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Forced Exposure New Releases for 7/13/2015

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New music is due from FP-Oner, DAT Politics, Saturn and the Sun, and Hauntologists, while old music is due from Electric Eels, Martin Rev, and Scientist.


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PARKS & ANTON NEWCOMBE, TESS: I Declare Nothing CD (AUK 120CD) 14.50
Born in Berlin in early 2014 and nurtured over the following summer, I Declare Nothing is the spine-tingling collaboration between Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), co-written and co-played by the duo and released to coincide with their 2015 European tour, following their Record Store Day 2015 Cocaine Cat single (AUK 118EP). A native of Toronto, Tess Parks moved to London, England, at the age of 17, where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Parks made an impression on industry legend Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, though the timing of their meeting could hardly have been less ideal; McGee was no longer involved in music and Parks was due to move back to Toronto. After moving back to her hometown in 2012, Parks formed a band on the advice of McGee and less than a year after their meeting, he returned to music with his label 359 Music. Parks became one of his first signings and released her debut record, Blood Hot, in November 2013 to excellent reviews. One reviewer described her as "Patti Smith on Quaaludes." Others have mentioned her "gauzy psychedelic sound" and "smouldering voice." Alan McGee himself said, "She's only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter... she just doesn't quite know she is yet -- her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady." Anton Newcombe is the leader of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, who returned in May 2014 with their 14th full-length album, Revelation (AUK 030CD/LP), to critical acclaim, and released Musique de film imaginé (AUK 032CD/LP) in 2015. The band's first album to be fully recorded and produced at Newcombe's recording studio in Berlin, it was supported by a successful European tour. Named in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock 'n' roll, The Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. Through two dozen band members and numerous "ups and downs" (some of which have been famously sensationalized in the media), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective is frontman Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe. LP pressed on amber 180-gram vinyl.



TOMIIE, SATOSHI: New Day CD (AACD 001CD) 17.00
Decades after his 1989 debut single and dancefloor anthem "Tears," Satoshi Tomiie presents his second album. "Tears," the legendary collaboration with Frankie Knuckles, is widely acknowledged as one of house music's most important moments, but it was only the beginning of an exciting career. Satoshi Tomiie has been at the forefront of the global house music movement ever since. He has released on a variety of labels ranging from Strictly Rhythm to Sony, toured with the Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame, worked with artists like Robert Owens, remixed many pop-inclined tracks, and been praised for his 2007 contribution to Renaissance's Masters Series. All of this while creating artistic challenges for himself, to avoid falling into a pattern and repeating himself, and keeping up a constant global DJ schedule. Satoshi Tomiie, a lifelong student of jazz and classical piano, has always succeeded in adding an extra dimension into his music, and his sophomore album is no exception. While listening to New Day, it is immediately clear that the accomplished musician has reinvented himself once again. The overall sound of the album is crisp, fresh, and ingenious without losing its allure. While some tracks are reminiscent of his early work, others surprise in their richness and complexity. The CD starts off with "Last Night," a generous intro; on "Landscape," the producer makes use of a more undulating timbre. The title-track features John Schmersal, a touring member of Caribou, and is the prelude to the deeper part of this narrative-oriented album. On "Cucina Rossa," he once again shows his rich background as a trained musician. With New Day, Satoshi Tomiie has redefined the creative process that surrounds the production of a full-length album. He wanted to stray away from the norm of albums made up entirely of singles, and delivers a full-length culmination of the styles that have influenced him throughout his illustrious career; a seamless story. CD presented in six-panel digipak; includes four exclusive tracks.



"A" TRIO + ALAN BISHOP: Burj al Imam CD (END 010CD) 30.50
Entirely recorded at Tunefork Studios on the outskirts of Beirut, Burj al Imam's five tracks include three largely improvised numbers, a loose reworking of early Sun City Girls track "The Imam," and a cover of traditional Americana song "Gently Johnny." The album displays remarkable coherence, for four musicians coming from such different backgrounds. True to their habits, the Lebanese trio of trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj, guitarist Sharif Sehnaoui, and bassist Raed Yassin create acoustic improvised drones that range from insistent, chiming resonances with emergency alarm bells to low, thrumming hums. The three musicians largely avoid conventional technique, instead using what sounds like motorized devices to generate rattling, metallic vibrations, building a mechanistic backdrop out of which the instruments' true voices occasionally arise. Perched above the ambient din, Alan Bishop is in fine form, and alternates between gentle crooning and malevolent whispering. Alan Bishop: guitar and voice; Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet; Sharif Sehnaoui: acoustic guitar; Raed Yassin: double bass. Packaged in a poster sleeve; hand-numbered edition of 500.


SAID, RIZAN: King of Keyboard CD (END 011CD) 30.50
It can be justifiably said that without Rizan Said a good number of Syrian singers from the 1990s on might never have been heard -- most notably Omar Souleyman, who has collaborated with Said for two decades. Where synthesizers can bring a certain artifice and death to the sound of music, Said's torrential speed and flair on the keys bring new life to Syrian and Kurdish sounds, respectfully forcing the component sounds of folkloric dabke to the next level. This is the updated sound of the ages, with hand drums and reed flutes emulated and pounded out on Korg keyboards. Packaged in a poster sleeve with green foil cover; hand-numbered edition of 500. Liner notes by Mark Gergis.



AIRAKSINEN, PEKKA: Buddhas of Golden Light LP (ALE 004LP) 23.00
Reissue of legendary underground release Buddhas of Golden Light by Pekka Airaksinen, Nurse-With-Wound-listed founding member of legendary Finnish improv group The Sperm. Buddhas of Golden Light is a highly sought-after crate-digger's classic, originally self-released in 1984. Airaksinen originally recorded the album to tape, using an 808 and DX7, with improvised saxophone taken from an epic week-long solo session and Antero Helander featured on one track. Buddhas of Golden Light is a true underground record that sounds like very little else ever made before or since. Simultaneously alarming and disarming, Airaksinen's work co-opts the sound of the 808 and manipulates the DX7 for a cosmic spiritual jam, Sun Ra style. Airaksinen has been actively making music since the 1960s. Buddhas of Golden Light is from a series of albums he began making in the 1980s, each of which is dedicated to one of the thousand Buddhas and many of which were self-released. At the time of this reissue, he is about a hundred Buddhas deep. Airaksinen is mainly known for his role in the controversial Finnish underground group The Sperm, formed in 1967. The collective's recordings resembled the noise and industrial music of the '70s and '80s, with a pro-drug, pro-sexual revolution rhetoric and a Dadaist sense of humor, influenced by American free jazz, underground rock, and anarchism. After The Sperm disbanded in 1970, Airaksinen continued making experimental music in his own studio. His music is characterized by out-of-sync rhythms, intense dynamics, and feverish visions. His approach is consciously unpolished, spontaneous, and improvised, resulting in a cosmic electro-jazz sound fusing free jazz and the 808. In the '90s he began to incorporate techno influences, filtered through his Buddhist philosophy, and he is still making music at the time of this reissue.



CAMPBELL ENSEMBLE, ROY: Akhenaten Suite CD (AUM 045CD) 13.00
2015 repress. Edition of 500. "Roy Campbell is a jazz trumpeter and composer of the first order, one who encompasses the tradition even as he pushes the music forward. A founding member of the luminous collective Other Dimensions In Music, as well as Marc Ribot's recent Spiritual Unity project, his last album as a nominal leader, 2001's Ethnic Stew and Brew (w/ William Parker and Hamid Drake) topped countless year-end top 10 lists. The well-traveled trumpeter has long been a sonic frontiersman, embracing the universality of a sound continuum in which the Harlem-bound A Train and the majestic River Nile are moonlit reflections of each other. Here, Campbell turns his hand to an extended work inspired by Amenhotep IV, Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Akhenaten Suite, specially commissioned for and recorded live at the 2007 Vision Festival, is a splendid passage to a fabled dimension. It's realized by musicians -- including Billy Bang on violin -- who have an intimate affiliation with Campbell's vibrant brass stylings and wonderfully open, expansive compositions. In the writing/otherworld manifestation tradition of Ellington's Far-East Suite, Miles' and Gil Evans' Sketches of Spain and Sun Ra's Heliocentric Worlds."


AX 067EP

MILLS, JEFF: Exhibitionist 2 (Part 1) 12" (AX 067EP) 13.00
"Expanding the art forms in Dance Music has always been an agenda that needs constant monitoring because it has the ability to evolve and develop each and every idea. At angles that are not easy to see or understanding for most of the listening and dancing audiences, I've always felt that Dance music would make more sense to the people if they were allowed chances to understand how the music is being programmed and made -- to witness this process from beginning. The Exhibitionist 2 DVD is designed to go even deeper into the art form to display, not only how a DJ uses the latest technology, but how he thinks in real time to create and work spontaneously like a musician playing a acoustic instrument or a soloist thinking of rhythms on-the-spot. This is a rare opportunity to see how the technology of today is allowing DJs to be more free and thus, more creative." --Jeff Mills



MR RAOUL K: Break Your Chains and Return to Botswana 12" (BBM 001RMX-EP) 14.00
Two remixes of Mr Raoul K's opus "Break Your Chains and Return to Botswana" from 2014's Still Living in Slavery (BBM 001CD/LTD-LP). Kaito uses parts of Mr Raoul K's tricky beats as a rock-solid base for his soundscapes. His remix is like the soundtrack to an escape from imprisonment through an endless desert, as the slowly-rising sun reveals the way to freedom. Mr Raoul K adds even more percussion to the beat-heavy track. The atmosphere is dense. Hide in the shadows, take only small steps forward until you leave your chains behind and step out into the desert.



WEAVER, JANE: The Silver Globe (Deluxe Edition) 2CD (EGGS 019LTD-CD) 14.50
The Silver Globe expands: as one of the most industrious female multi-instrumentalist songwriters in modern pop, Jane Weaver literally doubles the content of her acclaimed 2014 album for the double-CD version of this synth-ridden special release. Unlike so many other big label "campaigns" that vied for PR attention via ego-fuelled video promos and down-your-throat advertising, this unassuming, dedicated, focused piece of experimental vocal pop was in no way spoon-fed to editors or playlisters. Nor did it fall within the lines of what might have been considered fashionable or culturally relevant. The Silver Globe was judged on its own merit as a brilliant, uncompromising pop record. By the end of 2014 The Silver Globe had been announced as Piccadilly Records' best album of the year, earned a spot in Gilles Peterson's top ten Worldwide Tracks of the Year, garnered repeat plays from virtually every specialist DJ on BBC Radio 6 Music (among many more global radio stations), found DJ mix support from Andrew Weatherall, and filled most of the pages in a 12-month diary with gig and festival requests. This expanded double-CD edition of The Silver Globe includes a second full-length disc called The Amber Light, which carves a niche between new age motivational music, radiophonic folk, and snarling krautrock, echoing the kosmische stylings of The Silver Globe with the punk urgency of '80s domestic synthpop. The Amber Light's four original songs are accompanied by three exclusive instrumental themes (including a commissioned theme from an American vampire film), and three collaborative re-workings/duets based on tracks from The Silver Globe, with co-production from Tom Furse (The Horrors), Andy Votel, Suzanne Ciani, members of Demdike Stare, and original Silver Globe inhabitants Pete J. Phillipson and Martin King. Substantiated by other deluxe editions, including a silver vinyl version of the The Silver Globe (EGGS 019LTD-LP), a series of compact cassettes, and a single release of standout robotic-roller-rink track "Don't Take My Soul" (as a split single with Bird label-mate Tender Prey (EGGS 020EP)), the Silver Globe/Amber Light project reciprocates the positive energy shared by Jane Weaver's loyal audience and a wide host of new converts who have allowed her self-sufficient songs and synthetic soundscapes to flourish. The Silver Globe is still turning.



LURKA: Partials/Mach 12" (ACRE 056EP) 12.50
Lurka continues his journey into sonic bat country, following his acclaimed Holding EP (ACRE 049EP, 2014) and his highly regarded remix of Clap! Clap!'s "Ashiko" (2014). "Partials" kicks off with Lurka's typical intrigue; pads swell as distant specters of percussion build into a hugely saturated kick alongside an architecture of syncopated hats and bit-crunching snares lock the angles and a shower of haunting bells falls. Dancehall for the witching hour. "Mach" delivers an equally holodeck soundscape. Drums swing in awkward alliance with dry wooden blocks and woozy binary language. Both tracks united in their skewed viewpoint and distinctive awkward funk.



