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Forced Exposure New Releases for 4/4/2016

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New music is due from Norman Westberg, Duo Taufic with Barbara Casini, The Field, and while old music is due from Karl Bartos, Faust with Tony Conrad, and The Sheep.


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IF 009LP

STEREOLAB: Emperor Tomato Ketchup 2LP (IF 009LP) 27.00
2016 repress; 2013 release. "'Stereolab's fourth full-length, Emperor Tomato Ketchup marked the point where the band evolved from a purely underground phenomenon to an important pop group capable of selling albums while keeping their hipness and integrity intact. At the time of its release, it was simultaneously their most experimental and most accessible release, with the deliberate raw textures of earlier works replaced by a more polished vibe. The album was also their greatest success to date both commercially and critically, and remains a consensus favorite even now. Continuing to mine the music of the '60s and early '70s, Stereolab employs Farfisas and Moogs, melodies from Bacharach and Hardy, soft-rock, bubblegum, dub and hip-hop sounds to augment their core influences of Krautrock, punk, jazz and space rock. Odd time-signatures and deft layering techniques are more crucial to the arrangements, and the grooves on tracks like 'Metronomic Underground' and 'Les Yper-Sound' add a level of funk to the mix, while the album also includes clear and catchy pop songs like 'Cybele's Reverie' and 'The Noise of Carpet.'"

IF 010LP

STEREOLAB: Dots and Loops 2LP (IF 010LP) 27.00
2016 repress; 2013 release. "Dots and Loops is Stereolab's fifth studio album and the first to completely ditch the motorik drone that had been a trademark since their inception; predominated by lush lounge and jazz textures, it showcases the band's most complex set of rhythms yet. Stereolab is aided by members of The High Llamas (like-minded travelers in the production of whimsical '60s sounds), Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars, and John McEntire of post-rock pioneers Tortoise. The album was recorded in Chicago and Düsseldorf and bridges a unique American-Euro influence. The new rhythmic approach separates Dots and Loops from the band's previous output, as does a Beach Boys influence which adds to the band's standard brand. Bossa Nova and '60s Euro pop are still major touchstones and give the album a deceptively light vibe; however, further listens reveal an elaborate work, with almost every track featuring odd time-signatures and more complicated and layered arrangements. 'Parsec' is space-rock meets drum and bass; 'Brakhage' marries a minor key bass line to clinking vibes and a shuffling beat; the segmented, 20-minute 'Refractions in the Plastic Pulse' is sunny and appealing, yet intricately constructed."


3000GRAD 011CD

MOLLONO.BASS: Remix Collection III CD (3000GRAD 011CD) 17.00
Mollono.Bass loves receiving tracks to remix. His good friends, with whom he shares a deep passion for driving grooves and catchy melodies, send him work from a variety of genres. Some specialize in samples and synthesizers, some are singers and songwriters, and others send tracks by their bands. So for Mollono.Bass, remixing is never boring, and it's always a wonderful source of inspiration. The wide range of his source material makes his highly danceable interpretations extremely varied -- just like this remix collection itself. Includes remixes of tracks by Dole & Kom, Jan Ploetzlich, Dolph (remixed with Seth Schwarz), Noetics, Bondi, Parasite Single, Tagträumer2 (remixed with Marc Vogler), Konfetti Klub Ensemble, Be Svendsen, Just Karl & Oliver Sylo, JPattersson (remixed with Schwarz), Monolink & Acid Pauli, and Pupkulies & Rebecca (remixed with Schwarz).


4M 201LP

FAHEY, JOHN: Blind Joe Death Volume 1 LP (4M 201LP) 22.00
180-gram vinyl. "For several years major labels had been issuing records in both mono and stereo formats. By 1967 Takoma was doing well enough financially to justify the recording of Fahey's first and second albums for the burgeoning stereo market. Thus Vol.1: Blind Joe Death, as the record would be titled henceforth, was recorded for the third time and it is probably this release that most people are familiar with today. For the new version Fahey recorded all but one song on the album. He recorded one new track for the reissue: 'I'm Gonna Do All I Can for My Lord.' His new take of the Episcopal hymn 'In Christ There Is No East or West' would become the most well-known and oft-played song on the album."

4M 202LP

FAHEY, JOHN: Death Chants, Breakdowns, and Military Waltzes LP (4M 202LP) 22.00
180-gram vinyl. "Death Chants is John Fahey's second album, following the brilliantly apocryphal Blind Joe Death. As massive as that earlier work was, it represented only a tentative first step towards the fields of hodologic splendor that our hero would go on to create. Death Chants represents a much more fully realized syncretism of the modernist and primitive poles between which Fahey wobbled. It is also the first album he deigned to release entirely under his own name and the one with which he truly began to cast a shadow across the blandly-lit landscape of the world's subconscious."


8MM 022CD

BLUE ANGEL LOUNGE, THE: In Times 2006-2010 CD (8MM 022CD) 14.50
Audiences didn't hear much from The Blue Angel Lounge after the band from Hagen, Germany, abruptly split up in July 2014 -- until a cryptic message appeared online in early 2016, reading "The Blue Angle Lounge. Double LP. In Times." As quickly as it appeared, the message disappeared again, but its claim is now confirmed. In Times 2006-2010 contains both carefully selected demos of The Blue Angel Lounge's three studio albums -- The Blue Angel Lounge (2008), Narcotica (8MM 011CD, 2010), and A Sea Of Trees (AUK 112CD/LP, 2014) -- and previously unreleased recordings, reflecting the band's coherent progression between 2006 and 2012 and capturing them at their peak. The collection takes its title from the song "In Times," which was originally composed during the Narcotica sessions in 2010 and previously appeared exclusively on the 10 Years 8MM Musik compilation in 2013 (8MM 016LP). It is unclear at the time of this release whether In Times marks the rebirth of one of Germany's best bands of the 2010s, but the collection does coincide with a string of acoustic shows in Europe by founding members Nils Ottensmeyer and Dennis Melster.



2016 repress. Originally released on vinyl in 1997, now reissued on A Recordings, Anton Newcombe's own record label. This four-track EP is available for the first time on CD. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a psychedelic rock band originally from San Francisco, California, led by guitarist/singer Anton Newcombe. Since 1995 The Brian Jonestown Massacre has released numerous albums. BJM has been essential in the development of the modern U.S. garage scene, and many L.A. and SF musicians got their start playing with Newcombe, including Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. On 180-gram vinyl.


AC 8018CD

MCGUINN, CLARK & HILLMAN: Armadillo World Headquarters Austin, TX, 1979 CD (AC 8018CD) 17.00
The McGuinn, Clark & Hillman project came when the three founding members of The Byrds undertook a triple-bill tour with their respective solo bands in Europe in 1977. The subsequent reunion two years later was felt to be an extension of what the original band had accomplished -- and no disco lick from their latest album could dilute it. Their legendary appearance together at the famed Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, on May 22, 1979, survives as one of only a handful of FM broadcasts that capture the pivotal essence of the legendary Byrds. The return of Gene Clark alongside Chris Hillman and Roger McGuinn was a profound chapter in the later careers of these seminal figures who choose to showcase their new album in true Byrds fashion with a glorious smattering of classics from The Byrds songbook. Air Cuts proudly presents the entire original broadcast in professionally remastered sound with background liners and rare archival photos.

AC 8023CD

PAPPALARDI & CREATION, FELIX: Travelling In The Dark: Live... Denver '76 CD (AC 8023CD) 17.00
As Cream's "fourth member," Felix Pappalardi was already a rock legend by the time he founded Mountain in 1969. Having enjoyed worldwide success with them, in 1973 he departed to collaborate with Japanese rockers Creation. This superb live set at the Ebbets Field club in Denver, Colorado, on July 30, 1976, was broadcast on KCUV-FM shortly after the release of their first album together, and includes contemporary material as well as an epic 20-minute rendition of Mountain's classic "Nantucket Sleighride." The complete broadcast is presented here in professionally remastered sound with background notes and rare archival photos.



Samuel Rohrer's arjunamusic label is becoming a distinctive voice in musical experimentation, finding the common ground between the improvisational impulse and the rhythmic architecture of electronic dance music. Tyler Friedman's original mix of "YYY" is led by a bouncing and playful set of melodic figures, featuring an intimate timbral quality like a hybrid kalimba and vibraphone. Friedman and Rohrer's drum and vocal dub bring the voice of Tora Augestad into the picture, capturing the cascading feel of the original with a gritter instrumental vocabulary.


A&L 033EP

STEINBERG, DANIEL: Left-Handed Remixes 12" (A&L 033EP) 12.50
German producer and Arms & Legs owner Daniel Steinberg presents an EP of remixes of tracks from his 2016 album Left-Handed. From the jacking techno madness of Paul Johnson's remix of "Bones" to the rock-solid funk of Crazy P's remix of "Peace" to the silky soulfulness of Nick Holder's remix of "No One Can Change Me" and the raw avant-electronica of 808 State's remix of "Crucial," it's safe to say that there is no filler on this impressively versatile collection.



FATES, THE: Furia LP (EGGS 016LP) 25.00
2016 repress; LP version. Originally scheduled for release on Halloween 1985 (but delayed until Feburary '86), this privately pressed post-punk/broken-folk collective concept LP features personnel pulled from the ashes of The Fall's original lineup and Blue Orchids, the Manchester post-punk band that backed Nico during her live performances in the early '80s. Led by Manchester punk icon Una Baines, The Fates released Furia in 1985 and then disappeared into the annals of UK punk purgatory. With all the DIY traits and snarling attitudes of Manchester's smart-assed punk retaliation, the band delivered a record of haunting, mechanical folk and pastoral drones. This virtually unknown LP, with a backstory that unites sleeve artist Linder Sterling (Ludus), Spider King, Martin Hannett, Tony Baines, Martin Bramah, and John Cooper Clarke with the 16th century Pendle witches, is a vital missing piece in Manchester's self-help anti-pop industry. Lost in the ether, lauded by collectors, and likened by Mark E. Smith to the Third Ear Band, this unclassifiable arty-fact renders tags like "pagan punk" utterly inadequate. File under-ground.



DALHOUS: The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 1: House Number 44 2LP (BLACKEST 051LP) 31.00
Includes MP3/FLAC download. House Number 44 is the first volume of The Composite Moods Collection, a cycle of Dalhous recordings that examines the relationship between two individuals cohabiting in a confined space -- their interactions, their sense of self and of each other, and the pregnant space between. One of these people, perhaps the protagonist of House Number 44, is (or at least feels) in fine mental health. The other appears distinctly unwell -- detached, isolated, often feeling helpless and unable to influence the world; at other times prone to committing acts of extraordinary aggression and manipulation. The title of The Composite Moods Collection nods to the world of film and library cues, riffing on the utilitarian idea of music "to suit the mood" and the appealing if archaic notion that a "mood" can be a discrete or fixed thing, a unit of feeling. Dalhous's Marc Dall takes this notion and runs with it, attempting to convey a bipolarity of mood, with each movement contradicting or erasing what came before. And so, while a finely crafted and very deliberate narrative connects each cue to the next, it is not a smooth or a linear path. On the contrary it is jarring, complex, subject to severe and sudden modulations. Though Dalhous's R. D. Laing trilogy -- An Ambassador For Laing (BLACKEST 003CD/LP, 2013), Visibility Is A Trap (BLACKEST 029EP, 2014), and Will To Be Well (BLACKEST 007CD/LP, 2014) -- is now complete, Laing remains a spectral presence in their work, and The Composite Moods Collection ultimately cleaves closely to recurring Dalhous themes of identity, behavioral modification, and self-help. Longtime followers of Dalhous will observe that House Number 44 contains some of their sparsest, most malevolent-sounding work to date (see especially the brooding synthesizer throb of "Response To Stimuli" and "End Of Each Analysis") but some of their most disarmingly beautiful too, with indelible melodies and atmospheres as deep as thought, including "Methods of Élan," "On A Level," and the elegiac "Lines To Border." Dall's enduring affection for neo-noir film scores of the '80s and early '90s, with their gleaming electronics and submerged existential torment, is more palpable here than ever, and you may also hear echoes of Klaus Schulze, Pete Namlook, or Eno's The Shutov Assembly -- but Dalhous continue to plot their own course, obsessively and meticulously, oblivious to contemporary trends and unconstrained by historical influence; driven, indeed, by their own demons.



INSPECTAH DECK/7L & ESOTERIC: Czarface 2LP (BRK 132LP) 24.00
2015 repress; originally released in 2013. "In the face of the ever-worsening status quo of watered-down and vapid radio rap songs, the call for something real has only gotten stronger, and once again the time is right for a call to action -- for someone or something to come in and send wack rappers running for the hills in fear. Enter Czarface, the uncompromising full-length album from Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric. Not surprising, respect for real hip-hop runs deep, and Czarface brings an army with it -- consider the star-studded guest list which includes Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Oh No (Gangrene), Mr. MFN eXquire and Deck's fellow Wu-Tang Clansmen Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna."


BB 209CD

MOEBIUS, DIETER: Blotch CD (BB 209CD) 17.00
Dieter Moebius -- half of the legendary duo Cluster and the godfather of electronic krautrock -- passed away in the summer of 2015. In 2016, Bureau B begins rereleasing his final four solo albums, starting with his 1999 album Blotch. Moebius's most famous collaboration is, of course, the "long-term project" Cluster with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, which existed from 1969 until 2010 (with some lengthy breaks). The duo existed in changing formations involving such legendary colleagues as Conny Plank, Michael Rother, and Brian Eno. Yet solo albums remained an exception. In 1983 Moebius released his first, titled Tonspuren (BB 040CD), which was followed a full 16 years later by his second solo album, Blotch. Typical for an oeuvre characterized by understatement, Moebius named his album after a mere dab of paint. Nevertheless, this record marks a turning point in his work. From this album onward, up until his death in the summer of 2015, he focused increasingly on his solo work, enabling audiences to examine his music separately and microscopically. Blotch is far removed from the ease that defines Tonspuren. Its tracks feel like loop-based sketches, which stoically delve into experimental sonic atmospheres -- seasoned with snippets of speech -- that hypnotize the listener with the smallest of variations and embellishments. The surprising 11-minute track "Kohlzug" sticks out, with a no wave saxophone that suggests a decelerated version of Ted Milton's jazz-punk. Sonically, Blotch is clearly a product of its time; Moebius used an E-mu Orbit 9090 sound module and the then-current Korg Prophecy solo synth. This pioneering digital synthesizer was among the first to provide various algorithms and modes of synthesis to mimic the sounds of analog synthesizers in detail. Moebius recorded his tracks with a Yamaha eight-track recorder. The mastering was completed by the renowned American composer and ambient veteran Tim Story at his studio in Ohio. Story, who also produced Cluster's final album, Qua, in 2009, himself contributed some atmospheric highlights using a prepared piano, a heavily processed steel guitar, and a piano miniature on closer "Balistory." Blotch is a turning point in the work of Dieter Moebius, and his late solo work holds some very exciting releases in store. While its predecessor, Tonspuren, was marked by an erratic lightness and an exhilarating sweetness in the elektrokraut style of NEU! and Harmonia, Blotch marks a late revival of the somewhat more oblique and experimental early work of Cluster.

