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Forced Exposure New Releases for 8/10/2015

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New music is due from The Pitch, Motorpsycho, and Satoshi Tomiie, while old music is due from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, David Grubbs, and Scientist.


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AA 002EP

TOMIIE, SATOSHI: New Day Album Sampler #2 12" (AA 002EP) 14.00
180-gram vinyl in deluxe printed sleeve. Limited-edition vinyl-only sampler of New Day (AACD 001CD/AALP 001LP, 2015), the second album from house music legend Satoshi Tomiie. Features vinyl version of album cut "Landscape" and remixes from Fred P. and Tomiie.



DUMONT, DOMENIQUE: Comme Ça LP (ATN 020LP) 20.00
The guys at Antinote don't know much about Domenique Dumont, but they don't seem to care; they just came across the artist's music and decided to release it. It's perfectly inspired dubby pop brightness. "Comme Ça" sets the tone for a pastel-colored album with its dreamy French (is it French?) lyrics, steel drums, and light reverbed claps. The following track, "L'Esprit de l'Escalier," takes the listener even deeper into Dumont's lost paradise of never-ending soft rock shows. "La Basse et les Shakers" is the club-friendliest track of the record, yet it doesn't lack the genuine sincerity that makes these tunes almost familiar. "La Bataille de Neige" and "Un Jour avec Yussef" might be the most melancholic tracks on the album, sounding like revived childhood memories, while the last tune, "Le Château de Corail," is both a summary and a conclusion to the LP, a goodbye song that encapsulates all of the emotional shades sprinkled on the five previous tracks. There's a pinch of nostalgia throughout Domenique Dumont's record, for a time when a curious idea could turn into a soon-to-be-forgotten (yet-to-be-discovered) pop song. Consider it an introduction to the warm summer nights.


ASH 12-0LP

VA: freq_out 1.2 = SKANDION LP (ASH 12-0LP) 16.50
freq_out has been a musical project since 2003, when Carl Michael von Hausswolff was invited to Copenhagen to invent and install a sound-art installation. He divided up the audible sonic register into 12 parts and asked 12 artists, musicians, composers, and architects to each accept one of the 12 parts and compose a sonic piece from it. The result became 12 compositions/artworks that were simultaneously played on 12 different sound systems in the art space of Charlottenborg, thus becoming one piece. Since then, freq_out has also been installed in Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Chiang Mai, Kortrijk, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Marrakesh. This LP contains the studio mix and a live recording of the first permanent installation of a freq_out piece called freq_out 1.2 ? SKANDION. At the time of this release, the work is up and running in the entrance garden at the Skandion Clinique -- a hospital for cancer treatment inaugurated in May 2015 -- in Uppsala, Sweden. It's accessible 24/7 and anyone that comes by the place can enjoy the work. The artists who contributed to the work are Jana Winderen, Maia Urstad, Christine Ödlund, Brandon LaBelle, JG Thirlwell, Petteri Nisunen, Tommi Grönlund, The Sons of God, Franz Pomassl, Anna Ceeh, Mike Harding, Finnbogi Pétursson, BJ Nilsen, Jacob Kirkegaard, PerMagnus Lindborg, and Carl Michael von Hausswolff.


AUS 1581EP

SEI A: Gasp EP 12" (AUS 1581EP) 14.00
Aus Music follows Bicep's Just EP (AUS 1580EP, 2015) with the first contribution to the label since November 2013 (AUS 1354EP) by London-via-Glasgow producer Sei A, who has also released on Turbo, Kompakt, and Hemlock. Fans of "Make It Work" and "Wants" will relish the Gasp EP, as it melds moody, syncopated grooves with nifty vocal snips and capacious breakdowns. The title-track's arresting loop gathers percussive whacks and prowling bass; the sizzling hi-hats of "Never Wander" accompany mournful chords spread over sharp electric bass; the tape-driven texture of "4ME2" unfolds behind rasping bass tones and vast, heart-rending chord shifts.



DE LA CALLE, EDUARDO: Die Höchste Göttliche 12" (BAO 054EP) 15.50
Following Markus Suckut's 2015 debut on the label (Watching the Sunset (BAO 053EP)), Be As One welcomes Eduardo de la Calle, one of the most interesting and passionate producers out there and a master of his craft. Deep, melodic, and thoughtful techno; two very special cuts that push his limits to the next level.


BEC 5156157

DJANGO DJANGO: Shake and Tremble 7" (BEC 5156157) 9.00
Django Django's 2012 self-titled debut (BEC 5161106) was lavished with praise ("updated psychedelia that beguiles and delights" (The Guardian); "bursting with ideas" (Pitchfork); "gloriously, unpredictably new" (MOJO)), shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, and named one of the albums of the year by Rolling Stone and NME. Their 2015 full-length follow-up, Born Under Saturn, finds them fired up and propelled way beyond their DIY roots. Following the 2015 album singles "First Light" (BEC 5156020) and "Reflections" (BEC 5156172), they deliver "Shake and Tremble," a powerful surf-tinged track about volcanic eruptions and human sacrifice, written with visual artist Haroon Mirza on a volcanic island.

BEC 5156172

DJANGO DJANGO: Reflections 12" (BEC 5156172) 14.00
Django Django's 2015 album Born Under Saturn expands on the slippery, indefinable brilliance of their 2012 self-titled debut (BEC 5161106). Here, they follow the catchy "First Light" album single (BEC 5156020) with the thumping, house-inflected, ritualistic "Reflections." There's barely any guitar on it; instead, it's driven by a relentless 4/4 pulse. Django Django frontman Vinnie Neff: "'Reflections' is a story about someone who has dedicated their whole life to finding something, but only then realising that what they left behind was more important. Featuring Roller Trio's James Mainwaring in the middle 8 on the saxophone." Includes remixes by Happa and Jellyman.



SIX SIX SECONDS: Tearing Down Heaven 10" (BLACKEST 038EP) 14.00
Very necessary standalone release of Six Six Seconds' "Tearing Down Heaven," standout track from the 2012 Downwards compilation So Click Heels. Written and performed in Berlin by the elusive Eden and deftly recorded and mixed by Karl O'Connor. Darkly rapturous dream-pop; the abyssal swoon of shoegaze meets a harsher, more pernicious order of psychedelic rock minimalism. This 10" features a slightly extended version of "Tearing Down Heaven" and a stunning "Reprise" that unravels the original's complex webs of feedback and high-end scorch into a masochistic drone-raga for eternally thwarted lovers. Remastered by Matt Colton. One-off vinyl edition of 500 copies.


BE 027EP

MCKAY, FREDDIE: In Times of Trouble 7" (BE 027EP) 6.00
"Killer tune from the always great combination of two late giants of 70s roots music, Ossie Hibbert as producer and Freddie McKay as vocalist. Originally released on a Live & Love 12-inch in the UK (which also features a deejay piece from Trinity), this was probably cut around the same time as the Creation LP that Freddie did for Ossie. Great late '70s roots music."

BE 031LP

REVOLUTIONARIES: Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 1 LP (BE 031LP) 15.00
"Long needed reissue of producer Donovan Germain's first dub LP from 1979. Rhythms laid at Channel 1 with the Revolutionaries, and mixed at Joe Gibbs' studio by Errol T and Errol Brown. Featuring killer dubs to some of Germain's best productions of the time, this LP was originally released thru Brooklyn's legendary Keith's record shop, and a couple of the song titles give a nod to the shop's crew. The brilliant cover art shows you a couple well on their way to what the title suggests."

BE 032LP

REVOLUTIONARIES: Dub Off Her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 3 LP (BE 032LP) 15.00
"Another long needed reissue of this 1981 dub LP, the third volume in producer Donovan Germain's dub LP series. Rhythms laid at Channel 1 and Joe Gibbs, mixed at Channel 1 by Scientist. Again featuring a solid selection of tough Germain rhythms of the day, with our man on the cover, now aided by some sensi, still dubbing it off her two years later."


BTR 003

A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism, edited by Byron Coley. Issue no. 3. 68 pages. In this issue: Lena Andersson Arbitrary Conduct (Wilful Disregard) by Lisa Marie Jarlborn; Pierre-André Arcand by Dylan Nyoukis; ÄSS Live in New Jersey by Tom Lax; Ball of Fire (dir. Howard Hawks) by Naomi Yang; Beast Nest Songs for Puppies cassette by Valerie Webber; Bizarre Buddha Park by Irene Dogmatic; Bloodshot Bill LP by Charley Plymell; Dean Blunt Cîroc Boyz by Joanne Robertson; Book List for Hud by Lili Dwight; Review Roundup of MW Brown's Goodnight Moon by Sara Press; The Byrds by Richard Meltzer; CarniVal Rock (CUZ, Il Sogna and Grant Hart) by Charlie Plymell, Catwax Axe Co. 25 Gallons by Trevor Block; Collecting Small Press Books by Bree; Crosstown Bus by Angela Jaeger; Direct to Kindle Books by Tom Givan; Don't Think I've Forgotten (dir. John Pirozzi) by Ray Farrell; Diana Dors Swinging Dors by Tosh Berman; 8 Track Stereo by Michael Hurley; Escape to Witch Mountain by Bree; First Avenue Bike Lane, Manhattan by Ira Kaplan; Flesh & Bones #6 by Tim Hinely; Rory Flynn Third Rail by Suzy Rust ; For the Man in the Red Hat (Reg King & Richard Kaverne) by Phil McMullen; Four DC/Hardcore Punk Docs by Sharon Cheslow; Grateful Dead by Savage Pencil; Hampton Grease Band boot LP; Hauschka live in Montreal by Marie Frankland; Richard Hell I Dreamed by Alex Behr; Mitch Horowitz Occult America by Georganne Deen; Roger Houdaille by Michael Layne Heath; How I Stole Bono's Seat by Hisham Mayet; Inherent Vice (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) by Alan Bishop; Itasca Unmoored by the Wind LP by Emma Young; Kebek: Charlesbois 2 by Benoit Chaput; KXEN Building, Pontoon Beach IL by Suzy Rust; Lambkin/Pisaro live at wulf, Lambkin gallery show by Sharon Cheslow; Victor LaValle by Tom Givan; Little Red Rubber Thing by Marie Frankland; Felix Mace Boundary Solution by Orchid Spangiafora; Mad Max: Fury Road by Maria Kozik; Magas/Davey Harms by Marc Masters; Metabolismus Meet Kim Fowley by Samara Lubelski; Mighty Fine Guitars by Tom Givan; Mr. Hageman Twin Smooth Snouts by Karen Constance; Monoshock by Eddie Flowers; One Man One Mind 7" by Tom Lax; Open Loose Live at SDSU by Ray Farrell; Open Space: Elsewhere by Tom Greenwood; Pop Group live by Ray Farrell; Reguritations of a Ruminent by Tom Lax; The Schitzis by Mats Gustafsson; Shitfucks 7" by Erika Elizabeth; Sid Gold's Request Room by Brigid Pearson; Slow Motion Riders by David Greenberger; Some KFC & Gas by Gregg Turner; Peter Stampfel live at the Speakeasy cassette by Chris Stigliano; Stuff Out on Video by Chris D; Toms of Maine deodorant by Matt Krefting; Tony's Baltimore Grill by Todd Abramson; Two Live Shows: Stevie Wonder/Magma by Andy Schwartz; Various Artists DIY series by Brian Turner; Various Artists New Orleans Soul by Todd Abramson; We Are the Best/Intrepido Punks by Owen Maercks; Francesca Woodman by Andrea Feldman; Amy Yates Wuelfing No Slam Dancing by Ray Farrell; Youtube Tutorials by Donna Lethal. Also, "Bull Tongue" column by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore. Illustrated by Gary Panter & Ted Lee.