CZARFACE: Every Hero Needs a Villain CD (BRK 159CD) 16.00
"CZARFACE -- Wu-Tang founding MC Inspectah Deck and veteran Boston duo 7L & Esoteric -- isn't concerned with the glitz and the B.S. that modern consumer culture is pushing. And neither are the group's fans. In 2013, the trio appeared relatively unassumingly with their self-titled debut, which was chiefly produced by DJ 7L and included guests ranging from Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna to Vinnie Paz, Action Bronson and Roc Marciano. The soon-to-be acclaimed group found out quickly that there was a groundswell of hip-hop fanatics thirsting for the lunchpail, lyrics-above-all-else rap they fell in love with in the '90s. Several pressings of the album on CD, 2-LP and even cassette later, they are back and ready to up the ante. The fighting analogy -- whether drawn from pugilism or '80s wrestling, both which figure into Every Hero Needs A Villain -- is an apt one, considering the unrelenting lyrical attacks that Deck and Esoteric unleash on track after track, each trying to one-up the previous verse. Best of all, it is friendly camaraderie, based around a loose theme of renegade mutant MC talents running wild. DJ 7L explains, 'All three of us are influenced by comics, sci-fi movies, TV, wrestling. Czarface encompasses all of that, and it helps with the visuals as well.' On the production side, 7L shows yet again -- as he did with the group's debut -- that he remains a formidable yet underappreciated musical force, constantly providing hard, funky and alternatingly ominous backdrops for the assembled MCs to use as lyrical luge paths."


BB 184CD

RICHARD FEARLESS: Kollektion 04: Bureau B Compiled by Richard Fearless 2CD (BB 184CD) 20.00
Bureau B sees itself as a platform for exciting varieties of electronic, free-spirited music, ranging from pop to avant-garde. The label has amassed an impressive catalog of reissues and new productions, including electronic music classics from the 1970s and early 1980s popularly classified as krautrock (Cluster, Roedelius, Moebius, Plank, Schnitzler), alongside new recordings by such formative artists as Faust, Kreidler, Roedelius, Tietchens, and Moebius, to name just a few. To provide an overview of the various musical styles in which Bureau B specializes, the label has created the Kollektion series. Kollektion 04 is curated by Richard Fearless, who listened his way through the label's entire (!) archive and now presents his own very personal selection from the catalog. Richard Fearless is best known as the leader and founder of British band Death in Vegas. German electronic music can be heard as an influence on many of his albums; indeed, even in his song titles, like "Sons of Rother." Richard Fearless has worked with Iggy Pop, Bobby Gillespie, Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher, and Hope Sandoval and has developed into a successful producer and remixer. "To me the bands and labels in the Bureau B archive, current and past, were looking to distant lands, their own 'Neuland,' whether in the future with bands like You and Riechmann, or from a more remote past, like medieval folk band Ougenweide. They were creating something radical and experimental, something that didn't draw on the same rhythm and blues, Anglo-American rock that was saturating the airwaves at the time. They were pioneers in every sense of the word. With all due respect for the music that forged these paths, it was on hearing the mental guitar on Faust's 'Herbstimmung' that I knew to look not only at the so-called golden years of this era, but to look at what these artists were doing later, as well as the new bands that were emerging from those schools. Artists who are still creating, still innovating. I hope you enjoy the journey" --Richard Fearless. Includes tracks by Phantom Band, Günter Schickert, Faust, Ougenweide, Riechmann, Asmus Tietchens, 39 Clocks, Der Plan, You, Sølyst, Moebius Plank Neumeier, Moebius & Beerbohm, Thomas Dinger, Moebius, Gregor Schnitzler, Kreidler, Cluster, Roedelius, Qluster, Pyrolator, Automat feat. Lydia Lunch, and Moebius & Renziehausen. Twenty-five tracks available as a double CD or spread across three separate LPs.



GREEN, TIM: Eclipse 12" (COR 128EP) 14.00
London-based Tim Green delivers his fifth release on Cocoon Recordings, solidifying his status as one of the few artists who reflects label's sound -- minimal techno with the right amount of energy. Never too melodic or too intellectual, Green fights against simple, boring loop arrangements with dodgy one-note basslines. Perfect for both dancers and listeners. Here, "Eclipse" and "Thieves" are big productions with massive melody parts packed in a minimal cover. His beats and bass-programing are spot-on and make his compositions complete. Heavy, colorful, perfect. The right sound for open-air festivals; hedonistic music in a sentimental mood.



KEROVNIAN: Far Beyond, Before the Time CD (CSR 024CD) 16.50
Far Beyond, Before the Time is the first genius offering of Kerovnian, spewing forth the bleakest, blackest ambient ever released. This music comes from the deep abyss, the bottomless wells, the blackest pits. The deep language of Kerovnian, coupled with ultra-low sonics, uses words from a thousand-year-old mixture of Persian and Greek. First released in 1999, Far Beyond, Before the Time has received wide critical acclaim as an essential album of the genre. This reissue includes four previously unreleased tracks recorded during the same sessions as the album. Mastered by Denis Blackham. For fans of Lustmord, Nordvargr, Atrium Carceri, Funerary Call, Inade.


VA: John Barleycorn Reborn 2CD (CSR 084CD) 19.50
2007 release. A discovery of folk music from dark Britannica, John Barleycorn Reborn explores seasonal birth, death, and rebirth, beginning the cycle on Lammas 2007 (August 1), a day traditionally known for the first fruits of the harvest. This compilation explores the darker side of British folk music, evoking the mystery of ancient peoples and the strangeness of their beliefs and arcane traditions, the remnants of which have been carried down the centuries as folklore. The set has an extended booklet with articles, essays, and explorations of the album's concept. John Barleycorn Reborn is a collaboration between Cold Spring and Woven Wheat Whispers. Curated by Mark Coyle. Includes tracks by The Horses of the Gods, The Owl Service, The Story, Damh the Bard, Mary Jane, Andrew King, The Triple Tree, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Sharron Kraus, Charlotte Greig and Johan Asherton, Pumajaw, Peter Ulrich, Alphane Moon, English Heretic, Far Black Furlong, The Anvil, Tinkerscuss, The Straw Bear Band, Electronic Voice Phenomena, The Purple Minds of Lazeron, Sand Snowman, The A Lords, The Kitchen Cynics, Quickthorn, Clive Powell, Venereum Arvum, Drohne, Stormcrow, Doug Peters, While Angels Watch, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, and Martyn Bates.


IRON FIST OF THE SUN: We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps CD (CSR 204CD) 16.50
In a scene dominated by outsiders, Iron Fist of the Sun still seems to stand alone. We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps sees IFOTS maintain his exemplary, melancholic, cold industrial, with sinister frequencies and tumultuous, mutilated vocals. The album utilizes new recording methods and extraordinary, intoxicating song arcs that will leave the listener still hearing and absorbing the album long after it has been filed away. "Follow no-one... yield your own footsteps." CD includes exclusive track. For fans of Sutcliffe Jügend, Prurient, Consumer Electronics.


MOLOCH: Die Isolation CD (CSR 210CD) 16.50
An opus from the woods of Carpathia, a despairing portrayal of souls lost in the winter woods. Hypnotic sounds, like a thousand blades in a dance of a winter blizzard, leaving thousands of cuts digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summoning death, dissolving within echoes on the mountains. This album delivers cold, misanthropic, desolate, mid-tempo, Nordic-influenced black metal, alongside melancholic dark ambient tracks. Crunchy, distorted guitar minimalism; primal, thrashing beats; and an overall raw, necroish execution are reinforced by howling, tortured, grim vocals that recall the old Burzum era. For fans of Burzum, Striborg, Xasthur, Trist, Darkthrone.



NICOLAI, BRUNO: La dama rossa uccide 7 volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times) LP (RED 209LP) 23.00
Bruno Nicolai met Ennio Morricone when they were both studying at Rome's Santa Cecilia music academy. Nicolai was the conductor on many of the maestro's scores from For a Few Dollars More (1965) onwards, but also found himself with plenty of composing work of his own throughout the '60s and '70s. Nicolai became almost as prolific as the maestro himself, particularly within the western and giallo genres. His soundtrack for the 1972 film La dama rossa uccide 7 volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times) is a great example of his giallo work. It has a distinctive and memorable main theme, and a second ascending piano-led theme that accompanies some of the suspense sequences. The first instance of the main theme comes right at the beginning, hauntingly sung by a small child on "Preludio & Titoli." In "Minaccia" we find that heavy suspense/chase bassline that Nicolai so often used in his giallo and Jess Franco scores -- lush, atmospheric, and decidedly "euro." This LP, produced in collaboration with Beyond Horror Design, is the first vinyl edition of this score; it features exclusive artwork and a bonus poster (limited to the first pressing). Remastered sound.


MORRICONE, ENNIO: Spasmo (The X-Ray Version) LP (RED 216XRAY-LP) 25.50
This great score for Umberto Lenzi's 1974 cult thriller Spasmo, by the maestro Ennio Morricone, creates a disorienting and disturbing effect, with unusual, almost avant-garde-like sounds, instrumentation, and composition. Dagored follows its sold-out Record Store Day 2015 editions of this soundtrack with this transparent vinyl edition, presented in a deluxe transparent plastic cover.


DEL 75033LP

DELTRON 3030: Deltron 3030 2LP (DEL 75033LP) 20.00
2015 repress. "The super group Deltron 3030 is composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien and DJ Kid Koala and sometimes features guest artists who also take on varying futuristic pseudonyms. Originally released in 2000 on the now-defunct 75ARK record label, this hip hop concept album was released the same year as the Gorillaz' first 12" and is on a similar plane. Following the release of Deltron 3030, all three members participated in the Gorillaz' self-titled debut album. With Del aka Deltron Zero on vocals, Dan the Automator aka The Cantankerous Captain Aptos on production, and Kid Koala aka Skiznoid the Boy Wonder on turntables, this album takes the listener on a paranoid journey set in a dystopian year 3030 dealing with viruses, the apocalypse, an oppressive government, and a war waged against a huge company called the Corporate Bank of Time that rules the universe, all to the well-crafted and consistent musical backing of the Automator. Appearances by Damon Albarn (The Gorillaz, Blur), Prince Paul, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Money Mark, Paul Barman, Mark Bell (Bjork, production), Sean Lennon, and Mr. Lif compliment Del's vocal style and add the right amount of flavor to this classic period piece."



JOHNSON, ROBERT: King of the Delta Blues: The Complete Recordings 3LP BOX (DOY 630BOX) 52.00
2015 repress. "Despite his untimely death, the man managed to squeeze in a lot in his 27 short years on this earth, enough to earn him the title of 'King of the Delta Blues'. Pretty impressive, given the competition! Johnson's style has influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to Eric Clapton and he is widely considered to be one of the greatest guitar players to have ever lived! A widely reported legend of Johnson selling his soul to the Devil in order to gain prowess on the guitar seems likely given the talent the man possessed. This triple LP box set chronicles his short but legendary career, featuring everything Johnson ever recorded, including the many songs that made him famous and have long since become blues standards. Absolutely essential in any collection!" Includes poster and 8-page, large-format book with lyrics.



GURNSEY, GABE: Falling Phase 12" (DRONE 004EP) 14.00
Rhythm originator and founder of Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey bangs out his debut solo single, "Falling Phase." This track is an eight-minute aural patrol of sheer analog pulse and rhythm, flooded with Gurnsey's drum computer bank, Nik Void's ethereal vocal splices, and an electrifying bassline. Gurnsey explores "humanizing machines and electronics" within his very own contorted dance template, taking the dancefloor out of its four walls and reinstalling it somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway. This record travels. On the B-side, Gurnsey drops "Partaloa," a killer synth funk workout built with his signature rhythms.


MIR 100736LP

SCIENTIST: Big Showdown LP (MIR 100736LP) 22.00
LP version. Hopeton "Scientist" Brown and Lloyd "Prince Jammy" James both learned their dubcraft at the feet of the universally-acknowledged master of the art form, King Tubby. The ten tracks on this classic 1980 album are quietly brilliant in terms of style and approach, reflecting a complete mastery of the form. Rhythms supplied by the unstoppable Roots Radics band.

MIR 100737LP

SCIENTIST: Heavyweight Dub Champion LP (MIR 100737LP) 22.00
LP version. Scientist was only 20 years old when, working with fellow producer "Junjo" Lawes, he came up with this 1980 stunner, a sinuous groove party with cartoonlike special effects (a lot of bongs and boings like pans hitting one another, blips and squeals that sound like a Pac-Man game). All the "song" titles are references to boxing (a motif that Scientist was obviously mining for all it was worth), and all are great individual bits of dub sound that cohere into a meaningful whole. As it says on the jacket, "This ya a youthful sound fe come mash y'down."