BB 210CD

MOEBIUS, DIETER: Nurton CD (BB 210CD) 17.00
On the second album of his late solo work, 2006's Nurton, krautrock legend Dieter Moebius (1944-2015) searches for flaws and uses them as a creative impulse. As usual, he blithely ignores any mainstream expectations. In science, an experiment is defined as an attempt to methodically gain information by systematically varying parameters. The results then confirm or refute the hypothesis or the model of the experiment. In art, however, confirmation is not of interest. Far more exciting are the flaws. They can lead to completely unexpected results or to new phenomena. In science, such moments are called discoveries. In this sense, Nurton is experimental music. One can observe Dieter Moebius on his quest for inspiration through flaws; rather than sonically imitating the instruments of a band lineup or following a conventional song structure, he departs from such rigid approaches. He gladly makes use of noises and otherness to create variations, examine the results, and sculpt his songs. In doing so, he allows the listener to participate in his quest to harness unexpected flaws and to share in his frequent discovery of an inspiring sonic event found off the beaten path. Many tracks on Nurton commence with noise-like loops. Moebius then adds levels of sound, layer by layer. Threatening, industrial-sounding squeaking; wheezing; and sluggish pounding are joined by playful digital lead sounds or provided with a foundation of meditative drone sounds. And almost imperceptibly, the piece lures one into a supremely comforting hypnosis. On Nurton, Moebius demonstrates his true greatness; from a seemingly arbitrary initial loop, he creates hypnotic experimental atmospheres -- linear, without escalation, stoic, with clarity, and to hypnotic effect. In doing so, Moebius uses bolder and more experimental lead sounds than on his previous solo album Blotch, from 1999 (BB 209CD/LP). The sonic impression is more diverse and feels reconciled with the sounds of digital synthesis. Only the last track of the album, fittingly titled "Das Letzte" ("The Last"), provides a preview of the musical development that would characterize Moebius's solo releases to follow.



PRATT, PHILL: Star Wars Dub LP (BSR 988LP) 21.00
180-gram LP version. "Phill Pratt was a producer who helmed releases from Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown to Horace Andy. Star Wars Dub is his classic dub album with backing by the Revolutionaries."


RILEY, JIMMY: Showcase & Majority Rule CD (BSR 991CD) 16.00
"Two Albums from 1978 released for the first time on one CD!"



BARBIERI, CATERINA: Vertical Cassette (SAUNA 022CS) 9.50
2016 repress. Vertical is Caterina Barbieri's debut album and it was composed for vocals and Buchla 200 modular synthesizer. Vertical takes a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics, stretching the boundaries between drone, minimalism and techno in multichannel systems. This minimalistic focus arises from the polyrhythmic and stratigraphic potential of voltage-controlled sequencers. Synthesis, drone and immersive listening are three fundamental conditions to enhance an advanced auditory art, not based on extrinsic links but solely built on the experience of the spectrum, able to develop our very limited ability of perceiving the vertical domain of music, involving us in a holistic way. Caterina Barbieri (1990) is a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music. Mostly interested in modular synthesis, three-dimensional spatialization and psychoacoustic aural sculpture, her music arises from a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics. She received a degree in classical guitar and electro-acoustic music at the conservatory of Bologna, Italy (plus an exchange program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden) with a thesis about time, space and spectrum in vertical music. She's currently attending a Bachelor in Literature and she's active as an audiovisual artist, acousmatic composer and guitarist. Her work has been commissioned and performed in festivals and venues of experimental music.


CH 132CD

GOON SAX, THE: Up To Anything CD (CH 132CD) 15.50
Brisbane trio The Goon Sax present their debut album, Up To Anything. Louis Forster, James Harrison, and Riley Jones are all 17-18 years old at the time of this release. They make pop music. They have refined tastes -- they love The Pastels, Talking Heads, Galaxie 500, Bob Dylan, and Arthur Russell. On Up To Anything they pull off the almost impossible, capturing the awkwardness, self-doubt, and visceral excitement of teenage life while still in the thick of actually living it. The band formed around high school friends Harrison and Forster in 2013, and some scrappy duo home recordings still linger on the internet. Jones joined in early 2014, after a month of drum lessons, and the band played their first show a few months later. Chapter signed The Goon Sax in 2015 on the strength of an unsolicited demo, the first time that has ever happened in the label's history. Chapter introduced the band to the world via the 2015 BIGSOUND music conference, and 2015 singles "Sometimes Accidentally" and "Boyfriend" have since been featured on the likes of Stereogum, NME, BBC 6, and Brooklyn Vegan. They've gone on to play with the likes of U.S. Girls, Twerps, Blank Realm, and The Crayon Fields. The Goon Sax's songs are both immediately charming and deceptively deep; "Sweaty Hands" examines a point in a relationship where one is seen at one's worst, while "Telephone" addresses the heartbreaking realization that nothing one can offer is enough. The Goon Sax are already masters at pairing teen microdrama with pop sophistication -- but clearly, Up To Anything is just the beginning.



FALL, THE: Wise Ol' Man CD (CDMRED 666CD) 15.00
"The Wise Ol' Man EP is a mixture of old and new material from the legendary Manchester band. The Fall are an English post-punk band, formed in Manchester in 1976. The band has existed in some form ever since, and is essentially built around its founder and only constant member Mark E. Smith."



MACCHI, EGISTO: Il Deserto/Pittura Contemporanea/Pittura Moderna N.1 & 2 3CD BOX (CNAY 001BOX) 40.50
Remastered reissues of four rare '70s gems by Italian composer Egisto Macchi, collected in a deluxe box with canvas cover. Remastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies. Includes the Il Deserto LP (originally released in 1974), the Pittura Contemporanea LP (originally released in 1975), and Pittura Moderna No.1 and No.2 (originally released together as a double LP in 1975). Macchi was born in Grosseto, Italy, in 1928, and studied composition, piano, violin, and singing in Rome with, among others, Roman Vlad and Hermann Scherchen. He also studied literature and human physiology at Sapienza University of Rome. Beginning in the late '50s, Macchi was active in organizing music, particularly in collaboration with a group of musicians and composers (Franco Evangelisti, Domenico Guaccero, Daniele Paris) to whom he was bound by strong friendship. Along with Guaccero, Paris, and Antonino Titone, Macchi was among the editors of Ordini magazine, which appeared in 1959. With Bertoncini, Bortolotti, Clementi, De Blasio, Evangelisti, Guaccero, Paris, Pennisi, and Franco Norris, he founded the Association of New Consonance in 1960, serving on the board and holding the position of President from 1980 to 1982 and in 1989. He later became involved with the activities of the Settimane Internazionali di Nuova Musica of Palermo. After his part, with Guaccero, in the founding of the Teatro Musicale di Roma, Macchi was one of the founders of Studio R7, an electronic laboratory for experimental music established in Rome in 1967. That same year, he became a member of the Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, founded in 1964 by Evangelisti. Macchi's work in the '70s was mainly dedicated to experimentations in library music and film scores. Some of his most noteworthy soundtracks from this period, including those presented here, were released on the Ayna label, which gave him full artistic freedom.


DE FILIPPI, RINO: Oriente Oggi LP (CNLP 042LP) 36.00
Limited edition of 500. Glossy sleeve. First reissue. Eastern-tinged Italian library music by Rino "Awake" de Filippi. Recorded in 1972 at Orthophonic Studio in Rome by RCA sound engineer Pino Mastroianni, with collaborators including the drummer Vincenzo Restuccia and Bruno Battisti D'Amario on stringed and ethnic instruments. Includes the mid-tempo funk-break tune "Oriente Contemplativo." Originally released in 1973. "One of the most sought after library LPs, breathtaking east meets west musical ideas by one of the absolute masters of Italian composition. A rarely seen LP -- even rarer with a sleeve!" --Jonny Trunk (Vice, Record Collector, MOJO)


FINE MACHINE, THE: Habitat LP (CNLP 043LP) 36.00
Limited edition of 500. Glossy sleeve. First reissue. The Fine Machine were Oscar Lindok (Giacomo Dell'Orso), Donimak (Nico Fidenco), and Proluton (Gianni Dell'Orso). Their sole LP, 1972's Habitat, simply exemplifies the variety and quality of Italian library music and its impeccable interpreters, with all the elements that characterize the unique style of the sound produced in Italy at the beginning of the '70s. There are a bunch of breakbeats, lots of percussion, and liberal use of flute, piano, organ, and electric guitar. Mainly funk ("Shut Paranoia," "Obsessing Promenade," "Hand Shake," "Crazy Eel," "Wait For Me"), this LP also includes also the vocal bossa of "Snobbery," the hard Latin beat of "Racing Beat," the ethereal psych giallo style of "God Is Infinite" (with vocals by Edda Dell'Orso), and more. "A true classic from C.A.M., one of only two library LPs they issued with picture sleeves. Amazing music, with spooky drums and progressive ideas to die for. I first saw and heard this back in about 2005, but I've never managed to get one. So thank you, Cinedelic." --Jonny Trunk (Vice, Record Collector, MOJO)


UMILIANI, PIERO: Effetti Musicali LP (CNLP 044LP) 36.00
Limited edition of 500. Glossy sleeve. First reissue. Piero Umiliani's self-released 1968 Effetti Musicali LP exposes his art and his versatility; among his keyboards and other implements, Umiliani creates overlapping sounds and situations with full artistic autonomy, free from the influence of any outside producer. The result is a stunning psychedelic experiment. Remastered from the original Umiliani family master tapes. "We all love a bit of Umiliani, and here on this exceptionally rare recording (for his own label) he's wearing his weirdo hat. It's orchestral, challenging, experimental and sometimes absolutely beautiful (listen to Oriente Misterioso). This is a strange peak in the underground world of peculiar library music." --Jonny Trunk (Vice, Record Collector, MOJO)


UNDERGROUND SET, THE: War in the Night Before CD (CNPL 804CD) 14.50
First reissue of War in the Night Before by The Underground Set (1971), one of the most important and rare Italian rock albums of the '70s. Includes six bonus tracks from rare 7"s released in 1970 and '71. The Underground Set were Italian band Nuova Idea, releasing under an assumed name for contractual reasons (they released another cult LP in 1971 as The Psycheground Group). War in the Night Before was produced by Gian Franco Reverberi (whose earlier work was sampled to form the basis of the 2006 Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy"); Reverberi also composed the album under his Ninety alias. The Underground Set's second album, War in the Night Before is definitely heavier than their 1970 self-titled debut, with great fuzz guitar, organ, Mellotron, and drums. Some riffs in a Black Sabbath style anticipate what would be defined, decades later, as "stoner rock." Psychedelia, beat, rhythm and blues, and progressive rock are all mixed into these instrumental tracks with some polyphonic choirs typical of Genovese prog (particularly New Trolls).



MARVIN & GUY: Music For Race 12" (CORR 042EP) 12.00
With Music For Race, Italian duo Marvin & Guy present a more conceptual approach informed by long countryside drives, the names of classic cars as learned from an illustrated children's books, a yearning to move away from the pack of identikit dance music, and a need to connect with their music in a physical way, as provided by the recorded hand-clapping refrain running throughout the tracks. A-side features Sebastien Bouchet.



JUNIOR C FEAT. JOHN EVANS: Coming Over Remixes 12" (DOC 010EP) 12.00
Junior C is best known for his 2013 Relax EP with Wehbba and Propulse on the Intacto label; both of the EP's tracks hit the top 20 in tech house at Beatport and received compliments from Sven Väth, 2000 and One, Karotte, Hector Couto, Joseph Capriati, and many more. This EP features three remixes of Junior C's "Coming Over (feat. John Evans)" by H.O.S.H., Gui Boratto, and Gunjah. Three different interpretations of this timeless song full of groove, lush harmonies, and organic undertones. Engineered to perfection by D.O.C. founder Gui Boratto.



LAILA: The Other Me/Pink Tones 12" (DEEWEE 012EP) 14.00
Born to Italian and Moroccan parents, Laila Sakini was raised in the forested areas of outer Melbourne, Australia, later moving to the inner city and then to London. After years of DJing and involvement in dance music culture, she turns inward, exploring club sounds via personal, melodic-based electronic music. She is also fluent in Chinese. Written between Melbourne and London. Polished at Deewee, Belgium.



REVENGE, THE: Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew 12" (DIRT 096EP) 14.00
Dirt Crew Recordings presents its first collaboration with another label, joining The Revenge and his Roar Groove label. The Revenge's "Conkers" is a rolling disco workout on that lifts and intensifies into a straight-up dancefloor destroyer. "Do The Right Thing" explores quintessential dub disco territory, slipping and sliding with pulsing keys and glistening melodies. Dirt Crew resident producer Nachtbraker' remix of "Do The Right Thing" employs his signature deep house vigor while adding some jazzy elements and highlighting the undeniable underlying funk of the original. "New Attitude" is a deep and rhythmically pulsing exploration through gritty soundscapes. Artwork by The Revenge.



BOWLES, PAUL: Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 4CD BOX/BOOK (DTD 046CD) 55.00
Silkscreened cigar box with foil stamping details throughout, 120-page leatherette book, and four CDs containing 4 hours and 30 minutes of audio. Includes introduction by Lee Ranaldo, field notes by Paul Bowles, and annotations by Philip Schuyler. From July to December 1959, Paul Bowles crisscrossed Morocco making recordings of traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress. Although the trip occupied less than six months in a long and busy career, it was the culmination of Bowles's longstanding interest in North African music. The resulting collection remained a musical touchstone for the rest of his life and an important part of his mythology. Paul Bowles (1910-1999) was an American expatriate composer and author. He became associated with Tangier, Morocco, where he settled in 1947 and lived for 52 years to the end of his life. While living in Morocco, Bowles became a magnet for those envisioning the artist's life away from the mainstream. He was idolized by writers of the Beat Generation, many of whom (William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac) visited Bowles and his wife Jane in Tangier -- a city Burroughs would later reimagine as the "Interzone" in his 1959 novel Naked Lunch. Over four months in 1959, Bowles traveled an estimated 25,000 miles around Morocco, capturing vocal and instrumental (including dance) music of various tribes and other indigenous populations at 23 locations throughout the country. In 1972, the Library of Congress issued a double LP titled Music of Morocco, containing selections from the collection. This four-CD set contains the recordings included on that double LP in addition to a wealth of never-before-heard music from this rich collection. Includes performances by Maallem Ahmed, Rais Ahmed ben Bakrim, Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem, Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou, Rais Mahamad ben Mohammed, Chikh Hamed bel Hadj Hamadi ben Allal, Maallem Ahmed Gacha, Chikha Fatoma bent Kaddour, Cheikha Haddouj bent Fatma Rohou, Mohammed bel Hassan El Ferqa dial Guedra (Bechara), Maalem Abdeslam Sarsi el Mahet, Sadiq ben Mohammed Laghzaoui Morsan Embarek ben Mohammed, Maalem Mohammed Rhiata, Si Mohammed Bel Hassan Soudani, Maallem Taieb ben Mbarek, Hazan Isaac Ouanounou, members of the Hevrat Gezekel, Hazan Semtob Knafo, Amram Castiel, Hevrat David Hamelekh, Maalem el Hocein, Abdelkrim Rais, and members of the Family of the Chorfa of Ouezzane, as well as recordings of unknown performers.



