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Forced Exposure New Releases for 8/26/2013

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New music is due from Disappears, Meatbingo, Duane Pitre, and Nate Young while old music is due from Thomas Henry, Johnny Richards, J Dilla, The Slits, and Live Skull.


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4M 506LP

SLITS, THE: Cut LP (4M 506LP) 19.00
2013 repress. "Originally released in 1979, the debut from British all-girl post-punk band The Slits is available on 180 gram vinyl for the first time. Mixing a punk attitude and D.I.Y style with reggae rhythms and dub recording techniques, The Slits made some of the most avant pop of the period, which still sounds fresh and innovative today. Mixing unavoidable hooks, minimalist arrangements, and exuberant vocals with a rough, street smart style, Cut is a classic masterwork."



2009 reissue; originally released in 1974. "Soul Makossa was the debut release of the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. At the time the band's popularity was primarily contained within Europe, but the album is now considered a raw funk gem by collectors everywhere. Everyone was quick to recognize such an abundance of talent in one group. Such classics as 'Hihache' and 'Voodounon' have secured the band's place in funk history."


SD 1305HLP

MINGUS, CHARLES: Blues & Roots LP (SD 1305HLP) 13.00
2013 repress. 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1959, featuring Charles Mingus (bass), Jackie McLean & John Handy (alto saxes), Booker Ervin (tenor sax), Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Jimmy Knepper & Willie Dennis (trombones), Horace Parlan & Mal Waldron (piano) and Dannie Richmond (drums). "In response to critical carping that his ambitious, evocative music somehow didn't swing enough, Charles Mingus returned to the earthiest and earliest sources of black musical expression, namely the blues, gospel, and old-time New Orleans jazz. The resulting LP, Blues and Roots, isn't quite as wildly eclectic as usual, but it ranks as arguably Mingus' most joyously swinging outing. Working with simple forms, Mingus boosts the complexity of the music by assembling a nine-piece outfit and arranging multiple lines to be played simultaneously -- somewhat akin to the Dixieland ensembles of old, but with an acutely modern flavor. Anyone who had heard 'Haitian Fight Song' shouldn't have been surprised that such an album was well within Mingus' range, but jazz's self-appointed guardians have long greeted innovation with reactionary distaste. After Blues and Roots, there could be no question of Mingus' firm grounding in the basics, nor of his deeply felt affinity with them. Whether the music is explicitly gospel-based -- like the groundbreaking classic 'Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting' -- or not, the whole album is performed with a churchy fervor that rips through both the exuberant swingers and the aching, mournful slow blues. With a lineup including John Handy and Jackie McLean on alto, Booker Ervin on tenor, frequent anchor Pepper Adams on baritone, and Jimmy Knepper and Willie Dennis on trombones, among others, Blues and Roots isn't hurting for fiery soloists, and they help make the album perhaps the most soulful in Mingus' discography." -- All Music Guide

SD 19308LP

MCCRAE, GWEN: Gwen McCrae LP (SD 19308LP) 11.50
Originally released in 1981, this is soul singer Gwen McCrae's first album for Atlantic. Features "Funky Sensation," sampled on Ghostface Killah's "Be This Way." Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino.

SD 8259LP

MCDANIELS, EUGENE: Outlaw LP (SD 8259LP) 11.50
"Probably best known as the writer of the Les McCann/Eddie Harris 1969 hit 'Compared To What', Daniels continues that song's groove-based political message on the Outlaw album. Produced by Joel Dorn and directed by William S. Fischer (1960's sideman for Eddie Harris, Joe Zawinul, Fathead Newman, Herbie Mann), Outlaw hits hard with late 60's black power messages and anti-government statements..." Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1970.



SEIROM: 1973 2LP (ABX 058LP) 23.50
180 gram double LP version, limited to 300 copies. Aurora Borealis is very proud to announce the release of 1973, a double album from Seirom. Seirom has crafted a beautiful, stark, atmospheric, sometimes unsettling record on par with the likes of Tim Hecker, Fennesz, GAS, Thomas Köner, Murcof and Sunn O))). Seirom is about "beauty" and melancholy -- the more beautiful aspects of life. Seirom is about personal expression without boundaries, internal or external. Seirom is about grand, bombastic melody filtered through noise and black metal aesthetics. The marriage of wedding bells to blastbeats. Seirom is M.C. De Jong, mastermind of Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating and others, a stalwart of bleak and desolate music for many years. Seirom sees a different side of De Jong's musical output, an outpouring of glorious light spread across two LPs.


BF 19751LP

ONENESS OF JUJU: African Rhythms LP (BF 19751LP) 11.50
2013 repress; 1993 reissue of this 1976 album. "One of the most groundbreaking bands of their time. From early avant-garde jazz work on the Strata East label to their later fusions of Afrobeat, funk and spiritual jazz, Oneness stand as a huge influence for today's jazz scene. Released in 1976, the African Rhythms album is Oneness Of Juju's masterpiece. Bandleader J. Plunky Branch had moved back to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia from New York and introduced R&B, funk and African percussion into his music to appeal to the local market. Topped by the soaring vocals of Jackie Holoman-Lewis, the Oneness sound became a tight, supremely soulful outfit. Although it sold to the local market, African Rhythms was revived in the late '80s when rare groove fever hit the UK. Ever since, the album has been an essential part of any soul and funk DJ's collection."



RAIME: Quarter Turns Over a Living Line 2LP (BLACKEST 001LP) 26.50
2013 repress; gatefold double LP version. Moving away from the sample-based strategies that characterized their early work, Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead have looked increasingly to live instrumentation for their first full-length work, mounting intensive recording sessions for percussion, guitar, and strings before painstakingly piecing the album together at their home studio. The gothic and industrial signifiers in their music remain, but more submerged and oblique than ever -- no less pronounced as influences than jungle's rhythmic dynamism and doom metal's oppressive weight or aspects of techno, modern composition, and dub.



MOTORHEAD: Bomber LP (BRONZE 523HLP) 15.00
"After the surprise chart success of Overkill, Bomber became Motörhead's second release of 1979. Here Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal Taylor (the unholy trinity) serve up another slab of classic vinyl with Motörhead milestones like 'Stone Dead Forever' and 'Sweet Revenge' with Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller at the controls. Bomber confirmed what Overkill had made us all suspect -- that the golden era of Motörhead was just getting started. 180 gram vinyl."



SHEPP, ARCHIE: Yasmina, A Black Woman LP (BYG 304LP) 13.00
2013 repress; Fourth volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "A great recording session for the French BYG Actuel label dated August 12, 1969. Tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp met up with members of the Chicago avant-garde school including Art Ensemble Of Chicago members Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell and Malachi Favors. Featuring also Dave Burrell, Sunny Murray, Philly Joe Jones, Art Taylor, Clifford Thornton, Earl Freeman among the others."


