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Forced Exposure New Releases for 7/22/2013

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New music is due this week from Chris Watson, Rocketnumbernine with Four Tet, Frank Bretschneider, Halo Halo, WRD, Julian Cope, and Mika Vainio, while old music is due from Lori Goldston, Caravan, Gary Beck, Taiga Remains, El Vez, and Thomas Dinger.


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AL 179EP

RAMPUE: Let's Be Kids Again 12" (AL 179EP) 12.50
Referred to as one of the most promising production talents and the undisputed master of the new romantic house movement, Rampue caters his next four piece EP. "Never" causes a bit of confusion before transforming into the most soft-skinned piece of slow house one has ever come across. "Sometimes" has a deep ambient-ish intro built of layered minor strings, and a few shakers. The title track is on a more dancefloor demanding tip while "Colour Back" is a piano-driven future classic.


BAM 7011CD

TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS: July 15, 1972 CD (BAM 7011CD) 17.00
Takehisa Kosugi was a hippie who become an avant-garde composer. Born in Tokyo in 1938, he graduated in 1962 at the Tokyo University of Arts, and then founded the Japanese equivalent of the Fluxus movement, called Group Ongaku, a group devoted to improvisation and multi-media performances. In 1969 he formed the Taj Mahal Travellers, a psychedelic rock group that played lengthy improvised jams that can be summarized in three principles: a far Eastern approach to music as a living organism, an intense electronic processing of instruments and voices, and a semi-mathematical overlapping of frequencies. Basically: La Monte Young on acid. Kosugi mainly played violin. He was on the road with this group between 1971 and 1972, traveling in a Volkswagen minibus from Holland to the Taj Mahal itself. Two albums were made out of that experience: one of them this release, July 15, 1972. Unavailable on CD for a considerable time, this important album now enjoys a timely reissue on Bamboo. Includes an English translation of the original Japanese LP insert. Digitally remastered.


BEU 2537CD

PARKS, VAN DYKE: Songs Cycled CD (BEU 2537CD) 16.50
"Following the success of his classic album reissues last year, Bella Union is thrilled and honored to announce a new album from the truly legendary composer, musician, lyricist, producer, and singer Van Dyke Parks. There has been one live album and one soundtrack record in the last 24 years, but Songs Cycled contains the American's first new material since 1989, expanding even further Parks' pioneering, and still unique, handle on Americana with the crystal clarity of a 21st century recording. All this in Park's 70th year, which makes Songs Cycled extremely special indeed in so many ways."



AUTHOR: Forward Forever CD (BLACKBOX 033CD) 15.50
First introduced to the world via their self-titled 2011 debut, Author return with their follow-up, Forward Forever. A collaboration between friends and fellow Leeds-residents Ruckspin and J. Sparrow, Author is an outlet for the two producers to explore deeper, more soulful paths than the tougher approaches for which their solo careers are known. First finding a home on Pinch's Tectonic imprint in 2011, Author have since spent time developing their sound to incorporate a more natural-feeling, organic vibe on Forward Forever. Featuring guest vocalists ranging from UK hip-hop heavyweights Jehst and Stig Of The Dump to reggae stars Rider Shafique and Dan Man, the record arguably offers a more complete listening experience than the debut, presenting material that is ostensibly dubstep but in a format that should appeal to a broader audience through hints of Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo. This approachability translates to their highly-polished live PA, which they've previously toured extensively across the UK and Europe -- including headline sets at the Outlook and Dimensions festivals, with which the pair are closely associated. As individual producers, both possess impressive pedigree -- Ruckspin serving as the producer and engineer for the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra live band, while J. Sparrow released his solo debut LP on Tectonic in 2010 and has recently added a 12" on Mala's Deep Medi Muzik to his increasingly strong back catalog.



LUSTMORD: The Word as Power CD (BLACKEST 004CD) 16.50
Lustmord first emerged as an associate of SPK in the early '80s, before embarking on a solo career that has yielded such classics as Heresy (1990), The Place Where the Black Stars Hang (1994) and (with Robert Rich) Stalker (1995). Lustmord has also contributed to numerous Hollywood films as music and sound designer, and collaborated with the likes of Clock DVA, Chris & Cosey, Geir Jenssen, The Melvins, Tool, Aaron Turner, Monte Cazazza, and Coil's Jhon Balance. Sometimes described as "dark ambient," his work simply goes deeper and further than conventional ambient dares to. Half a decade in the making, The Word as Power is his new studio album and an exploration of ritual music without dogma. For the first time in his 33-year career, Lustmord places vocals at the center of his abyssal ambient creations, coaxing incantatory performances out of Aina Skinnes Olsen, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Maynard James Keenan (Tool), and Soriah. Sonically, The Word as Power is even more detailed, expansive and consuming than Lustmord's followers have come to expect, with voices, electronics, immense sub-bass, field recordings, and other acoustic phenomena harnessed and arranged to stimulate feelings of dread and desolation, certainly, but also escape, renewal and rebirth.



RANK/XEROX: Rank/Xerox CD (PTYT 075CD) 12.00
Data-data-data-data goes the nagging needled guitar. This starts a 26-minute high velocity dystopian call to arms. 1978 shot through the 21st century canon (hello Savages). Tanted, chanted U.S. post-punk rock boy trio with a too-smart, too-cute, small "p"-pop sensibility with one of those mysterious classic cover artworks that, so alluringly simple, it acts as a portal into a whole other dimension. Wire(y), early Liars(y), with a dash of the Scritti trio that combine to make their very own highly potent cocktail of the now. If this doesn't have you jumping round the room, then you are already dead, daddio.


VAINIO, MIKA: Kilo CD (PTYT 076CD) 16.50
Finnish experimental electronic musician Mika Vainio's first solo album for Blast First sees him return to his classic power electronics/heavy beats approach that made Pan Sonic garner a worldwide reputation. The album developed from Vainio's recent live sets to make 10 tersely-titled tracks inspired by the shipping container industry. Four stars in Mojo: "heavy-freight," The Quietus describes it as "fearsome."



DEADBEAT: The Infinity Dubs Vol. 2 12" (BLKRTZ 007EP) 12.00
Deadbeat continues his Infinity Dubs series with two more peak-time burners of dubby dancefloor goodness. "I.D. 3" features the unmistakable vocals of frequent collaborator Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman, while I.D. 4 takes things into vintage hardcore territory with razor-sharp classic analog stabs and power-techno kick drums. Whether prime-time at the club or beach-side, these salvos are sure to kick any summer dancefloor worth its salt into a frenzy.


BD 015CD

FOOTSIE: King Original Vol. 2 - Grime, Dubstep & Bass CD (BD 015CD) 12.00
Second installment in the King Original series (first edition awarded 5/5 in Mixmag). Eighteen previously-unreleased Footsie instrumentals. Includes tracks that originally contained vocals by Dizzee Rascal and Maverick Sabre. With renewed focus on its producers, the grime scene -- now approaching its tenth year -- is in rude health. One of the artists leading the instrumental charge is Footsie, a veteran of the grime and dubstep scenes whose beats have been the toast of live shows and radio sets for years. In March of 2013, King Original Vol. 1 (BD 014CD) -- a compilation of classic unreleased material -- saw Footsie claim Mixmag's coveted "Dubstep Album of the Month" accolade. And having gone back, Footsie's ready to go forward. King Original Vol. 2 is an exploration of grime, bass, and dubstep with swing and bounce at its core. Beats used by platinum-selling artist Dizzee Rascal and Maverick Sabre start proceedings, ensuring levels are set from the off. A couple of classic unreleased Newham General beats -- "Violence" and "Move to the Beat" -- follow, which will undoubtedly please heads on the underground. Channeling that raw, uncompromising Newham General energy throughout King Original Vol. 2, Footsie shows just how adept he is behind the boards, drawing from decades of experience and fusing together forgotten elements of dub, jungle, and bass line to create fresh, vibrant sounds. On "Congo" and "No Matter," Footsie even pays homage to his roots and the reggae music that first inspired him to become a musician, with deep, chugging bass lines and sweet melodies that ooze real depth. It is in this mode that his ear for a great riddim really shines. The key to successful artist volumes is progression, and here, Footsie's development as a producer is self-evident, proving that he, and in a wider context, grime, will continue to lead the way in the underground for many years to come.



TRESHER, GREGOR: Nightcolors CD (BNS 003CD) 17.00
Nightcolors marks Gregor Tresher's fifth album. Through the clever combination of Tresher's trademark prime-time tracks ("Permafrost" and "Black Relief"), playful and dark electronic compositions ("Pelican Dreaming," "Demon Romance") and the typical Gregor Tresher anthems ("Nightcolors" and the previously-released "About a Good Place"), this album becomes a well-balanced listening experience. The new album embodies the signature Tresher-sound from peak hour -- techno-driven dancefloor bangers over darker electronica tracks that mark a connection to his earlier Sniper Mode works, to lush and cerebral soundscapes that shape the album into a complete listening experience -- and of course, there are the signature-sounding melodic tracks that Gregor's name has become a trademark for.



FIORITO, ANDREA: Red 12" (BQD 029EP) 12.50
This release bumps and bangs in all of its aspects. The track "Red" rumbles out of the speaker with vitality and stubbornness. Considerably more light-footed, the "Black" night steps in. Closely followed by number three, "Blue," a track that floats on a carpet of synths and at the same time goes uncompromisingly for pure rhythm. This whole EP is a series of compositions focused on analog machines, taking influences from early '90s raw house. PS: Made to be played loud.


BB 138LP

DINGER, THOMAS: Fur mich LP (BB 138LP) 21.00
LP version, on 180 gram vinyl. Tired of quarreling endlessly with his imperious brother Klaus, Thomas Dinger quit the production of Viva, the second La Düsseldorf album, and promptly set off for the south of France. Frustrated and far away from home, his mind turned to the possibility of a solo album. An album devoted to his own musical ideas, free from domineering voices telling him what to do. Presenting his own vision in the context of a La Düsseldorf LP would have been difficult at the best of times. "I wanted to create something by myself, to make something just for me and nobody else," the third member of the band Hans Lampe recalls him saying -- hence the album title Für mich. He recorded the album in La Düsseldorf's studio in 1981, with Hans Lampe on board as co-producer and engineer. The six instrumental pieces, melancholic and elegiac in character, featured layers of synthesizer sounds, closer to the music of Wolfgang Riechmann or Michael Rother than that of La Düsseldorf. (The pulsating 4/4 beat associated with Klaus Dinger can be heard just the once. Two tracks are actually written in a 3/4 signature). The nearest points of reference in the La Düsseldorf canon might be the more measured "Rheinita" and "Silver Cloud." In the studio, Dinger and Lampe allowed themselves plenty of time to experiment. As Thomas wished, his brother Klaus stayed away from the recording and mixing sessions. Hans Lampe described the creative process thus: "There was a large balcony to the rear of Thomas' apartment, looking onto a vast, overgrown courtyard. A little park, a verdant oasis in the big city. We sat here often, listening to music, working on the LP and musing on life. Thomas and I complemented each other marvelously, bouncing ideas off each other. Our understanding was so great, the mood was so deep and heartfelt, we thoroughly enjoyed working together." Which is how the album sounds: simultaneously conveying a sense of somber depth and unfettered lightness, even playfulness.



MERVEILLE & MIRKO LOKO, CESAR: Vagabundos 2013 2CD (CADENZA 013CD) 20.00
Cadenza selects the cream of their crop to represent the second Vagabundos mix compilation for 2013, with Cesar Merveille and Mirko Loko going head-to-head on this real connoisseur's collection. Merveille's mix begins with a real nugget from label boss Luciano, and his remix of Tim Wright's "Thirst," plowing right into a deep and distinctly underground house sound, with raw productions from the likes of Daze Maxim, Rob Mello's remix of Losoul, and Roustam. Merveille's own mix of Afriqua provides a turning point on the mix, ushering in a psychedelic and melodious passage, magnified with the superb Ricardo Villalobos remix of Envoy. Tracks from Delano Smith, Ultrasone, and Merveille & Crosson wrap up a consistent yet varied selection of music from Merveille that sets the perfect tone for the continuing disc. Mirko Loko has been one of Cadenza's figureheads over the years, with his style leaning towards the otherworldly vibes of the Detroit pioneers, and his Vagabundos mix definitely reflects this love of melancholic electronic sounds. Eduardo De La Calle's minimal and tweaky opener sets the course for a playful delivery of fine tracks from Matthew Dear, Roy Ayers (the terrifically tribal Âme remix of "Tarzan") and the old skool Chicago flavor of Tevo Howard. Mirko also airs an exclusive cut from the compilation's other selector; Cesar Merveille's "DEA," exemplifying the term hypnotic perfectly. Mirko digs deep to revive the Anada Project's stone-cold classic "Cascades of Colour" (the Danny Tenaglia edit here of the Rui Da Silva/Saffron Remix), keeping the late night vibe with offerings from Pig & Dan, Carl Craig's remix of Mirko's own "Love Harmonic," and throwing in a double whammy of original Chi-town grooves from Master C&J and Virgo, finishing on the gorgeous melodies of Chateau Flight. Cesar and Mirko take us on a deep journey, all the while delivering a solid double disc album of the best contemporary grooves and some forgotten classic from yesteryear.


MERVEILLE & MIRKO LOKO, CESAR: Vagabundos 2013 Part 1 Vinyl Sampler 12" (CADENZA 013SAEP) 12.00
Cesar Merveille and Mirko Loko go head-to-head on this real connoisseur's collection -- the first of two 12" vinyl samplers that will include full-length mixes of six of the tracks featured on the compilation. Mirko Loko's selection includes the dreamy Carl Craig Soundscape remix of his own "Love Harmonic" track, Kink's chunky remix of Matthew Dear, and a stone-cold NYC classic from Ananda Project, and the timeless Danny Tenaglia edit of the Saffron (aka Rui Da Silva) mix of "Cascades of Colour."



SCHOLL, MARC: A Beautiful Gloom EP 12" (CEC 035EP) 12.50
Marc Scholl's second release on Cécille, this time with a remix by Bass Culture label-head D'Julz.


SCHOLL, MARC: Obsessed EP 12" (CEN 025EP) 12.50
#1 on Reboot's playlist and early massive feedback by Mathias Kaden, Markus Fix, Karotte, Chris Tietjen, Christian Burkhardt, Einzelkind, Gregor Tresher, Daniel Stefanik, and Sascha Dive. The founder of Cécille Records together with his partner Nick Curly present two strong, massive tracks dedicated to the prime-time dancefloor.



CHASING VOICES: Scold 12" (PRESERV 006EP) 11.00
"The Chasing Voices collective returns with another offering of ambitious electronic music from the other side. 'Scold' is a forced march through the acid-burned depths of New York City's depravity. Sprawling, syncopated patchworks gradually form a vision of asbestos infested warehouse spaces and rusted-out ruins, throbbing with the pulsations of techno's transformative promise and wounded sentimentality. Combative, brilliant and dynamic new music for and from New Rome and beyond." One-sided release.



IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY: Live at the Filmore '68 CD+DVD (CMV 220CD) 18.00
"Early recording of this iconic band from San Francisco along with a DVD history of the band with live performances. 1968 was certainly a banner year for It's a Beautiful Day. They had been performing at the Avalon Ballroom and The Fillmore Auditorium and had achieved a certain amount of success on a local level but nothing really happened until they were invited to play an opening set at the Oakland Coliseum for Cream. Bonus DVD includes live performance video of the band from the '60s and '70s and from 2012." DVD runtime: 41 minutes; all region NTSC.



VA: Cocoon Compilation M CD (COR 035CD) 17.00
This is the thirteenth edition in the Cocoon label's alphabetically-named yearly Cocoon Compilation series, curated by label-head Sven Väth. Covered in the known and beloved package-design, but all in pink, this time. Dutch-based Sushitech-producer Makam presents a dreamy opening track that is without any doubt the perfect start for this compilation. Warm harmonies and dropping sounds open up the door for track number two by Matt Tolfrey and Inxec: "Never in Doubt" continues where Makam stopped, however Tolfreys and Inxec's harmonies and the moody atmosphere meet a solid beat programming and merge down to a pushing piece of music that could have seen the day of light in Detroit. Alejandro Mosso joins the club, full of positive energy and happiness. With a slight Cadenza-feeling, his tune is made for the next beach-party and perfect for all you Âme fans out there. "Grinding Love" wants you to move, forget, and dance 'til you sweat. Douglas Greed steps back a bit on the energy scale, but adds more craziness to the package with his production. "Dynamite" is a freaky piece of tech-house in a cool Green Velvet style. Waff's "Beatmakerz" is based on cool breakbeats and dark percussion, creating a rave anthem that merges some cool influences. Temma Teje's "Nueva" features Chymera-style strings, with straight-forward 909-programming. Kyle Geiger shows us another approach with house anthem synths and vocal parts that is something akin to "wild-pitch." Gary Beck's track features mental synth-stabs forming a banging floor-tool. Ray Kajioka's "Never Ending" features a cool sound-design and nice effects. Mind Against's "Argo" boasts Moroder-like arpeggios and elegant drum-programming. Finally, Tuff City Kids' "Meshnerize" is the most retro number in this selection and incorporates some nice '80s and '90s elements with warm analog synths, a New Order bass line, and the cool old skool drum programming. All of this together creates a powerful but dreamy ending to this compilation.


PELE & SHAWNECY: Chrome Digits 12" (COR 106EP) 12.50
Cocoon Recordings welcomes Pele & Shawnecy for his Cocoon 12" debut. With "Can't Wait," they deliver the next peak-time highlight. Merging house and techno, this one should make fans of Harvey McKay, Santos and Guy Gerber happy. "Can't Leave" slows down a bit and looks at the deeper side. Change your sneakers for flip-flops and check your mirror-shades and let's start dancing to the beat and bass line of "Can't Wait."