BB 188CD

SCHNITZLER, CONRAD: Kollektion 05: Conrad Schnitzler Compiled and Assembled by Thomas Fehlmann CD (BB 188CD) 18.00
Things come full circle. In 1976 Thomas Fehlmann arrives in Hamburg to study art at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. In 1979 he attends a guest lecture by Conrad Schnitzler, who demonstrates how the "extended definition of art" established by Joseph Beuys can be applied to music. This proves to be a crucial element in Fehlmann's decision to become a musician. And now, in 2015, over 35 years later, Fehlmann has compiled the fifth installment in Bureau B's Kollektion series, arranging, in uniquely harmonious fashion, 16 pieces from the early 1980s by the man who broadened his horizons, Conrad Schnitzler. The gateway to Schnitzler's sonic cosmos has been flung wide open. Conrad Schnitzler (1937-2011), composer and concept artist, was one of the most important representatives of Germany's electronic music avant-garde. A student of Joseph Beuys, he founded Berlin's legendary Zodiak Free Arts Lab, a subculture club, in 1967/'68, was a member of Tangerine Dream (together with Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese) and Kluster (with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius), and released countless solo albums. Thomas Fehlmann rose to prominence in the seminal band Palais Schaumburg with Holger Hiller. Their debut album in 1981 was a milestone in German post-punk music. In 1988 Fehlmann founded the Teutonic Beats label and in 1990 he became a member of The Orb. He has played an important role in Berlin's electronic and club scenes ever since, as a musician, producer, remixer, and DJ. Thomas Fehlmann on this Kollektion: "I have strung together various pieces from Conrad Schnitzler's white period -- the CON series -- in a seamless arrangement which creates its own state of dramatic tension. The tracks retain their original form and tempo. This is not a study in montage. I have restricted myself to picking the right moment to move from one piece to the next, cross-fading. Okay, I did edit one track... I was looking for a form which would condense Conrad Schnitzler's versatility, his inventiveness and wit into a single journey. The new running order adds a certain friction to the aura of each as new connections are made. My choices were musical, not chronological, bathing these works from the early 1980s in new sensuous light. It is quite remarkable to see how intensely the sparks still fly. Preparing this collection closes an elementary circle in my life, without which I may have followed a completely different path."



FEATHERED SUN: Saubohnen 12" (CCS 099EP) 12.50
Berlin collective Feathered Sun (NU, jO.K.e, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, Iannis Ritter, and Acid Pauli) follow their 2014 Deer Fox EP (PL 001EP), the first release on Platon Records, with three tracks that live and breathe with an organic dynamic that can only be wrought by many hands. Feathered Sun is the manifestation of its members lives spent together. Playful vocal intonations meet live instrumentation over laid-back grooves made without the need for hype or drama. Like the soundtrack to a perfect idle summer day spent among friends, though still with the necessary bite to keep toes tapping and the vibe lively.



RUH AND TINI, DANA: Cocoon Ibiza 2CD (CORMIX 050CD) 23.00
Ibiza is known for a special, unique vibe; an atmosphere full of deep emotions mixed with wild energy, salty air, and hot summer nights. All led by mastermind Sven Väth, who started out on the island with his vision in 2000, and made it come true year by year. Looking back at 15 editions of his mix-CD series The Sound of the -- Season, it becomes clear that these mixes are acoustic documents for contemporary witnesses, the recorded soundtracks of life on the island for all these great and unforgettable summer seasons. Väth also called the right artists and friends to his side to help him with the project; artists who identify with the concept of love and music -- love for the music and of course music full of love -- merged with a large portion of hedonism and artistic energy to create the perfect setting to celebrate countless sunrises. This mix features two artists who know how to reflect this special Ibiza feeling: Dana Ruh and tINI. They both hit the nail on the head with their selections; their mixes are super deep and almost soulful and feature artists like Persuader, Nina Soul, Third Wave Trax, and Aruba (in tINI's mix), and Osunlade, DJ Pierre remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, Agnès, and Move D & DJ Jus-Ed (in Dana Ruh's mix) -- just to name a few. Two amazing mixes that create a unique emotional atmosphere. This is the sound for sunsets and sunrises, for all those hot evenings and the beach on the day after. Two musical postcards that could only come from Ibiza. Turn the music on, forget the gray sky of the big cities around the world and beam yourself into the vibe of the magic island. Also includes tracks by Daniel Stefanik, LoShea, Funk E, Guido Schneider & André Galluzzi remixed by ToFu Productions, Niro remixed by Fred P, Szare remixed by Ryan Elliott, Mr. G, Amir Alexander presents Richie Ratchet, Company Is Family remixed by Spencer Parker, Dana Ruh, Nicuri, Alex & Digby, Alci, Daniela la Luz, Fosky, TC Studio, Glance, Anthea, Arktapes, Mariano Mateljan, and Kamran Sadeghi.



YOKTO: Lost to the Ages EP 12" (COMP 469EP) 12.00
"We are Jürgen Graf and Christian Nainggolan. Some YOKTO tracks are solo creations by myself, and some tracks have been created in cooperation with Christian. YOKTO's studio is located in my home in the countryside close to the French border in the Saarland, Germany. Our first EP (COMP 446EP, 2014) can be described as 'modern house with vintage attitude.' Our second EP, released on Lossless, was more like 'psychedelic, modern house with a touch of class.' Now it's up to you to describe our third release. We think it sounds like 'raw, romantic house on the border of techno.'"



LEE FEAT. ALISON DAVID, ED: I Am Someone 12" (CODIS 012EP) 12.00
DJ and producer Ed Lee follows his 2014 You Are the Star debut EP (CODIS 011EP) with this funk-loaded boogie disco EP. Ed Lee is a regular in clubs across the UK; has DJ'd in Melbourne, Hong Kong, New York, Ibiza, and San Francisco; and played at some of the world's biggest festivals, including Glade and Burning Man. Alison David (PolyGram, Sony BMG, Mercury Records) has been championed by Black Science Orchestra, Colin Firth, Pete Townshend (The Who), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and Nile Rodgers (Chic). Wunderkind Damiano von Erckert (AVA.) contributes a quirky, broken up-tempo rework.



HIVER: Same Mistake Twice EP 12" (CURLE 052EP) 12.50
Hiver's deep techno sound is melodic, floating, and based in tradition, but it never sounds like something one has heard before. The Italian duo's second EP on Curle follows the Blue Aconite EP (CURLE 045EP), which was played by Sven Väth and Efdemin, to name just a few. Hiver hold a residency at Milan's Dude Club, and have played everywhere from Dimensions Festival to Panorama Bar. First pressing on white vinyl.



HARRIS/BABA LESLIE, JERRY: Too Much Religion 7" (DKR 181EP) 6.00
"Jerry Harris' first tune, cut for Wackie's in 1975. The rarest tune on the Rawse label and one of the rarest among all Wackie's 7"s, this is a fantastic tune with crazy synth, backed by a great horns dub featuring Wackie's in-house hornsman Baba Leslie. Message music as true now as ever."


REID, FULK: Golden Daffodils 7" (DKR 185EP) 6.00
"Deeply rare roots from the mid '70s. Originally released on Federal's Wildflower imprint, 'Golden Daffodils' by Fulk (Livingston) Reid came out with a Glen Brown credit on it due to some producer/insider business runnings decades ago. Actually produced by Stereo Fletcher, and like much of his mid '70s material, played on dubplate by select sounds at the time. The original 45 confusingly came with a dub to the not-released (until now!) deejay cut on the b-side, and mistakenly credited to Brigadier Jerry at that. The deejay is actually Mojo Blue aka Jah Mojo. Here we give you the original vocal as released on 45 on the A-side, and the previously unreleased dub to the vocal on the b-side!"


PRINCE FAR I: Psalms for I (Book of Psalms) LP (DKR 187LP) 15.00
"10 song LP from 1976, Prince Far I's first album. Produced by Lloydie Slim, this unique album finds Far I chanting Psalms and prayers over a tough selection of mostly Aggrovators-backed rhythms. This was reissued once before over a decade ago, now back again with the original artwork, and pressed from new stampers made from the pristine-condition original mother plates, yielding the identical deep and full Jamaican mastering of the original. A truly unique album that deserves a place in every self-respecting collection of deejay records."


ANDERSON/ROOTS RADICS, GLADSTONE: Sings Songs for Today and Tomorrow/Radical Dub Session 2LP (DKR 189LP) 23.00
"20 song 2LP release in gatefold jacket. The dub LP features dubs to 7 of the 10 tracks on the vocal LP. Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson is a true legend in Jamaican music, a prominent figure in all three key decades of its history, from the 1960s thru the 1980s. Gladdy was versatile, being a piano/keyboard player, singer and arranger. In the 60s and 70s, he cut classic albums as a solo artist and band leader for Federal (with Lynn Taitt and the Jets) and Harry Mudie, and was a session musician on countless sides for others. For a time, he also comprised half of a vocal duo along with Stranger Cole. This duo have the distinction of being the first artists released on the Channel 1 label, with 'Don't Give Up the Fight' being released in 1973. Moving into the '80s, Gladdy joined the Roots Radics Band as piano player and arranger, and from Channel 1 studios, played on countless tracks with the Radics, the dominant band of the decade. During that time he also self-produced much material. Most of this material has been sorely overlooked, being released across a variety of short-lived labels or thru his long standing partnership with the Overheat label in Japan, who's releases are difficult to get elsewhere. One such set of tunes is being reissued here, the fantastic Sings Songs For Today and Tomorrow LP, along with it's almost-companion dub set Radical Dub Session. Originally released in the early 80's on the Jahmani and Solid Groove labels respectively, these didn't make much of a mark during their time. They are however, some of the toughest Radics material we've ever heard, and the finest of Gladdy's vocal work in the 80s, one of our most favorite of eras. The vocal album stands alongside others like Steve Knight's Orphan Child album as one of the greatest unheralded albums of its decade, originally lost among the flood of 80s album releases. In beginning this project, we learned that our friends at Only Roots in France shared a similar passion for these albums, and we recognized the perfect opportunity for our first collaboration. As two labels with the same goals, cooperation not competition is the way ahead in keeping this music alive, so here it is! We hope you enjoy this fantastic set of albums as much as we do."


CIDDY BOP: Warrior 7" (DKR 193EP) 6.00
"At long last, our unofficial companion piece to 'Rocks & Mountains' sees the light of day. Another mystical dubplate tune by an unknown artist, 'Warrior' developed a reputation among the most dedicated students of dubplates. The mysterious artist credit comes from a master tape box labeled with several Sly & Robbie dubplate tunes, in fact the very same tape which yielded our 'Rocks & Mountains' master! However, part of the tape had been erased and re-used, so only a few seconds of the tune remained! It was heartbreaking, but enough to keep us hunting for the tune. It's now a few years after that near miss, and we finally secured a crisp master to bring this tune out. Hard, minimal, dubplate style roots from Sly & Robbie at Channel 1. Ciddy Bop, who are you?"



WOOD & MEAT, CHRIS: Birds Flying High EP 12" (DESOLAT 028X-EP) 14.00
Chris Wood and Meat, owners of Freebase Records in Frankfurt, Germany, have joined forces in the studio again and delivered stripped-down, atmospheric house tracks. Future classic!



PONTY MYTHON & SEBASTIEN VORHAUS: Mila, It's Not Over 12" (DIRT 090EP) 14.00
The mysterious Ponty Mython (Alex), with roots in St. Petersburg, delivers three intricately-produced works from his studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, following his contribution to Dirt Crew's 2014 Deep Love 10 compilation (DIRT 007CD) -- plus "Face Down," a cross-continental funked-out collaboration with Tijuana-based tastemaker Sebastien Vorhaus following the pair's 2015 Lux or Cairo EP (QUINTESSE 043EP). Joyful excursion "Apple Arp" features a bubbling arpeggio, oscillating lead, and an irresistible groove. "Mila, It's Not Over!" rolls along with swinging live drums and an acid-touched bassline, before floating off into an almost cinematic break. "Narcolepsy" hosts breezy flute and psychedelic swells.