MURRAY, SUNNY: Sunshine LP (BYG 348LP) 11.00
2013 repress. 48st volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "This album was recorded in Paris on August 15, 1969 with Lester Bowie, Dave Burrell, Roscoe Mitchell, Archie Shepp, Alan Silva, Malachi Favors, Arthur Jones and Kenneth Terroade. Sunny Murray is 'rightly regarded as jazz's first free drummer. His belief in the drum as an extension of the human soul's vibration allowed him to create a sonic firebed for tonal instruments to dance across. He spent the '60s developing his propulsive, brain-poking style with Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor and his own groups. The wild sextet Mr. Murray led for this session heralds our entry into the rough and blaring world of high energy." --Thurston Moore and Byron Coley.



SHAW, MARLENA: The Spice of Life LP (CADET 833LP) 11.50
"Marlena Shaw's penchant for stylistic variety is certainly evident on this, her sophomore release. Cut for the Cadet label in 1969, Spice of Life ranges from soul and proto-funk to jazz and MOR-hued material. Shaw shines throughout, showing her power on politically charged, Aretha-styled cuts like 'Woman of the Ghetto' and 'Liberation Conversation,' while also delivering supple interpretations of such traditional jazz fare as 'Go Away Little Boy' (shades of Nancy Wilson). And with a gutsy take on 'Stormy Monday,' it's clear Shaw doesn't shrink from the blues either. Across this sound spectrum, arrangers Richard Evans and Charles Stepney envelope Shaw in unobtrusive yet exciting pop-soul environs, throwing kalimba runs (a few years before Earth, Wind & Fire picked up on the instrument), psych guitar accents, and bongo-fueled organ riffs into the mix." --All Music Guide



MOORE, R. STEVIE: Personal Appeal CD (CARE 109CD) 19.50
There can't be many who possess a back catalog containing more hidden gems and scarcely-touched-upon curios than R. Stevie Moore. Dubbed "The Grandfather of DIY" by some, it's the only tag that's ever stuck for this prolific, chameleonic artist, whose cult status has grown over nearly half a century of music-making, and whose back catalog -- which numbers in the hundreds of releases -- has influenced everyone from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore to lo-fi pop king Ariel Pink. This wave of musical admiration from peers, both contemporary and new, has helped push this once most outsider of musicians towards the wider consciousness; the past two years have seen him appear on the cover of Wire, record a session for the BBC, tour Europe and tread festival stages -- the consequences of a most endearingly unfashionable artist suddenly finding himself in fashion. Personal Appeal both showcases why such acclaim is several decades overdue, but in its body of material it actually goes back to way before the magazine covers and rise to cult iconicity that Moore can now justly enjoy. These tracks have been taken from a period in between 1973 to 2001, an era during which he forged a deep connection -- for better or worse -- with New Jersey, after moving there from his native Nashville in 1978. The sheer volume of releases that have come out through Moore's career perhaps explain the wider overload of thought that occupies this most frenetic of minds. As he was releasing music on a number of labels, including his uncle's HP Music, he also put out swathes more on his own mail-order Cassette Club, which operated out of his NJ home. The cuts on Personal Appeal all derive from this vast, largely un-catalogued well of material that he was creating and self-producing alongside his more official output. The selection tells a story, not through comprehension, but through mood and representation. It veers through surf-rock, freak-folk, touches on bluegrass and country -- a nod to his formative years -- and sprawls outwards to include orchestral flourishes and broader rock sounds; Moore's writing has always mixed humor with melancholic sincerity, as indicated on track-titles like "Why Can't I Write a Hit?" and "Pretend for a Second That You Are Very Intelligent." Personal Appeal is a series of snapshots and insights into the mind of a man for whom the only editor he had or could answer to during his NJ years was himself. It's a narrative applied to a mass of frequently brilliant full recordings, half-ideas and experiments, and a reflection on the ups and downs of an artist who continued to strive for his music even when hope of any wider recognition seemed lost.


NB 7022HLP

PARLIAMENT: Mothership Connection (180 Gram Vinyl) LP (NB 7022HLP) 14.00
180 gram vinyl version. Exact reissue of the 4th Parliament album, originally released 1976. "The definitive Parliament-Funkadelic album, Mothership Connection is where George Clinton's revolving band lineups, differing musical approaches, and increasingly thematic album statements reached an ideal state, one that resulted in enormous commercial success as well as a timeless legacy. The musical lineup assembled for Mothership Connection is peerless: in addition to keyboard wizard Bernie Worrell; Bootsy Collins, who plays not only bass but also drums and guitar; the guitar trio of Gary Shider, Michael Hampton, and Glen Goins; and the Becker brothers (Michael and Randy) on horns; there are former J.B.'s Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker (also on horns), who were the latest additions to the P-Funk stable." --All Music Guide


PARLIAMENT: The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein (180 Gram Vinyl) LP (NBLP 7034HLP) 14.00
180 gram vinyl version. Exact repro of this 1976 episode of the Parliament saga, opening with backwards-masked weirdo vocals declaring "funk is its own reward." Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley split the horn arrangements, while Bootsy Collins and George Clinton address the scientific community at large. Of course, this is a concept album... or something.



GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS: Take Back All Those Things 12" (CCS 080EP) 12.00
Guillaume is back with a fresh EP of otherworldly house music. "Northbound" gets into gear with a rubbery bass line and shimmering flashes of melody that flutter around a haunting vocal hook. "Inconscient Collectif" simmers like the first light of the morning, a lilting euphoria rising from the gently filtered chord pattern before the effervescent trail of an arpeggiated synth line comes ringing through the mist. "Erotic Skies" makes for the perfect slow-poured tonic to round off this solar cycle of a record.



REEH, TONIA: Fight of the Stupid LP+CD (CLOUDS 055LP) 21.00
LP version with CD and a download code. Fight of the Stupid builds a foundation on classical music, where Berlin musician Tonia Reeh took her first steps. Voice, piano and the occasional sound effect are all Reeh needs to express her exhaustive compositional know-how. The album was recorded in the sound studio of the Hamburg-based Clouds Hill label, where she found support from ex-The Mars Volta member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Bosnian Rainbows on guitar and Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents of Die Vögel performing as brass players. The catchy "The Accused" sticks out from the general feel with its classic pop-song structure and linear up-tempo beat. The captivating, PJ Harvey-esque "Non Believer" has intense tempo changes and beautifully abrasive use of brass instruments. And "Hellhound" is solid gold, reminiscent despite its slowness of old blues tunes and the minimalistic arrangements of Nick Cave's Push the Sky Away. This album is powerful, solemn, distinctive and complex in its beauty. And above all, it's a multifaceted musical statement on behalf of a clever, intrepid songwriter that deserves to be heard.


SOUTH 621984LP

CRASS: The Feeding Of The Five Thousand LP (SOUTH 621984LP) 15.00
2013 repress. "First released in 1978 on Small Wonder Records, & later re-released on the band's own Crass Records, The Feeding of the Five Thousand showed Crass as an anti-establishment & highly uncompromising act, & one that would influence countless other bands to follow." Includes download code.



