textures and soundscapes, side AA, which is exclusively released here, expands into rhythmical codes and thereby outlines possible horizons both artists are envisioning for their No. platform. Housed in a special sleeve (cut out No. triangle), pressed on 180 gram vinyl and limited to 300 copies.



"Non" is the dance imperative incarnation for high-end tool techno. Raw analogous sounds for the underground with no regret. Tracks from Tadeo and Echologist.


NA 5110CD

HEITKOTTER, STEPHEN DAVID: Black Orckid CD (NA 5110CD) 18.00
"Deluxe reissue of the legendary '70s California bedroom psychedelic album restored/remastered transfer and never-before-heard demos. 32-page booklet contains dozens of unpublished photos and images and a thorough investigation into this exceedingly rare artifact. '...banging garage downer LP from the twilight zone ...raw & wasted." - Paul Major. Psychedelic rock record collectors have been repeating the name Heitkotter as if it were a mantra ever since the first copy of a hand-made demo LP turned up in a Los Angeles music publisher's reject bin, with nothing more than that word scrawled across a plain white jacket. Now-Again Records embarked some years ago on what seemed like a fruitless crusade -- to find out more about this Heitkotter, his music, his story. In the process, we've visited the house where this confounding album was recorded, found Heitkotter's musicians, rescued the demo-recordings that paved the way for this album, uncovered unpublished photos and paintings by the man behind the album, and are now ready to present the definitive look into a musical vision equal parts dangerous and peaceful, nihilistic and optimistic. It's safe to say the world has never heard something like Heitkotter -- it is a unique piece of art unlike anything that came before or has come after it. The bizarre LP known as Heitkotter -- recorded in around 1971 and pressed in a run of less than twenty five copies - was the culmination of one Stephen David Heitkotter's artistic career. Ross Dwelle, Stephen's childhood friend and the drummer on the record, describes the bedroom sessions in a handsome Craftsman home in Old Fresno as this young trio 'trying to play five songs written by a man losing his mind...probably stoned the whole time.' Heitkotter, this time issued as Black Orckid, as we assume Stephen would have wanted it - is too complicated to be written off as a symptom of a greater ill, or lionized by a few (and dismissed by the majority) as 'outsider' art. It's a rare and vital look at 60s and 70s American rock through the sad story -- and incredible music -- of an untethered soul. And as we hope to show in enlightening more of Stephen's backstory, it can also be considered sweet, kind and optimistic. The Heitkotter tale is cautionary, but Stephen's music is as close to the sublime as American rock has ever ventured."


OM 037LP

MEGINSKY, JAKE: L'Appel du Vide LP (OM 037LP) 18.00
"Subterranean, nearly-inaudible restraint and a rushing, stuttering throb rule the night on this new record. Its electric moods are so resolutely alien they suggest worlds unknown rather than create them. Irregular heartbeat thumps are set against high end atmospheres explored in microscopic detail. Haunting overlays of tones fluctuate and tremble, and not one moment feels forced. The music is meticulously constructed and consistently surprising. The electronics spin away, shooting off into bizarre and unexpected territory, and all the while Meginsky guides them with a benevolent, confident, endlessly fascinating hand. To hear him tell it, the record is 'a document of me looking for the experience I have not yet had, and maybe will never have. This is where the title comes from. The pull of the void.' Natural phenomena, like fog or mist, tend to render the environment and one's ability to see it nearly impossible, and if you tilt your head back like you have a nosebleed there is always the fear that the sun might set sooner. When you stop in a secret place there is no need to talk. These are streets full of sullen languid violence and grey phantoms. Edition of 300. Cover art by Bill Nace. Play at 45 and play loud." -- Matt Krefting Holyoke, MA May 2014



NOO: Noo EP 12" (OMD 001EP) 12.50
The first Optimo Music disco plate is from Noo -- Daze Dasen (aka Plastique De Reve) and Sami Liuski (aka Bangkok Impact/Putsch '79). This is a double A-side 12" single built out of imaginative sampling combined with analog hardware. These tracks are phenomenally-produced, lush disco string-fuelled epics that fully work their magic in a club setting. This is modern disco, most definitely NOT nu disco.


OP 008EP

HONIG, EZEKIEL: Paragraphs 12" (OP 008EP) 14.00
Founder/label manager for the Anticipate and Microcosm labels, Ezekiel Honig concentrates on his idiosyncratic brand of emotively warm electronic-acoustic music. Using the loop as more of a tool than a rule, Honig paints outside the lines, nestling into a comfortable, shared space between muted techno, melodic, event-driven ambient, textural downtempo and slow-motion house. Drawing on the rich history of musique concrète, Honig looks to incorporate a material nature into his music by imbuing it with a host of field recording/found-sound sources in the search for a balance between digital software innovation and the physicality of the world around us.



