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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/2/2013

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New music is due from Bruce Gilbert & Baw, Mika Vainio/Joachim Nordwall, Moskitoo, Ghost Outfit, and The Cannanes while old music is due from Sun Ra & His Solar Orchestra, Harold Budd, Hellsongs, ZZ Top, Pharaoh Sanders, Seefeel, and Roky Erickson.


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12K 1076CD

SAKAMOTO + TAYLOR DEUPREE, RYUICHI: Disappearance CD (12K 1076CD) 13.00
"Isolation, solitude, contemplation. These are the themes that discreetly weave their way through Disappearance, the first collaboration album between 12k's Taylor Deupree and pioneering electronic composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto. The five tracks that make up Disappearance are delicate and composed, however, they're not all peacefulness and placidity. Micro-tuned edges, bursts of noise, percussive prepared piano and the warble of old reel-to-reel tape keep the mood grounded and warm, turning it inward and asking the listener to reflect on their path. 'Curl to Me,' the album's final piece, is highlighted by the sounds of Ichiko Aoba, a major up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Tokyo. Both Sakamoto and Deupree have recently worked with Aoba in Japan and wanted her presence felt on the album. Emphasizing the solitude and stillness of the recordings, Aoba provided both her voice and the almost disturbingly intimate sound of her own heartbeat. Disappearance is a soundtrack for holding breaths. Sakamoto and Deupree lay down worn roads, but don't leave signs, for a journey woven together by the quiet celebration of the fragility of nature and life."

12K 1077CD

MOSKITOO: Mitosis CD (12K 1077CD) 13.00
"Mitosis begins with 'Wonder Particle,' a track that very much sums up Moskitoo's intentions: to embrace the digital with not only a human, but a distinctly feminine touch. Wispy, layered vocals swim around rhythmic fragments and warm insect-like noises. The music is strange and otherwordly, perhaps the soundtrack to an evening stroll on a warm night in a bustling alien city. There are lights, swarms of sound, a myriad of conversations blended by a thousand different stories of passers-by always on the move. The inspirations behind this second album are not far away from these ideas. Moskitoo herself was thinking of journeys, even ones on the cellular level. Mitosis, or the division of a cell into two identical sets of chromosomes, was a point of departure for Moskitoo as she explored the ideas of division, expansion, the human body, and small particles of matter. One can draw a correlation between these ideas and her music as it nervously wiggles it way through sounds both liquid and electronic. Mitosis is a dreamy, playful and serious album that shows Moskitoo's talents as a sound explorer and songwriter. It is at once both catchy and curious, a question that doesn't always need an answer."


3000GRAD 013EP

SVENDSEN, BE: Masquerade 12" (3000GRAD 013EP) 12.00
Danish producer Be Svendsen's stylistic open-mindedness is perfect for open air scenarios. Based on a minimal groove, "Let Them Not Weep" whirls around tunes and melody samples until eventually a kaleidoscopic pattern shapes around the swinging voice of a female singer. Mollono.Bass provides a remix. On the flipside, Svendsen presents a remix of his summer hit "Solo Para Mi." Finally, the wild instrumentation and tipsy beat structures of "Spiritualized" make it the most experimental title on this record.



FREEDOM FAMILY: Ayentsoo LP (ALP 008LP) 19.00
"First coming together in 1970, Freedom Family underwent numerous permutations, crossing paths with musicians such as the Big Beats, the Barbeques, Voices Of Darkness, The Elcados, Joni Haastrup, and Fela along the way. Their musical odyssey took them from Ghana to Liberia, Nigeria, The Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso (then Upper Volta). The story of the Freedom Family is an incredible insight into the life of a musician in '70s West Africa and a dramatic portrait of that music scene in general. This release includes a beautiful eight page booklet with liner notes by singer Albert Jones, whose vivid recollections bring these stories to life in compelling fashion. Illustrated with vintage photos of the band, the booklet alone is an incredible document of the time. Academy LPs and Frank Gossner (Voodoo Funk) continue their fruitful collaboration with the release of Ayentsoo, an incredible Afro funk record that is rivaled only by the first Marijata record (also released on Academy LPs) in its sheer power and heaviness. Indeed, this record takes its rightful place along any funk record from anywhere as a pinnacle of the genre. Absolutely consistent from beginning to end, there is not a dull second here. Recorded in 1974 with legendary producer Odion Iruoje (Ofege, SJOB Movement, Fela, and many others), this record features one of the fattest bass sounds ever committed to tape and captures the band at the absolute stunning peak of their powers. In fact, Odion would play this record for years to come as an example to other bands he was producing. This deluxe reissue continues the high standards set by the previous Academy LPs releases with beautifully restored artwork, eight page illustrated 12" x 12" booklet, and powerful remastered sound by Tim Warren."



BLACK 80S, THE: Give Me Something 12" (AIR 011EP) 12.50
The Black 80s is the collaborative pairing of two reputable artists in the house scene, veteran Hollis P. Monroe and newcomer Overnite. The Black 80s guise represents a sound, which at times tends to be ''blacked out'' from our memories when reminiscing. Here the production team joins the Air London roster -- a starting point so to speak for their movement towards live shows and larger album projects under this newly-formed alias.


N 035LP

SAROOS: Return LP (N 035LP) 18.00
LP version. Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack: The beat of riding on a train before the invention of pneumatic suspension was no jazz. But combined with the landscape passing by the window, its steady, pulsing beat had consequences. Digressing thoughts, imagination kicking in -- this principle can be heard on Saroos' third album. The three band members, who live in Berlin and Munich, have toured Italy by train numerous times. They liked it a lot -- you travel more slowly, you tour at low revs, with enough click-clack to make it click in the head. Take "Tsalal Nights." A rhythm, as straight as if drawn with a sewing machine, yet the music lets your brain whir casually and playfully in all sorts of directions. Retro-futurism in a slightly psychoactive form -- more H.P. Lovecraft than Jules Verne. "Spiaggia di Pluto" throbs in extraterrestrial chill, but with the stylish coolness of a Kubrick-space-lounge in the year 2001, whereas "Kraken Mare" lets the listener float through a sea of glacial sounds -- and then, in the closing moments, tugs them in a rhythmic eddy. Compared to their earlier albums, the beat seems so unrestrained that the sound has sufficient room. Sometimes jungle-electro-exotica wobbles through the undergrowth of sound in elliptic circles, sometimes the foghorn strikes up a savage dub, as if King Tubby was circulating through the analog nirvana after a particularly massive spliff. This makes the album not only more organic, but also more social. More man, less machine. When guests came round in the studio, the samplers remained turned off. This, of course, leaves marks. Not all as big as Fenster's Tadklimp, who contributed a bagful of sounds and had his fingers on the mixing console. Whoever expected a jam album from Saroos? But this is it.



WRIGHT, MILTON: Friends and Buddies LP (ALSTON 4401LP) 11.00
Lost soul masterpiece from the brother of Betty Wright, originally released in 1975. Includes the immortal club classic "Keep it Up." Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino.



WATERS QUARTET, CHARLES: Chroma Colossus: 13 Visions of the City LP (AMI 045LP) 20.00
"This LP/DA release marks an important new contribution to the modern jazz tradition. Among other reevaluations of New York that occurred in the aftermath of 9-11 and Hurricane Sandy, Chroma Colossus: 13 Visions of the City presents an important imagining of our relation to the space, sound, energy, and resilience of New York. Beyond Waters, the quartet consists of Andrew Barker (drums), Chris McIntyre (trombone) and George Rush (bass/tuba). The album's song cycle is based on a text by Brooklyn-based author and MacArthur Fellow Colson Whitehead, who reads a passage from his book The Colossus of New York on the song 'Brooklyn Bridge.'" Includes mp3 download code with bonus digital track.


ATL 1364LP

COLEMAN, ORNETTE: Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation LP (ATL 1364LP) 11.50
2013 repress. Originally released in 1960, Free Jazz was recorded in one uninterrupted take: Coleman, Scott LaFaro, Don Cherry, & Billy Higgins are on the left stereo channel; Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell are on the right. "We were expressing our minds and emotions as much as could be captured by electronics." Gatefold exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.



RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT: Water Rose Above the Head 12" (NAIL 005EP) 16.50
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement manifests on the Bed Of Nails compound with thrumming, sub-heavy techno and ambient incursions. "These Spirits Are Thought to Live Far Out at Sea and Are Usually Malevolent" clocks in at almost a quarter of an hour and is sunk deep with an aquatic 4/4 variant that recalls classic Chain Reaction: Porter Ricks, Vainqueur, Fluxion, albeit built within the framework of the Hospital/BoN aesthetic -- sporadic field recorded flourishes, found sounds and un-placeable percussion. "They Shoot Men with Flying Fish and Travel in Waterspouts or on Rainbows" offers a 10-minute set for the private afterhours; opening with an impossibly deep bass throb before dipping into a cornucopia of fake plastic ambience, a world where mechanical macaques and Chris Watson's weather recordings coalesce into a low-end mass that's somewhere between Kode9's Sine of the Dub and FSOL's Lifeforms -- an intriguing subversion of new age signifiers built to soundtrack a Ballard short set in a 2060 Berghain.



SEVERENCE: Hidden Ceilings CD (BINE 030CD) 17.00
Little is known about the shy musician Elliot Denmark who is behind the project Severence, other than the fact that he grew up in East London before moving to Murcia, Spain 12 years ago. Except for a few sampler contributions (including "Dark Heat [Moss Mix]" on Bine's already legendary 2010 compilation) his musical output was limited to DJ mixes he shared on his web site. Now the long-awaited album arrives and surprises with dark ambient sounds. Cloudy layers of blurred sound snippets tower up in long rooms while the underlying rhythm is created not by a beat but the slow rolling of soundwaves. Severence tweaked his sounds and samples until they meshed smoothly, and even dub elements are sensitively integrated while avoiding every kind of cliché. Hidden Ceilings invites us to an exploration of seldomly-accessed soundscapes that want to be carefully discovered and wandered through, not as an easy Sunday afternoon trip but an exciting "journey into sound." And just like the great Morton Feldman, Severence considers that sometimes the sounds that are left unplayed are just as important. Calm, even silence is a significant element of this record. A silence full of tension.



HAPPA: Two and Two Make Five EP 12" (BKEDIT 007EP) 18.00
Leeds-based producer Happa has quickly gained an enviable profile, made all the more impressive by the fact that he is just 15 years-old. For his Boomkat Editions he ramps it up with the industrial slam of "13.05.13," before switching tack to sound like Reinhold Friedl dismantling a piano with Emptyset on "Stirring." "Escape" sounds like Alberich mangling a Joyrex side, while "Walice Berl" thumbs its nose at prissy, "perfect" mix-downs. "Put Your Suitcase Down" captures the heartbreaking swell of ambient emotion which eludes artists twice his age.


BC 040LP

HOLDEN: The Inheritors 3x12" (BC 040LP) 25.50
Repressed; triple 12" version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a download code.



JOY WELLBOY: Yorokobi's Mantra CD (BPC 267CD) 14.50
In their home country of Belgium and neighboring France, Joy Wellboy have enjoyed cult status for some time -- although they have not released a great number of records up to now. However, there can be no doubt that their big break has arrived, as Joy Wellboy's debut album Yorokobi's Mantra is certainly one of the contenders for the highlight of 2013. What makes this amiable duo from Brussels so special? One factor is undoubtedly the fact that Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens are romantically as well as musically attached. Completely different yet entirely compatible, the two characters and their individual musical expression combine in perfect symbiosis: Joy's boundless creativity and sure-fire sense of a catchy melody are channeled by Wim, who effortlessly forms them into flawless arrangements and memorable tracks with a unique sound. If, after the celebrated single "Flush Me," you're expecting the duo to focus exclusively on the realm of slick electro-pop, you'll be pleasantly surprised that Joy Wellboy's range extends considerably further. Yorokobi's Mantra is a grand pop spectacle in the most positive sense. In its thematic exploration of life's highs and lows, Joy Wellboy's debut album sounds both cool and emotional, powerful and energy-laden, extremely accessible but never pandering to expectations. Each of the 12 songs develops an atmosphere of disarming beauty in the space left between Joy's vocals and Wim's electronic textures. Happy-go-lucky pop songs like "I Can Handle" and "What Baby" are just as convincing as the haunting duet "Lay Down." The tracks range from the meticulously arranged, full-on electronica trip "On the Beach" to the wonderfully intimate vocal and piano ballad "Rain Drop Races." Beautiful, no-frills synth-pop songs like "Caress" already whet the appetite for single and remix releases. Yet Yorokobi's Mantra sounds entirely coherent as an album -- a bold and mature debut, and definitely the start of an exciting and successful future for Joy Wellboy.


