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Bardo Pond + Tom Carter, 4/23/03

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Three Lobed
While both Bardo Pond and Tom Carter should be names that everyone familiar to The Brain should recognize, perhaps it's a bit of a shock to see the two of them listed together. Although Bardo Pond and Charalambides contributed tracks to the seminal Harmony of the Spheres compilation released in the late 1990s on Drunken Fish, this is the first time that the two groups have collaborated together, and the result is an hour of psychedelic improvisations whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Throughout the disc, Carter's guitar weaves in and out of Bardo Pond's music, adding his patent e-bowed and reverberated sound to the textures created by the band. Carter's guitar doesn't stand out abruptly against the other sonic elements as much as it adds an additional dimension to the multi-layered sounds and textures that Bardo Pond creates. Of the disc's five tracks—which are simply labeled by their length—only one is shorter than ten minutes, with two tracks clocking in near the 20-minute marker. This gives the improvisations ample room for development, with ideas being fully fleshed out and all possibilities explored. Fans of the two groups shouldn't be disappointed by this release, as both Bardo Pond and Carter retain their unique sounds while creating a release that has a singular character.


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