DAMU & THEFFT: Tonight Tonight/Chemistry 12" (DAMU 002EP) 12.50
On his eponymous imprint, Fulcrum Records boss Damu presents two tracks in collaboration with Fulcrum affiliate Thefft. "Tonight Tonight" marks Damu's return to his signature dreamy arpeggios, glistening melodies and immaculately selected vocal phrases. "Chemistry" drops the tempo into a more claustrophobic affair, drawing on brummy techno and early dubstep for its sound palette. Thefft's guttural, twisted drum programming shines through mutated acid warbles and rolling basslines to build a continually morphing whole.



YOUNG, NATE: Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days) 2LP (DDS 007LP) 25.50
Avowed Nate Young fiends Demdike Stare have trapped the Wolf Eyes lynchpin's stunning third Regression volume for a necessary vinyl edition on their eponymous label. Other Days represents Young's most labyrinthine incursion into the nether zone between waking life and nightmarish, cryptographic noise. The recordings stem from an exhibition of lathe-cut etchings and paintings by Young and his wife, Alivia Zivich, installed at Tokyo's Haus Gallery. The process involved designing original images for 22 8" x 8" pieces of acrylic, which in turn inspired 22 audio compositions which were then lathe-cut into the acrylic. The process of lathe-cutting transformed the audio itself, and vice-versa with the original images, resulting in a constant mutation between sound and image with no end in sight. The process ended abruptly, with Young and Zivich surrendering to rest or sleep. In key with the rest of the series, Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days) irreversibly ruptures or at least corrupts the liminal boundaries of its infected victims with Lynch-ian aptitude. Dragged down to Young's beta pitch we become petrified, sleep-paralyzed witnesses to possessed hallucinations. His drums and tape-stretched drones land in time-dilating polymetric patterns, again uncannily recalling the timbre of vintage Photek drums -- struck objects, metallic gongs and loose-skinned bass -- only strung-out like the sounds of morphine-dosed poltergeist and caterwauling harpies. We could say the secret lies in his sense of deferred anticipation, but then it wouldn't be a secret, yet there's something so ill and unquantifiable about his sense of timing that's just dangerously affective.



O13: Time Wave Zero LP (DESIRE 030LP) 23.50
LP version with download card. o13 creates an evolving texture of music, a piercing electronic post-punk, a future that never manifested itself, with spectral, uncompromising portals of electronic dread. For the better part of the '80s, Mark C was leading legendary New York noise band Live Skull as they were deconstructing the rock song with thick, gritty bass and street-y guitar. Among their eight releases on Caroline and Homestead, Live Skull's Bringing Home the Bait has been deservingly referred to as the "Best Noise Rock Post Punk New Wave No Wave Experimental Indie Emo Goth Album Ever." Meanwhile, Stuart Argabright was sketching his sonic vision of gothic futurism in Ike Yard, the first NY group on Factory Records America, also one of the first true purveyors of experimental, time-shifting electronic music. It is a torch that they still carry today, with a searing pyre. Stuart continued his visionary pursuit as a founding member of Death Comet Crew, Dominatrix, and Black Rain, as well as the galaxy-striding Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee. After releasing four acclaimed albums with The Holy Ghost, the last on Fargo Records, bassist Kent Heine met up with Stuart and Mark to form o13. In 2010, o13 produced Vandal Tribes, an audio movie EP with guests Judy Nylon and Jamie Teasdale aka Vex'd. o13 also began pre-production of a video for a series of events based on author JG Ballard's works. Along with a live score, the band eventually offered o13 Presents: The Atrocity Exhibition to audiences. The video/audio experience was last presented at the Serralves Foundation in Porto, Portugal, and continues to be part of the band's live arsenal. In addition, o13's music was recently featured in BAM150, a documentary celebrating the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music. Following a couple of European tours, o13 has now finished its first album Time Wave Zero, which glides through time and space like a lucid, dreaming dragonfly, settling on songs, scenes, and improvisations from a new postmodern American songbook.


LIVE SKULL: Live Skull EP LP (DESIRE 054LP) 23.50
LP version on blue vinyl. Formed in 1982 by guitarists Mark C. and Tom Paine with Marnie Greenholz on bass and James Lo on drums, Live Skull is considered by many aficionados to be the quintessential New York noise band. Together with Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull defined the term "noise rock" in the 1980s, spearheading the post-no wave underground music scene in NYC with a series of legendary live performances and eight groundbreaking records released over the course of that decade. Often brutal and yet strangely seductive, each of these classic records creates hooks out of the most unlikely, seemingly disruptive elements, subverting traditional rock forms in previously unheard ways that became an undeniable (albeit often unacknowledged) influence on many of their contemporaries. Live Skull broke up in 1989, just within sight of that magical moment when the sort of music they pioneered began to finally break through, but the band's recorded output reminds us that Live Skull got there first. This is the record that started it all, Live Skull's first EP. A gloriously sprawling collection of deep, dark grooves and insidiously entwined guitars, the Village Voice rightly described the EP as "classic post-punk" and "the best introduction to New York's guitar explorers." The East Village Eye proclaimed it "one of the best-sounding records to come out of any New York band past or present." The New York Times put the EP on their short list of the best five records of 1984, declaring, "A few contemporary bands are making music as a deliberate antidote to the burbling synthesizers, polite crooning and polished gloss of today's well-fed pop mainstream. New York's Live Skull, Sonic Youth and Swans... are making the sort of music rock's early opponents must have feared most, the music of their nightmares." Out of print for far too many years, this 30th anniversary reissue of Live Skull's first EP is now available on limited edition vinyl, complete with a lavish booklet including extensive liner notes by founding members Tom Paine and Mark C., and eight extremely rare bonus tracks (available with the download code included with the vinyl version). This is the first release in Desire's Live Skull project, an ambitious, eight-title series of reissues of the entire Live Skull catalog, personally overseen by Mark C. and Tom Paine.


TOBAR, RICARDO: Garden 10" (DESIRE 089EP) 19.50
Ultra-limited, one-sided 10''. One-hundred copies on black vinyl with a download card. Garden is the first extract from the forthcoming Ricardo Tobar début album that will be released called Treillis. Inspired by mysticism and noise, Ricardo uses old drum machines, analog equipment and also samples he's been storing to create dirty-sounding drums and modulated synth sounds, keeping far away from the more expected and polished sounds most artists use. In a way, his music develops the punk side of electronic music.



VA: Deep Love 3 12" (DIRT 073EP) 12.50
Dirt Crew presents the third edition of their Deep Love label compilation series. As with the previous editions, this compilation features exclusive tracks only. One exception is the great Alfa Romero track that was released early in 2013 on their new imprint Alfa Romero Recordings. The Dutch league is represented by Ben La Desh and Morning Factory and from the States comes Urulu & Steve Huerta. Comes on white vinyl.