VA: Trapped: Sixteen R 'n' B and Early Soul Stompers LP (PANCH 001LP) 19.50
Sixteen never-before-reissued R'n'B and early soul stompers, compiled by Jordi Duró. Killer! Artists include: Baby Dee, Terry & Jerry, The Knockouts, J.D. & The Impressions, The Miller Sisters, Ty Terrell, The Shamans, Playboys, Honey & The Bees, The Lavenders, The Vibes, Cornell Blakely, Del Mingos, The Ideals, The Chanteers, and the Cy Wagner Orchestra.



KALKBRENNER, PAUL: Sky and Sand EP 12" (PKM 014EP) 12.00
With "Sky and Sand" remixed by Robag Wruhme, you get another highlight from the upcoming Paul Kalkbrenner remix album X. The huge key track from the Berlin Calling soundtrack features the goosebumps-inducing vocals by Fritz Kalkbrenner and is Paul's biggest career-success to date. Robag Wruhme's remix transfers the stand-alone track into the year 2014 and develops the well-known musical theme into a brand-new deep house style. The new vocal delivery gives the remix a completely different flavor added to those almost-classic chords that made "Sky and Sand" such a worldwide electronic music anthem.



AKBAYRAM, EDIP: Edip Akbayram CD (PHS 019CD) 17.00
Edip Akbayram's a frail guy who spent his childhood unable to walk, but once he grew up he was on Istanbul TV in a whitey-fro and knee-length colored robes. Akbayram's voice is big & open, and it took him all across Turkey at the height of Anatolian psychedelia. This first album collects precious singles from 1972-1974, with dark melodies that descend in loose spirals, seemingly forever. Tunes taken from mystic Sufi poets who played the baglama, but retro-fitted with hard-plowing electric bass lines, funky drums, fuzz-wah guitars and keyboards. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with photos and liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records).


AKBAYRAM, EDIP: Edip Akbayram LP (PHS 019LP) 25.50
LP version. Includes an insert with photos and liner notes by Weirdo Records wizard Angela Sawyer.


VAMPIRES, THE: Vampires Underground CD (PHS 021CD) 17.00
Where does a band of Indian guys in East South Africa even play, and how on earth would they end up with fuzzy guitar riffs, wah-wah and funky drums? Riddles abound when you discover a platter like this one. Durban, famous for its beaches and also for beach signs that marked off areas for white people, had a very unique dance band scene in 1971. The Vampires are a strange footnote in a strange world, and they slosh through each song like they're having the time of their lives. The mostly instrumental band covers everything from a soundtrack that prefigures the drama of Ennio Morricone fuzz, to middle-of-the-road Nashville country, to Zeppelin, with flute, organ and fuzz guitar high in the mix. Like the undead, the Vampires now rise from having been long buried. But they only showed up to get their dirt in your ears. One of the most obscure psychedelic funk exploitation albums ever, reissued for the first time. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records).


VAMPIRES, THE: Vampires Underground LP (PHS 021LP) 25.50
LP version. Includes an insert with liner notes by Weirdo Records wizard Angela Sawyer.



NIGGEMANN, ALEX: Materium 12" (PFR 149EP) 14.00
Poker Flat Recordings welcomes back the ever-prolific Alex Niggemann for another speaker-troubling dispatch. "Materium" is a sprawling, tough journey into analog techno -- with a dash of house thrown in. It rips through the speakers -- the crisp and aggressive production provides the space for growling synths and atmospheric, tense pads. What's more, the whole track audaciously dissolves into silence mid way through before exploding back into life via a descending analog synth line. "Primary" is no less dramatic, but opts for a dubbier vibe as it builds and releases the ever-present tension. It's hard, moody, electronic funk for after-hours basements and warehouses.


QA 007LP

GIANA FACTORY: Lemon Moon LP (QA 007LP) 22.00
LP version. Includes download code. Following up to their much-applauded international debut Save the Youth (QA 001CD/LP), Denmark's answer to Warpaint, Giana Factory, return with their second album Lemon Moon. Fronted by Louise Foo (sister of Sharin of The Raveonettes) and flanked by Lisbet Fritze (who also plays guitar in the Trentemøller Band) and Sofie Johanne, Giana Factory specialize in a wonderful kind of iced pop, beautiful songwriting with a lot of depth, and DIY attitude punch. Take the throbbing synths, quivering guitars, and clipped, canned beats of the first single "Lemon Moon," and the deep but imminent pop feel of "I Live at Night," and "Walking Mirror" as prime examples. It's music that's given a human heartbeat by Louise's effortlessly expelled vocals which are downy-soft but harbor a cool confidence at their core. The record is produced by electronic music maverick Anders Trentemøller. It incorporates personal stories and musings on the interconnectivity of relationships between people and their relationship to the world. "Our intention with the new songs was to cut them to their bones by trusting the melodies, lyrics, and sounds enough to let the songs stand naked and uncontrolled." They likened Lemon Moon's creative process with building a screenplay, as new characters and storylines entered the picture until the final product materialized, exploring and playing with the concept of time and place, dream and reality. All this is reflected in the great artwork of Italian/American photographer Andrea Galvani, who , inspired by Giana Factory's music, extended his much-acclaimed picture series "Death of an Imagine" for his own version of Lemon Moon's sleeve design.