BB 140CD

YOU: Laserscape CD (BB 140CD) 17.00
Udo Hanten and Albin Meskes, the Krefeld duo collectively known as You, played their way into the elite of the German electronic music scene with their first two albums Electric Day (1979) (BB 073CD/LP) and Time Code (1983) (BB 074CD/LP). Reissued by Bureau B in 2011, the pair of albums caused quite a stir both in the media and amongst afficionados of the so-called Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc.). Their fourth album, Laserscape, consists of music created for the laser performances of the same name by the artist Horst H. Baumann. Having met Udo Hanten during a film project in 1981, Baumann approached him with the idea of collaborating in 1985. He wanted a lavish soundscape to match his open-air installations and You fit the bill perfectly. Their first joint event on August 31, 1985 was a resounding success: 10,000 attended the "Philips Laserscape KrYou." Berlin's SFB radio station recorded the concert for broadcast on their "Steckdose" (power socket) program, subtitled "computer music -- music from the computer." The bonus track on this re-release is taken from this recording. Naturally, it made sense to put together a Laserscape album of pieces composed for the various laser events. Some were recorded in Berlin at Christoph Franke's studio (of Tangerine Dream fame), most were completed at You's own studio. The music resembles the laser events: simultaneously dark and dazzling. Multilayered drones, some over 13 minutes long, evocative of Blade Runner's menacing atmosphere, sometimes laced with driving, pulsating sequences, typical of the so-called Berlin School. A drum, or rather a drum computer, was used on only one track. You remained true to their spirit of experimentation by enlisting the services of classical guitarist Jaime Zenamon on two compositions.



SUN RA AND HIS SOLAR-MYTH ARKESTRA: The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol. 1) LP (BYG 340HLP) 14.00
2013 repress. 40th volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "'A wild and passionate interstellar mix of free jazz, solo synthesizer and hard rocking cosmic philosophy specifically commissioned by the BYG/Actuel label (and apparently recorded in New York between 1970 and 1971)... this material 'would prove to be one of the cornerstones of the entire Sun Ra/Arkestra career'... with Kwame Hadi, Akh Tal Ebah, Ali Hassan, Charles Stephens, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, John Gilmore, Danny Ray Thompson, Pat Patrick, James Jacson, Ronnie Boykins, Clifford Jarvis, Lex Humphries, Nimrod Hunt, June Tyson and Art Jenkins. 'The 2 volumes that form the Solar-Myth Approach encapsulate the creative mood and the impassioned message that was going down as the '60s violently burned themselves out... in the cold dawn of the early '70s Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra sent out their musical ray of hope to all who chose to hear it... over 20 years later and its effect remains both blinding and illuminating." -- Edwin Pouncey.


CH 103CD

CANNANES, THE: Howling at All Hours CD (CH 103CD) 15.50
Chapter Music is excited to announce Howling at All Hours, the new album by international DIY pop icons The Cannanes. First forming in Sydney in the mid-1980s, they have released 10 albums on labels all around the world, toured the U.S., UK, Mexico, Japan, and Europe innumerable times and been immortalized in books and documentaries by devoted fans. The Cannanes have always done things their own way. Their first two albums African Man's Tomato (1988) and A Love Affair with Nature (1989) were self-released on no label at all, but the band subsequently became stalwarts of iconic '90s US indie imprints like K Records, Ajax, and Feel Good All Over. They began touring the U.S. and UK regularly, achieving the distinction of becoming one of the best-known unknown Australian bands internationally. Chapter Music released a Cannanes single in 1996 and the album Living the Dream in 2000. In 2002 their Trouble Seemed So Far Away album earned considerable Triple J support, and their clip for single "You Name It" was chosen to be the first song played on Rage to welcome in the new millennium. Howling is the first new album since Trouble, but admittedly the band have been distracted by side projects, recording, regular gigs and touring in Australia, the U.S., Japan, Mexico, headlining the New York Pop Fest in 2008, playing the UK Indietracks Festival in 2010, and various other pursuits. In 2012 a Cannanes song was featured in the TV film and DVD, Underground, about Julian Assange's early years, and the band even recently got to design their own limited edition Converse sneaker. But now it's high time to release upon the unsuspecting world some new recordings. New EP Small Batch, on the Cannanes' own Lamingtone label, got an ecstatic response earlier in 2013, and now the same line-up that recorded A Love Affair with Nature has regrouped -- in fact, the new album is subtitled A Love Affair with Nature II. Vocalist Fran Gibson, guitarist Stephen O'Neil and prodigal drummer David Nichols are the core trio, but Howling also features cameos from sometime Cannanes members James Dutton (Flywheel, Deep Country), Mia Schoen (New Estate, Sleepy Township), and Fran Bussey (Nice, Dusken Lights). After such a long wait, it's reassuring to discover that Howling at All Hours is as engaging and idiosyncratic as anything the band has ever done.

CH 108LP

BUSHWALKING: No Enter LP (CH 108LP) 17.00
LP version with download code. Melbourne/Sydney trio Bushwalking release their second album No Enter on Chapter Music. The band comprises Nisa Venerosa of Chapter Music artists Fabulous Diamonds, alongside Ela Stiles of Sydney band Songs, and Karl Scullin of Kes Band. Bushwalking were formed in 2011 when Stiles was planning to record a solo album and enlisted friends Venerosa and Scullin to back her up. Quickly they realized what they were creating went beyond the solo-artist-plus-backing-band archetype, and decided to form an entirely new band. The result was the eerie hypnotic rock of 2012 debut album First Time, which matched Venerosa and Stiles' psychic harmonies with Scullin's piercing guitar tones. The album was released on vinyl via U.S. label Army of Bad Luck, run by then-Deerhunter bassist Josh Fauver. Despite the lack of a local release, First Time became a Triple R album of the week and made many end of year best-of polls. The band were also featured on influential international music sites such as the Fader and Quietus. Bushwalking return in 2013 with No Enter, a bigger, harder record than the debut. The band's almost medieval edges are now diamond-sharp, with Venerosa and Stiles' voices inextricably entwined, singing disarmingly direct lyrics over pounding, tom-heavy drums and screaming guitar histrionics.

CH 111CD

PIKELET: Calluses CD (CH 111CD) 15.50
Melbourne exploratory synth-pop four-piece Pikelet return with third album Calluses, the follow-up to 2010's Australian Music Prize-shortlisted Stem. Recorded with John Lee (Lost Animal, Mountains In The Sky), Calluses is a darker, denser beast than its predecessors. The celebrated Stem can now be seen as a transitional record, bridging the gap between the loop-driven solo project of Evelyn Morris (as heard on debut 2007 album Pikelet [CH 059CD]) and the fully-fledged live band that came together in 2009, comprising Evelyn, drummer Matthew Cox (Witch Hats), bassist/guitarist Tarquin Manek (Bum Creek) and synth-wizard Shags Chamberlain (Lost Animal). Now with four years under their belt, Pikelet are captured on Calluses in full flight, confidently exploring unknown territory. From the post-apocalyptic eeriness of "Pressure Cooker" (a teaser track premiered on to the frenetic introspection of first single "Combo," to the '60s Euro space-jazz of "Forward Motion," Calluses is bold, ambitious and layered -- a record that rewards repeated listens with subtle details and hypnotic depths. Back in 2007, first album Pikelet was made by Evelyn with an accordion, percussion and a loop pedal. It came out to rave reviews, Pitchfork write-ups and community radio high rotation. Evelyn toured the world, playing with Jens Lekman in Portugal, Jeffrey Lewis in France and Bachelorette across America. Back home she appeared at festivals like Golden Plains and Laneway, and opened for Sufjan Stevens, Beirut and Goldfrapp. Evelyn and Shags met as backing musicians for Ariel Pink on his first Australian tour in 2009, and soon the Pikelet band was born. When Stem emerged in 2010, the expansion of vision was immediately apparent. The live band brought a cosmic edge that infiltrated Evelyn's inquisitive style with kaleidoscopic results. Glowing reviews, Triple J rotation, community radio feature albums, and a place on the 2010 Australian Music Prize shortlist followed. Since then, the band have toured Australia extensively, sharing stages with Ariel Pink, Devendra Banhart, Dirty Projectors, Beirut (again) and Broadcast, and playing festivals such as Mona Foma, Queenscliff and Melbourne International Arts Festival. Evelyn also drummed for Japanese noise legends the Boredoms at their Melbourne International Arts Festival Show, and toured nationally supporting Shellac in solo Pikelet mode in late 2012. Calluses is a remarkable statement of artistic intent and new purpose.



FACIT: Mat at Duvorna 12" (CITI 010EP) 22.00
"Facit is the brainchild of Joakim Karlsson hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, who also released under Jocke & Elliot back in 2010. Featuring both Karlsson and the lovely Mai Nestor on vocals, Facit is quintessential melancholic Swedish wave at its finest. Exquisitely produced, the EP is a minimal synth wave gem, drawing some inspiration from French Chanson as well. Mat Åt Duvorna is pressed on 160 gram milky clear vinyl, the first 300 copies feature a black haze on the vinyl. The total run of this release is limited to 999 copies."



DRUMCELL: Sleep Complex CD (CLR 013CD) 17.00
The debut album from Drumcell is an emotionally-profound, open-minded approach to current techno with a variety of influences and a complete disregard for any limitations musical genres could possibly represent. A few basic facts about the life of this dedicated techno activist will help you understand the absorbing atmosphere of this exceptional record even better. To cut a long story short, Drumcell was still just young Moe Espinosa, a local East L.A. kid who was heavily into listening and playing rock and industrial music, when he coincidentally found some of the heroic synthesizers of the first hour of techno in the closet of a recording studio where he had been hired for a job. From this very minute on, things just gelled. If you imagine a technology geek/science-fiction-movies-loving teenage-outsider with a yearning, punk rock soul, together with a TR-909, a TR-808, and a TB-303 in the back room of an old Latin house label in Hollywood, then you are pretty much imagining the humble beginnings of the man who started calling himself Drumcell around the year 2000 and who has dedicated his life to the search and creation of mind-expanding, glorious sounds. His first vinyl record was hand-pressed and hand-wrapped in an L.A. garage, and when he handed out some copies of it on the following Detroit Electronic Music Festival, it was played on various festival stages the very next day. This immediate enthusiasm gave him enough power and endurance to go all the way and follow his dream uncompromisingly. On the one hand, Sleep Complex pays respect to the root-element of techno, the raw, dirty and hypnotic vibe that goes back to early Detroit techno; on the other hand, it almost has some kind of a rock attitude, especially when it comes to the beats, making it stylistically independent and impossible to pigeon-hole. It also makes very little sense to talk separately about individual tracks on the album, as each single piece of music is a sophisticated, complex sonic landscape, which is interconnected with the others and ultimately forms part of a bigger entity. As it was meant to be a bass-heavy record, and he thought that no one could treat a bass like Chris Liebing, his dear Frankfurt-based friend eventually had the great pleasure to do the final mixes, giving the tracks a beautifully-shaped bass sound and incredible presence and clarity. The album is an experimentation with analog modular synthesizers and a variety of digital tools. By working within the limitations of an individual instrument, it inspired each single song to have its own unique feeling or sound.