MIR 100738LP

SCIENTIST: Meets the Space Invaders LP (MIR 100738LP) 22.00
LP version. The cosmic theme is well-served on these ten effects-riddled tracks, with the rockers-style material littered with all manner of stratosphere-breaking sounds from the mixing board and strategically adorned with snatches of ghostly echo and pneumatic percussion. It's certainly an appropriate mood for a post-apocalyptic battle involving cartoon machines. Another essential dub album from the legendary Scientist, originally released in 1981.

MIR 100740LP

SCIENTIST: Encounters Pac-Man at Channel One LP (MIR 100740LP) 22.00
LP version. With this 1982 album, Scientist delivers one of his most progressive mixes, deconstructing the originals down to their skeletal base and adding just the right amount of mixing board-generated Echoplex and reverb with his patented minimal sound. A landscape resplendent with steely piano, depth-charge drums, and futuristic dub effects; a mind-warping yet eminently enjoyable way to check into dub central.

MIR 100741LP

SCIENTIST: Wins the World Cup LP (MIR 100741LP) 22.00
LP version. Scientist's name can be found all over any dub record collection; he was a protégé of King Tubby, and many would say that when dub fell on quieter times it was Scientist who breathed new life into it. His pared-down mixing style suited the dancehall reggae sound that arrived as the '70s rolled into the '80s. This 1982 album includes the priceless dub of Johnny Osbourne's classic "Give a Little Love," as well as further cuts of the likes of Hugh Mundell and Wayne Jarrett. Scientist is always in control. This reissue includes the complete original album (which listed its tracks only as "Five Dangerous Matches" on each side), plus six bonus tracks.


EB 107CD

SENIOR ALLSTARS, THE: Dub from Jamdown - Darker Than Blue Conducted By The Senior Allstars CD (EB 107CD) 17.00
"We were inspired by that brilliant release Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown (2001) (on Blood & Fire from Manchester in cooperation with PK in London) and felt compelled to perform this beautiful gem in a dub version..." In spring 2014, when The Senior Allstars were asked by the Hamburg-based dub label Echo Beach to record their interpretation of an existing release, everyone involved assumed that the results would be good. What absolutely no one expected was that the album would be so incredibly bursting with fresh ideas. Dub from Jamdown is based on the compilation Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown, a collection of reggaefied versions of classic soul tracks, featuring the Jamaican vernacular and pop style, that was enthusiastically lauded by both the press and reggae fans. There was no question -- it was a product of the zeitgeist; old soul hymns treated to a reggae makeover that instilled a new veracity in the originals. Unfortunately, the series was never continued. More than ten years later, in 2014, the mind behind the Echo Beach label, Nicolai Beverungen, had a vision of taking the next -- the third -- step along this path. "From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted an instrumental band to do the job, and the venerable Senior Allstars, the leading lights in their class, were my top pick," says Beverungen. The band moved into the studio in summer 2014 for a few days. The results are more than breathtaking; the songs drip from the speaker membranes like honey, bringing in the sun, warmth, and happiness, very much in keeping with the original songs -- although the lyrics may have been written with other things in mind. The dub remake presented by The Senior Allstars breaks all previous dimensions and conventions set by the history and spirit of this legendary album. The quartet creates an original, collective, improvised, and organic live dub that is in the tradition of the original songs and with new versions that fully deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the originals. CD includes five extra tracks.


EM 1135CD

TAPES: No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor CD (EM 1135CD) 20.00
Shifting tectonic plates, as two island nations collide! London resident Jackson Bailey aka Tapes makes Jamaica-drenched lo-fi bass music, a forward-looking mix of dub, dancehall, and electro roots channeled and filtered through old-school rhythm machines, synths, spring reverb, and delay. Recorded with glorious grit on cassette, sometimes in the red, tape hiss intact but somehow sounding bigger, better and beatier than it should, with a sweet analog patina. There's an aquatic feel here on this first full album from Bailey, a rich brew of deep and soulful sunny JA roots, hints of UK melancholy and industrial smoke, even some icily funky NYC early electro. With an old island soul and a new ear to the future, this first album from Tapes features six previously unreleased tracks plus ten tracks previously issued on his own label and other labels, including Jahtari, in various formats, included here with remastered sound in previously unreleased mixes. With a total running time of 43 minutes, these 16 tracks are available on CD and double LP (45 RPM). UK, JA, NYC: all these letters, and more, spell Tapes. Front cover art by Jimmy Cauty (The KLF). Co-production of EM Records and Corner Stone Music.


EF 068EP

KARMIL, MATT: Kiss and Make Up 12" (EF 068EP) 14.00
Matt Karmil's first 12" for Endless Flight. Endless Flight were overwhelmed after hearing Karmil's 2013 debut track "Reverse Peephole" (IRR 015EP), which struck the label as a cross between Masters at Work and Ibiza. "Fight" is unique, melodic, raw house; "Kiss and Make Up" is a more uplifting and sweet techno house track. Highly recommended for fans of DJ Koze.


P 743877HLP

OTIS, SHUGGIE: Here Comes Shuggie Otis LP (P 743877HLP) 15.00
2015 repress. 180 gram vinyl exact repro reissue of Shuggie's timeless 1970 debut. "Produced and arranged by his father, R&B legend Johnny Otis, the set features nine original cuts co-written by the pair, and in some cases others, and one written by Johnny with Dan Aldrich. The album is evenly divided between vocal tunes and instrumentals. The cast for these sessions included Johnny, Wilton Felder, Stix Hooper, bassist Al McKibbon, Preston Love, Jackie Kelso, Plas Johnson and a string section. 'Oxford Gray,' the album's opener, is an instrumental written by Johnny, Shuggie, Felder, and Hooper. Unlike anything that ever came before it, it's a baroque blues tune that features Shuggie playing both electric and acoustic bottleneck slide, a harpsichord, strings and a groovy little backbeat that walks the edge of blues and funk. It feels like a suite because of its many composed sections, but Shuggie's guitar is pure improvisational poetry. This is followed by the beautiful, psychedelic pop of 'Jennie Lee.' Shuggie's vocals weren't quite there, and were still somewhat tentative, but his gorgeous, Albert King-inflected guitar solo is right in the pocket, and stands in wonderful contrast to his acoustic string in the verses. The horns are restrained and regal, and the textural palette of the cut is lush and spacious. There is plenty of rootsy playing here too, such as on 'Bootie Cooler,' a Stax-styled blues groove, and the name-dropping shimmy and shake of 'Shuggie's Boogie,' the wig-tightening funk of 'Hurricane,' and the reverentially gritty 'Gospel Groove.' It closes with a modern soul rocker called 'Baby I Needed You,' with a killer hook in the refrain even if Shuggie's vocal doesn't quite pull it all off. Here Comes Shuggie Otis stands the test of time over 30 years later, and stands as a hallmark of songwriting, improvisation, and production acumen." -- All Music Guide

P 743879HLP

OTIS, SHUGGIE: Freedom Flight LP (P 743879HLP) 15.00
2015 repress. 180 gram vinyl exact repro reissue of Shuggie's 1971 album for Epic. "Shuggie wrote four of the album's seven tunes, did all the arrangements and helped Johnny with production suggestions. The senior Otis produced the set and allowed all of Shuggie's 'weird' ideas full-reign in production, and he was joined by a host of musicians from the first album, along with George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar and the backing chorus of Clydie King, Venetta Field and Shirley Matthews, among others. Shuggie plays a slew of instruments on the set. Its centerpiece is 'Strawberry Letter 23' that filled out Inspiration Information's reissue, but there are no weak cuts here. Sample the guitars on 'Sweet Thang,' 'Purple,' and 'Freedom Flight,' the latter displays two extended jamming exercises with lots of wondrously magical production touches; the former is a visionary bottleneck number that is warm and oozes soul. The bassline on 'Me And My Woman' prefigures that distorted keyboard bass P-Funk trademarked earlier, by two years." -- All Music Guide

P 747285HLP

OTIS, SHUGGIE: Inspiration Information LP (P 747285HLP) 15.00
2015 repress. 180 gram vinyl exact repro reissue of Shuggie's sublime 1974 album, featuring the original cover art. "Information belongs to the mind. It can be gathered, coded, processed and decoded, and used for any number of purposes. Inspiration comes from the soul. It is an elusive spark, one that cannot be bought or sold, nor artificially triggered. It is a gift. That the two can be combined into something quietly exciting is proven by the music on this, Shuggie Otis's third solo album. There is some old (several of the basic tracks were recorded over the last two years), and some new (for the first time, Shuggie has assumed complete artistic control, handling almost all of the production and arrangements). Most present, however, is the sense and beginning of a totally new struggle for Shuggie, the thirteen-year-old who made his recording debut with the Johnny Otis show, and later came to national attention through the Al Kooper sessions, is a man and an artist now. He is creating in the seventies, a time whose conflicts are being shaped by information -- and the lack of it. One gets the feeling that even as the information changes, so will the inspiration." -- Winston Cenac (Scoops), from the back cover.



Originally released as a limited 10" for Record Store Day 2012, this long-sold-out must-have for fans of these two artists is now reissued as a 12". Erased Tapes label-mates Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm recorded and mixed their first collaborative record between Reyjkjavík and Berlin as a surprise release for label founder Robert Raths. The ambient electronic work features long-time collaborator Anne Müller on cello. All graphics created by close friend of the label, designer Torsten Posselt of FELD.



Two years after the 2013 release of his first solo album, Sambadi (FVR 080CD/LP), acclaimed Brazilian composer Lucas Arruda presents his second album, SOLAR. In 2012, Fabricio di Monaco (Modo Solar) introduced Arruda's music to Favorite Recordings founder Pascal Rioux, and one year later the label released Sambadi, which received great support from many international DJs and media. SOLAR is filled with Arruda's fusion style, mixing elements from his Latin musical background with his genuine admiration for jazz, soul, and funk music. On "Melt the Night," for example, Arruda asked legendary producer Leon Ware for his help, and the resultant track is reminiscent of Ware's 1980s collaborations with Marcos Valle, which perfectly merged sophisticated Californian boogie and AOR with blazing Brazilian rhythms. They also recorded a version of Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye's classic ballad "Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)" with the help of the beautiful voice of Guida de Palma (Jazzinho). For "Uma Onda," Arruda invited Alex Malheiros, bassist of the famous jazz band Azymuth, for a splendid tribute to their fusion sound and influence on the Brazilian music scene. "Agua" co-written with Arruda's longtime friend Fabricio di Monaco, is a beautiful ballad that perfectly illustrates Arruda's passion for soul music. On top of these great collaborations and a few more surprises, SOLAR also differs from its predecessor in its more elaborate production, offering an authentic and warm sound. Mostly recorded at Sala A Studio in Brazil, many drum parts were also recorded at the fully analog Ambience Studios in Finland. The mix was also done in Finland on a Neve 8108 console from 1978, using only analog technology and a Studer master tape to record the final pre-master. The result is a timeless album, which should definitely establish Lucas Arruda as one of the finest and most talented Brazilian musicians these days.


VA: Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds (Extended 12" Versions) 12" (FVR 103EP) 14.00
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds (FVR 098CD/LP) is a compilation that brings together nine of the most important and obscure hits of the Brazilian funk-boogie-disco scene from 1978 to 1982. Following its acclaimed release in late 2014, Favorite Recordings now presents a great additional 12" single package including exclusive extended versions of tracks from the compilation by Nick The Record, Waxist, and Charles Maurice. The three DJs provide exclusive extended versions of killer original tracks by Painel De Controle, Rabo De Saia, and Famks.


BAKER, DAVE: Glow of Love 12" (FVR 104EP) 14.00
Official reissue of a scorching Caribbean disco lovers-rock version of the classic anthem by Change and Luther Vandross, originally released in 1980 on Black Jack. The great Dave Baker aka Dave Barker was a member of The Techniques and the duo Dave & Ansel Collins. This reissue of this very rare record is coordinated by French DJ and collector Waxist (aka Julien Minarro), following his 2015 reissue of Lamar Thomas's Feel So Good Inside (FVR 099EP). Includes the original 12" version, remastered from the master tape, as well as an exclusive extended dub version finely edited by Waxist. Essential!