TELLIER, SEBASTIEN: L'Aventura 2LP (REC 115LP) 34.50
L'Aventura arose from Brazilian heat and French romanticism. This is the history of Sebastien Tellier's fantasy childhood in Brazil, arranged by the local cult figure Arthur Verocai -- a wild mixture of love, dreams, sun and landscapes. As Tellier himself states, "For this album I wanted to rewrite my childhood. I chose to place this adventure in Brazil, land of splendor and joy, with an eternal childish soul." The recording produced by the artist took place between Paris and Rio de Janeiro during the year 2013. These adventures brought him into Jean-Michel Jarre's, Bernard Estardy's, and Philippe Zdar's (Cassius/Phoenix) studios. Zdar, who knows so well how to make French music sound international, sublimates the 10 tracks of this album -- halfway between the elegancy and the required level of a maestro and the immediacy of a popular song. This sixth opus was composed and written by Sebastien Tellier. For the first time in his career, all the lyrics are written in French. Gainsbourg is not far away, like a tutelary figure. Christophe is also a springboard, inspiring the use of more space to express himself, and Lucio Battisti made him understand that singing in his native language was possible. L'Aventura is a record of shores stretching to an everlasting new beginning. This is naive art rendered by an open heart and a childish vision of creation, close in spirit to his classic 2008 album Sexuality (REC 046LP). Deluxe gatefold sleeve.



TELLIER, SEBASTIEN: L'incroyable Vérité (2014 RSD Exclusive) LP (REC 002LP) 28.50
Last remaining copies of this RSD 2014 release. 180 gram deluxe reissue of the first album by Sébastien Tellier. His previous releases include a track on 1998's Source Rocks compilation -- "Fantino" (used in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation film), which was noticed by Rolling Stone ("one of the loneliest sounds you will hear this year"). The album was recorded between September 1999 and March 2000. Sébastien plays most of the instruments and produced his album himself. It was mixed by Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo) and Sebastien Tellier in July 2000 with the help of Guillaume Lebraz. Sébastien and Mathieu Tonetti wrote the lyrics to the songs. L'Incroyable Vérité is an album about life. You can hear a dog singing, a woman screaming, and legs growing. Sébastien Tellier recommends that you listen to his album alone by candle-light.


RB 047EP

TELEPHONES: The Ocean Called EP 12" (RB 047EP) 14.00
Dial RB+47 for Telephones. Known for his releases on Sex Tags UFO and Full Pupp, as well as for dapper facial hair, the Norwegian Berliner graces Running Back with an island fantasy of his very own. Immured in the sands between the beaches of Rimini and Sant Antoni, The Ocean Called EP evokes the lucid dreams and hazy visions that pale club kids always had of these places. Think vintage Irma and Calpyso Records done in a modern way, or Tony Humphries in swimming trunks. Four tracks, four waves of joy as rhythm tools and cool spots. Barefoot in the head 4ever.



PHANTOM, THE: LP 1 LP (SIL 015LP) 21.00
Silverback Recordings welcomes back The Phantom (aka Bartosz Kruczynski) with this long-awaited full-length debut. After releasing two EPs for the Ghent-based label, scoring video art, recording numerous remixes, being involved in another project Ptaki (with a best-selling 12" Krystyna), Kruczynski calmed things down in 2013 and focused on recording a more complex project. LP 1 is a true artistic statement with a very strong identity. It's a record summing up Kruczynski's perception of music and style, yet broadening it even more at the same time. The album combines his interest in repetitive minimalism and film music with very direct, yet ethereal club tracks and romantic/ballad influences, as in the stripped-down version of "Gothic," a track he debuted on Silverback in 2012. The record is also a meditation on Warsaw with references to its river and parks. The environmental and idyllic elements are present throughout the album, yet instead of being an escapist work, they are rather the result of emotion recollected in tranquility. It's also an extension of Kruczynski's record crates with influences ranging from Tangerine Dream soundtracks, descriptive library records, the reflective works of Arthur Russell, '80s fusion and deep house 12"s.



TANG, STEVEN: Leaving the Physical World 12" (SMALL 038EP) 12.50
After the glorious release of his first studio album Disconnect to Connect in 2013, Steven Tang is back with another lovely package of hi-tech soul. Inspired by his new residency in Berlin, the Chicago native builds up three highly grooving sound seducers which will be part of his live set at Panorama Bar. Join Steven Tang at leaving the physical world.