CCT 3027CD

DUBBLESTANDART: Woman in Dub CD (CCT 3027CD) 17.00
Dubblestandart proudly presents album #13. With Woman in Dub, a collaboration with singers from all over, their dub voyage continues -- a colorful journey that ranges from lover's reggae, dub poetry to R&B and indie-pop vibes. Starting with Chezere from Barbados (Don Letts & Screaming Targets/Big Audio Dynamite/Urban Species/The Roots), the album opens with a smooth reggae song followed by reggae legend Marcia Griffiths' (Jam) tempting "Holding You Close." AmA Tone seduces with her indie-pop influence as the wide range of crossover compositions unfolds. Whether Jazzmine Tutum (Jam-Zion Train) tells not to "Worry What People Think About You" or as Coshiva's song says, "what it is all about?" "With Music We Communicate." Dubblestandart's approach remains quality first: Their massive studio in Vienna is full of classic equipment, a 48-track mixing desk, and loads of outboard gear to build mixes for the audiophile. Have a listen to Kiras reshape of Marianne Faithfull's "Broken English" classic and you know what's happening. Also included is acclaimed singer Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul) as well as to Hoda Mohajerani and Saria Idana with some profound content straight from their heart. Since 1990, Dubblestandart have released 12 full-length albums, several 12" and 7"s, and have featured on more than 70 compilations. Their collaborating artists list includes Lee Perry, Ari Up, David Lynch, Ken Boothe, Adrian Sherwood, Sly & Robbie, Dillinger, Anthony B., Elephant Man, William S. Burroughs, and Mad Prof, amongst others. Lovely lyrics and melodies perfectly melt with Dubblestandart's 21st century urban roots beats, into the great Woman in Dub experience.



SHANNON, MIKE: Reset, Bleep 12" (CYN 000EP) 12.00
Mike Shannon has revived Cynosure Recordings after a two-year hibernation, and its revenge has come with a focus on Mike's solo productions and collaborations. Reset, Bleep begins to count backwards to where its roots began. "Bleep Back" is a deep bass monster with some morphing wave table trickery. Following is "Serge Up," a super-dry and crunchy minimal house number produced with the famous Serge Modular system. "Bleep Forward" is an alternate mix of the A1 track, featuring Evan Baggs.



WILD BILLY CHYLDISH & CTMF: All Our Forts Are with You LP (DAMGOOD 415LP) 21.50
"Billy Chyldish, with other mates, has recorded an LP's worth of material -- and half a dozen 45's -- utilizing lyrics first jotted down for the original CTMF line up in 1977. There have been rumors that Jimmy Cauty plays bass and that it is Bill Drummond that can be heard on xylophone."



BRODANSE: Activate (feat. Cari Golden) 12" (DCR 005EP) 12.50
Danse Club label bosses Scott and Austen Smart aka Brodanse unleash their first release on the label -- the superb "Activate" featuring vocals from Cari Golden and remixes from Oliver $ and Lumino. "Activate" is a pulsing slice of vocal house that employs a simple bass-driven groove to provide the soundbed for Cari Golden's distinctive vocals. Oliver $ drops an intense, heady house mix and Lumino drops a deliciously deep house mix that lets the vocals breathe.



VA: 100DSR/VAR1 12" (DSR 100EP) 12.50
17 years after first releasing a cassette EP from label boss Marsel van der Wielen under his Peel Seamus guise, Delsin hits the landmark category #100. To mark the occasion, the label is set to release five new various artist EPs with tracks from newbies and old favorites alike. The first features three tracks, one each from Gerry Read, Unbroken Dub and Claro Intelecto.



U: Great Dose of Monotonous Techno LP (DIGI 055LP) 20.00
Calling someone "ahead of his/her time" is straight out of Music Marketing 101 and is a claim that rarely holds much merit. On occasion, though, it's a phrase that is entirely appropriate and accurate. Joel Brindefalk was as integral a part of Sweden's premiere off-kilter dance label, Börft, as anyone outside its founders, Jan Svensson (FRAK, etc), Birre Isgren (FRAK, etc), and, eventually, Joachim Nordwall (Skull Defekts, etc). While Brindefalk's work under monikers such as Contemporary Punk Unit (CPU), Egglady, and others showcased his skill and range as a producer, it was always Ü that impressed most. In 1992, still just a teenager, he was, in fact, very much ahead of his time. Great Dose of Monotonous Techno was released on cassette to little fanfare and festered in obscurity for years. As Börft and Digitalis formed a collaborative partnership in 2010, reissuing this album became a top priority. Recently, as the worlds of noise and techno have again begun to merge, Brindefalk's early experiments sound almost prophetic with their relentless repetition, formless shape, acid tingers, and simple, pounding rhythms. Great Dose of Monotonous Techno is the perfect title for this record. It contains music whose impact is felt through its crushing loops and gloomy melodies. Ü might make people dance, but does so begrudgingly. There is an undercurrent of angst flowing throughout Great Dose, adding another edge to an album already cut with razors. Sadly, Brindefalk passed away in February of 2013 as this reissue was finally coming to fruition. He leaves a serious void in Swedish underground electronic music, but his legacy will only continue to grow. Remastered from the original tapes by Brindefalk friend and pupil Andreas Tilliander at Repeatle. Cut to vinyl by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Original artwork and layout by Christian Carlsson modified for vinyl by Brad Rose.



Newcastle upon Tyne's Deathrowradio is Chris Tate and Paul Christian Patterson. The pair have worked together as d_rradio for the past 10 years, wooing hearts and minds with emotive adventures in sonic strangeness and melodic melancholy. The band's largely instrumental output has varied greatly in style, from stuttering folktronics to orchestral drone, via euphoric electro synth dub, all the while maintaining their uniquely distinctive feel. Bringing together elements of different styles and adding their own key ingredient is the Deathrowradio approach, as their new album Yummy shows. Having now dropped the underscore from their name, the duo are also leaving behind the laptops and synthesizers to dive headlong into a more confrontational live concoction of trippy guitar riffs and pounding punk drums; raucous and wild, yet underpinned by hypnotic repetition. Chugging and pounding along through just under 40 minutes, Yummy takes its cues as much from '60s garage rock as it does '70s glam, '80s skate punk and '90s techno. The result is yet another unique way for Deathrowradio to present their immersive and emotive sound. Less polished, more raucous and not a laptop in sight, Yummy marks the band's 10 year birthday with a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.



GRECO, JULIETTE: A l'A.B.C. LP (DOY 682LP) 23.00
"By the time this album was recorded in 1962 at the A.B.C. club in Paris, French chanteuse, Juliette Greco was well on her way to becoming a household name in France. However, Greco embodied a new kind of singer -- not only young and beautiful, but also intellectual and bohemian. She was a good friend of the great existentialist writer Jean-Paul Sarte, and famously had a torrid love affair with Miles Davis (when the 23-year-old trumpet player first visited Paris in 1949). Every French boy wanted to marry her and every French girl wanted to be her. She embodied freedom, revolution, sex, and eventually became a cultural icon for the 68ers in France. Like Gainsbourg, she sang about the world she knew -- a world inhabited by drunks, pimps, and prostitutes, broken dreams and lost innocence, where tragedy is always lurking just below the surface." Comes on 180 gram vinyl.



CAPTAIN SENSIBLE: Revolution Now CD (EARS 049CD) 18.50
"Classic Captain LP available on gatefold CD for the first time in over 15 years. Features fellow Damned members Rat Scabies and Paul Gray. He continues to tour with the Damned today."


E 002EP

WALLS: Urals/I Can't Give You Anything But Love 12" (E 002EP) 12.50
The double A-side Urals/I Can't Give You Anything But Love sees Walls releasing on the Kompakt-imprint Ecstatic for the first time, with a pair of mind-expanding dancefloor-focused compositions. Limited to 300 hand-stamped white-label copies for the world. "Urals" creates a pulsating, hypnotic atmosphere through its trippy synth melodies, and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" is a clash between the heavy acid sound of Armando or DJ Pierre with the towering guitar squalls of My Bloody Valentine.



ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI: Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 11: Music for Piano (1959-1961) CD (OPX 011CD) 23.50
The Music for Piano series was written under John Cage's influence in his New York years. This CD is the premiere complete recording without simultaneous playing. The series was played and recorded by pianist Takuji Kawai at KEN in Tokyo in October 27, 2012. "Music for Piano No. 1-No. 7" was composed between 1959 and 1961. All the works were written using graphic notations (No. 1, No. 2, No. 5 and No. 6) and instructions (No. 3, No. 4 and No. 6). "This period of my compositions such as 'Music for Electric Metronomes,' 'Stanzas for String Instrument,' 'Duet for Piano and String Instrument,' and 'Sapporo' were all written by graphic notations, which expanded my idea of space in music in later compositions. The premiere of 'Music for Piano No.2' took place in 1959, performed by David Tudor at Living Theatre in New York. No. 5 was by Yuji Takahashi, No. 4, No. 6 and No. 7 were by myself. This is the first time collecting all seven pieces played open to the public and recorded at the same time. Various techniques as well as different qualities of the sounds were created in an amazing manner by pianist Takuji Kawai through my graphic notations. He played all the noises and concrète sounds without using any electronic device but with live natural sounds only to reflect 1950s to early '60s social situations." --Toshi Ichiyanagi


VELTZ: Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 12: Hommage to Home Electronics CD (OPX 012CD) 23.50
"I have been interested in junk materials and have made sound works since several years ago. Before then, I listened to experimental music as a fan, but the border between music and non-music became meaningless from encounters with Fluxus, sound-art, media-art and others. Since then, I love the texture of sound itself. I collected abandoned analog televisions when the transmitting system of broadcast signals was changed to digital format in 2011. They are one of my favorite instruments at present, and I hold live performances and installations using them. On this CD I used analog TV, cassette tape recorder, and video players. However, the sounds are not manipulated, and I recorded their spontaneous machine-noise only. It this 'experimental music?' I think it may be 'discovered music.' Obviously, I cannot get away from the fascination with ordinary equipment in my life." --Veltz; Housed in a cardboard paper gatefold sleeve. Includes newly-written liner notes in Japanese and English by the artist himself. Limited edition of 300 copies.



2013 repress; gatefold LP version. Returnal is the fourth album from Daniel Lopatin's Oneohtrix Point Never project, after Betrayed In The Octagon (Deception Island, 2007), Zones Without People (Arbor, 2009) and Russian Mind (No Fun, 2009). All 3 albums being superbly compiled on the Rifts double CD set (No Fun, 2009). It sees Lopatin fine-tune his craft for the creation of deep atmospheres and textures even further. Starting off with the mind-blowing triptych of "Nil Admiari"/"Describing Bodies"/"Stress Waves," which fires off into a noise/rhythm excess before entering a zone of relative calm, building to the melancholy of the final part. This sets the tone perfectly for the album's title track, a stunning, out-of-this-world ballad featuring Lopatin's near-desperate vocal delivery, ending what could be seen as one of his most chilling and thought-provoking sides to-date. The atmosphere is slightly lifted as the darkened sun comes up over the ruins on "Pelham Island Road" and "Where Does Time Go," with the album closing with edgy broken beats and the fourth-world possible landscapes of "Preyouandi," which fades into the distance with echoes of the "Returnal" chorus closing the loop. What's burnt into memory here is Lopatin's love affair with the long, slow path back home... the cycle... the hypnotic sector... the ghost in the machine... and whether people are making dance music or hip-hop or space head-music or metal, the ouroboros is present in every sector -- as it was in Bach's study, and in the elephant songs of the Ituri forests. Instrumentation: Akai AX-60, Roland Juno-60, Roland MSQ-700, Korg Electribe ES-1, Voice. Recorded using a personal computer. Mastered by James Plotkin. Tape-op & additional engineering by Al Carlson. Awesome spot-varnished cover design by Stephen O'Malley.



VA: EDM B2 CD (EDMB 002CD) 15.50
As the title suggests, the music on this CD is electric dance music. Or electronic dance music, if you prefer. The music here is presented by a brand-new European imprint, set on maintaining a low profile but bringing together its favorite artists from various established labels as well as fresh new talent. All the music is made with computers as well as hardware synthesizers and effects. This is the second album in a 26 -release set and contains a diverse selection of styles, some of which you should have heard on the soundtracks of recent U.S. movies like Drive and the remake of Tron, as well as '70s Italian cult crime classics. This is music for dancing, too. Some have compared it to the music of Squarepusher, Underground Resistance, Drexciya, and Aphex Twin, and to labels such as Warp, Planet Mu, and Rephlex. But this is too rough an approximation. You'll find soundtrack music in here, futuristic club rinsers, ambience, and a clutch of analog workouts, among other things. Just under an hour of accomplished and refreshing music. Artists include: Heidi Lord, Compo Mendez, Jidomatix, Black Narcissus, J.K., Alain Kepler, +10, and TX81Z.


EM 1108LP

RAY, BRENDA: D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years, 1979-83 LP (EM 1108LP) 22.00
2013 repress. Sweet post-punk, with a heartfelt reggae/funk influence, analog dub effects and lovely femme-vox. A unique slice of late '70s/early-'80s goodness, starring Brenda Ray, whose previous release on EM Records, Walatta (EM 1071CD/LP) has been embraced by a large number of listeners. Recorded in Northwest England, D'Ya Hear Me! is warm-hearted, open, fresh and slyly experimental. With an independent spirit and a true D.I.Y. soul, these 13 tracks, originally released in various formats by Ray aka Brenda Kenny aka Natalie Sand aka Polly Rith'm and her musical friends under the moniker(s) Naffi/Naffi Sandwich, were recorded in a simple homemade studio, making full use of the creative options opened up through the full use of simple means -- although the warm, full audio belies any notions of primitivism. Far from media-crazed London, Naffi created a musical world free from lust for the spotlight, focusing solely on the music, and the results are fittingly pure. D'Ya Hear Me! is a wide-ranging release, with lovely vocal tracks, warm dubs and pleasingly odd instrumentals, all knitted together with a special trans-Atlantic rhythmic sense. Two songs of special interest here are "Moonbeams" and the Young Marble Giants-esque "Everyday Just Another Dream," which are early versions of "Starlight" and "Another Dream" from Walatta. Also noteworthy are several previously-unissued longer versions of some songs. Comes with an insert with (Japanese & English) liner notes written by Brenda Ray, plus rare photos.

EM 1114LP

SABOTEN: FLOOR et SATiE 2LP (EM 1114LP) 27.50
Formed in 1981 in Tokyo, Saboten must now be considered one of the great lost post-punk bands. Rejecting the traditional rock group hierarchy of lead guitar and/or preening vocalist supported by a rhythm section, Saboten were true masters of band-as-unit, with the trio meshing and melding in a non-grandstanding manner that wonderfully emphasizes their individual contributions to the group sound. One of the original impulses that led to the formation of the group was a desire to hear the results of an electric rock combo playing Erik Satie, and the French composer's sense of whimsy and feeling of openness are well-represented. There are even a number of Satie "covers" here, but far from being pastel homage, they are imaginative reconstructions, aided by the late Lol Coxhill on several pieces. The band, despite the Satie influence, are most definitely a rock unit of the post-punk variety, masters of a tight, brittle funk and a supple sense of propulsion and interlocking instrumentation that will appeal to fans of groups like The Slits, The Raincoats and even ESG, but with a unique element that is all their own. FLOOR et SATiE is available on vinyl only, and provides an excellent overview of an excellent band. Disc one is a newly re-mastered version of their first album, Saboten, which was originally produced by the late great Eiichi Tsutaki of Totsuzen Danball and issued as the first release of Tsutaki's own label Floor Records in 1982. Disc two ranges from the charmingly lo-fi Satie pieces, to some selections from a D.I.Y. self-released 7", two songs from their second album Awake, and a piece produced by Fred Frith. Saboten means "cactus" and, like their namesake, they are spiky and yet oddly beautiful.

EM 1116LP

NAFFI SANDWICH: Hoochie Pooch/Space Alligator: Freddie Viaduct at Naffi H.Q., 1979-83 LP (EM 1116LP) 22.00
LP version. Delving further into the Brenda Ray/Naffi multiverse, following EM's releases of Brenda Ray's Walatta (EM 1071CD) and her work with Naffi in D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years, 1979-83 (EM 1108CD/LP), here is Hoochie Pooch/Space Alligator. This release focuses on the contributions of Freddie Viaduct to the delightfully strange world of the variously-named Naffi Sandwich/Naffi, the former being the earlier incarnation of the group as a trio, the latter a duo. Less vocal-driven than the poppier D'Ya Hear Me! tracks, these mainly instrumental pieces emphasize the group's "instant or not at all" ethos, an emphasis on spontaneity and in-the-moment freedom, allied with the creative freedoms offered by the band's ever-growing mastery of their Naffi H.Q. recording studio. The strong influence of American funk and Jamaican roots music is clearly felt in Viaduct's forceful and spacious bass playing; Jamaica is also present in the dub-influenced use of reverb, echo, and other effects. Captain Catchpole's drums and Ray's multi-instrumental work fill out the trio sound, resulting in a pleasingly vast aural territory, with the aforementioned reggae/dub elements blending with Euro-improv, free jazz and post-punk viruses to create a subtly mind-bending, rhythmically compelling, and texturally-varied DIY dandy, described as "weird instrumental psychedelic dub-up reggae funk" by one learned aficionado. Originally released on cassette and vinyl and extremely rare, released under the Naffi Sandwich and Naffi monikers, the tracks have been compiled here, along with two previously-unissued pieces and three previously-unissued full-length versions, as Hoochie Pooch/Space Alligator and are presented for your listening pleasure. This release is a vital companion piece to D'Ya Hear Me!, the two releases together providing the yin-yang dichotomy essential to full comprehension of the Naffi Sandwich circle. Liner notes written by Freddie Viaduct and Captain Catchpole in English and Japanese text, including rare photos.



EOD: EOD Volume 2 CD (EOD 220CD) 15.50
This is the second volume of work by Norway's Stian Gjevik as EOD. Lovers of Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, Legowelt, or Ceephax will find it easy to relate to this wonderful melodic acid bath. With its foundations in synth pop, Chicago house, Detroit techno, and electric dance, this album brings us a real taste of Scandinavia, rather than the all-too-common Swedish House Mafia. By Stian Gjevik from Norway, who also releases as CN and om 030303, WéMè, etc. This album's duration is 56 mins, speed 102-167 BPM. EOD astonished UK crowds recently at 2012's Bangface Weekender festival, guesting for Rephlex Records. He released Volume 1 in this series early in 2013 to high acclaim, e.g., #1 on Juno's electro chart on its week of release. The artwork of Volume 1 stated that the selection was to be continued and, indeed, here is the last part of the compendium: Volume 2. "My name is Stian and I've been interested in music since I was born. I've been doing electronic music for about 10 years, and these days I'm more compelled than ever to create new tracks and sounds to listen to. Music excites and drives me like nothing else, the feeling of creating something new that I can explore and enjoy is the best there is."