GET 51309LP

UGK: Ridin' Dirty 2LP (GET 51309LP) 30.00
Pressed on clear vinyl. "Ridin' Dirty is the third studio album by dirty south legends Bun B and Pimp C -- together known as UGK. It is easily considered one of the greatest southern hip hop albums ever made, but let's drop all the labels this is just pure good rap music, for any region. It's all right there, everything that people have come to expect from Houston rap: candy-painted cars, wood-grained steering wheels, flashy jewelry, late-night odes to lean and weed, passing references to DJ Screw tapes, those warm funk synthesizers that sound like radio oldies. All of Ridin' Dirty feels iconic now -- among other reasons, because so many of its lyrics have since been cribbed by everyone from Slim Thug to Jay Z. There's the laid-back badassery of 'Diamonds and Wood,' the zoned-out celebration of '3 in the Morning,' the ridiculous boasting of 'Fuck My Car.' Everything here is essential. Ridin' Dirty was produced entirely by Pimp C and features start to finish bangers such as 'One Day', 'Murder,' 'Hi Lif,' and of course the title track 'Ridin' Dirty.' Pimp C makes use of perfectly chosen soul, funk, and gospel samples to create a perfect soundscape for he and Bun B to trade verse over. Despite there being no singles or videos released from the album, the set went on to be a pivotal moment in southern hip hop as well as UGK's best-selling and most critically acclaimed release."

GET 51311LP

DEAD PREZ: Lets Get Free 2LP (GET 51311LP) 26.00
"dead prez may have been slightly ahead of their time during their golden years, but that is definitely meant as a compliment. Sermonizing Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism and the benefits of a healthy and just lifestyle during the height of the Bad Boy / Roc-AFella era of nihilistic excess in the late '90s, they also signed to a major label (Loud / Columbia) despite leaning much more towards the burgeoning indie aesthetics of the day. But this was a good thing -- using major label muscle to wake up righteous hip-hop fans who might have fallen asleep at the wheel. The group itself -- consisting of MCs and M-1, who produced or co-produced most of the duo's music -- was formed in Tallahassee, Florida in the early 1990s (M-1 originally hailed from Brooklyn). By later that decade, the duo had started making significant waves, having their music heard on the soundtracks to Soul In The Hole and Slam, as well as appearing on albums by Big Pun and The Beatnuts. By 1998, they released their first official single, the serious, stark 'Police State,' on Loud, appropriately brought to the label by Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian. After building a solid rep over the next two years with fiery live performances, in 2000 they unleashed their debut album, Let's Get Free. The album was a welcome return to provocative and often radically political rhetoric that hearkened back to hip-hop forebears including The Coup, Public Enemy and KRS-One (as well as poetic descendants like the Last Poets and Watts Prophets). Let's Get Free was critically acclaimed and benefited from multiple singles, including the infectious, thick analog drive of 'Hip-Hop' (which became the de facto theme song for 'Chappelle's Show'); 'It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop,' with a remix co-produced by a young Kanye West; 'Mind Sex' (with Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets); and the poignant 'I'm An African.' But the singles weren't the only worthy songs, as just about every cut here has deeper meaning than most full albums by their early 2000s peers. Highlights: the thought-provoking, anti-drug album opener 'Wolves'; 'We Want Freedom' (co-produced by frequent collaborator Hedrush); 'They Schools' and 'Propaganda' (co-produced by Lord Jamar, one of five songs he assisted on). All in all, this is one of the more underrated and possibly Top 5 fully-realized political hip-hop albums of all time. If you don't agree with the previous sentence, give Let's Get Free another listen... you might be surprised at how well it has held up over the years."


CYPRESS HILL: The Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill a Man 7" (GET 743EP) 15.00
"In the early 1990s, a dark force began to rise in Los Angeles, fueled by classic '80s New York boom-bap and equally inspired by evil-tinged rock groups from the 1970s, like Black Sabbath. Just like that era of Los Angeles itself, pre-Riots and pre-The Chronic, Cypress Hill -- producer and DJ Muggs with main MC B-Real and his lyrical partner Sen Dog -- brought the city's bubbling unrest to the surface, bathed in weed smoke and exploring injustices done to the underclass by both the Police State and the Government. Technically a 'Double A-Side,' Cypress Hill's first single, from 1991, took a minute to penetrate the rap scene at large. Once it took hold, though, there was no turning back. Part of the delay may have been the aural dichotomy shown here -- 'The Phunky Feel One' is a ridiculously funky groover, laced with liquid flows that might not create a full-on party vibe, but certainly brought listeners to the brink of the dancefloor. The flip, which eventually became the group's breakthrough (thanks in part to its use in the climax to the film Juice), was a claustrophobic exploration of the gang lifestyle and mindset that was prevalent in the LA of the late '80s and early '90s. 'Here is something you can't understand,' the chorus snarled, 'How I could just kill a man.' According to group members, 'Phunky Feel' was their record label's choice for the A-Side, and 'Kill A Man' was the song they themselves wanted to show the world with their first shot. No matter which way you slice it, the single showed an impressive range in just two songs -- a complexity which would soon be fully exposed with the group's debut LP later that year. This limited edition release is a black vinyl 7-inch recreation of the original 12", featuring the single's classic artwork on a printed 7" jacket, plus a special matte black 2nd outer sleeve, embossed with the seminal skull design."



IN EMBRACE: Passionfruit Pastels CD (REDUX 001CD) 16.50
At the turn of the '80s, would-be pop star Gary Knight teamed up with enigmatic art star Cameron Lindo, and theirs was a whispering, sweet, mysterious sound, the warble of Casiotones in Coventry Cathedral. This inventive duo could sound vaster than a full-on band; their unorthodox instrumental versatility gave them a beautiful sonic palette, and their surprisingly erotically charged lyrics gave evidence that nice boys DID. In 1982, In Embrace first recorded the mini-LP The Initial Caress, then swiftly followed it with Passionfruit Pastels, the first LP recorded for Glass Records (the three LPs before it were compilations of one sort or another, or cassette-only releases). It's fitting that the first reissue of Passionfruit Pastels, with three bonus tracks included, should be the first release on the resurrected Glass Redux label. Hey, everyone else from the '80s and '90s has re-formed -- Glass might as well join the party, visit some old friends, and maybe make some new ones.



PIG RIDER: The Robinson Scratch Theory 2CD (GUESS 058CD) 23.50
Bedroom/lo-fi psychedelia by unsung heroes of the '80s DIY cassette culture scene. From outsider synth-pop to Barrett-esque lysergic folk; from lo-fi garage-punk to basement prog: acid-fuzz guitars, cheap keyboards, primitive electronics, homemade vibes, and bizarre, funny lyrics. Pig Rider were formed in Kent, UK, in the late '60s by John Mayes and Colin Kitchener. With the help from some friends they recorded and self-released a series of acetate-only psych-folk albums in the mid-'70s (Heterophonies, Bloody Turkey Sandwiches...), which are prime examples of early DIY psychedelic music, highly sought-after since a review of Heterophonies appeared in Richard Morton Jack's Galactic Ramble book. In 2013, collector Alexandre Mansuy (from the influential Somewhere There Is Music blog) found Mayes and Kitchener and was astonished when they told him their story: Heterophonies was only one of their many, many great recordings, 22 in all, including 45s, acetates, and tapes. Thanks to Mansuy, Guerssen is launching a comprehensive Pig Rider reissue campaign, starting with The Robinson Scratch Theory. The compilation includes tracks originally recorded between 1980 and 1986 and released as private cassettes. Pig Rider's sound brings to mind obscure DIY bands like The Desperate Bicycles, Instant Automatons, or Beyond the Implode -- if those bands knew how to write catchy and well-crafted songs. But the most amazing thing is that Pig Rider were creating this kind of music for their own amusement without any knowledge of the post-punk or DIY movement. Although they were listening to bands like the Bonzos, Pink Floyd, and The Misunderstood -- "I played their 'Children of the Sun' 45 until the groove was worn out!" says Kitchener -- Pig Rider claim that the main influence on what they played was the availability of instruments and what they could do with them -- not always what they were designed for -- and always pushing their limits. The Robinson Scratch Theory is presented in master tape sound with an insert/booklet containing detailed liner notes and photos. The double CD edition includes four bonus tracks that are also available as a free download via Bandcamp. The compilation is released in advance of first-ever reissues of two of Pig Rider's ultra-rare '70s acetates, Bloody Turkey Sandwiches (1974) and Heterophonies (1975). Welcome to the twisted world of one of the truly pioneering DIY psychedelic pop bands.



HAUNTOLOGISTS: Hauntologists CD (HAUNTOL 001CD) 17.00
A specter is haunting the clubs -- the specter of ancient rhythms that have been wandering over this planet for millions of years. Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider summoned this specter, and now it will not let them be. The truth is they don't want to part ways. Together they are Hauntologists, and together they unchain the ghosts in the machines. Coarse and physical; dark and sexually-charged updates of ancient rhythms -- and motorik, driven like a drummer in a time loop, improvised just like African street music. This analog, rumbling techno, shifting and layering meticulously, is simultaneously forward-looking and ancient, idiosyncratic and deeply-rooted. It all started with a chance meeting between Ahern (Add Noise, Cheap and Deep Productions) and Schneider (To Rococo Rot, Roedelius Schneider). Five EPs showered down to earth over the course of the following years, the results of concentrated studio jams during which the machines talked to each other while the Hauntologists did not do much more than mumble certain magic formulae and sprinkle some magic powder over the proceedings. Sure, these machines are those legendary X0X devices from that Japanese manufacturer with a name that starts with an "R." You can tell, but whatever -- that doesn't really matter. For the two Hauntologists these little boxes are just physical utensils to use during their rituals and ceremonies. They do not deny their sound-shaping characteristics. But they do avoid the clichés associated with them. So here it is: the first album. After the first five EPs, the Hauntologists album discloses further facets of the two Hauntologists, shadow images of bleeps and acid, sähkö and longing, all drifting and floating in and out of the mix. These tracks were created live, and their release comes in advance of their live invocation, continuing the live interaction and dialogue between two human beings. An invocation of ghosts from the past, reimagined in the present. These rhythms, they will never stop. CD includes two bonus tracks.



TENOR & UMO, JIMI: Mysterium Magnum LP (HRKL 004LP) 22.50
LP version. Jimi Tenor presents an instrumental album with the de facto Finnish national big band, UMO Jazz Orchestra. UMO is a professional 16-piece orchestra specializing in jazz and contemporary rhythm music. Throughout its history UMO has had a focus on Finnish composers and has performed hundreds of compositions that were made especially for UMO. Jimi Tenor is a Finnish composer and performing artist perhaps best known for his electronic music from the '90s. Mysterium Magnum is his first album composed entirely for a big band. In 2003 Jimi Tenor took his own big band on a six-week European tour, which included stops at Montreux Jazz and North Sea Jazz Festival. Jimi Tenor then made three albums with afrobeat group Kabukabu: Joystone (2007, Sähkö), 4th Dimension (2008, Sähkö), and The Mystery of Aether (2012, Kindred Spirits); and in 2009, Jimi Tenor made an album with afrobeat legend Tony Allen called Inspiration Information (Strut). Mysterium Magnum was recorded at UMO's rehearsal space at the YLE studios in Helsinki. The music on Mysterium Magnum is not typical big band music. It varies from mystical contemporary compositions like "Koneen Sydän," "Huumatun Pako," "Mysticum Minus," and "Sähköinen Laji" to soundtrack themes like "Kratera" and "I Was Here." On the album Jimi Tenor himself plays a Russian Ritm-2 synthesizer, tenor saxophone, and flute. All compositions and arrangements by Jimi Tenor.


HH 009CD

COLTRANE QUARTET, JOHN: Live at Penn State '63 CD (HH 009CD) 17.00
When John Coltrane played Pennsylvania State University on January 19, 1963, he was about a year into his stint as leader of what's been canonized as his "classic" quartet. With McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums, WDFM's broadcast of performances from this concert presented almost 70 minutes of imaginative improvisation. Besides Coltrane's own "Mr. P.C.," the program was dominated by extended reinventions of popular standards, including "My Favorite Things" and a 25-minute version of "Bye Bye Blackbird." Digitally remastered sound; includes background liners.



ACTRESS: Meets Shangaan 12" (HJP 062EP) 11.00
2015 repress. Honest Jon's Records presents Actress' insidiously inventive take on the Shangaan style and the most eagerly-awaited installment in this 12" series.