AROVANE: Modul EP 12" (ECHO 069EP) 12.00
Uwe Zahn aka Arovane debuts on Echocord with the Modul EP. Zahn started out with releases on Berlin labels DIN and City Centre Offices, and is known for being one of the best producers ever within the IDM and electronica scene. In the '90s he listened to the music of Basic Channel, Maurizio, and Fluxion a lot. This sound is timeless. In the summer of 2015 he started to record a couple of dub sounds and beats, and eventually showed them to Fluxion, who liked the tracks very much and got in touch with Echocord.



ECHOLOGIST: Good Vibrations EP 12" (ECHOCOL 034EP) 12.00
Brendon Moeller aka Echologist returns with the Good Vibrations EP, recorded in autumn 2015 in Moeller home studio in upstate New York. The tracks were made using a combination of hardware and software. The protocol? Sync all machines via MIDI and CV and then jam. Once a jam seems to take on a form, multitrack record all elements in Ableton, then create a final arrangement and mix down.



Opening a sonic space that leads into delicate subconscious spheres, Ivan Pavlov aka CoH has created his most sophisticated work to date. MUSIC VOL. is a piece of gentle acoustic excitement. Evolving around concepts of silence and sound, each track reveals to the listener a different emotional chamber. The work generates a profound intimacy derived from the fact that "VOL." is meant literally; Pavlov places variations of volume and soft progressions of sound at the fore, inviting comparisons to classical music. It is these gentle, nearly silent tones that force the listener to pay attention to the inner qualities of each sound -- its color and vibration -- while simultaneously revealing its tactile and corporeal qualities. At the same time, CoH creates atmospheric settings that invite the listener into complete immersion. A condition close to meditation is provoked, making the listener intuitively aware of slight alterations. Subtle sensations arise from the exquisite affective dramaturgy that operates here. Reminiscent of minimalistic film scores, CoH's sparse sound design creates a painstakingly continuous arc of suspense that never dissolves. Written and recorded January - December 2015. All music by Ivan Pavlov/CoH. Artwork by Tina Frank.



WILSON TRIO, THE GARY: Another Galaxy LP (FTR 232LP) 18.50
"Before releasing You Think You Really Know Me in 1977 (FTR 236LP), Gary Wilson released his first album as the leader of a jazz trio in 1974. Playing both bass and piano, Gary cut four tracks with his band that have lain pretty far out of the public's reach for the last 42 years. But Feeding Tube is dedicated to presenting the key works of the Lord of Endicott, so we are delighted to present you with Another Galaxy. The title track is something approaching a lost spirit-jazz classic. You could dig your little paws through a lot of crates before you found its equal. The other pieces head in a direction designed to evoke the cosmic freedom of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra, and manage to hit those notes while retaining their own strange edge. On 'Study for Three' you can almost hear the roots of the strange basement experiments Gary would follow in subsequent years, but the bulk of this is shockingly brilliant jazz-qua-jazz that will slap the faces of anyone who thinks of Wilson as a vocal artist. Deep fine shit. And nothing but" --Byron Coley, 2016. Edition of 500.


RUSALNAIA: Rusalnaia LP (FTR 235LP) 18.50
"Originally issued on CD in 2007 by the late Tony Dale's superb Camera Obscura label, the debut album by Rusalnaia is one of the lost classics of contemporary folk music. This is Rusalnaia's first appearance on vinyl, and we believe it will spin a lot of heads who missed out on it the first time around. The duo is made up of two formidable solo performers -- England's Sharron Kraus and Philadelphia's Gillian Chadwick, both of whom have unleashed massive solo recordings over the years. Neither of them has ever sounded quite as weirdly rural and psychedelic as they do here, however. Something about the way their voices and instruments combine with Greg Weeks's production (and occasional instrumental additions) give this album a bewitching aura that recalls a host of trad/psych folk-rattlers of the early '70s, from Trees to Comus to Spriguns and even the Watersons at their most whacked. Having listened to this album maybe 50 times, it's still hard to figure out how exactly it creates its celebratory fog, but it does. The songs sometimes have the feel of traditional pagan hymns, at others they could almost be outtakes from a lost, early Sandy Denny album. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the great overlooked gems of the last twenty years. It is our pleasure to help you rediscover it. Liner note insert by Ptolemaic Terrascope's Phil McMullen" --Byron Coley. Edition of 400.


"Melbourne's Exhaustion have been producing some of the coolest records on the Australian scene for the last few years. I mean, there's no lack of great OZ noise these days, but Exhaustion have managed to create a sort of post-scum/prog hybrid that hearkens back to those long gone bands -- like the early (Mick Turner era) Moodists -- who emerged from the Vegemite-stinking ashes of the Little Band scene. They generate a certain kind of noise, yeah, but it doesn't feel like anything anyone else is doing. It has a spatial quality and language of gestures that only recalls complete anomalies like Mars. Exhaustion put out a couple of great albums in Australia, then made the weird-seeming decision to tour and record a one-sided record with Kris Wanders, a tenor saxophonist who was in the thick of the early European free jazz scene. Wanders had played in various Brötzmann ensembles beginning in 1965, and appears on such legendary LPs as Schlippenbach's first Globe Unity record and Kees Hazevoet's Pleasure One. He moved down to Australia in the '70s and had played and recorded with several people, but only on CD, so we never knew about it. Wanders's first hook-up with Exhaustion was a surprisingly civilized affair. The music was as dense as the early Tony Williams Lifetime or This Heat, but never really got into the freak register, if you know what we mean. A gorgeous side. When we heard there might be another tour in the works, we begged for a boon, and this album is the result. While similar to the first collab record, this one also allows itself to get unhinged in a whole different way. Again Ian Wadley (from Mad Nanna) is on bass, along with Duncan Blachford on guitar and vox, and Per Byström on drums. And the results are amazing free rock with a mix of blare and wobble that will leave you breathless. As sweet as a lost Futura side. Tell yr friends" --Byron Coley, 2016. Edition of 400.



COSMIN TRG: Oblic/Serpenti 12" (FIZIC 004EP) 14.00
Cosmin TRG returns to his own Fizic imprint. "Oblic" offers a brisk groove that ebbs and flows among graphite-thin layers of percussion and sonic debris. The recurring dust sample amplifies the vigorous rhythmic attributes of the track, rendering it with prime dancefloor capabilities. "Serpenti" takes distant sparkles of mutant chimes, wraps them around the relentless pulse of a thudding kick, and soaks everything in static. Granules and grit are extracted from circuitry with a focus on razor-sharp sound system efficiency. Produced by Cosmin TRG and transformed by Matt Colton at Alchemy, with original artwork from Cosmin himself.


GR 2034LP

GELBART: Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters LP (GR 2034LP) 28.50
For his next release on Felix Kubin's Gagarin Records, multi-instrumentalist Adi Gelbart delivers twelve Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters. With a spiraling musical complexity reminiscent of film scores, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, library music, criminal swing, Russian vitamins, tinnitus' twist, abstract jazz and musique concrète, Gelbart surpasses himself this time by augmenting his palette of instruments to the extent where he becomes a small orchestra. "The Source" of his musical identity plays "The Message" of synths, broken organs, harpsichord (!), double bass, horns, cymbals and crispy drum machines. It's a "Spacetime Reverie," where "Tsuburaya" blows "Leaves For Gamera" while "He Who Speaks Through Pyramids" walks through "Echoville" with "Dust" on his shoes, contemplating the "Birth Of Alpha" after "The Big Sleep." While humming to songs of the second moon, the "Harpsichord Automata" leads "The March Of The Thinking Machines" to a blissful silver big bang. The LP comes in a beautifully designed sleeve with cover artwork by Berlin-based German illustration star Benedikt Rugar, who has contributed to newspapers such as The New York Times and Spiegel, as well as numerous animation film festivals. A download card is included with the purchase of the record.



WHOMADEWHO: Body Language 17 CD (GPM 137CD) 15.50
WhoMadeWho join the ranks of acts like Dixon, Modeselektor, Francesco Tristano, and M.A.N.D.Y. with their mix for Get Physical Music's Body Language series. Audiences might know WhoMadeWho as those three Danish guys who reformatted funk punk with Euro-cowbells in the mid-2000s, and while that's correct, it's also a narrow perspective. Shuffling genres emerging from the postmillennial style-clash is but one of WhoMadeWho's many talents. In any case, the genre-crossing think tank consists of drummer, DJ, and producer Tomas Barfod, singer and bassist Tomas Hoffding aka Bon Homme, and singer and guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg. There is a significant reason for WhoMadeWho's continued activity in the 2010s, when many of their contemporaries, like The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, or Radio 4, have broken up or become inactive. It is their unconditional curiosity toward contemporary club sounds and their approach, often incorporating the functionality of club tracks into their songs, to look further than the edge of the stage, keeping a close eye on and constantly checking the pulse of the dancefloor. Keeping this virtue close to their hearts has already brought them major exposure in sets by Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Tale of Us, and many more. And what better way to revive this approach than with a DJ mix? Right from the start, David August's revision of The Acid's "Ra" makes the mix's depth known as it fades into The Invisibles' falsetto meditation "The Stain." From Cubicolor's "Down the Wall," the sound meanders gently toward the club groove as it gains a touch of acid house thanks to Ghost Culture before the indie dance bliss of The Golden Filter and Weval. On the Nick Galemore contribution, in an exclusive remix by WhoMadeWho, the a tapestry of post-rock guitar inches inexorably toward a peak-time bounce. The "Acapella" version of WhoMadeWho's "Wanted Your Love" is perfectly adapted to Luke Abbott's "Modern Driveway" before WhoMadeWho pump up the floor with George FitzGerald's "Your Two Faces." More contemporary club material follows -- DJ Tennis's "Division (feat. Jeppe Kjellberg) (Roman Flügel Remix)," &ME's "Trilogy (feat. Sabota)," and the hypnotic house of Fort Romeau. The whopping Applescal kick drum precedes the WhoMadeWho exclusive, a "Guitarpella" version of the ultra-catchy "High & Low." After this unmistakable highlight, Clark tiptoes in with "Strength Through Fragility" before the mix closes with Nosaj Thing's ambient/bass hybrid "2K" in a deep, worthy culmination of this amorous sound journey through the WhoMadeWho orbit.



LAST HARBOUR: Paler Cities 7" (GZH 067EP) 10.00
Manchester band Last Harbour follow their raw, brooding 2015 album Caul (GZH 059CD/LP) with the Paler Cities 7". Two tracks that lean toward a more stripped-back, less textured post-punk sound. K Craig's voice echoes and cascades through dueling guitars and metronomic beats on the lead track before giving way to slower tones and late-night melody on "The Curved Road," augmented by electric pianos, synths and simple percussion. Last Harbour have worked with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Spacemen 3, Ghostpoet, Darkstar) and toured with the likes of Willard Grant Conspiracy, Mark Mulcahy, Dirty Three, and Josh T. Pearson (Lift To Experience). Includes download code with two additional exclusive bonus tracks. Limited numbered edition of 200.



YOUNGS, RICHARD: Varispeed Etudes LP (ROWF 064LP) 31.00
140-gram LP in heavyweight UV-coated sleeve. Limited edition of 300. Varispeed Etudes was conceived by revered, quixotic, Glasgow-based avant-garde populist Richard Youngs very much as an analog "record of two halves" in the spirit of David Bowie's Low (1977) and Heaven 17's Penthouse and Pavement (1981). Side A showcases Youngs's bent for electronic experimentation and those inimitable, hauntingly reedy, standard English vocal tones that have placed him squarely alongside a peer group of the UK's vocalizing weirdos that includes Robert Wyatt, Ivor Cutler, and Charles Hayward. Side B strips away the vocals and replaces the electronics with a series of shorter, dissonant, slow-moving, acoustic clatterbang soundscapes. The whole thing is "held together by the joy of varispeed pitch control -- major delight of reel-to-reel recording" and it's as rich, conceptually oblique, throwaway, but important as anything in Youngs's catalog.



VA: Hamburg Elektronisch 3 2CD (HFNDISK 031CD) 17.00
Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city, is home to a music scene that reflects its people's cool modesty. While there is a lot of buzz in the media about creatives being envious of Berlin, the music scene, especially in the electronic fields, has been thriving in Hamburg. hafendisko, the Hamburg-based sublabel of hfn music, now puts an end to Hanseatic understatement with the 29 tracks of Hamburg Elektronisch 3, the third installment of a compilation series of awesome electronic beats from the river Elbe. When approaching the Hamburg music scene, one must be sure not to confuse its estimable past with the present. From the legendary Golden Pudel, the jazz and minimal techno of Golem, and the Frappant collective's off-scene exhibitions and screenings to open-air shows at the Grünanlagen park, as well as clubs like PAL in Karoviertel, TurTur in Wilhelmsburg, Uebel & Gefährlich, and many more, it's clear that Hamburg values music and dancing over the bottom line. Off the beaten track, there's a vivid scene of dedicated hosts and labels such as Smallville, Pampa, Derivé Schallplatten, Baalsaal Records, and Diynamic Music, not to mention hafendisko itself. Hamburg Elektronisch 3 includes previously released tracks by DJ Koze, Christopher Rau, Isolée, Lawrence, Remute, Smallpeople, Tilman Tausendfreund, Vincenzo, Boris Dlugosch remixed by Session Victim, Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard, Miyagi, Monte, Extrawelt, and André Winter presents D-Saw remixed by H.O.S.H., and 15 exclusives by Erobique, Wareika, Deo & Z-Man, Suburb, Les Loups, RVDS, Lance, Joney, Tobias Schmid, La Boum Fatale, RSS Disco, Chris Gruber, Patlac, Oliver Huntemann, and Clark Davis. Two CDs in a digipak for a special price. Disc two is mixed; its tracks are available in unmixed form via the included download code.



DEADSMOKE: Deadsmoke LP (HPS 032LP) 25.00
LP version. Deadsmoke is an Italian doom sludge band that sounds like amplifiers buried in the deep, with down-tuned monolithic guitar riffs scraping the soil down to the core of the earth. Slow, hypnotic, dissonant cadences recall the eternal need for isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub-frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension, and judgment. Your soul is already burned -- smoke is what remains. Five monolithic songs, for an incredible debut. The recordings are engineered to perfection; one can easily distinguish the mud and the power of each instrument with pleasure. For fans of: Ufomammut, Sleep, Electric Wizard.


DEADSMOKE: Deadsmoke (Gold Vinyl) LP (HPS 032LTD-LP) 32.00
Limited edition gold-colored LP version.


STONED JESUS: Stormy Monday CD (HPS 033CD) 16.50
Reissue of Ukrainian band Stoned Jesus's classic Stormy Monday EP, first released on CD in 2011. Stoner rock and traditional doom metal in the vein of early Black Sabbath, later Electric Wizard, and classic Sleep. Fuzzy, Sabbathian epics filled with catchy riffs, Hendrix-like guitar solos, and masterful vocals. For fans of: Black Sabbath, Colour Haze, Sleep, Electric Wizard.