FRAHM, NILS: Juno Reworked 12" (ERATP 049EP) 17.50
After releasing Nils Frahm's two-track solo synthesizer EP Juno in a highly sought-after 7" edition, Erased Tapes now re-release the original Juno tracks with guest reworks by Border Community's modular synth wizard Luke Abbott and Warp veteran Clark. Similar to Frahm's online project Screws Reworked, where he invited fans to download his solo piano songs to reinterpret them with their own medium of choice, it's far from being the typical remix EP. Recorded and mixed by Nils Frahm in his Durton Studio in Berlin.


ECD B1:08

BENGE: Twenty Systems CD/BOOK (ECD B1:08) 19.50
Twenty tracks made on 20 synthesizers spanning 20 years, accompanied by a 60-page color book with a foreword by Robin "Scanner" Rimbaud, Twenty Systems is Benge's acclaimed concept album, first released in 2008. His 10th solo album, this ambitious project combines an audio CD of new music with a hardbound full-color book containing photos and diagrams of the electronic instruments used, along with a detailed history documenting the development of synthesizers between 1968 and 1988. The purpose of the record is to demonstrate the development of the synthesizer from the first commercially available systems in the late 1960s to the introduction of fully digital systems in the late 1980s. Although not intended to be a comprehensive history of synthesizers, the listener will hopefully gain some insight into the character of each instrument, and on a more general level experience the evolving sound of synthesis over the years. Each track is the pure sound of an individual instrument, with no additional processing, sequencing or effects applied to any of the recordings. If a system was equipped with an in-built sequencer, it was used, and there are several examples of sound-on-sound processes, where a track is made up of multiple layers of the same synthesizer recorded in parallel. To put it simply, Benge lets the instruments speak for themselves and influence the way each piece is composed. The original release was featured and reviewed in The Wire, Future Music, Sound On Sound, Uncut, Record Collector, Vice, and many others and was album of the month in Future Music and Record Collector. "A brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music" --Brian Eno



KIRKPATRICK, JOHN: Every Mortal Place CD (FLED 3089CD) 15.50
Every Mortal Place, the new album from the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Musician of the Year 2010 John Kirkpatrick, is an absolutely extraordinary new solo recording from the English "Squeezebox" King, concentrating on a traditional repertoire from Shropshire. As John says: "Having lived in Shropshire for 39 years, and having always included a certain amount of musical material from the county given half a chance, I am proud to announce that I have now completed a whole CD of Shropshire music for Fledg'ling Records." The CD is sung and played by John, with Sally Kirkpatrick adding chorus and harmony vocals on five songs. The rather attractive digipack includes full notes giving background to all the tracks and an introduction by no less a personage than Shirley Collins, President of The English Folk Dance & Song Society. "I know of no one who can match his stage presence, or come near him for integrity, authenticity, variety, humor, and glorious breath-taking bravura in performance... The breadth of his repertoire is quite astounding, pervaded by a great sense of humanity, a true and very fine representation of the common people that most of the songs and music came from. John Kirkpatrick will, for me, always be English music's 'Mighty Heart of Oak.'" --Shirley Collins


Iain Matthews of Fairport Convention, Southern Comfort, and Plainsong fame, returns after a long absence, with a stunning collection of new songs and beautiful arrangements performed with some of Holland's finest jazz players. On paper the pairing of Iain Matthews and Egbert Derix is a strange pairing. Egbert Derix is an established jazz composer from the Netherlands and Iain Matthew's roots have taken hold in contemporary singer/songwriter circles. However, if we break down these borders, look deeper, and think in terms of quality, rather than genres, it's a musical marriage made in heaven. Their second collaborative album focuses around some remarkable new songs. Matthews draws deep upon his recollections of London in the swinging '60s -- "When the Floyd Were on the Prowl" and some powerful reflections upon life now -- "Pebbles in the Road" and "Joy Mining."



JUNES: Colours EP 12" (GAL 002EP) 12.50
UK producer and Galdoors co-owner Junes offers up these mesmeric, broken house cuts for his debut release. "Colours'" jagged, looped sample provides the backdrop for a bouncing, flowing drum workout. Leif's remix gives the hypnotism a new flavor. "Platform"'s loopy atmospherics, marching hats and throbbing bass drum guide the listener on a hypnotic trip through the womb of deep house. The EP concludes with a freaky, broken-rhythm electronic encounter with a shaman.


GB 004CD

TOURE, SAMBA: Albala CD (GB 004CD) 17.00
When you meet Samba Touré in person, he comes off as a soft-spoken man, a man who easily charms you with his abundant smile and optimistic gait. But on his third album, Albala, which in the Songhai language means "danger" or "risk," a weighted and at times defiant side of his personality emerges. To call Albala his darkest album is an understatement, but it is not a self-absorbed darkness. The cause of Touré's worry is the crashing world around him, and more specifically the troubles echoing out from his beloved northern Mali homeland. The last year has brought cataclysmic change and upheaval to northern Mali. The tragic details of this have been globally reported, so there is little point in sensationalizing them here. But the cumulative effect of these events on Samba's music seems palpable. There is an added gravity to his voice and his words, an additional sting to his electric guitar; there are sharper edges and more complex undertones in his musical arrangements. On "Fondora (Leave Our Road)" Samba sings with indignation: "I say, leave our road/All killers leave our road/Thieves leave our road/Looters, leave our road/Rapists, leave our road/Betrayers, leave our road." And on the haunting "Ago Djamba (Life Betrays Us)" Touré warns: "We do not all have the same opportunities/Here, nobody is born rich but we all have the same value/Life betrays us." As a band member, and valued collaborator of the late Malian legend Ali Farka Touré, Samba established a significant reputation, and through his first two solo albums Songhai Blues and Crocodile Blues (World Music Network) his confidence and musical prowess grew proportionately. But Albala is a new flash point. There is more power, there is more grit, the mood is deeper, and aptly, given the album's title, Touré takes more musical risks. Recorded at Studio Mali in Bamako in the autumn of 2012, Samba is joined by his regular band members Djimé Sissoko (n'goni) and Madou Sanogo (congas, djembe) and guests such as the legendary master of the soku (a one-stringed violin) Zoumana Tereta and the fast-rising Malian neo-traditional singer Aminata Wassidje Traore. Additionally, Hugo Race (The Bad Seeds, Dirtmusic, Fatalists) contributes an array of subtle atmospherics on guitar and keyboards. On the opening song, "Be ki don," Samba sings: "Everybody welcomes Samba Touré." With an album as soulful and captivating as Albala, that might not be an over-statement.



In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self-proclaimed "hippie-punk" who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y. basement-punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and killer heavy-psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed & The Afflicted Man, Get Stoned Ezy consists of three long tracks of late '60s/early '70s-influenced psychedelic hard-rock. A fuzz-wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar-damage gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc., all played with a real acid-punk attitude. Guerssen Records present the first-ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall. Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm), and rare pictures.



COPE, JULIAN: Revolutionary Suicide 2CD (HEHE 027CD) 23.50
"Welcome to Julian Cope's long delayed new album -- eleven sumptuous and highly charged songs that teem with outrageous orchestrations and compellingly-crafted words of protest, activism, and historical richness. Weep along with the dreadful beauty of the Archdrude's most epic ever song 'The Armenian Genocide,' sway with the bucolic agricultural rhythms and devotional lyrics of 'Hymn to the Odin,' pump your fists in the air to the Detroit soul of the title-track, or just give yourself entirely to the divine-but gaping 70-minute-long musical maw that is Revolutionary Suicide."



ELIA, ENZO: Balearic Gabba Edits 5 12" (HYR 122EP) 12.50
The Balearic Gabba Edits series continues in the capable hands of Enzo Elia once more, serving up three new edits of classic house and techno from the late '80s and early '90s. These tracks might be 20 years old, but edited as sympathetically as they have been, they've never sounded better. Sueño Latino's 1989 hit "Luxuria" is, in the hands of Elia, a slow-burning journey through buried beats and glassy melodies. Next up, another Andrea Gemolotto production, Q Base's "Tango Beat," originally released in 1990.



COLA & JIMMU: Enigmatic CD (HRKL 001CD) 17.00
Cola & Jimmu (recording artists Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis, present Enigmatic, on their new label, Herakles Records. Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis are life partners as well as past collaborators. "Cola" is a kind of pseudonym of Nicole and "Jimmu" is associated with the legend of the first emperor of Japan, Jimnu Tenno. Both Tenor and Willis have fronted their own projects over the past decade, Willis most recently working with Helsinki-based group the Soul Investigators, for their albums Tortured Soul and Keep Reachin' Up, Timmion Records 2005, 2013. The title track of Keep Reachin' Up was chosen in February 2012 for POTUS, Barack Obama's re-election Spotify playlist. Tenor also contributed horn arrangements to the two albums. Tenor and Willis also wrote and recorded tracks for Tenor's "Call of the Wild," from the LP Out of Nowhere, Warp Records 2000. Tenor also collaborated with Tony Allen for a 2009 LP on Strut Records, Inspiration Information, also with Abdissa Assefa on "Itetune" in 2011, and "Soft Focus" with Lary 7 on Sähko Recordings in 2013. Willis and Tenor have roots in dancefloor music, such as Tenor's techno classic "Take Me Baby," and Willis' neo-soul New York-based project Repercussions, with "Promise Me Nothing," which peaked at #6 on the Hot Dance Music Club Play chart in Billboard Magazine, with remixes from Masters At Work and Supa DJ Dmitry. Cola & Jimmu revisit house circa 1990, calling it "deep house revival," drawing influences from Bobby Konders releases on NuGroove to Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker," with vocal styles comparable to Gwen Guthrie and CeCe Peniston. The tracks are original and include some strong instrumentation, with Tenor's saxophone, flute, and serious drum programming. Willis offers vocals and production savvy, as well as additional chords. Tracks like "369º Grind" simmer, and act as the diving board into the body of work that is Enigmatic's 10 tracks. "I've Made Up My Mind" is an instant classic with its declaration of peace of mind. And "Wild Honey," with its swelling funk chorus, will have you running through that field of wildflowers.


COLA & JIMMU: Enigmatic LP (HRKL 001LP) 20.00
LP version.


AYA 68001LP

BOKAJ RETSIEM: Psychedelic Underground LP (AYA 68001LP) 29.00
"Credited as one of the best late '60s German psych-rock albums, Bokaj Retsiem's ('meister Jakob' in reverse) Psychedelic Underground is an eccentric, soulful, acidn and fuzzy rockin' essay that clearly prefigures a part of the krautrock movement. Featuring Rainer Deigner, former guitar for the '60s beat German group Former Bonds, as the only credited musician and composer on this album (although other musicians assisted him on bass, keyboards, and that B3 Hammond and Leslie sound), this is basically Rainer's freaked-out tribute to his favorite children's song, 'Meister Jakob,' consisting in trippy instrumental sections, furiously savage E-guitar crescendos, amazing psych-rock improvisation, with just a hint of '60s US psych-garage. A real enthusiastic psych-kraut trip for fans of Vanilla Fudge, Hendrix, and Iron Butterfly."

AYA 68002LP

TONGUE: Keep on Truckin' with Tongue LP (AYA 68002LP) 29.00
"Tongue were a blues-based, organ-fueled, country and rural folk-influenced hard rock band that emerged from the copious student population of countercultural Wisconsin. Though Tongue remains a criminally underrated outfit, and never made it big on a national level, their touring reached legendary status, particularly in the mid-west. They were on the road for 10 years and played 250 gigs a year without flying to a single one of them. Originally issued in 1969, their debut LP was recorded near the beginning of their career, thereby capturing the band during the early peak of their powers. Featuring a great version of Tim Hardin's 'Morning Dew,' Keep on Truckin' is a forgotten classic of late '60s American psychedelia."

AYA 68003LP

BOA: Wrong Road LP (AYA 68003LP) 29.00
"Hailing from the Detroit suburb of Auburn Heights, Boa recorded this little gem in 1971, completely live and on a Sony TC-200 in a Tupperware warehouse, giving their psych/garage a little punk twist. They did everything themselves: recording, pressing, packaging, and the marketing (which at the time was simply not done). A mere 200 copies of the original edition were pressed on their own label, Snakefield. This is the pure definition of the 'garage' sound: Boa seems to have a lot of fun jamming together in their warehouse and the result is a collection of strongly psych/prog-flavored hard rock songs, that sound like a cross between the Doors, The Who, and The Sonics."



ARIEL PINK: Thrash & Burn 2LP (HEMK 001LP) 21.00
Gatefold double LP version. Comes on ultra-clear vinyl. An absorbing look at Ariel Rosenberg's early musique concrète epic. "As with stored memories one has acquired early in life, Thrash and Burn survives for me less as a finished piece of music in/itself or even a moment captured in time; more a catalog of lifetimes, each piece unique and unnamed, together they recall glimpses of forgotten future-pasts; in cosmology, as one peers ever deeper into the void, first beyond the fixed population density of stars nestled in a 'suburb' at the outer edge of our galaxy, into an evermore all-encompassing blackness surrounding a thin lane of galaxies, one heads off in one direction, floating along a lonely string of Christmas lights which recede with the distance. Much further downstream, a giant wall of light scaffolding fades into view. That is destiny's orphan multiverse inhabiting a single frame in its infancy. In time, we would transcend it. From where we stand our footsteps recede and fade into the darkness. But our beginnings are not lost; for someone standing off and above our horizon, in a human ear much more young, the secret of our coming of age shall be preserved revealed and discovered yet once again...." --Ariel Pink, November 2012; Thrash and Burn dates from a time when Ariel Rosenberg, then a few years from turning "Pink," first proclaimed himself a "20th Century Composer" without a trace of irony in his voice. Appropriately, this early work takes the form of a musique concrète epic forged from Rosenberg's late-'90s faux-primitif, garage-punk, and tape-loop experiments. At 94 minutes and 36 tracks, Thrash and Burn displays the symphonic ambitions of his genre-devouring pop saga, Haunted Graffiti, but with little in the way of fastidious album-oriented constructions. Rather, Thrash and Burn is a free-form tape ramble that uses gauzy atmospherics to strike up a wicked dialogue with the likes of Rosenberg's non-pop influences, like Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Schaeffer, and Luc Ferrari. (In particular, Schaeffer's "Symphonie pour un homme seul" seems to get plenty of nods here.) Thrash and Burn was discovered in 2005, in an ankle-deep pile of cracked cassettes and scratched CD-R's in Rosenberg's Beverly Hills flat. Grier and Rosenberg then made an initial reconstruction attempt, and Thrash and Burn became a 4-cassette box set for the inaugural release of Human Ear Music, in 2006. The Wikipedia page for Thrash and Burn places its origin sometime in 1998. It was remastered in September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The final master was brought up to 24-bit resolution, dynamically and tonally balanced on an Apogee Rosetta and two solid-aluminum monoblock amps.



QUELL: Them Crowd Kids Part 1 12" (IRC 119EP) 16.50
Quell presents tracks from his debut solo album Them Crowd Kids. Quell, already a dominant force in the underground house music scene, has upped the ante with deliberate focus and acumen. Through his bespoke style of production, avant-garde DJ sets and prodigious thinking, Quell has come of age. Quell's music is an amalgamation of images, sounds and nostalgia that derive from his perception of a universal club sound.



HUNTEMANN & DUBFIRE, OLIVER: Elements Series III: Aire 12" (IDEAL 026EP) 12.50
The coming together of two of techno's most legendary and respected figures for the next installment of their much-lauded Elements Series -- Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire. "Aire" is a track that harnesses elements from the previous brace of tracks and brings them together while adding a fresh touch of flair. Ireland's Matador takes on the remix task, delivering two contrasting new versions. His beautifully deep Dub Mix is an understated excursion while his Main Mix throws down its earth-moving kick drum throughout.



VAN WISSEM & JIM JARMUSCH, JOZEF: Apokatastasis LP (INC 014LP) 23.50
LP version. New material from the duo and new solo lute pieces. Acclaimed film director Jim Jarmusch plays electric and acoustic guitar and does tape on one piece. Composer/lutenist Jozef Van Wissem on 13 course baroque lute and 12-string electric guitar, Jim Jarmusch plays electric and acoustic guitars, and tape loops. Recorded in New York City.


Cold Soup is a follow-up to Don't Forget to Boogie with Tetuzi Akiyama in full boogie electric guitar mode. Added is Che Chen's screeching and improvising violin -- sort of like Tony Conrad meets Canned Heat. Tetuzi Akiyama is based in Tokyo and specializes in creating music with elements of both primitivism and realism by connecting his own aspirations, in a minimal and straightforward way, to the special instrumental qualities of the guitar. Sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly, he controls sound volumes ranging from micro to macro, in an attempt to convert the body into an electronic entity. Che Chen is a sound artist and improviser based in Brooklyn. His recent solo performances have consisted of improvisations based on the harmonic overtones of idiosyncratic tunings (scordatura) for the violin, played against sine wave pedal points.


ID 002EP

ITINERANT DUB: Spirit In The Underworld 12" (ID 002EP) 16.00
"Urgent new forays into the Hadean coils of classic techno, jungle, grime and dub. Big-bottomed, nitty-gritty studies in dread, running edginess hard into craft, the here-and-now into the space-world. With just a dense low-end buzz and ticking, mid-tempo drum-machine, 'Intro-Core' sets the scene: the mood is tense; the music is dubwise, live-and-direct, supple. 'Flipped Out Tango' despatches a nasty stinking piece of vintage grime to the rave; 'Hypnotic Jungle' ritualistically combines a crispy jungle roll with a little synthpop relish. 'Closing,' the title-track punctuates hard-grooving grime-style bass with some stunning percussion -- and focalizes the EP's atmosphere of dread and menace. 180g vinyl."



JAMMER: Living the Dream CD (JTWP 001CD) 15.50
Featuring the cream of the UK grime scene, including Skepta and JME, Living the Dream takes influence from a broad spectrum of genres including UK grime, reggae, West Coast trap, R&B, soul, bashment, garage, house, and hip-hop, all underpinned by a 140 bpm backbone. Across the 13-track album there is production assistance from such scene stalwarts as Skepta, Rude Kid, Thomas Mellor, Two Seven, and Jammer himself. Watch out for previously-released single "Big Man" and the remix of previously-released "On the Ball," which provide a powerful jump-start to this epic album as well as such early highlights as the upbeat "Declined." Elsewhere, we have R&B-influenced "Fast Life" featuring Skepta and "Living the Dream" with the beginning and the end firmly marked by the carefully-crafted intro and outro bringing the album to a well-rounded and satisfying finish.