EXOTERIC CONTINENT: Referèndum LP (HOS 435LP) 22.00
Barcelona's Exoteric Continent follows cassette drops for Opal Tapes and Second Sleep with his first ever vinyl release. Exploring ascetic techno and electronic noise, this vinyl edition combines both of his Referèndum tape volumes, originally released on Hospital in 2014, on one fine slab. Something of a relative outsider in the balearic climes of his home city, Arnau Sala Saez pushes an intense, probing sound, both with his own music and via closely associated cohorts N.M.O., or Eric Frye and Helmer, who've released on his brilliant Anòmia label. With Referèndum, Exoteric Continent draws the listener into the awkward spaces and styles around the shifting, jagged borders of techno and noise, using drums, percussion, magnetic tape, and synthesizers to outline nine atonal and enigmatic silhouettes. The work ranges from the creeping slow-techno misshape of "Percentages" thru the sagging chamber feeling of "Posicions" to the Soisong-like gamelan tones of "Transició" and the kinky industrial swing instincts of "La Mirada Llarga"; he mixes rugged structures with stranger, keening electronics in the insectoid logic of "Autoritat" and the rubbled electro-acoustic texturhythm of "Agrupació Civil" to forge a fractious, unstable brace of noise techno that sits somewhere between classic Pan Sonic and his Hospital lablemate Alberich. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 500.


HC 035LP

FRANCIS THE GREAT: Ravissante Baby LP (HC 035LP) 23.50
Repressed. Rare funk and avant-garde soul from a seven-year-old kid singer featuring the best musicians of France and the Cameroonian diaspora, recorded in Paris in 1977. The album contains two nicely dramatic tracks: "Ravissante Baby (Negro Phasing)" is a long, hypnotic, funky soukous track with a tremendous lead guitar and a long spoken-word and soulful kid vocal about the beauty of nature; "Look Up in the Sky (Negro Nature)" is a stretched funk groove with psych synth by Michel Morose, bubbling bassline by the great Victor Edimo, the famous Toto Guillaume on guitar, and a brilliant poetic lyric by Francis the Great, who at that time studied in Ménilmontant, Paris. Originally produced by his father, a great impresario of African artists in Paris during the '70s, and coordinated by his mother, this album is unique, fresh, and almost unclassifiable. It's universal funk! Hot Casa Records is proud to reissue this holy grail after years of research. Includes interview; officially licensed with Francis Mbarga himself, in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


HS 1011LP

CASH, JOHNNY: Wheeling West Virginia October 2 1976 2LP (HS 1011LP) 31.00
By the mid-1970s, Johnny Cash had an enormous catalog of classics upon which to draw for his live performances. Backed by the Tennessee Three, he offers a wealth of them on this October 2, 1976, appearance on the Jamboree USA show, broadcast on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia. Sprinkled among the hits from the '50s, '60s, and '70s are folk tunes and B-side gems, as well as a few contributions from Anita Carter, the Carter Family, Jan Howard, and Johnny's wife, June Carter Cash. The broadcast is presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound and background notes. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

HS 1014CD

MARSHALL TUCKER BAND, THE: Live at the Record Plant CD (HS 1014CD) 17.00
The Marshall Tucker Band was formed in Spartanburg, SC, in 1971 and went on to become one of the major southern rock bands of the '70s, combining rock, country, blues, and jazz with innovative instrumentation from songwriter and lead guitarist Toy Caldwell. Their Record Plant session in Sausalito, CA, on May 8, 1974, produces near-visual flashes of energy and inspiration, confirming the acclaim bestowed upon their self-titled debut, which went gold in 1975. The entire KSAN-FM broadcast of this performance is presented here with digitally remastered sound, comprehensive background liners, and rare photos.



A work of slowly evolving beauty that gradually unravels its meditative design. Recorded in 2013 in the mausoleum of Norwegian sculptor and painter Emanuel Vigeland (1875-1948) in Oslo, a recording space that is famous for its acoustics and its long and full-sounding reverb. These three tracks utilize both the delicacy and the power of acoustic instruments and human voice in relation to the unique recording space. Otherworldly and eerie but also with a great primal expressive force. Performed by four artists from different backgrounds coming together to create a singular set of music. Maja S.K. Ratkje: voice and bells; Jon Wesseltoft: accordion, organ, and harmonium; Camille Norment: glass armonica; Per Gisle Galåen: zither and harmonium. Recorded at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, May 2013, by Thomas Hukkelberg. Mixed and mastered by Maja S.K. Ratkje. Artwork by John Brien. Photo by Gorm K. Gaare.



POST SCRIPTUM: Post Scriptum 01 CD (INF 001CD) 17.00
Post Scriptum 01 is the debut full-length album from anonymous producer Post Scriptum. This stunning full-length thoroughly outlines the sonic intentions of the project over 11 otherworldly tracks, and follows Post Scriptum's debut track, "Human Timescales," featured on Berghain 07 Part I (OSTGUT 086EP, 2015). Berghain 07 is an installment in the series of DJ mixes by the Berlin club's residents, mixed by Infrastructure founder Function. Accompanying the mix are two 12''s (Berghain 07 Part I and Part II (OSTGUT 087EP)), which feature Post Scriptum's "Human Timescales" alongside tracks from Cassegrain & Tin Man, Inland, DVS1, Steve Bicknell, Blue Hour, and Luke Slater's L.B. Dub Corp alias. The in-depth A&R process that Function went through for the Berghain 07 project led to the development of this album, which follows Post Scriptum's live debut at Berghain in May 2015. Post Scriptum stands for rich, highly detailed modern techno electronics. References to Mills-School bleep and unearthly, sci-fi tones are clear to hear. The album features original photographs by Swiss mixed-media artist Julian Charrière, taken on-site at a former Soviet nuclear testing ground. The negatives were first exposed through the camera, and then laid on the radioactive earth where interference occurred, resulting in the highly textured end images. Parallels to the process can be drawn throughout Post Scriptum 01, where classic techno sound sources are clear to hear, alongside complex processing and a very original approach to arrangement that flavors and colors each track. With titles like "Interstellar Medium," "Decelerate At the Destination," or "The Extreme Distance," clear space-time themes emerge, evoking imagery of the ongoing human quest for survival, on this world, and eventually others. On the CD version a further three titles can be found, with the tracklist arranged as Post Scriptum originally intended, for listening in one session.


INT 2499000HLP

MONKS: Black Time LP (INT 2499000HLP) 16.50
2015 repress. 180 gram LP reissue of the classic Black Monk Time LP with a slight title adjustment and alternate artwork. Primitive demented '60s punk at its best. "The Monks' only album is packed with angst anthems on the order of 'Shut Up,' 'I Hate You,' 'Complication,' and 'Drunken Maria.' One of the strangest recordings of all time." --Richie Unterberger



13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS: Easter Everywhere LP (IALP 005HLP) 14.00
2015 repress; 180 gram exact repro reissue of their 2nd album, originally released in 1967.


KK 084CD

23S, THE: Flamingo CD (KK 084CD) 15.50
Welcome back to the vivid, resonant sound-world of The 23s. With 2008's Bolivia (KK 043CD/LP), the mysterious one-man-band delivered on an intention to make another kind of music -- something that isn't entertainment, something that isn't show, something that goes, gently, straight to your soul. Now the producer from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has done it again with Flamingo. He delivers a special kind of cinematic journey that grooves in the opposite direction from his other, more rhythm-based, hypnotic dance productions. He does produce pattern-based music as The 23s, but it pursues a different intention; each listener should dive into a hallucinatory world of seen and unseen films projected by the inner eye. All ten tracks are romantic smooth-operators. They put themselves in service of an artistic vision in which the listener can get lost. The album can be seen as a love letter to the movie scores of 1970s French cinema or the impressionistic sound arrangements one hears in the early cinema of Peter Greenaway. With double-bass heat, discreet piano melodies, levitating guitar chords, some gentle horns here and there, and beats that recall the warm, jazz-influenced soul of old-school hip-hop, The 23s generate a sublime get-down-deep instrumental journey. You can listen to it attentively or play in the background, but it is recommended that you play Flamingo with a decent amount of volume, as all loungey tracks get bigger and brighter with sonic intensity, with an atmosphere that is alternately foggy and flooded with light. It's a 40-minute electronic journey that offers open-minded souls a chance to fill in the gaps between the notes with their very own milky fancy. The album is released in advance of a bunch of remixes by producers like Edward (Giegling, White), Christian S. of the Cómeme tribe, Canadian producer The Mole, and German post-rock/electronic band To Rococo Rot. LP includes download code.


KR 030LP

LEICHTMANN, HANNO: Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today LP (KR 030LP) 20.00
Hanno Leichtmann has long been one of the most prolific protagonists of Berlin's electronic music scene and beyond; as an experimental percussionist and electronic artist Leichtmann has released several albums under his given name, under such aliases as Static and The Vulva String Quartett, and in bands like Groupshow (with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler) and Denseland (with David Moss and Hannes Strobl) on labels like Karaoke Kalk, m=minimal, Dekorder, and Staubgold. Leichtmann also composed and produced the soundtrack to Christoph Schlingensief's The African Twintowers (2007), the first DVD edition of which will follow this LP in summer 2015, five years after Schlingensief's tragic death. In addition to his musical work, Leichtmann also curates conceptual music festivals, including My Favourite Thing in 2008 and Letra/Tone in 2014. In 2013 he released Minimal Studies, on which he began building tracks using very short loops from various sample sources. This LP is an expanded reissue of Leichtmann's 2013 contribution to The Tapeworm's tape series (TTW 059CS), for which he browsed the remaining 30-plus cassettes of his once-huge collection, took little snippets of his favorite songs, ran them through a modular synthesizer system, and created about 40 short pieces, all about one minute and 30 seconds long. Leichtmann: "They are highly influenced by and, at the same time, an homage to: John Oswald's Plunderphonics, Stock, Hausen & Walkman's Me 7", and, above all, Yasuaki Shimizu's Music for Commercials." Originally released in a limited tape edition of 200 copies, Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today is now available on LP for the first time, with the addition of six previously unreleased tracks. All music created by Hanno Leichtmann using tapes, Sony WM-D6C, modular system, Telefunken EQS, and Lexicon LXP-5. Recorded at Static Music, Berlin. Mastered for vinyl by Kassian Troyer. Artwork by Stephan Mathieu and Caro Mikalef. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Includes download code.


KL 5025CD

Muddy Waters had only recently completed his Australasia tour, which had begun in late April and finished in Perth on May 11, 1973. He arrived just two days later in Vancouver before performing five dates at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go in Los Angeles. He then made his way into a small downtown Denver nightclub called Ebbet's Field for five shows. This recording is a milestone in vintage blues: a rare and exclusive performance from Mississippi giants Muddy Waters and B. B. King. Sharing the stage for one night only, this joint appearance from May 30, 1973, is finally available. Long considered to be a classic performance, but lost to time, this inspiring performance is presented in its entirety as originally broadcast on FM radio, with digitally remastered sound, detailed liner notes, and photos.


LL 021LP

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Twelve Reasons to Die II LP (LL 021LP) 25.00
"Fans who have been waiting for the past two years can finally rejoice: Adrian Younge's and Ghostface Killah's Twelve Reasons To Die II is coming soon. To up the ante this time around, Ghostface has added a very important lyrical companion to the mix: Raekwon. The chemistry that was cemented two decades ago on Rae's classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is as strong as ever, clearly heard on five out of the album's 13 songs. And on the topic of chemistry, executive producer and Wu-Tang patriarch The RZA returns to Part II as the story's narrator. Where the first installment of Twelve Reasons To Die was based in 1960s Italy -- detailing the machinations of the feared DeLuca crime family -- Part II inhabits the grimy streets of mid-1970s New York City. Descendants of the DeLucas are running the city, but a powerful, younger crime syndicate is percolating, commanded by black gangster Lester Kane (personified by Raekwon). As Kane's power grows, he takes on the DeLucas and a bloodbath ensues. Kane has always known the legend of Tony Starks, who was killed by the DeLucas in Italy and whose remains were partially used to create twelve vinyl records. When played back in the 'old world,' the Ghostface Killer rose and destroyed the Italian faction. This plays into the story's conclusion at the end of Part II. The storyline for Part II is vividly brought to life with the help of Younge's never-endingly evocative and unique brand of cinematic, psychedelic soul. The music -- on which Younge himself plays upwards of 10 instruments on certain songs -- was recorded strictly on analog tape, to bring out the true grit of the '70s era that provides the Twelve Reasons backdrop. Twelve Reasons To Die II is another heavy feather in the caps of all involved, especially Younge and Ghost, who again poured their skills and intellect into this dramatic and engaging tale. It all fits perfectly into the Wu-Tang family tree as well as Younge's always-expanding musical universe, which now proudly relies on Linear Labs to house it."