Billy Dalessandro is back with a new album called Boomers, revealing Billy at his best, showing a lot of craftsmanship in multiple areas of electronic music. Travelling around in the deserts of the world opened up his perceptions and a plethora of new ideas unfolded. To celebrate this occasion in splendor, Soniculture is releasing a VERY LIMITED edition of the album as a picture disc vinyl, containing four selected tracks. A gem to hold for days to come. A travel through electronic music, without styles. A free-fly discovery of new dimensions. Let yourself be surprised.



MATRIXXMAN: Amulet 12" (SPC 123EP) 14.00
For his debut on Spectral Sound, San Francisco DJ/producer Matrixxman presents Amulet -- rich with analog ideas, and exploring his interests in deep Chicago moods juxtaposed with techno futurism. Using a number of classic Roland pieces, Duff fluctuates between bouncing house rhythms and hypnotic techno. Most notably of the latter style is "The Caravan," with hefty, driving syncopation under scrubbing, distorted hints of melody. "Venetian Mask" goes deeper with a hint of restrained jacking, setting up for "Enter Me," an infectious Balearic excursion. "Scimitar" leans closer to a UK style of dubbed-out bass, coupled with an estranged yet futuristic touch of deep house.



BONAPARTE: Bonaparte LP (AKT 752LP) 21.00
Staatsakt presents the fifth album from rag-tag international carnival punk artist/band, Bonaparte. Bonaparte collects languages (both musical and verbal) everywhere he goes -- like a kid collects shells at the seashore -- excited about each and every new discovery -- vibing off of the rubble of the Berlin Wall, the melodious bird songs of New Zealand, the camaraderie of Russian vodka, and the beat-up breakdance cardboard of Brooklyn. By soaking up such a wide array of cultural contexts, Bonaparte has developed an effortless knack for code-switching that keeps his music unpredictable and fresh. Even though he sings primarily in English, it often seems as if he is experimenting with his own idiosyncratic dialect -- where repetition and wordplay morph meaning into something that is entirely fluid, dynamic, and oftentimes absurdist. Two of Bonaparte's biggest hits -- "Anti-Anti" and "Too Much" -- utilize this twist of meaning so effectively that seemingly negative phraseologies become chant-worthy rallying cries. The same kind of magic is worked in "Out of Control," a stand-out track where there is such a clash of disparate musical and linguistic traditions that the urgency of the message becomes contagiously universal. Just as he gathers languages in his constant state of motion, Bonaparte also gathers conspirators, collaborators, fervent followers, and most importantly, friends. A gaggle of elaborately-costumed dancers decorate his frenetic live show. Videographers emerge from their darkened editing suites to create stunning Bonaparte videos. Engineers and musicians alike are quick to accept invitations to record from this charmingly strange traveler. Such was the case for recording this self-titled Bonaparte album in Brooklyn, NY. After a chance meeting and a few drinks, Bonaparte casually teamed up with Andy Baldwin to record an entire album -- featuring drumming by Philadelphia native Christopher Powell, and even a cameo from Brooklyn rapper/artist Tim Fite. If you listen very carefully between the notes of the songs, you can hear the sound-distance traveled and life-long friendships being formed. Includes an mp3 download voucher; die-cut cover.


LP 001LP

LORD PARAMOUR: Par Amour LP (LP 001LP) 22.00
Lord Paramour is the unique meeting of two activists from the Rennes (France) scene. On the one hand, DJ Marrrtin, graffiti artist, beatmaker and leader of the prolific label Stereophonk, is known as much for his instrumentals played during many international breakdance battles, than for his acclaimed collaborations with Atom from C2C, Robin McKelle or the Nubians. Other member Ajax Tow has recently delivered a second album, influenced by abstract hip-hop and indie-rock. He's known as the "White Wolf" of the Rennes indie scene, with his lush hair and baroque mixes spread throughout the four corners of the hexagon. The duo here has constructed an album around their obvious fondness for Bollywoood, each bringing his own eclectic inspirations. There are also influences here from hip-hop, soul, disco, indie-rock, downtempo, electro, Krautrock and more. The whole is never the sum of its parts and the result is a masala of beats and grooves. This is an elegant and sloppy music, a joyous, bright and colorful uproar -- the psychedelic soundtrack of a spicy and adventurous life.