P 751492HLP

PARTCH, HARRY: The World Of Harry Partch LP (P 751492HLP) 15.00
2013 repress; 180 gram exact repro reissue, originally released in 1969. "The World of Harry Partch collects three of his best short pieces. 'Daphne of the Dunes' (1967) is a side-long update of 'Windsong' written for dance. The melodic segments are given more emphasis than usual for a Partch piece, and harmonically this is one of his best with arpeggiated glides/cries of the Harmonic Canons evoking our sympathies. Meter changes almost measure by measure, with one section in 31/16 meter; another (polymetric) section consists of 4/4-7/4 over 4/8-7/8! Needless to say, while being very physical, Partch's music isn't something you can easily tap your foot to. What's most important is that it works. Partch was not one to introduce musical complexity merely for its own sake, another factor that separated him from his contemporaries. Not only are the rhythms complex, but they are performed at a frantic pace unequaled by any music I've hard (save perhaps the inhumanly fast player piano pieces of Conlon Nancarrow!). This is characteristic of most of Partch's works, though I think 'Daphne' is one of the most successful and exhilarating. 'Barstow -- Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California' was composed in 1941 as part of 'The Wayward.' It offers such statements as 'Go to 538 East Lemon Avenue for an easy handout' and 'Looking for millionaire wife...' This charismatic piece is successful due to the contrasting of Partch's intoning voice with others in the ensemble and to increased instrumental emphasis. Last is 'Castor and Pollux' in a more modern performance than From the Music of Harry Partch, with greater vigor and fidelity. The World of Harry Partch is an excellent introduction to his works that comes highly recommended." -- Surface Noise



KSOUL & MUTEOSCILLATOR: Soul Hell 12" (DKMNTL 013EP) 12.50
Italians Ksoul and Muteoscillator are back with some more dusty and degraded-sounding tracks, this time for Holland's irrepressible Dekmantel imprint. There are three new cuts in total from the pair, each exploring a slightly different yet always knackered house groove. Soulful key stylings bring a human, jazzy touch to proceedings, but all three tracks are rough, with frayed textures -- nothing is crisp or clean.



WARM DIGITS: Interchange CD+DVD (DIST 028CD) 12.50
Interchange is Warm Digits' experimental film and album of music inspired by photography and illustrations drawn from the Tyne and Wear Archives, of the 1970s' biggest civil engineering project on Tyneside -- the construction of the Metro. Invited to investigate the archives to find inspiration to make some new music, Warm Digits found a selection of photographs documenting the transitions between the crumbling, decommissioned British Rail stations of Tyneside and the new, futuristic Metro stations. The songs on Interchange, and the accompanying films which use the images as source material, take and hold onto some of the spirits conjured by these pictures: of hopefulness for a publicly-funded civic future, of the use of new technology for change, of the excitement and propulsion of travel. Warm Digits -- Steve Jefferis and Andy Hodson -- are the duo that emerged from Newcastle upon Tyne's underground scene with a sound as if Neu! and Cluster formed a supergroup with Giorgio Moroder, Emeralds, Kevin Shields, '70s Eno and Keith Levene. Live, Warm Digits are a motorik epiphany of drums, guitar and pulsing hardware, complete with mesmeric kosmische visuals; all that on-stage multi-tasking making their live sets a dynamic Kraut-disco experience. The last few years have seen Warm Digits support the legendary Goblin, play the Supersonic and The Netherlands' Tilburg festivals, as well as Berlin's Kraut/prog fest Polyhymnia. DVD format is PAL, region free.



UNER: Four Consecutive EP 12" (DIYNAMIC 067EP) 14.00
Spain's Uner presents long-awaited EP Four Consecutive, featuring two completely new Uner tracks. The more analog sound and density of the tracks create a deeper and darker sound, proving Uner is completely on top of the direction house music is going these days. "Undisclosed" shows off this deeper sound with wavy bass lines, creating a perfect late-night club track that will fill the dancefloor in seconds. "LFO" pushes the limit a little further with beats and sounds that are a bit more up-tempo.



FIXMER, TERENCE: Bells 12" (EDLX 031EP) 12.50
This is the fifth stand-alone EP from Terence Fixmer for Electric Deluxe, offering three more exquisite samples of what the techno veteran does best. Bells is an homage to the pitch-black dancefloors of the night, with all his hypnotism and industrial hues in place. "Bells" opens with alarm knells and viscous vapors swirling round a lasso-loop. "In Chains" is just as dark, unsettled, and riled with analog sounds. But as midnight begins to dip into eternity, closer "Subspace Two" offers up a lasting sunny reprieve.


ESK 506032

VA: Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Pink Collection CD (ESK 506032) 17.00
The acclaimed record label from Ghent, Belgium brings you The Pink Collection. It's the first installment in a brand-new compilation series on Eskimo. They have selected 13 brand-new songs -- all produced exclusively for this concept -- with exquisite care. This labor of love is the fresh start of a new decade of Eskimo Recordings, and at the same time reassuring once again what the label stands for: timeless quality and originality. James Curd, Adam Frawley and Mitchell van Kaathoven aka Holy Models are a three-piece "psychedelic daytime disco" band hailing from South Australia. Their work transports the listener into a dream-state, yet renders them fully conscious. Satin Jackets was created in 2010 as a studio project from Germany. 12" compatible arrangements, a spoonful or two of friskiness and addictive bass-lines unfold their magic, relying on nifty four-to-the-floor grooves topped off with a decent amount of glitter. Brynjolfur hails from the Faroe Islands but now resides in Copenhagen, finding inspiration in warm, deep acid and old school disco sounds as well as spacey, atmospheric moods. Filtered through Bergen's urban expressions, Made In Sane's sound bounces back into the world in a new form. This is the sound for mind and body. Mastercris is quite fond of vocals and for this track he invited Novika to collaborate, the undisputed first lady of the Polish electronic club scene. Ichisan is a Slovenian photographer by day, and extraterrestrial guru by night. His disco-funk formula merely serves as a guide to the mad genius as he converts blueprints to an interplanetary exploration into an audio map of the universe. Martin changed his musical direction and turned his path to the roots of the music he had always loved and admired: disco. Bursting from the digital underground is Next is Majestique -- a production team from the Netherlands consisting of Mike Luck and Thomas Helsloot and their shared passion for strange chords, running arpeggiators and dusty drum computers. Boom C Trap and Freshmint founded The Living Islands inspired by jungle clatter and the sound of waves hitting the beach. Their mission: to create twisted, fresh pop tunes that spark and entice. ATTAR! is the solo project of Renaud Deru, and on his tracks he invited Cherry aka Laura Riganti for the brilliant vocals. Golden Fleece extends his talents to the studio with his productions and collaborations with fellow synth-tinkler Pete Herbert. Copycat is the alter ego of Swedish producer Ivan Matanovic, who specializes in all kinds of disco, always with his typical blend of melancholy and catchy melodies -- the perfect soundtrack for night driving. Finally, there's Kasper Björke -- one of the most renowned and versatile Danish contributors to the international electronic music scene; both as a DJ and producer. "The Grey Area" clearly shows Kasper's affection for '80s soundtrack-like soundscapes and SH 101 arppeggios.



German producer Markus Suckut has built quite a following, thanks to his distinctive, raw and reduced modern techno sound. After several singles on the label, Markus now announces his debut full length, DNA. Rather prolific with his output of 12''s and remixes, Suckut's previous releases on Figure stood out, really developing his command of intensely-focused and powerful kick drums. A true follower and advocate of the more refined side of club techno, he has recently set up his own SCKT label, and travels more and more as a DJ. DNA now goes even further in making a statement on his sound. There's something of the classic German minimal techno lifeblood flowing through this album, and over 11 tracks we are guided through very precise, tense and effective exercises in basement techno minimalism. From the moody synths of "Path," a fitting intro to the album, we are then dropped head-first into "Dissociation," where only a handful of elements resting on a weighty kick drum build a certain sci-fi tension. This tension is maintained over the course of the whole album. Heading into more trippy zones, "Dust" and the acidic jack of "Rigid" both demonstrate Suckut's skills at telling a story with a very strict economy of elements. As paranoid tension establishes itself as a major theme further still, "Shatter" unfolds in a dreamy, if not rather apocalyptic dub track of the highest order. "Doomed" presents a brief respite from the tunneling bass frequencies, as serene synths float across a smoky backdrop, but then it's back to business as "Stranger" takes us deeper into the fog with its tripping beauty. The more aggressive thump of "Vibrant," with its urgent synth voices and dramatic arrangement are pure Suckut -- taught, carefully executed and intoxicating on the dancefloor. We are then guided into a more heady, psychedelic mood with "Remains," before the true dub of "Places" eases us down, working glorious space between the groove. Finally the last stand arrives in the form of "Mirage," where an undulating acid line and freakishly-timed percussion shake and rattle around a wonderfully submerged throb. Markus Suckut shows us his true colors and talents with DNA - a very focused, mature and honest portrayal of his take on techno for 2013 and beyond.



SEARCH, JEROEN: Figure SPC P 12" (FIGSPC P) 12.50
Encapsulating a trademark sound built from classic analog hardware, fused with modern production techniques, Jeroen Search offers up three new tracks, backed with two snaking, distinctly modern remixes by London-based techno mainstay Ø [Phase]. What begins as a casual reduced jam then evolves into an ensnaring, tense workout as "Momentum" gathers exactly that -- elevating and maintaining the tension. "The Future Is Ours" then sees Search at his meanest, with a grating, killer hook winding itself around his perfectly controlled drum machines.



MAGIC IN THREES: Summertime Strut/Magic Mark in tha Summer 7" (GED 011EP) 7.00
"Magic in Threes are back with a pair of ultra smooth tunes. As the official follow up to the group's 2011 self titled long player, this hefty platter features the Mi3 signature instrumental sound. 'Summertime Strut' is a rolling mid tempo jam with the playful feel of a musical stroll in the park. Utilizing some heady sounding vintage synthesizers, it has the old school flavor we've all come to crave from a G.E.D. Soul/ Magic in Threes release."



SQL: Surrender 12" (GEM 028EP) 12.50
SQL has been touring the globe and releasing steadily for a few years now. After a lot of great releases and remixes, some of which topped the charts, Gem Records believes that this is his best EP so far. If you like warm techno and tech house that combines melody with powerful grooves, this one is for you. Includes a remix by Kassey Voorn.


GET 51266LP

COMMON: Resurrection 2LP (GET 51266LP) 21.00
2010 release. "Deluxe edition, remastered set. Includes the original full length album, three 'Resurrection' remixes, liner notes by Brian Coleman, with Common and No I.D., and a full sized poster. Get on Down and Sony Music proudly present, Common's sophomore album, Resurrection. While the album was originally neglected by the mainstream, it has since received a great deal of critical acclaim and is now on The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. In comparison to his debut album, Common's musical style evolved lyrically with the expression of his inner life, as opposed to just describing street life. With its jazz and hip hop flavors, Resurrection furthered the growth of both genres. Overall, the album is commonly perceived as an underrated rap classic and now this legendary album is available in a much anticipated, 2LP gatefold jacket edition."

GET 51270LP

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Supreme Clientele 2LP (GET 51270LP) 22.00
2013 repress, 2010 release. "Supreme Clientele is the second studio album from Wu- Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, originally released in January 2000 on Epic Records. Similar to Ghostface's debut album Ironman, Supreme Clientele showcases his signature up-tempo, stream-of-consciousness rhyme style. The album features guest appearances from RZA, Raekwon, GZA, Method Man, Cappadonna, Redman, U-God, and Masta Killa, among others. Upon its release, Supreme Clientele received strong reviews from most music critics, and was the most acclaimed of all of the second generation solo Wu-Tang albums. It debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart, while selling 134,000 copies in its first week. In March 2000, the album was certified Gold by the RIAA. Available from Get On Down in conjunction with Sony Special Markets Group, this special edition is packaged in a gatefold jacket and includes a double sided poster."