DHARMA BLUES BAND: Dharma Blues LP (MJJ 363LP) 23.00
"Dharma Blues Band's sole album, 1967's Dharma Blues, is finally available again on vinyl after decades of being out of print. Formed by guitarist Dave Brock, pianist Mike King, and harmonica player Luke Francis in 1964, the British blues trio gigged heavily around London, eventually recording versions of Sonny Boy Williamson II's 'Dealing with the Devil' and Pete Johnson's 'Roll 'Em Pete' for a British blues compilation. The band also backed Memphis Slim on tour in the UK, but before the band could record a full-length LP, Luke Francis and Dave Brock quit the band, with the latter going on to form Hawkwind shortly thereafter. Mike King, however, decided to continue on his own, recruiting Gary Compton on harmonica, and John Hillary on guitar and vocals, to record this convincing British blues LP in 1967."


"Out-of-print on vinyl since the early '70s. Although PG&E's 1968 debut LP passed largely under the radar at the time, it is considered by many to be one of the great lost blues rock classics of the 1960s. Formed in L.A. in 1967 by Tom Marshall and Glenn Schwartz on guitars, Charlie Allen on vocals, Brent Block on bass, and Frank Cook (of Canned Heat) on drums, for Get It On, PG&E recorded the first-ever cover version of John Lee Hooker's 1967 'Motor City's Burning,' predating the MC5 version by a whole year. It also includes an amazing version of Booker T's 'The Hunter,' originally recorded by Albert King for Stax in 1967 (another probable first-ever cover). 'Long Handled Shovel,' 'Live Love,' and the smokin' hot 'Stormy Times,' on the other hand, are all PG&E originals, and feature the incredible blues vocals of one of the greatest and most underrated blues vocalists of the sixties, Charlie Allen. Pop art sleeve artwork by underground L.A. artist, Ben Talbert (a member of Wallace Berman's circle), whose work was rarely shown in public due to obscenity restrictions."


CONCORD STRING QUARTET, THE: Plays Brown, Cage & Feldman LP (MJJ 366LP) 23.00
"An accomplished group in the world of chamber music, the Concord String Quartet, active from 1971-1987, gained almost immediate attention from the press as well as a dedicated following, after winning the prestigious Walter W. Naumburg Chamber Music Award in 1972. Although the quartet was a classical string quartet, these rare 1973 recordings show the group's affinity for the 'New York School' of avant-garde composers, like Earle Brown, John Cage, and Morton Feldman. Side B is entirely comprised of John Cage's 1950 String Quartet in Four Parts, where each section of the piece corresponds to one of the four seasons as well as a particular force: spring/creation, summer/preservation, autumn/ destruction, and winter/quiescence." Featured works: Earle Brown, String Quartet 2; Morton Feldman, Structures for String Quartet; John Cage, String Quartet in Four Parts.



BLOND:ISH: Inward Visions 12" (KOM 268EP) 12.00
The duo of Anstascia and Vivie-Ann aka Blond:ish feeds on both style and substance -- proven once again by Inward Visions, a dark and twisted dancefloor tale full of uncanny visitations and unexpected outcomes. "No Place Like Gnome" prances on the brink of utter mayhem, summoning the great desert leviathan with foreboding synths and sandblasted drums straight out of an obscure Australian exploitation flick. "Inward Visions" features ghostly incantations from vocalist Beyou.


LITA 045-024EP

GOLD LEAVES/LEE HAZLEWOOD: Won't You Tell Your Dreams 7" (LITA 045-024EP) 6.00
"In 2011, Seattle band Gold Leaves released one of our favorite albums of the year. The Ornament is their debut long player and was released by Hardly Art/Sub Pop. We've been obsessing over their sound ever since and are honored to have the band contributing a track for our 10 year anniversary 45 singles series. For the series, Gold Leaves record a hazy take on Lee Hazlewood's 'Won't You Tell Your Dreams.' Found on the flip side is Hazlewood's version, which was originally included on his solo album Requiem for an Almost Lady, released in 1971 on his label LHI." On grey-colored vinyl.


HONEY LTD.: The Complete LHI Recordings CD (LITA 102CD) 15.00
"Lee Hazlewood's LHI label only put out interesting albums. Yet despite the psychedelic cowboy's success with Nancy Sinatra and more, being on Lee Hazlewood Industries was no fast-track to success. Gorgeous and talented Detroit, Michigan girl group Honey Ltd. had all the makings of a hit band, yet they disappeared after releasing just one album in 1968, a vinyl rarity that now regularly fetches upwards of $2,000. Honey Ltd's The Complete LHI Recordings presents everything the group ever recorded. Fans of The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, and Pentangle are in for a treat -- Honey Ltd's music blended social commentary with harmony-drenched, psych-soul pop. Even opening track, 'Warrior,' describes the mood of the times, as America sunk into the Vietnam War: 'We must kill more people; strong men are what we need!' First time ever reissued. Includes comprehensive liner notes by Jessica Hundley interviewing all four band members and unseen photos. Remastered from the original tapes."


HONEY LTD.: The Complete LHI Recordings LP (LITA 102LP) 20.00
LP version. First time ever reissued, remastered from the original tapes. 180 gram vinyl housed in gatefold tip-on jacket, includes fold-out poster.



C-ROCK: Funky Dope Trakk 12" (LOFI 047EP) 12.50
Lo-Fi Stereo presents the long-awaited re-release of one of the most wanted records of recent years -- C-Rock's Funky Dope Trakk, originally released on the German label Urban Flow by DJ See-Base, this one got early support by leaders like Hans Nieswandt and was hyped big time in Spex magazine way back in the '90s. Now with a fresh remix treatment by Boris Werner and Sascha Dive.



FLOORPLAN: Paradise CD (MPM 016CD) 17.00
Paradise is Robert Hood's debut album release as Floorplan, a dancefloor alias he has used since he announced his Drama imprint with the highly sought-after Funky Souls EP in 1996. Taking Hood's minimal techno approach and embellishing it with elements of house, disco, funk, and gospel, Floorplan now realizes its full-length potential some 17 years since its inception. Good things, indeed, come to those who wait. The last five years have seen Robert Hood in astonishingly prolific form with an album release every year since the 2009 re-issue of the genre defining Minimal Nation. This was swiftly followed a year later by new artist album Omega, then Robert's first live album Omega:Alive in 2011 and 2012's highly-lauded Nighttime World 3 which graced end-of-year charts across the world. Now Robert Hood focuses his attention firmly on the dancefloor. Since the 2010 Funky Souls re-press on Rush Hour re-introduced the hibernating project, Hood has since released three Floorplan EPs including Living It Up, the Sanctified EP, and 2012's Altered Ego EP. The three EPs subsequently spawned the massive club hits "Baby Baby," "We Magnify His Name," "Altered Ego," and "Living it Up," taking Robert Hood's name across the techno/house divide. You could even say that Robert Hood could be a victim of his own success: Floorplan, which started off as a side-project, is starting to sound as vital as the searing minimal techno he releases under his own name. Paradise takes us through a heavenly mixture of house, soul, funk and gospel -- all underpinned by Hood's trademark driving minimal techno approach. "Altered Ego" is a perfect example of Hood's tough view of house music; over an insistent groove a building chord sweeps in, taking with it a repetitive vocal sample. But it's the nagging, relentless filtering of these elements, coupled with the deep resonance of the backing rhythm that make "Ego" so memorable. Tracks like the opening "Let's Ride" take a handful of elements such as a skittering drum pattern, vocal snippet and again that driving and relentless groove that drags you by the throat to the dancefloor. There is no break, there is no respite -- make no mistake, Floorplan is here to make you dance. "Never Grow Old" is pure and simply glorious gospel from the Deep South, a hair-raising vocal hook baptized at the altar of minimalism. Then there is "Confess," which is an entirely different proposition; the groove chugs along and the percussion is dry and steely but the keys are positively uplifting and wide-eyed, like they were borrowed from a long-lost rave track and reapplied to Hood's functional take on house. There are nods to Hood's minimal techno roots with "Change" and "Chord Principle," sounding like they could have been lifted from the Minimal Nation cutting room while "Higher" and "Above the Clouds" appear to be pointing to something new, as if Hood's take on house is as unique and essential as the techno sound he has pioneered for over 20 years. In a world full of generic dancefloor music, Floorplan could well be seen as Robert Hood's vision as seen through a house music prism. But there is never any doubt as to the music's creator.



AMAO, TEO LAURA: El Sonido de la Carretera Central LP (TROPIC 012LP) 19.00
"Masstropicas brings you another installment from 'the sound of the Carretera Central' with the king of that style, Teo Laura Amao. El Sonido de la Carretera Central brings 12 more rare essential tracks, spanning from 1973 to 1985, featuring various groups that Teo wrote and arranged songs for. Bands like Los Sanders, Los Blue Kings, Costa Azul, and of course, Los Jharis, with their hard rock and soul-influenced cumbia songs, are mainstays in the neighborhood known as ÑaÑa, as well as various other working class barrios in Lima, and Teo worked with all of them. Compiled from various 45, LP, and cassette releases, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the uninitiated. We're sure this compilation will get you hooked on Teo's unique guitar slinging and his often imitated but never equaled 'estilo Carretera.'" Includes a full-color 11"x24" poster.


MW 045LP

POLYPHONIC SIZE: Earlier/Later LP (MW 045LP) 24.00
"We are pleased to present an LP of selections from the prolific Belgian synthpop band Polyphonic Size. Headed by Roger-Marc Vande Voorde, Polyphonic Size formed in 1979. In December of that year, they released their first record, the Algorhythmic EP on Sandwich Records, an independent label founded by Michel Lambot. After a second EP (Pragmatic Songs), Roger-Marc got in touch with Jean-Jacques Burnel, who offered to produce the next single, 'Nagasaki Mon Amour.' This first musical collaboration was followed by many others, including an outrageous and robotic cover of the Rolling Stones' classic, 'Mother's Little Helper.' Although Polyphonic Size and JJ Burnel were very close to each other, the band always kept its own personality, which was less dark and more European than the Stranglers. The Earlier/Later LP are remastered selections, curated mainly from Polyphonic Size's early output as a band, from when they formed in 1978 to when they began working with JJ Burnel in 1980. The tracks on side A represent their early period were recorded between 1978-1980 and the side B tracks, recorded between 1980-1982, are representative of how their sound evolved whilst working with a producer. The LP is pressed on transparent red 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy printed sleeve with text overlay printed on a clear vinyl outer sleeve, and limited to 999 hand-numbered copies."



VA: Enter.Ibiza 2013 4CD (ENTER 2013CD) 29.00
"The Enter.Ibiza 2013 release is a stunning collection of the different sounds and moods of four of the different areas from the Enter.Ibiza experience and the listening experience is akin to taking a trip through an entire Enter.Ibiza night from beginning to end. Enter.Ibiza Experience takes place each summer at the legendary Space night club. Enter transforms Space into multiple distinct areas, bringing together a collection of DJs and artists showcasing the diversity in today's electronic music. Starting with the pre-party at Enter.Sake, Japanese DJ Hito Love delivers a mix delving into the more subtle areas of beat-driven electronic music. M_nus' own Barem takes us into the next step of the more housier Enter.Terrace area and then it's time for Enter.Max and the pulsating intensity of Space's main room with M_nus artists and Enter.Ibiza resident Paco Osuna delivering a high octane mix of today's best forward-thinking techno. Enter.Air rounds out the experience, heading to Space's top level open-air terrace for a more relaxed selection of ambience and atmospheres. Take the next step with us, listen, enjoy and welcome to the sounds of Enter.Ibiza 2013." --Richie Hawtin Artists include: MimiCof, Lambent, Luciano & Guy Gerber, Chris Manura, Tractile, Mac-Kee, Lars Wickinger, Alex Sander, He, Mauro Valente, Robin Raubvogel, Martin Buttrich, Christian Ruppelt, Fabrizio Maurizi, D'julz, Gregor Tresher, Nagaya Kazuya, Alejandro Mosso, Kate Simko, Jem Cooke, HNQO, Marc Faenger, Mainkollektiv, Elias R + Sage Armstrong, Reset Robot, Joal, Qmusse, Sidney Charles, Carlo Caldareri, Javi Bora, Miguel Lobo, Collective Machine, Fabian Argomedo, Hot Since 82, Felipe Venegas, Cookie, Joey Negro, Tripmastaz, Krause Duo, Sable Sheep, Julien Jeweil, Loco Dice, Fer Br, Sinisa Tamamovic, Manuel Araneda, Hyde & Sick, Carlo Lio, Sean Random, Gaiser, Eric Sneo, Audion, John Lagora, Cristian Viviano & Roi Okev, OMFO, Electrosoul System, Johan Agebjörn, Djuma Soundsystem Blizzard, Dergar, Organic Patch, Ismael Pinkler, Plastikman, Miller & Jones, COH, Chris McNamara, Maxi:mizer, Upstate, VOID, Gabriel Le Mar, Mark Allsworth, Jay Riordan, Edvard MonoGram, and Mogi Grumbles. Housed in an 8-page paperpak.


JEWEIL, JULIAN: Don't Think 12" (MINUSMAX 005EP) 11.00
Pushing back into MAX territory, Julian Jeweil delivers his first full M_nus EP and challenges us to "Don't Think." Release your inhibitions and feel, rather than think, as you are consumed by frequencies both high and low and vibrations low and deep. 500 copies in a limited embossed sleeve, pressed on 180 gram vinyl.



BUCK, PETER: Peter Buck LP (MRP 031LP) 17.00
Repressed! "By popular demand, a repress of Peter's debut solo LP. This version is the same as before but the track 'L.V.M.F' has been removed. First solo LP by none other than former REM guitarist Peter Buck. Believe it or not, released on vinyl only by Mississippi Records (no CD or download available anywhere), and it gets weirder. This LP was cut pure analogue -- straight from tape to disc. A real old fashioned freak out record filled with Stooges like crunchy guitar riffs, strange atmospheric sounds, far out dark lyrics, and some catchy pop hooks here and there. Peter and various friends you've probably heard of, gathered at Type Foundry Studio here in Portland and laid out this record fast and furious. A real madcap journey of a record put together with nothing but love and a sense of immediacy."


HUMAN EXPRESSION, THE: Love at a Psychedelic Velocity LP + 7" (MRP 043LP) 17.00
"Unbelievably great psychedelic garage rock from 1966-1968. Up there with the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Love, and the Seeds in quality but with an outsider edge to it. Tough as nails deep heavy group who never got the exposure they deserved back in the day. A few songs leaked out on vinyl on psych comps ('Optical Sound,' 'Love at a Psychedelic Velocity,' and 'Reading Your Will') but the rest has not been on vinyl until now. Beautiful singer/songwriter ballads and frantic rockers sit side by side creating a truly great lost classic of the 1960s. We couldn't be happier with this record. Easily one of the best Mississippi releases ever. Comes with liner notes and a bonus 7". Old school 'tip on' cover with gold ink imprint on it. Co-release with our friends in Europe - the great Moi J'Connais."


CAST KING: Saw Mill Man LP (MRP 051LP) 15.00
"Cast King of Old Sand Mountain was a great country singer/songwriter. His songs sound as if they have been here since the beginning of time. Some might say he sounds like the working man's Johnny Cash. For fans of Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt, Cast will satisfy. Unique and soulful home recordings not to be missed. Old school 'tip on' covers. A one time limited pressing."



ROB: Maniac: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (MOND 011LP) 31.00
"Franck Khalfoun's provocative Maniac (2012) is a remake of William Lustig's 1980 underground classic of the same name. Khalfoun's updated tale stars Elijah Wood in the starring role as a psychopath with an obsession: scalping young women to collect their precious hair. The film is shot entirely from the maniacal fetishist's point-of-view creating a disturbingly voyeuristic first person account of each brutal slaying. Accompanying these ghastly images is a retro-synth score by the mononymous French composer Rob. The music is an obsessive homage reminiscent of the unique synthesizer textures of the 1980s with a distinctly modern twist. Audience members and critics alike readily heap buckets of praise for this vibrant and refreshing score and crediting it for helping create one of the most jaw-dropping cinematic experiences of the year. " Comes on 180 gram vinyl.



EKKOHAUS: Noschool Album Sampler 12" (MHR 064EP) 12.50
Kostas Tassopoulos aka Ekkohaus has readied his debut album for Moon Harbour. Entitled Noschool, it is a collection of new material from 2010 to 2012, using all possible means of production: analog drum machines alongside with VST plug-ins, modular synths with Audio Units, original recordings, as well as sample libraries. "From the bass lines to the sax lines, from the Rhodes phrases to the house beat, I hope there is something in there for everyone."



KUNIYUKI (FEAT. HENRIK SCHWARZ): The Session 2 Remixed 12" (MUSIQ 163EP) 14.50
Kuniyuki's The Session 2 featuring Henrik Schwarz with a remix by Johannes Brecht, whose debut single on Sunday Music was highly-acclaimed. Talented Glasgow producer Lord Of The Isles has previously released on Phonica, with an upcoming single on Mule Musiq as well. Both of these remixes are simply excellent.