H.O.S.H.: H.O.S.H. Presents Forever Young 2 10" (DIYNAMIC 066-B) 14.00
Here comes Part 2 of the Forever Young Puzzle Series by H.O.S.H.. Consisting of 4 releases with altogether 8 tracks on limited to 500 copies 10" vinyls, each of the 8 tracks presents a character in a child's dream. All four covers in the series make a puzzle to form one big picture. Also, each release will come along with a special video connected to the theme "Forever Young" and the chosen character.



MOBLEY, HANK: Workout LP (DOL 714LP) 19.00
"This is one of the best-known Hank Mobley recordings, and for good reason. Although none of his four originals ('Workout,' 'Uh Huh,' 'Smokin',' 'Greasin' Easy') caught on, the fine saxophonist is in top form. He jams on the four tunes, plus 'The Best Things in Life Are Free,' with an all-star quintet of young modernists -- guitarist Grant Green, pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Philly Joe Jones -- and shows that he was a much stronger player than his then-current boss Miles Davis seemed to think." -- All Music Guide



BRUBECK QUARTET, THE DAVE: Brubeck Time LP (DOX 895LP) 23.00
"A rare studio recording for The Dave Brubeck Quartet who, at the time, were mostly releasing live records, Brubeck Time was recorded in 1954 and originally released on Columbia in 1955. Featuring the wonderfully amped up 'Stompin' For Mili' -- dedicated to the legendary Albanian-American photographer who was filming the group during the recording sessions. A fine set from one of the greatest jazz quartets of all-time, reissued on LP by Doxy." 180 gram vinyl.


BYRD, DONALD: Free Form LP (DOX 896LP) 23.00
"Free Form is, perhaps, Donald Byrd's finest LP. Featuring a unreal band that included Wayne Shorter on sax, Herbie Hancock on piano, and Billy Higgins on drums, this 1961 set from the Detroit born trumpeter showcases his versatility and adventurous spirit. Equal parts sensitivity and severity, bopping and exploratory, Byrd moves between hard and post-bop and more modal song forms with ease. Includes a bonus track left off the original album but from the same sessions, a lovely Herbie Hancock penned cut! A stone cold jazz classic reissued on LP by Doxy."


DAVIS, MILES: At Newport 1958 LP (DOX 897LP) 23.00
"Less than a year after this live recording from the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, these same six men would make jazz history with the cool modal classic, Kind Of Blue -- perhaps the best and most famous jazz album of all-time. On that hot summer night, though, this band was far from cool as they absolutely smoked through Charlie Parker's 'Ah-Leu-Cha' at breakneck speed to open the show. For the remainder of the set, the group barely lets up, making for a steam hot set with blistering solos and top-notch playing from all involved. Reissued here with superb sound quality on LP by Doxy." 180 gram vinyl.


BEATLES, THE: 1958-1962 LP (DOY 687LP) 23.00
"Eighteen tracks of rare early Beatles material, including 'In Spite of All the Danger' (the only song ever co-written by Paul McCartney and George Harrison) recorded in Liverpool in 1958 when the Beatles (along with John Lowe on piano and Colin Hanton on drums) were still known as the Quarrymen; a 1960 home recording of McCartney's 'Cayenne' (with Stuart Sutcliffe); 'Ain't She Sweet' recorded in Hamburg in 1961; 'Besame Mucho' featuring Pete Best on drums; 'The One After 909' and 'I Saw Her Standing There,' recorded live at the Cavern Club in 1962, and much, much more."



WASHERMAN: Raw Poet EP 12" (DPC 045EP) 12.00
Washerman's last 12" was an overwhelming club hit, promptly selling out with vinyl copies fetching more than 30 Euros now. This brand-new Washerman two-tracker might exceed the success of its predecessor. It's simply underground dance music in its purest form, straight to the point. The Raw Poet EP is a first preview of Washerman's upcoming, long-awaited full-length album.



WILSON, GARY: Forgotten Lovers LP (FTR 065LP) 16.50
Restocked. First vinyl issue of this collection of rare and unreleased material by one of the most iconoclastic musicians produced by the 1970s. Gary Wilson's 1977 LP, You Think You Really Know Me, is a classic of alternate-universe lounge-wave, and has been cited as choice by everyone from The Residents to Beck Hansen. Forgotten Lovers includes unreleased studio tracks from the same period, subsequent singles tracks, as well as samples of Wilson's pre-You Think You Really Know Me records (a single and an album) which were more in a porn-soundtrack/jazz-funk vein. Gary has reanimated his career in the last decade, and we raise our hats to him for doing so, but this early stuff is really the donkey's eyelids. A classic bizzaro-world blend of various "real people" elements and explosive new wave dynamics. As rich as butter, you'll want to spread this music on your torso to promote tanning.


GET 9009CD

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE: There's a Riot Goin' On: Gold Edition CD BOX (GET 9009CD) 28.00
"This 24k audiophile gold disc reissue of Sly & The Family Stone's classic There's a Riot Goin' On is packaged in a deluxe box emblazoned with a unique embroidered flag cover and includes a 48 page hard cover book filled with photos and liner notes. Forty-two years after its original release Sly & The Family Stone's fifth studio album is still praised as one of the greatest albums ever -- it's ranked at number 99 on Rolling Stone's '500 Greatest Albums of All Time' list. Even noted (and oft-jaded) Robert Christgau upped the album to an A+ rating in his Village Voice 'Consumer Guide' (after his initial 1971 rating of A-). Noted journalist A. Scott Galloway recounts the story of the iconic original album cover in the set's extensive liner notes: 'In an interview with Jonathan Dakss... Sly definitively explained his concept for the cover art as it related to the overall theme of the album: "I wanted the flag to truly represent people of all colors. I wanted the color black because it is the absence of color. I wanted the color white because it is the combination of all colors. And I wanted the color red because it represents the one thing that all people have in common: blood. I wanted suns instead of stars because stars to me imply searching, like you search for your star. And there are already too many stars in this world. But the sun, that's something that is always there, looking right at you. Betsy Ross did the best she could with what she had. I thought I could do better."' That flag has been lovingly recreated by Get On Down, presented on the set's CD box cover as an actual embroidered fabric square, to bring texture and feel to an album which is already full to the brim with feeling. It's a perfect way to pay tribute to one of the 20th century's musical geniuses: a man who brought fans together during one of America's most turbulent eras."



SIFF LICIOUS: Fisten 12" (GLENN 001EP) 12.00
Glenn Dancer is the new musical haven for all those who might be interested in a dirty kind of humor and a filthy sound. Siff Licious presents his debut 12'' called Fisten (fisting!). The track is decorated with a historic nursery rhyme with Thuringian roots backed by a dirty and rough rhythm. A steady background beat is accompanied by a synthesizer line that saws into your brain, made for the dark rave basement or cruising bars. Raw, but sincere. Includes a remix by Philipp Stoya.