HDM 2005CD

LIQUID BLUE: Liquid Gold CD (HDM 2005CD) 16.00
"In the late 1970s, Liquid Blue's disco hit, 'Ain't That What You Want,' was played in every club from the west coast to the east coast as well as the big dance clubs all over Europe. Because of the popularity of 'Ain't That What You Want' on the dance floor, many people thought of Liquid Blue as only a disco band. But they were so much more. They could also rock and roll the house out and could meld disco with blue eyed soul. Many of their fans saw them the new Hall & Oates because they blended soul, rock, and disco together."



EULBERG, DOMINIK: Backslash 12" (HERZ 030EP) 12.50
Dominik Eulberg, of Traumschallplatten, Cocoon and Kompakt notoriety, presents the next installment of the Hertzblut Recordings EP series in the form of Backslash. The EP opens with "Opel Tantra," a delectable example of a living, breathing techno orchestra in full effect. B-side "Noch Ein Bass im Ärmel" sees plucked strings and key stabs pick out an alluring groove, as distant chimes twinkle, evoking the enchanted forest ever-present in Eulberg's thoughts.


HT 006EP

DOUBLET: Synthonic EP 10" (HT 006EP) 14.00
Label-head Tomoki Tamura teams up with Italian Third Ear, 2020 Vision, and Defected associate Tuccillo as Doublet for a three-track EP written in Ibiza using plenty of great gear including Akais, Moogs, and various Roland drum machines and synths. What's more, this vinyl edition will see 500 limited color 10"s pressed up for the real collectors. Tomoki's trademark fusion of deep, tech, electro, minimal and soulful influences has won him many admirers while Tuccillo has excelled with his classic house releases, so this is a fine pairing.



VON OSWALD TRIO, MORITZ: Blue 12" (HJP 073EP) 12.50
Meditative, absorbing dance music in true Moritz Von Oswald style -- at times seemingly transfixed by its own elements, and minimal almost to the vanishing-point, but quickly kicking and amassing, with the lethal dub-wise density of the classic Berlin sound. Twelve minutes long, trenchant and forbidding, the dub itself is a kind of deep Fort-Da gambit which scoops your brain out for a quick sluice, before replacing it slightly skewed.



TRENTEMOLLER: Candy Tongue 7" (IMR 013EP) 8.00
"Candy Tongue" is the second single taken from the third studio album Lost (IMR 014CD/014LTD-EP) by Trentemøller, featuring vocals from Danish singer/songwriter Marie Fisker. "Candy Tongue" slowly builds from whispered, emotional vocals into a rousing song with over-steering guitars and evocative chants. This single reveals the essence of the third record, which covers all eras of electronic music, and also invokes aspects of the guitar-driven second album. This single will be accompanied by a beautiful music video, directed and produced by Thomas Jessen.


JV 570015CD

ASTATKE, MULATU: Sketches of Ethiopia CD (JV 570015CD) 19.00
"On Sketches of Ethiopia, Mulatu Astatke's first international release, the father of Ethio-jazz's remarkably rich music reveals influences ranging from jazz and Latin American music to the traditional music of his homeland. Astatke has collaborated with numerous jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, and in 2005 was featured on the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's film Broken Flowers. Conductor, arranger, master of the vibraphone and conga drums, Astatke now plays with his England-based group Step Ahead. Astatke's uniquely rhythmic and colorful music weaves a modern groove into age-old melodies, and blends western classical music with Latin and Afro funk rhythms into a heady musical brew."



COTTEN/MARISA ANDERSON, ELIZABETH: Benefit for KBOO Community Radio 7" (KBOO 001EP) 11.00
"The brilliant Elizabeth Cotten played at the Euphoria Tavern in Portland February 19, 1975. KBOO broadcast the show live, and the songs on this record are from that performance. We do not know the titles, as they were not announced, and are not released on any of her other recordings. Marisa Anderson arranged and recorded this solo guitar performance of three traditional songs on March 30, 2013. Called 'Canaan's Land,' you'll hear the incredible technical skill and emotionally fluid style Marisa brings to her art, which makes us proud to have her as the first KBOO Artist in Residence."



MARGOT: Magico Disco EP 12" (KTDJ 029EP) 12.50
Kill The DJ met Italian duo Margot through James Holden, who released an EP on his Border Community label. "Magico Disco" is a non-clichéd homage to Moroder, remixed to great effect by Tel Aviv's Red Axes, who bring the tempo down, add their cramps licks but never lose the spaced-out quality of the original. "Castel" is an 80 BPM vocoder short shot in space. With early support from Andrew Weatherall and Tim Paris, "Voice Chord" is a way spaced-out club track.



HEYBOER, ANTON: Rules of the Universe 2LP (KYE 025LP) 27.00
"Kye is proud to announce the release of Rules Of The Universe, a fully authorized anthology of archival audio work by the renowned Dutch artist Anton Heyboer (1924-2005). Heyboer's stature in visual arts is well-known and internationally celebrated, but documentation of his audio work is scant and difficult to locate. Heyboer's only previous vinyl release -- 1976's ill-fated She And She As One LP (EMI) introduced a music so resolutely personal and uncommercial in nature that EMI ordered the unsold bulk of the pressing withdrawn and destroyed. Further recordings of Heyboer's anomalous music eventually trickled out via a string of private press micro-edition CDs/CDRs through the Anton Heyboer Foundation in the 1990's. Released with full approval from VOF Heyboer and overseen by Lotti Heyboer, Rules Of The Universe draws from over seven hours of surviving archival tapes, restoring the cream of the CDR editions and supplementing it with a selection of previously unheard tracks. Rules Of The Universe offers a fresh reappraisal of a lesser-known - but no less important field of creativity from one of the 20th Century's most original artistic minds. Rules Of The Universe arrives in a full color high gloss gatefold sleeve, with an accompanying fold-out color poster, in an edition of 500 copies."



ERICKSON, ROKY: The Evil One CD (LITA 097CD) 15.00
"Housed in a deluxe gatefold 'tip-on' jacket with book-deep liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski. Originally released in the UK as the 10 song album Five Symbols in 1980 and as The Evil One in 1981 (with 5 songs replaced), this definitive CD gathers all 15 songs from the Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) late 1977-79 produced sessions. CD includes 48 page booklet plus rare/unseen archive photos and ephemera. Released from the institution in 1974, Roky found his legend had grown while he'd been away -- not least because 'You're Gonna Miss Me' was included on 1972's Nuggets compilation. He formed a band, the Aliens, and set about honing a hard rock sound that placed the psychedelic garage blues of the Elevators firmly in the last decade. Though it was produced at a time when Roky was struggling to cope with drugs and life on the outside, he hit form on his first post Elevators album-proper, 1981's The Evil One. Produced over a period of two years by Stu Cook, from Creedence Clearwater Revival, it's a masterful collection of songs about zombies, demons, vampires and, yes, even the 'Creature with yhe Atom Brain.' These tracks, inspired by schlock sci-fi and horror movies and colored by Roky's distinctive, high-pitched vocal and squealing guitar, are among the maverick performer's best. At the time, Roky explained the album this way: 'It's gonna go back to the ferocious kind of rock 'n' roll of the Kinks, the Who, and the Yardbirds. It's the kind of music that makes you wish you were playing it or listening to it for the first time "way back when."' But the record would not reach the mass audience of those bands, its success hampered by erratic release schedules and disastrously awkward press interviews. A year after its release, Erickson would become convinced that a Martian had inhabited his body. He would soon become obsessed with mail, and take to taping it, unopened, to his bedroom walls. Many of Erickson's demons were yet to show their faces. But the B-movie demons he exorcised on this record gave us one of hard rock's strangest, most inventive albums."


ERICKSON, ROKY: The Evil One 2LP (LITA 097LP) 26.00
"2LP housed in deluxe gatefold 'tip-on' jacket with 20 page booklet, download card for full album, and etching by artist Travis Millard on side D."



INDEX: Black Album + Red Album + Yesterday & Today 2CD (LION 644CD) 24.00
Restocked. "In the mid 1960s, Detroit Michigan was a thriving industrial city. It was at the edge of a cliff, however. The great ethnic diversity in the inner city was a brewing powder keg of civil unrest. This, coupled with a disillusioned population struggling to make some sense of a questionable war in the rice paddies of Vietnam, set an uneasy and troubling tempo for the future. Still, there were pockets of communities in the Detroit area where things were good and economic life was vibrant. The Grosse Pointes were such communities. It was on the outskirts of this political and racially tense era, in the affluent suburbs just outside of the city of Detroit, that Index was formed. The music of Index has been lauded by music heads for decades, and with good reason: it is bizarre, atmospheric, and 'home-made' (in the best of all possible ways); the band has a druggie sound, with songs full of feedback and fuzzy guitars, hazy guitar riffs and loud rhythms. Hidden amongst the echoing canyons of sound there's some snotty post-punk attitude wrapped up in that trippy velvet fuzz; a wonderful bleak sound, both droning and murky, the atonal side of late 1960's rock that would leave the most lasting impression on those who would eventually become punk, post-punk and indie rock artists like Joy Division or the Fall. Includes a 32-page booklet, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with photos and lyrics; printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy."



ANONYM: Crazy Says What EP 12" (LOKEE 003EP) 14.00
An EP from the mysterious Anonym. Very little is known about the person behind the mask, except some rumors that he hails from the Motor City. "Chick Flick" is a hypnotic synth workout based around a monster of a hook. In contrast, "Crazy Says What" is almost ambient. Jozif adds his trademark flavor to "Chick Flick" and turns it into a percussive weapon with a hint of disco. Jonny Cruz delivers a synth-heavy version of "Crazy Says What," a moody gem for the very early (or late) hours. On red vinyl.



MOTORHEAD: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (180 Gram Version) LP (SRM 4023HLP) 14.00
180 gram vinyl version. Exact repro of this 1981 release. "Recorded live in England surrounded by maniacs 1981 except 'Iron Horse' 1980. Dedicated to all the people who have travelled with, drunk with, fought with and screwed with us on the roads of England and Europe for five years."



KABOOM KARAVAN: Hokus Fokus LP (MIA 024LP) 18.00
LP version with download code. Bram Bosteels' Kaboom Karavan project reappears out of the thick Belgian jungle to deliver what must be one of the strangest and most exotic records since Gultskra Artikler's uncategorizable Kasha iz Topora. After the already quite surreal Barra Barra (MIA 015CD/LP) album on Miasmah from 2011, Bram takes his sound further into unknown yet still strangely familiar territories. Listening to Hokus Fokus feels like staring frozenly into a postcard sent from your long-lost uncle that went missing in the Amazon after an expedition gone wrong (circa year 1935). Merge this image with the decaying sounds of an old Tom Waits record slowly tuning out in the background and you're getting close. This is not instantly gratifiable music, but rather, a thick fog of details, sounds and atmospheres blended together with utmost precision and skill to create something quite unique that really shines with repeated listening and full immersion. Coming from a background as a notorious piano husk experimenter, film, theater, and dance composer, as well as regular Kreng collaborator, Bram has set off to confuse and wonder us with this selection of highly amazing Kaboom Karavan alternate-universe pieces fittingly entitled Hokus Fokus. For fans of '50s exotica records, Jeff Beal's score for Carnivalé (the TV show) and Andy Votel/Demdike Stare-curated Pre-Cert entertainment (with artists such as Anworth Kirk and Slant Azymuth).


KABOOM KARAVAN: Short Walk With Olaf LP (MIA 025LP) 18.00
Short Walk With Olaf is Kaboom Karavan's debut album from 2007 that appeared as a freely downloadable album on the Mexican-based imprint Umor Rex, creating a cult following in the MP3 label scene at the time. Finally now properly mastered and given a well-deserved vinyl release. Mixing influences from the electronica and ambient scene with Americana, free-folk and avant-garde jazz, to name but a few, Short Walk With Olaf is first of all an incredibly beautiful and mystical piece of work that should fall in taste with everyone interested in film music, travels, small villages & deserted places. Olaf finds his place somewhere between the atmosphere of Jim Jarmusch films, Lounge Lizards and Volcano The Bear and is a great starting point for getting into the strange sound world of Kaboom Karavan. Includes a free mp3 download of the album.