ACV 2056LP

ELLINGTON & JOHN COLTRANE, DUKE: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane LP (ACV 2056LP) 20.00
The classic 1962 album Duke Ellington & John Coltrane showcased the rising jazz saxophone innovator performing alongside the long-established piano institution. While the pairing might have portended a dynamic clash of the musical generations, instead it delivers a casual, respectful, and musically generous meeting of like-minded souls. Ellington and Coltrane play a handful of well-known Ellington book numbers, including a supremely lyrical "In a Sentimental Mood" and a soulful, half-lidded version of Billy Strayhorn's "My Little Brown Book." Ellington even supplied the brisk original "Take the Coltrane," allowing plenty of room for Coltrane to let loose with knotty, angular lines.

ACV 2058LP

COLTRANE, JOHN: Impressions LP (ACV 2058LP) 20.00
Impressions is a hodgepodge of memorable John Coltrane performances from the 1961-1963 period, originally released in 1963. "India" and "Impressions" are taken from Coltrane's famous November 1961 engagement at the Village Vanguard; bass clarinetist Eric Dolphy is heard on the former while the latter features a marathon solo from Coltrane on tenor. Also included in this set are 1962's "Up 'Gainst the Wall" and the classic of the album, 1963's "After the Rain."


MIR 100736CD

SCIENTIST: Big Showdown CD (MIR 100736CD) 18.00
Hopeton "Scientist" Brown and Lloyd "Prince Jammy" James both learned their dubcraft at the feet of the universally-acknowledged master of the art form, King Tubby. The ten tracks on this classic 1980 album are quietly brilliant in terms of style and approach, reflecting a complete mastery of the form. Rhythms supplied by the unstoppable Roots Radics band.

MIR 100737CD

SCIENTIST: Heavyweight Dub Champion CD (MIR 100737CD) 18.00
Scientist was only 20 years old when, working with fellow producer "Junjo" Lawes, he came up with this 1980 stunner, a sinuous groove party with cartoonlike special effects (a lot of bongs and boings like pans hitting one another, blips and squeals that sound like a Pac-Man game). All the "song" titles are references to boxing (a motif that Scientist was obviously mining for all it was worth), and all are great individual bits of dub sound that cohere into a meaningful whole. As it says on the jacket, "This ya a youthful sound fe come mash y'down."

MIR 100738CD

SCIENTIST: Meets the Space Invaders CD (MIR 100738CD) 18.00
The cosmic theme is well-served on these ten effects-riddled tracks, with the rockers-style material littered with all manner of stratosphere-breaking sounds from the mixing board and strategically adorned with snatches of ghostly echo and pneumatic percussion. It's certainly an appropriate mood for a post-apocalyptic battle involving cartoon machines. Another essential dub album from the legendary Scientist, originally released in 1981.

MIR 100739CD

SCIENTIST: Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires CD (MIR 100739CD) 18.00
Rids the World of the Curse of the Vampires (1981) not only ably displays Scientist's varied approach, but also clocks in as one of his best outings. Scientist keeps things lively with plenty of reverb and echo-treated percussion, ghostly piano parts, video game sound effects, and other wobbly interjections from the mixing board. The record's expert evocation of the Halloween spirit also includes some fiendishly-voiced intros, the cover art's cartoon potpourri of horror film characters, and the dubious claim made in the liner notes that Scientist mixed it all at midnight on Friday the 13th. Along with Keith Hudson's Pick a Dub (1974) and Lee Perry's Blackboard Jungle Dub (1973), this is one of the essential dub albums.

MIR 100740CD

SCIENTIST: Encounters Pac-Man at Channel One CD (MIR 100740CD) 18.00
With this 1982 album, Scientist delivers one of his most progressive mixes, deconstructing the originals down to their skeletal base and adding just the right amount of mixing board-generated Echoplex and reverb with his patented minimal sound. A landscape resplendent with steely piano, depth-charge drums, and futuristic dub effects; a mind-warping yet eminently enjoyable way to check into dub central.

MIR 100741CD

SCIENTIST: Wins the World Cup CD (MIR 100741CD) 18.00
Scientist's name can be found all over any dub record collection; he was a protégé of King Tubby, and many would say that when dub fell on quieter times it was Scientist who breathed new life into it. His pared-down mixing style suited the dancehall reggae sound that arrived as the '70s rolled into the '80s. This 1982 album includes the priceless dub of Johnny Osbourne's classic "Give a Little Love," as well as further cuts of the likes of Hugh Mundell and Wayne Jarrett. Scientist is always in control. This reissue includes the complete original album (which listed its tracks only as "Five Dangerous Matches" on each side), plus six bonus tracks.


DNC 1204CD

DJ ROC: Practice What U Preach CD (DNC 1204CD) 11.00
After his highly acclaimed debut album The Crack Capone (Planet Mu, 2010), widely considered an all-time footwork classic, DJ Roc returns with a follow-up mini-album titled Practice What U Preach. Roc is one of the main DJs at the weekly Battlegroundz meet-ups in Chicago's South Side, where the different crews and dancers flesh out who is the coldest in the game. This special release gives a very good impression of what is happening musically in the eye of the storm. It's a collection of eight pure battle tracks, made without compromise, yet its variety of modes and moods is breathtaking. This is an excellent release for anyone looking to dig deeper into footwork's vast landscape of infinite possibilities and enjoy the raw energy of one of today's most exciting electronic dance music styles.



VA: Folksongs of Another America: Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937-1946 Book/5CD/DVD (DTD 043CD) 55.00
Folksongs of Another America is a compilation of field recordings made in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin between 1937 and 1946. Armed with bulky microphones, blank disks, spare needles, and cumbersome disc-cutting machines, several folklorists had the foresight to document and preserve a significant but overlooked part of the nation's musical heritage, made by immigrant, Native American, rural, and working-class performers. Almost all of these restored dance tunes, ballads, lyric songs, hymns, laments, versified taunts, political anthems, street cries, and recitations are issued here for the very first time. This five-CD set is filled with African-American, Austrian, Belgian, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French-Canadian, German, Ho-Chunk, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Irish, Italian, Luxembourger, Norwegian, Ojibwe, Oneida, Polish, Scots-Gaelic, Serbian, Swedish, Swiss, and Welsh performers, recorded by Sidney Robertson, Alan Lomax, and Helene Stratman-Thomas. The bonus DVD includes the documentary film The Most Fertile Source: Alan Lomax Goes North, with never-before-seen footage shot in Michigan in 1938. It combines digitally restored silent color film footage, related field recordings, voice-over readings from Lomax's correspondence and field notes, and onscreen text to create an audiovisual narrative featuring the performers and scenes that captivated Alan Lomax during his 1938 Upper Midwestern foray. The accompanying 456-page hardcover book includes extensive liner notes, lyric transcriptions, and translations by James P. Leary, co-founder of the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This project is a co-production between Dust-to-Digital and the University of Wisconsin Press in collaboration with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and the Association of Cultural Equity/Alan Lomax Archive.



VAUGHAN, STEVIE RAY: Spectrum, Philadelphia 23rd May 1988 2LP (ECHO 2028LP) 33.00
Stevie Ray Vaughan's guest slot for Robert Plant on the Non Stop Go tour was not at all representative of his worth in terms of bill position, or a true reflection of his talent, but was ultimately prestigious enough considering the continuing legacy of Led Zeppelin and their iconic front man. Vaughan and his band Double Trouble were already enjoying the formation of their own legacy, which would grow in stature on the strength of the 1986 album Live Alive, and Vaughan's past collaborations with David Bowie and Jackson Browne. The set-list performed here is in places reminiscent of the songs chosen for the 1986 album, but the relaxed mood of this 1988 performance captures the early sobriety of his formative shows and a tender ferocity, allowing for a more honest picture of the legendary guitarist. This double LP includes the entire broadcast of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's appearance at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, on May 23rd, 1988. Originally broadcast by Washington DC FM for their Superstar Concert series, this rare recorded performance reveals a seminal artist at work. Professionally remastered FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.


POP, IGGY: Search and Destroy: Live in Chicago 1988 CD (ECHO 2053CD) 17.00
Iggy Pop was no stranger to Chicago's Cabaret Metro in the 1980s, a rock and roll fixture with decades of smoke and sweat to show for its décor. The adrenaline is laid on thick and fast when Iggy walks out to greet the Metro crowd as Hanoi Rocks' Andy McCoy rips into the slicing, dumb metal of the title-track from Iggy's latest return-to-form album Instinct (1988). Iggy's plugged in for another power surge and the pace is set as the acrobatics nearly bring the ceiling down. "We're gonna rock it to ya straight -- no bullshit... Music should never be too good, too tight. It should excite you. The Stooges' music is supposed to make me feel good. And I've always had faith that if I feel good, others will." This is the complete original WXRT-FM broadcast of Iggy Pop's explosive performance at Chicago's Cabaret Metro on July 12, 1988. Professionally remastered with background liners and rare archival photos.



LEWIS, KLARA: Ett LP (EMEGO 190LP) 20.00
2015 repress. Klara Lewis' debut release presents an electronically-charged reconstruction of organic sound matter. Ten tracks featuring a wide variety of sonic material which is subjected to Lewis' unique approach to the sonic landscape. Field recordings, small sounds, samples, ambient pot holes, repetition, and giddy disorientation are all tactics deployed by Lewis. On entering these works we take a voyage through a series of audacious audio adventures, playful musical miniatures and choppy sonic seas. There is a human warmth to much of the material as Lewis expertly crafts musical matter from the living world. Ett is an exemplary investigation as Lewis reconfigures the sounds of life itself, from the delirious to the tender. A bold vision from a bright new talent. Recorded, sampled, edited, manipulated, mixed, produced, and arranged by Klara Lewis. Artwork by Dave Coppenhall.



AND: AnD RMX 02 12" (EDLX 044EP) 14.50
With 2014's Cosmic Microwave Background (EDLX 038CD/LP), AnD delivered a record that fidgeted restlessly between a bleeding dancefloor and more airy machinist musings. This is the second part of a two-part remix EP (following EDLX 043EP) featuring a carefully curated cast from techno's outer rim. Black Rain turn in a polar rework of the album's eerie, soothing closer, "The Surface of Last Scattering," and deliver an overhaul of "Galactic Motion." The multifaceted Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, Techno Animal, Pale Sketcher, and more turns his heavyweight JK Flesh alias on "Non Sky Signal Noise," with ruinous effect.


4TH 018EP

READ & KEVIN MCPHEE, GERRY: Frummppp 12" (4TH 018EP) 12.50
Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee reunite with "Frummppp," following their 2011 classic "Demolition Man." "Frummppp" heads in the opposite direction of "Demo Man," swapping the madcap samples for jarring synths. The remix on the flip keeps the jacking and strutting vibe of the original, and ups the deranged sample use.



MATTHEWS & THE INSIGHTERS, CLIVE: Change Your Constitution 7" (DKR 190EP) 6.00
"Fox Fire returns again! Starting in the mid '80s Clive Matthews linked up with Ivan 'Cat' Coore from the well known group Third World to produce a few more tunes for himself. One of which is this killer anti-apartheid tune on a very heavy rhythm, and with a great dub. Clive didn't lose a step from the '70s into the '80s, check the style!"


MATTHEWS, CLIVE: Ragamuffin Style 7" (DKR 191EP) 6.00
"Our first release from Clive Matthews in a digital style! Killer uptempo tune with Clive urging you to catch his style, wicked and wild. Every bit as good as his classic '70s output, don't sleep on this one."