VA: Disco Reggae Volume Two CD (STIX 037CD) 15.50
Stix Records is a sub-division of Favorite Recordings specializing in the exercise of producing covers with a reggae twist. Acclaimed in 2013 with a first official single by Taggy Matcher & Birdy & Nixon, quickly followed by the first volume of the Disco Reggae (STIX 035LP) compilation, Stix is back in 2014 with a scorching Disco Reggae Volume 2. Following the success of its first volume, the Disco Reggae series also expands with this nine-track compilation, composed with eight new and exclusive versions by artists such as Taggy Matcher, 7 Samuraï, Mato, and John Milk, and the classic cover of "Tainted Love" by Grandmagneto. But this time, while they still explored famous hits like "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock or "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, they also dug within the home label's catalog, taking over some of the finest titles by Mr. Day, Lee McDonald, Lucas Arruda and The Joubert Singers. Once again, their swaying renditions seem straight out of the smoky studios of Kingston or Montego Bay, while also remembering the '80s pop-reggae sound of artists like Grace Jones or the less-famous Earons. Everything was mastered and cut at Carvery Records (UK), known for their expertise in Caribbean and disco music.


VA: Disco Reggae Volume Two LP (STIX 037LP) 25.50
LP version, housed in an old-school tip-on jacket.



PIEZO: Discipline EP 12" (SUBALT 005EP) 12.50
The Discipline EP features Italian producer Piezo showing off his ridiculous skills. "Discipline" shows you what true bassweight feels like on impact. The tribal factor has been set to 11 with this EP, with a large arsenal of hits producing a native feeling that gets into your head every single time. "Comma VIP" explores a different type of rage, aggressively slicing its way through a wide sound field with various distinct moves and a hypnotic vocal adding a trippy edge. Thelem's remix of "Discipline" is filled with mystery, highlighting the producer's depth through his compelling sound design.



PERSSON, BO ANDERS: Love Is Here to Stay 2LP (SUBL 086LP) 43.00
Restocked; 2LP version housed in a gatefold sleeve including booklet with in-depth informative liner notes and pictures. The early works by Bo Anders Persson presented on this record were written between 1965 and 1967, before he started the experimental rock band Pärson Sound. The CD version is housed in a digipack sleeve including a booklet with in-depth, informative liner-notes and pictures. All but one track is previously-unreleased. What is the origin of this strange, un-place-able music? What is its place in history, in the unfolding of important conceptual ideas, turning musical modernism into something wider, more mysterious and blurred? From where comes the lightness of touch, and how does the transient nature of the sounds correspond to the sense of mourning hidden within the music? What makes the music so exciting and loaded is the feeling of change, both in the actual performances and in the atmosphere of the rooms where the pieces are played. The sounds move freely within the minimal, repetitive structures. There are spaces for breathing and dreaming, turning inside and outside, and a sense of being in between positions. Suddenly, the doors are wide open and radical experiments can take place.


TR 248LP

SOFT HILLS, THE: Chromatisms LP+CD (TR 248LP) 22.00
LP version. Includes a CD of the album. Birdmen time-travellers, a tale of an unhappy girl named Louise, the story of a schizophrenic banned from paradise, celestial radio, oceanic dream therapy, reflections on death, a letter to the moon, madness, and euphoria. The Soft Hills' new album, Chromatisms, features 10 new songs that explore these subjects and other ruminations on the human relationship with the unconscious and the emotional. Seattle indie group The Soft Hills were formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter Garrett Hobba. The current line-up consists of Hobba on guitar and vocals, Randall Skrasek on drums and Moog, Matthew Brown on lap steel and guitar, and Brett Massa on bass and vocals. With an appreciation for experimentation and harmony, their songs draw from a wide range of influences from folk to psychedelic to ambient, drawing on literary influences, and incorporating experiences from dreams and visions. The Soft Hills released their debut album The Bird is Coming Down to Earth (TR 227CD/LP) on Tapete Records in January 2012, which was followed by a European tour in May. Their new record Chromatisms is a study in contrasts -- of light and shadow, yin and yang, birth and death. The album combines the delicate immediacy of folk with the power and majesty of post-rock, arrangements that nod to the classic era of '60s rock while looking forward with intertwining synths where beautiful harmonies sit on top of layers of feedback, and lyrics dig deep into the unconscious, trying to make sense of the magical and the real, the place between madness and euphoria. Compositionally, the band utilizes a diverse palette of colors, blending together reverbed guitars with Moog textures, fuzzy riffs with Mellotrons, lyrical bass lines against thunderous drums and delicate lap steel weaving around vocals to create lush collages of sound. The music reveals a band in transfiguration, a group moving towards darker realms of sonic and lyrical exploration. The record was mixed by Erik Blood and produced by Matthew Brown.