MW 047LP

"A release of early 1980s ritualistic minimal electronics by French duo DZ Lectric + Anthon Shield. The songs are selections from their 1985 cassette release, Confessions D'Un Masque. Having been active in their respective projects, the duo came together naturally in 1981 and over the years began recording music together. They shared a similar philosophical outlook and love of music, from classic rock like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges, to the edgier, industrial and no wave stuff that was coming out at the time, bands like Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, and Tuxedo Moon. They performed a number of times at special venues and festivals in Europe, creating intense and engaging live performances with minimum equipment and an abundance of spirit. They also released many tapes throughout the 1980s. Their music is challenging and hypnotic. Brutal and aggressive at times, overall the message speaks more about human ritual than anything truly sinister. All the songs on the Lickin' LP have been remastered from their original reel to reel tapes. The vinyl is presented in a matte heavy printed sleeve featuring a documentary photograph of the duo performing live at the DMA2 Festival in 1986, with a matching printed inner sleeve featuring a more posed portrait. The record is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, and limited to 999 hand-numbered sleeves."



SEEFEEL: Quique 2LP (MCR 906LP) 27.00
"Our Modern Classics Records imprint, in association with Medical Records, is marking the 20th anniversary of a unique record -- Seefeel's Quique. The London quartet's debut album (pronounced 'keek') is a dreamy confluence of dub, abstract electronic music and minimalist composition techniques, and remains a touchstone record in the ambient and shoegaze movements. Quique first oscillated into the world in July 1993 via UK label Too Pure, joining the dots between Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Aphex Twin. Its most striking quality was its sheer sense of invention -- and the fact it was instrumental except for wordless vocals from singer/guitarist Sarah Peacock, lying low in the mix and treated as another instrument. The band emerged in London in 1992, releasing an EP, More Like Space, and finding a kindred spirit in fast-rising electronica star Aphex Twin. Before long, they were carving out an entirely new sound. 'There was a sharp shift to wanting to do something definitive, because this is what I began to respect in others -- a sense of striking out, of urgency,' says guitarist Mark Clifford in the extensive liner notes by Dave Segal accompanying this reissue. Being a debut album, it's one that finds invention in economy. Quique's unusual sound was not the result of an extravagant setup or a loaded, state-of-the-art studio, even if the guitars and vocals especially existed in a universe apart from everything else happening at the time. It was instead recorded in an attic studio in Camden, north London."



COHEN, CHARLES: Morphosis Reworks 12" (REDOSE 002EP) 12.50
Morphine label boss, Morphosis, presents the music of electronic composer, Charles Cohen, kicking things off with these two deadly interpretations of "Dance of the Spirit Catchers." Masterful and essential!



MUM: Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know 2LP (MORR 092LP) 20.00
2009 release. 2LP version. Fifth studio album from Iceland's eccentric pop maestros, múm. Sometimes Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know sounds naively utopic, but it always manages to stay effortless and pure. As usual, the songs are brimming with unusual sounds, this time much of the songs revolve around a lightly prepared piano, hammered dulcimer, a string quartet, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles, and in the background of a few of the songs one can hear Örvar's parent's parakeet singing with the piano. The album was recorded in countless different places in four different countries, although most of it was done in múm's native Iceland. Gunnar Örn Tynes moved to a cabin in the countryside where much of the album sprang to life, but as always, múm had a hard time staying put and recorded in both Estonia and Finland. In Estonia they borrowed a beautiful, many hundred-year-old house in Leigo, a place with hundreds of lakes, where they wrote new songs and recorded with the Estonian Suisapäisa mixed choir. Much of the music was hatched in the middle of Iceland's political turmoil and uprising at the time. The Icelandic government was forced to resign after intermittent civil unrest and the constant banging of pots and pans. By stretching the imagination, one can imagine a link between the turbulent political situation and the serene idealism hidden in the music.


MM 039CD

DUNDOV, PETAR: Sailing Off the Grid CD (MM 039CD) 17.00
Petar Dundov runs his own Neumatik studio in Zagreb where he works as a sound engineer as well as producing his own take on techno, ambient and electronica, much to the liking of respected artists such as Carl Craig, Sven Väth, and François K. The Croatian producer might be best-known as a producer of wondrous, melodically complex techno -- but as revealed on his first two albums Escapements (MM 031CD) and Ideas from the Pond (MM 037CD/LP), his ambitions and talents as a musician are considerably more expansive than simply servicing the dancefloor. Dundov's third LP, Sailing Off the Grid, expands on the lush, intricate synth explorations of his previous two releases, but sees him delve further still into those realms, invoking the spirit of classic ambient and synth-based music of decades gone by. While the album spans just eight tracks, each track clocks in at over seven minutes, and some almost double that length. Each is slow-burning, expansive, gradually unfolding to reveal more of itself and to develop its motifs and sentiments without the often hurried constraints of the dancefloor (or even more so, the radio). This is an album to be consumed in its entirety; not for those with short attention spans or iPod playlists on their mind. "Enter the Vortex" hypnotically seduces the listener into a hazy sort of submission as the album begins; a beat-less exercise in simplicity whose mood swells through a cascade of soaring pads and softly twinkling synths and whose tension never resolves itself. "Yesterday Is Tomorrow" revolves around an Italo-esque arpeggiated bassline, and is the album's first track to work around a simple 4/4 beat, a flurry of synths shining brightly and melting into oneness thanks to spacious reverbs and delays. "Moving" begins from a hushed, delicate melody to unfold into an expansive, rolling progressive number, spilling over with emotive flourishes and freestyles and incessant brooding bass. A solemn, slow '80s stadium rock style drum beat on "Spheres" brings the tempo down, allowing Dundov to explore more complex and intricate melodic interplay still, the acidic bassline and slowly morphing sorrowful melodies of "White Spring" making for a stark contrast next. The title-track is a throbbing, heady affair, which spares key changes and chord progression in favor of unrelenting, slow-burning arpeggios and tension over the course of a dreamy 13 minutes. "Sur la mer avec mon ami" drops the tempo once again to a sunset slumber, soaring pads and an array of soft keys and guitar licks gently caressing the laconic beat. It's left to "Cradle" to round off this engrossing collection with its sweeping soundscapes and almost Oriental undertones; a fittingly unhurried finale for an album that likes to take its time about things. As well as the glorious aesthetic of this record, it's clear that this third album is indebted to the greats of the synthesizer world. The album imparts a -- whisper it -- almost Balearic sensuality, with a real sense of humanity elicited from Dundov's array of machines by way of ever-changing melodies and patterns, giving the sense of a spontaneous, freestyle approach to synth playing and constructing tracks. If his first two albums unearthed his wider musical talents, Sailing Off the Grid is the one that sees him blossom into an incredibly accomplished and ever-more-intriguing producer.



AREVALO, GASTON: Rollin Ballads CD (OKTAF 006CD) 17.00
The Uruguay-born Gastón Arévalo presents his debut CD Rollin Ballads via Oktaf Records. His fascination with natural and urban surroundings developed as a result of growing up close to the harbor of Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, being surrounded by the city on the one hand and old architecture, fishermen, boats and the sea and subtropical nature on the other. His earliest acoustic childhood impressions and associations from these surroundings are still his most vivid -- for example, the sounds of the textile factory, which used to be his father's workplace. His latest recordings are intensely inspired by natural and organic sounds. Tracks like "Selvagem" are the result of field recordings of long walks at sun-down mixed with the unconventional sounds of natural elements such as stones and bones. The result is a synaesthetic impression of foggy, far away landscapes, yet still flooded with light, which is what Arévalo intends with his aurally and visually-stunning tracks. "Souvenir," "Rollin Ballad I," and "Geographia II" allow the listener to lose himself in the neverending repetitions evoking those images. Classically-trained, Arévalo intersperses analog sounds into his tracks as he incorporates modulated and modified fragments and passages played by instruments, evoking the musical influence of classic ambient-sound connoisseurs such as Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt, and Erik Satie. As a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on experimental ambient music, this record is based on neo-classical sound collages and modulated and synthesized field recordings rife with hidden melodies and abstract sound structures. This is music that presents mirror images of life -- always moving and constantly changing.



MOLINARI, FEDERICO: Pildoras 12" (OSLO 027EP) 12.50
Early support from Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Zip, and others. Federico Molinari presents his latest work in the form of two trippy and reduced minimal house gems. Without large detours, Federico drops into "Pildoras" with an unpretentious bass line and classy drum patterns. A quirky voice rises here and there to say what many people surely think, while dancing to this track: tablets. This one is certainly not a track for every occasion, but it can be a real surprise in the right moment.


OP 001CD

VA: Trust CD (OP 001CD) 17.00
The Clown & Sunset label ended with the Angst EP from Valentin Stip. Nicolas Jaar's new label Other People releases its first piece called Trust: a compilation featuring 12 artists, including eight exclusive debut releases. Artists include: Will Epstein, Nikita Quasim, My Girl & Me, Quentin Pistol, David Terranova, High Water, Benjha, Acid Pauli, Triangleline, Valentin Stip, and Dave Harrington.


PCD 72014CD

CLARK, CHRIS: Dream or Cry CD EP (PCD 72014CD) 7.00
"Clark, the first female white artist ever to record an album for Motown, enjoyed cult success in the 1960s with her singles 'Love's Gone Bad' and 'I Want To Go Back There Again,' along with the Soul Sounds album, which was re-released on CD by P&C's sister label Reel Music. For this new single, Clark worked with a number of well-known musicians including members of the Tower of Power horn section. The result is three new recordings, which all show that Chris Clark still has her vocal chops intact. The Christine Cale song 'Dream Or Cry' has a vintage 1970s feel to it, whilst the old Diana Ross MOR album cut 'Sleepin'' comes alive with its tale of a lover who OD's on heroin. The CD version contains an extra song, 'Hang It Up,' written by Chess Records' Bobby Miller."

PCD 72018CD

WILSON, BOBBY: I'll Be Your Rainbow CD (PCD 72018CD) 16.00
"I'll Be Your Rainbow is the perfect example of how a classic '70s soul album should sound. Great songs (from Bobby and Motown hit-maker Vernon Bullock), wonderful orchestration (courtesy of Motown legend Paul Riser and the TK hit machine's Mike Lewis), and stellar musicians and singers (including The Jones Girls on background vocals) combine wonderfully with Bobby's impassioned vocals. A strong 10 cut album with echoes of Barry White at one end and Marvin Gaye at the other. Despite Buddah's strong R&B presence at the time, this album was destined for obscurity where it languished for almost 20 years until a brief reissue in the early '90s. Housed in a special six panel digipak with fully restored artwork, it was been remastered from the original analog tapes and now sounds even better than ever."

PCS 72014EP

CLARK, CHRIS: Dream or Cry 7" (PCS 72014EP) 8.50
7" version.



ELLIS, BRIAN: Quipu CD (PARALL 020CD) 16.50
2011 release. Brian Ellis is a multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California. He has released several albums in the last few years under multiple monikers and is perhaps better known as a lead guitarist for the progressive rock group, Astra. By playing guitar, bass, drums, various synthesizers and keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, sitar, xylophone, kalimba, etc., Brian creates the illusion of a large live band jamming all together. After releasing two albums in 2007 for the now-defunct Scottish electronic label, Benbecula Records, Brian found himself straying away from the programmed/sequenced elements and wanted to make an album where all the instruments were played live. The album was completed in early 2008 and was set to be the follow-up to The Silver Creature (BEN 042CD). Unfortunately, Benbecula decided to close its doors at this time and the album was shelved. Quipu takes Brian Ellis' jazz/fusion/funk sound from his previous solo works to the next level. The opening track "Birth" sets a deep atmosphere of delayed trumpets and saxophones with a slow beat and funky bass before exploding into an odd-timing heavy fusion workout harkening back to the days of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Later tracks like "Psaw" (featuring David Hurley of Astra on drums) take on much more of a free-jazz sound similar to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew era, full of dissonance and surprising elements. The final track "Walomendem" is a 14-minute progressive rock epic hailing as a tribute to the great French band Magma. Stunning artwork by Jessica Planter & Sean Painter.



