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4/15/2001 - 4/21/2001

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Atlon Inc. - Main Things CD/3xLP (Force Inc., Germany)
Cex - Starship Galactica CD EP (555 of Leeds, UK)
Kit Clayton - Live On Shortwave Radio CD (Phthalo, US)
Daedelius - HerÍs Is > (Sic) CD (Phthalo, US)
Future Pilot AKA - Beat Of A Drum 7"/CDEP (Domino, UK)
ISAN - Salle d'isan 12"/CDEP (Morr Music, Germany)
Lupine Howl [ex-Spiritualized] - The Carnivorous Lunar Adventures Of... CD/LP (Beggars Banquet, UK)
Libyrinth - Dizzolve A Diamond CD (Phthalo, US)
Major Force - Re-Return Of The Original Artform 12" (Mo'Wax, UK)
Orbital - Funny Break two 12"s/two CDEPs (ffrr/London, UK)
Patcha Kutek - Lomito Saltado CD (Beta Bodega, US)
Sense - Melancholica CD-R (Neferiu, US)
* Sistol [Vladislav Delay] - Sistol CD [ltd reissue] (Phthalo, US)
Spike - Operation Binary LP (Rice & Beans/Beta Bodega, US)
Tinsel - The Lead Shoes CD (Keyhole Records, US)
Transglobal Underground - Yes Boss Food Corner CD (Ark 21, US)
Various - Dub Auder 2xCD [with Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players, Luke Vibert, Isabel Waidner vs. Monophone, Creature, Pole, Muslimgauze, Bowling Green, Summit, Surya, V-Neck, Wheel, Subculture Soundsystem, Beam-UP, B.R.K (featuring Brian Eno), Bedouin Ascent, Freeform, David Kristian, Fibla, Force Of Angels, Sugerglider (Black Dog remix), Gay Biker, Blam Blam, The Lorax, Icarus, Kansascityprophets, Si{cut}db, Bovaflux] (Law & Auder, UK)
Various - High Density #2 12" [with Pole, Freeform and Spring Heel Jack] (Law & Auder, UK)


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