MR 332CD

DANNY & THE NIGHTMARES: Death of Satan CD (MR 332CD) 17.50
Death of Satan is their third and final full-length album by Danny And The Nightmares. It had been close to a year since they had gotten together to play music. The Nightmares set up in Danny's garage and pressed "record." Danny had a couple of ideas for songs. After those were played through, a few more songs came forth. When the music was over and they listened to play-back, they realized they had recorded a core of songs to constitute a new album. Never knowing which end of the compass they might bend in any particular night of playing, Danny And The Nightmares recorded everything. Over the years they recorded on micro-cassettes, reel-to-reel, boom boxes, and a four-track recorder. This time they had recorded on a digital machine. Over those years they had kept it close. They played and recorded at the Haunted House, or in Danny's garage. With snickers and grins, they knew they had a strong enough set of songs to elaborate on what they had recorded. They toted the machine to a string quartet. As they stood outside, they smiled while listening to the strings layering the songs. Danny And The Nightmares then returned to a couple of unfinished songs that weren't sitting still in the balance when they had submitted what was to become Freak Brain (2005). With the capacities of the new machine, they also decided to rework a couple of songs that had already been released, and struck in the excitement, recorded a couple more new numbers. A new passage would be discussed over eating baked cookies from the oven. An idea for a vocal or guitar overdub might come about from talking about a movie or a comic book as they drank soda pop. A bathroom or smoke break would be cut short if one of them decided to pick up a guitar, or sit at the drums, beginning another idea. In more spells of revelry came another album, the Death of Satan. It has been five years since the album was completed. Daniel has mentioned it in interviews while promoting his solo career, stoking the curiosity of some his fans. The distracters claim that Danny And The Nightmares are not good for Daniel's image. Conversely, some fans have claimed that what he does with Danny And The Nightmares is like an alter ego to his other work. Danny And The Nightmares is now dead. Both formats include booklets with illustrations by Daniel Johnston.

MR 334CD

EL VEZ: God Save the King: 25 Years of El Vez CD (MR 334CD) 17.50
Munster Records is proud to present an artist they have worked with since the start of his career: El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, celebrating his 25 years with a compilation that includes previously-unreleased outtakes, remixes, live recordings, and soundtracks from his glam theater plays, Revolution-inspired music, spirituals, mariachi-music, Elvis shows, and everything has that has inspired him for his first quarter century. Twenty-four tracks spanning 25 years.



SLUM VILLAGE: Evolution CD (NMG 051CD) 16.00
"Ne'Astra Music is proud to announce the release of Evolution, the new Slum Village album. Evolution is the long-anticipated release coming on the heels of the critically acclaimed mix tapes Dirty Slums and Dirty Slums 2. This album features new music from founding member T3 along with Young RJ and Illa J. Even though the group has suffered many heartaches and member changes over the years, Slum Village always finds a way to reinvent its brand. As the group has persevered despite the struggles over the years, it was only natural that the inspiration for this album title paid tribute to Slum Village's enduring quality. The meaning of Evolution can be described as 'a continuous change to a higher, more complex or better state' and that is exactly what Slum Village has ascribed to with their music over the years, culminating with this new album. The evolution of Slum Village continues with a reinvigorated energy, as founding member T3 holds down the legacy along with the Grammy-nominated producer Young RJ as well as young prodigy Illa J at his side."


NEOS 10909CD

WIDMANN, JORG: Piano Works CD (NEOS 10909CD) 15.50
Featured works: "Fleurs du Mal," "Fragment in C," "Toccata," "Lichtstudie III," and "Elf Humoresken." Jörg Widmann, born in Munich in 1973, studied clarinet at the Music Academy in his home town with Gerd Starke, and later with Charles Neidich at the Juilliard School in New York. He began taking composition lessons at the age of 11, and his teachers included Wilfried Hiller, Hans Werner Henze, Heiner Goebbels, and Wolfgang Rihm. As a clarinetist, Widmann's greatest passion is chamber music. He regularly performs with partners such as Tabea Zimmermann, Heinz Holliger, András Schiff, Christine Schäfer, and Gidon Kremer. He is also successful at home and abroad as a concerto soloist (with, among others, the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester, DSO Berlin, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Irish Chamber Orchestra), working with conductors such as Christoph von Dohnanyi, Sylvain Cambreling, Christoph Eschenbach, David Zinman and Kent Nagano. Several new clarinet concertos have been dedicated to him, including works by Wolfgang Rihm, Aribert Reimann, and Heinz Holliger. Jörg Widmann has been Composer and Artist in Residence at various festivals and institutions, including the Salzburg Festival, the Lucerne Festival, the Cologne Philharmonie, the Vienna Konzerthaus and, in 2010/2011, with the Cleveland Orchestra. Since 2001, he has been Professor of Piano at the Freiburg Academy of Music, where he also became Professor of Composition in 2009. He has received numerous national and international awards for his work. German pianist Jan Philip Schulze is a multi-faceted soloist, vocal accompanist and contemporary music specialist and has performed at important international venues with such partners as Juliane Banse, Annette Dasch, Dietrich Henschel, Jonas Kaufmann, Robert Dean Smith, and Violeta Urmana, and collaborated closely with composers such as Hans Werner Henze, Wolfgang Rihm, Dieter Schnebel, and Jörg Widmann. He has also appeared alongside the Munich Philharmonic and the symphony orchestras of Bavarian and West German Radio. He is Professor of Lieder at the Hanover Academy of Music, Theater and Media.

NEOS 10911CD

LOMBARDI, DANIELE: Mazes CD (NEOS 10911CD) 15.00
This CD presents an anthology of pieces composed for flute by Daniele Lombardi (lives in Florence, Italy) between 1972 and 2003. The title, Mazes, represents the fil rouge which runs through the pieces included in the CD. The turf mazes were, after all, labyrinths which provided entertainment in medieval Britain: convoluted paths carved into level areas of short grass, turf or lawn and located in popular meeting places or where games and celebrations were traditionally held. The imaginative elegance of Daniele Lombardi's graphic notations stimulates the performer's creativity by offering him the opportunity to give a rendering which, when released, flows freely. The scores are devoid of traditional notation and the mixture of musical parameters is achieved solely by the graphics and their characteristics. Performed by Roberto Fabbriciani, who was born in Arezzo in 1949 and studied with Severino Gazzelloni. An internationally-recognized performer and innovative artist, he has renewed the technique of flute playing by expanding the timbral potential of his instrument. He has worked with several leading composers such as Luciano Berio, Sylvano Bussotti, John Cage, Elliott Carter, Aldo Clementi, Luis de Pablo, Franco Donatoni, Brian Ferneyhough, Jean Françaix, Ernest Krenek, György Kurtág, György Ligeti, Olivier Messiaen, Ennio Morricone, Luigi Nono, Goffredo Petrassi, Henri Pousseur, Wolfgang Rihm, Nicola Sani, Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Toru Takemitsu and Isang Yun. They have dedicated many works to him that he then premiered.

NEOS 11105CD

SCHNEID, TOBIAS PM: New Works CD (NEOS 11105CD) 15.00
Tobias Peter Maria Schneid, who was born in 1963 in Rehau and grew up in Munich and Königsbrunn near Augsburg, already won numerous prizes and awards for his compositions while still a student in Würzburg (with Bertold Hummel and Heinz Winbeck). Tobias PM Schneid: "In my music, I use traditional material, and I am not afraid of its being hackneyed and obsolete. I do try, however, to treat this material in my very own way. In so doing, I feel like I'm on a cliff, but I prefer that to moving on secure terrain." Schneid has been teaching music theory and composition at the Conservatory/Academy of Music in Würzburg since 1997. With his striking musicality, instinctive stylistic certainty and musical maturity, the young cellist Maximilian Hornung, whose career began when he won the German Music Council Competition in 2005, is taking the international music scene by storm. The "beacon of hope for a new generation of musicians" (Die Zeit) received an ECHO Klassik prize as the best newcomer of the year for his first Sony CD and was awarded a fellowship by the Borletti-Buitoni Trust in February 2012. Sony Classical recently released his recording of Dvorák's "Cello Concerto" with the Bamberg Symphony under Sebastian Tewinkel, which was awarded an ECHO Klassik prize as "Best Cello Concerto Recording of the Year" in October 2012. As cellist of the Tecchler Trio, in which he played until 2011, he won the First Prize of the ARD Music Competition in 2007. Maximilian Hornung is supported and sponsored by the Anne-Sophie Mutter Circle of Friends Foundation. As a soloist and chamber musician, Esther Hoppe (violin) has made a name for herself as a well-versed and stylistically confident violinist. Musicians such as Heinz Holliger, András Schiff and Bernard Haitink hold her in high esteem for "her personal style and impeccably good taste." Benjamin Engeli (piano), born in 1978, comes from a family of musicians and started his musical education on various instruments at an early age. In 2003 he became a founding member of the Tecchler Trio, which won First Prize at the International ARD Music Competition in Munich in 2007.

NEOS 11308CD

WOHLHAUSER, RENE: The Marakra Cycle CD (NEOS 11308CD) 15.50
For soprano, baritone and chamber ensemble, to sound poems by the composer. Performed by Ensemble Polysono. René Wohlhauser is an unusual artist: composer, pianist, baritone, conductor, born in 1954, grew up in Brienz/Switzerland. Experiences as a rock and jazz musician, lied accompanist and improviser. Educated at the Music Academy in Basle, studying with Robert Suter, Jacques Wildberger, and Thomas Kessler, also attending composition courses with Kazimierz Serocki, Mauricio Kagel, Herbert Brün and Heinz Holliger. There followed studies in composition with Klaus Huber and Brian Ferneyhough, further piano studies with Stéphane Reymond and vocal studies with David Wohnlich and Robert Koller. In 2004, the world premiere of the opera Gantenbein was given at the Lucerne Theatre. In recent years Wohlhauser has repeatedly undertaken tours in Europe as pianist, singer and conductor with the Simolka-Wohlhauser Duo and his own Ensemble Polysono. He was a guest lecturer for composition at the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt (1988-1994), at the Festival in Odessa (1996-1998), and at the International Composers' Atelier in Lugano (2000). A composer deeply committed to cultural politics, he teaches composition, music theory and improvisation at the Basle Music Academy (and until 1991 at the Lucerne Academy) and at the SAMP/Kalaidos Music Academy. His conviction: no one can know everything. Our knowledge in its fragmentary constellation characterizes our attitude to life and our points of view, which often behave contrarily to the points of view of other people with a different fragmentary experience of life. Human behavior as a consequence of fragments of fallen knowledge. What does this mean, then, in terms of composition? Creating complex microstructures, working with fragments from a fragmentary world that coalesce to form new sonic conglomerates that perhaps open up new experiences and points of view to the public.

NEOS 50909-10

VA: Musica Viva Festival Munich 2008 2DVD (NEOS 50909-10) 31.00
Ten films by Peider A. Defilla covering the most important concerts of the Musica Viva Festival, Munich 2008. Interviews with the composers, conductors, and performers, as well as numerous music excerpts. Featured works: Adriana Hölszky, "Countdown"; Conlon Nancarrow, "Study No. 41"; Michael Lentz/Uli Winters, "Boxgesang Über 12 Runden"; Hans Zender, "Logos-Fragmente"; Olivier Messiaen, "Un Sourire"; Enno Poppe, "Keilschrift"; Younghi Pagh-Paan, "In Luce Ambulemus"; Iannis Xenakis, "Antikhthon"; Beat Furrer, "Konzert für Klavier und Orchester"; Gérard Pesson, "Aggravations et Final." The Musica Viva series held under the auspices of the Bavarian Radio was founded in 1945 by Karl Amadeus Hartmann and has since advanced to become one of the most significant forums for contemporary music worldwide. Premieres and historical milestones of the modern age remain at the heart of these monthly concerts. In January and February of 2008 a three-week festival took place in Munich, the first time that such an event had been held in the history of the series. Not only the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio -- the regular partner to date -- but also other top orchestras within Germany's system of public broadcasting, the ARD, helped the festival (and the many renowned composers and interpreters of New Music) on its way to great success. Since 2001, the film-maker and composer Peider A. Defilla (owner of B.O.A. Videofilmkunst) has documented the Musica Viva concerts for BR-alpha (the educational channel of Bavarian Television). Each 15-minute portrait manages to demonstrate just how broad a spectrum is covered by Musica Viva. An ongoing cooperation between the Bavarian Radio, NEOS and B.O.A. has led to the present DVD with its representative excerpts of the most important concerts of the festival along with interviews. Comes on one PAL DVD and one NTSC DVD. Approximate running time: 148 minutes.



BLEND MISHKIN (FEAT. PEPPERY): Foundation Style 7" (NUP 008EP) 11.00
Greek badman Blend Mishkin steps up to bat another dancehall banger out of the park for Nice Up! with another slice of dancefloor business. Bouncing hip-hop reggae vibes are the order of the day here as Jamaican vocalist Peppery delivers his sermon on foundation style - respect the architect! Released on 7" vinyl with version on the B-side.



HELIX: Club Constructions Vol. 4 12" (NSCC 004EP) 12.50
"Atlanta-based Helix expands on the techno/grime hybridity hinted at on his hit Drum Track 12" with the newest installment of Night Slugs' Club Constructions series."



SKALPEL: Skalpel 2LP (ZEN 087LP) 23.50
Double LP version on 180 gram vinyl with download code. "Drawing on Poland's rich jazz heritage (much of it semi-illegal samizdat recordings made when the Communists thought that jazz could bring down the state), Cichy and Pudlo have an unrivaled source of samples to tap and they tap it with consummate aplomb. They combine a kind of broad brush romanticism with the most clinically chopped and reconstituted breaks for a sound which comes on like an East European In A Silent Waywith heavier drumming."


BLOCKHEAD: Music By Cavelight 3LP (ZEN 088LP) 24.50
2013 repress. Triple LP version on 180 gram vinyl, with download code. "From the anti-fanfare of opener 'Insomniac Olympics', through the elegiac strings and slomo disco-bass of 'Carnivores Unite' on into the two-minutes-to-midnight atmospherics of 'You've Got Maelstrom', the spread out reggaephonics of 'A Better Place', and right on up to the flute and eastern violin anomie of Music By Cavelight, this is a record that establishes its own emotional space and holds it from start to finish."


BONOBO: Days to Come LP (ZEN 119LP) 20.50
"Bonobo's Days to Come on 180 gram vinyl, with download code."


DJ FOOD: The Search Engine 4LP (ZEN 176LP) 46.00
"DJ Food's The Search Engine - quadruple LP set on180 gram vinyl with download code." Limited edition 18 track 4x vinyl repress of the three EPs One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World, The Shape of Things that Hum, Magpies, Maps & Moons and DJ Food & The Amorphous Androgynous. Deluxe eight panel gatefold package.



MEHLHART, DANIEL: 4th Note 12" (NOTES 004EP) 12.50
Daniel Mehlhart reactivates the Notes vinyl series, delivering three quality tunes, right in time for the open-air season.



JORDAN GCZ: Crybaby J 12" (OMR 001EP) 12.50
Jordash of Juju & Jordash pops up solo on his own exciting new label. "Off Minor" is the name of a classic song written by Thelonious Monk. "Crybaby J" is the name of a song by Jordan Czamanski aka Jordan GCZ, who used to be a big crybaby, too. Jordan played "Crybaby J" to three super-critical, scary music critics. They thought it was dope as hell. He also played it to a few fancy world-traveling DJs. They thought it was dope as fuck.



HOPPNER, NICK: Red Hook Soil EP 12" (OSTGUT 069EP) 12.50
With the Red Hook Soil EP Nick Höppner delivers a complex, many-faceted record. The title-track quickly develops a modern, atmospheric mood. Tender stabs, soft synth washes and a metallic groove complement each other in surprising harmony. "Bait & Tackle" creates a darker vibe within its driving beat -- the inspired use of percussion, bass and synths with trance leanings succeeds in creating a gripping combination. "Decal" features industrial sounds and a rich, hissing background noise.



OFF!: Live at 9:30 Club LP (OBR 007LP) 21.00
"Have we got a hot one for you! OFF!, captured live at the 9:30 Club, professionally recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr) and mixed by Justin and OFF!'s own Dimitri Coats. Featuring original artwork by Raymond Pettibon, and pressed on 4 different colors (red, white, blue, & yellow) there are just 1000 copies of this LP."



FALL, THE: Live in San Francisco 2LP+CD (OZIT 8014LP) 46.00
"Official live album release in conjunction with The Fall. 2LP set, 16 tracks, vinyl includes free CD of 10 tracks from the LP. Smith himself was in fine form, prowling around the stage snarling lyrics into the mic and messing around with his band mates' amps . The biggest stormer of the evening was 'I Am Damo Suzuki.' In general, the set got faster, louder, and generally 'more' towards the end. It was during 'Mr. Pharmacist' that the energy really started picking up."


PLE 98745CD

PSYCHE/BFC: Elements 1989-1990 (2013 Remastered Edition) CD (PLE 98745CD) 17.00
The 2013 remastered edition of this total classic from Carl Craig, first released in 1990 on Planet E. Cyber b-boy 808 programming, combined with the dopest synth-work and sampling genius. This one raised the bar at the time, and inspired a generation of electronic producers. The special edition comes with three additional tracks: "Crackdown," "Andromeda" and "Evolution." All tracks have been lovingly remastered.



YNK: The Joint 10" (PLTR 009EP) 12.50
With YNK's 10" single, Polytone adds another musical facet to the label's eclectic approach. YNK further underlines his reputation as a highly versatile electronic producer with "The Joint": over a tricky midtempo funk beat YNK assembles various '70s soul samples, thus creating a warm atmosphere that is modern and aware of tradition at the same time. On the flip-side, Lauer takes the original and turns it into a straight and sunny house track full of classic vibes.



SASSE: Xchange EP 12" (PLD 032EP) 12.50
Legenday Mood Music boss and Finn strikes back. B-side features Ian Pooley and a Stu Patrics remix.



NEOTANTRIK: Intervisions LP (VHSX 009LP) 20.00
Intervisions documents select live actions by Andy Votel, Sean Canty of Demdike Stare, Jane Weaver, and N. Racker's NeoTantrik syzygy over the last 12 months. It breaks down to five parts recorded on location in Bristol, Rotterdam, and Stockport -- some previously issued on tape -- in mutating alignments of personnel all deeply focused on common goals of abstract sonic transcendence uniting a mind-field of mimetic and sensual references to nu-religious and metaphysical phorms. Three pieces were captured at Bristol's Cube Gallery, ranging from the pineal dilation of "Parched Effigy (Cube 3)" to their tunneling, 10-minute trip across fragmented free jazz and kosmische "Intervisionary Heretic," and the overheated machine squall and concrète confusion of "Xian Octagon." The Rotterdam parts are more concise, potent, travelling great distances during two minutes of astral flight in "Coloursound (Worm1)" and vaporizing into radiant metallic dissonance during the five minutes of "Crolyn Emphasis." Jane Weaver's contribution provides a more controlled and somber counterpoint, calcifying their abstract tendencies in the organ meditation, "Sous le même soleil, vie disparu dans le ciel," recorded at Compstall Mill in Stockport. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy in an edition of 500 copies. Artwork by Andy Votel.



