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11/26/2000 - 12/3/2000

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Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Covenant - Synergy CD [live] (Dependent, Germany)
Rob Ellis - Music For The Home CD (Leaf, UK)
Fizzarum - Monochrome Plural CD/LP (Domino, UK)
Knifehandchop - Taking the Soul out of Music 7" (Irritant, UK)
Plus One - Bare Necessities CD/2xLP (deFocus, UK)
Poets Of Rhythm - t.b.a. CD/LP (Quannum/Ninja Tune, US/Canada/UK)
Salt Tank - Eugina 2000 two 12"s/CDEP (Lost Language, UK)
Janek Schaefer - Above Buildings CD (Fat Cat, UK)
Jake Subtropic vs. Ben Burns - Never Drink Again 12" (Fused & Bruised, UK)
Sierra Romeo - Distbra 12" (FWD, The Netherlands)
Various - Lo-Fi Electronic Pop Music 10" [with Frederik Schikowski, Knifehandchop, Plusminusnull, Skanfrom, Printed Circuit and Autoskooter] (Irritant, UK)

* Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country 12"/CDEP (Warp, US)
* Kinder Atom - Mmm! 2xCD [original album plus extra remix disc] (Hypnotic, US)
* Jamie Lidell - Muddlin' Gear CD (Warp, US)
M.R.I. - Rhythmogenesis CD/2xLP (Force Tracks, Germany/US)
Stephen Philips/Ben Summers - Behind The Mirror CD (Dark Duck, US)
Terre Thaemlitz - Interstices CD/2xLP (Mille Plateaux, Germany/US)

Anodyne/Napalm - Pocket Monster Remixes (Gotta Catch Them All) 7" (Lux Nigra, Germany)
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