BANQUET: Jupiter Rose CD (HPS 034CD) 16.50
The debut album by San Francisco quartet Banquet, part of the Californian scene that also includes bands such as Earthless, Hot Lunch, Wild Eyes, Joy, Loom. This is the perfect soundtrack for a biker living the dream coast to coast; a musical trip on the road. Retro '70s-style fuzzy psych rock with ripping twin lead guitars, howling vocals, and a pulverizing rhythm section. For fans of: Blue Cheer, MC5, Jefferson Airplane, Kadavar, Blues Pills.


DUEL: Fears Of The Dead CD (HPS 035CD) 16.50
Austin, Texas-based Duel are hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early-'70s proto-metal. Featuring two alumni of Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast), their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, they cut right to the bone with heavy, deep grooves and blistering tone. Tough and loud; hard rock as it should be. Cover artwork by Branca Studio. For fans of: Clutch, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Kadavar, Scorpion Child.


HOLY GROVE: Holy Grove LP (HPS 036LP) 25.00
LP version. Remember when heavy rock bands wrote songs? In the early '70s, Grand Funk, Bang, and Deep Purple brought hooks and choruses to seriously weighty tunes. Portland, Oregon's Holy Grove walk in the footsteps of tradition, pitting soulful vocals, searing guitar solos, and swinging grooves into their own dinosaur stomp. After wowing US audiences since their inception in 2013, the doom blues group is now ready to deliver their self-titled debut, with seven tracks full of blazing riffage, piercing wails, and enough rhythmic heft to satisfy today's doom-hungry audience. Andrea Vidal's lyrics of myth and fantasy coast on a massive magic carpet of guitar licks, kept aloft by a pulverizing rhythm section. Holy Grove is far more than a toe dipped in the occult spring. They produce a patiently crafted statement of intent with major love and assistance from master engineer Billy Anderson (Sleep's Dopesmoker, Melvins). For fans of: Blue Cheer, MC5, Clutch, Black Sabbath, Red Fang.


HOLY GROVE: Holy Grove (Colored Vinyl) LP (HPS 036LTD-LP) 32.00
Limited edition blue splatter LP version.



OUER: The First Detour EP 12" (HEIST 016EP) 14.00
180-gram 12". Berlin-based duo Ouer follow their self-released 2015 debut with The First Detour. With a compact collection of synths and drum machines and a fair level of distortion, they succeed in creating their own sound with hints of classic electronic music from Chicago and Detroit. Opener "The Ascent" is the EP's most driving track, while fans of classic Motor City Drum Ensemble will love the dreamy DX7-style chords and cracking acid lines of "Show Off." "Move Over" features some lovely solo work on the synths, and "Mess Around" goes down in similar free-ride style with more lovely sampling.


HH 3049CD

DAVIS, MILES: Chicago Jazz Festival '90 CD (HH 3049CD) 17.00
Though it was performed as he approached the final year of his life, this remarkable live set at the 12th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival at the Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park, Chicago, on August 30, 1990, shows no decrease in Miles Davis's awesome power and musicality. Originally broadcast on Washington, D.C.'s WPFW-FM, it finds him tackling material from his 1980s albums Star People, You're Under Arrest, Tutu, and Amandla, backed by arguably his finest latter-day band, and is presented here in digitally remastered sound with background notes and images.



HOMEYS (FEAT. MARINA P): Cold Place 7" (HMY 007EP) 11.00
Homeys and Marina P present a limited-edition 7" featuring two digital reggae tracks following their 2013 full-length collaboration My Homeys. As is her way, Marina, who originally comes from Italy, takes inspiration from the fluctuating world around her, painting a poetic vision of everyday life. Both tracks perfectly combine reggae, poetry, hope, and a digital melancholy.



HALL & MUSHTAQ, TERRY: The Hour of Two Lights 2LP (HJR 005LP) 23.50
2016 repress; originally released in 2003. The Hour of Two Lights is a genre-bending work that fuses Arabic and Jewish musical forms, Asian and East European sounds, hip-hop atmospherics, wild Romani passions, and slamming beats. In short, an album quite unlike anything you've ever heard from Terry Hall before. That is partly because The Hour of Two Lights is not a Terry Hall solo album, although it may have started that way. First, Mushtaq, once of British-Asian pioneers Fun-Da-Mental, came on board as an equal partner. Then the cast-list expanded to include a Tunisian singer, a Syrian flautist, an Egyptian who had settled in Iraq, Hebrew vocalists, Turkish musicians, a 12-year-old Lebanese girl called Natasha, a blind Algerian rapper from Paris, a troupe of Polish Romani refugees, and a septuagenarian clarinetist famous for playing the Pink Panther theme. And Blur's Damon Albarn is also in there somewhere. And yet The Hour of Two Lights is not a world music record, or a DJ album. It's not even a DJ album with world influences. "I don't think it fits with anything, really," Hall says. "I don't really know what it is. Or what it isn't." Which, of course, isn't very helpful in a world that demands instant categorization and easy pigeon-holing. Yet there is a unifying thread that comes from a shared humanity. "We wanted to take influences from everywhere," Hall says. "But it's not a bish-bosh of other people's cultures. Everybody had a sense of something in common in their minority and oppression and struggle. In the end, it felt more like we were editing a film than making a record." As the songs took shape in all their unconventionality, more and more voices were added. Lyrics were translated into different languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Romani, with music as the Esperanto that united different cultures, traditions, and temperaments.


ASAKAWA, MAKI: Maki Asakawa 2LP (HJR 111LP) 23.50
2016 repress; Double LP version. A stunning survey of the 1970s heyday of great Japanese singer and countercultural icon Maki Asakawa (1942-2010). Deep-indigo, dead-of-night enka, folk, and blues, inhaling Billie Holiday and Nina Simone down to the bone. A traditional waltz abuts Nico-style incantation; defamiliarized versions of Oscar Brown Jr. and Bessie Smith collide with big-band experiments alongside poet Sh?ji Terayama; a sitar-led psychedelic wig-out runs into a killer excursion in modal, spiritual jazz. Existentialism and noir, mystery and allure, hurt and hauteur. With excellent notes by Alan Cummings and the fabulous photographs of Hitoshi Jin Tamura. "Japan's answer to Scott Walker, with a visual aesthetic and a death-decadent appeal that is straight out of the Keiji Haino songbook." --Volcanic Tongue



PRINS THOMAS: Bobletekno - Bugge Wesseltoft Versions 12" (MAMBO 001EP) 14.00
Horisontal Mambo is a new sublabel from Full Pupp. The label's concept comes from a history of irregular listening sessions in Norway with an "open-minded music policy." The first release is Prins Thomas reinterpreted by Norwegian jazz virtuoso Bugge Wesseltoft. The artwork is done by Eirik Seu Stokkmo. Mastering done at Schnittstelle. HQ limited 12? with translucent PP sleeve, black inner and 30x30 cm poster inlay.



ISHAN SOUND VS RIDER SHAFIQUE: Ishan Sound vs Rider Shafique 2x12" (HOTLINE 008EP) 25.00
Six tracks from two of the hottest talents from the Young Echo collective, Ishan Sound and Rider Shafique. Dancefloor-damager "Militant Mindset" is included in its original form and as a sparse, heavy-hitting dub version by Portland-based E3, mixed at the Boomarm Nation HQ along with label boss Gulls. Mastered from stems and cut by Lewis at Stardelta. Printed sleeve designed by Studio Tape-Echo. Three die-cut stickers on front sleeve; two gold stickers on center labels. Vinyl only.


LURKA: Ritual Dingers/Choke 12" (HOTLINE 010EP) 12.50
180-gram 12" with stickered labels in stickered printed sleeve designed by Studio Tape-Echo. Crushing dancefloor rhythms on both sides, with "Ritual Dingers" making the rounds on Rinse FM, BBC Radio 1, and of course in the club via the likes of Ben UFO, James Blake, Pinch, Pev, Mumdance, Batu, Hodge, and more. The off-kilter, overweight 135bpm dubstep swagger of "Choke" has been a dubplate weapon in the hands of Gantz, as well as Young Echo's Ishan Sound and Kahn. Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.



GRITNESS, GARY: The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1 12" (HYPE 051EP) 15.50
With two releases under his belt on Clone, Gary Gritness aka Slikk Tim lands on Hypercolour with The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1. Hailing from France, Gritness had been spotted by Underground Resistance's "Mad" Mike Banks as "one to watch"; Here, a spot-on blend of raw drum programming and blissful jazz funk riffs, "Preachin' Some Tight Game" sets the EP's tone just right with its infectious melodies and cruising groove. Darker 1980s-soundtrack vibes are explored on "Stayin' Strong Hand" with its thick analog atmosphere, while the laid-back vibes of "Working Girls" demand to be played in the Cadillac with the top down.



JOHNSON ASSISTED BY JESSICA MAYER, RAGNAR: Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang/Windim Mambu 2LP (SOMA 024LP) 30.50
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Recorded by Ragnar Johnson, assisted by Jessica Mayer, in Papua New Guinea, April-August 1976. Tape-to-digital transfer by Dave Hunt at Dave Hunt Audio in London, July 2015. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, August 2015. Notes and photographs by Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer. First combined release. Originally released as two distinct LPs on Quartz Publications (!QUARTZ 001 (1977) and !QUARTZ 002 (1979)) by David Toop with the assistance of Sue Steward, Evan Parker, Robert Wyatt, and Alfreda Benge. Reissued as two distinct CDs on Rounder Records in 1999 (Rounder CD 5154 and Rounder CD 5155). Includes recordings of sacred flutes blown to make the cries of spirits by adult men in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea, pairs of long bamboo male and female flutes played for ceremonies in the coastal villages near the Ramu river, Ravoi flutes from Bak accompanied by two garamut (carved wooden slit gongs), Waudang flutes from the island of Manam accompanied by two large and two small slit gongs and six singers, Jarvan flutes from Awar accompanied by a shell rattle, and the cries of six different pairs of flutes and one pair of conch shells from the Ramu coast, two pairs of Waudang flutes from the island of Manam with singing, and Mo-mo resonating tubes from the Finisterre Range. Occasional percussion is provided by wooden slit gongs and hand drums. "We would like to thank the performers and people of the villages of Awar, Borai, Bo'da, Kaean, Kuluguma, Nubia Sissimungum and Damaindeh-Bau for making this record possible. Copies of the master tapes are in the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, Port Moresby. Ragnar Johnson thanks the Canadian I.D.RC. for supporting his anthropological research. Thanks to Dave Hunt for transferring the original magnetic tape recordings onto digital media and to Stephen O'Malley, David Toop and Evan Parker for assistance."



PADE, ELSE MARIE: Electronic Works 1958-1995 2CD (IMPREC 406CD) 19.50
2016 repress. Else Marie Pade, born in 1924 in Denmark, is a precious golden gem in the world of contemporary electro-acoustic music. She is a true pioneer of electronic music and musique concrète. Pade is Denmark's first lady of electronic music and her piece "Syv Cirkler (Seven Circles)" became the first electronic piece performed on Danish radio. Pade's fascination with sound began in early childhood. Isolated in her bed for long periods due to illness, she began listening and intensively observing the sounds around her. As a teenager being imprisoned for spying on Nazi compounds in Arhus, she had a similar experience of isolation and sharpening her awareness of sound. Once released from prison, she became a piano student at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen. When she was introduced to Pierre Schaeffer in 1952, she instead chose to pursue the nuances of her inner sound-world. Shortly after beginning her studies with Schaeffer, she had her first electronic composition premiered in 1958. Else Marie Pade's Electronic Works 1958-1995 is a double CD set of Pade's most important compositions which was restored and mastered at Dubplates & Mastering in 2014 in Berlin under the watchful ears of curator Jacob Kirkegaard. "The sounds outside became concrète music, and in the evening I could imagine that the stars and the moon and the sky uttered sounds and those turned into electronic music." --Else Marie Pade



KING TUBBY VS CHANNEL ONE: Dub Soundclash CD (JRCD 061CD) 14.00
King Tubby's studio and Channel One -- two of the great Jamaican studios that produced so many of the great reggae rhythms in Kingston -- find themselves here battling for the trophy. Bunny Lee threw rhythms over to Channel One, which had enlisted the great DJ Jah Stitch to return the fire. So sit back and enjoy two great institutions of the reggae sound, battling it out for supremacy. The winner? That's for the listener to decide. But in this Dub Soundclash there is no loser. CD includes six bonus tracks.



MODERNA Y THEUS MAGO: Lumière Noire 03 12" (KTDJ 040EP) 12.50
Chloé's Lumiére Noire continues with immersive techno from Moderna y Theus Mago. Pure modern techno with sharp acid basslines, plus a remix from post-punk band Die Wild Jagd.



KRAFT, SUZANNE: DJ-Safety 12" (KITJEN 004EP) 14.00
Super solid four-to-the-floor vibes by Suzanne Kraft from LA. Don't sleep on these three jams! Kitjen dares you to not play that A-side out at every opportunity. Mastered by Lupo at Calyx. Designed by Manuel Bürger.


GG 194CD

CHAKK: Clocks And Babies CD (GG 194CD) 19.00
"Chakk existed between 1981 and 1987. Their first single, 'Out Of The Flesh', was recorded with Richard H. Kirk at Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works studio and mixed and engineered by Alan Cross, a member of the band who had studio training. Chakk's original sound was centred around Cross' four track tape machine, some home built echo and effects boxes and a small mixing desk. They had always believed that the most important instrument a band could use was the studio itself. The first album by Sheffield electro funk group Chakk was originally released as a cassette by the band themselves in 1982. Personnel for this album: Mark Tattersall (also in Element/Transelement, drummer for Cabaret Voltaire on various recordings), Mark Brydon (also in Moloko, Hula), Sim Lister (also in Heights of Abraham), Alan Cross (DJ Alan X). This early recording, unheard by most people until today, presents a much jazzier and funkier Chakk than later Fon releases. It could be compared to early Clock DVA. There's also a lot of Cabaret Voltaire here, some Hula, also some Industrial music. The album is one wild ride of styles and sounds. It's a fantastic document of its time, and at the same time a timeless and brilliant piece of music. Carefully remastered for this first digital release."

GG 213CD

RENALDO & THE LOAF: The Elbow Is Taboo & Elbonus 2CD (GG 213CD) 29.00
"The Elbow is Taboo was Renaldo & The Loaf's fourth album and was released by Ralph in America, Torso in The Netherlands and Some Bizzare in the UK in 1987. You can hear a great technological step forward immediately. Also, the list of analogue instruments played on this album seems endless. Included is one of their most popular songs, 'Hambu Hodo' which was also released as a 12" single, and a cover version of the song 'Boule!' by French band Ptose. Sadly, it turned out to be their last album, the split followed soon afterwards. As with the other re-issues of this great band's recordings, we offer this new and remastered edition as a double CD. 'Elbonus' features not only the legendary 12" of Hambu Hodo, but also the unreleased 7" mix. There's also the the material that was issued on the scarce Hambu Hodo Tak Awa CD-R given away to 5 personal friends and some further unreleased stuff. A must-have."