GINNELS: A Country Life LP (TEN 102LP) 21.00
A Country Life is the fourth album by Ginnels and their second release on Tenorio Cotobade, after 2013's Plumes (TEN 101LP). Originally started as a Dublin-based solo project by Mark Chester from Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club between 2011 and 2012, Ginnels released the albums Ginnels, Mountbatten Class and Crowns. Fourteen tracks from those three records and other online exclusives were compiled on Plumes, the band's first release on vinyl. Drawing comparisons to The Feelies, Guided By Voices, the Elephant 6 collective and the great pop legacies of labels such as Flying Nun and Sarah, Plumes was lauded as one of the best releases of 2013 by Not Unloved, Pop Lib, Unpopular and other international pop sites. Along with Chester, these days Ginnels comprises Paddy Hanna and Bobby Aherne from Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club, with Squarehead's Roy Duffy and Ruan Van Vliet. A Country Life is a bit of a departure in so much as it's the first Ginnels release to involve "proper drums" and also the first non-compilation LP release by the band. Meant from the beginning to be a focused, pure-pop 37-minute LP, a direct response to the supposed "death of the album" and an attempt to try and make something shiny and unashamedly not lo-fi, A Country Life takes its cues from classic songwriting and a desire to air grievances in public. That said, with absolutely no budget, the drums being recorded in a cupboard and everything else recorded in a 6' x 6' box room, some things haven't changed.



LP version. Principles Of Geometry is the duo of J & G, the cosmic twins, based somewhere in the North of France. They met in a major studio in Paris where they worked as sound-engineers and started to share their love of IDM, obscure soundtracks, ambient and analog synthesis. Their common passion quickly led them into a dark room where they recorded their first demos. In 2005, they sent a CD of those demos to Tigersushi. This demo CD became their eponymous debut album and the first chapter of what they call an "omniscient trilogy." POG's second album, Lazare (TSR 015CD), an ode to Resurrection, was released in 2008 and featured Sebastien Tellier and Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox. Press reviews were outstanding and with the addition of their first world live tour, the impressive "Stereoscopic show" -- a 3D live experience conceived with AntiVJ, they earned a well-deserved special spot on the French electronic music map. Finally the apocalyptic Burn the Land and Boil the Oceans was the conclusion to that trilogy in 2012, the return to the ground, a non-dramatic expression of extinction, the idea that everything goes back to where it comes from to be born again. The Meanstream appeared before their eyes. An inner glow, a vivid childhood fantasy they had to accomplish. These ten tracks are their most humble and honest expression of emotions, their own genre. Meanstream is a child's word, a bullet to your soul. On this album they also found their perfect symmetrical Gemini -- the cult Alessi Brothers -- an influential band from the '70s, authors of "Seabird," "Oh Lori," etc), Bobbi and Billy. The connection between POG and the Alessi Brothers was true and cosmic, a real artistic exchange. There's also the first song performed by POG themselves, the deep and hypnotic "Runner." It's time to surrender to the Meanstream.



KENNEDY, INIGO: Vaudeville 2LP+CD (TOKEN 043LP) 27.50
Double LP version with CD. From his first EP release in 1996, British producer Inigo Kennedy has built a sound which embraces both the traditional and the ambitious, as well as the emotional, organic energy of live performance. Continuously studying the effects and capability of digital equipment, Kennedy has released in excess of 100 records, either as himself or through alternative monikers (Reducer, Tomito Satori). He has released these records on labels such as Missile, Semantica, and his own Asymmetric. Since 2007, Inigo Kennedy and Belgian label Token Records have had a particularly close and fruitful relationship. Kennedy had three releases on the Ghent-based label in 2013, including the thumping "Emitter" and spiraling epic "Cathedral." Inigo now returns to Token -- and with a project that feels like the culmination of all those years and all those records. In true, theatrical manner, Vaudeville is a collection of differing themes -- from the abstract and freakishly odd to the direct and resonant. And just as the Vaudevillian shares a common purpose with his co-stars as the "voice of the city" ("voix de ville"), there runs through the center of this record a clear narrative for urban experience. "Narrative" presages the mood with a cold wind, before "Birth" emerges with rain on the ground and a helicopter searching in the swirling darkness. "Requiem," next, is more direct, as a warm kick and frenzied timbres interlock; the rumble recalls echoing and unhappy machinery. As one cornerstone of the record, "Plaintive" is Requiem's anxious but happier brother: an organ winds its way down a slope, as soft toms herald the start of reflection on a heroic journey. "Lullaby" has a deep and echo-laden undercurrent, building from afar but also warm and so incredibly close. "Vallecula" is lower-slung still, the atmosphere rough and unpredictable. "Winter" is the rolling patter of rain through clashing snare taps and dragging hi-hats, solid thumps in haunted isolation. "Petrichor" strides like a king through his realm, again wrapped in dank surroundings. "Aleph" is the coolest act, a tremor of synth and an icy kick of determination. It's a race through the streets in sturdy boots, swirling in its certain melody. And at last there is the final cornerstone -- "NGC5128" (a galaxy in the constellation of Centaurus). A reflective end, this galactic rumble is late-of-bar heavy, and has a fitting space-synth jagging in and out.