FP 049EP

PELIFICS: Capitello 12" (FP 049EP) 14.00
Norwegian-Italian producer Pelifics makes disco infused with a strong homage to '80s pop and a little dash of '90s house. The result is melodic, inspiring, kicking, danceable music that leaves the listener oscillating between sounds of youthful nostalgia and the future sound of disco. Following the lush, ultra-crisp feel of the original track, full of light, warmth, and thoughtful ideas, Chmmr, with his fantastic translucent strings, and Fett Burger, with a remarkable intro to a beatless approach, push "Capitello" more toward the floor.



BLACKBELT ANDERSEN/CHRISTIAN ENGH: Dolphin Sandwich/Kyllingsmak 12" (FPS 001EP) 14.00
Full Pupp inaugurates its Full Pupp Splits sublabel, created to let tracks by different artists share releases instead of waiting for each artist to finish off a full EP. Here, Full Pupp regular Blackbelt Andersen serves up the much-requested "Dolphin Sandwich" and, on the flip, Full Pupp prospect Christian Engh gives you "Kyllingsmak." Road-tested for miles; quality guaranteed. The music speaks for itself.



NAUTIL: Canopée 12" (FUR 052EP) 14.00
Parisian artist Nautil is a music student specializing in acoustics, signal processing, and informatics. His debut single, Canopée, uses analog synths, sampling, and personal recordings to emphasize the geometry of nature and music. "Canopée" is a cavernous, pulsing, low-frequency techno colossus destined to hypnotize dark warehouse spaces. "Galdae" is a propulsive technoid tweaker, while "Mue" is designed for head-rolling after hours with mesmeric synth drones suspended over a brain-melting sub-bass pulse.


HOWIESON, MOSAM: Spirals 12" (FUR 056EP) 14.00
The debut release from Melbourne, Australia-based Mosam Howieson opens with "Spiral 7," a pensive, evolving, slow-motion deep techno voyage across rolling waves of exhausted dancers. "Spiral 4" dives beneath the surface with broken submarine bleeps and acoustic depth charges before "Spiral 3" finally drops anchor into a bottomless ocean of downbeat pulses.



MACEO & THE MACKS: Cross the Track (We Better Go Back)/Boogie 'n' Twist 7" (GET 724EP) 11.00
"James Brown's backing band The JBs kept up a prominent presence throughout the 1970s, not just as the backing band to James Brown & other People Records artists. They frequently performed on their own, or under various alternate banners, such as The Last Word, The First Family, and others. Under the name Maceo & The Macks, (Led in this incarnation by Brown's saxophonist Maceo Parker) the band released the UK Singles charting 'Cross The Track (We Better Go Back)', a powerhouse of instrumental soul, that's received the hip-hop sample treatment from the likes of Kid N' Play, Doug E. Fresh, and Stetsasonic. We now present it here as a 7" single, with the shuffling funk number 'Boogie 'N' Twist' on the B-Side."


WESLEY & THE JBS, FRED: Same Beat 7" (GET 725EP) 11.00
"Though they already were known as a funk/soul force to be reckoned with, as the backing band to the Godfather himself, James Brown, The JBs distinguished themselves throughout the 1970s as a top-tier instrumental group in their own rite. 1973 saw the release of their single 'Same Beat', divided into two parts, spanning the A & B-Side of a 7". Driven by sinuous organs and manic brass sections, and later sample-mined by Run-DMC, The Jungle Brothers, and Atmosphere. This deep funk must-have is now available as a standalone single for the first time in well over 30 years."


HH 010CD

MINGUS & THE JAZZ WORKSHOP ALL STARS, CHARLES: The Complete Birdland Broadcasts 1961-62 3CD (HH 010CD) 29.00
Between October 1961 and October 1962, numerous Charles Mingus performances were broadcast on WADO in New York, featuring the great jazz bassist leading about half a dozen different lineups. This three-CD set contains the complete broadcast of these performances, featuring such sterling accompanists as Roland Kirk, Yusef Lateef, Booker Ervin, Charles McPherson, Jaki Byard, and Toshiko Akiyoshi on selections dominated by Mingus compositions, several of which would make it onto his 1962 album Oh Yeah. Also featured are several numbers on which Mingus switches from his customary bass to piano, an instrument on which he was more than competent. Digitally remastered; includes background liners.

HH 012CD

DAVIS, MILES: Live in Tokyo 1975 2CD (HH 012CD) 23.00
On his tour of Japan in early 1975, Miles Davis presented some of the most searing, electric fusion ever heard in concert. The performances on this 2CD set, from a soundboard recording for post-FM broadcast, hail from a January 22 gig at Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall in Tokyo. Staged ten days earlier than the February 1 shows at which his Agharta and Pangaea LPs were recorded, this includes some songs not contained on those albums, and spotlights one of the most adventurous bands Davis assembled. The complete broadcast is presented here in digitally remastered sound with background liners.

HH 017CD

HANCOCK SEPTET, HERBIE: Live at the Boston Jazz Workshop CD (HH 017CD) 17.00
This historically important performance from March 22nd, 1973, was taped for broadcast on WBCN-FM, and captures visionary keyboardist and composer Herbie Hancock at a vital point in his musical trajectory, as he closed the Mwandishi (1971) chapter and embarked on his Head Hunters (1973) trip. Fearlessly creative and experimental, it's presented here in its entirety and in digitally remastered sound, together with background notes and images.



CORTINI, ALESSANDRO: Risveglio CD (HOS 426CD) 12.50
Though known as a touring and recording musician associated with Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini has really come into his own via his Forse trilogy, and his 2014 Hospital Productions debut, Sonno (HOS 412CD). For his Hospital follow-up, he maintains the grittiness and intimacy introduced on his debut, but expands on it, offering a wider spectrum of emotion and depth. Like Sonno, Risveglio was written and recorded while on tour. The drive to create intimate works during late-night downtime reveals Cortini to be committed to a personal vision beyond the call of duty. While Sonno was created using only a 202 and delay, Risveglio adds a TB303, synced to the 202. In Cortini's words, "The 303 can be such a haunting instrument used in a certain way, and I felt it completely fit the mood of the previous work I have done on the 202, especially when given a specific location in space... it's such a living instrument." The addition of TR606 gives one of the pieces a rhythmic pulse that separates it from the preceding synthscapes and renders Risveglio an altogether more dynamic affair than Sonno. With Risveglio, Cortini emphasizes the imperfections and visceral textures of electronics absent from so much contemporary solo synthesizer music. He carves out a similar space to that formed by Kevin Drumm's releases for Hospital in the worlds of drone and noise by finding the emotional and, ultimately, human voice within synthesis.


HS 1015CD

HAGGARD, MERLE: Live on The Silver Eagle Radio Show CD (HS 1015CD) 17.00
By the time Merle Haggard played Nashville's Opryland theme park in 1982, he had a decade and a half of country stardom under his belt. He draws on one of the deepest repertoires in popular music on this Silver Eagle radio broadcast, including such mammoth hits as "Okie from Muskogee," "Workin' Man Blues," "Big City," and "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink." The two-dozen-song set also includes less familiar tunes that testify to Haggard's astonishing versatility, including covers of classics by Bob Wills, Lefty Frizzell, and Jimmie Rodgers, as well as his hit duet with Leona Williams, "The Bull & the Beaver." The complete broadcast is presented here in digitally remastered sound with background liners.



DEVI, AISHA: Conscious Cunt 12" (HTH 043EP) 14.00
Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan producer Aïsha Devi, whose label, Danse Noire, has released leftfield electronic music from the likes of IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, presents Conscious Cunt, exploring womanhood and touching on spirituality, materialism, and societal pressure. "Kim & the Wheel of Life" is a whirling melodic vortex of melancholic, echoing synths underlaid with deep, rumbling kicks, which morphs into a vocal-centric piece. The beatless "Aurat (Tool)," Devi's second "vox tool" in a series, is an Urdu poem by Pakistani feminist Kishwar Naheed. "The Saviour on Spilled Blood" is a slow-building epic, using Devi's dark, chanting voice to accumulate energy and emotion.



SKYDIVE TRIO: Sun Moee LP+CD (HUBRO 3537LP) 22.00
LP version. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Includes CD. On Sun Moee, we encounter guitarist Thomas Dahl for the first time as the leader and driving force of a band. SkyDive Trio is a good old-fashioned guitar trio solidly rooted in a melodious landscape and nourished by rich harmonies and Dahl's sonorous guitar wizardry. His playing surfs on the rhythmic waves made by Finnish drummer Olavi Louhivuori and Norwegian bass player extraordinaire Mats Eilertsen. The album includes compositions by each member plus a fascinating cover of Portishead's "Sour Times." Thomas T. Dahl studied in the jazz department at the University of Trondheim, and had his breakthrough as a member of the prize-winning band Krøyt featuring vocalist Kristin Asbjørnsen. On Sun Moee he paints a cinematic landscape where pop and rock elements, along with subtle electronic manipulation, intersect with the sound of strings. Dahl has previously released albums with BMX, together with Per Jørgensen; and Dingobats, together with Eirik Hegdal; and has collaborated with Erlend Skomsvoll, Ole Hamre, John Inderberg, Highasakite, and Ephemera. The members of the SkyDive Trio have worked together as part of a larger band for a number of years, and it shows. All three play on Eilertsen's Radio Yonder (HUBRO 2501CD, 2009) and SkyDive (HUBRO 2507CD/HUBRO 3507LP, 2011), as well as in Eilertsen's major work "Rubicon," which had its world premiere at the Vossa Jazz Festival in 2014. Mats Eilertsen has released four albums under his own name on Hubro and has played on albums with Tord Gustavsen, the Wolfert Brederode Quartet, the Kornstad Trio, Food (with Iain Ballamy), Jacob Young, and the Håvard Wiik Trio. Olavi Louhivuori studied drums and composition at the Sibelius Academy. Three of the bands he has played in have won the "Young Nordic Jazz Group" award: the Joona Toivanen Trio, the Ilmiliekki Quartet, and the Sun Trio. Louhivuori has toured and recorded with the legendary Polish trumpet player Tomasz Sta?ko, and has also played with Anthony Braxton, Marilyn Crispell, Susanne Abbuehl, and Kenny Wheeler. He has released several albums with his own band and as a solo artist, and was awarded an Emma Prize (Finnish Grammy) with Oddarrang in 2007. Sun Moee was recorded at The Village Recording in Copenhagen, and was produced by the band members themselves. This is an inspired jazz album from a rock-solid trio. Thomas Dahl, guitars; Mats Eilertsen, double bass; Olavi Louhivuori, drums.



Super limited 2015 repress! "Deluxe double LP. Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels) composed the Forse series using a Buchla Music Easel. Forse, meaning 'maybe' In Italian, is a series of three double LP releases Cortini recorded for Important to release in 2013. 'All pieces were written and performed live on a Buchla Music Easel, in the span of one month. I found that the limited array of modules that the instrument offers sparked my creativity. Most pieces consist of a repeating chord progression, where the real change happens at a spectral/dynamic level, as opposed to the harmonic/chordal one. I believe that the former are just as effective as the latter, in the sense that the sonic presentation (distortion , filtering, wave shaping, etc.) are just as expressive as a chord change or chord type, and often reinforce said chord progressions. Of all the years with Nine Inch Nails the period spent writing and recording the instrumental record Ghosts I-IV is probably the one which changed my approach to music making the most. After that record I started getting more into instrumental composition, although I tried to approach it in a different way. While we had a vast array of tools and instruments at our disposal then, I decided to approach my pieces limiting myself to one instrument only, as I found myself being more decisive when faced with a limited creative environment.'"