GG 216CD

BOBUCK, CHARLES: This CD (GG 216CD) 19.00
"THIS is the end of an era. Charles Bobuck became visible about the same time The Residents felt the pinch of the popularity of free downloading. They, like many bands, shifted their energy toward live performance. However, Mr. Bobuck did not like touring. He preferred making albums. So he quit touring and made albums instead. Logical. THIS is a collection of music from the many "underground" albums he independently recorded between 2009 and 2016, as well as, pieces he wrote under the nom de plume of Sonidos de la Noche, Chuck, and The Residents during those same years. THIS collection is an insight into the more personalized music which Charles Bobuck, now in his 70s, created during his final years with The Residents, a legacy addition for any record collection. There are excerpts from the albums Mush-Room, The Highway, Dolor Generar, Life Is My Only Sunshine, Coochie Brake, Postcards From Patmos, What Was Left Of Grandpa, Chuck's Ghost Music, Roman De La Rose, God-O, Lying Horse Rock and Codgers On The Moon. Think you've heard it all? You haven't. Mr. Bobuck chose the pieces for THIS compilation himself, using many alternative mixes and adding three unreleased songs for your listening and collecting pleasure."



FIELD, THE: The Follower 2LP (KOM 350LP) 25.50
Double LP version. 180-gram vinyl. Includes download code. Celebrated Kompakt staple The Field returns to the spotlight with The Follower, his fifth full-length offering following From Here We Go Sublime (KOMP 057CD, 2007), Yesterday and Today (KOM 193LP, 2009), Looping State of Mind (KOMP 094CD/KOM 241LP, 2011), and Cupid's Head (KOMP 110CD/KOM 290LP, 2013). Swedish soundsmith Axel Willner is well known for his mastery when it comes to the allusive layering of loops, but it was with his 2013 album Cupid's Head that a newly found, somewhat pressing snappishness started to replace the soft-hued sonics of his ambient-infused techno, imbued with a darker mood and stronger footing than before. A carefully gauged balance of stoic motorik and gloomy drones was key here -- just as it is for The Follower, which goes even further in blurring the lines between concrete experimentation, body music, and precisely laid-out arrangement, leading to one of the most rhythmically and texturally engaging listening experiences in Willner's catalog. Title-track "The Follower" opening on a surprisingly muscular groove and setting the tone for what could be considered The Field's most floor-attuned work yet; a raw bounce dripping with foggy acid and marching percussion catches long-time fans off-guard while providing a perfect entry point for curious newcomers. Follow-up cut "Pink Sun" quickly finds its pace with one of these perpetually rotating hooks for which Willner is known, while "Monte Verità" specializes in tunefully glitched vocal samples with accompanying bass workout. This powerful, propelling album build-up finds its first moment of introspection with the mountainous "Soft Streams," an exciting synth journey that emits both ethereal and kinetic propensities. "Raise the Dead" presents The Field's focused sonic storytelling at its minimalist best, gyrating around a basic motive for a while before joining an earthy beat and opening up the sunshine roof. It's a winding, hypnotic track that also works particularly well as transition to the album's remarkable closing chapter; the slow-paced "Reflecting Lights" shows Willner at his most refined, evoking his often-quoted appreciation of Wolfgang Voigt's ambient project Gas as well as an obvious fondness for kraut synthesists and their trance-inducing exploits. The Follower shows a consistent evolution in The Field's trademark style of creation, but may very well be considered one of his most vibrant and visceral outings yet.


FIELD, THE: The Follower CD (KOMP 130CD) 15.50
Celebrated Kompakt staple The Field returns to the spotlight with The Follower, his fifth full-length offering following From Here We Go Sublime (KOMP 057CD, 2007), Yesterday and Today (KOM 193LP, 2009), Looping State of Mind (KOMP 094CD/KOM 241LP, 2011), and Cupid's Head (KOMP 110CD/KOM 290LP, 2013). Swedish soundsmith Axel Willner is well known for his mastery when it comes to the allusive layering of loops, but it was with his 2013 album Cupid's Head that a newly found, somewhat pressing snappishness started to replace the soft-hued sonics of his ambient-infused techno, imbued with a darker mood and stronger footing than before. A carefully gauged balance of stoic motorik and gloomy drones was key here -- just as it is for The Follower, which goes even further in blurring the lines between concrete experimentation, body music, and precisely laid-out arrangement, leading to one of the most rhythmically and texturally engaging listening experiences in Willner's catalog. Title-track "The Follower" opening on a surprisingly muscular groove and setting the tone for what could be considered The Field's most floor-attuned work yet; a raw bounce dripping with foggy acid and marching percussion catches long-time fans off-guard while providing a perfect entry point for curious newcomers. Follow-up cut "Pink Sun" quickly finds its pace with one of these perpetually rotating hooks for which Willner is known, while "Monte Verità" specializes in tunefully glitched vocal samples with accompanying bass workout. This powerful, propelling album build-up finds its first moment of introspection with the mountainous "Soft Streams," an exciting synth journey that emits both ethereal and kinetic propensities. "Raise the Dead" presents The Field's focused sonic storytelling at its minimalist best, gyrating around a basic motive for a while before joining an earthy beat and opening up the sunshine roof. It's a winding, hypnotic track that also works particularly well as transition to the album's remarkable closing chapter; the slow-paced "Reflecting Lights" shows Willner at his most refined, evoking his often-quoted appreciation of Wolfgang Voigt's ambient project Gas as well as an obvious fondness for kraut synthesists and their trance-inducing exploits. The Follower shows a consistent evolution in The Field's trademark style of creation, but may very well be considered one of his most vibrant and visceral outings yet.



POSITIVE CENTRE: Nonharmonic Beautifault 12" (LEYLA 004EP) 12.50
Positive Centre presents an intense EP from the sonic depths of his wayward imagination, with each side closed by a locked groove. "Blank Hand" is a sludge-fueled walk into dusty audio bites and asthmatic rhythms topped with screaming hoovers and TV static and "Body Molecule" pins a rushing pad and sparkling percussion to a rolling kick pattern before the deep, distorted kick of the first locked groove loops into infinity. "Angular Beautifault" blends acidic rhythms and buzz-saw synths before the uncompromising, fast-paced assault of "The Burin" and the distorted sub loop of the closing locked groove.


MIG 90572CD

GURU GURU: Live At Rockpalast 1976 & 2004 2CD/DVD (MIG 90572CD) 19.00
"1976, with six albums and eight years after being founded the German Krautrock legend Guru Guru was the first German band to be invited to play at Rockpalast. Guru Guru with their outstanding drummer Mani Neumeier have always been considered the perfect hippie band. Every festival of alternative music from Burg Herzberg to Finkenbach was their playground. Hence, this Rockpalast with two Rockpalast shows from 1976 and 2004 is also a document of Germany's music history. Guru Guru presents a wild mixture of rock, jazz and horseplay combined with rhythms of bossa nova or tango. Our special recommendation! Since 1968 up to this day Guru Guru is still live 'on the road' throughout the world."



ASHWORTH: Portland EP 12" (MOC 008EP) 12.50
Ashworth concentrates on the essence of solid techno in his first full EP for made of CONCRETE. "World" opens with a soft melodic lead before swiftly changing the tempo and immersing the listener in a syncopated bassline peppered with whirring synths that harmonize with full-scale piano cuts. On "Launch," the producer lays down hard-hitting techno drums from the get-go, setting the foundation for a tense atmosphere. "Mineral" reveals a stripped-down, minimalist approach, assembling the melody with the help of industrial elements, emotive bleeps, and electric glitches. "Scatter" shows Asworth's experimental edge, pairing the sub-bass lead with low-key synths and mechanical loops.



MADLIB & FREDDIE GIBBS: Pinata 2LP (MMS 022LP) 25.00
2016 repress; double LP version. "Freddie Gibbs is the product of violent, drug-laden streets. But unlike most rappers with similar resumes, he brings the block to the booth without inhibition or an exaggerated rap persona. Piñata, a 17 track collaboration with producer Madlib, is the best distillation yet of his transparent approach to making music, combining an at times stark honesty with electrifying talent as a lyricist and performer. Piñata is 'a gangster Blaxploitation film on wax,' says Gibbs, who came up on the streets of Gary, Indiana, the disregarded city known for producing Michael Jackson. Here he is joined by Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Raekwon, Scarface, Domo Genesis, Ab-Soul and a host of others in setting his soliloquies of the streets alongside film snippets and dusted funk, soul and prog musical tapestries. While this is the latest in a series of single-artist collaborations for Madlib, after Jaylib (J Dilla), Madvillainy (MF Doom) and the street-centric O.J. Simpson with Detroit's Guilty Simpson, the pairing is unique as it is the first time for Gibbs working with just one producer."



ROYAL FAMILY AND THE POOR: The Project Phase 1 - The Temple of the 13th Tribe LP (MNQ 052LP) 23.50
Restocked. The Royal Family And The Poor is the nomenclature adopted by Mike Keane, who recorded for Factory Records between 1980 and 1986. The Project Phase 1 - The Temple of the 13th Tribe, released in 1984, was produced in Manchester by Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook. Featuring the violinist John Neesham (of Walking Seeds and Mel-o-Tones) and the keyboard player Lita Hira from label-mates Stockholm Monsters, the album was done only after plenty of ups and downs in Keane's own life as well as numerous personnel shifts and incarnations, but the end results were a sometimes delicate and often enthralling combination. The combination of TR 808 and other drums, reverbed vocals, and aural mystery is all permeated by Keane's interest in the occult, while Hook's technological know-how adds a sharp rhythmic punch to tracks such as "Dark and Light," "Radio Egypt" and "Discipline." Other tracks include one of Mike Keane's best-known songs, the affecting ballad "I Love You (Restrained in a Moment)," and the sinister, vocodered "Motherland." Perhaps the most misunderstood band to record for Factory Records, The Royal Family And The Poor remain for many an (oc)cult enigma, releasing only four albums in two decades, and rarely performing live after 1984. A lost classic, highly recommended for fans of Joy Division, New Order, Section 25, Durutti Column, Death In June, etc. First vinyl reissue for the 30-year anniversary. Collectible limited edition of 500 copies.



FOXX, JOHN: Burning Car LP (META 059LP) 27.50
This vinyl-only release comes in a lavish gatefold sleeve designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, designer of David Bowie's Blackstar (2016). The release is limited to 750 individually numbered copies. Inspired by a rare Japanese six-track mini-album of the same name that included singles and B-sides from the 1980 Metamatic era, this release expands that concept into a full 12-track LP featuring tracks such as "This City," "My Face," "Mr No," "Glimmer," and the title-track, all mastered and cut for this release. This is the first time that "Like A Miracle (Alternative Version)" and "Young Love" have appeared on vinyl.


VA: He's A Liquid 12" (META 060EP) 16.50
Five of John Foxx's favorite contemporary artists cover tracks from his 1980 Metamatic album. Wrangler (with lead vocals by Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder) and Gazelle Twin give the surreal atmosphere of "He's A Liquid" a sinister, darker edge. Hannah Peel explores "Tidal Wave" with voice, electronics, and music box, while LoneLady strips back "030" with voice, beats, guitar, and cello. The Soft Moon's "No-One Driving" blends stomping mechanical beats, guitars, and intense keyboards, and Xeno & Oaklander's ferocious analog "He's A Liquid" features vocals by Liz Wendelbo. Artwork by Jonathan Barnbrook, designer of David Bowie's Blackstar (2016). Limited edition of 500.



HIDE: Flesh for the Living 12" (MIDWICH 005EP) 16.00
"Midwich is proud to present the vinyl debut of Chicago duo HIDE, the artistic collaboration between visual artist Heather Gabel and musician Seth Sher. HIDE creates aggressive and sparse haunting music that empowers as it punishes. HIDE's name and visual aesthetic also reflects their ideology of personal autonomy as performers/humans in a world of moral judgement and surveillance. Showcasing top-notch production values and a seamless visual aesthetic, their immersive sound draws the listener into a trance state with dense, throbbing dirges. Their themes and presentation confront power dynamics and their relation to personal ideas about gender identity/fluidity. HIDE erupted fully-formed in 2015, stupefying unsuspecting audiences into frenzied throngs of spontaneous, orgiastic abandon. HIDE's stark sound and visual presentation evoke distant echoes of industrial dance music, gothic rock and metal, while eschewing cliched trappings of past constraints. Punishing sub-bass, aggressive rhythms, and haunting vocals combine to create an immersive, entrancing sound. Their awe-inspiring presentation quickly garnered them tour support for Marilyn Manson, very soon after forming. Although, HIDE is her first musical project, Gabel is an accomplished visual artist, whose aesthetics mesh seamlessly with the duo's sound and her commanding stage presence exude the mystery and charisma of a seasoned veteran. Sher draws upon his deep studies in percussion and production technique to conjure a dense yet sparse atmosphere, sure to test the limits of most nightclub sound systems. Obscured in darkness, strobe and fog, HIDE will pull you into their world. Following a series of self-released cassettes, Flesh For the Living is HIDE's vinyl debut. This 3-track EP contains 3 soon-to-be anthems. Showcasing top-notch production values, these tracks have a physicality that matches their live show. The title track provides a bracing adrenaline rush that will have listeners on their feet, fists in the air. The remix of that track by Watts (for American Primitive) slows the pace, evoking a cinematic, dreamlike atmosphere. 'Limb From Limb' is a sinister side-long stomper that menaces with ethereal vocals, ghostlike percussion and a gut-wrenching low-end hook. Flesh For the Living was mastered by Ruud Lekx and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in New York. It comes housed in a full-color UV gloss jacket featuring retina-burning artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator and painter, Mark Salwowski with uniform Midwich layout by Beth Hall."


BARNETT, ALEX: Chew from the Mind LP (MIDWICH 006EP) 16.00
"Midwich is proud to present the full-length debut of Alex Barnett under his own name. Barnett is a Chicago-based electronic musician known for his work with dark ambient group Oakeater and collaborative work with Faith Coloccia in Barnett & Coloccia on Blackest Ever Black, in addition to a handful of cassettes and collaborative projects. Barnett's personal blend of sound design and composition comes from many hours building, repairing and breaking electronics. Chew From the Mind is a raw yet elegant synthesizer album that is surreal, beautiful and evocative of previous horror-score theme work, while expanding his sound toward more raw electronic influences. The album draws from a heady mixture of early new wave and synth-pop, '70s-era Miles Davis, science fiction literature and the past 15 years of the American underground. Within its thematic unity, Chew From the Mind paints a variety of scenarios, ranging from claustrophobic to vast, ethereal to rawly physical. The tracks were recorded and mixed in his home studio, employing a diverse set of drum machines and synthesizers in various states of functionality or development. Chew From the Mind is not only a defining statement for Alex Barnett, but for the Midwich and the midwestern electronic underground. It is an alluring and addictive listen. 'This record focuses on themes of consciousness: embracing my own human ineffectiveness and mutant qualities, exploring machine personality, contemplating the functions and malfunctions of the mind, and mapping the suspense of everyday life'--Alex Barnett. Chew From the Mind was mastered by Ruud Lekx and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in New York. It comes housed in a full-color UV gloss jacket featuring retina-burning artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator and painter, Mark Salwowski with uniform Midwich layout by Beth Hall."