After 2012's album Dependent and Happy (PERL 092CD/092-1LP/092-2LP/092-3LP), Ricardo Villalobos teams up with Max Loderbauer to get all independent and rappy. Featuring Chilean vocalist Camilo Castaldi aka Tea Time, as well as New York-based spoken-word wizard Azeem. Did anyone say hip-hop?



VA: Classic Jams 2LP (PFR 035LP) 20.00
Poker Flat Recordings -- surely one of the most essential and influential labels of the past couple of decades, treat us to something a little different -- and very, very special. Classic Jams reaches back to the roots, pulling out long-lost, forgotten gems -- the music that first inspired and invigorated a generation of electronic producers and dancers including Steve Bug. Take a trip into the deep, jacking, acidic house and raw techno expressions that had a profound impact on the current Poker Flat roster -- from the late '80s up until the present. Most of these tracks are long since out-of-print on vinyl, and fetch considerable amounts on the second-hand market. Likewise, some have never been available digitally. Selected and compiled by label-boss Steve Bug, these are secret weapons for open-minded DJs, and a valuable document of house music's enduring legacy for the home listeners. Aquarius' warehouse anthem, "Jam to It Again," originally out on City Limits in 1990, still sounds like a jolt of adrenaline to the system. Likewise the obscure but stunning "Magique Noir" by Transcendence will no doubt ignite dancefloors in exactly the same way it did the first time around. Going even further back, Classic Jams also shines a light on Larry Heard's sublime "Never No More Lonely" under his Fingers, Inc. moniker, as well as the 1988 deep house bomb "Muzik" by Myoshi Morris, which appears in a brand-new exclusive Steve Bug edit. Other highlights include Swing City from 1992 with the pure NY house groove of "Make You Mine." Hundreds of contemporary producers are desperately trying to emulate this effortlessly pure house moment -- none come close. Yet it's not all from our U.S. cousins -- tracks that helped kickstart a movement in Europe also feature -- see VDT's "It's Just a Dream" featuring MC Valium -- essential techno from 1991 out of the soon-to-be-rave-homeland of Germany. Throw in other out-and-out lost classics from the likes of Big Baby, Springboard, and Vice, and you have a compilation that stands both as a testament to the enduring genius of house, and as an essential tool for rocking any party. Includes mp3 download code.



VOIGT, WOLFGANG: Zukunft Ohne Menschen CD (PROFAN 013CD) 28.50
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Kompakt 2013 was invited to contribute to Cologne's highly reputed art fair, Art Cologne. For the event, Wolfgang Voigt designed, inter alia, a sound installation situated in the entrance area of the fair. In line with the cool steel and glass architecture, the abstract minimal "machine music" flowed out of the manually-operated arpeggiator. Under the title Zukunft Ohne Menschen, Voigt created a multimedia concept in 10 parts, composed of music, videos, and digital painting. Improvising with virtuosity on industrial sequencer and computer programs, Voigt created individual sound and visual artwork that comes alive only through the artist's unique style. The music sounds as if produced by a random generator, although it is made by hand, e.g. like a piano. From photos Voigt took in urban environments, he erased all images of people and text, using digital paint programs, and deformed them into abstract art. "Mechanical painting" is the term Voigt uses for this excessive style, in which no real paint flows and everything is revocable. The cursor, recorded on the film while painting over the photos, looks like a garden hose out of control, boring through the picture. With Zukunft Ohne Menschen, Voigt shares a title with a TV docu-fiction, which fantasizes in a not-entirely-serious manner about the planet's future following the disappearance of mankind. Using "dehumanized" digital machines, Voigt creates a striking acoustic and visual world with a unique artistic signature. The Man Machine 3.0. The release, now available as a deluxe book-CD format with a hard cover, comprises 10 pieces of music and 10 works of visual art. Includes a 24-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.



POPULATION ONE: A Simpler Form 12" (REDUCTION 001EP) 12.50
Hold tight, new Population One material on Mr. Terrence Dixon's own label. Seriously classy, abstract techno excursions that sound-clips cannot really do justice. He's on his A-game here.



HILLS: Master Sleeps LP (LAUNCH 061LP) 23.50
Hills are a three-piece band based in Gothenburg and Master Sleeps was their immediately sold-out second album, originally released on a small Swedish label in 2011. Rocket are proud to present a re-release of this great psych classic, with stunning new sleeve artwork. Master Sleeps draws its inspiration from some of the great bands of the late '60s and early '70s like Can, Amon Düül, and A.R. & Machines. Also you can hear the influence of native Swedish legends like International Harvester, Pärson Sound, and Trad Gras Och Stenar. But unlike a lot of the current over-saturated scene of psych bands that mine their '60s and '70s record collections, Hills manage to sound contemporary and relevant in 2013. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album which will be released by Rocket in 2014, so this reissue of Master Sleeps is a nice taster of what to expect from the next installment from this great band. Includes download code.


RS 096LP

BUDD, HAROLD: Perhaps 2LP (RS 096LP) 23.00
Limited double LP version. Recorded live on December 8, 2006 at a memorial event for James Tenney at California Institute of the Arts, Perhaps is Harold Budd sublimely distilled. Striking in its restraint and simplicity yet profoundly resonant in its depth and message, it is both eulogy to a departed friend and defining statement from an artist at the apotheosis of his career. Originally available only digitally (and only from Samadhisound's web site), Perhaps sees its first-ever and much-deserved physical release, mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Engineered by Justin Jones (at CalArts), Clay Chaplin and Aaron Drake. Edited by Justin Jones. Layout by Vicky Fong. "Some 35 years ago, Jim Tenney and I were half of the composition faculty at the brand new California Institute of the Arts -- CalArts. He was in those five years (1970-1975) my best friend. We lived in an out-of-the-way rural area at the fringes of the Mojave Desert and were often to be found drinking beer and playing pool in one of a number of local cowboy bars. We never agreed about music. Jim was a champion of early 20th century modernism; I was an anti-vanguard sensualist, at least in music. In the early 70s, Jim set about writing a series of 'Post Card Pieces' -- short aphorisms for dozens of friends. The one for me was called '(night)', as I recall: asking for something that's 'very long ... nearly white' ... My performance, in Jim's memory (75-minutes, non-stop and improvised) was, thus, not a composition but a provocation, and one I whole-heartedly addressed: I loved every moment. The 'titles' were conjured a month after the performance. Mostly, they don't refer to any aspect of the music they're joined to. The final task was to edit out some (but not all) extraneous noise and to shorten some gaps (as I pondered very quickly what to do next)." --Harold Budd, January 31, 2007


RH 111F-EP

WILHITE, RICK: Vibes New&Rare Music Part F 12" (RH 111F-EP) 12.50
Remixes from Rick Wilhite's Vibes compilation on Rush Hour. Dez Andres (La Vida, KDJ, Mahogani) and Ricardo Miranda step up and deliver. Killer stuff.


BNJMN: Hummingbird EP 12" (RHM 005EP) 12.50
BNJMN pops up with another splendid and relevant EP, featuring a remix from Legowelt/Xosar combo, Xamiga. On this 12", BNJMN was inspired by the curious combination of speed and grace that is the humble hummingbird. Propelled forwards by a lone, 140 BPM kick drum, the title-track's waves of crystalline synthesizers and picturesque melodies seem to gracefully hover above the stripped-back rhythm, and Xamiga's remix delivers a deeper, hazier alternative. "Slow Wave" performs the same trick of the ear, while The melancholic "CRVD " is similarly schizophrenic.


PROPER, SAN: Auto Sea (RSVP Version) 12" (RHPC 000EP) 12.50
Restocked; A limited white-label of San Proper's "Auto Sea" cut which was previously released on his album Animal (RH 118LP). This time it comes with a new mix, the "RVSP Version," on which San Proper teams up with a very well-known techno producer for a special B-side mix.



SUN RA & HIS SOLAR ARKESTRA: Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow LP (SATURN 9956HLP) 12.00
2013 repress; 180 gram vinyl version. Classic Chicago Saturn release, issued in 1965, recorded at the Choreographers' Workshop, in New York, 1961/1962. With futuristic space interludes that are mindblowing... "This music, performed by a jazz band in the early 1960's, predates Syd Barrett, and occurred long before Tangerine Dream's Electronic Meditations. But you will swear you are listening to a lost Kraut/psych classic inspired by both of these. 'Solar Drums' is everyone in the band grabbing a percussion instrument except for the man behind the recording desk, who plunges everyone into a swirl of echo until they tip and tremble off each other luminescently, plinking brightly in the of the most amazing documents of Sun Ra's foresight. In these two recordings he anticipated - created? - psychedelic music." -- Happy Dog Potatohead.


SHIN 034

SHINDIG: Shindig! No. 34 MAG (SHIN 034) 9.00
"Harry Nilsson: The Great American pop architect who wowed The Beatles, shaped The Monkees and crashed and burned; Gene Clark: Two Sides To Every Story -- hippie canyon rock the year punk broke; Morgen: The story behind 1969's heavy psych motherlode; Stackridge: The Beatles on cider or The Mothers Of Invention go prog?; The Steppes: Cult quartet who bucked the trend during the '80s garage revival. Plus: Thee Mighty Caesars, Captain Beefheart, Swamp Dogg, The Combustibles, Fifty Foot Hose, Elton John, Dead Meadow and much more."



VA: Skum One 12" (SKUM 001EP) 12.50
Collaboration vinyl-only release between Skudge Records and Kontra-Musik, united to showcase the Swedish techno underground as an act of faith in these times of extreme self-focus. Skudge Records wants to tell the world that they believe not only in themselves but also in this new wave of local artists -- a pledge for the future. In the immemorial words of ABBA, when all is said and done, you still get epic, throbbing, stabby techno from Skudge, deep, hectic madness from MRSK, classy, lush, slow-mo acid from TM404 and cavernous acid house from the Frak camp.



PARRISH, THEO: Black Jazz Signature CD (SDGBJ 1303CD) 15.00
Arguably one of the world's most important underground dance music producer/DJs Theo Parrish lends his hands to selecting and mixing a set of jazz and funk records licensed from and originally released on the Black Jazz label 1971-1976. World-renowned for his DJ sets and remixes/productions, this Chicago-raised artist is near impossible to pigeonhole. Revered by a wide spectrum of dedicated music fanatics, he is known for his otherworldly DJ sets, and his serious approach to DJing as an art form. Theo gives special attention to fellow Chicago musicians The Awakening (three consecutive tracks, four total on the mix), one of the best funk/fusion groups that the Black Jazz label released, and whose only output was on that label. The set itself is a masterful "two turntables all vinyl" execution, a format that Theo is dedicated to -- no mp3, no CD-R, just the vinyl palette for the true aural experience. Sit back and be drawn into his world -- hear things his way. Other artists include: Doug Carn, Gene Russell, Calvin Keys, Rudolph Johnson, and Walter Bishop Jr.



STL: Cosmic Fluke 12" (SOME 022EP) 14.00
The STL project continues on another dope Something Vinyl pressing. This cosmic transmission comes in a typical STL manner with dirty, raw, cruising beats and infectious synth activities, ranging from freaky dance-abilities to more relaxed and groovy house coolness in all maniac beauty. Something for your heart and bones. Friends and fellows of Stephan's lo-fi-driven sound will get another groovy vinyl, which comes limited in a nice printed inner sleeve package.



GHOSTFACE KILLAH: 12 Reasons to Die LP (STE 110LP) 21.00
Repressed. "The sounds of classic 36 Chambers-era RZA meld with Portishead and the Italian film music of Ennio Morricone on 12 Reasons to Die, the new album from Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge. This project is a daring, full-length Crime/Horror concept album. 12 Reasons' executive producer and Ghostface's longtime Wu-Tang Clan collaborator The RZA, refers to the album as 'groundbreaking' in the hip-hop genre. Ghostface Killah's prominence in hip hop has grown steadily over his 20-plus year career -- including recent high-profile appearances on Kanye West's Cruel Summer, RZA's The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, and the new Wu-Block album -- 12 Reasons catches the gifted MC at the height of his lyrical prowess."