HDM 2007CD

HORAN, EDDIE: I'm Gonna Speak Out CD (HDM 2007CD) 16.00
"As a member of the revered '60s/'70s songwriting team Sultans of Soul, Eddie Horan's songs have been recorded by the likes of The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, and numerous other top recording artists. His compositions and lyrics are characterized by their ability to capture the essence of soul and funky disco with groovy melodies, soft, smooth vocals, and an overall warmth and breeziness that few other singer-songwriters have been able to mimic. Now in 2013, HDM Records presents a definitive collection of Eddie Horan's works: I'm Gonna Speak Out. Combining old classics and previously unheard gems of Horan's catalogue, I'm Gonna Speak Out hops from mood to mood with funky cuts like 'Who's Slipping Who Out the Back Door,' sweet-talk crooning like 'Losing You,' and heartfelt balladry like 'There's No One Else.' For fans of Horan's brand of deep soul there's no skipping this one."



BORN OF SIX: Svapiti CD (IMPREC 387CD) 14.00
"Born of Six, featuring Amelia Cuni, Catherine Christer Hennix, and Werner Durand, create exemplary drone compositions rooted in the traditions of Dhrupad, early minimalism and just intonation. Composed by Durand, Cuni, Hennix, Svapiti is one long composition measuring 55 minutes in length. 'A solid foundation is the best basis for the fundamental.' Narada´s exposition of the seven notes begins as follows: because Sadja (the tonic) arises from the combination of nose, throat, chest, palate, tongue, and teeth, it is known as 'six-born.'"


PITRE, DUANE: Bridges CD (IMPREC 390CD) 14.00
"Duane Pitre's Bridges, features two pieces taken from a suite of analogous compositions by the same name, and was composed by Pitre in 2012. The two pieces that comprise the album are meant to work together in sequence as a composite work; or they can be isolated and listened to on their own. The title derives its name from the original concept for this work, which was to bring together aspects of traditional Eastern music (such as compositional form and tuning) with Western musical traditions (such as in the church music of the Middle Ages and modern classical music). The result is an album that merges the ancient with the new, while creating a sound that is wholly its own."



SAGI, ITAMAR: Glazed in the Dark 12" (INTAC 047EP) 14.00
Intacto Records welcomes back Itamar Sagi. Born and raised in the clubbing hot spot of Tel Aviv, Itamar Sagi has been entertaining dancefloors for the past 15 years. With every release being supported by the biggest DJs all across the world and by reviews and interviews, Itamar Sagi is now a well-respected name in techno. This EP is a true techno beauty, characteristic of Itamar's thorough understanding of and passion for those classic Detroit and Chicago sounds.



WEISS/CAMERON/HILL: Drumgasm LP (JPR 025LP) 19.00
"Let's get this out of the way -- for the casual listener, the musical window shopper, there is just nothing for you here. This music will confuse you, maybe annoy you, perhaps even cause a panic attack. Even reading about it will probably just confuse and annoy; so better just stop now and forget about it. Alright -- who's left? You are not 90% -- you are the music freaks, the true heads, and of course, the drummers! Because this record is a document of what happens when Matt Cameron, Janet Weiss, and Zach Hill - three of the most remarkable drummers of late period rock 'n' roll, whose collective roll call of bands - Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney, Hella, Quasi, Soundgarden,Wild Flag, Death Grips, Boredoms - have had a heavy impact on all levels of rock 'n' roll from full blown arena rock to the radical fringe underground, set up together in a room and just commence to explode. Comes with a free download of the album."



"Era is the fourth annual report from Chicago powerhouse quartet Disappears. It was formed during the gloom of the Chicago winter at Electrical Audio by now regular foil John Congleton. Insular and dark, the album sees the band further refining their love of dub, minimalism and repetition into their most original and stark set yet. It harks back to the early 80's post punk period, when almost anything seemed possible with the classic two guitar, bass and drums lineup, and exploration and expansion of what could be done with these elements was at the fore. Dueling wiry and squalling guitars lead the way while a lockdown rhythm section provides the perpetual forward motion. Era is Disappears at their most abrasive, contemplative, and paranoid -- it's the sound of the void looking back."


LP version.


CDM 2742250

GAINSBOURG, SERGE: Le Poinconneur des Lilas - Le Siecle d'Or 2CD (CDM 2742250) 26.00
"Serge Gainsbourg both charmed us and repelled us, which made him a familiar enigma, a dazzling mystery. Simultaneously Jekyll and Hyde, shy and provocative, modest yet exhibitionist, masculine and feminine, he represents the two extremes of desire and natural urges. Gainsbourg is almost unique in French music. Only he and Léo Ferré developed their own texts and their arrangements to such an extent. Gainsbourg wrote and composed not as an author or a musician would, but like a painter. He used words, notes and instruments as he would have done colors and paintbrushes."

CDM 2742252

VIAN, BORIS: Chansons Realistes - Le Siecle d'Or 2CD (CDM 2742252) 26.00
"Boris Vian did not have the time to enjoy his moment in the sun. No sooner was he dead and buried than his songs began their inexorable rise to immortality. 'Le Déserteur' was sung by all the pacifists on earth (Joan Baez and Peter Paul & Mary, among others). In France, he inspired various artists such as Jacques Higelin, and above all, Serge Gainsbourg, who always claimed Vian was his main source of inspiration. The small selection of songs presented here, whether they are sung by Vian himself or other performers, demonstrates his incredible modernity, as if their author (and perhaps therein lies the rub) was very much ahead of his time."



OOSTEN, MICHAEL: Michael Oosten LP (LION 132LP) 24.00
"Keeping a band together was difficult in the late 1960s. Tough too, because Michael Oosten was writing songs that veered away from pop-song structures. There was also the relative ease and lack of responsibility required for hauling around a guitar. So, Oosten took off, with a Martin guitar in tow, playing coffeehouses and clubs across the country. By the end of 1973, he was ready to record an LP -- five psychedelic folk/rock tracks, ranging from the brightly smiling 'Sunny Day' to the epic 'Hungry Horse Montana,' where Oost switched seamlessly from Celtic picking to Middle Eastern chord progressions. Oosten filled out his folk/rock/psych sound with the help of a few friends: piano from Tom Hennick on 'Hey Babe,' vocals from Jan Reek on 'Garden,' and bass from Al Byla on 'Sunny Day.' Oosten's wayward vocals puts us in mind of other meandering faves from various eras (Incredible String Band, Perry Leopold, or the Meatpuppets, to name but three), and Oost proves himself a stellar guitarist in an eccentric and percussive mode. Considering the individualistic nature of the album's genesis, no surprise that marketing and publicity for the album was limited. Columbia Records expressed interest in Oosten's music; but after a single meeting with the label, it was clear that the album would be too difficult for the mainstream honchos to market. Oost and friend Lester D'ore (editor of Chicago countercultural paper Seed and designer of the Yippie flag) holed up at D'ore's Wisconsin commune farm to silkscreen each LP jacket by hand. For our deluxe Lion Productions replica edition, they've done that again -- we've used the original screens for this hand-screened, hand-assembled replica edition. The work of a renegade, ripe for rediscovery." 180 gram vinyl.