KH 9059CD

PAVLOV'S DOG: Of Once and Future Kings... Live CD (KH 9059CD) 17.00
Pavlov's Dog are one of the most revered prog outfits to have emerged from 1970s America. This WABX-FM radio broadcast of their performance at the Ford Auditorium, Detroit, on May 14th, 1976, is an extremely rare document of the original band, boasting the unique vocals of David Surkamp, as well as Steve Scorfina (lead guitar), Doug Rayburn (Mellotron, guitar), Tom Nickeson (keyboards), Richard Stockton (bass), and Kirk Sarkisian (drums). The material is culled from their classic albums Pampered Menial (1975) and At the Sound of the Bell (1976). The complete broadcast is presented here together with background notes and rare images.


LL 018LP

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Twelve Reasons to Die LP (LL 018LP) 21.00
"Adrian Younge's acclaimed collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah, re-issued for the first time on Linear Labs! The sounds of classic 36 Chambers-era RZA meld with Portishead and the Italian film music of Ennio Morricone on 12 Reasons To Die, the first ever collaboration between Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge. A daring, full-length Crime/Horror concept album, 12 Reasons' executive producer and Ghostface's longtime Wu-Tang Clan collaborator The RZA, referred to the album as 'groundbreaking' in the hip-hop genre. Ghostface Killah's prominence in hip hop has grown steadily over his 20-plus year career -- including high-profile appearances on Kanye West's Cruel Summer, RZA's The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack and 36 Seasons, his recent collaboration with The Revelations -- 12 Reasons catches the gifted MC at the height of his lyrical prowess. Composer/producer/instrumentalist Adrian Younge represents the next generation of black music producers. His aim is an organic re-appropriation of hip-hop circa the mid-90s. His previous releases, the Black Dynamite soundtrack album (2009) Something About April (2011), and There Is Only Now, his collaboration with Souls Of Mischief (2012), touched on psychedelia, blaxploitation, and the cinematic soul of the 1970s. 12 Reasons was Adrian's first project in which he's immersed himself in the world of hip-hop."



BAILEY, MARCO: What Happened? 12" (MBRLTD 007EP) 12.50
What Happened?, Marco Bailey asks. The answer is inside the music and will satisfy everyone. Techno happened. Was there ever any doubt? Yeah, techno is the answer, as always. A powerful two-tracker with a top-quality remix by the apocalyptical Arnaud le Texier. Gives plenty of answers on the dancefloor.



HOLTJE, STEVE: A Man Full of Days CD (MECHA 015CD) 12.00
Enrico Rossini Cullen's poetic indie film A Man Full of Days (2014) is inspired by the Book of Job (minus the dogma) and the Leatherman, a famous 19th century vagrant. Full of hallucinatory beauty, nightmarish terror, eccentric creativity, and a surreal sense of the supernatural, and sprinkled with groundling humor, it is structured around unpredictable disjunctures and juxtapositions, and demanded a soundtrack that could reflect those many facets while tying them together. Brooklyn composer Steve Holtje's score mixes moody darktronica, classical majesty, and bittersweet, intimate piano pieces, even as his arrangements and production blur the lines between those styles. Brooklyn laptop artist Black Crystal Fuck Wolf also contributes two tracks. Though mostly known for his often abrasive style of drone-noise electronica, artisanally constructed through extreme manipulations of original sonic material warped beyond recognition, he also has an interest in asymmetrical rhythms looped repetitively to mimic beats, despite lacking standard metrical qualities. Bruce McKenzie aka Peckinpah's lyrical "Saudade No. 14" is a favorite of director Enrico Rossini Cullen. The climactic scene of the film is an homage to the great 1930 Soviet film Zemlya (Earth), and uses Levko Revutsky and Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov's score from the scene it is based on. Steve Holtje: piano, organ, electronics. Women of the New Amsterdam Singers Chamber Chorus: vocals on "Job 34:15-16." Black Crystal Fuck Wolf: sample manipulation and asymmetrical beats on "Man Dance 1" and "Mercury BBQ Pit." Bruce McKenzie: piano and electronics on "Saudade No. 14."



HEAD & THE STRANDS, MICHAEL: The Magical World of The Strands LP (MEGAUK 024LP) 38.50
Gatefold LP version. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Deluxe reissue of Michael Head's classic 1997 album The Magical World of The Strands. "Head, who is no stranger to either classy, baroque pop or neo-psychedelia, has composed an album of gorgeously illustrated songs that are lushly orchestrated by a standard rock quartet augmented by a flutist (Leslie Roberts) and a string quartet. The result is an album that, while little known, is a classic, a masterpiece of modern chamber pop... this disc walks the line between the deep, darkly expressionistic chamber work of the Tindersticks to the airy, classically augmented breeze-laden pop of Nick Drake à la Five Leaves Left -- long before the millennium obsession with Drake's work began anew because of a Volkswagen commercial" --AllMusic. "This is an elegantly unified work, tough yet guileless, and rustic in tone when the idea of lads with beards and banjos was unheard of. The balance of masterful songcraft with an in-the-moment looseness is probably the defining mood, the group uncrowded and unhurried as they feel their way around 11 folk-influenced, strings-augmented, subtly layered tracks" --Mojo (five stars). In 1993, Head teamed up with his brother John, his longtime drummer Iain Templeton, and two new recruits, Michelle Brown on bass and Les Roberts on flute, and began two years of recording sessions. The sessions came to a halt when Head was offered a major label deal, not for his current work, but for him to record as his previous band Shack again. Weaving rough mixes and sketches -- by engineer Steve Powell, made in Liverpool -- with completed mixes by producer Mark Coyle (Oasis), Stephane Bismuth, the French promoter who initiated the Strands sessions, finally released The Magical World of The Strands on Megaphone in 1997. This reissue includes a 20-page booklet containing new liner notes by Head himself and photographs testifying to the album sleeve's work-in-progress.


MF 2002CD

KMD: Bl_ck B_st_rds 2CD (MF 2002CD) 18.00
"MF Doom's first group and their controversial sophomore release Bl_ck B_st_rds now available as a double CD containing the full the album with a second disc of bonus material including rare cuts, remixes and instrumentals, and a 32-page booklet of liner notes and rare photos compiled by Brian Coleman, featuring interviews with MF DOOM, Pete Nice, Dante Ross and Bobbito Garcia. The words 'lost classic' get thrown around from time to time, but KMD's sophomore album, Black Bastards, truly fits the bill. Originally scheduled for release in the spring of 1994, their label unceremoniously shelved it at the eleventh hour due to controversy over the provocative cover art. Surviving group member MF Doom (then known as Zev Love X) -- as fans know, his younger brother Subroc was killed in 1993 -- tried to release the album on other labels, but met more dead ends. Sadly, it languished in hip-hop purgatory until six years later. Even then, the album had only a limited release via small indie labels. Beyond the fact that the controversy surrounding the cover -- featuring the group's long-standing mascot being hanged by a makeshift gallows -- was unfair, the group's fans being denied access to this album only compounded the injustice. Because musically and lyrically, it was a truly amazing record, full of youthful creativity, tinged with the stress of growing up as black men in urban America. Unlike on the group's 1991 debut, Mr. Hood, Subroc had fully come into his own as both a producer and an MC on Black Bastards, and his untimely death made the album's shelving that much more tragic."



2009 release. Having met during their live performances in Brighton with Harold Budd in May 2005, John Foxx invited Steve Jansen (ex-Japan) to record tam-tams (gongs) for a potential collaborative release. The dark tones of the tam-tams created a bed for atmospherics and acoustic piano work to be added. Due to various other commitments, the release seemed to be shelved until Steve D'Agostino (Single Cycle Reorder) took the initiative and completed the work. Since Japan disbanded in the early '80s, Steve Jansen has worked with his former bandmates Richard Barbieri (five studio albums between 1985 and 1996 for Virgin Records), Mick Karn, and his brother David Sylvian, although only together as Rain Tree Crow in 1990. He's also enjoyed a long-term co-writing/recording/touring relationship with Yukihiro Takahashi, including the 2009 album Page By Page. In 2005 he formed Nine Horses with David Sylvian and released Snow Borne Sorrow; the duo also worked together on Steve Jansen's 2007 solo album, Slope. John Foxx has been name-checked as an influence by everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Klaxons; he has also been experimenting as a film-maker (with a pioneering video for LFO's 1991 hit "LFO" and performances of his 2006 Super 8 project Tiny Colour Movies in Melbourne, London, and Barcelona), artist (with exhibitions in London and New York and the use of his images on the covers of books by Anthony Burgess and Salman Rushdie), and musician, and he's also developing a growing international reputation as a writer -- in 2009 he headlined a major literature festival where he read extracts from his unfinished novel The Quiet Man.

META 028-29LP

FOXX AND THE MATHS, JOHN: Interplay/The Shape of Things 2LP (META 028-29LP) 25.50
2014 release. Combined vinyl edition of John Foxx and Benge's 2011 albums Interplay (META 028CD/LP) and The Shape of Things (META 029CD/LP). Benge (Ben Edwards) is best known for his 2007 album Twenty Systems, which Brian Eno described as "a brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music." He and John Foxx craft their sound from analog synthesizers and drum machines, conjuring a moody atmosphere that balances pop with raw experimentalism. Exclusive Jonathan Barnbrook print.


FOXX AND THE MATHS, JOHN: Interplay CD (META 028CD) 16.50
2011 release. Interplay is a collaboration between John Foxx and electronic composer and synthesizer collector, Benge (Ben Edwards). Edwards is best known for his 2007 album Twenty Systems, which Brian Eno described as "a brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music." Moody and atmospheric, but also full of songs that are actually more pop than avant-garde, Interplay pulls various strands of electronic music together -- from early-'80s electro to '70s Krautrock, with flashes of Cabaret Voltaire and John Foxx's first band, Ultravox! One track, "Watching a Building on Fire" features Mira Aroyo from Ladytron, who also came up with the original synth riff. Although Interplay sounds nothing like the ambient experiments of Twenty Systems, both albums are based around the waves, frequencies, and vibrations of analog synthesizers. Many of the songs on Interplay started with an electronic rhythm from a 1960s Moog system built into Benge's studio, with the pair then coming up with ideas live in the studio. As Benge says, "the idea of Interplay is in the lyric from the title-track. 'We calculated everything, but not the interplay.' In the studio we left a lot of things to chance and let the various combinations of sounds and colours and connections trigger our imaginations."


FOXX AND THE MATHS, JOHN: Interplay LP (META 028LP) 14.00
LP version. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Presented in spot varnish sleeve.


FOXX AND THE MATHS, JOHN: The Shape of Things LP (META 029LP) 14.00
LP version. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Presented in spot varnish sleeve.


FOXX, JOHN: 20th Century: The Noise CD (META 057CD) 16.50
20th Century: The Noise covers the years from John Foxx's 1980 debut single, "Underpass," through the rest of the century, up to his "comeback" albums with Louis Gordon, Shifting City (1997) and Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour (1998). There's also a precious Cathedral Oceans (1997) gem, "Splendour," which has only ever been available on the rare compilation Orphée (Projekt, 2000). Also includes a previously unreleased instrumental track from the vaults, "Musique Electron" -- a melodic idea John Foxx has had "for decades." The Metamatic (1980) material is taken from the 2014 remaster, which is based on a set of 1979 analog tapes discovered in John Foxx's archive.



DARK SKY: Voyages 12" (MONKEY 055EP) 12.00
A two-headed monster of straight 4x4 club music, each side rendering Dark Sky's sounds into something entirely different. Fellow Londoner Francis Inferno Orchestra concentrates on the percussive motif of "Voyages," perverting its rattling structure into a frisky tribal house rhythm. On the flipside Redshape delivers a killer techno rework. His remix translates the central moody sci-fi theme of "Voyages" into a powerful bassline. The move proves perfect -- the fizzing bass synths drive the track into primetime material. It's no wonder the track has been dropped by some of the big BBC radio DJs. This is one to watch.