WU-TANG CLAN: Execution In Autumn 7" (STE 703EP) 8.00
"Previously available as a track on a bonus CD included with U-God's 2013 release The Keynote Speaker, Soul Temple Music now presents this unreleased Wu-Tang Clan track, 'Execution In Autumn,' available for a limited time on this exclusive 7" single, This unreleased Wu-Tang cut features vocal heavy hitters Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, The RZA, and U-God spitting with lyrical precision and deadliness. The B-Side features the Frank Dukes produced instrumental track, filled with grit and soulful samples."



VA: Le Petit Bonheur: Le K Plays Staubgold CD (STAUB 127CD) 12.50
On the occasion of 15 years of Staubgold in 2013, French DJ and musician Sylvain Garcia aka Le K presents the latest entry in the acclaimed Plays Staubgold series. On the beautifully-crafted Le Petit Bonheur, Sylvain Garcia mixes the finest moments in 15 years of Staubgold to a challenging and totally genre-crossing whole which leads to musical territories yet unknown to their listeners. Staubgold's roster can boast internationally known names like The Flying Lizards, Faust, To Rococo Rot, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Ekkehard Ehlers, Leafcutter John, Patrick Vian, and the 49 Americans. In 2003, the label shifted its base from Cologne to Berlin and moved further to Perpignan in France in 2011. The front cover image was taken by Perpignan-based photographer Alexandre Cappi at the city's number one live venue and record shop, l'Ubu/Music Action. Hailing from South of France, Perpignan, Sylvain Garcia exemplifies the curveball of today's electronic music specialists and accomplished musicians. His breakthrough was primarily due to the underground minimal house Paris scene (Circus Company and Karat) who cheerfully welcomed his productions in 2006. In autumn of the same year, he was selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne Australia, a platform for up-and-coming talents, invited over the course of a few weeks to perfect their studio technique and meet professionals. Since then, as a musician/producer/DJ, he has performed with his avant-garde house and techno project Le K in many prestigious clubs and festivals around the world, and has released dance music-oriented records on esteemed labels. Other artists include: Adrian Sherwood + Doug Wimbish, Hans Joachim Irmler, Mapstation, AGF, Boris Hegenbart & Martin Brandlmayr, General Strike, Trapist, Embryonnck, Sun, Reuber, Klangwart, Sack & Blumm, Reuber, Groupshow, Telebossa, Yasuaki Shimizu & David Cunningham, Strings Of Consciousness, and Jasmina Maschina.


MERIDIAN BROTHERS: Devocion (Works 2005-2011) CD (STAUB 128CD) 17.00
For the first time officially available outside of Colombia, Bogota's Meridian Brothers present on the Staubgold label a delightfully surreal and playful compilation of their works from 2005 to 2011. Devoción (Works 2005-2011) features the best moments of three albums which previously have only been released on the local Colombian La Distritofónica label. Traditional instruments, electronics, and distorted vocals are dragged through an array of influences to create a world that is as original as it is unclassifiable. Straddling the line between new and old, the Meridian Brothers' mischievous blend of Latin rhythms and psychedelic grooves is the creation of Eblis Álvarez, one of the key figures of the experimental music scene in Bogota. As with all of the Meridian Brothers' releases, every instrument on Devoción (Works 2005-2011) was played and recorded by Eblis himself. A true avant-garde guitar player and composer, he also plays in Mario Galeano's band Frente Cumbiero and was one of the 42 musicians involved in the recording of Ondatrópica. A real musical maverick, labeled a genius by his contemporaries in Colombia, Eblis Álvarez and his Meridian Brothers finally get the full, worldwide attention they deserve. The Meridian Brothers started back in 1998 with Eblis Álvarez experimenting with alternative ways of playing instruments and electronic media. Heavily influenced by Latin rock (Argentinean in particular) these early recordings were distributed by cassette on the underground music market in Bogota. It was in 1999, after joining Mario Galeano's Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato that Eblis first became interested in the tropical music of Colombia and began working these new influences in to the Meridian Brothers. Another key period in his development was his time spent in Denmark at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the DIEM (Danish Institute of Electronic Music). It was during this stage that Eblis started using more sophisticated and intricate techniques in both electronics and signal processing. Eblis returned to Bogota in 2008, joining a burgeoning music scene with cumbia, salsa and currulao all being explored by a new generation of Colombian musicians. 2009's Meridian Brothers VI goes deep into tropical sounds of the '60s and '70s in Colombia and integrates other influences such as highlife, Ethiopian music, surf and Peruvian and Colombian cumbia. It was around this stage that Meridian Brothers made their first appearances as a live band with Damien Ponce (percussion), Maria Valencia (clarinet, saxophone and synthesizers), Alejandro Forero (keyboards), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Eblis Alvarez (vocals, guitar and electronics). In 2011, Meridian Brothers VII was released. The sound of this album returns to Latin American rock influences as well as champeta experiments, jazz, cumbia, and tropical. Distorted sounds, electronic changes in voice, obscure surf guitar and randomly-changed sampled percussion all collide head-on. Two tracks from this record were released on 7" by New York label Names You Can Trust in 2012. Recorded in 2012 and released by Soundway Records in London, Desesperanza is dedicated exclusively to salsa and tropical music, twisting it through a dark and theatrical soundscape without abandoning traditional aesthetics.



PARSON SOUND: Pärson Sound 3LP BOX (SUBL 073LP) 61.00
2013 repress. Deluxe triple LP box set. A spectacular archival package of primitive drone and minimalist rock/trance/psych from the Swedish underground -- believe the hype as follows; one of the most memorable audio documents ever. After years of research, Subliminal Sounds is proud to present the nucleus of the Swedish 1960s-'70s underground psych rock scene: the legendary Pärson Sound. This deluxe 3LP box set presents the most remarkable Swedish underground band, known in a later incarnation and continuation as International Harvester and Träd, Gräs och Stenar (trans. "Trees, Grass and Stones"), and features both intricate studio recordings and orgiastic live performances. Pärson Sound never released any records in their time and that is why very few have heard about them at all. The recordings date from 1967-1968 while the band explored unknown musical territory as well as inner- and outer space. In 1968, they were invited by Andy Warhol to play at the opening of his exhibition: "Screens, Films, Boxes, Clouds and a Book" at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and they also opened for The Doors. Influenced by the musical concepts of Terry Riley, Pärson Sound worked at discovering and perfecting their own unique approach towards the mixing of rock and minimalism, creating some of the most remarkable psych- trance-drone-pre-noise music-rock sounds ever recorded. Pärson Sound's music described contexts, interplay and organic growth and shaped a conception of the world in opposition to fragmentation, individual achievements and intellectual construction. This world was to be perceived as one body, a whole of inviolable parts. Their minimalist repetition with slight changes renders associations with slow growth, cyclic process, breathing, pulse, life, movement and machines. This persistent repetition also gives the listener an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music and join the same journey. Many times, one can discover a relationship with music of other cultures, and in comparison, the music of the Western world can feel cursory, unreliable -- as a fear of entering deep into feeling. Pärson Sound's compositions often consist of harsh structures -- rhythm patterns with ostinato bass, a melodic figure which forms a base for improvisation. Other songs have a more thoroughly-elaborated structure that still leaves room for variation. The moment, the audience, the location formed their music. Their key phrase was "We, Here and Now!" and with time, the music came to have an increasingly religious or shamanistic streak, with more intensity, presence and warmth, striving for euphoria and ecstasy. The band's psychedelic approach is so fresh and vital that it transcends time. Listen to it now! A 3LP with informative, revised liner notes in English and lots of photos.


Subliminal Sounds presents the band Kvartetten Som Sprängde (trans. "The Quartet That Blasted") and their album Kattvals (trans. "Cat Waltz"). First-ever vinyl reissue of one of the most sought-after and beautiful psych rock/progressive/pre-jazz rock instrumental albums ever recorded in Sweden. Originally released during the summer 1973 on the obscure Gump label. Powered by a C-3 organ, Ludwig kit and 50-watt Marshall head with a home-built cabinet, the skilled three-piece band (not a quartet, as the band name would have you believe) absolutely soars on this record, blasting away fantastically. The delicate use of the studio echo-chamber lends a magical, gossamer reverb to the whole album's sound. Includes a 4-page insert with lots of never-before-published photos and extensive liner notes by Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing, etc.). Limited edition of 500 copies.



GHOST OUTFIT: I Want You to Destroy Me CD (SWAYS 020CD) 15.50
This is the debut album by Manchester duo Ghost Outfit and the first full-length release from the Sways label. While other duos/bands strive for "stripped back," Ghost Outfit opt for layers of wild guitar, industrial drum rhythms, relentless grooves, restless drones and innovative ambience. It's a record of schizo-fi intensity, straddling the line between melancholia and euphoria, melodic pop and teeth-grinding white noise. Combining an appreciation for late '80s/early '90s bands The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Throbbing Gristle and Sonic Youth, with the modern omnivorous approach of bands such as No Age or Deerhunter, the unexpected, unconventional quality of the album is only further enhanced.


TR 254CD

HELLSONGS: Lounge/Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell CD (TR 254CD) 17.00
As the name indicates: this is a compilation of two EPs from Hellsongs. Lounge was originally released in 2006 -- the band's first release ever and Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell, which was released in 2009. Both sold-out. This compilation includes all tracks on those two EPs, remastered. Here is what the band has to say about this: "Why bother having two tiny desserts when you can go for the big cake directly? Two sold out EPs needed a re-run, so we thought it would make sense to just put them together as one."

TR 254LP

HELLSONGS: Lounge/Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell LP (TR 254LP) 21.00
LP version. As the name indicates: this is a compilation of two EPs from Hellsongs. Lounge was originally released in 2006 -- the band's first release ever and Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell, which was released in 2009. Both sold-out. This compilation includes all tracks on those two EPs, remastered. Here is what the band has to say about this: "Why bother having two tiny desserts when you can go for the big cake directly? Two sold out EPs needed a re-run, so we thought it would make sense to just put them together as one."

TR 255CD

HELLSONGS: These Are Evil Times CD (TR 255CD) 17.00
In 2011, a most sudden strike of serious illness suddenly ended a very nice era for Swedish lounge metal band Hellsongs. During the first half of 2011, the only moment of joy was the last waltz, celebrated with the Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra. This, Hellsongs' final performance with their former singer, was recorded and later released as Long Live Lounge (TR 225CD) in 2012. Luckily, Hellsongs had signed up with an extremely nice and supportive label in 2009, Tapete Records. The staff in Hamburg kept cheering and soothing, insisting that there must be thousands of singers in Gothenburg with a fever for the road. In May 2011, Kalle started working with an outtake from the Minor Misdemeanors (2010) album. His feeling was that there was something good in it, it just needed a new treatment. The idea was to release "Stand Up & Shout" for free, as a tribute to Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) on the anniversary of his passing. While working with it, he started thinking about the vocal duties and then came to think of My Engström Renman. They had both been acquainted since the days when Kalle worked at the kindergarden where both of My's kids attended. My was very happy to record some vocals for the track and they had a great time in the studio. During that summer, when more and more requests for live shows came, the idea of doing these with My presented itself. One show was played at the legendary Sommarmelad Fiesta in Gothenburg (with David Bäck on keys and Finn Björnulfson, of Håkan Hellström fame, on percussion) and it felt like things were starting to fall into place once again. Hellsongs spent both spring and summer on the road to much acclaim. Clearly, it was time to begin work on a new album. When listening to These Are Evil Times, you will hear Hellsongs sounding like the band always have, but you will also hear Hellsongs sounding like never before. When recording these songs they wanted to do so with a queer attitude, musically speaking -- not bothering about the correct way to dress them, or how they would fit into the old Hellsongs discourse. In the past they have consciously limited themselves, with great result, but this time they wanted to do something different. Beware, because here comes the full drum kit, here comes a song in German and here comes a song about long-gone and dead anarchists in Chicago. Thrown away is the old testament of lounge, please welcome the new gospel.