VA: Dengue Fever Presents Electric Cambodia LP (MKY 001LP) 20.00
LP version on cream vinyl. Includes a download certificate with extra tracks. "This music was recorded in the 1960s and early '70s soon after Cambodia became an independent nation. It was a period of rapid modernization that not only influenced music, but also architecture, sculpture, painting, dance and cinema. For many, it was Cambodia's own artistic renaissance, a time pointing to a hopeful future. This golden era came to a sudden end when the Khmer Rougetook control of the country in 1975 and brutally attempted to destroy any trace of modern society. Sadly, while many of the recordings of modern Cambodian rock and roll survived, most of the artists who created it did not. Over the last decade Dengue Fever has culled this compilation of their favorite Cambodian rock and roll from many different cassette tapes. The great music you'll find here is a testament to the spirit of a modern Cambodia that existed not so long ago, and should be remembered today."


MR 359CD

VA: Algo Salvaje: Untamed 60s Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain Vol 2 CD (MR 359CD) 17.50
"The second volume of Algo Salvaje ('Something Wild'), carrying the torch lit by the first volume (MR 314CD/LP, 2014). A festival of raw beats, direct and aggressive, mixed with understandable stylistic digressions, given the psychedelic transformation at the time. All are identifying marks of this second volume, a collection that should legitimize the Spanish garage-beat scene as one of the great musical (and social) offerings from a country that was stretching its limbs as much as it possibly could despite the restricting bonds of dictatorship. We return to those days to celebrate a wild, purely hedonistic, juvenile adventure. Whether they were city dwellers or country folk, university students or illiterates with only the most basic education, their musical cry had little to do with the studied social outbursts of the singer-songwriter, nor did it pertain to any specific alternative music scene. The most restless adolescents understood that the volatile social chemistry of those years demanded of them both flexibility and resource management. In other words, wide open ears with no restrictive earplugs of any kind: beat, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, Bo Diddley beats, folk-rock, the early scent of psychedelia. . . . A quarter of the material here shows the genre's continued presence beyond 1968, sensitive and permeable to the new musical trends. And of course once again we find the omnipresent influence of the Liverpool sound and English beat in general. All of that shaken (and well stirred) with our own sense of identity to create an authentic mish-mash of a cocktail that today, fortunately, is recognized internationally, and which reveals to us the real starting point for a fair assessment of this scene: those uncertain times in the 60s in which a simple small-town boy decided, at least for a few energetic moments, not to bow down to anyone or anything" --Vicente Fabuel. Includes extensive notes by Fabuel featuring artist photos and all of the original record sleeves. Includes tracks (many reissued for the first time) by Cefe y los Gigantes, Los Salvajes, Los Tonks, Los Flechas, The Vampires, Los Pops, Los Águilas Reales, Grupo 15, The Brisks, Los Ángeles Negros, Ramón-5, Los Gatos Negros, Los Crich, Los Indonesios, Los Diablos Negros, Los Relámpagos, Los Archiduques, Los Soñadores, Los Íberos, Los Simuns, Los Zinkos, Smash, Don y Su Banda Club, Bruno Lomas, Los Z-66, Los Gritos, Cirros, and Juan & Junior.


NW 80774CD

MOONDOG AKA LOUIS T. HARDIN: Round the World of Sound CD (NW 80774CD) 15.00
"To reduce the music of Louis Thomas Hardin (1916-1999) to the legendary figure of Moondog would be to pass over the real work of the composer. The melodic invention, the prodigious rhythms, and the mixture of genres, as original as they are obvious, all come together form a music that merits consideration strictly as music. To interpret Moondog's Madrigals, we wanted to develop aspects of the original recording of 1970, but also to produce a 'live' version, one that would express the vitality and energy of ensemble music, and in order to enrich the instrumentation we chose a different combination of instruments for each piece. Round the World of Sound is an album of songs, and the singers were employed in many ways: alone or in duets, polyphonic (sometimes a capella) or in chorus, and sometimes the musicians added their own voices to those of Vincent Bouchot and Nathalie Duong. When we were invited to play this music in a festival that contained many types of music, the organizer asked to try to define the genre, and we answered, 'Well, let's just call it pop chamber music.' -- Didier Aschour, music director, Dedalus This twenty-five piece selection is entitled Madrigal Book 1, and is a nod to the system Johann Sebastian Bach used for his Well-Tempered Clavier. Here, Moondog passes through all the major and minor tonalities, following the cycle of fourths. Thus, the opening 'Bells Are Ringing' is in C major, followed by 'Voices of Spring' in A minor, 'What's the Most Exciting Thing' in F major and so on until the return to C major with 'Sparrows'. The recording spans twenty years of composing and bohemian life in the very heart of Manhattan, on its streets and under its porches. It features pieces from the early 1950s ('All Is Loneliness', 'Be a Hobo') as well as later canons written in June 1968."

NW 90001LP

PARTCH, HARRY: A Portrait LP (NW 90001LP) 21.00
Restocked. "Limited edition LP release (180g vinyl) + free download card. Selecting illustrative works from the lifetime of a creative person is a daunting task; doing so with a singularly individual artist like Harry Partch is all the more difficult. In the more than four decades since Partch's death, interest in his both his life and his compositional output has continued to grow, and there remains a place for documents that can offer insights, suggest paths, and give new life to that creator's endeavors. Even as duplicate instrumental ensembles are beginning to appear, and the original Partch instrumental resources have found a new home for performance and study, there is considerable value in returning to the many recordings he crafted over his lifetime of composition and performance. These are recordings that carry not only the stamp of the author, but his voice as well -- Partch himself appears in every single track of this record, either as singer, instrumentalist, or both. This remastered version of The Dreamer That Remains has never been available before and is making its first appearance in any format. The 12-page booklet includes an essay by the Harry Partch Foundation's Jon Szanto and numerous rare photographs provided by the foundation and other sources. An invaluable document for both Partch enthusiasts and neophytes! Limited to 700 copies."


NC 005EP

FILTER DREAD: Space Loops 12" (NC 005EP) 16.50
180-gram 12". Standalone edition of Space Loops by Filter Dread, the second 12" in the 2014 From The Reels: A NoCorner Collection four-disc set. First released as a cassette in 2013. Twenty years of source material deconstructed and recomposed through a maze of appropriately archaic technology for 40 minutes of tense, jungle-rooted experimentation. Cut as one continuous groove per side, this music flows uninterruptedly, offering the same listening experience as the cassette. It's also been beautifully remastered by Lewis at Stardelta and is easily loud enough for the DJs. Includes download code. Printed sleeve designed by Studio Tape-Echo. Limited edition of 500.

NC 006EP

LILY: Modern Malaise 12" (NC 006EP) 16.50
180-gram 12". Standalone edition of Modern Malaise by Lily, the third 12" in the 2014 From The Reels: A NoCorner Collection four-disc set. First released as a cassette in 2014. Cut as one continuous groove per side, this music flows uninterruptedly, offering the same listening experience as the cassette. It's also been beautifully remastered by Lewis at Stardelta and is easily loud enough for the DJs. Includes download code. Printed sleeve designed by C26 and Studio Tape-Echo. Limited edition of 500.

NC 12001EP

SYSTEMWIDE: Provisional (Dub)/Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix) 12" (NC 12001EP) 12.50
Two crucial cuts from the Systemwide vaults of the late '90s and early '00s. The searing "Provisional (Dub)" is a heavily loaded piece of bass-and-drum-centric dubwise music originally released in 1999 on the Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze at the City of the Dead 12". The shimmering "Pan American Midnight Sun Remix" of "Ripe Up" is centered around introspective melodica and isolated bass guitar, with shreds of the percussion escaping through an array of effects. Written and performed live by Systemwide. Mixed by Josh Derry. Remastered via ½-inch tape by Lewis at Stardelta. Triple-stamped brown paper sleeve. Vinyl only.

NC 7001EP

JABU: Move in Circles/You & I (Kahn Remix) 7" (NC 7001EP) 9.00
2013 release. Jabu of the Young Echo collective finally release the in-demand "Move in Circles," backed with a stunning Kahn remix of "You & I." Two sonic tales of love and loss, put in suitably abstract terms to which everyone can relate. A timeless record that will never get tired. Mastered via ½-inch tape at Stardelta. Hand-stamped sleeve designed by C26. Vinyl only. Edition of 500.

NC 7002EP

JABU (FEAT. CHESTER GILES): Slow Hours 7" (NC 7002EP) 11.00
Having previously released a cassette and a 7" (NC 7001EP, 2013) on the label, Jabu return to No Corner with a slowly turning piece about lovesickness and longing. From the first beat through the final chorus, the brooding tension and almost unbearable tranquility of chester giles's words amplify the heaviness of the rhythm, controlling time until Alex Rendall, the voice of Jabu, joins with the chorus. "Achingly smooth," as Steve Barker puts it. Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta via Ampex tape machine. Single-sided 7" in hand-numbered printed sleeve. Front cover designed by Amos Childs. Center label and layout by Studio Tape-Echo. Edition of 500.



CASWELL, SAGE: House of Jeans EP 12" (NIO 002EP) 14.00
American producer Sage Caswell drops four quality house cuts for the second release on Huxley's No Idea's Original label. The LA-based artist's string of innovative productions, including releases on Spring Theory, Peach, Archie Pelago Music, and Waze & Odyssey's W&O Street Tracks, have garnered him a reputation as "one to watch." "Welcome Home" meanders forward suspensefully with zealous percussion and a rumbling low end. Crunchy snares and warped synths generate the absorbing "What Starts To Happen" before "House of Jeans" delivers cavernous kicks, echoing effects, and a looped vocal sample and "Leaving" combines shuffling hats with smooth chords for a mesmerizing conclusion.


MVD 8071EP

KIRLIAN CAMERA: Austria/Tor Zwei 7" (MVD 8071EP) 18.00
"Re-release of the 7" version of 'Austria', exclusive single out with the album Eclipse in 1988: classic black vinyl edition, with the original cover and original track list: A1 Austria B1 Tor Zwei. It is also included in colored gold vinyl in the limited Eclipse Box edition. One of the most rare and collected singles ever in the band's discography!"

MVD 8072EP

KIRLIAN CAMERA: The Three Shadows 7" (MVD 8072EP) 18.00
"Old material from 1989 to 1991, released for the first time and originally conceived to be a single for the album Todesengel - The Fall of Life. The quality of these tracks, directly taken from the archive and saved by miracle, is typical of the KC-sound of the end of 80s, but also more desert and suffered. This announce the icy career of the future (more underground comparing with the pop-attitutude of Eclipse or Blue Room). 5 intense and dramatic tracks (3 bonus tracks), starting with 'Lights from Poland', a very brilliant instrumental track, also included in the LP-Picture Disc edition of Todesengel (Discordia). This is a great opportunity to discover a real piece of history, out in Silver 7"-Vinyl. Tracklist 7": (A1 Lights From Poland - A2 Data Retrieval Center Canada: Albert S - A3 Evening Shadow - B1 Bondarenko: The Lost Days - B2 Reentry)."

MVD 8074LP

KIRLIAN CAMERA: Eclipse: Das Schwarze Denkmal LP + 7" (MVD 8074LP) 95.00
"Finally re-released on box set deluxe edition. Norton North presents a collection of deluxe re-releases by Kirlian Camera: after 26 years the best-seller album Eclipse is again available on vinyl with the original tracklist and artwork (with the standard Norton North gatefold cover). This record is one of the most representative albums of the 80's, with his icy and pop style at the same time, a monumental classic for the synthpop and electronic scene, but also darkwave and experimental (the title-track 'Eclipse' is a real classic for each underground club worldwide). Produced by John Fryer (4AD). Original released by Rose Rosse Records (Cat: ROSE 5021), Italy, 1988. Tracklist (Side A: 'Intro: Lux' - 'Eclipse' - 'River Of No Return' - 'The Christ' - 'Celephais' / Side B: - 'Austria' - 'Tor Zwei' - 'Aura' - 'Epitaph'). It comes out in 500 Box-Sets (Deluxe Edition): gold vinyl, exclusive t-shirt, poster, 7" 'Austria' (silver vinyl)."

MVD 8144CD

KIRLIAN CAMERA: The Three Shadows CD (MVD 8144CD) 13.00
"This is old material from 1989 to 1991, released for the first time and originally conceived to be the single for the album Todesengel - The Fall of Life. The quality of these tracks, directly from the archive and saved by miracle, is typical of the KC-sound of the end of 80', but also more deserted and suffered, announcing the icy career of the near future (more underground comparing with the pop-attitutude of 'Eclipse' or 'Blue Room'. The 5 tracks are intense and drammatic (3 bonus tracks), starting with the opening 'Lights from Poland' that is a very brilliant instrumental also included in the LP-Picture Disc edition of Todesengel (Discordia)."

MVD 8146CD

KIRLIAN CAMERA: It Doesn't Matter, Now CD (MVD 8146CD) 16.00
"For the first time on CD the first album by Kirlian Camera It Doesn't Matter, Now, originally released in 1983 by Angelo Bergamini and Simona Buja, digitally remastered for this occasion and presented with a new cover. This brilliant first chapter is the first official work, after the Kirlian Camera minialbum, and presents two important singles 'Communicate' and 'Edges' that open to the band some tv-appearence and a first success in clubs and magazines, confirming this band from Italy one of the promising new band in the new wave and dark 80s scene! A real monumental album for the period, full of energy, with sounds smelling that period, with post-punk and modern-pop influences in the original form that will become in the years a real trademark for the band, an original sound proper of the band, anguish and hypnotic, a mix of several atmospheres, also very difficult to be cloned by other bands. A great opportunity for all collectors to listen this album for the first time in digital audio!"


PP 777EP

CLOUD ONE: Disco Juice/Charleston Hopscotch 12" (PP 777EP) 15.00
"Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the studio-bound disco unit Cloud One made its debut in 1976 with the spectacular Atmosphere Strut and throughout the seventies, became the centerpiece for Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Heavenly Star, and Sound of New York, all labels ran by Peter Brown & Patricia Gilyard. At a time when most music was recorded with a full army of studio musicians, Cloud One records were mostly played, arranged and mixed in their entirety by Patrick Adams himself!!! The ability to 'work on his own' allowed the music to feel more experimental than the work he did on major labels at the time. Released in 1977 'Disco Juice' is probably P&P's best-known cut and for good reason. All the elements are there; a catchy melody reinforced by Venus Dodson's vocals, a driving bass line, an accentuated piano and of course the signature Patrick Adams Synth Strings unifying the whole composition and creating a delirious and hypnotic effect. It's no surprise this Record has been a point of reference to many house music producers, and sampled famously by artists like Norman Cook and Paul Johnson. From the Streets of Harlem to the beaches of Ibiza, 38 years later this juice keeps aging like a fine wine."