LL 022LP

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Twelve Reasons to Die II Instrumentals LP (LL 022LP) 25.00
"Adrian Younge announces the release of the instrumentals from Twelve Reasons to Die II. Younge's evocative and unique brand of cinematic, psychedelic Soul makes an instrumental vinyl issue a must have."


LJ 007EP

HEDLUND, RASMUS: Alster 2LP (LJ 007EP) 24.00
"Outstanding, varied, deep, widescreen, and star-crossed electronica from Finland -- the label boss -- in the best traditions of ambient dub, drone, and classic Berlin techno."



SUOLCITY: November/Rush 12" (LOVEIT 002EP) 14.00
"LOVEiT's second release is perfect for both festivals and dusty basements. Suolcity is a young producer from Stuttgart, where house music thrives. He could probably feel it as intern at Rocker 33. That would explain the dubby, gritty bassline of 'Rush.' If it's not hard enough for you, try 'Rush Harder' -- you can have it all. The jazzy attitude of 'Early Morning Jam' recalls hip-hop jams, and 'November' delivers a great atmosphere with groovy chords and bumpy drums for deep moments. A great homage to the best side of the '90s!" --Prinz Eugen



DIGITALISM: Roller 12" (MRCTI 005EP) 14.00
Deluxe printed sleeve. 180-gram vinyl. Hamburg duo Digitalism unleash their first "pure" club track since the January 2014 release of the red-hot "Fahrenheit 32." "Roller" does exactly what it says on the tin. Full of raucous energy, the track mirrors the freshness of Digitalism's 2007 debut album Idealism. Mixed by Matt Wiggins at Paul Epworth's Church Studios, "Roller" comes complete with a delightfully low-slung remix from acclaimed duo Dense & Pika, alongside two bonus DJ tools ("Roll-a-Pella" and "Roll-a-Beat").



"Midwich is proud to present Moon Pool and Dead Band's MEQ (pronounced MEK--futurespeak for 'mech'), an album of swinging, dirty, analog techno-funk, created with mountains of old synthesizers. MEQ consists of Moon Pool and Dead Band's earliest track, reworked by some of Detroit's (and ex-Detroit) best producers: Patrick Russell, BMG (Brendan M. Gillen of Ectomorph), JTC (Dabrye/Charles Manier aka Tadd Mullinix), Ice Cold Chrissy (Coyote Clean Up), Michael Dykehouse, Erno the Inferno and Nate Young in Wolf Eyes mode. MEQ plays like an album, rather than a collection of remixes. The remixers were supplied with 'stems' nearly one-half hour long, leaving each with an abundance of raw material at their disposal. There are no cloying, repetitive vocal hooks to disrupt the sonic narrative. Deep, dystopian techno-funk is delivered with the unerring raw assurance that only seasoned masters could deliver, leaving the music's rough edges appealingly unvarnished. The strong, danceable music is rugged enough to test the limits of any club sound-system, yet contains nuances, subtleties and warmth that make it ideal for home listening. Mastered by Ruud Lekx (Rude 66) and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in NYC. MEQ comes housed in a wide full-color UV gloss jacket featuring artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator, Mark Salwowski. Layout by designer Beth Hall. A digital download code is included."


MAGAS: Heads Plus 12" (MIDWICH 002EP) 16.00
"Midwich is proud to present MAGAS's Heads Plus, the first proper vinyl release from James Marlon Magas since 2009's Violent ARP. For the past several years, Magas has been concentrating on instrumental production, eschewing vocal histrionics of previous work, in favor of moodier, more open-ended composition. This focus has resulted in the bombastic and hallucinatory Heads Plus, an all-instrumental wallop that fuses howling ARP Odyssey, capricious Juno funk and fuzzed Rhodes anchored to the ever-present throb of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Freed from vocal constraints, Heads Plus conjures a cinematic ambience where light and dark wrangle for dominance in a dystopian post-techno near-future. Plowing ahead with gleeful abandon, this 5-track EP is a take-no-prisoners statement of intent. Heads Plus is mastered by Ruud Lekx (Rude 66) and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in NYC and comes housed in a eye-popping full-color UV gloss jacket featuring artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator, Mark Salwowski, with layout by designer Beth Hall. A digital download code is included with purchase."



ROGIE, SE: The Sounds of SE Rogie LP (MRP 050LP) 13.00
2015 repress, originally released in 2013. "At last, a reissue full LP of the legendary Palm wine guitarist SE Rogie's early work. Truly beautiful songs from the 1960s ranging from sweet acoustic solo numbers to blazing full band electric music. SE Rogie had a very long and pioneering career in Sierra Leone. His songs are some of the most beautiful ever - gentle and lilting timeless melodies. One of the greats. A co-release with our friends at the Domino Sound label."



FUNKSTÖRUNG: Funkstörung CD (MONKEY 059CD) 15.50
German duo Funkstörung return from a ten-year break following their 2005 album The Return to the Acid Planet with their fourth album, arriving like a twisted Janus-head on a perfectly toned body. It's everything you've expected from glitch-hop's inventors and everything you have not. For those eagerly waiting for Funkstörung to deliver a new electronic innovation, like they did with their first record: this time they did not. Instead they do what they do best and take up the path they started to carve with Disconnected in 2004: luscious pop songs with heavy backbones and illustrious guests adding heartfelt vocals to a bed of fizzing basslines. It is a very vocal album, with guest singers on nearly every song, but they don't dominate the sound; they simply contribute to a fresh Funkstörung that has ripened a bit and been seasoned with a hell of a lot of flavor. Some of the voices on Funkstörung have been part of the family for a while; some of them, like Jamie Lidell, are new collaborators. But whether with old friends or newfound partners, each track on the album gets to the heart of electronic pop. As a whole, Funkstörung seems so well-balanced it's ready to be an instant classic. Its sunny vibes would go as well with a fine wine in front of a fireplace as with a plastic cup of beer and rubber boots at a muddy festival. Instead of concentrating on glitches and breaks, the two producers have put their effort into nurturing every sound to perfection; one can feel that nothing has been rushed, and each detail is in the right place. As Funkstörung put it, the album is about "evolution not revolution." Highlights include "Laid Out," featuring Anothr with a hook so big even your granny you won't get it out of her head for a week; and "So Simple," the collaborative effort with Lidell, whose smooth soul-crooning fits the chrome-glistening hip-hop beat like a velvet glove. The album also features contributions from Audego, Taprikk Sweezee, ADI, and Jay-Jay Johanson. Funkstörung comes in a beautiful sleeve designed by lauded graphic artists Zeitguised and Sebastian Onufszak.



MOUNTAIN PEOPLE, THE: Mountain011 12" (MOUNTAIN 011EP) 12.50
The Mountain People label has taken a little while to develop the technology necessary to encode a so-called hypnotizing agent into both vinyl and digital tracks. This agent will activate automatically on any club sound system past midnight and cause the crowd to enter a dream-like state. Experience of oneness, euphoria, and spiritual transcendence are welcome side-effects. Enjoy this thoroughly dancefloor-tested Mountain People release.



FP-ONER (AKA FRED P): 5 CD (MUSIQ 048CD) 17.00
Anyone who follows American house music is aware of the art of Fred Peterkin aka Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium. The New York City native is known for some of the gentlest soul-infiltrated four-to-the-floor house creations around. As a man who danced in his younger years in legendary NYC clubs like the Red Zone, Sound Factor, and Tunnel to DJ sets by larger-than-life selectors like David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, and Danny Tenaglia, he learned that sometimes less is more. And that he would rather listen to his heart and soul than to the susurrus of the music market. Most of his work as Fred P or Black Jazz Consortium has been released via his own label, Soul People Music; as Fred P he has also dropped 12"s on Jus-Ed's Underground Quality imprint and Toshiya Kawasaki's Mule Musiq, which now presents his album 5, released under the moniker FP-Oner. 5 is the first release in a planned trilogy focused on the jazzier, relaxed, atmospheric side of his artistically deep house expressions. Opener "In the Mist of Sunrise" seduces with a deep, heavy bass-line; moony, emotive chords; and a hint of a gentle piano melody, charming in its unfinished sound. It's followed by "Manifestations Taking Place," an emotive, deep, jazz-influenced track that could easily fit in his Black Jazz Consortium body of work. With "The Art of Regeneration" he pushes the beat for the first time. It is a simple sensation of a track, with an alien synth melody in the background, intermittent cool claps, and soft, seductive keys. From then on the album oscillates between uplifting and smooth sensations, and seduces with African percussion, serpentine melodies, jacking beats, emotive deep jazz moments, airy analog chords, ethereal synths, tinkling keys, lounging soul vocals, and dreamy atmospheres. A groove-based work of introspective, elegantly constructed house music that makes the listener feel entirely at ease, and solidifies Fred P's position as one of the great spiritual house masters of our time. Produced in Berlin and on the road in hotel rooms between New York City and Tokyo. The English poet William Blake once wrote, "He who binds to himself a joy / Does the winged life destroy / He who kisses the joy as it flies / Lives in eternity's sunrise." The poem suits the art of Fred P, as all his creations come to stay. CD includes three extra tracks.


FP-ONER (AKA FRED P): 5 2LP (MUSIQ 187LP) 25.00
Double LP version. Anyone who follows American house music is aware of the art of Fred Peterkin aka Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium. The New York City native is known for some of the gentlest soul-infiltrated four-to-the-floor house creations around. As a man who danced in his younger years in legendary NYC clubs like the Red Zone, Sound Factor, and Tunnel to DJ sets by larger-than-life selectors like David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, and Danny Tenaglia, he learned that sometimes less is more. And that he would rather listen to his heart and soul than to the susurrus of the music market. Most of his work as Fred P or Black Jazz Consortium has been released via his own label, Soul People Music; as Fred P he has also dropped 12"s on Jus-Ed's Underground Quality imprint and Toshiya Kawasaki's Mule Musiq, which now presents his album 5, released under the moniker FP-Oner. 5 is the first release in a planned trilogy focused on the jazzier, relaxed, atmospheric side of his artistically deep house expressions. Opener "In the Mist of Sunrise" seduces with a deep, heavy bass-line; moony, emotive chords; and a hint of a gentle piano melody, charming in its unfinished sound. It's followed by "Manifestations Taking Place," an emotive, deep, jazz-influenced track that could easily fit in his Black Jazz Consortium body of work. With "The Art of Regeneration" he pushes the beat for the first time. It is a simple sensation of a track, with an alien synth melody in the background, intermittent cool claps, and soft, seductive keys. From then on the album oscillates between uplifting and smooth sensations, and seduces with African percussion, serpentine melodies, jacking beats, emotive deep jazz moments, airy analog chords, ethereal synths, tinkling keys, lounging soul vocals, and dreamy atmospheres. A groove-based work of introspective, elegantly constructed house music that makes the listener feel entirely at ease, and solidifies Fred P's position as one of the great spiritual house masters of our time. Produced in Berlin and on the road in hotel rooms between New York City and Tokyo. The English poet William Blake once wrote, "He who binds to himself a joy / Does the winged life destroy / He who kisses the joy as it flies / Lives in eternity's sunrise." The poem suits the art of Fred P, as all his creations come to stay. CD includes three extra tracks.


NEOS 11416CD

WOHLHAUSER, RENE: Manía - Piano Works CD (NEOS 11416CD) 15.50
The third release in Neos's collaboration with Swiss composer René Wohlhauser, featuring solo piano by German pianist Moritz Ernst. Ernst's unusually broad repertoire extends from baroque virginal pieces to modern works, and he often switches between harpsichord and piano in the same concert. In the field of contemporary music, he works with leading composers (including Klaus Huber, Sandeep Bhagwati, Wolfgang Rihm, Michael Pelzel, Jimmie LeBlanc, Miklós Maros, Kent Olofsson, and Michael Edgerton), who often dedicate pieces to him. As well as focusing on Rameau, Handel, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Busoni, and Debussy, Ernst also champions unknown or forgotten composers. He has demonstrated this with his recording of Malcolm Arnold's piano works ("a sparkling and stimulating interpretation" --Gramophone) and the complete edition of the surviving sonatas by Viktor Ullmann and Norbert von Hannenheim on EDA, which has been termed a reference recording. This release comes in advance of Ernst's Canadian debut in the 2015/'16 season, as well as performances with the German Radio Philharmonic and extensive recordings for DeutschlandRadio.