KORABLOVE: Statum Far 2x12" (PROTEZ 031EP) 21.00
Pro-tez presents the gorgeous full-length album from their most talented warrior, Korablove. Titled Statum Far, it is a sumptuous and authentic journey through deep house music, perfectly poised between dubby, acid-toned and muscular square bass propulsion, and more subtle, spaced-out and breezy melodies in the best deep house tradition of Move D and Rick Wade. Limited to 300 2x12'" vinyl copies only.


PT 8009CD

BAKERLOO: Bakerloo CD (PT 8009CD) 17.00
Formed as Bakerloo Blues Line in early 1968, this short-lived trio boasted the considerable talents of Dave "Clem" Clempson (guitar), supported by Terry Poole (bass), and Keith Baker (drums). A popular live attraction, they supported Led Zeppelin at their fabled Marquee Club debut that October, and taped their sole album the following year. A superb fusion of blues, prog, jazz, and hard rock, it was produced by the legendary Gus Dudgeon and appeared in August 1969, but the band split soon afterwards, with Clempson joining Colosseum and Humble Pie.

PT 8010CD

MOTHERLIGHT: Bobak, Jons, Malone CD (PT 8010CD) 17.00
This mysterious British underground classic came and went in a flash in the spring of 1969. The brainchild of three employees of Morgan Studios in North London (Mike Bobak, Andy Johns and Wilson Malone), it finds them employing all manner of studio trickery on a bizarre and genuinely psychedelic set of self-penned songs. The unsettling result has become one of the most sought-after albums of the period, and makes its long-awaited return to CD here. Background notes included.



TAMBIEN: The Tambien Project 12" (PPUTI 001EP) 14.00
Marvin and Valentino started a project called Tambien in collaboration with Munich-based producer Bartellow. This is an official repress of the self-promoted 12" that came out in spring 2012. Three carefully-selected tracks that have been reinterpreted by the trio.


RS 1308LP

AIRHEAD: For Years LP+CD (RS 1308LP) 20.50
LP version. Pressed on heavy weight vinyl with printed insert and CD included. "For Years, the debut album from Airheard, aka Rob McAndrews, marks the four year transition from student producer to international touring musician, playing to vast audiences across the world as a guitarist for his childhood friend James Blake, writing and jamming in the studio with James and Brian Eno, and DJing on the finest club sound systems modern technology has to offer."


AMB 1314CD

SHAH, NADINE: Love Your Dum and Mad CD (AMB 1314CD) 15.50
"Debut album from singer songstress Nadine Shah, recorded with and produced by Ben Hillier (Blue, Depeche Mode, The Horrors). Eleven tracks imbued with an understated unease, and a deep personal connection."



YOUNG ECHO: Nexus CD (RAMP 055CD) 17.00
Young Echo formed and broadcasted their first radio show in 2010. Its members met growing up in and around Bristol, and became close through a shared enthusiasm for electronic music. Young Echo counts Kahn, Vessel, Jabu, El Kid, Zhou, Ishan Sound, Killing Sound, Gorgon Sound, REI, and Baba Yaga members of the collective. Launch-pad for the careers of Zomby, SBTRKT, and many others, RAMP is very proud to announce Young Echo's debut album Nexus. Unmistakably from Bristol, the group would be hard-pushed to avoid comparisons with Portishead and Massive Attack. While sharing sonics with the former, and the gang mentality of the latter, Young Echo update the Bristol Sound with the collective knowledge of dubstep, grime, techno, and garage.


R-N 149CD

BRETSCHNEIDER, FRANK: Super.Trigger CD (R-N 149CD) 17.00
Super.Trigger is an absolute trove of percussive tensions and frequency-driven finesse and deals mainly with the basic principles of any modern music: rhythm. Frank Bretschneider takes his, never simple, but all the more heartfelt relationship to rhythm and its complexity to an intense inventory and, this time, works less out of suspenseful abstract sounds, than out of grooves. There is a real sense of perpetual evolution and coiled tightness to the pulsating rhythmic programming, while the subtle sheets of noise that fill the void behind the beats compete against the rhythm and their own sonic purity for a higher state of energy -- a constant flux of tension and release. Super.Trigger comes again in Bretschneider's signature style of ultra-clean bleeps and bouncing machine beats with terseness and precision, and a preference for high-voltage sounds halfway between noise and tone. The combination of programming, composition and construction is connected with his very idiosyncratic aesthetic of digital sound: controlled and objective. The whole follows simple mechanical states -- on/off, up/down, soft/hard, slow/fast, loud/quiet -- and is characterized by the absence of any romanticism. Still this return to the elementary, the fundamental, does not diminish the music to dancefloor functionality; instead, Bretschneider always stays emphatically musical and manages to generate sophisticated and complex rhythm-structures, which respectively induce minimal deviations in frequency and timing relationships to generate a surplus of funk. In all, Super.Trigger is Bretschneider's most straightforward, clear and compact work yet. Frank Bretschneider works as a musician and composer in Berlin. Since 1996 he has published a number of albums for Raster-Noton, such as Rhythm and EXP (R-N 108CD). Super.Trigger is essentially a collection of various studio improvisations and was created between 2012 and 2013.



AHMED, RICHY: Rinse: 23 12" (RINSE 028EP) 11.00
The next edition in Rinse's iconic mix CD series comes from rising London-based house DJ Richy Ahmed. To coincide with the release of Rinse: 23 (RINSE 032CD), Rinse have taken three of the best tracks from the mix to produce a limited edition vinyl release. The vinyl is fronted by Richy's own production, "Your Love," with tracks from Subban & Smith aka S.A.S., and Michael Jansons.


AHMED, RICHY: Rinse: 23 CD (RINSE 032CD) 15.50
Rinse: 23 marks the beginning of a new era for Rinse FM's mix CD series. Where previous installments have featured only DJs who regularly play on the station at the time of release, in the future the mix series is set to cast its net wider. Future installments will also feature DJs who are respected pioneers or important new artists within the sounds and scenes that Rinse plays and represents. The next edition in Rinse's iconic mix CD series will come from rising London-based house DJ Richy Ahmed. Moving from deep house into harder and more driving domains, Rinse: 23 captures the broad-minded approach and instinctive feel for dancefloor dynamics that have seen Ahmed's reputation as a DJ soar over the past few years. "The thing I look for in every track, that's universal in every type of music that I play -- I look for the groove," enthuses Ahmed of the music he's drawn to for his sets. "I like it jacking, I like energy." That attitude sits at the heart of Rinse: 23. Taking a gradual trajectory from the shimmery deep house of Outboxx's "Sunshine Mills" downwards into the driving, techno-infused grooves of Waff's "Body Ice" and Subb-an's "Cloak & Dagger," the crucial thread that runs throughout the mix is a compulsive sense of swing and undulating motion. It's very much a club-centerd mix, plunging straight into the heart of the dancefloor and drawing the listener along in its slipstream. Along the way it passes through a whole range of exclusives, including Mark Jenkyns' taut, thrillingly elastic "Mind Dust" and, a highlight, Richy's own, dubbed-out new track "Your Love." As one of the key names behind the London-based label Hot Creations, alongside Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, Ahmed is developing into an increasingly influential figure in house music both in the UK and further afield. Having grown up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in his late teens he fell in love with house music on a trip to Ibiza, and during successive trips became good friends with Jones, Foss, and a number of other DJs who have gone on to become well-known names within house music circles. He swiftly developed a reputation for his incendiary DJ sets, and he has recently been playing at progressively larger and more renowned venues. Other artists include: Demarzo, Les Cerveaux Lents, Jey Kurmis, Chaos In The CBD, Hot Natured (feat. Anabel Englund), Tom Shorterz, Danny Tenaglia (feat. Lula), Chris Lattner & East End Dubs, Kim Ann Foxman Creature, Vaal, Tale Of Us & Luca Cazal, Tanka, Michael Janson, Lake People, Phonique (feat. Erlend Øye), and Burnski.



STEPSON: The Lost Tapes 1972-1974 LP (ROCK 048LP) 23.00
"About forty years in the making, and finally the world has the second Stepson album. Utilizing tapes preserved by drummer Len Fagan then transferred to digital and mastered by bassist Bruce Hauser, this fine collection of twelve songs is as close as the world will ever get to a real second Stepson album. Some is raw, some is embryonic, but it's all prime stuff for fans to savor, reflecting the band's devil may care attitude and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. And just in case you don't believe that the band liked to party, consider that the exact recording dates (and even some locations) have long been forgotten. To borrow an old adage: If you can remember Stepson, you weren't there. Kicking off with a crunching riff by guitarist Joey Newman, 'Danger Zone' is the heaviest track Stepson ever cut, replete with an ominous atmosphere reflecting the seedy side of their native Los Angeles; 'Streets of Alameda' (1974) is an ode to vocalist Jeff Hawks' hometown, featuring a liquor store holdup and a stolen Lincoln used as the getaway car. 'Flesh & Blood' is the only track on here that got an official release, albeit by ex-Smith belter Gayle McCormick as the title track to her second solo album, released by Decca in 1972. This version showcases the riff in full glory. And if you don't believe that this riff is strong, consider that The Tonight Show band played it for approximately two weeks in 1976, prompting Fagan to confront 'author' Don Menza, who coincidentally did the 'Flesh & Blood' album's horn charts and was now claiming credit for the song under the title 'Instant Heart.' The song disappeared from late night TV show shortly thereafter. 'Bad Situation,' the only other 1974 track, describes the band's predicament that year: a track that should have propelled them to the big time, but instead bounced off a brick wall like a tennis ball. The maracas and funkified quasi-Bo Diddley groove hint at Stepson's growth and what might have been."


RS 022CD

RV PAINTINGS: Trinity Rivers CD (RS 022CD) 15.50
2007 release. Nature jams from the Northern California peace crew. Brian Pyle (one half of the core Starving Weirdos duo) his brother Jon, and their bro Spencer traverse the twilight moon as RV Paintings. Trinity Rivers is a suite of three nocturnal jams, way heavy on the hypnotic vibe. Wine glasses, holographic guitar circles and drum lines unite to form a fantasy world -- but not in color -- all black and white with smears of metallic sliver. Eno circa On Land with Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument after a midnight swim on the ocean. This is by far one of the most beautiful and totally dark audio documents out of the Weirdos camp.

RS 032CD

TAIGA REMAINS: Ribbons Of Dust CD (RS 032CD) 15.50
2008 release. Already released as a series of 3" CD-R's, we're proud to finally drop Taiga Remains' blazing white-out guitar suite Ribbons Of Dust. Although originally conceived as stand-alone pieces, the four tracks that make up this hour long disc can easily be seen as one continuous meditation on total delay emptiness as channeled through the electric six-string drone worship of Flying Saucer Attack and Andrew Chalk. Not at all the overtone distortion that Mr. Cobb usually trips in, these verses seem to have been written during heavy snowed in nights that lapsed into early morning. Vibrating, soothing, disturbing, and completely built for headphone trips to the stratosphere. Comes in a chipboard pack with black ink letterpressed artwork.

RS 033CD

DAVIS, JOHN: The Gold Hooped Nature CD (RS 033CD) 15.50
2008 release. The Gold Hooped Nature is the debut long player by California dreamer John Davis. Picking up where his 3" CD-R At Home And Afeild left off, this disc is a scenic set of audio drift that easily zigzags dense passages of analog crunch as well as blank vistas of crystalline tones via guitars, found sounds, contact microphones, tape speed oscillations, field recordings and a small battery of effects. John's study as a Filmmaker & Photographer definitely plays some roll here, with any number of landscapes (real or imagined, inner or outer) being brought to mind. Way less head than heart though, with plenty of these tracks dipped in a romantic glaze that betrays any tendency to over conceptualize drone / ambient / whatever music. It's more wide-eyed sunset, lost west coast stargazing than that. And we suspect the endless Midwest horizons of John's youth are in there as well.

RS 034CD

GOOD STUFF HOUSE: Endless Bummer CD (RS 034CD) 15.50
2009 release. First proper CD of this on-going collaboration between Matt Christensen/Mike Weis of Zelienope and Scott Tuma of Souled American and Boxhead Ensemble. Given that background, it should come as no surprise how far-off sounding and echo drenched this disc is. Incorporating a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments, both live and from tapes of previous performances, the group fully indulge their wanderlust, floating on the back of massive plates of soft focus hiss and falling head first into deep reverb canyons. Vocals sometimes wisp by, as do blasted edges of percussion and Tuma's lovely guitar nocturnes, but it's all desperately distant, more like a distorted memory of a band playing many years after the show has ended. Edition of 300 copies in an offset printed sleeve with cover photos by Mike Weis.

RS 035CD

METAL ROUGE: Three For Malachi Ritscher CD (RS 035CD) 15.50
2008 release. After a number of CD-Rs, tapes and other underground ephemera, Three for Malachi Ritscher is the first proper CD by Los Angeles free thinkers Andrew Scott and Helga Fassonaki. Through ringing passages of guitar, pedal steel, and wordless vocals, this disc climbs to thoughtless vistas of microtones and gushing feedback that inevitably implodes into vast reverberant spaces only to begin the cycle again and again. As a point of entry, the duo's craft can be seen as the joining of their love of many disparate musical forms, from the folk music of the Middle East & Asia to the underground histories of Japan & New Zealand, all mainlined through damaged delay and distortion via their own individual visions. Comes in a heavy black on black offset printed Arigato Pak.



INTERSTELLAR FUNK: House Train 12" (RH VD10-EP) 12.50
Tom Trago's Voyage Direct series brings us another Amsterdam-based talent with the debut release by Interstellar Funk, who delivers the haunting and sleazy "House Train," which is backed up with a Makam remix. With its raw drums and deep bass line, "House Train" sounds like an '80s Chicago production; however, the vocals give the track an unique, timeless character. Oddly addictive. On the flip, Makam adds an extra drive to the track with its forward drums and synth lines.


PROPER, SAN: Auto Sea (RSVP Version) 12" (RHPC 000EP) 12.50
A limited white-label of San Proper's "Auto Sea" cut which was previously released on his album Animal (RH 118LP). This time it comes with a new mix, the "RVSP Version," on which San Proper teams up with a very well-known techno producer for a special B-side mix.



COX, CARL: The Revolution at Space 2CD (CCSPACE 013CD) 21.00
To celebrate 12 years at Space in Ibiza, the next installment of the limited edition Carl Cox at Space compilations is out now. Mixed in two different mixes, CD1 draws on a mixture of up-and-coming artists to the more established, celebrating the diversity and revolutionary line-ups and production that is integral to Carl's night at Space. CD2 is all about nurturing hidden gems old and new alike that compliment the sound system in the club to full effect. Quality and innovation have always been a massively important part of The Revolution's ethos and it is reflected in this stellar mix. Artists include: Nicole Moudaber, Hot Since 82, Alex Piccini & Marka T, Zenker Brothers, Pirupa, Layo & Bushwacka, Andy Slate, Luca Bacchetti, Redraft Memories, Carlo Lio, Guti & Davide Squillace, Marc Houle & Miss Kittin, Juan Sanchez, D Saunderson, Chris Gavin, Dorroo, Cristian Varela, Kaiserdisco, Benny Rodrigues, Just Be, Elio Riso, Trevor Rockcliffe, Carl Cox, Gforty, Dave Angel, Samuli Kemppi, Darlyn Vlys & Ramiro Lopez, Booka Shade, Chris Count, Heron, Joel Mull, Fabio Neural, Joe Brunning, Jon Rundell, Tony DeClerque, Marco Bailey & Redhead, Minicoolboyz, and Ferhat Albayrak.


SS 013CD

L'ORCHESTRE NATIONAL DE MAURITANIE: L'Orchestre National de Mauritanie CD (SS 013CD) 13.50
Recordings of Mauritania's first modern musical group with some never before released material. Formed in the 1960s, the Orchestre National combined folk instrumentation with brass sections and electric guitars. Dreamy and hypnotic sessions are reminiscent of other post-colonial West African orchestras, but diverge with experiments in Mauritanian classical tradition. Like many of the Orchestras created in post-independence Africa, the National Orchestra of Mauritania was created as an idealogical symbol. To the Mauritanian classical music, with its rigid and complex modal system, the group unabashedly added electric guitars and brass sections. Traditional epics were adapted with contemporary sounds. In 1973, the band released their only official recording -- a 7" containing two live recordings from the Maison de Jeune (with the president in attendance). Five hundred copies were pressed in Beirut, Lebanon, and brought back to Mauritania where they were quickly distributed for free until no copies remained. All but vanished into obscurity in the ensuing decades of military dictatorship, these recordings slated for destruction were salvaged during a 1978 coup d'état. Comes with extensive liner notes.

SS 017LP

MOCTAR, MDOU: Afelan LP (SS 017LP) 16.00
"Tuareg rock from Niger's singer-songwriter Mdou Moctar. Tales of anguished love and broken hearts, plus some well known classics. Famous for his autotuned studio sessions popular on West African cellphones, here Mdou performs live. Recorded on location in Niger, electrifying, distorted, and blown out guitar balances with sweet melodies of Saharan folk."



S.T.B. head Francesco Belfiore teams up with Rush Hour mainstay San Proper. For a decade, San Proper has enjoyed cult status in Holland. Production-wise, since joining the Dutch electronic institute with his Amsterdam Family series back in 2007, he has continued to impress with his heady, idiosyncratic take on house and disco, formulating a recognizable live sonic signature that came to a head on his debut full-length Animal.



FENIN: Heartware CD (STRIKE 143CD) 15.50
Another visionary dub-techno album from Berliner producer Fenin. He has been a Shitkatapult artist since the label's existence, always experimenting with musical soundscapes, echoes, and beats. A journey through 10 years of producing was to be found on his last release Maxis and Mixes (STRIKE 117CD), containing classics like "Done" and club hit "None of Them." With his new album Heartware, he opens a new musical chapter of his work, which is dub/techno influenced and evolves from there. Lars Fenin manages to create tracks like the album opener "Es Gibt Schlimmeres" which works with a massive bass line without any hi-hats, bass-drums or clicks. Chords and echoes are moving around the bass line, filling it with soul. The beats come in with "Picking Up" and takes the album through a jungle of sounds. Highlights are also the Afro-beat track "Windsurf" or the hit "Receiver," that Lars produced with the singer Poly, both timelessly beautiful and totally Fenin. On Heartware, it's the sound design and mix that makes the album so special, often rather developing towards an ambient-mood, rather than a dancefloor mood. The various style can also be heard in club tracks like "Tones and Droves," "Silent Trail," and "Restless." Towards the end of Heartware we find proper dub again: "Downhill" begins groovy and dubby and loses itself in the end in echoes and dissolving beat structures, overlaying each other, slowly fading away into open spaces. "Same Pictures" comes up from there with the wonderful voice of Wyanna Friedrich sung over atonal chords, disco sounds, broken beats and a crystal-clear chorus. Is this pop music after all?