MIG 1022CD

BIRTH CONTROL: Two Eggs: Two Concerts 2CD (MIG 1022CD) 17.00
"Founded in 1968, Birth Control ranks among the spearheads of krautrock. But if you take the label krautrock as an expression of zeitgeist, creativity and having the guts to experiment, it fits wonderfully. Birth Control created one of the greatest krautrock anthems entitled 'Gamma Ray' after all. This release contains two unique concerts from 1977 and 1983 on two CDs."



DYLAN, BOB: Freehweelin' Outtakes: The Columbia Sessions, NYC, 1962 LP (SUITABLE 013LP) 23.00
"Unlike his debut - which took only two days in the studio to record - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan finally emerged in May 1963 after some eight sessions at Columbia Records Studio A, over the course of nearly a year. The time and effort paid off in spades, as he emerged from the studio a fully-formed bona fide songwriter with a legitimate hit on his hands. Obviously, the final album left much material on the cutting room floor and Mr. Suit is pleased to bring some of that rarely heard material back to light. A mix of originals that never made it onto any LP, alternate takes, and cover songs, Freewheelin' Outtakes: The Columbia Sessions, NYC, 1962 captures America's most important living songwriter at a pivotal moment in his career when he emerged from the Greenwich Village folk scene to become the voice of his generation."


MM 118EP

HOOD, ROBERT: Hoodmusic 1 12" (MM 118EP) 12.00
2013 repress of the first volume of this series, originally issued in 2005. Detroit hero Robert Hood makes his Music Man debut with a new concept called Hoodmusic. Four tracks in a totally different style, hope you like it too.

MM 127EP

HOOD, ROBERT: Hoodmusic 2 12" (MM 127EP) 10.00
2013 repress. Original Underground Resistance member Robert Hood is a true icon in techno music, with releases on legendary imprints such as Tresor, Axis, Peacefrog, Logistic and his own label M-Plant. Hoodmusic 2 is the follow-up to his 2005 debut on Music Man. "Still Hear" is a typical Hood-styled techno burner, oldschool minimal so to speak. We are very proud to be able to offer a remix by the legendary Los Hermanos on the B-side. "School" might be the funkiest minimal techno cut we heard in years, pure dancefloor material! Wicked!!

MM 138EP

HOOD, ROBERT: Hoodmusic 3 12" (MM 138EP) 10.00
2013 repress. Original Underground Resistance member Robert Hood is a true icon in techno music, with releases on legendary imprints such as Tresor, Axis, Peacefrog, Logistic and his own label M-Plant. One could even call him the godfather of minimal techno. Hoodmusic 3 is the follow-up to his 2005 and 2006 releases on Music Man. There's a little bit for everyone on here and we're pretty sure you're going to like these tracks as much as we do.


NA 5057LP

HEWITT JAZZ ENSEMBLE, P.E.: Since Washington LP (NA 5057LP) 21.00
"The second self-released album by vibraphonist/composer/arranger Phil Hewitt. Originally custom pressed in a run of one hundred pieces. Archival reissue with reproduction of the original hand-painted cover.... Masterpieces in deep/modal/spiritual jazz from a teenaged wunderkind, recorded and released from 1968-1970."


OH NO: Oh No vs. Now-Again Two CD (NAML 007CD) 16.00
"Oh No's debut album for Now-Again was the first in our music library series and was one of our most successful exercises in creating modern 'library music' for easy synchronization. For this entry, Oh No combs through the vast array of Now-Again's catalog -- from American soul, funk, and jazz to Iranian folk to Zambian hard rock -- to create a series of beats that range in mood and style and all contain Oh No's trademark swagger. Fans of the variety of projects that Oh No is a part, from his Gangrene project with Alchemist to his production for the likes of Talib Kweli, will be pleased with the variety of beats contained within. This limited edition is CD is packaged in a 'mini-LP' thick cardboard 'tip-on' sleeve and is available in limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone."



AMBIVALENT & MICHAEL L PENMAN: Shimmer 12" (OVM 232EP) 12.50
For their Ovum debut, the duo of Michael L. Penman and Ambivalent (aka Kevin McHugh) have delivered a trio of tracks that have those three elements at their core. "Shimmer" brings together raw, jackin' funk with a warm, driving bass line and scything, techy stabs while "Chevalier" matches its fun, bouncy groove with an infectious and spritely melody. "Memogram" comes heavy with the oldskool, delivering a bed of beats and samples beneath the very heaviest of acid kicks.



DJ KOZE: Kosi Comes Around 2LP (PAMPA 009LP) 20.00
2LP version. It was back in 2005, shortly after having erupted over the past year with a slew of 12" singles that have captivated DJs world-wide, the current insanity over his alter-ego Adolf Noise, and least we forget, one of the most adventurous mix CDs of all time, 2004's All People Is My Friends, DJ Koze moved forward with his highly-anticipated, solo debut full-length entitled Kosi Comes Around. This may sound overly dramatic to state, but DJ Koze was truly there to give the world a piece of his mind -- and the facts were blatantly presented on this album. Stefan Kozalla aka DJ Koze was a revolutionist and proved beyond reasonable doubt on Kosi Comes Around that nobody else was able to load music up with so much madness yet balance it gingerly with love and warmth. He possessed a true determination to bring house back to its utopian place once again, conjuring old school phantoms. Kosi Comes Around was his manifesto -- a call for all milquetoasts of the world to stand up and unite.


PJ 002EP

J DILLA: Diamonds & Ice LP (PJ 002EP) 13.00
"The estate of James Yancey revived J Dilla's PayJay Productions as a functioning imprint and announced its release of Dilla's long lost vocal album, The Diary, with the first Pay Jay single 'Anthem' b/w 'Trucks.' Pay Jay now announces the second single from The Diary with what might be the two best known tracks from the album, as both were issued in bootleg and promotional forms over the years. But these versions -- both final and alternate mixes -- come straight from mixed-down masters that Dilla himself created. 'The Shining Pt. 1,' better known as 'Diamonds' was produced by Virginia's Nottz. 'The Shining Pt. 2,' better known as 'Ice' was produced by Dilla's Jaylib collaborator Madlib. This section deserves particular note, as the album version and 'Ruff Draft' version are so markedly different -- and show the musical direction that Dilla would embark upon after he shelved The Diary in 2002. Rounding out this 12' is a Madlib instrumental that was never turned into the final song, titled 'The D,' that Dilla had hoped to create. We've included this beat as a hint of what could have been. The first press of this 12' features clear vinyl atop an original Jeff Jank sleeve with art by B+ and Shepard Fairey and placed in a thick, fold-over plastic sleeve. Subsequent runs will not have the clear vinyl or the fold-over plastic sleeve."