TR 263CD

MEN AMONG ANIMALS: Buried Handsome CD (TR 263CD) 17.00
Men Among Animals from Denmark present their third album Buried Handsome. Since the release of Run Ego in 2010, the band has undergone perceptible changes. Formerly a quintet, the band now only holds three members, making their music more minimalistic, well-reflected and harmonic. The album was recorded in Janus' family summer cottage by the Danish west coast. The band ate splendid home-cooked meals and drank good beer, they listened to bands like Menomena, Vampire Weekend, and The Antlers and jammed 'til the early morning. It was in the middle of summer, the sun was shining, and birds were singing. In fact, the lead vocal recordings for "When You Smile" unintentionally caught a blackbird singing, which is now an integrated part of the song, giving the song a bit of extra warmth and depth. Where Run Ego was experimental, inquisitive, and bold, Buried Handsome is much more euphonic and mellifluous. Relying on the lax and melodic sounds of the sixties, the music smoothly captures the mood of a late summer evening. The lyrics are graphic, sharp and subtle, and together words and sounds define and fulfill the aesthetic melancholy that Buried Handsome is all about. Since the release of their debut in autumn 2007, Men Among Animals toured from the most southern part of Europe to the most northern. They've played Spain, Norway, England, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, including festivals Festival Placa Odisea in Barcelona, Reeperbahn in Germany, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, By:Larm in Norway and many more.


TR 116LP

SANDERS, PHAROAH: Live... LP (TR 116LP) 11.50
Exact repro, originally released in 1982. Featuring John Hicks (piano), Walter Booker (bass) and Idris Muhammad (drums). "Sanders performs 'It's Easy to Remember' (in a style very reminiscent of early-'60s John Coltrane), an original blues, and two of his compositions, including the passionate 'You've Got to Have Freedom.' The musicianship is at a high level and, although Sanders does not shriek as much as one might hope (the Trane-ish influence was particularly strong during this relatively mellow period), he is in fine form." --All Music Guide


TO 087CD

GILBERT & BAW, BRUCE: Diluvial CD (TO 087CD) 14.50
Local preoccupations with rising sea levels fuel Diluvial -- a work that dwells on the dynamics of flood geology and global warming; creation stories and climate change. Diluvial is an evolving soundscape and environment by Bruce Gilbert and Beaconsfield ArtWorks (David Crawforth & Naomi Siderfin). This work was initiated on the Suffolk coast for Faster Than Sound, Aldeburgh 2011 and then developed for a show at Beaconsfield, London later that year. Taking rising sea levels as its theme, Diluvial imagines the world before, during, and after the next great flood, referring to an ancient, ex nihilo interpretation of global warming. Field recordings from beaches in Suffolk and London, conceptual scoring, visual installation, and sonic performance fuelled Diluvial's evolving soundscape, alluding to the mythical seven days of creation. Diluvial was a compositional collaboration in three iterations between Bruce Gilbert and BAW (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin). Synthesized sound generated by Gilbert and Crawforth in response to Siderfin's score and iPhone field research, was assembled over seven weeks into an electroacoustic composition: "The Void," "The Expanse," "Dry Land," "Lights," "Creatures of Sea and Air," "Beasts of the Earth," and "Rest/Reflection." Bruce Gilbert is a founding member of the influential art-punk band Wire and a pioneer of experimental noise. He studied art and found a niche in the late 1960s avant-garde music scene and continues to work as an iconic figure. He makes visual and sonic works in a range of media. David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin -- Beaconsfield ArtWorks -- have been collaborating on experimental solo projects since they co-founded Beaconsfield in 1994. Their art interventions have exhibited internationally and whether installation or performance, almost always involve sound. The development and exhibition of Soundtrap V: Diluvial was generously supported by PRS Foundation, Arts Council England, Big Shed and Hydrosphere. Artwork & photography: Jon Wozencroft. Sequenced and mastered by Russell Haswell.

TO 088CD

Mika Vainio was a member of the legendary minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic. Emerging from the Finnish industrial and rave music scene in the early '90s, they became one of the most important electronic music acts. Vainio's solo work goes from abstract drone to minimal and experimental techno, under his own name or as Ø for labels like Touch, Raster Noton, Sähkö, and Editions Mego. He has worked with Alan Vega, Keiji Haino, and many others. His music is always extremely physical and present. Mika Vainio lives and works in Berlin. Joachim Nordwall has run the iDEAL Recordings label since 1998, releasing intense electronic music of various kinds and organizing club nights and festivals around the globe. He started making electronic music as a teenager in the late '80s in the psychedelic drone duo Alvars Orkester (Ash International), drifted off to sweaty avant garde punk rock with Kid Commando in the late '90s and formed the ritual rock and electronic drone group The Skull Defekts in 2005. He is also recording solo works under his own name and works with Mats Gustafsson, The Gagmen (with Aaron Dilloway and Nate Young), Mark Wastell, and The Sons Of God. Nordwall is based in Stockholm. Monstrance is their first album together and consists of drone works and pulsating electronic minimalism, but also guitar, acoustic elements, organs, and metal percussion. It was recorded in Einstürzende Neubauten's Berlin studio during an intense session in early summer of 2010. Monstrance is a place where Vainio's and Nordwall's backgrounds as musicians and composers meet, and something new and extremely powerful is born. Something deep, raw, and direct. Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft.



EULBERG, DOMINIK: Chiroptera 12" (TRAUM 167EP) 12.00
Dominik Eulberg, the ambassador of German melodic techno music, releases a 3-track masterpiece of melodic music for Traum. This time it seems to be even more exhilarating and driven by passion. The liveliness of his ideas show up in greater chunks. For those who seek techno realism? It can be found here.


UY 074EP

MAGIT CACOON: More Than Time 12" (UY 074EP) 12.00
All of the tracks on Magit Cacoon's EP are heart and floor certified, meaning that this release is perfect for any occasion. "Deep Canción" is expertly suited for a classic house moment, timeless and beautiful. With "More Than Time," she tightens the reins and the old pro Ian Pooley holds them steady with his exclusive remix, taking you deeper.



VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE: White Light/White Heat LP (VERVE 5046LP) 11.50
Vinyl reissue of The Velvet Underground's second album, originally released in 1967. There are many versions of this record and this is one of them.


VG 006LP

DAVID-GUILLOU, ANGELE: Kourouma LP (VG 006LP) 20.00
LP version. Angèle David-Guillou is best-known for a brace of critically-acclaimed electro-acoustic dream-pop albums under the alias Klima. She is also known for her signature contributions to cult Anglo-French ensemble Piano Magic and for cameos on albums by the likes of The Go! Team and Peter Astor. Angèle's debut album under her given name is a largely instrumental work, predominantly consisting of melodically opulent, emotionally-compelling compositions for the grand piano. Inspired by the direct, elemental melodies of French folk and the flamboyant arrangements of European and Latin American Baroque music, Kourouma is hallmarked by a purity of expression. There are other influences at play on Kourouma: the clear, mellifluous lines of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman's Schulwerk (Music for Children) and the intertwining counterpoints and percussive patter of Moondog are consistent touchstones.


MS 2027HLP

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND: Trout Mask Replica 2LP (MS 2027HLP) 27.00
2013 repress; 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. The third Beefheart album (following Safe as Milk and Strictly Personal) to be released, first issued in 1969. Gatefold sleeve, classic Cal Schenkel artwork. "Trout Mask Replica is Captain Beefheart's masterpiece, a fascinating, stunningly imaginative work that still sounds like little else in the rock & roll canon. Given total creative control by producer and friend Frank Zappa, Beefheart and his Magic Band rehearsed the material for this 28-song double album for over a year, wedding minimalistic R&B, blues, and garage rock to free jazz and avant-garde experimentalism. Atonal, sometimes singsong melodies; jagged, intricately constructed dual-guitar parts; stuttering, complicated rhythmic interaction -- all of these elements float out seemingly at random, often without completely interlocking, while Beefheart groans his surrealist poetry in a throaty Howlin' Wolf growl." -- All Music Guide.

R1 23720HLP

PRINCE: 1999 2LP (R1 23720HLP) 24.00
2011 reissue on 180 gram vinyl with printed innersleeves. Prince's fifth album, originally released in 1982. "Where his earlier albums had been a fusion of organic and electronic sounds, 1999 was constructed almost entirely on synthesizers by Prince himself. Naturally, the effect was slightly more mechanical and robotic than his previous work and strongly recalled the electro-funk experiments of several underground funk and hip-hop artists at the time. Prince had also constructed an album dominated by computer funk, but he didn't simply rely on the extended instrumental grooves to carry the album -- he didn't have to when his songwriting was improving by leaps and bounds." --All Music Guide

R1 3478HLP

PRINCE: Dirty Mind LP (R1 3478HLP) 21.00
2011 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Prince's third album, originally released in 1980. "Recorded in his home studio, with Prince playing nearly every instrument, Dirty Mind is a stunning, audacious amalgam of funk, new wave, R&B, and pop, fueled by grinningly salacious sex and the desire to shock. Where other pop musicians suggested sex in lewd double-entendres, Prince left nothing to hide -- before its release, no other rock or funk record was ever quite as explicit as Dirty Mind, with its gleeful tales of oral sex, threesomes, and even incest." --All Music Guide

R1 3601HLP

PRINCE: Controversy LP (R1 3601HLP) 21.00
2011 reissue on 180 gram vinyl with poster. Prince's fourth album, originally released in 1981. "Controversy continues in the same vein of new wave-tinged funk on Dirty Mind, emphasizing Prince's fascination with synthesizers and synthesizing disparate pop music genres. It is also more ambitious than its predecessor, attempting to tackle social protest ('Controversy,' 'Ronnie, Talk to Russia,' 'Annie Christian') along with sex songs ('Jack U Off,' 'Sexuality'), and it tries hard to bring funk to a rock audience and vice versa." --All Music Guide

WB 306172HLP

ZZ TOP: Fandango! (180 Gram Version) LP (WB 306172HLP) 18.00
180 gram vinyl version. This 1975 release is ZZ Top's fourth best album. One side's recorded in the studio; one side's live. The deeply entrancing yet violently offensive effect of their songs carry an imputed unlocking of social constraint directly into the earlobes and subconscious netherworld of its listeners, and it's no wonder that listeners often lose themselves completely during songs like "Tush," "Heard It On The X," "Backdoor Love Affair No.2" and "Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings." Perhaps the resistance that generations of our current times put up reveals their inability to even grasp, at the base level, music whose appeal should be as obvious as the basic pull of sexual or violent urges; and let there be no doubt that the unlocking of these desires are one of the last weapons the youth can wield against the increasingly boring and unsurprising social script written by the demigods of quasi-celebrity and stale culture, dispersed through every available outlet of mass & minute media, and acted out over countless dinner dates, rock concerts and club nights to the detriment of what we might call, simply, real lived experience, the present. Fucking ZZ Top. 180 gram vinyl with poster.

WB 3361HLP

ZZ TOP: Deguello LP (WB 3361HLP) 18.00
2011 reissue on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1979. "The grooves became harder, sleeker, and their off-kilter sensibility and humor began to dominate, as 'Cheap Sunglasses' and 'Fool for Your Stockings' illustrate. Ironically, this, their wildest album lyrically, doesn't have the unhinged rawness of their early blooze rockers, but the streamlined production makes it feel sleazier all the same, since its slickness lets the perversity slide forth." -- All Music Guide


WG 013EP

LA FLEUR: Nightflow EP 12" (WG 013EP) 12.50
La Fleur's solo debut, the Flowerhead EP for her own Power Plant label, really rocketed her into charts and record boxes worldwide. Then in early 2011 came Flowerhead Revisited, the remix project hand-picked to launch the in-house imprint of Whatpeopleplay. Now Watergate proudly presents her first record, and "Nightflow" is the eponymous track of her EP -- a potential classic, which is seriously deep, but also funky and not a little surreal. Includes a remix by Kenny Larkin.



Einzelkind on White. For this release, the Frankfurt-based producer teamed up with the young talent Robin Scholz.

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