NEOS 11507CD

Cologne-based composer Marcus Antonius Wesselmann (born in Germany's Ruhr district in 1965), has, according to one critic, shot from zero to 60 with a concert program partly documented in this CD. Since his emergence, he has fully established himself in the contemporary musical landscape. Neos inaugurates its series wholly dedicated to his work with this CD. Ensemble Works I features furious interpretations of four refreshingly non-academic ensemble works in typical instrumental jazz line-ups, interpreted by the internationally outstanding Ensemble Modern conducted by Franck Ollu. Wesselmann's music combines elements of minimal music with strict constructions, and an exuberant playfulness with virtually transcendent virtuosity. Founded in 1980 and based in Frankfurt am Main since 1985, the Ensemble Modern is one of the world's leading ensembles for contemporary music. At the time of this release, the ensemble unites 19 soloists from eight countries, all of whom contribute to the ensemble's rich cultural background. The Ensemble Modern is famous for its unique organizational structure, unlike any other in the world: there is no artistic director and all of its members are responsible for jointly selecting and implementing projects, co-productions, and financial matters.



BIXBY, DAVE: Ode To Quetzalcoatl LP (NFR 023LP) 20.00
"Dave Bixby sings in a moan-lilting, slightly echoing voice whose sad and lonesome feel gives the impression that his demons have by no means been wholly exercised by salvation. 3rd press - authentically restored to it's original 1969 fidelity by Erik Kassab." Dave Bixby's legendary $2000 private press album from 1969 is considered by all serious record collectors as the king in the loner/downer-folk genre. After being involved in '60s Michigan folk and garage-rock bands such as The Shillelaghs and Peter & The Prophets, Bixby started playing acoustic guitar and experimenting with LSD. After a year of drug abuse, he felt broken. Starting a soul-searching, spiritual journey, he wrote Ode To Quetzalcoatl and most of the material for his second album, Harbinger's Second Coming in just a month and a half. Assisted by fellow musician Brian MacInness, who played some guitar parts on the album, Bixby recorded this record in a living room using an echo-laden 4-track machine. The sound is lo-fi and sparse: just acoustic guitars and some occasional harmonica & flute, added to Bixby's haunting, emotional vocals, spiritual lyrics and solid songwriting. The opening cut, the eerie and painful "Drug Song" sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album. Never again has an acoustic folk album sounded as intense as this.


OP 032EP

JAAR, NICOLAS: Nymphs III 12" (OP 032EP) 14.00
Recorded in New York City between 2011 and 2015.



BOMAN, AXEL: 1979 12" (PAMPA 025EP) 14.00
Axel Boman, Pampa's favorite Barnhus boy, returns to the fold after 2010's Holy Love (which contained the undeniable track of the year, "Purple Drank"). "1979" is a cool-toned and pensive take on classic downtempo deep house, surrounding its bare percussion with light touches and a soothing, pastoral feel. "Nokturn (Grand Finale)" is carnivalesque in the grandest sense, with a dominant percussion pattern and a looping background perpetually primed for takeoff as Latin rhythms preoccupy the shoulders and hips. A minimalist bass loop takes care of the low-end groove, and, together with glimpses of vintage disco sounds, creates another surefire hit.



REV, MARTIN: Clouds of Glory LP (PERM 047LP) 18.00
"Martin Rev's (from Suicide) second long player finally in print for the first time in 30 years!!!!! 'It's like someone took an unreleased Suicide record, removed the vocal tracks, and replaced them with synth oscilliations, chirps, drones and explosions' --Opium Hum. Haunting second album of minimalist analogue synth experimentation from Suicide's Martin Rev. Never before pressed to vinyl in the States. Previously available as an import on French label New Rose. A killer follow-up to his debut LP reissued in 2013 by Superior Viaduct. For fans of: Suicide, Kraftwerk, Craig Leon, John Bender, Cabaret Voltaire, Silver Apples."


VCSR: Tape #4 LP (PERM 048LP) 18.00
"Never before released archival material from Chicago's answer to Germany's 70s kosmische/electronic scene!!!!!!! Featuring Bil Vermette!!!! 'VCSR existed between 1978 and 1984. They weren't a band or a group so much as it was a collective. They never had an official release but recorded over 60 reels of tape from which cassettes were mixed down for their own use or to give to friends. They were to be the first record on the Waxx Traxx label with Al Jourgenson producing but that never came to be. Tape #4 is one of these raw reels recorded in 1979 and 1980. There are overdubs but no edits or redos, it was live onto tape and then maybe a second pass to add leads, etc. Many of the reels are live onto one track only. This was done before they had a mixer. Most of these reels are now in Washington state and some are here in Chicago and some are not accounted for. Instruments used: Arp-2600, Korg MS-20, Rhythm Ace, Yamaha & Farfisa organs, guitar, ElectroComp synthesizers and various other keyboards and effects' --Bil Vermette. For fans of: Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh, Cluster, Bitchin Bajas and kosmische musik from the back catalogs of Ohr, Sky and Brain."



OID: Bright Side of Life 12" (PNN 012EP) 12.50
OID is the solo project of Russian producer Andrei Antonets. Born in Riga, Latvia, Antonets has lived in Berlin, and, at the time of this release, is based in Moscow, where he is inspired by the city's rapidly changing scene. "Bright Side of Life" evokes a sense of potential; it is upbeat without being commercial. The track's singular sound has prompted The Field, Popnoname & J.P Janzen (Von Spar), and Mujuice to produce remixes, included here alongside the original. Each artist delivers a unique take on this uncommon yet catchy tune.



HOMMEN, ANDRE: Introspectral 12" (PFR 164EP) 14.00
After running Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity imprint, touring on the international DJ circuit, and building an impressive portfolio of remixing credits and collaborative releases, André Hommen spreads his wings as a fully-fledged artist. The aquatic bass pulses, cycling loops, surging drones, and melancholy chords of "Instrospectral" pave the way for a dancing riff that will surely have hands reaching for the air. The more introspective, bass-heavy dub weaves gritty arpeggios and chiming synths with an intricacy unveiled in a long, beatless breakdown. The writhing sub-bass and Morse code pings of "Centrifuge" precede a crescendo of bright synths and blinding light.



NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE: The Adventures of Panama Red LP (RGM 334LP) 27.00
"If there was ever any doubt that the New Riders of the Purple Sage were the ultimate hippie country rock band -- and having had Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead as early members meant that there wasn't much -- The Adventures of Panama Red put them to rest. This 1973 album's loosely connected tall tales of drug culture, complete with the album's underground comic book graphics, ensured that this gatefold record was a long-time dorm room favorite for separating out those stems and seeds. But Panama Red (their only gold record) had a lot more going for it than just countercultural kicks -- the band, by now consisting of John Dawson, David Nelson, Dave Torbert, pedal steel ace Buddy Cage and Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden -- was much tighter than any outfit this stoned had a right to be, and with songwriting contributions from Peter Rowan (the hit 'Panama Red' and 'Lonesome L.A. Cowboy') and Robert Hunter ('Kick in the Head') as well as from the band's own fine tunesmiths in Dawson and Torbert, the songs were of a uniformly high quality. Production by multi-instrumentalist Norbert Putnam, charts by the Memphis Horns and vocal contributions by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Donna Godchaux helped enshrine this record as one of the finest country-rock outings of the '70s. Now, Real Gone Music is reissuing this classic album for the first time on vinyl, remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC and lacquer cut by Kevin Gray, with a limited edition pressing of 1000 in -- what else? -- purple vinyl, with the original gatefold album and inner sleeve graphics (with lyrics) intact. Time to add to your stash of essential '70s vinyl!"



"We're big fans of French synthpop like Jacno, Deux, Ruth, and Serge Blenner. This kind of playful synthetic sound mixed with weird and sometimes depressing poetry had a big influence on us as kids and as musicians," reveal the French duo DAT Politics. Since 1999, Claude Pailliot and Gaetan Collet have been working on music shaped by those influences, without referring to them directly, on various albums and EPs for labels such as FatCat Records, A-Musik, Chicks on Speed Records, and Sub Rosa. Drone, noise, and musique concrète are other points of reference that clearly come through in their electronic songs, though they're also closely related to pop music. This time around, their songs once again took shape under such extra-musical influences as astronomy, philosophy, and programming language, as well as surrealism, fantasy films, and their own dreams. The nine tracks on No Void, which the duo describes as a "hallucinating ride in a space roller coaster: scary and funny!", were created in winter 2014 in a small cabin in northern France. The whimsical tour de force was recorded using computers, old beat-up synthesizers, worn-out keyboards, samplers, voice boxes, and children's toy instruments. Pailliot and Collet whisper into the microphone in French and English, their voices naked or distorted by a vocoder, at times using both languages in the same song, as the track "Reptiloid" demonstrates with poignant levity. The work occupies an eclectic territory that includes catchy melodies, versatile singing with pop appeal, and playfully rocking chiptune, synthwave, and electro. Pailliot and Collet's appreciation for Depeche Mode, Yazoo, OMD, Jean Michel Jarre, and Kraftwerk is as apparent as their love of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze and the soundtrack worlds of Ennio Morricone, Giorgio Moroder, and John Carpenter. Yet rather than simply repackaging their personal preferences, the duo transforms art into something totally autonomous using a creative "cut-up" method as practiced by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. DAT Politics' songs are a combination of surreal stories, hidden meanings, and a search for clues within one's own subconscious. And as DAT Politics seeks mainly to electrify in a live setting, every track begins with bass and rhythms. Despite the atmospherically dense interplay between melancholy and joy, this approach is what makes No Void above all an album intent on rocking it in high style.



LAUHAUS: Port of Call EP 12" (SWS 021EP) 12.00
Soweso's co-label head Lauhaus presents his solo debut on the label, showcasing his distinctive groove and ever-evolving sound. "Port of Call" is a haunting, driving affair with loads of atmosphere and punch, laden with many different layers and sounds. "Collectify" is a typical Lauhaus groove, made for the club; its dark and bass-heavy beat meets basic melodies for a hip-hop influenced sound. "Lapwing" is a straightforward DJ tool, with funky rhythms, a little bassline, and a deep chord sound. UK duo Brodanse remix "Port of Call" into a high-impact dancefloor banger.



ZINOVIEFF, PETER: Electronic Calendar: The EMS Tapes 2CD (ORBIT 015CD) 22.00
Peter Zinovieff is one history's most enigmatic and influential electronic music composers. The EMS Tapes is the first complete retrospective of his earliest experiments in 1965 through to the dissolution of his studio and the bankruptcy of his company, EMS Synthesizers, in 1979. This deluxe two-CD set includes extensive liner notes, exclusive photos, and Zinovieff's own diary entries compiled by Sonic Boom aka Pete Kember. In 1964 Zinovieff sold his wife's wedding tiara to purchase the first computer housed on a private estate and converted his garden shed into the most advanced music studio in the world, housing 384 oscillators, as well as a collection of filters, noise generators, ring modulators, signal analyzers, and amplifiers. The center of the studio was the computer, which ran on on 8k of memory priced at £1/byte (£8000), allowing thousands of musical parameters to be sequenced several thousand times per second. Throughout the 1960s and '70s Zinovieff's studios became a place of pilgrimage for musicians looking to discover previously unheard sounds; Zinovieff's daughter Sofka recalls, "I'd be having tea in the kitchen with my two younger brothers, when people like David Bowie, Paul McCartney, or Pink Floyd would pass by on their way to the studio." Other visitors included Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, King Crimson, Alan Sutcliffe, Hans Werner Henze, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, to name but a few. Electronic Calendar begins with "Chronometer '71," composed in the form of a graphical score by Harrison Birtwistle and created from recordings of Big Ben and the Wells Cathedral clock, sequenced by Zinovieff's computer to a pre-determined structure that controlled tape machines in a system resembling an early sampler. The piece was created in the second iteration of Zinovieff's studio, which was also home to the world's first series of narrow filter bands used as a sound analysis system, recording the response of each filter to the applied signal; Zinovieff had created the world's first vocoder. The second CD opens with Zinovieff's interpretation of "Agnus Dei," followed by "ZASP," a collaboration with Alan Sutcliffe. In 1967 "ZASP" won second prize at the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) Congress; Iannis Xenakis beat it out for first place. The CD closes with the last piece of music recorded in the EMS studio before it was destroyed by a flood in 1979; aptly titled "Now's the Time to Say Goodbye," it features interview fragments of Zinovieff fading in and out.