MFF 15001EP

FREAKS: Let's Do It Again Part 1 12" (MFF 15001EP) 14.00
180-gram vinyl. This 12" marks the relaunch of Music for Freaks, previously responsible for such releases as Turning Orange (1999), Washing Machine (2002), Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (2003), The Creeps, and works by Recloose, Kenny Hawkes, Doc L Junior, Mark Farina, and others. Ricardo Villalobos delivers an innovative rework of various tracks from Freaks' 2003 The Man Who Lived Underground album. Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer) remix Turner's "Been Out," a classic MFF release from 2000. Freaks' "Instrument" is a rediscovered, previously unreleased gem from the days of DAT recording.



RICCI, VITO: I Was Crossing a Bridge 2LP (MFM 005LP) 28.50
Repressed. On the leading edge of NYC's underground music scene, Vito Ricci produced only a handful of self-released cassettes and one LP between 1983 and 1985, with most of his work recorded for experimental theater and performance art pieces. Taking their label name from Ricci's only LP, Music From Memory brings together a compilation of works by one of the unsung heroes of New York's downtown music scene. Starting out as a percussionist, Ricci's early musical journey led him to improvised and experimental jazz; working alongside such luminary musicians as Rashied Ali, Byard Lancaster, Peter Zummo, and Yousef Yancey. He quickly became involved in the avant-garde scene with spoken word performances, film scores for independent movies, and even performances with punk bands at venues such as CBGB's and the Mudd Club, and his compositions drew on all of these influences while channeling them through his experiments with synthesizers and drum computers. Drawing comparisons with New York's downtown no-wave scene, Vito's compositions blend his unique use of intricate percussion with a wide sphere of musical influences to create a world of hypnotizing ambient, meditative minimal-synth, dubbed-out electronic funk, and even left-field boogie. With most of Vito Ricci's music remaining previously unreleased, the compilation I Was Crossing A Bridge unveils Ricci's unique and visionary take on electronic music.


MM 174EP

DUNDOV, PETAR: Synchrotonic/Holiday in Singularity 12" (MM 174EP) 12.50
Petar Dundov has been so busy touring and remixing since the 2013 release of his third album, Sailing Off the Grid (MM 039CD/LP), on Music Man, that this 12" is only the second work to be released since, following the 2014 single Origins/Rise (MM 171EP). Dundov's signature melodic sound is in full effect. A must for the fans.



AIKEN: Unfinished Evolution 12" (NONSERIES 019EP) 12.50
Unfinished Evolution is Spanish producer Aiken's first EP for Non Series. Hypnotic minimal techno.



HOSONNO, HARUOMI: Cochin Moon LP (NORTH 001LP) 22.00
"Originally released in 1978 in Japan, this album is a soundtrack to a fictional Bollywood film. It features a tapestry of weird floating electronic grooves parsed within menacing rants of jungle birds and night sounds. Fans of Ash Ra Tempel guitarist Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4, Cluster, Achim Reichel & Machines, or even Aphex Twin will be in heaven with this electronic psychedelic trip of sounds and colors. Way ahead of its time, this is a magical treat from beginning to end. Cover artwork is by no other than Tadanori Yokoo (often referred to as the Japanese Andy Warhol). Limited to 500 copies on vinyl."


NA 5087LP

ATOMIC FOREST: Obsession 2LP (NA 5087LP) 28.00
2015 repress. Double LP version. Packaged in a deluxe slip case cover and includes a full-color 20-page booklet full of photos and ephemera. "The collected recordings of India's best-known psychedelic rock ensemble, and the story behind their genesis, which lasted from 1973-1977. The Atomic Forest stand as the only Indian psychedelic/hard rock band that managed to record an album: Obsession '77. The album's mix of blistering, fuzzy rock and synth-lead funk inspired collectors the world over to fork over thousands of dollars for original copies of this -- until recently -- unknown platter. Part of the interest certainly stemmed from its liberal doses of searing fuzz guitar; part of it sprung from the oddity of it all: India, a country that had, quite literally, churned out tens of thousands of albums during psych- and hard-rock's heyday, only produced this one, lonely psychedelic album; part of it sprung from the album's rarity. Unknown for years, Obsession '77 suddenly became a top want on every global-rock collector's short-list. With the full participation of founding member/vocalist Madhukar Chandra Dhas and lead-guitarist Abraham Mammen, we present Obsession. This anthology collects songs from Obsession '77, the band's follow up Hit Film Themes and unreleased studio and live recordings from Atomic Forest band members. Dhas' extensive archives of photos and ephemera add weight to this anthology -- the first thorough investigation into India's '70s psychedelic rock scene. A scene that, until now, has been shrouded in secrecy and rumor -- clouded in a druggy haze."


OM 026EP

GOLDEN TEACHER MEETS DENNIS BOVELL: Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell at the Green Door 12" (OM 026EP) 14.00
Repress. Dennis Bovell's acclaimed career ranges from his work on the magnificent "Silly Games" by Janet Kay through his incredible solo albums; his production on albums by The Slits, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Orange Juice, and many more; to his astonishing mixes on piles of highly sought-after dub 7"s. In reworking Golden Teacher's music, he added organ and other instrumentation and pitched down vocals and basslines to create these delirious, dubbed-out gems. The previously unreleased "Instigator" precedes a rework of Golden Teacher's second single, "Like a Hawk." Housed in another classic sleeve designed by Oli from Golden Teacher. Mastered by James Savage.



VA: Early Pakistani Dance Music from Original 7" Soundtracks 1967-1975 LP (OVULAR 001LP) 23.00
"A wonderful LP of exotic sounds from Pakistan in the '60s and '70s. The tracks really deliver on the excellent sleeve packaging and cover design by Bwtchd Grfx. 'We wanted the world to know what fantastic music these guys played in Pakistan in those days,' says compiler Florian Pittner, who focused on instrumentals which were released on two-track 45rpm EPs and listed as either 'Dance Music' or 'Title Music.'" Artists: M. Ashraf, Azam Shaik, A. Hamid, Ghulam Ali, Tassaduq Hussain, Mohammed Ilyas, Lal Mohd Iqbal, Kamal Ahmed, and M. A. Shad.



BEESMUNT SOUNDSYSTEM: Raindance 12" (PETS 055EP) 14.00
Beesmunt Soundsystem (David van der Leeuw and Luigi Vittorio Jansen), known for their lauded club night, follow their huge 2014 Pets debut, Body Shape (PETS 045EP), with Raindance. The duo's deep, bass-heavy kick drums appear on "Searchin'," with sweeping atmospherics, eerie vocal stabs, and dusty, slo-mo drum claps. "Raindance" starts with thick, fattened kick drums, while 808-modulation percussion and one-hit bass keep getting gnarlier. "Ominous" builds into unpredictable beats before the trademark rough analog kick drum pitches the track up a notch. Borrowed Identity's remix of "Searchin'" focuses on the atmospheric sweeps and vocal chops before dropping for a more 4x4-influenced workout.



UNKNOWN ARTIST: PG Goes Dancing 12" (PGDANCE 001EP) 14.00
Extended remix versions of some of the best pop music ever made. Vocals, drama, dance rhythms, and witty lyrics: the intellectual shuffle! What more do you need?



KINDIMMER: Wax Substance EP 12" (PFRWAX 001EP) 14.00
Thanasis Voulgaris aka Kindimmer inaugurates Poker Flat's vinyl-only series. On "Quite Beachy," a rich, heavy kick and crisp percussion underpin a spooky, melodic motif, casting a vibe of eerie suspense and hypnotic intensity. "Fractions of Essence" marries a rubbery kick to sustained pads and snatches of birdsong. Gliding, smooth, and dappled with light and shade, it's the sound of an endless autobahn journey through the heart of a dense forest. "A Complex Network of Flaws," which evokes Theo Parrish at his most meditative, and "3 Thoughts," irresistible on a peak-time floor, both sit on lo-fi rhythms created from an eclectic bricolage.



CARPENTARIA + HYSTERIC: Dromedary EP 12" (PPUTI 006EP) 14.00
Why is a man not a camel? Dromedary delivers four customized disco heaters roughly built around an Arabic theme -- with Italian background. Courtesy of Tamas Jones and Paul Harmon (as the duo Carpentaria) and George Hysteric on the flipside. Jones, one half of Hey Convict!, was introduced on PPUTI 005EP, and if you are into Italo disco, Hysteric may be no stranger to you -- he's contributed various high-class mixes to his own Mothball Record imprint, as well as an edit for Bordello A Parigi. Here, they join forces on four hot tracks to watch out for.



STEVEN WOBBLEJAY: Shake Your Tingz 12" (QUINTESSE 045EP) 12.50
Dig deep into the house underground to discover Steven Wobblejay! Well known for his partnership with Pablo Valentino as Creative Swing Alliance (Wolf Music, Faces, Tsuba), Steven Wobblejay also has a lot to offer solo. It's raw, funky, and techy -- shake your tingz.



GRUBBS, DAVID: Thirty Minute Raven CD (REC AC2-CD) 11.00
2001 release. Music for a 2001 installation for the Elysian Fields exhibit at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. David Grubbs (guitar, electronics) with Noël Akchoté (electric guitar), John McEntire (drums), Charlie O. (organ), and Quentin Rollet (alto saxophone). Recorded and assembled between January 2000 and February 2001 by Nicolas Vernhes at Rare Book Room, Brooklyn, and David Grubbs at Studio 364, Brooklyn. Mastered by Nicolas Vernhes at Rare Book Room. The cover image is Cosima Von Bonin's "The Shakespeare Ravens" (1997), courtesy of Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne.


AKCHOTE, NOEL: Simple Joseph CD (REC AM2-CD) 16.50
2001 release. Noël Akchoté: guitar, amplifier. Recorded by Laurent Dahyot and Davis Euverte (assistant) at Le Studio des Sports, Rennes, France, on November 27th, 2000. Artwork by Emilie Demarquay. Produced by Quentin Rollet and Noël Akchoté. Second album of the Joseph trilogy.


RED: Felk CD (REC BB2-CD) 16.50
2000 release. First album by Red. Red: electronics, guitars, chant; Coiffier: howl; Vincent & Luc: reflecting on the plan; Chloé: improvised voice and bottle percussion; Margot: spontaneous children's poetry; Martine: Mother Talk. Recorded and mixed by Red at home, 1999-2000. Mastered by Frédéric Marin at Alcyon, Paris, 2000. Artwork by Hendrik Hegray. Photos by Red and John B. Root.


RED: Songs from a Room CD (REC BC2-CD) 16.50
2001 release. Second album by Red. Cover of the entire Leonard Cohen album. All titles by Leonard Cohen, Stranger Music, Inc. (BMI) except "The Partisan" by Anna Marly and Hy Zaret, MCA Music (ASCAP). By Red (vocals, guitar, electronics) with Cyril Darmedru (saxophone on 1, 3, 4), Martine Lanciot (backing vocals on 7), and Anthony Mowat (electronics on 8, banjo on 10). Cover design by Emilie Demarquay. Cover photo by John B. Root.


TRADEMARQ, LUIGEE: Bande Original 3CD (REC BO123-CD) 31.00
2000 release. Original soundtracks for John B. Root's films Exhibitions 1999 (1998), 24 Heures d'Amour (1998), Le Principe de Plaisir (1999), and XYZ (Antoine et Marie) (2000). Luigee Trademarq: electric bass, guitar, voice, synthesizer; Charlie O.: organ, piano, voice, trumpet. Cédric Diot: banjo, harmonica (1.01, 3.10); Noël Akchoté: guitar (2.02, 2.10); Camille P: lead vocals (2.01); Dom Farkas: lead vocals (3.03); Emese Szabo: lead vocals (2.09); Emiko Ota: lead vocals (3.08); John B. Root: lead vocals (1.01, 3.10); Élodie Chérie: lead vocals (1.03, 1.04, 3.10). Lyrics by Emese Szabo (2.09), Emiko Ota (3.08), John B. Root (1.01, 1.03, 1.04, 3.03, 3.10), and Luigee Trademarq (2.01). Written by Charlie O. (1.03, 1.04, 1.05, 1.08, 2.02), Luigee Trademarq (1.01 to 1.09, 1.11, 2.01, 2.03 to 2.09, 2.11 to 3.10), Noël Akchoté (2.02, 2.10), and Frédéric Chopin (1.10). Photography by John B. Root. Produced by John B. Root, Luigee Trademarq, Noël Akchoté, and Quentin Rollet. Mastered by Frédéric Marin at Alcyon, Paris.