CTRLS: Charge EP 12" (TOKEN 044EP) 12.50
The new Ctrls record is a peak-time affair, powered by a rhythm that is lean and functional. "Charge" has a pacey funk bass line in the foreground, but whirring and clicking away in the left field are shards of glitchy percussion and unexpected stops and starts. The B-side has the innovating minds of Rrose & Rich Oddie (one-half of Orphx) providing powerful workouts both for the "heads" and for the floor.


TV 1208EP

CORTEX: Edits 12" (TV 1208EP) 14.00
Trad Vibe Records is pleased to present the first release of classic jazz-funk band Cortex, remixed by DJs. Extracted from the fourth album I Heard a Sigh, these two under-rated gems seemed obvious material to put into the hands of two jazz-loving DJs. The Reflex augments "Stand & Move" with loops, filters and dub, for one French Touch side and a 100% disco-jazz result, highlighting the famous Fender Rhodes playing by Alain Mion. DJ Moar's version of "High on the Funk" keeps most of the lead voice, chorus, organ and synth parts. He used re-loops and a bigger beat to give it punch and groove.


TEG 75502LP

DEL THA FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN: I Wish My Brother George Was Here 2LP (TEG 75502LP) 21.00
2014 repress. "In the early '90s hip hop took a turn and gangsta-style rap dominated, making waves off the West Coast that rattled throughout the world. The East Coast's dominance was descending despite the success and positivity of Native Tongues acts like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, who favored thought-provoking humor and cleverness over gangsta rap's grittiness and grim outlook. It was in this landscape that Oakland, CA's Del the Funky Homosapien emerged in 1991, with his debut release I Wish My Brother George Was Here. Cribbing equally from the East Coast's irreverence and wit, and the West Coast's P-Funk inspired production, (the album was produced by Del's cousin Ice Cube) Del's debut has rightly been heralded as a benchmark album for underground hip hop. I Wish My Brother George Was Here not only produced the underground classics 'Dr. Bombay' and 'Mistadobalina' (#9 on the 1992 Hot Rap Tracks Charts), but also set the scene for the success of the other less gangsta West Coast artists like The Pharcyde, Digable Planets, and of course Del's compatriots in Souls of Mischief. Above all else, Del is credited with injecting some much needed light-heartedness at a moment when it was truly needed. Traffic Entertainment now presents I Wish My Brother George Was Here as a special double LP reissue, featuring the original artwork, and all of The Funky Homosapien's witty and innovative rhymes intact."



DER INTERPRET: Since Forever EP 12" (TRAUM 176EP) 14.00
Der Interpret is a collaboration between Arne Schaffhausen from Extrawelt and his long-time friend Marcus C. Maichel, with whom he (and also Wayan Raabe) collaborated under the moniker of The Delta. Opening track "Since Forever" harkens back to the early days of techno and rave, with big, bold chords reminiscent of Inner City's "Good Life" or any other good R&S act of that time. "Landfall" is a sensual paraglider of a post-Detroit track. The "Since Forever Dub" is a phantasmic remix, as it really shows that a mix can create something totally new.



TWR72: Download EP 12" (TURBO 158EP) 12.50
Tracky, stripped-back and tough as all hell, youngish Dutch duo TWR72 deliver an ultra-lean cut of prime techno for Turbo's 158th release. With a title and track names that must be a reference to these "computers" we've been hearing so much about lately, this EP delivers four tracks of increasingly muscular big-room bruisers. All four loop a vocal and filter it over relentless drums. No filler, no big chords, nothing even remotely resembling an epic swoosh. In short, nothing to get in the way of inflicting pure destruction on any and all scarily-gurning 4am crowds you may find on the other side of your CDJs.


GOLDFFINCH: Stronghold EP 12" (TURBO 159EP) 12.50
Belgian duo GoldFFinch finish off Turbo's latest series with three prime cuts of springy warehouse thumpers. Gaining the support of Loco Dice, Phil Kieran, Sinden, Djedjotronic, Mary Anne Hobbs, Claude Von Stroke, and Jackmaster, there's a definite spectral glimmer of rave throughout the tracks. The winding, hypnotic synths on "Stronghold" evoke, or rather, produce trance, the arpeggio and brief vocal sample on "Bis Repetita" are distilled tropes of an era. The palette on "Europa" goes even deeper into the shadows, a proper trip-out, heads-down, shoegaze tool that finds its center in the ominous, bassy pad that thunders into the mix, vaguely recalling jungle.


UP 045LP

BENT WIND: Sussex LP (UP 045LP) 21.00
Repressed. "The Holy Grail of Canadian rock, this raw, murky slab of heavy psych was released by local indie label Trend in autumn 1970 and immediately sank without a trace. Over the decades, however, obsessive fans and collectors of the era's unsung greats gradually came to recognize the obscure Toronto band's genius, the now impossible-to-find original LP eventually trading hands for $5000+ plus in the rare vinyl market. After years of bootlegs, compact discs and pricey European pressings, this mythical Canadian LP is finally available at home in its intended format for the first time in 44 years."