LAMONT: Pondering/Shadows 12" (PPCS 002EP) 14.00
Two cuts from fast-rising Bristol producer Lamont. "Pondering" is up first, featuring Beezy on vocals setting the murky tone over a low-slung roller as razor-sharp fragments fling out from below the elasticated low-end and the precise bounce of the drum pattern, sure to give the rig a good test. The B-side features the instrumental goodness of "Shadows," proving Lamont's skill in the field of nu-age darkside garage music once again.



VA: Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Five 1966-1971 CD (PART 4056CD) 17.00
A lysergic pop extravaganza featuring original flower power wonders from the psychedelic age way down under in Australasia, 1966-'71. From the luminous void that yields such pleasures as Peter Best and The Expression to other lysergic pop platters promising menacing feats of apocalyptic punch courtesy of Cam-Pact, The La De Das, Travis Wellington Hedge, The Wheelbarrow, Sons of Bacchus, Zoot, and The Clik, Upside Down delivers 20 long-forgotten relics with a potent collection of psychedelic misadventure. Particles proudly presents the forgotten story of Colonel Burke's pink suspenders with a 16-page full-color booklet containing comprehensive background liners and rare archival photos. Professionally remastered original recordings. Also includes tracks by Larry's Rebels, The Simple Image, Dave 'n' Lee, Autumn, The Society, Steve and the Board, and Climax 5.



TONIQUE, JEAN: You LP (FINE 019LP) 23.00
LP version. Includes download code. Limited edition of 500. Having drawn comparisons to artists like Kaytranada and Pomo, French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique presents You on Yuksek's Partyfine label. Jean Tonique makes an effort to distance himself from genre-defining elements while approaching his music from an organic and raw songwriting perspective. Using elements from hip hop, house, and '70s/'80s funk, the multifaceted producer likes to draw people in with the malleable dynamics of his music. After remixes of tracks by Lana Del Rey, Outkast, The Kooks, and many more, Jean Tonique has broken into the online market and is a regular fixture on Hype Machine's ten "Most Blogged Artists" list. Here, he expands his presence in electronic music with You, delivering the old school, happy vibe of his funky house music. Features appearances from Iris, Jessie Chaton, Gion Arto, and Dirty Radio.



EASY MORPH: College Road 12" (PMR 012EP) 14.50
French duo Easy Morph follow their 2015 debut 12" with College Road. Opener "Stitched" follows droning bass and a dissonant pad with a steamroller sub-bass, an arpeggiated synth, and sharpened cymbals. "College Road" is a bright, energetic, trippy techno track influenced by house grooves and sonorities, for club use (not only). "BKR" was constructed live with both hardware and software to create a freaky bouncing groove.



ISHAN SOUND: Ishan Sound 2x12" (PENGSOUND 006EP) 19.50
Ishan Sound returns to Peng Sound, the label where it all began, with his biggest release to date, packing no less than eight of the finest cuts from the depths of his legendary dubplate bag. Ishan Sound launched into the soundsystem world in 2013 with the mystical Clash of the Titans 12" featuring veteran vocalist Ras Addis and a remix by Dubkasm, followed by releases on ZamZam Sounds and Tectonic. These eight cuts cement his status as a unique, solid figure in the dubwise soundsystem scene of the Bristol area.



MANMADE SCIENCE: Chitown 12" (PHP 072EP) 14.00
The Manmade Science duo returns to Philpot with two awesome pieces of house with that special MMS signature. To come close to the Manmade Science universe one has to understand their love for drums, record collections, and soulful music. Clear 12".


PI 169LP

PUCE MARY: The Spiral LP (PI 169LP) 22.00
The Spiral is Puce Mary's third LP for Posh Isolation. It follows where 2014's critically acclaimed Persona left off. Working more precisely than ever, The Spiral binds the listener in a tight web of sharp synthesizers, hammering percussion, obscured vocals, field recordings, and blistering noise. Intimidatingly personal, though never allowing the introspection to become aimless, Puce Mary manages to honor the history of industrial music and noise while simultaneously transforming it. The Spiral is harsh, but the aggression of the compositions never feels unnecessarily overstated or irrelevant. As the feverish sexuality of The Spiral comes into focus as the album's cornerstone, the exertion of the recording is problematized and turns errant. The vestige of safety in dominance and submission is antagonized as audience and artist take turns being dealt blows. The Spiral charts this instability as a perennial tonic in sound. With an already impressive discography and live career, Puce Mary has manifested herself as a key voice in new experimental electronic music. This album is further proof that she has earned her praise.



DJ NJ DRONE: Syn Stair 12" (PTP 007EP) 20.00
Geng's Purple Tape Pedigree continues its deviation from the electronic club music tradition with Syn Stair by NYC producer DJ NJ Drone. Uncoiling at a frantic, 150bpm+ pulse, "Syn Stair" is a stomach-sinking exercise in tension with arpeggiated synth chatter and mutant noise. The A-side focuses on a brooding, weightless approach ("Syn Stair (No Fountain)," "SYN 555 Zone") with bursts of stop-n-go movement ("10 Cones"), the flip is where momentum gathers from quickened stalk ("Syn Stair (Blind)," "Sharp") to pursuit, ending at a punishing 4x4 charge ("Spectral Future Loop").


RAD 7002LP

OCTOPUS: Restless Night LP (RAD 7002LP) 23.50
180-gram LP. Gatefold sleeve. Limited edition of 500. Originating in Hatfield, UK, in 1967, Octopus released their lone LP, Restless Night, in 1971 on the Penny Farthing label. Produced by Tony Murray of The Troggs, the album bridges the gap between '60s psychedelia and a harder-edged '70s sound, drawing on the obvious touchstones of the time including Lennon/McCartney, Argent/Blunstone, and the brothers Davies and Gibb. But Octopus had the songwriting and playing chops to make this album much more than an also-ran; with hooks galore, swirling organ, and fuzz-tone guitars, Restless Nights is a prime piece of early-'70s UK psychedelia that's rare as hen's teeth in its original form.

RAD 7005LP

PICADILLY LINE, THE: The Huge World of Emily Small LP (RAD 7005LP) 23.50
Limited-edition 180-gram LP. Originally released in 1967, this sought-after obscurity of British psychedelic pop is a delightful confection of high harmonies and a Beatles-via-California melodic sensibility. Twee in the best way possible, The Picadilly Line was essentially the duo of Rod Edwards and Roger Hand (who would go on to greater fame as Edwards Hand, releasing two albums produced by George Martin), with help from the cream of the UK's session musician crop and some expert horn and string arrangers. With whimsical slice-of-life lyrics and a true ear for melody, The Huge World of Emily Small is a classic piece of UK pop-psych available again on LP for the first time since 2006.


RM 474CD

Room40 continues the publication of a series of editions from American guitarist and composer Norman Westberg with a remastered and expanded edition of the previously self-released MRI. Best known for his work with the seminal outfit Swans, Westberg's output beyond that group is sprawling and restless. His name recurs and ripples through many interconnected micro-histories surrounding New York City's music and art scenes. From appearances in film works associated with the Cinema of Transgression to his participation in bands such as The Heroine Sheiks and Five Dollar Priest, Westberg's name is woven deeply into the fabric of New York from the early '80s on. MRI is the result of Westberg's encounters with the heavy medical scanning technology after recognizing his diminished hearing. "I started to notice a loss of hearing in my right ear," Westberg explains, "and decided that it was high time that I had it checked out by a professional. The audiologist confirmed the uneven hearing loss and recommended an MRI. The purpose of the MRI was to make sure that there was not something other than my own aural misadventures causing the uneven loss." This work is a coda to this experience. Recorded in 2012, it is a collection of reductive rolling guitar pieces that are embedded strongly in the American minimalism tradition. The newly mastered and post-produced edition also features a brand-new piece, "Lost Mine," recorded in 2015 as an echo of the processes that led to the original recordings. It follows Room40's reissue of Westberg's 13 in late 2015. From Lawrence English: "Norman Westberg's guitar playing with SWANS has influenced a generation of musicians across genres. I can personally attest to how his particular approaches to that instrument, in creating both harmony and brute force, have challenged and ultimately influenced my own sonic preoccupations. What Norman has created with his solo works is an echoing universe of deep texture and harmonic intensity. His solo compositions generate an affecting quality that drives the listener towards reductive transcendence."


RS 096LP

BUDD, HAROLD: Perhaps 2LP (RS 096LP) 23.00
Repressed; double LP version. Recorded live on December 8, 2006 at a memorial event for James Tenney at California Institute of the Arts, Perhaps is Harold Budd sublimely distilled. Striking in its restraint and simplicity yet profoundly resonant in its depth and message, it is both eulogy to a departed friend and defining statement from an artist at the apotheosis of his career. Originally available only digitally (and only from Samadhisound's web site), Perhaps sees its first-ever and much-deserved physical release, mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Engineered by Justin Jones (at CalArts), Clay Chaplin and Aaron Drake. Edited by Justin Jones. Layout by Vicky Fong. "Some 35 years ago, Jim Tenney and I were half of the composition faculty at the brand new California Institute of the Arts -- CalArts. He was in those five years (1970-1975) my best friend. We lived in an out-of-the-way rural area at the fringes of the Mojave Desert and were often to be found drinking beer and playing pool in one of a number of local cowboy bars. We never agreed about music. Jim was a champion of early 20th century modernism; I was an anti-vanguard sensualist, at least in music. In the early 70s, Jim set about writing a series of 'Post Card Pieces' -- short aphorisms for dozens of friends. The one for me was called '(night)', as I recall: asking for something that's 'very long ... nearly white' ... My performance, in Jim's memory (75-minutes, non-stop and improvised) was, thus, not a composition but a provocation, and one I whole-heartedly addressed: I loved every moment. The 'titles' were conjured a month after the performance. Mostly, they don't refer to any aspect of the music they're joined to. The final task was to edit out some (but not all) extraneous noise and to shorten some gaps (as I pondered very quickly what to do next)." --Harold Budd, January 31, 2007


RB 061CD

VYNEHALL, LEON: Rojus (Designed To Dance) CD (RB 061CD) 17.00
Leon Vynehall has established himself as a genuine artist, creating proper songs that are as layered with musicality and craftsmanship as they are in tune with the dancefloor. Drawing influence from house, techno, disco, funk, hip hop, and soul, Vynehall's music incorporates many elements from his musical past as well; his journey, like most, began with playing drums and piano in bands as a teenager, which manifests itself in the raw, live sound he strives for in his productions. His work has seen him dabble in various tempos, palettes, and styles while always remaining unmistakably his own, reflecting his wide-ranging listening habits, which span everything from classical and orchestral compositions to post-punk. Vynehall describes the inspiration for Rojus (Designed To Dance): "Two years ago I played at Studio 9 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The following day I missed my flight home and ended up spending an extra day, which gave me a chance to explore the city with my friend Linus, who took me to the Contemporary Art Centre. It was there I spotted a book named Rojus, that Linus told me translated as 'Paradise'. The word and striking cover of the book stuck in my mind. A few days after returning home, I turned on a National Geographic documentary named Designed To Dance, explaining the courtship rituals of Birds Of Paradise." Rojus (Designed To Dance), Vynehall goes on to explain, is a "record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these Birds Of Paradise and their habitat."



MOCTAR, MDOU: Afelan LP (SAHEL 017LP) 16.00
2016 repress. "Tuareg rock from Niger's singer-songwriter Mdou Moctar. Tales of anguished love and broken hearts, plus some well known classics. Famous for his autotuned studio sessions popular on West African cellphones, here Mdou performs live. Recorded on location in Niger, electrifying, distorted, and blown out guitar balances with sweet melodies of Saharan folk."



FRANK AND TONY: Waiting Ground 12" (SAT 025EP) 14.50
Frank and Tony deliver four prime cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Vinyl-only opener "Ebreo" places silky smooth bass over a bed of soft, swirling percussion highlighted by a pitched-down steel drum. The "Breakaway Edit" of Donato Wharton's "Absentia," first heard on Frank and Tony's acclaimed Resident Advisor podcast, loops brittle bits of the original's hushed ambient tones over a chunky kick and shuffling hi-hat to hypnotic effect. "Waiting Ground" evokes the sun-kissed euphoria of early-hour raves with its lush atmospherics and thick kick. "Pavane" flips this laid-back attitude, adding an in-your-face kick and propulsive pads.



Live 1993 takes the 12th of The Wedding Present's infamous Live Tape series (cassettes that the band sold at concerts and through their fanzine in the '80s and '90s) and pairs it with a previously unreleased live recording. The Wedding Present's Live Tape series was unavailable elsewhere, so the cassettes have since become rare collectors' items. This is the seventh in the Scopitones label's series of beautifully mastered double-CD re-releases, all of which have been graciously received by the band's loyal fans. Live 1993 includes mixing-desk recordings of Wedding Present concerts in Tokyo on March 17, 1993, and at the legendary and long-gone Old Trout in Windsor, England, on October 28, 1993, and contains 32 tracks in total. The 1993 Japanese tour was the band's first-ever trip to Japan. This set precedes The Wedding Present's 2016 studio album Going, Going...



STALAWA: Rough Winer 7" (SCOB 059EP) 11.00
Rising French producer Stalawa skips back to the digital '80s for an old-meets-new track creation to get you jumping. Stalawa has taken the original vocal to 1989's "Rough Winer" by high-voiced deejay Lloyd D Stiff and built a different riddim in a sprightly major-key style. This production has even been mastered in the Mungo's studio on a Sansui WS-X1 multi-track cassette recorder to give a genuine lo-fi '80s sound.


STALAWA: Rough Winer 2 7" (SCOB 060EP) 11.00
These takes on Stalawa's "Rough Winer" riddim reflect its unique flavor -- vintage '80s yet modern dancehall-friendly. The first is the reassuringly upbeat "Don't Panic" by contemporary Italian singer and friend of Mungo's, Marina P. Her singjay delivery is complemented on the flip by an ode to minding one's own business by granite-toned Jamaican deejay Dignitary Stylish (of 1986 hit "Jah Send Mi Come" fame).



KOLETZKI, OLIVER: 10 Years Stil vor Talent Presented by Oliver Koletzki CD (SVT 160CD) 17.00
Since DJ and producer Oliver Koletzki started the label in 2005, Stil vor Talent has striven to support emerging young artists, to continuously broaden and redefine its sound, and, ultimately, to create lasting memories, both on and off the dancefloor. The dancefloor is the place where people gather to leave the worries of everyday lives behind, and, for those few moments, form a bond that transcends the final track of the night -- a bond between one another; between the artist and the dancer. With 10 Years Stil vor Talent, the label celebrates this bond and says, "Thank you." Includes tracks by HVOB, Joachim Pastor, Björn Störig, Teenage Mutants, EdOne & Bodden, Moonwalk & Rafael Cerato, Sascha Braemer, Kellerkind, Several Definitions, Boy Next Door, Oliver Koletzki, Reinier Zonneveld, and Tobi Kramer. Includes download code for 25 tracks (full album plus 13 bonus tracks).