LE TOUGH, MANO: Changing Days Remixes 12" (PERMVAC 108EP) 12.00
Heavy remix package for Mano Le Tough's debut album Changing Days (PERMVAC 105CD/LP): Tale Of Us, Dixon, and New Jackson deliver fantastic reworks perfectly shaped for the dancefloor. Kristian Beyer of Âme claimed recently in an interview that: "Thanks to Mano Le Tough, I have no fears for the future of house." And not just Beyer, the entire Innervisions gang including Âme and Dixon have become fervent supporters of Mano Le Tough's warm and melodic, yet driving sound.


PJ 1004LP

Featuring Frank Foster (soprano sax), Oliver Lake (alto sax), Jimmy Vass (alto sax), Youseff Yancy (trumpet, flugelhorn, theremin, various electro-acoustical sound manipulating devices), Don Pullen (piano), Monnette Sudler (guitar), Cecil McBee (bass), Hamiet Bluiett (baritone sax), Arthur Blythe (alto sax), Fred Hopkins (bass), Abdul Zahir Batin (flutes, whistles, percussion) and Sonny Brown (drums). Exact repro, originally released in 1978.



HACKAMORE BRICK: One Kiss Leads To Another LP (RGM 160LP) 20.00
"What makes a record a true cult classic? First, it must be released to a modicum of critical acclaim but zero commercial success. Second, in almost all cases the artists behind the release have to disappear immediately into obscurity. And third, over the course of decades, a dedicated core of record collectors, critics and true believers must spread the word about the album in question. Well, by those standards, New York band Hackamore Brick's 1970 LP One Kiss Leads to Another is the cult classic to end all cult classics (the only recent contenders might be Rodriguez's albums Cold Fact and Coming from Reality). Released on the bubblegum-centric Kama Sutra label to positive reactions from critics ranging from Richard Meltzer to Lenny Kaye, One Kiss sounded very different from anything else on the label or, for that matter, anything else on the 1970 music scene; often cited as the first post-Velvet Underground album, it does indeed provoke comparison's to VU's third, self-titled record and Loaded as well as other descendants like the Modern Lovers and Television. But the country-ish harmonies of vocalists Tommy Moonlight and Chick Newman lend the record a sound not unlike any number of current alternative 'beard rock' bands plying their wares, and the discursive lyrics recall the Kinks. In short, One Kiss Leads to Another passes the fourth and hardest test of cult classic- dom, which is to remain relevant into the present, even though Moonlight and Newman didn't record another note together as Hackamore Brick until 2009. Real Gone Music is proud to present this remarkable record on vinyl, with a bonus track, the single side 'Searchin',' added to side one of the release. Liner notes by Tony Rettman featuring quotes from Tommy Moonlight and pictures from the Hackamore Brick archive are featured on the printed inner sleeve."



KAVINSKY: Odd Look 12" (REC 107EP) 14.50
Kavinsky's "Odd Look" is one of those songs which will haunt you for a long time after hearing it, one of his acclaimed Outrun highlights, for sure, featuring vocals by The Weeknd. The deep, raw and soulful instrumental brings a cinematic sound which has the power to literally put you in a virtual movie just listening to the music. And Sebastian's vocal part on top is a unique rendering, somewhere between Stevie Wonder and HAL. Remixes by A-Trak, Surkin, Prince 85, and Midnight Juggernauts.



DETECT AUDIO: Minotaur EP 12" (RETRO 019EP) 12.00
Detect Audio are Arnaud Le Texier and Antonio De Angelis. "Minotaur" brings heavy, upfront kicks and unrelenting perc drive together with a smooth Convexion-style synth line. "Freak Lip" is a cranked-up ghost-in-the-machine groove. ROD reworked "Minotaur," which comes through with a hard groove flavor and a no-prisoners bass drive. Meanwhile, Antigone turns up the dub pressure in his remix, combining discombobulating pads and tooth-shattering bleep to massive effect. Make sure you've got a penny on top of the needle, because it's heavy.



GUNSLINGERS: Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors 12" (REPOSE 037LP) 19.50
Co-released with French label Les Disques Blasphématoires Du Palatin. A new vinyl-only release by cult French band Gunslingers (a trio featuring prolific guitar guru GR and Antoine & Matthieu of Aluk Todolo on drums and bass, respectively). The 12"/EP is called Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors and comes as a one-sided white vinyl 12" inside a heavy card sleeve. Pressed from lacquers for extra sonic excellence and cut loud. Another dose of bizarre psychedelic garage-rock as only they know how.



VA: Free Angela CD (SSR 302CD) 15.00
"Amidst the socially and politically tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, Angela Davis emerged as one of the era's most controversial figures. In the early 1970s, her arrest, incarceration, and trial made international headlines and inspired a movement to free her. In April of 2013 Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, an independent film about Davis was released to much critical acclaim, fetching awards at the Toronto International Film Festival Gala World Premiere, the London International Film Festival, as well as the Stockholm International Film Festival. Originally released in 1971, the album Free Angela was sold to raise money for the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis. It was put together by Alexander Randolph - a singer, promoter, and record label owner from Virginia. The first half of the album was recorded in Muscle Shoals, beginning with the title track by Larry Saunders. On his songs, Saunders' vocals float above and transcend the ethereal backing of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. His voice can be compared to singers like Donny Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield, but Saunders is his own man, with his own style. His work on this album is essential listening in the realm of socially conscious soul music. The second half of the album continues with solid mid-1960s rarities from Randolph's Sound of Soul label. Sound of Soul has long been known to record collectors, with singles routinely fetching hundreds of dollars."



VIDIS: Silence Please! 12" (SILENCE 017EP) 12.50
Vidis brought us a handful of hidden gems in 2012, a selection showcasing the under-estimated and often overlooked Lithuanian house scene. Silence Please! is a 14-track compilation that surprised many and turned more than a few heads with the unique taste of Vilnius house. This is a very special vinyl edition -- featuring tracks hand-picked by Vidis. Artists include Markas Palubenka, Few Nolder, Mario & Vidis, Downtown Party Network, mmpsuf and Darius Vaikas.



LEGO FEET: Lego Feet 2LP (SKA 001LP) 21.00
Limited restock of the last copies on vinyl.... Double vinyl edition with a nice UV-finished sleeve of the self-titled release from Lego Feet aka Autechre. This reissue includes all the original material from the 1991 EP, plus extensive bonus material (same content as the CD reissue), re-recorded from the original mastertapes. This is the holy grail record of electronic music, but you already knew that. This four track album contains over 70 minutes of classic, mind-bending, futuristic electronic-acid-industrial-cut-up fuckery that, at the time of its release in 1991, was virtually uncategorizable. Legendary electronic duo Autechre went on to advance the most seismic paradigm shifts in the sound of the late 20th century, and their seminal early release is presented here with two tracks of material that have never been heard before. All tracks have been re-recorded from the original master tapes. 1991 was an eventful year in human history -- the Dow Jones topped 3,000 for the first time; Boris Yeltsin got elected; Freddie Mercury died -- but among mankind's greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Skam label. At the time, hardly any record store bought the label's first 12". It wasn't until much later, after Autechre had established themselves as a pioneering experimental electronic group and some genius coined the term "IDM" to classify this baffling type of music, that the original Lego Feet release would become one of the true Holy Grail records.