PERRY, LEE: The Compiler Vol. 1 CD (REC CC2V1-CD) 11.00
2001 release. Licensed from Culture Press. Compiled by Romain Perrot, Kerozen, Noël Akchoté. Cover art by Kerozen. Pictures of Black Ark Studio by Enzo Hamilton.


LEANDRE, JOELLE: Dire du Dire CD (REC ELLE2-CD) 11.00
2000 release. French double bassist, vocalist, improviser, and composer Joëlle Léandre in dialogue with Noël Akchoté. Artwork by Noël Akchoté. Produced by Noël Akchoté and Quentin Rollet. "Joelle Leandre has a huge voice. Not just a formidable singing voice, which can be friendly and frightening, charming and vulgar. And not only on her instrument which can be firmly grounded one moment and soar the next. Leandre's voice unabashedly carries conversation, carries it to unexpected places, making quick turns, never slowing down or backing off." --Kurt Gottschalk, All About Jazz


COSTES: Nik Ta Race CD (REC V2-CD) 16.50
2000 release. Featuring SebastiAn, Criminology, Ghrib & Mejnoun, and Darline. Photos by John B. Root. Makeup by Emese Szabo. Mastered by Frédéric Marin.



XXXY: Regrets 12" (RINSE 061EP) 12.50
Rupert Taylor aka XXXY, with a back catalog that includes releases on Ten Thousand Yen, Pollen, Well Rounded, and Orca, has a serious knack for turning his hand to the variety of styles in the broad genre of bass music. Regrets illustrates this knack perfectly with a vibrant blend of analog drums, swooning synths, and thick, warm bass tones. The sharp hats of "Regrets" gallop over brooding chord changes; "12049" drives a rubbery and reverberated kick under softly-warped synth tones and stripped, purposeful percussion; "Over Peover" sits a panned synth string atop tough, crunching percussion and a propulsive synth riff.


RM 465CD

HATAKEYAMA, CHIHEI: Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains CD (RM 465CD) 16.50
On Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains, Tokyo's Chihei Hatakeyama evokes an instrumental poetic grace that marks him out as one of the icons of his generation. Drawing upon a broad swath of aesthetic references, he seamlessly melts glacial ambient drifts with richly harmonic guitar strata that echo the gliding motions of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, and Cocteau Twins. Never resolving to clear melody, his interest in unrestrained harmonics creates a depth to his compositions and moreover a profound sense of the personal. Like Saunter (2009) and Mirror (2011), his other editions for Room40, Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains reveals Chihei's recurrent interest in place, as in "A Bronze Pike," in which strummed acoustic guitars are cloaked in a soundscape that suggests an urban dwelling, and sirens and voices clearly emerge as the piece meanders. Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains is perhaps Chihei's most complete work to date. It reconciles his interests in harmony, texture, and space. It etches out a map into familiar yet unexpected territories. These are very much his own lands, but they are lands in which we, as listeners, are welcome to roam. Chichei is one of Tokyo's leading figures, and his considered minimalist approach has earned him a formidable reputation as a fearless textural experimentalist. He has performed for years under his given name and also as one half of the electroacoustic duo Opitope, along with Tomoyoshi Date. Chihei's polychromic and memory-evoking soundscapes are created utilizing various recorded materials of electric and acoustic instruments such as electric guitars, vibraphone, and piano.


RLP 2170LP

MOTORPSYCHO: En Konsert For Folk Flest 2LP/CD/DVD (RLP 2170LP) 44.00
On July 31st, 2014, Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken, together with Kammerkoret Aurum and Sheriffs of Nothingness, performed En Konsert For Folk Flest in the mighty Nidaros Cathedral in the band's hometown of Trondheim as part of Trondheim's biggest cultural festival, Olavsfestdagene (OFD). Luckily, they had the foresight to have it all filmed and recorded, and now this ambitious work is available in a lavish, heavy-duty Stoughton package containing two 180-gram records, one CD, one DVD, and a 24-page LP-size booklet. Documenting an event that most likely will never be repeated, this is a unique album in many ways, one being that all the lyrics, sung by the 24-piece choir, are in Norwegian for the first time in the band's history. The 2014 theme of OFD was "Folk." This is roughly analogous to the English "folk," but the term seems to have a slightly wider connotation in Norway. In Norwegian it can mean "people," in an ethnic sense, as well as "nation," in a cultural sense, and doesn't necessarily carry all the folkloristic connotations that it does in English. The lyrics of Motorpsycho's finished piece focus on the peculiar Norwegian notion of "folk flest." This is a term used by politicians and their ilk to signify "most people." Author and friend Johan Harstad, in addition to writing the prose pieces that were printed in the concert program specifically made for the occasion and included here in the booklet, functioned as a lyrics consultant in the process. Musically, this format also represented quite a few new challenges for the band. Writing for a choir is obviously quite a different task than writing for a hard rock trio, and one that the band hadn't grappled with before. To all involved, it was thus important that the music retained a genuinely Motorpsychodelic feel and did not come off like some choir music pastiche. Storløkken's take on the compositional minutiae of this work is obviously fully his own -- he remains a truly unique writer no matter the context -- but the combination of his and Motorpsycho's musical languages is also quite often a very special and explosive one. The DVD includes the full concert plus a 65-minute documentary. The 24-page LP-size booklet includes the Norwegian lyrics and Johan Harstad's text "Manifest For Folk Flest" with an English translation. One-time pressing of 2000 hand-numbered copies.

RLP 3169LP

DRECKER, ANNELI: Rocks & Straws LP+CD (RLP 3169LP) 22.00
LP version. Anneli Drecker's ethereal voice first became known through the music of her band with Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and Nils Johansen, Bel Canto, in the '80s. The trio signed to the legendary Belgian label Crammed Discs, alongside Zap Mama and Tuxedomoon, and captured the zeitgeist of European electronic music in the late '80s. They have won the Spellemannprisen (Norwegian music award often called the Norwegien Grammy) three times, and are regarded as pioneers in the Norwegian electronic pop music scene. With her characteristic experimental singing style, often compared to other wonderful singers such as Lisa Gerrard and Liz Fraser, Drecker has collaborated with many great artists, including Hector Zazou, Jah Wobble, Gavin Friday, DJ Krush, Tim Simenon, Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Guy Sigsworth, and Ketil Bjørnstad; she has also recorded three albums based on poems by John Donne and Hart Crane. Drecker joined A-ha on two world tours as their guest singer, and toured the world for more than ten years with Röyksopp, co-writing a number of songs with them. In 2012, Drecker left Röyksopp to return to her own music, and Rocks & Straws is a homecoming album, an ode to her native town and region. The songs are based on lyrics by the North Norwegian cult poet Arvid Hanssen, translated to English by artist and writer Roy-Frode Løvland. Hanssen's poems are strongly influenced by the mysterious and powerful nature of this arctic region, like the writings of Knut Hamsun, born only a few miles from Hanssen's birthplace. Man and nature, and man in nature -- Hanssen captures the interaction of Northern Norwegians with their merciless but beautiful surroundings. Rocks & Straws is very much an acoustic album. In a world of electronic recordings, she has moved in another direction, and made an album based on recording techniques from the '70s. The music is played live, with some of Norway's finest musicians: guitarist Eivind Aarset, drummer Rune Arnesen, bassist Ole Vegard Skauge, and The Arctic Philharmonic, Tromsø's acclaimed orchestra. Drecker sings and plays the piano and organ, and produced the recording with the musicians. At the time of this release, Drecker is a Ph.D. candidate at the Arctic University of Tromsø, where she is researching voice techniques of indigenous people; this is apparent especially in the song "Ocean's Organ," with a Maori group singing kapa haka songs that Drecker recorded while in Auckland, New Zealand.


RB 055EP

SHAN: (You Better) Work It EP 12" (RB 055EP) 14.00
Second Shan release on Running Back. This one has Chicago's jack, leanings of New York garage dubs, Miami bass methodology, and breakbeat-led rave signals, all on one record, made for the dancing public's benefit. Includes the infamous "Piano Mix" as heard in the Boiler Room with Ata and Gerd Janson in November 2014. You better work!


HOM 003

HOUSE OF MUSIC: House of Music Issue Three MAG (HOM 003) 0.01
House Of Music is a small (28-page, 6"x9"), black and white free magazine released by Rush Hour. Featuring Hunee, Ron Trent, Floating Points, James Mason, Jahiliyya Fields, Aroy Dee and more.



WADE, RICK: Strong Arm 12" (RYMD 002EP) 14.00
Detroit legend Rick Wade delivers an EP for London-based RYMD Records. The A-side consists of a pair of deep and funky original productions by the deep house maestro. His unique style is immediately recognizable. The B-side features two remixes. The first is a minimalist track courtesy of 12Records founder Deep88; the second is by London's deepest, Emotion. Colored vinyl. Edition of 300 -- don't sleep on this one.



PITCH, THE: Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam) LP (SOFA 546LP) 22.00
The Pitch is a Berlin-based quartet that explores the area between abstract melody and acoustic drone. Since 2009 they have been developing a musical language and a body of work ranging from quartet music to extended, large-scale ensemble pieces involving guest musicians and further conceptual elements. Improvisation is an important element in their music and it is used as a generative device within specific shapes, structures, and ideas for different pieces of music. Their piece Frozen Orchestra focuses on slowly changing textures, pitch-set constellations, and the subtle blending of instruments. Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam) was recorded live at the Sonic Acts Festival and features six additional musicians in addition to the four core members. Boris Baltschun: electric pump organ; Koen Nutters: bass; Morten J. Olsen: vibraphone; Michael Thieke: clarinet. Featuring Lucio Capece: bass clarinet; Johnny Chang: violin; Robin Hayward: tuba; Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet; Okkyung Lee: cello; Valerio Tricoli: Revox.


SOMM 023-24CD

PIG RIDER: Heterophonies with Bloody Turkey Sandwiches 2CD (SOMM 023-24CD) 23.50
Double CD containing Heterophonies (SOMM 024LP), originally released in 1975, and Bloody Turkey Sandwiches (SOMM 023LP), originally released in 1974. Colin Kitchener and John Mayes founded Pig Rider at Sevenoaks School in Kent, England, in the late '60s. They met when they were 12, and not long after began haunting the music rooms at the school to hammer out current three-chord pop songs on pianos. They went through a number of other names (including D Jabferg Flossyakkit and Bob Scratch and His Country and South Eastern Spring Blues Band), before deciding to perform as The Pig Rider Robinson Heterophony. After a failed attempt to build a seven-foot robot bassist called Peregrine Robinson to front the band, the name was abbreviated to its current form. Pig Rider's music has been described as "joke folk/mock rock," and although they claim that their minds were only altered by beer, there's a real psychedelic element to it, not to mention their pioneering DIY spirit. They recorded at home with rudimentary equipment, used handmade modified instruments, and self-released a series of acetate-only albums housed in primitive, handmade sleeves. Heterophonies and Bloody Turkey Sandwiches were originally pressed by the custom label Deroy Sound Service in private editions of five and six acetates, respectively. The music is an amazing mix of psychedelic electric folk, acid folk, and twisted pop with funny and bizarre lyrics, tape experimentation, effects, and a homemade, stoned atmosphere. Think The Incredible String Band, The Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore... In 2009, a review of Heterophonies appeared in the Galactic Ramble book. Richard Falk wrote, "Heavy, lo-fi, electric folk with lots of weird electronic effects and a distinctly psychedelic atmosphere." That review incited French collector Alexandre Mansuy to track down the band in 2013. "What I was on the point to discover was way beyond my wildest dreams. Heterophonies was only one of their many, many great recordings." Thanks to Mansuy, Guerssen and Sommor present a comprehensive Pig Rider reissue campaign, which began with The Robinson Scratch Theory (GUESS 058CD/145LP), a compilation of their jaw-dropping '80s stuff, and continues with first-ever reissues of Heterophonies and Bloody Turkey Sandwiches, and this double-CD edition of both rarities. Master tape sound. Includes booklet with rare photos and lyrics.