SI 105BK

KUGELBERG, JOHAN: Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 Book (SI 105BK) 54.00
2nd edition, no longer comes with 7". "Enjoy the Experience is the largest collection of American private press vinyl ever amassed and presented, featuring over 1,000 reproductions of the cover art of self released titles from 1958-1992. It is the seventh major book release by Johan Kugelberg, the author and editor behind The Velvet Underground: New York Art, Born in the Bronx and Punk: An Aesthetic (Rizzoli), True Norwegian Black Metal (Vice), Brad Pitt's Dog (Zero Books), and Beauty Is in the Street: A Visual Record of the May '68 Paris Uprising (Four Corners). The subjects of Enjoy the Experience range from lesbian folk singers to psychedelic disco bands; awkward teen pop combos to pizza parlor organists; religious cult leaders to swank Sinatra imitators. But this is not a novelty freak show: also profiled and discussed are some of the most highly regarded rock, soul, jazz, funk and singer/songwriter albums from the latter half of the twentieth century. From the awkward-yet-talented to the genius-yet-bizarre, one thing unites all musicians presented here: they sincerely hoped to become stars, they committed themselves to record, and they left themselves vulnerable to an industry not understanding of nuance, not appreciative of character. Enjoy the Experience includes an introduction by editor Johan Kugelberg, a lengthy overview by legendary rare record dealer Paul Major, along with commentaries, hundreds of reviews and over fifty biographies by noted enthusiasts and collectors like Gregg Turkington, Will Louviere, Brandan Kearney, Geoffrey Weiss, Jack Streitman, Eothen Alapatt, Rich Haupt, and Mike Ascherman." 512 pages; hardcover with a removable OBI ribbon. Features a download card to select offerings featured in the book."



TANG, STEVEN: Disconnect to Connect CD (SMALL 007CD) 17.00
"Every producer's dream is to one day complete and release a full-length album. After a string of well-received 12" singles on my own label, Emphasis Recordings, and most recently, on labels like Aesthetic Audio, Machining Dreams, Syncrophone, and Dolly, I thought now is the time to start realizing that dream of the full-length album. The idea for the album really started around year 1999 and/or 2000, when I completed the tracks, "Interstice,' 'It's Perceived as Sound,' and 'Brink Of Dawn.' When the tracks were done, I felt they were better-suited for an album release because I experimented outside of the typical 4/4 dance track. I wanted to experiment with ambient music; like something without a kick drum, or different time signatures, which led me to creating a jazz tune using electronic instruments. 'It's Perceived as Sound' was conceived in that way. But putting an album out during that time would not have garnished the impact that I wanted, since I was still a relatively unknown artist. So I put the tracks aside. Over the last decade, I worked on many more 12' singles to get my name out there, while still working on tracks that I thought would suit the album. Tracks like 'Eternal' and 'Heat Burst,' produced back in 2011, help add to this album some of that Chicago/ Detroit vibe that I've been known for. As I was getting close to finishing the album, I was thinking which label should release it? The first thing that came to my mind was Smallville. I read two interviews on blogs featuring Smallpeople, aka Julius Steinhoff and Just Von Ahlefeld, who also run the label and store out of Hamburg. In each of the interviews, they mentioned me by name. I thought to myself, 'these guys really like my music!' Since having visited Hamburg three times now, I got to know the label, the people behind it, and thought my project and I would be a good fit. So I decided to send an email to Julius and Just to see if they were interested in releasing the album. They said yes, so here I am, proud to present to you, as well as Smallville, my debut album entitled Disconnect to Connect." --Steven Tang, Chicago, May 2013



BECK, GARY: Soma Compilation 21 CD (SOMA 103CD) 15.50
Soma Records are pleased to present an extra special compilation of tracks from 2012, mixed exclusively by Gary Beck in what is his first-ever commercially-available mix CD. After the hugely successful 20th anniversary celebrations, Soma continued with their high quality output right through 2012, forging ahead with new and old artists alike. 2012 saw the debut album from Gary himself that immediately made its mark on the techno world, demonstrating his amazing talent as not just a techno producer but as an artist. Further albums came from Deepchord, who followed up his first album on Soma with the deep and uniquely expressional Sommer that also spawned two separate vinyl releases. Heavy-hitters Pig & Dan showed the versatility of Soma's output also with their own 10-year anniversary album Decade, complete with fantastic remixes from Justin Berkovi, Carlo Lio, and more. On the singles front, there were some particular standouts. Soma stalwarts Slam & Silicone Soul also released new material that became instant classics in the house and techno world. New signing Mark Reeve burst onto the scene with his Dice EP, Harvey McKay collaborated with Saytek on the tough Push EP and we also saw the Envoy classic, Detroit-inspired techno groover, "Seawall," reworked by Chilean wonder producer Ricardo Villalobos. Gary's mix is a perfect example of why he has become one of the busiest DJs around. Kicking things off with Deepchord's perfectly dubbed-out "Tonality of Night," Gary quickly picks up the pace, moving fervently through tracks from Joe Stawarz, Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad into Claude Von Stroke's excellent mix of Scott Grooves' "Mothership Connection." Mark Henning's infectious "You're Digging Into Me" funks things up before launching head-first into the peak of the mix with Pig & Dan and Mark Reeve tracks doing the damage along with Gary's own "Algoreal." Exclusive to the Soma 21 compilation is the Christian Smith & Wehbba remix of the eternal Funk D'Void classic "Diabla." This unforgettable track is given a very modern day rework and doesn't fail to trigger in all the right places. As the mix begins to wind down, we find Gary finishing off in epic style with the fantastic Mattias Tanzmann rework of Silicone Soul's "Right On, Right On" while Gary closes on Ricardo Villalobos' interpretation of Envoy's "Seawall."



G&D: The Lighthouse 2LP (SOS 004LP) 21.00
"G&D is a galacti-fonk super group comprised of Georgia Anne Muldrow (handling all beatified soundscapes and vocals) and Dudley Perkins, a.k.a. Declaime (handling creative direction and vocals/rap verse). While both have extensive discographies in their own right, The Lighthouse is their second official team effort that features clever handiwork by DJ Romes (of the legendary Lootpack crew), and guest vocals from LMNO and Miki Vale. These two are a singular healing force with a sociopolitical voice and vibe that acknowledges the past and embodies the future of music simultaneously."



UNKNOWN: Soniculture Confidential 003 12" (SONICCON 003EP) 12.00
Soniculture continues its series of underground releases with tracks from famous artists that are on a secret mission. Physical format will be on vinyl with black sleeves and no information whatsoever about the artists. Here we have a release of a classic anthem that marked Soniculture for many years, along with two other tracks that have within them the power to generate a sonic revolution. A1 is definitely a timeless masterpiece. B1 is a new dark techno bomb, and B2 is pure, timeless acid.



STRANGERS IN HEAVEN: Set Me Free/The Future 12" (SOUVENIR 057EP) 12.50
The mysterious duo Strangers In Heaven strike back on Souvenir with a strong two-tracker. "Set Me Free" is a deep groover which features Jonny Cruz's incredibly melodic voice. The same track gets a decidedly deeper once-over from none other than Eric Volta. On the flip, "The Future" is a Miami bass vs. techno tune with some real old school house feeling injected into it, featuring the unmistakable voice of the wondrous Navid Izadi.



OSBORNE: Hold Up 12" (SPC 113EP) 12.00
If you thought the English-accented voice singing the hook on Ann Arbor/Detroit producer Todd Osborn's single "Hold Up" sounded familiar, you'd be right -- it's Joe Goddard from Hot Chip, backed with a remix entitled "Joe's Dub." As the title suggests, it is furnished with suitably-spacious reverb sounds and atmosphere. "Night" is a track that's made to soundtrack dancing all night, based around the sound of an insistent 4/4 kick and a decidedly groovy walking triplet bass line. Remix by Tuff City Kids.



DUB DYNASTY: Unrelenting Force LP (ASLP 001LP) 20.00
LP version. Alpha Steppa is thrilled to announce the arrival of a truly unique and international release that is bound to enthrall music lovers of every generation. Alpha and Omega, true icons of the dub world have joined forces with son and nephew Alpha Steppa to create Dub Dynasty. The record, in the words of Alpha Steppa, is "an exploration of the unrelenting force of nature and the inspirational powers that brought us together to create this record." Taking inspiration from this credo, the title Unrelenting Force is a true reflection of the power and community that dub has mastered. Alpha and Omega and Alpha Steppa have called on their favorite collaborators from the UK, Ireland, South America, New York, Jamaica and South Korea to join with them in merging their pure, unadulterated dub into one of the deepest releases ever seen. Alpha Steppa spent 2011/2012 living and creating music in Asia, and he has been rewarded with some powerful connections in South Korea. For Unrelenting Force, he has called in Koonta, a member of Rude Paper and Korean reggae duo Koonta & Nuoliunce. Another artist from Korea to feature on the release is up-and-coming melodica wunderkind Smiley Song. Singing on "Chicken and the Cow and the Buffalo" and "Goodness" is N'goni, one of the most exciting and mysterious new lyricists/singers to hit the scene. "Monsoon Come" features the Dublin-based South American singer Ras Tinny, and there is also an appearance by Dub Judah of Dub Jockey label fame -- one of the most respected names in UK dub. Linval Thompson is considered one of the essential contributors to reggae and its message in its 1970s golden era. Featured here on the dub "Long Time," Thompson's vocals are as memorable as they are powerful. Last but not least, Cian Finn contributes his unique blend of Celtic spirit and rootikal dub to "9 Years" and "Dub Island." This album is powered by bass -- the kind of bass that can reverberate through your whole body and lift you into another time and place. Raw, pure and unadulterated dub.



CARAVAN: American Antarai CD (STRAW 006CD) 15.00
"In May 1976, an incident involving the American container SS Mayaguez prompted the US forces, including 1,000 Marine Corps to use the U-Tapao airbase in Thailand as a base for a rescue mission against the Cambodian government's (Khemer Rouge) forces. This was done without the permission of the Thai government which said the act was a violation of Thai sovereignty and sparked fierce protests outside the US Embassy. The US president only issued a very short 'apology' which acted as the catalyst for Caravan to join the public protest. Caravan wrote political songs against the US and used them in a mass protest in March 1976. The band members all came back to work together amid the heated political atmosphere and protests to drive out the American Army base, during which there were many bombings, shootings, fatalities and much blood-shed. The American Antarai album was ready for release before the mass public protest to demand that the Kukrit Pramoj government's promise of calling for the withdrawal of all US forces from Thailand by 20th March 1976." Includes booklet.


SALTY DOG: Salty Dog CD (STRAW 009CD) 15.00
"Having formed during the height of the Zamrock period, Salty Dog was a three man band modeled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Wanting to base the band around the concept of the force of life, Salty Dog was chosen for the band's name because it is a slang term for 'sperm.' The eighth release on the Zambezi imprint, Salty Dog is one of the most obscure Zambian titles from the era having failed to achieve the success of some of their peers like Witch. The self titled release is a combination of psychedelic rock, blues, and folk, with all English songs. Really good from start to end, essential for collectors of African rock and insanely rare as an original. As a bonus for this release we've also managed to press up the non-LP single that was released before the album titled 'Sunday Morning Sunshine.'" Includes booklet with photos.


K7 302-2EP

BRANDT BRAUER FRICK: Broken Pieces/Skiffle It Up 12" (K7 302-2EP) 10.00
"A solid three song remix package featuring choice remakes from Mouse On Mars, Dollkraut, and Max Graef."



EX-PYLON: Hammerfest 12" (BARN 004EP) 14.00
2011 release. Debut EP from Ex-Pylon -- well, actually, it's not a debut, but a new project by a well-known producer. Studio Barnhus (the young Swedish label run by Axel Boman and two studio friends) is bringing some hot forward-thinking dance tracks that will create this special energy on any dancefloor. Two powerful tracks and a more dreamy electronic piece that somehow remind of some Border Community releases. An intense and effective release.


DAHLBACK, JESPER: Udda Katter 12" (BARN 007EP) 14.00
2011 release. SK 011, 444, Centralbron, Midsummer Night, Babar, Russian Folksong, Carbon Oxide, I Love Water, all those brilliant Tiga productions, and now -- Jesper Dahlback. These two tracks are up there with all those previously-mentioned masterpieces. "Fransson" is a freaky, "Windowlicker"-esque jam while "DX2 RMX" is a dancefloor burner which perfectly balances melancholia with joy.


SHAKARCHI & STRANEUS: Something 12" (BARN 008EP) 14.00
2012 release. Two tracks from Gothenburg's Shakarchi & Straneus coupled with two remixes of "Liseberg." Trust us -- when the apprehensive first part of ''Something...'' evolves into full-on, heartwarming house riff mania, spectacular things happen on the floor. Then we have "Jamison" -- based around a few simple harmonic elements, this is a lovely warm blanket of sound. Portable delivers a psychedelic dancehall epic sprinkled with the melodies of the original "Liseberg," while Tapes turns it into an echoing dub ballad.


MATSELL, WESLEY: Zone Within Zones 12" (BARN 009EP) 14.00
2012 release. Studio Barnhus #9 is called Zones Within Zones -- it's an EP by Wesley Matsell, who follows up his 2008 debut on Border Community with four tracks: "The Unmaker" (euphoric Soundhack-meets-Junior Boy's own rave-smasher), "Ultra Vivid Parse" (noisy Chicago-on-'roids stomper), "Mind vs. Mind" (trippy-as-fuck tech-house funkster) and "Pyramideleven" (gggnnnaaaaaahhh).


USIO: Kuwa Huru 2LP (BARN 012LP) 20.00
Years after rumors of the mysterious Usio first started spreading, Studio Barnhus are finally ready to release the project's debut outing, an LP called Kuwa Huru. This is emotional, intricate electronic blues for the modern dancefloor, with eight tracks ranging from Afro-beat-influenced house jams to starlight-spangled techno compositions. The double vinyl pack includes a download coupon which gives access to the original album tracks plus five bonus tracks.


BOSKA/PEDRODOLLAR: Barn013 10" (BARN 013EP) 14.00
The third installment in Studio Barnhus' special colored 10? series brings together Norwegian soundboy killa Boska with Pedrodollar on shiny green 10? vinyl, strictly for the real DJs. Boska's smooth-yet-bumpy club anthem has been the highlight of many a Studio Barnhus dance party over the last year. On the B-side, "Theme Song" showcases Pedrodollar's brilliant way of cutting and pasting emotions, melodies and noise to perfection.


EX-PYLON: Shakes 12" (BARN 014EP) 14.00
New release from the mysterious Ex-Pylon on Studio Barnhus. "Shakes" is a twisted, noisy 12-minute techno epic with razor-sharp drums, acidic bass lines and a daredevil breakdown, while "Helmet" comes correct with swirling pads from outer space and a deadly groove from deep within the core.



NOIR PRESENTS INNAKAT: Grab Somebody EP 12" (SUARA 078EP) 12.50
Noir is not only a great Danish producer & DJ but an excellent A&R of his own label Noir Music. He launches a new project, Innakat: the techno/club-oriented face of Noir. "Grab Somebody" is a hot piece of groovy tech -- a dancefloor bomb that Coyu has played in all his sets for months. On remix duties is Catalan maestro Dosem, who brilliantly turns the original track in a futuristic techno journey.


SR 356CD

GOLDSTON, LORI: Film Scores CD (SR 356CD) 15.50
Lori Goldston is an American cellist. She was the touring cellist for Nirvana from 1993-1994 and appears on their live album MTV Unplugged in New York. She is a member of Earth, the Black Cat Orchestra, and Spectratone International. Classically-trained and rigorously de-trained, possessor of a restless, semi-feral spirit, Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improviser, producer, writer and teacher based in Seattle. Her voice as a cellist, amplified or acoustic is full, textured, committed and original. A perpetual inquirer, she wanders recklessly across borders that separate genre, discipline, time and geography, performing in clubs, cafes, galleries, arenas, concert halls, sheds, ceremonies, barbecues, and sanctuaries. The featured works are film scores for: Carl Theodor Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), Yasujiro Ozu's Passing Fancy (1933), Linas Phillips' Bass Ackwards (2010), Britta Johnson's Crashing Waves (2010), and Vanessa Renwick's Charismatic Megafauna (2011) and Mighty Tacoma (2011). Featuring appearances by Dylan Carlson (Earth) and Tara Jane O'Neil (King Cobra, Retsin).


ST 006CD

OLD APPARATUS: Compendium CD (ST 006CD) 16.50
In 2012, Old Apparatus launched a bid for independence with their own Sullen Tone imprint to release their own projects and others. The first of these releases on the label were EPs that spanned the second half of the year, opening with the Derren EP before releasing a series of EPs from three separate members of the group. Compendium draws together the highlights of those EPs into a sequenced mix that draws the sheer drama out of the music, like contrasting scenes in a film, enabling the listener to pick out details in music and get lost in its generous sound world. It starts with "Zimmer's" rising strings and watery hiss, rolling seamlessly into the far away shoegaze of "Mernom" and then the warm, woodblock and acoustic guitar 2-step of "Derren." The mood switches up to the jungle atmosphere of "Dourado," with hypnotic drums and a feeling of panic, before the chopped and screwed march of "Lingle" drops the mood down with a club-footed hip-hop and ritualistic astral atmosphere before the album hones down into the bell-like melodies and sliding drums of "Boxcat." "Chicago" opens next with a bare piano and heartbeat thud, working out of the rainy atmospheres, while the shimmering drones of "Octofish" lead into the vast waves of "Realise," ending the album on a powerful note.



Restocked, first reissued 2012. "High-quality reissue of holy grail '70s spiritual jazz funk LP available for the first time in 30 years. Deep and soulful, this privately pressed 1972 LP, good from start to finish, is an essential testimony from an out of sight band. Unique sound! Strictly limited to 1000 copies! Superfly Records are proud to present a fully licensed high-quality reissue, pressed on 180 gram vinyl with authentic paste-on covers printed in Japan!"