MEATBINGO: Trendy Robots Cassette (SKASSETTE 003CS) 12.00
Skam Records are very proud to present new super-group, Meatbingo. Meatbingo delivers a relentless, melodic, energetic, crashing album, striding along via a cascade of funky cuts ultimately transposing itself beyond reference and into its own unique domain. Hailing from Blackpool, the same UK seaside town as VHS Head (though this project has nothing to do with VHS Head), this region proudly continues its path to neon future retrograde funk. For all robots -- trendy or otherwise. Packaged in a stamped (and brailed) outerbox.


OUT 5011LP

RICHARDS, JOHNNY: The Rites of Diablo LP (OUT 5011LP) 25.00
"A rare and sought after piece of jazz exotica, The Rites of Diablo, was originally released in 1958 on Roulette's Birdland series. Recorded in New York's Webster Hall, with Johnny Richards' usual orchestra augmented by seven percussionists (including Sabu Martinez), and eight vocalists (The Dave Lambert Singers), this album is Richards' interpretation of the rituals of the Bantu people of Southern Africa. A wild, dark, and percussive trip, The Rites of Diablo, is a exotica masterwork lovingly reissued on 180 gram LP by the fine folks at So Far Out."



MOONRAKER: Lowjit Vagrants EP 12" (TRILOGY 009EP) 23.00
"Crafted, varied EP from Kenneth Lay and Jason Carr, out of the Metasplice milieu in Philly. A couple of ant nests, a droner with an mbalax tic, and a monster-crunchy, sun-up soundscape. Boot cyan lean."



DENTISTS, THE: Some People Are on the Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now LP (TIM 050LP) 19.00
"Lost to the world since 1985, now remastered and reissued for Trouble in Mind's 50th release. The Dentists emerged from the infamous 'Medway' scene that had already spawned The Prisoners, Billy Childish, and The Milkshakes - whose raw sound and stage craft played a crucial role in molding the band's ferocity. This long-player, fuses the aggression of British post-punk with the burgeoning jangle of the '80s underground rock scene and the band's core, paisley-tinted influences of The Beatles, Love, and The Byrds."



GINGY & BORDELLO: Saturday Night Fervor (Robert Hood Remix) 12" (TURBO 149EP) 12.50
Turbo's Warehouse Series continues with this pair of bombs from Gingy & Bordello, backed by a killer remix from Robert Hood. The magic here is that although this is warehouse-tough and head-noddingly well-produced, these tracks stay sexy and appeal to more than just a boiler-room sausage-fest of fans -- this is booty-shaking club music with broad appeal. Hood transports things into the Detroit dimension with hypnotic stabs, slamming rides and extended vocals.


WER 6764

VA: Spaces & Spheres: Intuitive Music CD (WER 6764) 25.00
"In February 2008, five musician friends met at Elmau Castle in the Bavarian Alps: Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Stefano Scodanibbio, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, and Mark Nauseef. Their intent was to make a recording of Intuitive Music: a music that is fleeting -- since it is only intended for the moment -- but nevertheless deserves documentation. For four days, they played together, without music or prior discussion. The rules of this intuitive ensemble-playing had to do with discovering, listening intensely, responding, contrasting, and constructing -- but with everything in real time."

WER 6783

ANDRE, MARK: Piano Music CD (WER 6783) 25.00
Featured works: S1 for two pianos, Un-fini III, iv 11a, iv 11b, Contrapunctus, iv 1. Performed by Tomoko Hemmi and Yukiko Sugawara. "The piano works of Mark Andre are founded on his intensive examination of the fleeting phenomenon of sound reverberation and decay. His fading sounds can take numerous forms; there might be a thick cluster that reverberates on a single string, or a single note that causes the entire landscape of strings to resonate. On this recording, Tomoko Hemmi and Yukiko Sugawara interpret Andre's experimental constructions, focusing on his more recent pieces which seem softer and more playful, although here, too, the intrinsic logic and necessity of every transition and development has been closely scrutinized."



VA: Psych Funk 101 (1968-1975) 2LP (WPFC 101LP) 19.00
2013 repress. Gatefold 2LP version. "Funky fuzzy psychedelic tracks from '60s and '70s Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, South Korean and other exotic countries. Psych Funk 101 introduces students to the global phenomenon of psychedelic funk music, and covers the 'golden years' of the movement, from approximately 1967 until 1980." Artists include: Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi, Kukumbas, Mulatu Astatke feat. Belaynesh Wubante And Assegedetch Asfaw, Kim Sun, Petalouda, Mehr Pooya, Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona, The Group, Armando Sciascia, Wadih Essafi, Omar Khorshid, Metin H. Alatli, George Garanian With The Melodiya Jazz Ensemble and Eskaton.



WELDON/KOKOMO ARNOLD, CASEY BILL: Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters Of The 1930's LP (YAZ 1049HLP) 17.00
2013 repress. 180 gram exact repro reissue of this Yazoo's collection of these two blues guitarists, originally released in 1975. "Kokomo Arnold and Casey Bill Weldon were two of the most popular and original-sounding bottleneck guitarists of the Thirties, a generally dismal period for blues recording. In terms of contemporary appeal (the only yardstick that mattered to blues men themselves) they far outstripped Robert Johnson, Bukka White, and other bottleneck artists of the era.... Arnold, a left-handed guitarist, confronts the listener as one of the zaniest, most manic guitarists ever recorded; Weldon's work is an outright rejection of traditional blues harmony, and invites comparison to Western swing."


THOMAS, HENRY: Texas Worried Blues: Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929 2LP (YAZ 1080HLP) 29.00
180 gram double vinyl reissue of this 1989 collection; housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes by Stephen Calt and Mack McCormick. "Representing the oldest style captured on record, Henry Thomas was a singular and important figure. Coming out of Texas at the turn of the century, he left behind a total of 23 issued selections that represent one of the richest contributions to our musical culture. Playing panpipes and guitar with a thrusting drive that evokes a country dance, he gives us a glimpse of black music as it existed late in the 19th century."



VAZ, ANDY: Bicycle Love 12" (YORE 006LTD-EP) 20.00
Each of these record sleeves is a unique individual piece, sleeve backside hand-stamped. Vinyl pressed on transparent light rosé-colored vinyl. Strictly limited to 250 copies. Andy Vaz has a giant passion for cycling, and "Bicycle Love" is his personal homage to it. Damon Lamar, who co-runs with Specter the Chicago deep house music label Tetrode, contributes a remix whose slink grooves as insistently as Vaz's. Brad P's "Strings and Keys Mix" is a tad funkier and jazzier.

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