DAS KOMPLEX: Universe 12" (STEP 006EP) 14.00
Spell "PETS" backward to get "STEP." Spell "STEP" forward to find PETS going back to basics. STEP is the vinyl-only label from the founders of PETS, Catz 'n Dogz, that highlights the rawest forms and root functions of quality club music. STEP finds the fundamental groove with under-the-radar house and techno that is isn't afraid to be rough around the edges. STEP is limited promo and all about the music.



BALAKE, AMADOU: In Conclusion CD (STCD 1125CD) 16.50
After a career that spanned a half-century, in which he became the most famous musician from Burkina Faso and a legend of African popular music, Amadou Balaké died in 2014 at the age of 70. This album contains his final recordings. Born Amadou Traoré in Burkina Faso when it was still the French West African colony called Upper Volta, he was given the name Balaké by Guinean fans who especially liked the way he sang the Mande classic of that title. By that time (the late 1960s) he had been performing as an itinerant singer, guitarist, and percussionist all around West Africa. On returning to his homeland in 1970, Amadou Balaké sang with a succession of groups in the capital, Ouagadougou. Building on widely popular Afro-Cuban and funk styles as well as the Mande repertoire modernized by such bands as Guinea's Bembeya Jazz and Mali's Rail Band, he incorporated local warba dance rhythms into his music and sang primarily in the Mossi language of Burkina Faso, establishing a distinct Burkinabé sound. It was a sound that traveled well as Balaké resumed his roving. He recorded his first album in Accra, Ghana, in 1976; his second in Lagos, Nigeria; the next two in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; and then his classic salsa album, Amadou Balaké à New York, in that city, with some of its top Latin sidemen, in 1979. He was based in Paris for most of the '80s but eventually settled in Ouagadougou. In 2000, Ibrahima Sylla, the preeminent African record producer, invited Balaké to join the international salsa supergroup Africando -- a match made in Spanish Harlem, one might say, considering that Balaké preceded Africando in working with Latin musicians in New York. With Africando Balaké recorded four albums and toured far and wide. He was still giving weekly shows in Ouagadougou when the French music journalist Florent Mazzoleni met him there in 2013 and produced the recordings that would prove to be the old master's last testament. Accompanied by young local musicians, he revisited some of his favorite songs, including his namesake, "Balaké," which he had never previously recorded. Captured mostly in one take with few overdubs, these tracks present a performer seasoned by decades of experience and in full command of his art.



HVAL & SUSANNA, JENNY: Meshes of Voice 2LP (SONATA 014LP) 26.50
"Mythical animals were a big inspiration," says composer and songwriter Jenny Hval about Meshes of Voice, her collaboration with Susanna. "We looked at Medusa, Athena, and Harpy (a combination of woman and bird) -- as examples of depictions of woman -- the ugly, the goddess-like, the gruesome," agrees Susanna. This collaboration -- featuring the two strongest Nordic voices around today -- started back in 2008 as an exchange of letters, then developed into two live performances, one at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in March 2009, which turned out to be this album, the other at Oslo Jazz Festival. Mixed and mastered by Helge Sten (Deathprod, Supersilent), Meshes of Voice presents a stunning vocal universe of confessions, whispers, and seductions. Tracks like "I Have Walked This Body" seem to rise monstrously and threateningly out of some mythological fog of distorted improvised noise. A key inspiration was film maker Maya Deren's surrealist, cyclical Meshes of the Afternoon, a milestone of visionary film from 1943. Deren's famous image of a cloaked figure with a reflective face recurs on "A Mirror in My Mouth," creating a complex world of musical fictions akin to those of Julia Holter and Joanna Newsom. Meshes of Voice is released on SusannaSonata, which Susanna launched in 2001 as a self-operated outlet for her to curate her own back-catalog and develop new music. Upon its release as a CD in 2014 (SONATA 014CD), Meshes of Voice received much acclaim from the music critics and the audience, and won the Norwegian Grammy in Open Category. This double LP edition is limited to 500 copies, with the same gorgeous cover art made from art by Arne Bendik Sjur and designed by Johanna Blom. Jenny Hval: voice, effects, noise, samples, guitar, autoharp, piano; Susanna: voice, grand piano, effects, noise, samples, electric harmonium; Anita Kaasbøll: voice, effects, noise, drums; Jo Berger Myhre: double bass, zither, effects, noise. Recorded at Henie Onstad Arts Centre, Høvikodden, Norway, on March 8, 2009, by David Solheim. Mixed and mastered at Audio Virus Lab.


Melody Mountain was recorded in 2005 at several locations in Norway; in no ordinary recording studios, but in living rooms, in huts, at the Academy of Music, and at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum. Songs by AC/DC, Leonard Cohen, Sandy Denny, Kiss, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode were all transformed into Susanna and the Magical Orchestra's sparse and stark universe. The music critics went overboard with praise when Melody Mountain was released on CD in 2006 (RCD 2057CD), particularly for Susanna's version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart," which has received much attention and was a part of The Observer's list of "The Greatest Covers Ever." The duo Susanna and the Magical Orchestra split up in 2011, after recording three albums together and touring widely in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Both Susanna and Morten Qvenild have remained active since, each with his or her own projects and bands. Susanna records as Susanna, in her regular trio, but also in collaborations with such artists as Ensemble neoN and Jenny Hval. Both these collaborations have been awarded a Norwegian Grammy in Open Category. Melody Mountain was produced by Deathprod, with arrangements by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. Susanna: vocals; Morten Qvenild: piano, cembalo, autoharp, vibraphone, church organ, and keyboards; Stian Carstensen: pedal steel on "It's Raining Today." Recorded by Helge Sten at Dagaliveien14, Østre Nes, Tomba Emanuelle, Lindemansalen, and Audio Virus Lab, Norway, in 2005. This vinyl edition features a new cover design by Magnus Voll Mathiassen. The album was mixed by Helge Sten in Oslo, Norway, mastered by Bob Katz in Florida, cut by Bernie Grundman in Los Angeles, and pressed in the Netherlands by Record Industry. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; limited to 500 copies.



KENNEDY, INIGO: Requiem Remixed 12" (TOKEN 054EP) 12.50
Inigo Kennedy's Vaudeville album (TOKEN 043CD/LP) was undoubtedly one of Token's highlights of 2014. Now, following Antigone's twisting Cantor Dust EP (TOKEN 053EP) and Ø [Phase]'s sweltering Tunnel Vision/Internal Conflict 12" (TOKEN 052EP), "Requiem," a standout cut from Vaudeville, is resurrected across an all-star remix EP. Efdemin drops the mesmeric riff down a few semitones alongside nitro-charged rhythms. Raster-Noton mainstay Kangding Ray provides a skittering, paranoid recast of the track. Regis harnesses the original's bulging low end, putting his characteristically rugged stamp on the track. Dasha Rush brings discordant piano melodies and distant voices together in a thoroughly disorienting reinterpretation.



DJS PAREJA: Multimedia 12" (TURBO 169EP) 12.50
Buenos Aires-based duo DJs Pareja, core members of the amazing Cómeme crew, open this EP with the first of two collaborations with Argentine Tom Tom Clubber, "Vamos Viendo" (previously highlighted on Tiga's 2014 Dance Action mix CD), featuring a simple, catchy bassline; pitched snares; and melodic synth stabs. "Multimedia," also with Tom Tom Clubber, weaves its wild, trippy arpeggio across the dancefloor with devastating power, inducing full-scale trance. Von Party joins for the super-wonky "Serpientes y Escaleras" ("Snakes and Ladders"), a hissing, winding, sub-filled filter-freak-out; and "Alarma," with more rolling snares, arpy synths, and a swelling, ominous alarm sound.



PEGA MONSTRO: Alfarroba CD (UTR 072CD) 17.00
Pega Monstro are sisters Júlia Reis (vocals, drums) and Maria Reis (vocals, guitar, keyboard). The duo's name translates to "catch the monster," perfectly countering the band's striving dream-punk sound. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Maria and Júlia have been playing music together since they were 15 and 17 respectively, in other groups first before becoming a duo. In 2010, the sisters, along with some of their musician friends, started a record label called Cafetra Records to document Portugal's garage punk scene. Pega Monstro were among the first bands on the label, releasing their O Juno-60 Nunca Teve Fita EP in 2010 to a burgeoning audience of devotees, who'd turn up in growing numbers to each show and sing back the lyrics. Maria puts the band's instant attention down to being different: "we were girls, we were young and we could rock, people weren't used to that at all." 2012 saw Pega Monstro release their self-titled debut album, which was produced by B Fachada, an extremely well known Portuguese singer-songwriter. The band and producer hit it off like wildfire and recorded an impressive, raucous debut record that met with critical national acclaim. Pega Monstro now present their second album, Alfarroba. "Braço de Ferro" kickstarts the album with torrents of energy; the song's title, which translates as "arm wrestling," is apt for a track so full of back-and-forth. Júlia and Maria excel at bouncing ideas off each other; snare rolls trigger flights of guitar, fogs of cymbal form steps for the vocal to climb. Songs like "Fado D'Água Fria" and "És Tudo O Que Eu Queria" showcase Pega Monstro's more reflective mood, with both songs pausing for the clouds to pass and delivering some well-anticipated melancholic moments to offset the album's otherwise dizzying ascent. Alfarroba was produced and mixed by Leonardo Bindilatti, a good friend of the band and Cafetra Records. Bindilatti has worked on many releases from the close-knit group of bands from Lisbon, including his own Putas Bêbadas, and this familiarity comes through on the recording. Nothing feels rushed; there's a leisure afforded in getting everything to sound just right. Pega Monstro make rapturous music; it's brisk, it's contagious, it laughs at the language barrier and just keeps running headlong into more and more new ideas. Alfarroba is released in advance of the band's summer 2015 European tour.


BEC 5156187

PHARAON DE WINTER: Pointillisme 10" (BEC 5156187) 14.00
Pharaon de Winter, a 19th-century painter from Northern France, reappears in 2015 as a band led by Maxime Chamoux (Toy Fight), whose music exists in a genre between North American rock like Spoon or Neutral Milk Hotel and sophisticated British pop like Prefab Sprout or XTC. For Pharaon de Winter, Chamoux is joined by Thomas Pirot on drums, Raphael Ankierman on bass, and FX Guéant-Mata on guitar. The delicate voice of Mina Tindle also appears here and there, and Canadian musician Sandro Perri, whose 2011 album Impossible Spaces received an 8.3 rating from Pitchfork, has also joined the band.


WG 026EP

RESMANN, MARCO: Run EP 12" (WG 026EP) 14.00
Following his 2013 Life About to Change EP (WG 014EP), Marco Resmann returns to Watergate to display his production prowess. The Run EP begins with the title-track, a perfectly executed techno anthem bridging an unrelenting drum line with crisp stabs and euphoric blasts of spaced-out synths. "Hello Again" unveils itself with the sounds of singing birds before slowly morphing into a palette of synthetic electronics. "Es Vedra" is by far the most emotional ride of the package. Lush pads and cosmic flutters are laid over a pulsing groove, expertly combining two polar opposites for an intoxicating journey through a lucid dream.

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