UT 037

UGLY THINGS: #37 MAG (UT 037) 9.95
"The Pretty Things and the Small Faces are our two cover stories this time. In the most revealing interview he's ever given, Phil May spills his guts about his fractured childhood, life as a teenage art school outsider and the first hell-raising year of the Pretty Things. Plus an exclusive chapter from Phil's upcoming autobiography. The Small Faces: we have fabulous interviews with Ian McLagan and the late, great Steve Marriott. We have big features on '60s pop-psych songsmiths Carter & Gilbert and the Rainy Daze, Texas garage heroes Thursday's Children, California cult pop sensations The Hitmakers, Cyril Jordan's memories of 1967, and an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey, a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. We also have the thrilling conclusions to our serials on The Haunted and The Radiators from Space, European beat group scoops on The Loosers and the JocoDev Sextett, LA punks The Gears, and even the pre-'Kung Fu Fighting' mod-soul years of Carl Douglas. Not to mention our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock 'n' roll books and DVDs."



VA: Metaphysix, I. Mentalism EP 12" (LVX 002EP) 14.00
Ultramajic presents volume one in their Metaphysix series with tracks from Aden and Creepy Autograph. Early support from Erol Alkan, Scuba, Boys Noize, DJ Koze, Eats Everything, Heidi, Danny Daze & Jacques Greene.


EDGAR, JIMMY: Mercurio 12" (LVX 003EP) 14.00
Jimmy Edgar returns to his own occult-inspired Ultramajic imprint with the Mercurio EP, three tracks of throbbing sampladelia as undeniably robotic as they are irresistibly funky. "Mercurio" is a flurry of competing crescendos and fractured vocal samples over a bulbous bassline. "Qlinda" is equally celebratory, utilizing microtonal shifts in the stereo field and exuberant sampling before morphing into a half-time ooze. "Ultraviolet" highlights Edgar's special skill with modular synthesis to craft an electro-tinged jack, machines on the edge of collapse.


DANNY DAZE: Silicon 12" (LVX 005EP) 14.00
Jimmy Edgar's blossoming Ultramajic imprint presents an EP of fiercely visceral club music from U.S.-based producer Danny Daze. A self-confessed lover of classic electro, these three tracks contain the mechanical aesthetics and skewed sonics of the labels he holds close to his heart, while packing an undeniable punch that will see these drawn for time and time again.


EDGAR/ADEN, JIMMY: White Majic 001 12" (LVXWHITE 001EP) 14.00
White label release from Jimmy Edgar and Aden.



GREEN PAJAMAS, THE: Summer of Lust LP (MRSSS 527LP) 25.00
"In the spring of 1984, Jeff Kelly and I had our jam room set up in the attic of my parent's house in West Seattle. Jeff's girlfriend had just left him and he was sick with the pain, certain he had just lost the one love of his life. We jammed a lot that spring, since making noise seemed to take Jeff's mind off his depression. The two of us would usually alternate playing drums and guitar, or, when we had a drummer over, Jeff and I would play guitar and bass respectively. One evening our friend Karl Wilhelm happened to be sitting in the drummer's seat. I chanced to record the session on a ghetto blaster. I thought it was a pretty good jam, but the next day as I listened to the tape, the long hook-filled guitar solos and simple yet emotional ad lib lyrics about the pain of lost love seemed to be a mandate from above. I played the tape for Jeff and had no trouble convincing him that we should start a recording project and put out a cassette. A serious band would do him good and put to use the creativity that poured from his heartache. The name Green Pajamas came from the song of the same name that Jeff had written a few months earlier. This optimistic anthem seemed a fitting name for the band. The title Summer of Lust came from the turn Jeff's love life had to take, since true love had deserted him, and the fact that he and I both lusted after a date-book full of young women that spring/summer. We began recording using Jeff's Teac 4-track reel-to-reel. Basic tracks (drums, bass, and guitar) were recorded in my attic using one microphone placed in the center of the room. Over-dubs and mixing were done in Jeff's bedroom at his parents' house, where he had spent years recording songs he wrote. We decided to include "Anna Maria" and "Lost in a World," two songs that we had recorded there the previous winter. We spent the next week mixing, and the recording was done. The next day we found a tape duplicator through the yellow pages and Summer of Lust was officially released on July 14, 1984, with a first run of 25 cassettes. By that evening, they were available at our favorite record store. And that is my story of the making of the Summer of Lust and the conception of The Green Pajamas. About four months later I got a phone call from a man named Tom Dyer. He had just bought a copy of our tape and was writing a review of it for Option magazine. He also mentioned that he ran Green Monkey Records and had an 8-track studio in his basement. The rest is recorded history." --Joe Ross

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