SHEEP, THE: War Babies CD (STCCD 3005CD) 17.00
On May 27, 1973, Britain's top rock venue, the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London, put on a concert to a sold-out throng of 2,700 people. The main attraction on the bill was a bunch of longhairs who looked like archetypal Californian hippies, but in fact emanated from Milwaukee. Clearly taking their musical influences from bands like Jefferson Airplane while dedicated to a full-on declaration of gospel truth, The Sheep would take the Christian rock scene by storm. With two albums and a rock opera soundtrack, The Sheep had arrived in a world that seemed ripe for salvation. Armed with fuzz guitars, Hammond organ, and the leading talents of Greg Nancarrow, they were set to launch their own love revolution on the world via Nazi sympathizers and an estranged cult. Stoned Circle takes a precarious leap into psychedelic Christian rock and invites you to an alternative heavy sabbath. Professionally remastered original sound recordings with informative liners, interviews, and rare archival photos. You may have seen the light, but now it's time to hear it!


"Her singing was exceptional. Wonderful breathy phrasing and clear enunciation married a husky, beautiful voice that was as comfortable with jazz as folk music." --folklore collector and cultural historian Warren FaheyVirtually ignored outside her native Australia, Marian Henderson (1937-2015) provided folk fans worldwide with a brief, but inspired soundtrack. Her jazz background also drew profound accolades from numerous musicians, but for all the applause, Henderson's recorded legacy remains sadly short. Her 1970 album Cameo reveals a simplicity and depth that deserve far greater recognition than she received during her career. Alongside valuable interpretations of Sandy Denny's "Fotheringay," Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger," and The Incredible String Band's "First Girl I Loved," this set offers a sublime collection of numerous traditionals to which Henderson gives new life. Stoned Circle very proudly presents the first-ever reissue of the astounding Cameo, Marian Henderson's sole album. Accompanying a fully remastered Cameo, the second disc includes a remastered collection of her other rare recorded appearances from the 1964 Pix magazine EPs and the compilations the The Restless Years and Old Botany Bay. Includes background liners and rare archival photos.



CARLI: Lights & Strobes 12" (BARN 038EP) 14.00
Carli Löf -- true musical genius, master producer of everything from rugged and raw grime scorchers to straight up Eurovision goodness -- finally debuts on Studio Barnhus with nothing less than a timeless laser-soaked rave hymn. On the flip, Pedrodollar Nordkvist flexing some serious remix muscle with a work of contemplative comedown house and/or a solemn ode to ancient trance gods.


SV 048CD

CONRAD WITH FAUST, TONY: Outside The Dream Syndicate CD (SV 048CD) 19.00
"Violinist, composer and filmmaker Tony Conrad started his career in New York in the early 1960s. As a member of the Theater of Eternal Music (a.k.a. the Dream Syndicate) alongside John Cale, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Angus MacLise, he participated in now-legendary and often legendarily loud drone performances with many pieces having no beginning and no end. During a fateful trip to Germany in 1972, Conrad met with avant-rock visionaries Faust and made the very first record to bear his name. Outside The Dream Syndicate, originally released in Europe only in 1973, is a stunning debut. Two side-long tracks -- 'The Side Of Man And Womankind' and 'The Side Of The Machine' -- show just how far Conrad had moved beyond his minimalist peers. Werner Diermaier's repetitive drum beat and Jean-Hervé Peron's stripped-down bassline conjure a tense, ascetic groove, while Conrad's seamless violin, initially so controlled, reveals a surprising adaptability. The music shifts almost on a subliminal level, pushing and pulling to the drone's internal pulse. It is hard to imagine Conrad's trajectory from downtown Manhattan to a farmhouse in the German countryside that ultimately resulted in Outside The Dream Syndicate, yet no other record captures -- so completely and instantly -- the intersection of avant-garde and rock forms. Outside The Dream Syndicate remains ahead of and bracingly outside of its time. This first-time vinyl reissue and long out-of-print CD release have been carefully been carefully mastered from the original master tapes and include liner notes by musician Jim O'Rourke and author Branden W. Joseph."

SV 048LP

CONRAD WITH FAUST, TONY: Outside The Dream Syndicate LP (SV 048LP) 24.00
LP version. "Violinist, composer and filmmaker Tony Conrad started his career in New York in the early 1960s. As a member of the Theater of Eternal Music (a.k.a. the Dream Syndicate) alongside John Cale, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Angus MacLise, he participated in now-legendary and often legendarily loud drone performances with many pieces having no beginning and no end. During a fateful trip to Germany in 1972, Conrad met with avant-rock visionaries Faust and made the very first record to bear his name. Outside The Dream Syndicate, originally released in Europe only in 1973, is a stunning debut. Two side-long tracks -- 'The Side Of Man And Womankind' and 'The Side Of The Machine' -- show just how far Conrad had moved beyond his minimalist peers. Werner Diermaier's repetitive drum beat and Jean-Hervé Peron's stripped-down bassline conjure a tense, ascetic groove, while Conrad's seamless violin, initially so controlled, reveals a surprising adaptability. The music shifts almost on a subliminal level, pushing and pulling to the drone's internal pulse. It is hard to imagine Conrad's trajectory from downtown Manhattan to a farmhouse in the German countryside that ultimately resulted in Outside The Dream Syndicate, yet no other record captures -- so completely and instantly -- the intersection of avant-garde and rock forms. Outside The Dream Syndicate remains ahead of and bracingly outside of its time. This first-time vinyl reissue and long out-of-print CD release have been carefully been carefully mastered from the original master tapes and include liner notes by musician Jim O'Rourke and author Branden W. Joseph."


TR 332CD

MONOCHROME SET, THE: Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... Unreleased & Rare Vol.2 CD (TR 332CD) 17.00
At the end of the '70s, The Monochrome Set were part of the first wave of post-punk bands. Right from the beginning, the band earned a solid reputation as purveyors of fine pop, gaining praise from '80s contemporaries such as Morrissey and Edwyn Collins. This praise has continued in the decades since, with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Divine Comedy, and Graham Coxon all citing the band as a key influence on their own work. The Monochrome Set's sound has often been described as timeless, and that alone explains why, over the years, the band has continued to gain admirers. Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... Unreleased & Rare Vol.2 is the sequel to the 1983 compilation Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... Sessions & Singles Vol. 1. It's a wonderful collection of previously unreleased and rare tracks spanning 1978 to 1991. These gems range from DIY works to high-quality studio recordings, some of which were improperly recorded or never released due to a variety of reasons (bad timing, odd decisions, forgetfulness) fully explained in the liner notes. The range of styles on display here is typical of this iconic and highly influential band -- slices of their sound can still be heard in indie and mainstream music worldwide.


BK 016EP

RUSSELL, PATRICK: The Bunker Remixes 12" (BK 016EP) 11.50
Patrick Russell (Interdimensional Transmissions), is perhaps best known for his genre-bending DJ sets at the now-infamous No Way Back parties in Detroit and beyond. Here, he delivers three cuts of heady, cerebral bliss. In Russell's hands, Clay Wilson's "E4" becomes a spaced-out stepper's delight. His rework of Romans' "Coptos" lets the acidic undertones of the original run free while snappy percussion holds focus. And his remix of Zemi17's "Rangda," stripped to its bare essentials, is almost a purer representation of the original than the original itself, designed to lift a willing crowd into a trance state.



DYLAN, BOB: Triumvirate 3DVD (IS 061DVD) 25.00
"More than 50 years ago Bob Dylan entered New York's Greenwich Village and created a one man tidal wave of musical change which most commentators of substance would agree was near instrumental in kick-starting what has come to be thought of as 'modern music' or 'the rock age'. Dylan would of course balk at the idea, but by taking elements of just about everything that had gone before and dragging from the resultant soup a coherent blend of something that no one has ever been quite able to put their finger on, but which appealed to masses of youngsters, he succeeded as though destined to do so for millennia; Elvis and Little Richard had gone part of the way but Bob drove in the final nails of the coffin that put the past to rest and changed music in a way it had never changed before. This three disc set celebrates and documents the era during which Bob Dylan pulled off this extraordinary feat and created a musical enlightenment by doing so. Featuring documentary and interview material as well as rare footage from the time, this collection will leave no viewer in doubt as to where the roots of what we now largely take for granted were sown."


TA 110CD

ROIGK, STEFAN: The Rising Of Matteo CD (TA 110CD) 17.00
2015 release. The Rising Of Matteo is a highly dynamic and eclectic ride between directed feature, audio art, and faked diary. Out of field recordings made during an artist residency in Milan and the audio material of his installation work, Berlin-based artist Stefan Roigk molds spatially complex and overlapping platforms as tedious noises play sonic protagonists in an exclusively acoustic audible theater piece. The hypnotic swarms of organic chants; cascades of rustles, rattles, and drones; short cracklings and scratches; and moments of exhausting compression or restful silence generate a rousing maelstrom of fragmented narrations with expressive gestures. From density to decay and from intimacy to vastness, Roigk creates a dense and highly differentiated composition of intense associations and dramatic film-like atmospheres.

TA 134CD

KELLER, MAX E.: Vier Politische Kompositionen Für Tonband CD (TA 134CD) 17.00
2015 release. Four political compositions for tape from 1976-1979 by Swiss composer Max E. Keller (b. 1947). A rare case of left-wing/socialist electroacoustic music. The CD includes Keller's piece from the long out-of-print and somewhat legendary split LP with Martin Schwarzenlander from 1977 plus three previously unreleased tape compositions. Comes with 20-page illustrated booklet with extensive liner notes in German and English.


TR 20612CD

BARTOS, KARL: Communication CD (TR 20612CD) 17.00
Communication is the debut solo album by ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos. Originally released by Sony Music in 2003, 13 years after Bartos left the legendary electronic group, it has now been fully remastered for this reissue, complete with the bonus track "Camera Obscura" -- a song that transcends the term "bonus" and in the context of this edition becomes essential. The album is a concept record that deals with communication at the pivotal time in electronic media and digital culture shortly after the turn of the millennium. As Bartos put it in 2003, "Communication is about the way images shape our view of the world and how electronic media is going to change the contents of our culture." The world of media that Bartos described and envisioned has since become a day-to-day reality. This continued thematic resonance fully justifies the re-release of this definitive work, but there is another reason -- Bartos's former Kraftwerk colleagues also released an album in 2003, their first after a ten-year break and their first since Bartos left the band, and the media focused its attention on Kraftwerk's Tour de France Soundtracks, drawing interest away from Communication. Communication was so overshadowed that it is often referred to as Bartos's "lost album." Bartos produced the album with sound engineer Mathias Black at his home studio in Hamburg between August 2002 and January 2003, but he had been developing its concept since the turn of the millennium. Communication captures his reaction to the all-encompassing influence of digital media on society, cultural awareness, and communication, the very basis of contemporary human existence, focusing this theme through multiple aspects of what Bartos calls "new media reality." It's a conceptual framework that makes this overlooked electropop classic arguably more relevant in 2016 than when it was first released. Its remains without any loss of musical power, and Bartos's sense of joy in making the music as palpable as ever, vividly rendered in remastered sound by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto, Düsseldorf. Communication documents and proves that Bartos created his own musical language ahead of, and independent from, the cultural zeitgeist or anything resembling a fleeting fashion, and connects seamlessly to Bartos's critically acclaimed 2013 follow-up, Off the Record (BB 079CD/LP). Simply put, Communication is the reintroduction of a timeless statement. "It is not the business of music to be fashionable. The meaning of music is to bring people together." --Karl Bartos, 2016



Terras is the first album by Duo Taufic with vocalist Barbara Casini. After several years of collaborating and touring, Duo Taufic, together with the most Brazilian of all Italian singers, recorded an album to celebrate the living tradition of Northeast Brazil, which serves as a metaphor for all the "terras" of the world, where beauty and suffering are intensely mingled together. Duo Taufic and Casini do this with unequaled energy and love, which is felt in every note. Barbara Casini, an exceptional singer, has always been in love with Brazil. Since her career began in the late '70s, she has collaborated with such internationally renowned jazz musicians as Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Fabrizio Bosso, Phil Woods, and Lee Konitz, as well as with renowned musicians in the Brazilian popular music scene including Toninho Horta and Guinga. She was among the first to introduce nordeste music in Italy, pioneering a style of poetry, joy, rhythm, and dance, which also manifests the heart-breaking wistfulness and weariness of land that is both unforgivingly harsh and overwhelmingly beautiful. Roberto and Eduardo Taufic were born in that land; Brazil's soul is their soul. When performing together, their sound captures that perfect synthesis of talent and art; synchronicity and complicity; play and imagination. Their indisputable fluidity permeates even during the moments of highest technical virtuosity. Particularly celebrated in Brazil, the two brothers have been popular for years in Italy. Eduardo -- a pianist, composer, and music producer -- has produced and arranged more than 400 recordings in Brazil and played with renowned Brazilian musicians including singer Elza Soares and guitarist Ricardo Silveira. Roberto has lived in Italy since 1990 and has collaborated with a number of renowned artists in both Brazil and Europe, including Gabriele Mirabassi, Maria Pia de Vito, Guinga, Enrico Rava, Gianmaria Testa, Rita Marcotulli, Sergio Cammariere, and Rosario Bonaccorso, to name a few.


V 14699LP

First with his band The Bunnys and later with The Blue Jeans, guitarist Takeshi "Terry" Terauchi covered many popular genres in the '60s and '70s, from garage, frat rock, and surf guitar instrumentals to sentimental ballads via his own inimitable take on the popular classics. Japan's premier guitar hero, her remains little known in the US. His style could be described as neo-surf, blending traditional surf sounds with fuzz guitar, acid organ, and impetuous drums. In 1972 the instrumental album Rashomon was released, featuring a main theme written by Terauchi for Akira Kurosawa's 1951 film Rashomon -- surf/psych with dark guitar and soaring flute. This is its first reissue.


BEC 5156344

O: Un Torrent CD (BEC 5156344) 17.00
Olivier Marguerit aka O has long been considered one of the best sidemen of French indie pop. As a permanent member of Syd Matters, he was used to drawing on his extensive background to highlight and boost the work of others -- until one day he decided to look out for himself. Following his 2015 EPs Ohm part1 and Ohm part2, O showcases his brilliant and erudite form of pop with his full-length debut, Un Torrent.


ZE 1204

DESCLOUX, LIZZY MERCIER: Mission Impossible 12" (ZE 1204) 12.00
2016 repress. "Before getting french national fame in 1984 with cult hit, 'Mais où sont passées les gazelles', Lizzy was in 78 a French boyish poetry cute girl singer living in New York and used to play in No Wave band Rosa Yemen. She also used to write in Rock News, one of the very first French 'Punk' magazine. Her first album Press Color was recorded in New York with Eric from Marie & Les Garçons. Her covers of 'Mission Impossible' and Arthur Brown's 'Fire' became club cult from New York, Tokyo to London. Press Color was released in 10 countries. Her second album was recorded in Nassau Bahamas in Island Studio Compass Point with collaboration of Walli Badarou and Tom Tom Club's Chris Stanley. Here's a 12'', a taster of both albums featuring the tracks 'Fire', 'Funky Stuff' & 2 versions of 'Mission Impossible".

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