SURGEON: Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996 (2014 Remaster) 2x12" (SRX 006EP) 22.00
Sixth of six Surgeon reissues on SRX, displaying the wide range of mood, pace, and production styles with which Surgeon was experimenting in 1995-'96. As always, the quality is high and the impact is deadly. Surgeon recalls, "Those early tracks, recorded 20 years ago, were mastered and cut by people who had no understanding of electronic music... I began carefully transferring everything from the original DAT tapes and working closely with Christoph Grote-Beverborg from Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin... to present this early material as it was originally intended." Includes download code.



COBB, ALEX: Chantepleure LP (SOD 113LP) 19.00
"The trajectory of Alex Cobb's music over the course of the last decade could be viewed as a distillation of tone and atmosphere to arrive at Chantepleure, his most optimistic and sanguine musical statement to date. The album, however, was created at a time of heartache, isolation, and emotional upheaval and acts as a balm of tender tones where abstract guitar lines circle and suspend in a kind of refined elegance. Noise, once a hallmark of Cobb's music, has not been entirely removed, but manifests here in a different form. A delicate dissonance shades the edges of these four tracks, providing textural color and gorgeously offsetting the lush nature of the music. Even in short spans, this approach yields substantial results. At three and a half minutes, 'Disporting with a Shadow' pulls back the curtain just enough to let flecks of natural guitar notes and traces of alluring melody seep into the mix. The album closes with the side-long 'Path of Appearance,' a cathartic composition that is best described as a poem of overtones which, like the rest of the album, is sourced from electric guitar and minimal effects but feels more akin to the sun stretching to fill all corners of a darkened room. A testament to sonic refinement, a way of coping, an exciting step forward for an established artist -- the minimalist Chantepleure is all of these things."



VA: Dubbel-Dubb 2x12" (BARN 029EP) 25.00
Vinyl-only double 12'' release with Axel Boman, Shakarchi & Stranéus, Baba Stiltz, and Pedrodollar doing dubb versions of classic Studio Barnhus material. Comes in transparent plastic sleeve with A4 info sheet. ''Since we were apes the need for the dubb version has been as important as the beer we drink to stay alive. Now the time has come for some of our favourite songs to be dubbed up by some of our favourite knob fiddlers. This is the age of fun, where old dreams come to die -- this is the age of the dubb!''


SV 059LP

ELECTRIC EELS: Die Electric Eels LP (SV 059LP) 20.00
"Cleveland's electric eels (all lower case in homage to poet e.e. cummings) is America's quintessential proto-punk band. Formed in 1972 by singer Dave E. McManus and guitarists John Morton and Brian McMahon, the group enlisted drummer Nick Knox (later of The Cramps) and producer Paul Marotta to record a flurry of catchy and genuinely fucked-up tunes. After only five legendary live performances -- complete with Dave E. in black leather jacket covered in rat-traps and playing a gas-powered lawnmower on stage -- the eels broke up in 1976 and posthumously released their classic single Agitated on Rough Trade in 1978, blazing a trail for high-art, low-concept rock. As Jon Savage writes in the liner notes, 'There is something heroic about the eels' isolation and uncompromising attitude: a fierceness that you can hear in these songs that still resonates in a different time and world.' This archival LP collects the eels' best material from 1975. From the loud and snotty 'Agitated' and its B-side 'Cyclotron' (which Johan Kugelberg listed as #1 in his top 100 punk singles) to the anarchic anthem 'Jaguar Ride' and the loose, bluesy sludge of 'Anxiety,' the album exorcises the demonic power of the Stooges and Velvets and captures the mystique of these outsider artists inventing a new language. As the eels demand 'Attendance Required' on their flyer for the infamous Special Extermination Music Night, listening is absolutely mandatory for this seminal band. Recommended for fans of Dead Boys, Simply Saucer, and Pagans."

SV 070LP

COLTRANE, ALICE: Universal Consciousness LP (SV 070LP) 24.00
"Originally released on Impulse! in 1971, Universal Consciousness is a major turning point in Alice Coltrane's momentous career. While her previous albums pushed the limits of spiritual free-jazz and featured much of her late husband's band, Universal Consciousness expands the harpist / pianist's compositional palette with organ and strings (working with Ornette Coleman). 'Oh Allah' is the finest example of Coltrane's new direction: tense violins dissolve into sublime organ solos and exquisite brushwork from long-time Mile Davis collaborator Jack DeJohnette. While the title track undulates with a fierce clamor, 'Hare Krishna' showcases Coltrane's uncanny ability for transcendent and slow-paced arrangements. In The Wire's '100 Records That Set the World on Fire,' David Toop writes, '[Universal Consciousness] clearly connects to other dyspeptic jazz traditions -- the organ trio, the soloists with strings -- yet volleys them into outer space, ancient Egypt, the Ganges, the great beyond. The production is astounding, the quality of improvisation is riveting, the string arrangements are apocalyptic rather than saccharine, the balance of turbulence and calm a genuine dialectic that later mystic / exotic post-jazz copped out of pursuing. Her lack of constraint was dimly regarded by adherents of '70s jazz and its masculine orthodoxies, yet Alice deserved better credit for virtuosity, originality, and the sheer will power needed to realized her vision.' This first-time vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes."


BK 013EP

VERBOS, MARK: Walk the Distance EP 12" (BK 013EP) 11.50
Mark Verbos, techno veteran, New Yorker by way of Milwaukee, and owner of synthesizer manufacturer Verbos Electronics, delivers heavyweight dancefloor artillery informed by an intimate knowledge of production machinery. Devastating techno bomb "Start Up Drive" builds to a massive climax with a throbbing bassline and a meaty kick drum. "In the Back Room" kicks the tempo up a notch, featuring spaced-out synth leads floating atop syncopated percussion. "Just a Little Late" is funkier, built around a rubbery, insistent synthesizer groove. The moody, pulsing slow-burner "Walk the Distance" is a haunting listen that adds remarkable depth and complexity to the record.



180-gram vinyl. The second release on Claudio Coccoluto's The Dub label since its resurrection in 2015; a disco-tinged offering from the label boss himself. Coccoluto is one of Italy's most famous musical sons; a DJ, producer, radio- and TV-show host, and music writer. He plays all over the world at clubs and festivals as well as for brands like MTV and Peroni. Using everything from the vintage sounds of Chicago and Detroit to the ultra-modern music coming out of Europe and everything else he hears around the world, Coccoluto is never afraid of experimenting with pioneering sounds.



SATURN AND THE SUN: Harsh Realities, Broken Bones and Skull Tones Cassette (TTW 078CS) 7.00
Saturn and the Sun is a duo of electronic and psychic tension made up by Gothenburg residents Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander. As core members of ritual rock band The Skull Defekts, they have toured the world and released a hot line of records. On their debut as Saturn and the Sun, their common interest in harsh electronic music and deep drones is in the center of attention. Nordwall has run the iDEAL Recordings label since 1998 and has collaborated with people like Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson, and Mark Wastell (as Oceans of Silver & Blood). Rylander is crime scene photographer, conceptual artist, and former drummer of dangerous garage rock group Union Carbide Productions. Cover illustration by Savage Pencil. Edition of 100.



KAPOTE: Tonic Edits Vol. 4 12" (TOYT 035EP) 14.00
Toy Tonics continues its sick edits series. Three secret weapons of the Toy Tonics and Gomma crew, made by Kapote. Released ahead of more work from this little genius on TT.



EULBERG, DOMINIK: Diorama 2LP (TRAUM 137LP) 18.00
2015 repress; 2LP version, featuring 8 out of the 11 tracks from the CD. This is the fourth full-length release from Bonn-based DJ, producer and park ranger, Dominik Eulberg. After the Heimische Gefilde (TRAUM 019CD) album, which won the German critic award as the first techno album ever on which comments by the artist himself appear in spoken word, Eulberg has this time aimed at an album which embodies various facets of electronic music. Diorama therefore resembles something totally new and original and can be referred to as an affiliation towards the real "authentic" Eulberg sound cosmos. He has accomplished this with the highest possible standard and contemporary sound aesthetic. Eulberg has set the bar at an extreme height for himself and the result will pile-drive even the die-hard fans into solid, rocky soil. Eulberg has unbuttoned his "techno coat" and has come up with timeless electronica no one would have expected of him. It is his first album where he has rather played music instead of manipulating it and it holds up that skill from the very beginning to the very end, non-stop. For Diorama, Dominik Eulberg has selected, in cooperation with Germany's nature magazine NABU, the 11 greatest wonders of domestic nature, because it is not only in exotic parts of the world that one can find incredible innovations of nature -- they can also be found at your front door. Their existence is concealed from many of us and only by means of closer examination and a raised awareness for their secrets can we discover this world full of miracles. For this world of hidden wonders, a graphic diorama was specially designed, depicting a well-known world full of unknown phenomena. For each wonder, Dominik Eulberg has composed a piece of music which reflects in sound and dynamic the accounted wonder.



FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS, LEE: Standing By Your Side/Don't Walk 7" (TSEP 070EP) 8.00
"Side A is 'Standing By Your Side' taken from the Emma Jean album. An uptempo, driving number sure to keep dance ¬oors moving thru the summer, DJs will notice the edit we did for the 45. A homage to sticking out the hard times of love with someone, Lee is at his best, pouring out his signature voice over a tough yet gorgeous production by Truth & Soul's own Leon Michels. Sure to be in collectors 45 boxes across the globe. Side B is 'Don't Walk', previously only available on the Truth & Soul 2015 Forecast 10", a tune from the Emma Jean sessions that didn't make it to the album."


VG 009CD

SHEPPARD, DAVID JOHN: Vertical Land CD (VG 009CD) 15.50
Multi-instrumentalist and composer David John Sheppard presents his first bona fide solo album, Vertical Land. The writer and orchestrator behind the acclaimed State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, Snow Palms, and Leaf recording artists Phelan/Sheppard, Sheppard began the tracks percussively by inserting pencils into guitars to make false bridges, then hammering the strings with vibraphone mallets, or by applying layers of masking tape to the strings of an upright piano in order to create a raw percussive instrument. Marimbas, glockenspiels, and mountain dulcimers were all attacked with a similar sense of primal reflex until the compositions were gradually built up, only to be stripped back down again in a very painterly process, to reveal new forms, combinations, and colors. For fans of The Cinematic Orchestra, Tortoise, Steve Reich, and Phillip Glass.



NEGRO, JOEY: 90's House & Garage 2CD (ZEDD 035CD) 17.00
Founded way back in '91, Z Records has since amassed a lauded and plentiful collection of singles, albums, and compilations. Run by Dave Lee aka Joey Negro, the label has enjoyed success through his unique ability to foster the principles of underground dance music while also remaining mindful of commercial appeal. Through various compilations, Mr. Lee has consistently delved deep into the heart of a specific genre or era and selected a lesser-known series of tracks that give real insight into the spirit and energy that made that point in time special. Whether it's been go-go, Brit funk, boogie, Italo house, or straight-up disco, he has mined deep into his extensive bank of influences and also enlisted the help of some of his most clued-in comrades in offering some unforgettable collections of classics. Now, he pulls together a collection of his favorite moments across a definitive decade for house and garage, the '90s. Inclusive of material from Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens, and MAW (as Voices) as well as remixes from Mood II Swing and Ron Trent, the compilation is packed with sultry vocal lines and the sort of slick, irresistible grooves that defined the era. Sticking with the ethos of his series, Joey Negro has dug out an olio of music that may have "slipped under the garage doors" until now, meaning a lot of the material on this compilation is digitized for the very first time. In searching deeper and wider than the average compilation, the package provides thorough insight into why this was such a fertile period for production and gives a nod to the sort of drum patterns, sampling techniques, and vocal lines that have inspired the likes of Bicep, Brawther, and Huxley, among many more. Available as a double CD (ZEDD 035CD) and as two separate double LPs (ZEDD 035LP and ZEDD 035X-LP). Includes tracks by Fonda Rae remixed by Mood II Swing, Voices remixed by CJ Mackintosh, Danube Dance, Janet Rushmore remixed by Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens, Station Q, A Bitch Named Johanna, Thelma Houston remixed by Joey Negro, Bougie Soliterre, USG remixed by Ron Trent, Gisele Jackson, Mateo & Matos, Leee John remixed by Mood II Swing, Kerri Chandler, Ralphi Rosario, and Mike Delgado. Double CD also includes tracks by Donnie Mark, Club 69, Michael Watford, Astro Trax, and B.O.P. featuring B.J. Crosby and remixed by Tommy Musto.

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