FABIANO ORCHESTRA: Butterfly Island LP (SRLP 009LP) 30.00
"Highly anticipated Superfly reissue of French west-indies jazz fusion holy grail LP. Includes the rare groove classic 'Pointe Des Chateaux' and the deep tropical groovers 'Fo Ca Change' and 'Creole.' Once again, beautiful quality repress with paste on gatefold covers and 180 gram vinyl, strictly limited to 1000 copies."


FULL MOON ENSEMBLE: Crowded with Loneliness LP (SRLP 010LP) 30.00
"Long-awaited Superfly reissue of this French spiritual free jazz masterpiece. Includes the killer poetry jazz tune 'Samba Miaou.' Once again, beautiful quality repress with paste on gatefold covers and 180 gram vinyl, strictly limited to 1000 copies."



BABICZ, ROBERT: The Owl and the Butterfly CD (SYST 017CD) 17.00
Born in Poland, but now based in Cologne, Robert Babicz releases his third artist album on Marc Romboy's Systematic Recordings. Following from A Cheerful Temper (SYST 006CD), released in 2007 and Immortal Changes (SYST 011CD) in 2010 and touring all around the globe without any break, this album expresses the rather musical side of Robert's way of making music. Bringing in warm melodies, deep and deeper grooves, blissed atmospheres, live strings, warm vocals -- sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping -- his journey takes you wherever you choose to let your mind go. Features contributions from Ange Ira and Karen Vogt.


BABICZ, ROBERT: Sonntag EP 12" (SYST 095EP) 12.50
Remixes of "Sonntag" by Rodriguez Jr., KiNK, and Pezzner.



ZAMACONA, JORGE: The Mood 12" (TAR 002EP) 14.00
For their second release, Tardis has enlisted Paul Mac aka Jorge Zamacona, who hoists in three rough house killers. Te veteran producer portrays dazzling acumen: bursting with the sheer power of clever drum programming, "Cut Twice" is an offering that will make people lose their heads on dancefloors. Jagged, massive, irresistible."The Mood" ventures into deep, silky house territories, while "Stacked Team" delivers another burning cut of dancefloor euphoria. This EP is still firmly embedded in the now: Paul Mac produced all tracks in 2013.



NOMINE: Nomine's War 12" (TEMPA 078EP) 11.00
The mysterious Nomine's debut 12" for Tempa takes dubstep into altogether more tropical territories. The fluid textures and East Asian melodies of its two tracks conjure up images of a future London fried by global warming, where rising sea levels are sinking the city below the waves. The paranoiac bass and claustrophobic melodies of "Anxiety Tribe" are aptly suited to the name, while the languid closing track "128.1" trots along a full 10 beats per minute slower than most dubstep tracks.


J:KENZO: Bloodlines EP 2x12" (TEMPA 080EP) 18.00
First release on Tempa by J:Kenzo since his acclaimed debut album, released in 2012. Each of the tracks on the Bloodlines EP takes a drastically different approach, from the Blade Runner-esque synths of "Enter Valarak" to the ultra-percussive whirlwind of "Ricochet," and from the pulsating and direct "Cause and Effect" to the dark bass stabs of "Bloodlines."



YNK: Brand New Bars 12" (TDPR 013EP) 12.50
YNK's third EP for Tender Park sends us straight to dub house heaven with the lush and chord-driven deepness of "Paradigms Lost." Just as dreamy as it is thrilling, the track perfectly illustrates YNK's highly musical approach to house which he further underlines with "Colorit": this fresh and funky piece of music is overflowing with Philly soul Rhodes pianos and vocals. So Philly lover no. 1 Drei Farben House obviously just had to contribute a remix.



ROCKETNUMBERNINE AND FOUR TET: Roseland/Metropolis 12" (TEXT 023EP) 12.00
Limited repress; Four Tet with brothers Ben and Tom Page of RocketNumberNine.



TUFF SHERM: Burglar Loops EP 12" (TRILOGY 010EP) 19.00
New Tuff Sherm -- as "top-notch" and "fresh" as the last one. 5 tracks, including "Groin Boils."


WIRE 354

WIRE, THE: #354 August 2013 MAG/CD (WIRE 354) 9.50
"Includes The Wire Tapper 32, the latest in our ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. Free with all copies of the August issue. On the cover: Rob Mazurek (The Chicago Underground musician and visual artist spins cosmic connections between free jazz, science fiction and the music of Brazil). Features: Meredith Monk (After 40 years blurring the boundaries of music, dance and theatre, the New York composer's primordial voice music still speaks volumes); Else Marie Pade (Anne Hilde Neset hears the extraordinary life story of Denmark's first electronic composer, finally enjoying success at the age of 89); Invisible Jukebox: Jussi Lehtisalo (The Circle frontman and Ektro boss rounds on The Wire's mystery record selection); Cross Platform: Emma Hart (Clive Bell meets the artist who installations revel in the mess of everyday life and mundane work); Global Ear: Instanbul; Epiphanies (When Asmus Tietchens's hopes of playing guitar life The Shadows were dashed, he turned to tape music)."



For their next EP, Tic Tac Toe turn to the pairing of U.S. techno producer Billy Johnston and Apparel Music Limited boss Gennaro Mastrantonio. Remixes come from Panorama Bar resident Oliver Deutschmann and label boss Patrick Bateman, with subtle and restrained deep house-cum-techno explored across all cuts.


TO 089CD

WATSON, CHRIS: In St Cuthbert's Time: The Sounds of Lindisfarne and the Gospels CD (TO 089CD) 14.50
To celebrate the exhibition of the Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral from July to September 2013, award-winning wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson has researched the sonic environment of the holy island as it might have been experienced by St. Cuthbert in 700 A.D. Throughout human history, artists have been influenced by their surroundings and the sounds of the landscape they inhabit. When Eadfrith, the Bishop of Lindisfarne, was writing and illustrating the Lindisfarne Gospels on that island during the late seventh century and early eighth century, he would have been immersed in the sounds of the holy island while he created this remarkable work. This production aims to reflect upon the daily and seasonal aspects of the evolving variety of ambient sounds that accompanied life and work during that period of exceptional thought and creativity. Cuthbert was an Anglo Saxon monk, bishop and hermit who became prior of Lindisfarne in c. 665. In later life Cuthbert felt called to be a hermit and moved to the nearby island of Inner Farne to begin fighting the spiritual forces of evil in solitude. Cuthbert became associated with the birds and other animals on the island and gave special protection to the Eider duck which is still known locally as Cuddy's duck. Photography: Maggie Watson; Design: Jon Wozencroft; Sound mastering by Denis Blackham, Skye. Texts by Chris Watson, Dr. David Petts, Lecturer in Archaeology/Associate Director of the Institute of Mediæval and Renaissance Studies Dept. of Archaeology?, Durham University, and Dr. Fiona Gameson, St. Cuthbert's Society, Durham. Includes a 24-page booklet with texts and photos.


KERN 002-1EP

DJ HELL: Kern Vol. 2 - The Exclusives 12" (KERN 002-1EP) 12.50
The Exclusives comes packed with previously-unreleased tracks, specially crafted for Kern Vol. 2 (KERN 002CD ) and carefully selected and re-edited by DJ Hell. Argentinean producer Jonas Kopp offers his own interpretation of the Hell sounds with "X," an incendiary and wreckless number of instant gritty appeal. On the ?ip are two reworks operated by Hell especially for the occasion of Capracara and Halogen (aka Zach Roberts).

KERN 002-2EP

DJ HELL: Kern Vol. 2 - The Rarities 12" (KERN 002-2EP) 12.50
The second Rarities 12" is a collection of forgotten early '90s grooves. Daniel Bell contributes a track that has never seen the light of day since its year of production, 1992 -- the "Chicago Style" version of his legendary "Blip" title. Also included is NYC '90s ?xtures Lenny Dee and Ralphie Dee's (aka Major Problems) "Overdose," a relentless number from 1990, originally released on Nu Groove. Back to '92 with Sub-Culture's "Dreams" released on Strobe. DJ Hell chose the forgotten "Tribal Life Mix."



NOHOME: Nohome CD (TROST 119CD) 17.00
After the internationally and heavily praised Caspar Brötzmann Massaker in the early '90s, not much was heard from the German "Modern Primitive" guitar player Caspar Brötzmann, aside from some collaborations for theater. Now he is back with a new band -- extreme, heavy, intense. In summer 2012 he was invited by the A L'arme Festival for a special gig with Swiss musicians Michael Wertmüller (drums) and Marino Pliakas (ebass) (those two form the group Full Blast with Caspar's father and free-jazz legend Peter Brötzmann). The show went so well that they decided to continue doing music together, record an album and tour. In spring 2013, Nohome played some gigs in Russia and the Moers Festival. Improvised music, noise, guitar walls, industrial, and jazz meet and get a performative enhancement through special guest FM Einheit (ex-Einstürzende Neubauten) on two pieces. Recorded live at Radialsystem V, Berlin, August 29th, 2012. Mastered by Martin Siewert (Wien), March 2013.



RYDIM: Nash EP 12" (TSUBALTD 012EP) 12.50
Tsuba presents a brand-new artist with the debut EP from Rydim, an alias from a well-known producer who wishes to let the music of his new project do the talking. "Nash" has been exclusively road-tested by label-boss Kevin Griffiths and is a big track for the dancefloor with hooky vox, percs and a killer bass line.


BLM: Deep & Trippy EP 12" (TSUBALTD 013EP) 12.50
Tsuba Limited welcomes back BLM with another outstanding 12". Intricate production and a warm palette of sounds characterize BLM's work and this EP will further enhance his already burgeoning reputation as one of the UK's most promising producers.


JACKSON/ZOO LOOK, MILTON: Night Trax Vol. 2 12" (TSUBALTD 014EP) 12.50
We present the second installment of the Night Trax series, a double header featuring Milton Jackson and Tsuba newcomers Zoo Look. Milton leads with a very special track, the deeply hypnotic "Requisite Vocal Science" and Zoo Look deliver a jackin' underground houser with "I Can't Deny."



DECAS: Unidentified Flying Object 12" (UAUDIO 002-2EP) 16.00
"Bouncing and splashing, roughly jazzy and warmly funky house EP from the two brothers, perking up classic US templates with grands verres de vintage Versatile, and a dash of early-days Daft Punk. Check MBC. 180g vinyl, attractively sleeved."



WRD: Sounds in the Grass 12" (UBR 001EP) 12.50
The first release from Under Bron Recordings by WRD highlights a firm and direct feeling, like being seduced and sharing something personal with somebody new. Keeping a steady house groove and pace, "Sounds in the Grass" inspires the dust from the ceiling at your local warehouse to come down to the ground again, while "Waiting to Exhale" is for the conversationalists standing by the bar or on the outskirts of the dancefloor. Delroy Edwards' remix expands the WRD horizon and brings in a different blueprint.


UY 073EP

QUENUM: Rhyme 12" (UY 073EP) 12.00
The Swiss techno veteran Quenum presents one about sex. "Zone Erogene" features a soft voice that salaciously whispers into your ear, while "Pornflake" will set your hormone bells ringing. Finally, the cuddling phase of the digital market is definitely over when the leash comes off on "Surealizm." Track "Intimate Immensity" will only be available on vinyl.



HALO HALO: Halo Halo CD (UTR 057CD) 17.00
Halo Halo are three friends living in South London, writing a primal, hyper-melodic music that makes you want to dance into the mountains and throw a rope around the moon. Rachel Horwood (vocals, banjo, also of the band Trash Kit), Jack Barraclough (vocals, drums), and Gill Partington (bass, modded-keyboard) came together inspired by a shared love of the naturalism of folk music and the freedom of punk. Naming their band after a very colorful, refreshing hotchpotch of a dessert from the Philippines (where Rachel's family are from) the same random delight and faith in surprise is central to their music, shot through in clattering Technicolor by traditional forms of Filipino music like Tiboli and the mystical chanting and sacred percussion of the Ifugao. Halo Halo are not only reaching back to their own ancestry, but are tapping into something seemingly outside of time, parts equally magical and sonically enthralling. This last three years have seen Halo Halo release a well-received 7" single through the brilliant imprints of Savoury Days in Europe and M'Ladys in the USA, alongside several homemade CDs, leading to them playing countless shows, some more far-flung than others, including performances in Israel, the Republic of Korea, the Arctic Circle, and in support of kindred spirits Electrelane on tour in Europe. With this eagerly-awaited, self-titled debut album on Upset the Rhythm, Halo Halo have raised their game with doubled vocals, tripping beats, synth-weirding, drum thumps, banjo circles and journey-bound bass lines. With this album, Halo Halo have achieved a lot -- they've travelled far and have returned to their beginnings, all with an impeccable melodic hold that time cannot diminish.



VA: SAOCO! Vol. 2: Bomba, Plena and the Roots of Salsa in Puerto Rico 1955-1967 CD (VAMPI 152CD) 16.50
Vampisoul's first volume of ¡Saoco! included recordings from Cortijo y su Combo, Mon Rivera, and some of their other contemporaries exclusively dedicated to the rhythms of plena and bomba. Although these Puerto Rican traditions, in particular the second, later became part of the salsa stew, there's another reason to consider these artists among the pioneers of the transnational and polymorphic movement known as salsa. The reason is that the repertoire of these groups was never restricted to these Puerto Rican rhythms, nor to any national borders. Maybe the first peculiarity of Puerto Rican music prior to the period that interests us here is that it was recorded predominantly outside of the island, above all in New York, where musicians travelled constantly or just emigrated altogether. Furthermore, since son had emerged from Cuba in 1910, Cuban rhythms had exercised hegemony over tropical music recordings. This was particularly the case in New York and Puerto Rico, which had always been considered Cuba's little sister. You would have expected orchestras like those of Cortijo or Mon Rivera would alternate a variety of rhythms to please their dance audience whose tastes then favored the sounds of mambo and guaracha. Although both genres are considered Cuban, the presence of guaracha is so old in Puerto Rico -- arriving with tours of Cuban comic theater troupes in the Caribbean basin in the 19th century -- that we can legitimately consider that it acquired its modern form through an exchange between its Cuban source and its different expressions in the West Indies, including the Puerto Rican variety. In addition to these rhythms that formed the backbone of salsa, it was also common that these orchestras would play a merengue, a calypso, and even, although far more rarely, a Brazilian samba, a Colombian cumbia or porro, a Venezuelan joropo, or a Panamanian murga. It's difficult to know to what extent this diversity corresponded to commercial motives. These styles were possibly imposed by the record labels in their quest to promote a regional Latino market. However, it seems that the groups mentioned didn't wait until they gained their first hits to develop versatile repertoires. The same professionalization of orchestra music in Puerto Rico already required a command of different genres beginning with jazz and Cuban music. Furthermore, if Cuban rhythms exercised their hegemony upon tropical music from the beginnings of the 20th Century, their domination only became more pronounced after the Castro revolution. As a consequence of the blockade, groups from New York and Puerto Rico occupied this space and took up the repertoire of the Havana orchestras. Already by the mid-1960s, plena was out of style and they were only dancing rumba, guaracha, descarga, charanga, pachanga... and rock'n'roll, just as much on the island as in New York. The selection on this second volume expands its repertoire to emphasize the variety of rhythms and styles that characterized many of the groups included in the first volume. It reveals a Puerto Rican production influenced by the sounds of Cuba and New York, but which also preserved its own character and in which the island genres of bomba, plena, and música campesina enjoyed their golden age. Includes extensive liner notes by compiler Yannis Ruel illustrated with original artwork and memorabilia.



Anthemic, rolling bass and keys, dueling with soulful, dubby vocals. "Rush" feels like '80s Michael Mann neon cityscapes filtered through a soundsystem in a battered Land Rover. A classic Various Production release that will floor-fill and put the beat in a Jeep. Side B is devoted to the sweet, binary truth. Not murky, more a dark digital crevice found inside a field of ones and zeros. Taking inspiration from the classic Hungarian soundtracks of Panta Zorán.


VQ 003LP

DINKY: Dimension D 2LP (VQ 003LP) 20.50
Double LP version. "Esteemed and revered Chilean born, Berlin based producer, musician, singer and DJ, Dinky AKA Alejanda Iglesias releases her fifth and most accomplished album to date on Visionquest."



PRITCHARD, MARK: Ghosts 12" (WAP 341EP) 11.00
"Pritchard recently announced that he would be retiring all his pseudonyms to concentrate on solo material recorded under his own name. This feels like a bold move for someone who's recorded under such a plethora of monikers (Harmonic 313, Reload, Troubleman, and many more) but listening to new track Ghosts there's a sense that this clarity has given the ex-Jedi Knight focus."



EDWARD: Remixes on Conny Plank 12" (WHITE 020EP) 12.50
Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Neu!, D.A.F. and Eurythmics -- these artists all have one common denominator: Conny Plank. Today we can add one more artist to this line-up: Edward. Well, sort of. For the tribute box-set Who's That Man?, Edward created a special "Desert Remix" of one of the original tapes retrieved from the Plank Archive; a stretched-out percussion track. There are also two more reworks of another Plank production, exclusively released. Here, Edward brings it back to a simple breakbeat, with a droning bass-line.


YT 087EP

SAMPHA: Dual 12" (YT 087EP) 12.00
12" EP version. Following the low-key online-only release of Sundanza in 2010 plus his noted collaborative work with Jessie Ware, Lil Silva, SBTRKT, and Koreless, Dual is Sampha's first full solo outing. The record was put together over a period of 18 months in the gaps between, and time after, an intense touring schedule with SBTRKT live. Working from his childhood home in Morden, the tracks were written, produced and mixed by himself in isolation. Offering an intimate and idiosyncratic glimpse into his artistic intent, the EP, which includes "Indecision," showcases Sampha's talents not only as a vocalist but more broadly as a songwriter and producer.



NO MAD RONIN VS. JEROME SYDENHAM: They Are Strong 12" (ZAI 001EP) 12.50
The debut 12" Zaijenroots takes in two tracks from No Mad Ronin and two collaborative ones from his sometime-mentor, Jerome Sydenham. Both producer's contributions sit in the landscape between late-night hypnotic house music and techno and all four tracks are master classes in trippy restraint.

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